The True Face of This World

8 thoughts on “The True Face of This World

  1. Excellent job. I firmly believe ‘ A picture is worth a thousand words’. I posted this on ourbeacon. com today. Dr. Shabbir called it an excellent post. I will be very frank with you, few of your paragraphs on being a messenger scares people. Not me , you are Algerian brother, sincere to Allah and His Messenger [AS]. Please keep on doing the good work. You promised to write a detail article about Hajj.[or may be Salat, I forgot]
    what is you name.
    Wassalam -abdalaziz ariff.


    1. Feel free to share any of my messages from God, each one acts only for himself, and it is a good thing to share the Truth of God.

      I don’t know Dr. Shabbir, and frankly, I don’t need the confirmation of anyone, …. Doctor, Sheikh, Mufti, Ulema… all these titles are self claimed titles and are not titles given by Allah… therefore, have not the least value…. however, it is a good sign for Dr. Shabbir to like the message of God that I am sharing.

      I’lll write an article on the Hajj in due time, Allah inspires me what to share at the right moment.

      Btw, I am not algerian but tunisian (by origins, and french by adoption) and my name is Yosr.

      Have a nice day


    2. no offense, but I hate those who put themselves forward, I’ve read a piece of Shabbir bio, and I’ve only seen a page which sings the glory of this man … praising his religious abilities etc etc … the Guidance comes from Allah and not from the saudi religious schools, where they are rather teach their pagan version of islam.

      A good believer shall not promote himself like that and shall not accept any religious title, a good believer follow the direct Guidance of Allah and not the guidance of the islamic schools which teach only perdition and inventions.


    3. @abdalaziz ariff
      Are you aware that your dear Dr. Shabbir is a huge criminal????

      I’ve discussed with him, and I’ve get the proof that this man is a huge criminal, a fake believer, a deceiver of the people…. his message is only perdition and deception. He is now dying, and yet he persists in his horrible injustice.

      As a peace of advice, I highly recommand you to leave all these false guides, and to take Allah as your sole and only guide…no man can guide you, and even less the huge criminals like this damn Dr. Shabbir.


  2. Salam, messager de Dieu.
    Qu’en penses-tu? Surtout à partir du “Les Météores de La Nona Ora ( part 9 )”. J’aimerai connaitre ton interprétation. J’ai vu tes vidéos qui traite du même sujet. Qu’Allah te donne l’interprétation juste et que nous soyons par Sa Grace, instruit et avertis.


    1. bonjour,
      je prendrai connaissance de ta video et te dirai ce que j’en pense.

      Merci pour ton lien.

      Bien à toi


  3. Une simple croyante 9 September 2019 — 22 h 58 min

    Bonsoir mon frère, j’espère que tu vas bien. Je te remercie énormément pour tout le travail que tu fournis pour restaurer la vraie religion de Dieu et dévoiler les plans du Diable aux vrais croyants. Je suis sûre que cela ne doit pas être facile pour toi. En tout cas, Je te souhaite bonne chance et bonne continuation dans ta délicate mission. Prend soin de toi.


    1. Bonjour à toi,
      merci pour ton message de soutien … cette mission m’est grandement facilité par Dieu car c’est la règle d’Allah de soutenir ses serviteurs.
      Que Dieu te guide et te protège.


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