Satan Started His Antichrist’s Role In 2014


Many elements show that the Antichrist, Dajjal, Satan in flesh, has now come in 2014. I invite you to watch with attention these videos, this is a very serious matter, we have to be prepared for what is coming… MH17 false flag to be blamed on Russia in order to start WW3 and allow the reign of Satan as the Antichrist (in a body of false Jesus)

The great deceiver has finally showed himself, he claims to be at the same time The Antichrist, 666, Imam Mahdi, Jesus Christ, Maitreya, Buddha, Satan, Lucifer, Iblis, the False Prophet … and finally God Himself.

His 2 officials channels that he calls his two witnesses (as referred in the Bible) are:

I recommand you to watch all his videos, they are very instructive for those who have eyes to see, this is very serious, and I confirm you that he’s not one more fraud, false Antichrist, this is Him, the One.

He says that he is 33 years old and lives in Czech Republic, he is using his last body before to take the body of Jesus Christ, he works with students of the Vatican to make his videos. Satan uses the body of this 33 years old man from Czech Republic, but Satan actually uses many bodies at the same time, he hides behind all the bearers of falsehood.

On his Youtube channel LieKillers, Satan perdicts that WW3 has already started with the conflict in Ukrainia, he predicts the assassination of the 3 leaders, Christian, Jew, Muslim: Pope Francis, Shimon Peres, Mahmoud Abbas. He predicts the explosion of Hoover Dam with a CERN bomb, the destruction of America, Gog and Magog, Nubiru, the Army of Aliens/Nephilims/devils/jinns… and reveals many other hidden secrets. Satan does not do that to inform you, but rather to spread more confusion because he mixes lies with truth.

The Antichrist announces his emergence at the peak of WW3 and he will be the only one who will bring peace for 7 years thanks to his 1st army of demons, Gog. Then when he will reveal his true identity as Satan, his second army will come from Saturn (thanks to the wormhole’s portal located in Hoover Dam), and will destroy his 1st army and all those who have fallen in his trap.

Many of the information on LieKillers’ channel  is true, but the main and core point is wrong: Satan is not God, Jesus is not God, the present Bible is not the one revealed to Jesus but has been totaly rewritten by Satan in order to fit his own forged prophecies, the Quran is the only Truth and Satan knows it and prefers not to speak about it. Satan mixes truth with lies in order to induce more confusion.

Satan’s YT channels are done with a precision and perfection which is the signature of the jinns, devils’s work… music, texts, voices, images, videos… have been all meticulously chosen in order to induce the greatest temptation and illusion.

Many things that Satan says are true, many things he will do may seem right…but all this serve one unique purpose, to push you in idolatry, idolizing him instead of God, obeying his Law instead of the Law of God, the Quran.

You cannot escape from his perdition except if you are on the right path of God, the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham,Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, and if you obey the Quran and get your discernment from it. What the Quran says is true, so you can identify Satan’s lies just by comparing what he says versus what is said in the Quran. Many people, like the muslims think they know the Quran and are true believers, while in reality they are not, they understand the Quran under the eye of the hadiths and other books of Sirah, which have been precisely forged by Iblis/Satan to trap them, they do not follow Allah, but they rather follow their so called ulemas/scholars, they do not think by themselves, they are sectrian idolworshipers, just like those who worship Jesus and trust the forged Bible of Satan.

No matter his temptation, tricks, illusions,… whatever he does, bear in mind that he is the enemy, the deceiver, the liar… do never renounce to your belief in Allah/God and the Quran and keep on with strenght your denial of Satan, the banished devil.

Only those who have an unrootable faith in Allah/God, those who are obedient to God’s laws can avoid his illusion, otherwise, Satan will exploit the least weakness in you to lead you astray, be prepared to die with your faith whatever Satan can offer you in exchange of your faith and soul.

You cannot imagine how Satan’s illusion will be strong, just by watching his videos, even knowing who he is, I can feel the great deception and temptation of Satan, because Satan do not only use words, but he induces false emotions in order to make you love him and follow him. So imagine what would be his temptation once he will use all his power and false wonders to seduce you.

The profile of the greatest victims of Satan will be those who disbelieve in God, those who worship Jesus, those who believe in Trinity, those who pray false gods, the new agers, the sinners, the secret societies, the satanists, the idolworshipers among the muslims and they are numerous, mainstream islam has become a sect, they obey other sources than the Quran and follow their leaders instead of God, they do not think for themselves, they think they are believers but most of them are not, Satan has set them up for his last trap by forging the same wrong prophecies of the end times than with the christians, they are also waiting for Jesus and Imam Mahdi, they are waiting for a savior while in reality there is not savior to come, you get your salvation by worshiping God Alone and obeying the Quran alone, Allah will be enough as a protector and savior for you. Satan will deceive these people step by step, presenting himself as Jesus, then as God, then will aknowledge as being Satan. He will claim that God, Satan, Jesus and all the pagans gods are all one and the same entity: him. Satan will betray all his followers, he will torture them. mentally and physicaly. Allah warned us that Satan and his army will turn against their followers and torture them and kill them. Allah says that if the people choose another god than Him, the True God, Allah will put them under the authority of their false god, who is in reality Satan, and Satan will destroy them without the least mercy, that’s how Satan reward those who follow him.

Your Sole and Only True Chance of salvation is to stick to God/Allah whatever happens and to strictly follow the Quran, any mistake can lead you to your eternal damnation and loss.

4 thoughts on “Satan Started His Antichrist’s Role In 2014”

  1. Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16


  2. the antichrist is innocent he is forced to act out by a witch who is a whore, this man loves the lord but he is used by the women that rides the man and make him the beast, she is more evil than this man could ever be…. the man was a child having believing in the lord, just to be deceived by evil and good, It seem like God should save him as he is used for prophecy like Judas who was also used as the same, Esau and his brother Jacob was played , as Cain and his brother, I could go on?


    1. I do not judge the antichrist, God will judge him. But the antichrist will deceive the people even if he is himself a victim.

      There is no injustice with God, Cain, Judas, Esau …are not victims, they had the choice and they made the wrong choice whereas their brothers made the right choice…and they they blame God for their own wrongdoings, they have worsen they case instead of asking forgiveness to God and returning to the right path


  3. That’s not true the man used for antichrist is a victim of being born, Judas did not betray the Lord the lord knew and even sent him to do it ? How could Judas betray the Lord if the lord knew? Did the Lord say I wonder who betrayed me? If somebody turn you in for something and the cops came to your house and arrested you? Would you get a trial and face your accuser or your betrayer? Judas wanted to be there with the Lord and he was rejected and claimed that the Lord was innocent tried to give back the money and who said that Judas said he betrayed the Lord? The ones offering the money to Judas ? Who betrayed who?
    Judas became processed at the last supper as the Lord let it happened.


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