Demon Humans Infiltrated Among Us!

There is a race of human demons who are hiding among us.

These human demons are not really human, they only look human, but they are in fact hybrids human-jinn, and they are permanently possessed by a jinn: they are 2 beings in 1 body. Their hybrid body is particularly adpated for possession and both the hybrid and the jinn are 100% compatible.


These entities form a secret network and represent the little hands of Satan, they are devils/demons, which means that they are declared enemies of God, and their job is to lead us astray by all means.

Their sole and unique role is to deceive us in order to make us fall with them. These entities have always been living among us, and they know how to recognize the people of their kind, but they keep their true nature secret to us…

These demons are infiltrated at all levels of society: politics, entertainment, cinema, music, science, sport, religion, internet, youtube….they have not only infiltrated the elites, but they are also at all the levels from the bottom to the top, you have these demons even among the homeless people.

Beware, they are also very present on the internet, many accounts belong to these demons, they are only here to deceive and to spread their perdition….but they can also wear the clothes of religion and good….but it is only in order to better deceive.

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