How the Supernatural interracts with our Physical World

What David Icke says in this video is the most accurate description that I’ve ever heard about relationship between our physical, lower dimensions, with the higher dimensions, whether good or evil, called Supernatural.

You can take all what David says and meditate it, investigate it.

I, the messenger of God, confirms to you that this the naked crude accurate truth. I myself feel this webcob on my face, and very often, my hairs standing on end ….so I can testify that what David says is true about this point. This webcob sensation on the face is typical of a communication with higher dimensions, and like David says, it may be malevolent higher entities, ie demons, or benevolent higher entities, angels, good spirits, the Holy Spirit of God for my own case.

Notice that David made many times in this inteview the horn sign with his hand, and notice also that there is a Crescent moon and a star in the middle of the field.

These 2 elements indicate that Dan Dick and David Icke are both part of the satanic plan. Indeed, the crescent moon and the star represent Satan’s deception, Satan’s false light, Satan’s trap on the humans. and the Horn sign is to show that their true master is Satan.

Most of the people involved in the truth movement are agents of Satan or deceived people. The agents of Satan are deliberatly exposing some elements of their plan in order to prepare the people for what is coming.

The agents of Satan want the people to know about the reptilians, in order to justifiy that Jesus is the only one who can rid of them….whereas in fact, these demons are allowed by God to do their work, and they are strictly controlled by God. So there is no need for a Jesus to destroy these demons, God says that he will destroy them all before the judgement day.

God will take the souls of the good people and will let on earth only the demons and the criminals among the humans, then God will destroy the whole earth on them.

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