Is the Earth Flat?


There is a lot of theories on the internet stating that the earth is actually flat. There is even an international club of flat earthers. Many believers of the Bible also think that the earth is flat … what to believe ?

Once again, the Quran contains the answer to this important question, and the answer is no, the earth has the shape of an egg, it is not exactly round but is ellipsoidal.

And the earth afterwards, he made it round like egg (79:30)

Almost all English translations of the Quran mistranslate the word DaHY, a word that is still used for “egg” among Arabic-speaking populations in North Africa. Why? The answer can be found in the footnotes of some classic commentaries of the Quran, which were written centuries ago.

Early commentators and translators of the verse were stuck on the word DaHY, since it means (as we have translated) egg. In the verse it is used as a transitive verb with the third person pronoun Ha, which means “made it round like egg” or literally “egged it.” But, the commentators thought that the earth was flat!

Since they knew God’s word could not contain errors or contradiction, they assumed their understanding of the verse must have been wrong. Thus, they tried to interpret the description. They argued that the word DaHY (egg) must have implied maDHY (nest), and inferred that God meant “nest” by the word “egg.” Therefore, the earth is extended like a nest.

Early commentators had an excuse for reaching such a conclusion, since they did not know that the earth was spherical and slightly distended (like an egg); however, modern commentators of the Quran have no excuse to parrot this medieval misunderstanding. They should have known that the verse means what it says: the earth is shaped like an egg. The external physical appearance of planet earth is like an egg, and its cross-section displays geological layers similar to egg. Not only is the earth eggshaped and resembles an egg regarding its layers, but so is its orbit around the sun. In fact, this is Kepler’s famous First Law of Planetary Motion: the orbit of a planet about a star is an ellipse, as opposed to a perfect circle.

Now, let’s wonder why the theory of the flat earth has been promoted all around the world, what is the purpose behind the promotion of this fake theory?

Centuries ago, the whole world thought that the earth was flat, and when this theory was debunked thanks to scientific observations and discoveries, the first people who were opposed to the fact that the earth is round were the religious people. Why?

Because they thought that their scriptures were stating that the earth was flat, and as they think that God cannot be wrong, they thought that those who believe that the earth is round are against God.

But they were wrong, because they misunderstood  the words of God, the religious experts misinterpretated the verse concerning the shape of the earth in order to make it fit with their common belief at that time … But they were wrong because most of the common beliefs are wrong, and it is not a good way to interpret the verses of the Quran in order to make them fit with a specific belief, the right way is not to interpret God’s verses but to faithfully translate them even if it goes against our common beliefs. So contrary to what most of the people think, it is not God who is wrong about the shape of the earth (it is indeed round shaped) but the translators of the Quran.

Why is there a strong lobby to promote the flat earth theory still today?

Because the enemies of God want to associate this false belief to those who believe in God, they want to make them pass for people who are completely disconnected from reality. The ennemies of God promote fake theories in order to spread confusion and to push the people into doubt. Fortunately, the Quran does not let any doubt concerning all what we need to know in this world. The enemies of God want the people to think that what is written in the Scriptures is wrong, they oppose their so called science to religion, whereas science and religion cannot be put at the same level. Religion is above science, science is just a proof of the religion. God knows everything, God tells us what to believe about all things, and science allows to validate God’s statements with our own means.

The ennemies of God have hijacked science and turned it into a new religion, a tool against the religion of God. The ennemies of God have deceived the whole world by stating that science can explain the origin of life thanks to false theories like Darwin’s theory of Evolution, but the truth is that true science is one thing and scientific theories are another thing. True science can be reproduced, experienced, tested by our own means, whereas scientific theories like the origin of the universe and of life (Evolution) are mere theories, which cannot be validated. A quick look into these theories is enought to realize that they are no more than fairy tales.

For instance, Evolution states that we are descendants of apes and that the human body follows a specific evolution …. But once again this cannot be true. For instance, the ennemies of God put all their efforts to hide to the general public about the existence of human giants. In the beginning of the twentieth century, thousands of giant skulls have been discovered in America, the indians tribes unanimely have in their history accurate stories about giants….. but the existence of a race of human giants goes against the theory of Evolution, that’s why the ennemies of God wanted to hide the existence of these giants. But once again the Quran is clear about the existence of this race (they are the people of Aad as named in the Quran), and fortunately, God always guides his believers to the truth, the truth shall prevail whereas falsehood shall vanish.

2 thoughts on “Is the Earth Flat?

    1. This is one of the biggest lie of Satan … No the earth is not flat.

      Satan deliberatly promotes fake theories to discredit the Truth movement.

      The flat earth theory is Satan’s lie and is promoted by trolls and agents of Satan who are not here to promote the truth, but to occult it.


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