The Antichrist Announced In The 2014 Media (part 1)


This video shows you the hidden message of the Antichrist Iblis in the 2014 media: Movies, series,world events … These messages all share the same thread: vengence, an ancient evil is coming, the return of a savior (Satan/Antichrist), the destruction of Humanity, the return of the demons. Whatever is the move: Man of Steel, Dracula Untold, Hercule, Immortals, the 7th Son, Batman Dark Knight Rises, … it’s as if it was the same scenario turned into different narratives, but the core message remains the same.

This cannot be a coincidence, Satan is using his puppets the illuminatis in order to announce his coming in the media, of course they do not do that just to inform us, but just to spread more confusion and more lies.

Seeing the content of the messages spread in these media, there is no doubt that here we are, Satan is finally cominf for his last deception, the people are finally prepared for this. Satan’s motto in his Youtube LieKillers channel is: “We have prepared. Now we strike”, indeed the people are prepared, the next step is to strike, and it will come with the coming WW3, the Antichrist will emerge in a baody of false Jesus in order to start his reign of deception and false wonders: the New World Order.

Allah says to us in the Quran again and again: “Did not I enjoin you not to worship Satan, for he is an open enemy to man?” yet many people will follow him and will be destroyed in this earth by Satan and his army (God lets them destroy those who will take their side thinking that they will be saved), and will be fated to eternal hell. It’s still time for a category of people to turn back to Allah and to obey the Quran, but for many, they are already dead inside them, they are already condemned. No warning will wake them up, they are already set for Satan’s deception.

2 thoughts on “The Antichrist Announced In The 2014 Media (part 1)”

  1. All my life i have been raised in the world wide church of God or the seventh day adventist. My mom changed to the synogogue recently.. claiming to have jewish ancestory. I read the Quaran for the first time in a jail cell one and a half years ago and had a dream of Muslims reaching for me with arms wide open. Same thing happened to me when i read the old testament for the first time when i was 18. I KNOW THIS IS A STRONG MESSAGE. I see the world attacking a minority. I speak with God all the time. Ive watched all your videos on youtube and see and feel you are sincere with your message of truth. As further evidence. The goat picture you have with all the polliticians and media giants in cop uniform i took that picture in a youth program six months ago! This is not a coiincidence. How ever i can help you spread the message to combat this evil of taking souls before judgement I am fully willing to begin. We should be in touch. I also am an simple servant of the Lord. All Mighty God


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