The Ramadan according to the Quran

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  • Salam à tous! Cher frère, il me semble qu il vous faut corriger une petite erreur de frappe au début de la conclusion vous avez écrit que Syam etait à partir de l équinoxe de printemps au lieu d automne j ai vu aussi vernal au lieu d hivernal ^^ .
    Aussi j aimerai que vous m eclairiez un peu sur le fait que Syam est un nombre de jours que nous choisissons. Alors c est sur la période de 15 jours qui suivent la lune . Aussi ailleur on lit que Syam correspond aux 3 jours de pleine lune.
    Merci beaucoup.


    • Bonjour,
      merci pour les corrections, je corrigerai cela.

      Le verset parlant du nombre de jours parle d’un certain nombre de jours planifiés à l’avance, le nombre est donc libre.

      Je connais la version qui parle de 3 jours, mais cette version n’est pas juste, car le coran ne dit pas cela.


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  • Greetings Rasool. Ever since ive read the proof on laylatul-qadr i wanted to find a sign of super moon in Quran since you didn’t mention any. And i believe yesterday my wish was fulfilled: on 44/3, God uses the word “muba:rakatun” instead of “qadr” which inspired me to dig even deeper. Then i researched the root “b_r_k” & word “barakatun” and found a satisfactory answer. The latter means ” something that is stable in its origin and keeps growing at the same time”. Applying that meaning to “muba:rakatun” we get a perfectly reasonable statement: Maximum enhanced point of a night element(in our case Moon) which is both stable(revolving around Earth) and most enhanced( again in our case brightest and closest to Earth surface). I checked the other 3 verses where the word “muba:rakatun” was used and to all of them we could apply the meaning i deduced above.
    If you find this convincing,please add it to your article in an appropriate way so that there will be no more reasonable doubt.
    *Ultimate truth is only known to God*.


    • Hello Cahangir,
      I’ve never said that the Quran refered to the super moon, I’ve only mentioned that the related verses speak about a full moon associacted with the equinox.

      But, there were also a supermoon during this night according to the modern astronomical calculations, this is a matter a of fact…. but indeed I’ve not backed this point by a verse, because it was not the point of my demonstration.

      My goal was to emphisize that indeed the Ramadan is related to the full moon and to the equinox.

      However, you seem to be right and your arguments male sense, the Quran seem to confirm this point (the super moon), and it seems that God has given you the good inspiration. I will check on my side your definitions and verses in order to be sure, and then I’ll add them to the article if your proofs are confirmed.

      Thank you for your sharing and for your implication, you seem to genuinly look for the truth, and it is very good that you question each information that come to you, and that you try to confirm it by your own means, that’s indeed the behaviour that God prescribes.

      What is good with the truth of God, is the fact that’s always confirmed no matter our verifications and search … because the truth is simply the truth and is different from falsehood.

      Have a good day


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  • salam ya rasul…
    i just want to be sure… im in southern hemisphere, so ramadhan is supposed to be in march, right?
    Theres a full moon in 10/11 March, (before the equinox), is that when i have to start fasting?
    or the next full moon after the equinox (8/9 April)? but then isn’t that not march/ramadhan anymore?


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  • Hello
    Do you know what God means in surah al qadr when He says “peace it is until the emergence of dawn?


  • Is this The English version of ? I saw The title and illustrations were different? Is there new information from November 2020 not in The English version?…. Thanks…


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