Reptilians, Jinns and Exorcism/Roqya


The reptilians are everywhere, at all the levels of the society, from the top to the bottom, they are infiltrated among us and are implementing Satan’s plan against us. They are manipulating the course of the events, patiently, meticulously, they push their diabolic agenda, distort the truth and spread their perdition and propaganda.

The videos of reptilians provided in this article have been filmed with my own camera. Each time I notice a reptilian on my TV I film him with my camera, so this is no hoax, no CGI, this is a 100% trustworthy information.

Chief of Police in Ferguson, Missouri, exposed as a reptilian. (Euronews 19/08/2014):

I’ll tell you what is the true nature of a reptilian because there are so much disinformation about them on the internet. Most of this disinformation is spread by the reptilians themselves and is relayed by stupid people who know nothing about nothing, and who actually serve Satan’s plan without even realizing it.

A reptilian is an hybrid with certain percent of jinn DNA and a certain percent of human DNA. They are either the result of a sexual intercourse between a jinn male and a human female. The jinn materializes just during the time of the sexual intercourse, but not all the sexual relationships can give a reptilian, just like not all the sexual intercourses between humans give a human baby. You have lesser chances to have a baby when it’s a sexual intercourse between male jinn and a female human.

These are the different combinations which can give a reptilian human/hybrid:

  • Reptilian male with a reptilian female
  • Reptilian male with a human female (in this case lesser percent of Jinn DNA)
  • Reptilian female with a human male (in this case lesser percent of Jinn DNA)
  • Jinn male with a reptilian female (in this case greater percent of Jinn DNA)
  • Jinn male with a human female

The general rule is that when the mother is human, her progenity is from the realm of the humans (reptilian human hybrid), while when the mother is jinn, her progenity is from the realm of the jinns (reptilian jinn hybrid).

The Quran mentions them in several verses and warns us that the devil/shaytans/demons among the jinns work hand in hand with the devils among the humans (the reptilian human hybrids):

(17.64) “And befool them gradually those whom you can among them with your voice, make assaults on them with your cavalry and your infantry, share with them wealth and children, and make promises to them.” But Satan promises them nothing but deceit

The verse (17.64) explicitly says that Satan and his fellow jinns can have children with the humans.

(55.56) Therein shall be those of refraining looks whom before them hath deflowered neither man nor jinn.

The verse (55.56) would have no sense if the jinns and the humans did not have the ability to have sexual intercourses since the female with a refraining looks which are mentioned can have sexual intercourses with both the humans and the jinns.

(114.5) who whispers into the breasts of mankind,

(114.6) whether of jinn OR the mankind.

The verses below say that the devils among the jinns and among the humans can whisper within the humans.  A normal human being cannot do that. So the devils among the humans mentioned in the verses (114.5) and (114.6) actually refer to the hybrid race of the reptilian humans who have (along with the jinns) such telepathic abilities and can whisper within the humans, induce evil ideas, false emotions ….

(6.112) And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies – Shayatin (devils) among mankind and jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications.

The verse (6.112) not only confirms the existence of the reptilian human hybrids (refered as shayatin/devils among mankind), but it also reveals how they work together associated in pairs in a perfect symbiosis.

A reptilian human hybrid is not just one person, it’s 1 body shared by 2 entities (the jinn and the reptilian human hybrid). For instance in a video of Leo Zagami, he says that Bush says that the jinn who possesses him is named MagogBeyonce‘s Jinn is named Sasha Fierce, Eminem‘s one is named Slim Shaddy…. And many other reptilian world celebrities aknowledge that they are not only the person that we see but they have a jinn associated to them, some call him they alter ego, their guardian angel, their spirit guide, their higher self

The Jinns are made of fire while the Humans are made of clay. Satan/Iblis is a jinn while Adam is a human.

The more the reptilian hybrid race is considered as pure the more the percent of Jinn DNA is high. For instance, the illuminati families protect their bloodline to protect their Jinn DNA, because the more you have Jinn DNA, the more you have greater abilities inherited from the jinns such as telekinesis, shapeshifting, telepathy (to read the people’s mind or to impose your will on another person, to induce a idea in someone’s brain, to induce a false emotion …), and also, the more you are compatible with possession by other Jinns. The reptilian human hybrids also have the ability to see the jinns and to communicate with them.

The more you have a high rate of Jinn DNA the more you are compatible with possession, the more you’ll look normal when you’re possessed, the people would not even notice it. While if you are 100% human or have a low Jinn DNA rate, the people would see that there is something strange with you… and the jinn will not be able to possess you properly and to use your body efficiently.

The best combination is between a reptilian human hybrid with a high rate of Jinn DNA and a jinn, and you find these combinations with the illuminati bloodlines like Prince William, Obama, Queen Elisabeth…. That’s why it’s rare to see these people with reptilian eyes, because they have a perfect compatility with their jinn due to their high rate of Jinn DNA.

There is even an ADS named “I am one of the 63336” which is about this network of infiltrated devils/reptilians. It is presented as an ADS in order to get the people see this hidden reality as a fiction, while in fact, all what is said in this ADS is the pure truth. The reptilians are indeed a network of minds and work truly as ONE.

God warns us in the Quran about the jinns and says that the humans who call uppon the jinns only gain in perdition and confusion. God says that there are good jinns and evil jinns (devils), but that only the evil jinns respond to the humans and interfere with them, just like only the evil humans intend to communicate with the jinns. Evil men calling uppon evil jinns, they are made for one another.

(72.6) And persons among humankind have been seeking refuge with persons of the Jinn, so that they increased them in evil disposition.

(6.128) And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): “O you assembly of jinn! Many did you mislead of men,” and their allies amongst men will say: “Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.” He will say: “The Fire be your dwelling place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing.”

Many people are being deceived by devils among the jinns who feign to be believers. Contrary to the common beliefs, the devils among the jinns have absolutely no problem in quoting the Quran, the Bible or any scripture, they are absolutely not harmed by that, whether you mention God, or call uppon Jesus or whatever, it actually does not harm them at all. BUT in many cases, they feign to be harmed, to be in pain when the scriptures are read, in doing that, they just seek to comfort each one in his own false beliefs. To comfort the christians that Jesus is God, to comfort the muslims in their forged beliefs based on the hadiths and tradition, to comfort the disbelievers in their disbelief…for each category of person, they have the appropriate deception and they can do that during your whole life, they have all the time for that as their sole and unique purpose in this life is to deceive (just as God warns us).

If a jinn comes to you and say that he is christian, muslim or claim to be benevolent, or whatever he claims… you can be 100% sure that he is actually lying and is a deceiver, because the good jinns do never ever interfere with the humans, just like the good humans do never ever interfere with the jinns.

Concerning the practice of exorcism (or roqiya in Islam), the devils among the jinns love it because not only this practice is 100% inneficient against them, but it also gives them an opportunity to deceive more people and to possess new victims. All what the devils among the jinns want is that you allow them to speak with you, and exorcism is the best way for that. The jinns use exorcism to comfort the people in their false beliefs, to make them commit a form of idolatry, and to enforce their possession on their victims. Most of the exorcists end themselves possessed and are lost forever. Because once you open yourself to the realm of the devils among the jinns, there is almost no way back, this destroys you forever. Only God can allow a jinn to possess a person, and only God can remove a jinn from a possessed one, and the sole solution for a possessed to be truly healed is to stop his sins and perditions, to pray God ALONE and then maybe God will remove the jinn from Him.

(43.36) And whosoever blindeth himself to the admonition of the Compassionate, We assign Unto him a devil, and he becometh his companion (possesses him).

(43.37) And verily they hinder them from the way, whilst they deem that they are rightly guided.

You can for instance watch this video of a muslim exorcist (raqi in arabic) and see for yourself how the devils among the jinns are fooling the exorcists AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SHARE THIS FALSE BELIEF ABOUT EXORCISM.

These are other videos that I’ve filmed with my own camera directly from my TV. There are so many of these devils on TV and in Hollywood and in the Music Industry … and everywhere. I’ve filmed all these videos from Euronews TV News Channel which is one of the key illuminati channels, spreading only illuminati lies and composed at almost 100% of devils/reptilians, and interviewing almost only reptilians….

Russian guy interviewed in Russia on Euronews TV – 21/08/2014:

Ukrainian Minister of the Interior’s deputy exposed as a reptilian on Euronews:

NATO chief Ander Fogh Rasmussen exposed as a reptilian on Euronews (@4:20):

Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk exposed as a reptilian during his speech on MH17 false flag:

Russian President Vladimir Putin exposed as a reptilian during his speech on MH17 (watch his left eye):

False Protestor during Egyptian Revolution exposed as a reptilian on Euronews:

NATO Chief Rasmussen and from 8:50 European President Von Rampouy, Former Australian Prime Minister and US President Obama…:

7 thoughts on “Reptilians, Jinns and Exorcism/Roqya

  1. Brother, of all the blogs I have read so far on this topic and videos/lectures, this one makes the most logical Islamic sense. May Allah keep you in his mercy and raise your level of Imaan Insha Allah. Ameen


  2. You’re on to something but with God and Satan you hit a glass ceiling. We are all one. Even your rsearch proves that and it also does in the bible knowing where lucifer comes from.


  3. Hi im from holland that video from Jinn Speaking about Illuminati) – YouTube.mp4 is a lie is a fake video


    1. that’s what I am saying precisely … all kind of rokya is a satanic practice and is to bring the demons in contact with the humans


  4. the Bible or the Quran, humanity is doomed anyway.


    1. The Bible has nothing to do with the Quran, it is a corrupted and outdated book. Humanity is doomed but each one can still save his own soul by obeying God’s commands through the Quran


      1. There is nothing new in Koran. Its just a fake gospel. It doesn’t tell anything new fron the bible. Watch NDE accounts of a Muslims saved by Jesus, highly recommended.


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