MH17 to Start WW3 and Open The Reign of The Antichrist (part 1)


The MH17 false flag attack has been orchestrated by the illuminatis as a trigger for 2014 WW3 in order to open the reign of their master Satan: The New World Order.

In this video, I bring unique proofs that no one on the internet has provided which clearly shows that those behind the MH17 false flag attack are the illuminatis and that their goal is to open the reign of Satan on earth.

On 21/07/2014, in their declaration about the MH17 crash, both Aresni Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian Prime Minister, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, have definitely exposed themselves as the reptilian illuminatis that they are. In this video, you can clearly see their reptilian eyes without a single doubt. These declaration have been broadcasted on all the major mainstream channels, but some channels have censored the reptilian eyes while other did not like Euronews. It seems that they do not need to hide anymore, the illuminatis know that now everything is done, WW3 is coming, Satan the Antichrist is coming, there is no need to hide their nature. For millenaries, the sole and unique role of the illuminatis was to prepare mankind  for the reign of Satan in flesh, now that the final capstone has been achieved, there is no need for them to hide. Everything will be soon known, the devils will make themselves visible, so it will be official that the illuminatis are reptilian possessed by (devil) jinns, that’s why they do not hide anymore and show their eyes like that on the mass media. Moreover, most of the people are blind, they cannot see, they cannot hear, they cannot speak, they cannot think, they cannot change their fate anymore, whatever they see, it won’t change anything to their situation… These people are what the system call the mass, they are just like cattle or even worse.

The illuminatis are working together for the same goal: the emergence of Satan, they feign to oppose themselves in order to manipulate us and to facilitate their progression. West and East are all working together, Russia and the Allies are all working together. The illuminatis are ONE, their fake opposition is just made for the general public in order to present to them the right pretext to unleash WW3, they want to fool us in order to make us accept the New World Order. As always using their well known strategy of deception: Problem – Reaction -Solution. Which means that they create the right problem, they propose the right reaction in order for us to accept their solution, which in fact  was exactly what they wanted to do since the beginning.

On 24/07/2014, it was the turn of the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior’s deputy to expose himself as a reptilian, showing his reptilian eyes on mass media like Euronews. In this flase flag, there are only reptilian illuminatis who are involved.

When you observe their little ballet: Russia, China, Europe, USA, Israël … it’s obvious seeing the succession of the events and decisions which are taken by each party, that they are playing us a huge comedy. The illuminatis are at the head of all the nations, it’s impossible to rule a nation, or to occupy a strategic position, without being involved with them. It’s now millenaries that they are here and they are just implementing like the puppets that they are the global plan of deception of Satan. Only Satan and his high demons are able to produce such an elaborated plan, the illuminatis are only their litte workers, slaves. They have a conscience but they have sold their soul to Satan in exchange of what exists in this short material terrestrial life. Just like the bloodlines of the prophets of God: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad…. they are all one from another, Satan has also his bloodlines of prophets, the illuminatis (Rothchilds, Rockefeller, Dupont… etc). Satan and his high levels inspire, possess physically and mentaly his puppets form illuminatis in order to implement his plan of deception on earth.

The proofs that the MH17 is an illuminati flase flag meant to provoke WW3 are so numerous:

The logo of the company is a phoenix with the red and blue colors. The phoenix is the symbol of Satan who will play the role of Jesus, so the phoenix symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus (In reality, the story of Jesus as known by the people is 100% forged by Satan, Jesus was a real prophet of God, a man like Adam was, he died and has never been resurrected and will never come back before the hereafter). The red and blue colors remind the red-blue pills in Matrix: the 2 false choices of Satan: Satan Vs Jesus … while both paths represent idolatry, none of Jesus or Satan is God. It also refers to the comet ISON, which was called the Phoenix Comet, ISON was blue before coming close to the sun and then became red. ISON also stand for ZION, which is the capital of Satan. IZON means tragedy in hebrew, the language of Jesus (that’s why many of Satan’s hidden symbols have a meaning in hebrew).

The illuminatis have not chosen the Malaysian Airlines for nothing, it is because of the flag of Malaysia, which contains a solar eclipse with the sun emerging and besides another symbol of the rizing sun. The solar eclipse with the sun emerging is a well known symbol which is present in most of the illuminati medias, it symbolizes light after darkness, order after chaos (in reality it’s the inverse, Satan inverses everything). The sun symbol is the hidden secret symbol of the illuminati (the All seeing Eye which is on the dollar bill is the symbol of the New World Order and not of the illuminatis). You can see this symbol on illuminati Prince William, or illuminati devil Nelson Mandela and in many corporate logos which are possessed by the illuminatis. This symbol was also present on the MH17 plane as it’s incorporated to the Malaysian flag.

The MH17 plane is a Boeing 777 , once again, this is full of hidden meaning. 7 stands for the heavens, it symbolizes the New World Order which is supposed to be the fake paradise on earth for the deceived ones. It’s also known as the duration of the reign of Satan the Antichrist which will rule during 7 years  (supposedly, that’s what Satan claims in his forged prophecies, who knows?? but no matter). There was also a very important declaration of illuminati Christine Lagarde, head of IMF, in the beginning of the year 2014, she insisted that the year 2014 is especially important for them and was the result of all their collective work, and that 2014 will start the beginning of a “benefic” period of 7 years. Of course, she was refering to the reign of his master Satan.

Another proof is contained in the debris of the MH17 crash, a photo spread worldwide shows a bag with written on it: “Rituals …”. Rituals means that this false flag was a mass ritual to celebrate the opening of WW3 and the 3 dots are the well known signature of the illuminatis.

On June 2014, a high advisor of Vladimir Putin has announced that WW3 has already begun, and that Russia is already in war against USA which fully controls Ukrainia (they are all illuminatis, this declaration is just for the comedy for the general public, the illuminatis controls all the countries, there is no real opposition between any country, this is just the scenario they want us to believe in order that we embrace the New World Order as the reign of peace and unity) and will use it to make war against Russia. Putin’s advisor says that the USA want to force Russia to retaliate against Ukrainia in order to have the right pretext to attack them. Russia + China + … Vs USA + Europe + …, this is the scenario they want us to buy into.

Satan has also started his open direct mission by using a Youtube channel called LieKillers (in reality understand Lying Killers) to spread his propaganda and to deceive further. Satan has announced on his YT channel LieKiller that WW3 has already begun with the war in Ukrainia and has confirmed that this war will allow his public emergence in order for him to come as a Savior and to impose a peace treaty thanks to his army of demons (Satan has 2 armies: Gog and Magog).

Many other major events throughout the world confirm that the reign of Satan has really begun on 2014: The victory of the illuminati puppet Conchita Wurst at the 2014 Eurovision with “Rise Like a Phoenix”. The Super Bowl’s show with Madonna and the holy roman Empire, the 2012 Olympics’s Phoenix and New Jerusalem symbology, the 2014 Grammys, the huge phoenix at the Pope Jean Paul II’s canonisation, the celebration of WW1’s centenary, the movies Hunger Games, Transformers Age of Extinction, Star Trek into Darkness, Noah, Batman: Dark Night Rise, Immortals, Jinns (the movie), 11:11, 300 Rise of an Empire, the Purge, the Maze, Da Vinci Demons, The Dominion, … al these major events, movies, series … contained the phoenix and their scenario do not let any doubt that they are about the coming reign of Satan as the Antichrist.

Now let me warn you, Satan will first claim to be Jesus, Imam Mahdi, Buddha, Maitreya, … and then once accepted will acknowledge himself as Satan … then when accepted will present himself as god, the sole and only god. In reality, Satan’s goal is not to be worshiped, Satan perfectly knows that Allah/God is real and Satan fears God and can only do what God authorizes him to do, so Satan perfectly know that he is not God and will never be God. ALL THAT HE WANTS is to push you in idolatry by making you worship him instead of God. No matter if you think that he is Jesus, Allah, Mahdi, Buddah, god in flesh … in reality he is Satan, a banished devil jinn, a deceiver, a declared enemy to us, the enemy of man, the maze, 666, … he has many many many names.

God warns you with insistance that those who will be deceived by Satan will be fated to eternal hell, but before that, they will suffer like never they thought they would suffer in this terrestrial life, Satan and his demons will be the worst enemies and torturers of those who will be deceived by them (by following them and trusting them). The trick of Satan is very subtle, most of the people won’t say: “he is the antichrist, I have to resist”, they will rather totaly abandon themselves to him, they will be fully deceived by him since the beginning. The motto of Satan in his YT videos (LieKillers) is “We have prepared, now we strike”. Most of you have already been prepared by Satan since their birth, Satan has progressively introcuded his evil within them and he totaly possess them, but they just ignore it, … these people will be totaly vulnerable to Satan’s illusion, these people have already lost their souls and they represent the great majority of the people on earth. To really see Satan as the true devil and enemy that he is, it’s a long path with God, full of efforts, sacrifices, patience, pain … nothing is random, it will not be by chance that some people will follow the Satan the Antichrist and other not. Everything is almost done (for most of the people but not all), Satan has prepared, and not he strikes, everyone will reveal himself, it’s just like a chimical reaction.l

Satan and his army of devils will destroy in first place the illuminatis, they will be the first ones to be betrayed and savagely assassinated by Satan and his devils. The illuminatis have no utility anymore, once the New World Order has been set and Satan has publicly taken the power, they have no more utility, even worse, Satan will destroy them in order to get the trust of the general public, that he is really Jesus, Mahdi … or whoever he claims to be. That’s how Satan reward his servants, and it’s logic, Satan hates man, and he hates far more the lost people, those who worship him, those who follow his steps … because these people are the proof that he is superior to man… which enrages him because it’s precisely because Satan though that he was superior to man that he disobeyed God and has fallen in disagrace (while the righteous people are the proof that Satan was wrong and is not superior to man …. in reality, each race is different, the jinns are not superior to man and man is not superior to the jinns, we are all equal before Allah, no one is between Allah/God and the rest of His creation).

After that Satan destroy the illuminatis (and it will be a great pleasure to see these filthy greedy horrible stupid dumb people die in an horrible way), he will gain credits from that, and in addition to his numerous false wonders and tricks, a majority of people, muslims, christians, jews, disbelievers…. will follow him and will be convinced by him … once Satan get their worship instead of God, God will allow him to destroy these people because they would have revealed their true evil nature… Allah says that if someone chooses another authority than Him, Allah affects this person under the authority that he wants (as any authority which is not from Allah is evil, for sure this authority will betray and destroy the one who submit to it).

And at the end, Allah/God will destroy all the devils and Satan with them, and the whole universe, and all the creation will be destroyed and only Allah/God will remains, only the Creator will remain (which shows us how huge it can be to associate any creature to the Creator and that if God wanted to, He would simply destroy us and never recreate us, Allah do not need us, while we need Allah). Then Allah will create again a 2nd creation, will resurrect us, will judge us and will retribute us (Helle forever or heavens forever … there is no intermediate state, like the jews/muslims/christians say, it’s just some days/years … and after God will allow us to go to paradise… NO IT IS TRUE ETERNITY … except if God decides something else), this is the true story.

Those who want to be successful and to be on the right track shall submit to Allah/God in exclusivity (without setting up false gods besides Him), they shall obey the Quran which is the pure naked unflayed and pure Truth, the Quran contains the sole and only laws which applies in all the heavens and earth (just like the laws of the physics/matter are unchanged, the laws of the non-material are also unchanged) and which have always applied: Allah commands us what is good for us and forbids us what is wrong and evil, that’s as simply as that. Originally, the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran contained exactly the same law, the same message, but Satan have corrupted the Torah and the Gospel (Allah has authorized him to do so in order to push those who hide something in their heart to reveal it and because Allah knew that He will send a final book, the Quran, which will re-establish the truth and which will prevail and which will be protected by Him against any corruption).

Those who want to be spared, to be successful, to receive an infinite reward: forgiveness from their Lord, immortality, access to the 7 heavens, … and an infinite amount of good things … and far more than we can even dream or imagine (our knowledge of what exists is so limited, we are like a baby who has just born),  have to repent, to redeem themseleves, to ask Allah for forigiveness, to obey Allah ALONE through the Quran alone, to prove that they are sincere, no one can trick Allah, Allah fully reads inside us.

Many muslims think that they are among the people who will be saved while they will not, most of them are not different from the christians, jews or even disbelievers, most of them are idolworshipers but ignore it, most of them are hypocrites, transgressors and they think that they will be forgiven just because they say we are muslims and we believe in the Quran and Allah…it’s exactly the same fairy tale than those who say that Jesus died for our sins on the cross believe in, they say: “we just have to recognize Jesus and we will be forgiven”.

The christians, jews and muslims have become sects, each one rejoicing of what they have, following false sources of religion and saying this is from Allah while it’s not from Allah (like the hadiths, books of Sirah, talmud, ….), many give authority on them to their religious leaders and say: “these people will lead us to God”…while in reality they are all idolworsipers and they are all heading to hell all together.

The TRUE believer is the one who take the charge, take his responsability before God, count on God inspiration and guidance, obey Allah in public and in private, in thoughts and in actions, seek everyday the forgiveness of his Lord and his guidance. Obey the Quran, meditate on it, apply it, investigate it through all the aspects of this world (and not those who recite it as poetry or as an incantation, or interpret it through other sources…). These are the true believers that will be saved and that will receive an infinite reward form their Lord, these are those who can legitimally claim to be the true inheritors of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all the other prophets. These are the ones who can claim that they are with Allah. Don’t think that you have to be perfect, not at all, Allah is all Mercyful and forgives ALL the sins, except the sin of idolatry (which concerns most of the people of the monotheistic religions) and disbelief. Allah just wants sincerity, as long that you worship him in the way Abraham and Muhammad (and the other prophets) did, Allah forgives all the sins, Allah just asks us to turn to Him, to fight against our evil, to not give up our struggle, to take the heavy responsability that we have accepted to take before coming in this terrestrial life.

Life is not simple and has never been, it’s a very hard test, only the lost ones underestimates this test and underestimates God.

Now everything has been very clearly explained to you, the choice is yours

Don’t forget, Allah’s mercy has no limit AND Allah’s Wrath has no limit too, up to you to decide which side you prefer.

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