The Signs of the Antichrist/666 in 2016


The presence of Satan in the media has never been as important as in this year 2016. In the last years, Satan was referred to in a ciphered way, his signature was coded, but now Satan is openly mentionned and is presented on many media as the Good Friend, the Savior of Man, and even as God Himself, the Good Lord. Step by step, over centuries and even millenaries, since the creation of Man, we have been brainwashed with the propaganda of Satan, staging us progressively to embrace his path and take his side, while in reality, he still remains the same, ie the ultimate enemy of Man.






The Veil (2016)



The Veil is based on the true story of Jim Jones, a guru in the 70s who believed that man can become a God. That through an initiation in 3 steps, man shall be removed from his 3 nails which attach his soul to his body, and therefore become like Jesus, a deathless god. The whole movie show that Satan is speaking through Jim Jones delivering us his false promise of immortality and advocating us to turn our back to God and to his revelations. In The movie, the guru Jim Jones, is like Jesus, resurrected from death and come back to teach immortality to the people, to learn them howto become gods. In the movie, like Satan Jim Jones is able to possess anyone and to take the control of his body. The symbology of the Antichrist is very present, the people shall eat a black cube in order to access immortality.


Jim Jones with some kind of horns to indicate that he is playing the role of Satan




Jim Jones wearing the broken cross of satan:


Jim Jones resurrected after death:


Jim Jones dressed in white and like walking on water:




The black cube that the people eat to access immortality:



Their eyes are white showing that they are possessed:



See these extracts from the movie, This is Satan speaking for real through this movie:

Children of the void, sons of chaos, it is the last hour. The hebdomad is complete. We have been remade by Yaldabaoth in the image of the Seven Archons who created and enslaved this world. We are the hidden masters. We are the architects of anarchy. We are the dark fucking soul eaters, lords of the unrighteous. Today our new reign begins in a new reality! I told you! I told you! I told you we’d be deathless! We just, uh, need new
shells from time to time and plenty of souls to eat. Our legion will rise from behind the veil to reap the pain that we have wrought! The Seven shall become a vast multitude. These are the days of vengeance and wrath! The deathless eon has begun! It’s a beautiful day.


Lucifer (2016)



In the series Lucifer, as its name indicates it, Lucifer is the main character of the series. The spot presents us a Lucifer who has quit his role of devil, he has now retired, he is now the good friend of Man. In the series, he sells us all kind of sins and immorals things as being good and fashionable. God is presented as the Dictator, the old fashion God who only forbids and condemns, while Lucifer is to open our eyes in order to push us to rebel against this evil God and to proclaim our self divinity. The interesting thing in this series is that the character of Lucifer is not different from any of the heros of the other series and movies, which really shows that we are being sold Satan under many names, but in reality, the behaviour of all this figures is one and the same. Now we have reached a step in which Satan can directly present himself under his true name and does not need to hide his identity. Such as series in which Lucifer is the good guy would not be possible few years ago, which shows that the mind of most of the people is now ready to accept Satan as a respectable being.

The 1st episode gives the perfect example that Satan remains Satan, he pushes the people to commit bad things and then he says: “Oh I am innocent, you did it”


Quran S16:V59 like Satan, when he says to man: “Disbelieve in God.” But when (man) disbelieves in God, Satan says: “I am free of you, I fear God, the Lord of the Worlds”





Damien (2016)



The new series Damien is about the Antichrist 666, Damien is the host chosen by Satan and he progressively discovers it himself. From his childhood, he has been detected by a very powerful secret society made of world elites (illuminati), they secretly have paved the way for his accession as the Antichrist, they have provided him with the satanic education which will allow him to declare himself as the Antichrist when the time will come. In the series Damien, Damien is presented as a good person, he seems to have no choice, he is both good and evil, the Destroyer of the wicked ones and the Savior of the good ones. Once again, the scenario quickly pushes us to have compassion and sympathy towards Damien, the character of Damien is not different from any hero of any series or movies, which prooves that we have been being sold Satan for so long that in most of the people’s mind, without their knowledge, the image that they have of the hero, the good person, is the exact behavior of Satan.


All over the series, you have all kind of the symbology of the Antichrist: 666, the One Eye, the Pyramid


Satan appearing many times under the shape of a little girl dressed in white and with one eye:


Damien overshadowed by the spirit of Satan:


Devils/jinns appearing under the form of black dogs and serving as protectors for Damien:


Satan appearing in the shape of an old witch protecting Damien. The witch reminds Helena Blavatsky, a well known prophetess of Satan and the founder of Theosophy, which is the all in one luciferian religion of 666:


Helena Blavatsky:





Colony (2016)


This series is about the invasion of earth by the aliens (who are in reality demons/jinns), they impose a kind of New World Order, a World Dictatorship. in the series, the society is split in 2 groups, those who idolize the aliens and those who consider them as opressors and fight against them (called the Resistance), this reminds how the world will be divided when the Antichrist will finally emerge. The 1st season remains vague about the true identity of the aliens, but interestingly, the aliens come with a kind of world religion in which there is an Antichrist like figure who is supposed to save humanity after 2000 years, the reference to (the) Jesus is quite obvious.


A central Jesus like figure who is the head of the aliens, waited as the Savior:


The World Religion imposed by the aliens:




See these extracts from the episode 7 season 1:

We have always known that we were destined for… something greater. Before the Arrival, we were Jews and Christians, Muslims. Our beliefs were not invalid. They were just incomplete. Each of our faiths promised us that a great day of salvation was coming, and why? Because we all knew in our souls that one day our destiny as a species would be fulfilled and we would be lifted up from the tribulations of our history and become… something greater. Today, we have been blessed with a visit from brother Nolan Burgess. Welcome, brother. Welcome. He and his friends in the Political Ministry understand the importance of our work. In particular, brother Burgess has thanked me for the dedicated service of our youth leaders. Brothers and sisters, would you please stand. Please. We the faithful understand the critical role that children will play on the greatest day, which is why we must do everything in our power to prepare them. The day shall come. The day shall come.


Do you want to know who this man really is? He’s someone who is very misunderstood. He came here thousands of years ago to help us. Help us do what? Learn about ourselves and about our universe. But then the man died, and for 2,000 years, lots and lots of people on Earth have believed that someday he’s going to come back to save us. Do you think he’s gonna come back? Yes, just not in the way that everyone thinks. But, when it happens, we’ll finally understand why we’re here, and we’ll start over, brand new, and that day is going to be the greatest day ever. And you’re going to be a big part of it, Gracie.


The 100 (2016)



In this series, the earth has been infected after a nuclear war, the last humans create 13 colonies in the space. After decades, the earth has become viable again, the remaining survivors (the sky crew) of the Ark comes back on earth and they discover that they are still grounders on earth.Progressively, we discover a kind of new God worshipped by all, an AI who takes the full control of the people through a microship implanted in their brain. They work as a network of minds and form one and the same entity with A.L.I.E, the entity who controls them all. The grounders have adopted a new religion worshipping the Entity like their God.


A.L.I.E., the AI who controls the world and who is worshiped as a God. The woman in red is a very common representation of Satan, notice the logo behind in the bottom let corner representing 666:




Symbol of the full illusion of Satan, the serpent/dragon surrounds his preys, notice also the 666:



The microchip with the sign of the serpent/dargon which eats its tale:


This logo is very important, it symbolizes the illusion of Satan from Adam to the end days:


Once you accept the mark of the beast, he controls you totaly, you become part of his network of minds:


The Queen of the grounders has also a microchip in her brain and she is totaly controlled by A.L.I.E., notice the 3rd eye as a sign that she under the control of the devil:





HUNT OR BE HUNTED by Jägermeister (2016)



This commercial about the alcoholic beverage Jägermeister is all about the Antichrist. The commercial starts with a youg man dressed in red ( a common reference to Satan like the woman in red) who enters a club, the man is quickly attracted by a horned shadow which seems to call him:



He can’t resist it and follow the shadow, he climbs the stairs (symbol of the ascension to the human God):



He passes through a room with a dome and an occular which shows the moon. The dome and the moon refers to the female, he passes through the womb and becomes a god:


He accesses a room with at its center the red deer who represents Satan, and all kind of pagan gods all around him:




The man receives the mark of the beast tatooed on his chest, and then he becomes a true man, a god, he comes back in the club and enjoys his success.



Even the name of the commercial evocates 666, either you accept him or you are thorn, “hunt or be hunted”.


Notice the cross above the deer, which refers to Satan in his false Christ role



the team who has created this commercial are full of satanic Antichrist symbolism:








Android Rushing Revolutionary (2016)


This commercial for Android shows a revolutionary entering a shop, he does not say a word until he pops his face up over a 666, then he says “Hey” in order to draw your attention on the 666. Also notice that there are only 3 boxes with the 6 written on them which shows that this is no coïncidence:


It’s written on the box “Pop Secret”, which means :”we reveal a secret to you” and this secret refers to 666


Then the revolutionary says “They’re coming, they’re coming”, refering the to the demons coming.


Then he leaves with the other revolutionaries in a van with a Baphomet on it:


At the end, the commercial shows a text with “Ready for you”, a hidden message to say that Satan is ready for us now:




NationalWide Building, “On your side for generations” (2016)


This commercial shows a blue and rec scarf which passes from generation to generation, from father to son like a legacy, then one of them loses the scarf and nationalwide personnel finds it and gives it back to him. The commercial is full of very obvious reference to Satan.


war with a plate 666ATA, which clearly refers to 666 SATAN


To confirm this, the car is an imp


an imp is demon:


The boy has a skull & bones on his t-shirt, a reference to the illuminati satanic secret society:



All In the pyramid:


In case you have doubts, they have even added an arrow to points out the pyramid:


A snake representing Satan:


The whole commercial has the blue and red haegelian colors, the satanic duality:



The baphomet in their house:



The commercial is entitled “on your side for generations”, which refers to Satan following us from generation to generation:


The music played in the commercial is done by Atlas and is named darkness, notice the illuminati symbols of the album and the lyric, the title of teh track is “I’ll keep you safe” which is the false promise of Satan claiming to protect us instead of God:




LG Man of the Future (2016)


This commercial shows Liam Neeson playing a man coming from the future, the commercial starts with Niam Neeson saying to a young man : “There is Revolution Coming”:




Then he takes a card with a dragon on it saying : “The Future is staring back at us” which means Satan is watching us and is reading for us.

The Dragon which eats his tales is the symbol of the deception of Satan from Adam to the Judgement Day, meaning that Satan’s trap surrounds us from all directions:


Liam Neeson even has the mark of best tatooed on his left hand, which shows that he is playing the role of Satan:



The card he chooses is the 8 of club



8 symbolises power and destruction, which is the role played by 666/Antichrist:


8 also refers to Saturn, the planet associated to Satan and Gog and Magog, also the black cube saturnian religion of satan


Then the young man enters in the illusion of Satan, while Liam Neeson says: “It will change everything” (the coming of Satan will change everything):



Then he says: “They will come after you without cease”, ie the demons will come after us from all parts:


“Because the Future belongs to us (Satan and his demons)”


At the end, the young man asks Liam Neeson: “Who are you” and he answers him : “come now (you don’t see that I am Satan), I’ve already told you, the future is staring back at you”,




Intel X (2016)


This commercial shows Lady Gaga as a kind of AI in a cube, speaking in the name of 666, saying that his illusions cannot be distinguished from reality, and that he is the wizard behind the curtain, that the world that he is preparing to us is like a paradise:


666 speaking:

think the unthinkable (the illusion of 666), see the unseeable (Satan and his devils), I have now the ability to invent the uninventable

The Cube, refering to Saturn and to Satan’s illusion for the end times:



Lady Gaga as an AI, speaking for 666:


The illusion of teh wizard, Satan, and his rainbow society (man becomes a god)



Verizon (2016)

This commercial shows balls in tracks, the tracks has a shape of 666, notice that the balls are only in 3 six, which confirms that this is made on purpose:




I let you discover the rest of the Antichrist propaganda for 2016 in the videos, there are plenty of other movies, series, and world events which shows that 666 has never been so direct and present than in 2016 … Will he comes this year or next year?



















4 thoughts on “The Signs of the Antichrist/666 in 2016

  1. True evolution resulted in an equation. Not Yang&Yin but Light&Darkness.The side of Light resulted in Father &Father created the rest.The Dark side is the reason for life,for your Test,it produced a learning state as well.Darkness666 is a learning Force/mag field,a state like the Fly that is embedded in the genetics of all creatures.His shape is an octahedron that fits inside a sphere(aka The Great Pyramid).The sphere is the shape your soul would b if it is Light.He searches for patterns of acceptable bad in u so He can use u like a Fly.What does a Fly do?It is trying 2unbalance u so u release charged energy Darkness can use 2feed himself.At the end of the test Father’s maths calculates your equation, your alignment 2 Darkness &u go2 Heaven or Hell. U c now the equation is separated.Father built Hell, but they r Satan’s rules.There’s no Sun,no food to hide the energy stealing from others-how do u think u’ll fair in a world of real vampires?


  2. where in the quran is it written ???


    1. The quran warns about Iblis and The Dajjal/Antichrist is no more than one of the role played by Iblis


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