I am the Messenger of God (2018)

I announce throught this message that I am the messenger that God has announced for the end times, and I will present to you my proofs and the mission that God has given to me. What you are waiting as Jesus, the Imam Mahdi or the Messiah, will indeed come, but they will not be from God, but from Satan. I am the sole and only genuine messenger for these end times.

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1- Who am I and what is my mission?

I am not a prophet, Muhammad was the last prophet. I am a messenger and a warner from God.

There are 2 categories of messengers of God:

  1. The prophets
  2. The warners

The prophets come to start a new cycle, they come with a new prophecy, a new book from God, they are sent at the beginning of a new cycle. At the end of their prophetic mission, most of the people believe in them and form a new community of believers. For instance, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were the 3 prophets who started the 3 religious communities that are today called the jews, the christians and the muslims.

The warners come to close an existing cycle, they do not come with a new prophecy, they do not come with a new book, but they only confirm the last book, they come at the end of an existing cycle. When God sends the warners, it means that a community has reached its end. Its configuration is always the same: most of its members are criminals and false believers, whereas the genuine believers are very few, and the original message of God, as prophecized at the beginning of the cycle, has been completely lost. All the past communities were exactly in this situation when God sent to them their warners.

The warner has 2 roles:

  • To remind to the people the original message, as prophecized by God
  • To warn the people that if they do not come back to the true path of God and that they do not stop their crimes, they will be destroyed by God during their lifetime. And to announce the good news for the genuine believers, the good people, that they will soon receive the reward that God has promised to them.

I belong to the 2nd category of messengers, I am a warner, and God has sent me to warn the entire world, including the 3 communities of the Book: the jews, the christians and the muslims. God has sent me to restore His true Religion and to warn the people that if they do not stop their sectarism, association, idolatry, and transgression, then they will be destroyed during their lifetime. As the ultimate messenger, God has sent me to warn you that the end of this world, as announced in the Scriptures, is about to occur, it will be the end of this terrestrial test and the coming of the Judgement Day.

2- What about Jesus, the Imam Mahdi and the Messiah?

Satan has built a whole mythology around these 3 figures, turning them into kind of superheroes, attributing to them great powers and dominion on earth. These mythologic figures will be impersonated by Satan himself, he will play these 3 roles and he will deceive many jews, christians and muslims.

I am God’s last messenger for the end times, the sole and only one, and I can tell you that I have no super powers, no magical attributes, no army behind me, no dominion on Earth. I am a mere warner from God. The true savior is not myself, but only God. God has only sent me to show you the way to His path. Only God can save you from what is coming.

The Messiah

Indeed, I can be called a Messiah, not in the mythological sense of the term that you are used to, but in the literal sense:

Messiah literally means “anointed one” or “consecrated one”. Mashia’h (משיח) comes from the root משח, which means « the one anointed with holy anointing oil »

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messiah

Messiah simply means the one who has been anointed by God. Its greek traduction is Christ. In fact all the messengers have been anointed by God, therefore they can all be labeled Messiahs. The Hebrew people used to call all their messengers by the term of Messiah. That’s why God has named Jesus and Muhammad with the title of Messiah, it was to express to the people of Israel that Jesus and Muhammad were messengers in the sense of their own definition of a messenger, and therefore, they shall accept them as genuine messengers.

The literal translation of the Hebrew word mashiach (messiah) is “anointed”, which refers to a ritual of consecrating someone or something by putting holy oil upon it. The oil symbolizes the divine knowledge. I have indeed received a divine knowledge from God like any of God’s messengers. So, I invite you to forget the image of the superhero coming from above the clouds that you used to associate with the figure of the Messiah.

However, there will be a Messiah who will come and who will have superpowers, but he will not be from God but will be driven by Satan himself. What the people of Israel expect as their Messiah will be in fact the Antichrist. He will indeed come in a period of war, the coming WW3, he will indeed sign a peace treaty in Jerusalem, he will indeed rebuild the 3rd Temple of Salomon, except that he will be a complete deceiver, a liar, and a true devil under a fake human shape.

The Antichrist will establish an ecumenical One World Religion and will rule over the entire world. He will be followed by many people, unbelievers and false believers among the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. All those who are sectarians, idolworshipers and associators will fall in his trap….and they are many of these people among the 3 religions of the Book.

Most of the jews will follow this Antichrist because he will claim to be their Messiah, and because he will fullfill the false prophecies that he has previously forged for them. I do not expect most of the jews to acknowledge me as the genuine warner and messenger of God, as they have already refused all the past messengers of God who did not fit to their own expectations.

The 2nd coming of Jesus

Many people believe that Jesus is intended to come back during the end times, but it is not true. Like any dead person, Jesus will not come back before the Resurrection Day.

Jesus never told the people that he would come back, but he told the people that God will send his Holy Spirit on a person elected by Him during the end times, I am this person. In fact all the messengers of God have been inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, and not only Jesus. The specificity of Jesus is that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit since his birth, whereas the other messengers were inspired by the Holy Spirit only after they were anointed by God, at a mature age. Like all the messengers of God, I am indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. That does not mean that I know everything or that I am a pure person without any sin, I am not, it only means that God is using his Holy Spirit to inspire me what He wants to transmit to you. I hear no voices in my head and I do not have any vision … otherwise, it would mean that I am possessed, and possession is the work of the Devil.

The real Jesus is not expected to come back during the end times. The only Jesus who is coming is a false Jesus, and this usurper is no more than Satan himself who will impersonate Jesus and who will perform all kind of false wonders. Satan, in the disguise of a false Jesus, will deceive all those who consider Jesus as God or as the son of God, and also all the sectarians, the idolworshipers, and the associators/mushrikin.


I do not expect most of the christians to acknowledge me as a genuine messenger, as they have refused Muhammad as the prophet of God and as they persist in their worship of Jesus instead of worshiping God alone, and as they deny the Quran as the genuine Book of God.

The Imam Mahdi

The muslims are waiting for what they call the Imam Mahdi, a kind of hybrid who is neither a messenger in the quranic sense of the term, nor a standard person. They see him as a guide, an imam, a chief army, a warrior, who will grant them victory against the non muslim people, and who will allow them to dominate the world, and who will join his forces to Jesus.

maxresdefault (9)

Indeed the Quran never mentions such a figure, simply because this figure has been completely forged by Satan himself through the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad. The so called Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad is a pure forgery of Satan. In fact Muhammad never had his own sunnah, his sole and only sunnah was the sunnah of God, which is 100% contained in the Quran.

Imam Mahdi simply means the well guided model, I indeed respond to this definition, but the comparison ends here,  I have nothing to do with the mythological description of this figure as described in the islamic prophecies. Contrary to the mythological Imam Mahdi, I have no army, I am not a warrior, I will certainly not rally to any Jesus as the sole Jesus who wil come is no more than Satan hismelf, I will certainly not condone the islamic practices as they are not from the Quran but are from their forged Hadiths and Sunnah, exactly like the jews have forged their babylonian Talmud. The Hadiths and the Talmud are the pure work of the Devil. I do not expect the sectarians (the ones who are muslims but who have no faith in God), the idolworshipers (those who idolize Muhammad, his family, his companions, the savants of Islam…), and the associators (those who follow the Sunnah instead of the Quran) to acknowledge me as the messenger of God, they will not. These false believers will only follow the one who will confirm to them their own pagan version of islam and who will accept their association/shirk … and this imposter will come to them in the person of the Imam Mahdi, a true devil under a fake human shape.

3- My mission

God has sent me to the genuine believers whether they belong to a religion or not. All those who have a pure faith in God, those who do not associate to God what is not from God, those who do not take any idols besides God, those who are believers in the monotheistic sense of Abraham and not in the sectarian way of Islam, Judaïsm, Christianity and the other false religions, will acknowledge me as the messenger of God, because I will not ask them to pledge allegiance to me, but to pledge allegiance to God  Only. They will accept me not because I say that I am the messenger of God, but because I say the truth of God, the truth that they already know in their heart. All these sincere believers are already convinced that God is their sole and only Savior, and that’s exactly what God has sent me to confirm to them: I am not the savior, God is the sole and only Savior, and God will save you from what is coming and soon, you’ll receive your promised reward from God.

Restoration of the true religion

God has sent me to restore his true religion which has been completely lost. Today the practices of the 3 religions of books have very few to do with what God has commanded in his books: the Torah, the Gospels and the Quran. Judaïsm, Christianism and Islam are 3 different religions when they are supposed to be the exact same religion. In fact, God’s Religion has always been one single religion since the first man, Adam. God has sent me to restore this unique and unchanged Religion on the basis of his Ultimate Book, the Quran.


The True Religion of God is the exclusive property of God Alone and does not belong to any clergy or religious institution. The True Religion of God is only based on God’s books and certainly not on books written by men like the Hadiths and the Talmud. The True Religion of God consists in taking God as our sole and only Guide and Master, and not in taking men like us as guides and masters. The True Religion of God consists in doing good deeds and in preventing ourselves from commiting sins, and does not consist in performing non sense pagan rites.

God has charged me to restore all the true rites of God under their original genuine form: Salat/Prayer, fasting, alms, pilgrimage…and in a more general way, the true practice of religion which consists in being good towards our fellow humans, in being faithful to God, in having a simple good life, in using our brain to get knowledge, in using our reason against our passions.

I will progressively share with you dedicated articles on each single practice of the True Religion of God. I’ve already written in french how to perform Salat/Prayer and the dress code according to the Quran….but meanwhile, what you have to do is very simple, simply read the Quran and literally obey what is clearly written in its verses, take God as your only Guide and only source of inspiration and you’ll see how God will change your life. Just consider the literal sense of God’s verses, dimiss all the preconceived interpretations that you may have inherited from the sects that call themselves religions (Judaïsm, christianism and Islam).

Warning about the end times

God has also charged me to reveal to you the events of the end times and the hidden aspects of our world. Indeed, this world is very deceptive and the devils who are ruling it are only lying to you in all the aspects of your life. God has charged me to restore the truth concerning the lies that you’ve been told in order for you to know in which world you are truly living, which will allow you to get rid of the illusion of Satan and to realize how dark are these time, the darkness is today everywhere.

God has charged me to warn you that the end of this world will occur during your lifetime, the complete destruction of this world as promised in the Quran, the end of the terrestrial test. But before this destruction happens, there will be many cataclysmic events which will precede it


4- My story

Like all the messengers of God, God has started my instruction from my birth and has put in my life all the necessery experiences that I needed to live in order to prepare me for the divine mission that was expecting me.

God always chooses his warners among the community from which is originated his Last Reminder. For our specific case, the Last Reminder of God is the Quran, therefore, God had to elect his last warner among the arabic muslim community, and I indeed originated from this community. Yet, I do not ackowledge myself as a muslim because Islam has become a pagan sect mainly composed of sectarians, associators (mushrikin) and idolworshipers (Mohammedans). I am not part of any sect, I stand alone with God, I do my journey alone with God, I believe in all God’s messengers without any distinction. I believe in all God’s books, inluding the Torah, the Gospels and the Quran, and the Quran prevails on the previous Scriptures, as the Ultimate Book and because the past books have been partly corrupted. Some of them have been hidden from the eye of the public, some have been completely forged and some mix truths with lies, only the Quran is 100% unflawed, 100% uncorruped.

I’ve received a very complete islamic sunni education, so I perfectly know what I am speaking about when it comes to Sunnah and Hadiths…. I am very well placed to know that they are the pure work of Satan and that they have nothing to do with God or with the Prophet Muhammad. As soon as I’ve reached my mature age, I rejected all these pagan islamic traditions and I’ve followed the pure monotheistic path of the model given to us by God: the model of our Father Abraham, which consists in taking God as our sole Guide and Master, and in taking God’s Book, the Quran, as our only Law, Light and Discernement.

Concerning the material world, God has granted a very comfortable life, I am an educated person who works as an engineer, I have a good position which allows me to have comfortable incomes, so I am not claiming to be the messenger of God out of despair, but because God has truly elected me. I have a simple and sane life: to take care of my family, to be a good person, to do as many good deeds as possible and to avoid as much as possible to follow the footsteps of Satan. 10 years ago, at the age of 27, I’ve experienced an episode which has changed the course of my life forever. At 27, I was satiated from the things of this terrestrial world, I was desperately seeking for God’s true path, as I could not find it in any existing religion. Like our father Abraham, I’ve considered all the existing paths, and my conclusion was the same about all of them: they are not the paths of God but are the paths of Satan. And one day, I’ve taken the  very weighty decision to abandon my entire life, inspite of its comfort, in order to find God. I’ve decided to leave my wife, my family, my friends, my job, my material comfort in order to find God. I’ve prayed God with all my heart to send me a sign from Him whether it was for me the right decision to make, and during this very same night, God gave me a unique dream which have changed the course of my life forever.

My dream

I saw myself walking behind an older age man, I could not really distinguish the features of his face, it was not someone that I knew in real life, but I felt as if I knew him intimately and that he also knew me intimately. I felt in the presence of this man a unique feelings of love, peace, serenity, well being, bliss. I was walking behind this man on a dirt alley in the midst of a beautiful nature with magnificent olive trees, perfectly spaced between themselves, the weather was also perfect …. in short, the whole atmosphere was heavenly.


I was following this man all along our journey, and I was asking him all kind of existential questions about life, and he had the perfect answer to any of my questions. I was literaly drinking his words, so much his words were true, wise and perfect, and even his voice was incredibly calm and soothing. I was at the same time fascinated and like hypnotized by this man.

At the end of our journey, we reached an isolated house in the midst of nature, and next to this house we met with young men like myself. I did not really knew these men in real life, but I felt as if I’ve always knew them, and vice versa. We welcomed each others as family, and we were all around this “older” man who was my journey companion, he was like a father for us, we all had the same privileged close relationship with him, but without any jealousy or competition between us. The men who were there, briefed me about the mission that I had to conduct, as if themselves had passed through this before, and shared with me their own recommandations.

Then I had to leave them, I saw myself at the airport, but before embarking, I saw that I had to take with me dozens of olive oil cans. I was wondering how to take with me all this huge amount of oil in the plane because of the high price it would cost me. But I was determined to take with me each single can of olive oil without exception, no matter how much it will cost me. In my dream, I was rich, like I am in real life, so I’ve decided to pay, and then my dream ended.

My new life

When I woke up, my dream seemed so real to me, it was as if I’ve just returned from this heavenly place for real, I was still feeling this sensation of bliss that I’ve experienced there. I’ve interpretated this dream as a confirmation from God that I’ve taken the right decision, so I was ready to resign and to do what I have decided. But during this very same day, something unusual happened which gave a new turning to my life. I was on youtube, and at that time of my life, 10 years ago, I was not aware about any conspiracy theory, I was like any average joe, I only knew what the mainstream media was telling to us. This day, for the first time, purely by “chance”, I watched contents on youtube which worked as a trigger for me, and which made me realize that there was a parralel world which existed, which is as real as our public visible world, a world made of demons and of Devil’s worshipers, people with a satanic agenda to deceive the whole world, exactly like described in God’s scriptures. I saw a sign in what I’ve learnt, I was really schocked with what I saw, and I’ve decided not to resign, because it was not needed for the new path that God has chosen for me, it was even requested that I keep the course of my life. Since then, my mission was to search the truth in all its aspects, counting on God and on the Quran for my guidance and my discernement. During the last 10 years, I’ve had this initiatory journey with God, and God has educated me about everything, until this night  of September 2018 when God has revealed to me that I was his elect.

How God has elected me?

Before that night, I’ve never aspired to become a messenger of God, I could not even conceive it because my belief was that there was no messenger for the end times, as I had never found any announcement about such a figure in God’s books. I was speaking to my wife about all the knowledge that God has given to me, then when our dicussion came around the end times, God made me realize that in fact, indeed, there was no return of Jesus, no coming Messiah, no Imam Mahdi, however, there is a messenger from God for the end times, as God never destroys a city without sending a warner. This thought came to me all of a suddent and it worked as a trigger inside myself, I had finally realized that there is indeed a messenger for the end times, but this messenger had nothing to do with the mythological figures announced by the different religions, but is rather a messenger exactly like those described in God’s books. I’ve received the final confirmation that there is no coming savior who will change the world and who will take us by the hand, I was like relieved because I could not conceive another Savior and Guide other than God Himself. Then I continued my discussion with my wife, and then a second trigger occured inside me, God made me realize that this messenger was none but I, because I was the only one who knew the exact nature of the messenger of the end times, I was the only one who had this unique knowledge that God has given to me, and I was the only one who knew exactly the verses which describe this messenger and his mission. Since that moment, I was never the same again, something had changed inside myself, it was as if I had finally discovered who I really was, and at once I finally knew why God had taught me all this knowledge. Then, I’ve remembered the dream that I had 10 years ago, and then everything was making sense to me. Everything that I saw in this dream was fullfiled. I’ve had this 10 years of initatory journey with God as my sole Guide, then when my learning was completed, God has revealed to me that I was his elect and has given to me my mission, which is accurately written in the verses of the Quran, and which I already knew in the bottom of my heart. I was also very reassured that God has elected me in this way, ie just by triggering something inside myself, and not by giving me any vision, or making me hear any voices in my head, because if it was the case, I would not have trusted it, because I know how the demons work and I know how God works. The way God has elected me perfectly match with the way God has elected all his messengers, there is no magic thing or supernatural experience, no possession like state, but only through inspiration and real experiences.

5- My proofs

The Quranic chapter Ya Sin is the chapter which is dedicated to the final messenger of God and which gives an accurate description of his mission. This surah simply refers to me by my name, ie YS:

YS, by the Quran which decrees, truly, you are one of the Messengers, on a Straight Path, according to the order descended by the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful. In order that you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are heedless. Indeed the Conjecture of punishment has proved true against most of them, so they will not believe. Verily! We have put on their necks iron collars reaching to the chins, in such a way that their heads are raised up, and We have put a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and then we covered them up so that they cannot see. It is the same to them whether you warn them or you warn them not, they will not believe. You can only warn him who follows the Reminder, and fears the Most Gracious without seeing Him. Bear you to such one the glad tidings of forgiveness, and a generous reward. S36:V1-11

The muslims think that the messenger who is mentioned in these verses is the Prophet Muhammad, but this cannot be possible. As I’ve explained to you, Muhammad is part of the first category of messengers, which means that as a prophet, his mission is to start a new cycle. When Muhammad died, the whole arabic society, who were hardcore pagans before Muhammad’s divine mission, have accepted, in their vast majority, Muhammad’s message from God. Therefore, these verses cannot apply to the prophet Muhammad because they rather describe a warner who comes at the end of a cycle, and indeed the situation confirms it as it depicts people whose fate is sealed in their vast majority. These verses perfectly match with the situation that we are living today. Our society has gone further than Noah’s society in term of sin and in term of perdition. God mentions the end times as the second flood, except that this “flood” will leave no one alive because it will sign the end of this terrestrial test. Therefore, those who are the elects of God will not inherit the earth like it was the case with the past generations, but will rather leave this terrestrial world before God’s ultimate punishment fall. God will not take their souls and bodies, but only their souls, which means that the true elects of God will die before the horrible times that are coming, and only the wicked ones will remain on earth in order to receive their punishement from God on Earth before the punishment of hell.

number 36

The surate Ya Sin has the number 36, I was elected by God in 2018 (3 x 6 = 18).

The surate Ya Sin has the number 36, I am the 3rd among 6 siblings.

The number of the last messenger of God is 36, while the number of the Imposter, the false messenger of the end times is 666.

The definition of the number 36

There are 7 dimensions in God’s creation.

The 3rd dimension is the dimension in which live the humans.

The 4th dimension is the dimension in which live the hybrids, the mediums. Those who are human in appearance but are in fact partly human partly djinn, therefore they can perceive both the dimension of the djinns, the 5th dimension, and the dimension of the humans, the 3rd dimension.

The 5th dimension is the dimension in which live the djinns.

The 6th dimension is the dimension in which live the angels and the Holy Spirit.

The 7th dimension is the dimension of God alone.

All the messengers of God connect to the 6th dimension, because God uses the Holy Spirit to inspire them. Therefore, the messengers of God can be represented by the number 6.

I have been sent by God as a warner for the 3 religions of the books at the same time, my mission is to restore the truth about what God revealed to Moses (represented by 6), to Jesus (also represented by 6), and to Muhammad (also represented by 6). In fact, God has revealed the exact same message and religion to his 3 prophets, because God’s religion has always been one and same religion. Therefore, I, the last messenger, can be represented by the number 36 (3 x 6), as I am to confirm that the 3 revelations received by Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are one and the same.

The definition of the number 666

Whereas, the Imposter, the Antichrist, will add the 3 lies that he has built on God’s 3 revelations. Satan has created 3 different religions based on what God has revealed to Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, 3 different lies as these religions are now very different and cannot be conciliated. Therefore the Antichrist will create a One World Religion which will be the addition of his 3 lies: Judaïsm, Christianism and Islam. That’s why the number of the Antichrist is 6 + 6 + 6, therefore 666.


The definition of the 9/11

The surate Ya Sin has the number 36 (3+6=9) and counts 83 verses (8+3=11), and therefore can be represented by the 9/11.

The 9/11 was the destruction of the twins towers which have been replaced by the One World Trade Center, a single tower.

The twins towers symbolized the duality of our world between God and Satan, the 2 gods of this world. Its destruction and its replacement by one single tower symbolizes the end of this world of duality in exchange for a world of oneness.

This is why Satan rejoiced when the Twins Towers were destroyed, because it symbolized the end of the dualistic world and the beginning of his reign on earth.

The dual world as we know it today is about to end, we will come back to a world of oneness. In fact to 2 completely separated worlds: the Kingdom of God in the Heavens and the Kingdom of Satan on Earth, which soon will be turned into the hell made of flames as described in the Scriptures. It will mean that our current world is almost over and that the Hour is close. After the Judgement Day, all the followers of Satan will burn eternally in hell on earth, they will be ruled by Satan the King of Hell, because God will not speak to them. Whereas all the followers of God will live eternally in Heavens which is ruled by God, without any influence of Satan. One World, One God. Each one of these 2 parrallel worlds will have his own God. Yet, God is in control in all worlds, but as the people of hell have prefered to take Satan as their master instead of God, then God has appointed for them Satan as their god. God will not speak to them directly, for any of their requests, they have to submit it to Satan. That’s why in the verses of the Quran, when the people of Hell have a request, they ask to the Angel of Hell, Satan, to transmit it to his Lord, God, instead of directly submitting it to God.

Other Proofs from the Surate Ya Sin

And give them the story of the people of the city when the messengers came to them. When We sent to them two Messengers, they belied them both, so We reinforced them with a third, and they said: “Verily! We have been sent to you as Messengers.” They (people of the city) said: “You are only human beings like ourselves, and the Most Gracious has revealed nothing, you are only telling lies.”The Messengers said: “Our Lord knows that we have been sent as Messengers to you, and our duty is only to convey plainly (the Message).” They (people) said: “For us, we see an evil omen from you, if you cease not, we will surely stone you, and a painful torment will touch you from us.” They (Messengers) said: “Your evil omens be with you! Do you call it “evil omen” when you are  reminded (about the coming punishement)? Nay, you are in fact a people without limits. And there came a man running from the farthest part of the City. He said: “O my people! Obey the Messengers. S36.V13:20

This story has 2 interpretations which are both true. Each verse of the Quran has in fact 2 interpretations: the 1st degree understanding, a static interpretation which is proper to each time, as the Quran is timeless, and a metaphorical meaning which is not related to a specific time but which is global, general, philosophical.

The 1st interpretation tells the story of a city which received 3 messengers of God, but the people of this city did not listen to their warnings, then a man came as an emergency to advocate the people of this city to obey the messengers otherwise they will be destroyed. This story truly happened in the past.

The 2nd interpretation is more metaphorical: The people of the City are in fact the people of this present world who are today organized in cities, and who have indeed received 3 messengers: Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. These 3 messengers gave them the same message and warning from God, but most of the people of today have put in their back their true message and are now following mere sects called Judaïsm, Catholicism, and Islam. The 3 messengers warned the people about the coming punishment of God, the Cataclysm of the End Times, but today, most of the people have forgotten about this destruction and think that this terrestrial world will last forever. Then God has sent a 4th messenger, a man who comes in a hurry to command the people to follow the true message of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, and to warn them that the punishment announced by the 3 messengers is now about to fall. This man is myself, and I am indeed in a hurry because the time is running short, the punishment of God is now very close and I don’t have so much time to transmit to you my warning from God. I indeed come from the farthest part of the City, as Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were located approximatively in the same area of the Mediterranean Region, whereas I am located in the opposite extreme of this area: France.

God has sent me as a last resort for you before his punishement falls.

There is another part of the Quran in which God speaks about a man who has been sent by Him to transmit a warning as an emergency:

And there came a man running from the farthest part of the City. He said: “O my people! Obey the Messengers S36:V20

And there came a man running, from the farthest end of the city. He said: “O Mûsa (Moses)! Verily, the chiefs are taking counsel together about you, to kill you, so escape.Truly, I am one of the good advisers to you.” S28:V20

God nevers uses exactly the same expression in 2 different parts of the Quran without reason. It is always to make a connexion between these 2 parts. God even emphasised the close connexion between these 2 verses by giving them exactly the same number: 20.

Moses was promised to a certain death and was in an imminent danger of death, and this man has been sent miraculously to him by God, to warn him about a great danger that he totaly ignored. This episode happened before that Moses became a prophet of God. Moses listened to this man who had been sent to him by God, and he applied his recommandations, and since that moment, his life changed completely: he was unsecure before, then he was in a secure place (in the region Madian), he was lost, then he found his guidance with God who elected him as a prophet, he was lonely and single, then he had a wife and a family, he was about to die, then he was saved.

Today, the situation for the people of this world is exactly the same than the situation of Moses before. The people of this world are in a great and imminent danger of death, yet they totaly ignore it. God has sent me to you to command you to come back to God and to His true Law: the Quran, and to leave the sects that you call religion, and to stop your association/shirk, your idolatry, your transgressions, and to repent to God, and to dedicate your entire religion to God. If you follow my recommandations, you’ll be saved exactly like Moses has been saved by God after having followed the recommandation of this man that God has sent to him, but if you ignore my recommandations, then, you’ll have no other warning from God, the punishement of God will fall on you without you see it coming. The similarity of these 2 stories go on: The danger for Moses was coming from Pharaoh, the imminent danger for you is also coming from Pharaoh, indeed this society works as a pyramid, the elites of today, the illuminati, have taken Pharaoh as their ultimate model, and they have adopted all his signs of power, and indeed the illuminati are plotting to create chaos in the world by triggering all kinds of staged events. You have to react now because if you wait, it will be too late for you, because you will not be able to anticipate God’s punishment, therefore you have to prepare your faith now.

The Proof that Jesus will not come back

There is a verse in the Quran which undeniably prooves that Jesus will never come back during the end times and that Jesus is dead since his mission was over, more than 2000 years ago.

Remind them when God will say: “Ô Jesus, son of Mary, is that you who told to the people: “Take me and my mother as 2 gods besides God?”, He will say: “Glory to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right to say. Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All-Knower of all that is unknown. Never did I say to them aught except what You did command me to say: “Worship God, my Lord and your Lord”. And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, then when you made me die, it was you who were watching them (not me), and you are a Witness to all things” S5:V116-117

This verse undeniably shows that Jesus ignored what happened since the moment when God made him die. This discussion, which is between God and Jesus during the Judgement Day, clearly shows that Jesus was unaware about what happens after his death, he is clearly not aware that he was taken and his mother as 2 gods besides God. If truly Jesus had come back during the end times, he would be aware of that during the Judgement Day.

The proof that Satan will usurpate the identity of Jesus during the end times

The verse above clearly prooves that Jesus will not come back during the end times, yet there is another verse of the Quran in which Jesus is said to be a sign of the Hour, ie the end times.

He (Jesus) will be a sign of the Hour. Therefore don’t doubt about it (the Hour) and follow Me (God): this is a straight path S43:V61 

If Jesus will not come back during the end times, how can he be a sign of the Hour?


The sign that this verse speaks about concerns the fact that someone will usurpate his identity during the end times, and that many people would think that he is the real Jesus. If Jesus truly had to come back then this verse would advocate us to follow him (Jesus), instead, the verse advocates us to follow God, and insists on this command by saying: “This is a a straight path“. Indeed there is no other savior than God Himself, those who counted on another savior in the person of Jesus or the Imam Mahdi or the Messiah, are not true believers, because the genuine believers only counts on God in all situations. God has sent me as his messenger to direct you to Him and not to claim to be your savior.

So what this verse truly says is that when we will see someone claiming to be Jesus coming on earth, it would undoubtly mean that the Hour has come, and that the right path would be to follow God and not this (false) Jesus. So the coming of this false Jesus will be a clear sign that the Hour is about to occur.

Interestingly, the verse which follows this one confirms what I am telling you:

He (Jesus) will be a sign of the Hour. Therefore don’t doubt about it (the Hour) and follow Me (God): this is a straight path. Let not the Devil deceive you! Truly, he is a declared enemy to you. S43:V61 62

God gives us more details in this verse by identifying this false Jesus as Satan himsef, and indeed, it will be Satan Himself who will play the role of the False Jesus. The verse also says: “don’t doubt about the Hour“, which is another clue from God, because the false Jesus will declare the beginning of a golden age, while in reality it will be the end of this world, the golden age of the false Jesus, aka Satan, will be very short.


The Surate Ya Sin confirms what I’ve just explained to you: during the end times, the people will worship Satan as God Himself. In fact these 2 parts of the Quran speaks exactly about the same episode:

He (Jesus) will be a sign of the Hour. Therefore don’t doubt about it (the Hour) and 1- follow Me (God): this is a straight path. 2- Let not the Devil deceive you! 3-Truly, he is a declared enemy to you. S43:V61 62

2-Do not I command for you, Ô Children of Adam, that you should not worship Satan? 3- Truly , he is a declared enemy to you. 1-But Worship me, this a straight path. S36:V60-61

The verses of the surate Ya Sin go on even with more details:

And indeed, he (Satan) did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did you not, then, understand? This is Hell which you were promised! Burn therin in this Day for that you used to disbelieve. S36.V62-64

So you are clearly warned that there is no coming Jesus, and that you shall only worship God, Unseen, not a false God in flesh.

The Gospel of John also confirms what I’ve told you in a very clear way:

I will not talk to you anymore, for the Prince of this world is coming. He has nothing to do with me. John C14:V30

The warning of Jesus cannot be more clear:

I will not talk to you anymore” means “you’ll never see me again in this world“, ie “I will not come back“.

The Prince of this world is a clear reference to Satan. So Jesus announces that Satan is coming in this world among us.

He has nothing to do with me“, by this warning, Jesus suggests that the Prince of this world, aka Satan, will claim to be Jesus, but he will have nothing to do with the real Jesus, everything in his behaviour and speech will be completely different from the behaviour and speech of Jesus.

The False Jesus will be played by Satan himself who will take the human form of Jesus.

Who will be the Antichrist?

The Antichrist and the False Jesus are 2 differents figures, but both are driven by Satan himself, except that they do not share the same biological nature.

The Antichrist will come in first position, he will come to sign peace treaty in Jerusalem which will put en end to the nuclear WW3. The Antichrist will be acknowledged by the Sons of Israel, ie the false believers among them, as their awaited Messiah.

The Antichrist will also deceive a lot of false believers among the christians, the muslims, and from the other religions and among the non believers. All those who have no true faith in God and are mere sectarians will fall in his trap, and they are already set up to be deceived by him. These people share the same new age beliefs around love, oneness, and about the advent of a Golden Age which is coming on Earth.

The Antichrist will play the role of the vilain, he will be a kind of dictator even if he will feign to be nice. He will be killed by the False Jesus who will be played by Satan.

The Antichrist will be a 100% pure reptilian shapeshifter, which means an hybrid partly human partly djinn, and he will be possessed by the spirit of Satan himself. He will perform all kind of false wonders thanks to his thelepathic and magical abilities.

Who will be the Imam Mahdi?

The Imam Mahdi will share the same nature than the Antichrist. He will be a 100% reptilian shapeshifter, and he will also be possessed by the Spirit of Satan Himself. He will appear as an arab warrior who will lead the arabic muslim troops against Israel and against their Messiah, the Antichrist. The Imam Mahdi will join his forces to the False Jesus as soon as the false Jesus will appear. Together, the False Jesus and the Imam Mahdi will kill the Antichrist.


The role of the Imam Mahdi is to push the muslims in the hands of the False Jesus, once his mission done, he will withdraw and will let the main role to the False Jesus.

What will do the False Jesus?

false Jesus

The False Jesus will first claim to be Jesus, then he will perform all kind of false miracles like the ones performed by God during the time of Jesus. He will claim that he can do all what God can do, and then he will claim to be God Himself. He will push the people to think that God and Jesus are one and the same person. Then he will claim that he is also Satan, he will explain that Satan has always been one of the multiple faces of God. Satan will claim that God has mutliple faces, one which good and the other which is evil, because evil cannot exist without good and vice versa, and he will push the people to believe that they are also gods like him, like God they can be good and evil at the same time.

Who are Gog and Magog?

Once the people will worship Satan as God, then Satan will show them his true face and will be authrized by God to unleash on them his army of demons: Gog and Magog.

Gog and Magog literaly means the agitators and the agitated. The Gog are the demons among the djinns whereas the Magog are the demons among the hybrids: partly djinn partly human, partly djinn partly animal.

The Gog will come from the sky through a vortex, a gate between the 5th dimension and the 3rd dimension will be opened and will allow them to materialize physically in our 3rd dimension. This vortex will be opened thanks to an electromagnetic bomb built by the CERN, combined with the electrified waters of Hoover Dam (Hoover Dam is the only Dam in the world which is able to store eletrecity).

Tha Magog will come from the hollow earth, from Antartica where the main entrance to the hollow earth is located, and they will also come from the mountains where are located secondary entrances.

These monsters are extremely numerous, their number is so great that they will look like a wave. They will be unstoppable and will destroy everything on their way. Only The Scream will destroy them.

Why Internet?


The ultimate messenger of God can only use the internet to spread his message from God, because only internet can allow him to reach 7 billion people at the same time. My message from God is so accurate that I cannot transmit it with a simple speech, it has to be detailed with texts, images and videos, and only internet allow to spread a message in such a complete way. It would be impossible to transmit God’s message in the same way than the past messengers used before, each messenger has to adapt to his time and to his context. We are more than 7 billions people on earth, how would I be able to warn all of them if I had to speak to each one individually? How would I be able to give you a detailed proof if I can only use my voice? Our modern media allow to build much more elaborated proofs. The deception of this world is so big that I have to use the modern technology to transmit to you my warning from God. So I will continue to spread my message on the internet, and I will remain anonymous because it is not required for you to know who I am. What matters for you is my message from God and not who I am. I am this messenger whose name is covered, I am this warner who is simply called as a “man  running from the farthest part of the City“… Therefore it makes sense that I keep my anonymity, and this shows you that I have nothing to gain with this, I am merely obeying what God commands me to do.