The True Salat (long version)

There is a practice which is performed by all men all over the world since the beginning of Humanity. Its forms may differ throughout the different ages and cultures, and therefore, this practice is called by many names: Prayer, Salat, Meditation, Communion, Retreat, Connection, … 


Whether for religious purposes or not, this practice consists in a private moment for ourselves, more precisely inside ourselves, in order to find back ourselves and to be isolated from the rest of the world. This practice can be performed either at the beginning of the day in order to start out on the right foot, or during the day in order to catch its breath, or at the end of the day in order to ask ourselves what we did during the day.

In the infernal world in which we are living today, this practice is now occupying an important place in the life of the people, and there is a revival of so called “spirituality” with the formation of new disciplines such as mental personal coachings, technics of relaxation, yoga, meditation… etc etc. Our present world is extremely materialistic and lacks of spirituality, and even those who are part of a “religion” are in fact void of spirituality. As a matter of fact, what we call today “religions” have lost their true meaning and have become, just like in the times of Abraham, only ways of socialization, which allow the people to feel that they belong to a community. Whereas, True Religion is supposed to be a mean to allow us to bond with God and to elevate our consciousness, from darkness to light.

And Abraham said: “In Truth, you have adopted these idols instead of Allah to cement the bonds between yourselves in the life of this world, but on the Day of Resurrection, you shall disown each other, and curse each other, and your abode will be the Fire, and you shall have no helper.” S29:V25 

The Devil is well aware that man is made out of flesh and spirit. So, the Devil perfectly knows that depriving man from true spirituality and offering him instead his false ways of spirituality, would lead man to go astray and to become like an empty shell. The Devil has managed very well his plan by creating all kind of false ways of spirituality such as Yoga, meditation and other false methods of self control and relaxation. These false ways may indeed produce some beneficial effects, but do not fulfill what true spirituality brings to men: a connection with God and concrete positive effects on their present life. Today, even the 3 monotheistic “religions” have completely lost their spirituality, and their path have become completely non sense, mechanical, and detrimental to men … a true burden with no benefits.

Most of the religious practices have become polluted with paganism, idolatry and association, and some of them are simply reduced to the open worship of demons among the jinns pretending to be gods, angels, ascended masters, spirits of the ancestors…

The truth is that they used to worship jinns, most of men had faith in them (the jinns). S34:V41

The False and Deceiving Ways of Satan

There are those who follow the eastern religions which consist in the open worship of the jinns, that they call by the name of “gods“. Their religions are mere ways which open them to the possession by the jinns. These people assimilate their possession by the jinns as a direct contact with the divine realm… but in truth, it is the exact opposite. Their bells, mantras, unholy dances, undecent body positions, and use of peculiar drugs allow them to enter into trance like states, in order to permit their permanent or temporary possession by the jinns. These people receive visions produced by their jinns, and the more they see magnificent visions, the more they think that their soul is progressing towards divinity… which of course is a lie. These eastern religions have nothing to do with God, they do not acknowledge neither the One True God,  nor His revelations, nor His messengers, nor the Retribution of the actions, nor the Resurrection, nor the Judgement Day. These religions are undoubtly ways of Satan, and for sure, are highways to hell.

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Today, these satanic eastern cults florish in the western world, and most of the western people are deceived by these so called technics of relaxation, and completely ignore that Yoga & co are only a façade for these false religions of Satan. These false religions always introduce themselves through apparently innocent practices such as adopting unappropriated body positions, or such as entering in alternate states of consciousness by adopting specific methods of breathing or by listening to certain frequencies of sounds… methods which in fact disable the natural protection that God has implemented within us, and make us completely vulnerable to possession. The people who take part to these rituals describe what they feel as an energy flowing in their body, like electricity, they do not realize that what they describe is no more than the physical sensation of the jinns flowing inside their bodies and brains.

Most of the western people who take part to these practices think that they are learning how to control their body and mind, how to connect to the elements of nature…. while in truth, what they feel is only the result of the action of the jinns who project false emotions and visions in their minds, a mere illusion. Today, many people, all religions included, are polluted by this new age philosophy, and embrace satanic principles such as universal love, oneness, and reincarnation. These people think to be muslims, jews, or christians, but in fact, their way of thinking is no more than the one of the new age false doctrine of Satan, which is today being promoted all over the world. The Devil wants us to be guided by our emotions and passions, and not by our reason, as commanded by God. The devils want us to be driven by emotion and not by reason, because the devils among jinns and men are experts in generating false emotions. Concerning Oneness, the devil wants men to become one against God, and without God, while God has commanded us to make an alliance with Him and not with any other creatures, whether men or jinns. Reincarnation is a way to deny that we have one single terrestrial life, one single test, if we fail it, we are doomed forever. Thanks to the lie of Reincarnation, the people have an excuse for their misbehaviours that they blame on their alleged past lifes. They are led to think that real life is only on earth through an infinite cycle of reincarnations, and that there is no hereafter, no judgement day, no hell, no paradise, … The Devil wants us to think that we originate from earth while our origins are celestial.

Chakra_Nebula_by_Anaxsysmaxresdefault-1You can do anything you put your mind to

The mystic religions such as Sufism, Shiism,… are in fact false ways of Satan. They mix the monotheistic religions with the old pagan religions which consist in the worship of jinns and in the so called direct physical experience of God, by entering in alternate states of consciousness through methods such as spinning until the loss of consciousness, or through self-flagellation… all these practices are absolutely not from God, but are pure satanic practices.


I don’t even mention the old tribal cults like in Africa or in South America, which openly consist in summoning the devils among the jinns that they consider as gods or as the spirits of their fathers. They take these jinns as their guides and protectors, being possessed by them is the highest honor that they can receive from their “gods“. These cults are dedicated to Satan and not to God.



Today, Christianity consists in the worship of Jesus, Mary, and the so called saints … instead of the sole and pure worship of God. The whole christian folklore originates from paganism with the use of crosses, candles and sun symbolism… etc etc. The fundamentals of Christianity are based on pure association and idolatry. The Christian doctrine says that you cannot reach God except through Jesus, Mary, the saints, their priests, their bishops, their popes … while God prescribes us the exact opposite: a direct link between us and Him as the SOLE AND ONLY WAY OF SALVATION. The christians also share the false belief which pretends that the Holy Spirit can use any of them in order to make them prophesy. Many many of these christians all over the world have regular vivid dreams and visions of Jesus or Mary … visions which are in fact mere deceptions produced by the devils. Many of them are regularly possessed by these demons that they assimilate to the Holy Spirit, to Jesus, or to Mary. Jesus and Mary are mere humans, they cannot produce the least vision and cannot even interract with the living, as they are part of the realm of the deads. Concerning the Holy Spirit, this Spirit of God does not produce any vision, but is used by God in order to inspire whoever He wants among His creatures.

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Judaïsm is even more corrupted than christinity, since its corruption by Satan was already effective at the time of Jesus. Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel in order to restore the true religion of God, but they have denied any messenger from God which does not confirm their own corrupted ways. Today, Judaïsm is a folklore of false practices and pagan symbolism, such as the black cube that they place on their forehead, which actually refers to the Saturnian cult of Satan. The jews have deviated from the path of God since they have adopted their Babylonian Talmud instead of the Torah, and since they have denied all the messengers and revelations of God which are not issued from their people. God has cursed them until the end of days, and since that time, their perdition has been becoming greater and greater, and their crimes have no limits. Today, the descendants of the Children of Israel control the whole world through the state of Israel: money through their private banks, entertainement through Hollywood and the music industry, the world economy through their big corporations, Science through their elite universities, the secret societies through their Kaballah. God has turned them into the foremost servants of Satan, and today, they openly serve Satan rather than God. Their prayers only consist in dancing and in non sense mantras. They are so lost that they have become completely disconnected from reality. They still believe that they are the chosen ones, while they are the worst criminals on earth, and the best enemies of God and of the Truth.

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The muslims are the modern jews, they have become exactly like the Children of Israel were at the time of Jesus. The muslims deny any messenger or truth which do not confirm their own deviated way, the way of their satanic Hadiths, their way of pure shirk/association and idolatry through the glorification of the prophet Muhammad, his companions, and the so called religious experts/ulemas. Today, the muslims receive the result of their actions: Allah is waging a war against them all over the world, there is no place in the world where the muslims are not persecuted. Even in their own muslim countries, God has imposed on them huge criminals as leaders in order to torment them without respite. Wherever they are, God has marked them with the seal of humiliation and mediocrity. They say: “We are victims, we are martyrs“, God replies to their lies: “If you claim to be the chosen ones, then why God is punishing you for your sins?“.

Today, Islam has become as pagan as Christianity and Judaïsm. The crescent moon, the five pointed star, the wearing of veils and beards, the use of candles and perfumes, the repetition of non sense mantras which glorify the prophet Muhammad and his companions. All their islamic practice has become pagan, and has nothing to do with what God really prescribes in the Quran.


Satan has divided the true religion of God into different false cults. Their practices may vary from a cult to another, but they remain all rooted to the same pagan false cult of Satan: mantras, technics in order to enter into trance like states, vivid visions, candles, incenses, robes, beards, cubes, crosses, rituals in form of a choreography, glorification of the saints, of the prophets, of the apostles… etc etc. You find the exact same satanic recipe in the 3 so called “monotheistic” religions, only false practices which have never been prescribed in the revelations of God, but which are common to all the pagan cults of Satan.


These false religions actually represent a burden for those who apply them, without producing the least benefits. These false cults are fully adapted to the false believers who follow them, and perfectly reflect the injustice of their hearts and their lack of reason. God has imposed on them these false cults because they have denied His Truth and Justice, and have prefered to follow their own deviated desires.

The Salat

The Salat is a practice which has been existing since the creation of man, it refers to the connection between the individual and his Creator and Guide, God. Contrary to the false Salats of the sects, this act does not involve any mantra, choreography, dress code, specific object, specific gestures, body positions, or words. It is a simple and natural communication between the individual and his God. Salat literaly means “Connection” with God, it’s a kind of communion with God. The Salat is an act which reflects our whole personal relationship with God. As a main prescription of God, the practice of the Salat is fully detailed in the Quran, and of course, you don’t need any external source in order to know how to perform the Salat and how to build your proper relationship with God.

I- Number of Salats

According to the Quran, there are neither 5 nor 3 Salat, but 2 daily Salats with specific timings. These timings do not follow the cycle of the sun like it is the case in the islamic Salat, but follow the cycle of our own specific life.

The first Salat is called Salat Al Fajr and literaly means Wake-up Salat, it’s the Salat which introduces our day.

Etymologically, “fajr“, in arabic “فجر“, shares the root than the arabic word “إنفجار“, which means “explosion“.


So the word “fajr” describes the process of an explosion: nothing … and then a deflagration. When this concept is applied to the day, it corresponds to the deflagration of light which comes at dawn after the calm and uniform darkness of the night. When applied to our own persons, it corresponds to the deflagration of life once awake, after the absence of activity proper to our sleep. Allah defines the state of “sleep” as a state of “death“. So “fajr” corresponds to the daily transition from death to life, ie our “wake-up“.

The second Salat is Salat Al Icha and literaly means Bedtime Salat, it’s the Salat which terminates our day.

The word “icha“, in arabic “عشاء” shares the same root than the word “عاش“, which means “to live/subsist“.


The declination of the word “عشاء“, with the particle”اء” at the end of this word, is to mark the extreme limit of what is meant by this word, ie “the end of life“, which corresponds to the end of our daily activties when applied on our daily cycle of life: life/activities & death/sleep. So the word “icha“, applied on our lifes, corresponds to the end of our daily activities.

Allah’s Creation is organized in pairs

The whole creation of God is always declined in pairs, the Salat also follows this rule, which is one more proof that the number of daily Salats is actually 2.

And of everything we have created pairs… Maybe would you remember? S51:V49

The Salat is patterned around the 2 elements of couple which characterize our daily life:  the wake-up time and the bedtime. No matter your way of life, personal life’s organization, or location on earth, each single individual necessarly wakes up and sleeps everyday. So these 2 key moments are universal and exist in the life of each individual. While, the islamic Salat which is based on the cycle of the sun, is not universal, because its timings do not correspond to moments which exist in all individuals’ lifes. For instance, those who live in the polar circle have no sunset and no sunrise over months, those who work by night cannot implement the islamic Salat either, because these islamic Salats occur at timings which do not allow them to be available.

The islamic Salat is a practice forged by the Devil, and as any practice of the Devil, it cannot be applied to all individual and situations. The islamic Salat is simply not practical and rigid, while the true Salat as defined in the Quran is universal and adapts to ALL CASES.

The Salat requires intimacy

The Salat is a moment of intimacy between us and our Creator, therefore, it requires to be performed in a private place and not in public. Conveniently, the times of the 2 daily Salats perfectly adapt to this requirement, as wake-up time and bedtime are the 2 only moments of the day during which everyone is in the intimacy of his house, and consequently enjoys the appropriate conditions of intimacy and availability requested by the Salat. The Salat is a direct communication between us and God. Like in any private discussion, we need to stop what we are doing, and to seek for an isolated place in order to be fully dedicated to our communication with God. The moments which just follow our wake-up and precede our sleep are precisely 2 moments which fulfill all these requirements.

Wake-up Salat

The Wake-Up Salat, as indicated by its name, shall be performed on waking, WHATEVER IS THE HOUR. God is aware that each human being has his own specific way of life and that our personal organization may change according to our agenda. Therefore, God has not imposed on us fixed hours to wake up or to go to bed, otherwise, God would have clearly mentioned it in the Quran. The Law of God is practical whereas the law of the Devil is only meant to make our life harder. Contrary to the islamic Salat, God has not commanded us to wake up at sunrise in order to perform the first Salat of the day and to wait for the dark night for the last Salat. We are free to wake up and to sleep at the hour of our choice, and the Salat simply follows our own specific rythm.

God says in the Quran that the Salat is a prescription which shall be performed at specific timings, and these timings correspond to our own wake-up and sleep, and not to the Sun’s “wake-up and sleep“.

The Salat shall be performed by the believers at defined times. S4:V103

God has prescribed for us the Salat in order to meet our needs, therefore, it is normal that the Salat is adapted to our own personal pace, and not to the pace of the sun. The purpose of the Salat is to allow us to be connected with God during the whole day, so it makes sense that the 2 Salats actually enclose our day.

The islamic Salat is absolutely not adapted to our pace, but to the pace of the sun, which is very different from our own specific pace based on our working schedules. We all have our own specific pace and we all know how it is difficult to change it. You just have to see how it is hard for most of us to pass from the summer hour to the winter hour and vice versa. The islamic Salat is the pure invention of the Devil, as it imposes on us to permanently conform to the cycle of the sun, which varies a lot all over the year, and consequently, imposes on us to permanently change the hours of our own wake-up and sleep … Only the Devil can invent such a torture!

Adapting the hours of our wake-up and sleep all over the year is extremely hard, if not impossible. But, even if we manage to do so, this will not help us to fullfil the true purpose of the Salat: to remain connected to God during the whole day … because the schedules of the islamic Salat are absolutely not adapted for this purpose.

The islamic way of Salat imposes on us to permanently disturb our sleep when it comes to the 2 islamic Salats which mark the extermities of the day: Fajr and Icha, and to permanently interrupt our daily activities, when it comes to the 3 Salats which occur during the day: Duhur, Asr and Maghrib. The True Salat is not supposed to be a burden on us, but, like all the other rules of God, it is supposed to make our lifes easier. What’s the point to wake up in the midst of the night in order to perform the islamic Salat? What’s the point to force ourselves to stay awake until the dark night in order to perform the last islamic Salat? None! except to impose a burden on us which produces no benefits at all.

Waking up in the midst of the night in order to perform the islamic Fajr Salat is completely insane and detrimental to men.

You have 2 options: Either you choose to be completely awake in order to be focused on what you say during your prayers, and in such a case, you cannot go back to bed, which is problematic when this Salat occurs for instance at 4AM…. Or, you can choose to perform your Salat almost asleep in order to easily go back to bed. In such a case, your Salat is even more valueless as it is completely non sense to pray almost asleep. In all cases, the islamic Salat is absolutely detrimental to the individual in a general way.

I don’t even mention that waking up in the midst of the night everyday is a true torture over time, and we cannot even get used to it, as the hour of sunrise permanently changes all over the year. Moreover, waking up in the midst of the night may disturb our sleep in a general way, as we all know that the most efficient hours of our sleep correspond to the midst of the night. And even when the islamic Salat al Fajr occurs at 6AM, it remains problematic as it is impossible to go back to bed after it, knowing that we have to wake up few time later in order to go to work. There is no worse torture than this islamic Salat, you cannot find a better way to disrupt your biological clock and to create a permanent state of tiredness than by observing the islamic way of Salat.

The more, we are vulnerable, the more the Devil is pleased, because it allows him to deceive us more easily. So this islamic Salat actually represents the best weapon of the Devil against the muslim community.

In fact, even if you’re able to observe the islamic Salat without any difficulty, even if you manage to be focused during the islamic Salat Al Fajr, even if you manage to go back to bed without the least difficulty once your Salat completed, this version of the Salat still remains absolutely non sense, as it does not produce the benefits promised by the True Salat: to allow us to keep God in mind during the whole day in order to be protected against temptations and sins. 

Purpose of the Salat = To keep God in mind

Verily I! I am God! no God there is but I; so Worship Me, and observe the Salat in order to keep Me in mind. S20:V14

Purpose of the Salat = to protect ourselves against perversions and sins

Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and implement the Salat: for Salat restrains from perversion and reprehensible actshowever, as a certainty, keeping God in mind is even greater (than the Salat itself). S29:V45

What’s the point to wake up in the midst of the night in order to observe the islamic Salat Al Fajr when this Salat is rather requested just before starting our working day? Indeed, the muslims come back to bed once their Salat Al Fajr is completed, and when they wake up, they have lost all its benefits…

Bedtime Salat

It is as well insane and detrimental to stay awake late in the night just to observe the last islamic Salat, Salat al Icha, which may occur at a late hour during summer. Salat Al Icha, which literally means the Salat which concludes the activities of the day, is supposed to mark the end of our day, and not the end of the daylight. It is completely non sense to impose on ourselves to remain awake just to observe Salat al Ichaa, because we cannot be focused when we are dozing, and therefore our Salat would be completely valueless.

On a general way, God has commanded us to observe the Salat only when we are in a state which allows us to be focused on what we are saying during our prayers, which excludes situations when we are dozing or high on drugs or alcohol. In addition, Salat Al Icha is impossible to observe for those who have to sleep soon because of their working schedules. The true purpose of the Bedtime Salat is to debrief our day with God, and the debrief can be done as soon as we’re at home and that we’ve completed our daily activities, and that we finally have a moment for ourselves, without being disturbed by any distraction.

Once again, the Devil is very efficient in turning the islamic Salat into a formidable instrument of torture. It’s the double punishment, according to the islamic rule, you have to stay awake late in order to observe, half asleep, Salat Al Icha, and then you have to wake up very soon in order to observe Salat Al Fajr. This is completely insane and this form of Salat is the worst torture ever created by Satan.

Not only the Islamic way of Salat is not adapted to keep God in mind, and therefore, does not provide the least protection, but the worse of such an extreme form of Salat, is the fact that its schedules are just impossible to observe over time. To such an extent that the great majority of the muslims are forced to cheat with the hours of their Salats, observing them most of the time outside their schedules. Most of the muslims have no problem to stay awake for Salat Al Icha, but most of them, perform Salat Al Fajr only when they wake up at the morning. I don’t even mention the 3 other islamic Salats, Duhur, Asr and Maghrib, which impose on the muslims to disrupt their daily activities in order to perform their Salat. Most of the people have not the possibility to interrupt their work like they want, and therefore, have no other choice than performing these 3 Salats one after the other after their work, which, of course, is completely non sense and useless. I’ve told you, this islamic Salat is a true disaster!

It is very easy to detect the false laws of the Devil: they are non sense and arbitrary, and represent a burden for the people without producing the least benefits for them. Over time, these false laws forged by Satan are simply impossible to observe. Those who still intend to observe them have permanently a guilty conscience, and are forced to cheat on God and on the people, by pretending that they observe them properly, while they are not. God judges each individual according to his knowledge and to his own beliefs. According to the islamic beliefs, the Salat shall be performed during specific times which correspond to key positions of the sun. So, according to their own beliefs, most of the muslims are not observing correctly their own islamic rules.

The Salat shall be performed by the believers at defined times. S4:V103

God has assigned a cult to each community which corresponds to their own inner state. Those who are unfair follow rules which are as unfair as they are.

For every community, we have assigned a cult that they observe… So let them not uproot you from the Commandment! And call to your Lord, you are indeed on a right path. Quran S22:V67

The fact that God has assigned a cult on these communtities does not mean that the cult that they are observing corresponds to the real practice of God, as prescribed in His Revelations. For instance, it is God who has assigned the cult of the Mayas, or the western religions such as Bouddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism…, or the cult consisting in the worship of the spirits, or the vodoo cult…etc etc. All these cults are indeed satanic, but it is God who has assigned them on these communities because of their own inner injustice. If these people were truly fair people, they would realize without the least difficulty the non sense and injustice of their own cults and would reject them in order to embrace the fair and perfect path of God. Instead of that, the prefer to keep following their blind and non sense beliefs inspite of the proofs manifested to them by God.

For instance, Islam perfectly fits to the inner state of the muslims, a sect ruled by barbaric, rigid, hypocrite and perverse laws…. just like the average traditionalist muslim. In public, the muslims fiercely defend their non sense and unfair beliefs, and do their best to promote them, while in private, they hate their unfair and dumb rules as they know the true burden that they truly represent. The false believers among the muslims think that they can deceive God, but in fact, it is rather God who has deceived them by imposing on them their unfair and dumb islamic rules, which will not help them neither in this life nor in the hereafter.

Say: “Shall we tell you of those who lose most in respect of their deeds?” Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their works?” S18:V103-104 

The hypocrites and the disbelievers are actually the exact same kind of people. Except that the hypocrites that are most of the people of religions, not only have no faith in God just like the disbelievers, but in addition, think that they can deceive God by pretending to be true believers. Therefore, it is legit that they have to pay a higher price for such an injustice, by failing both in this terrestrial life and in the hereafer. While the disbelievers can at least enjoy their terrestrial life like they wish, as they have never pretended to believe in God.

God will collect the hypocrites and the disbelievers all together in Hell. S4:V140

The hypocrites think that they can deceive God, but in fact, God has defeated them in their own game. When they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, and they barely invoke God. S4:V142

The hypocrites are indeed in the  lowest depths of the Fire, and you’ll find no helper for them. S4:V145

The only way to realize the perdition of these false religions and to be able to perceive them for what they truly are, is to use your own reason and discernment instead of following blind beliefs, and to take God as your sole and only Guide, instead of relying on false guides. Those who focus on the performance of good deeds and ignore the false rites of their religion, those who ignore their religious hierarchy and take directly God as their Sole Guide, are precisely those that God will save from their sects in order to put them on His True Path. While the others will remain in their false beliefs until their death, and will end in hell… and they can only blame themselves for that, and certainly not God.

The Salat synchronized with the cycle of the sun is a pure invention of the Devil in order to establish a cult to his own glory. Indeed, all the sun and moon cults are different versions of the same satanic perdition. Satan is also known as the “Morning Star“, ie the sun, and many false religions, including judaïsm, christianity, and islam, are full of  sun and moon symbolism.

soleil2Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates First Vespers And Te Deum Prayershqdefaultsoleil6ed47671bb652e3ba234ecdf8ddf311a

The cross is also a pagan symbol and directly refers to the figure of Satan and does not refer at all to Jesus as it is commonly believed. Indeed, Jesus has never been crucified, the cross actually represents Satan barring us the straight path which leads us to God.

croix6a503-pre-christiancrossesiron cross 2

The Cross of David has nothing to do with the prophet David, the prophets of God have no symbols. God has no symbol, as the proofs and signs of God are disseminated in each single element composing this universe. You just have to watch carefully the elements of nature, or your own body, or to observe the sky in order to see the proofs of God everywhere. The symbols, in a general way, are a pure creation of Satan in order to convey his perdition. The Cross of David actually means 666 and refers to the figure of Satan, you can find this symbol also on the dollar bill or on the satanic Talisman of Saturn.

666_hexagram_star_of_davidstar of david moneysattal

The Crescent Moon and the 5 pointed star, ie the pentagram, are also satanic symbols. The star symbolizes Satan who pretends to be a fallen angel, ie the falling star, and the crescent moon represents the false light of Satan, ie perdition.


All these symbols are absolutely not from God and all originate from Satan. The true path of God is a spiritual temple and not a physical one, therefore, everything in the true religion is expressed through actions and thoughts, while the false religions of Satan are only made of symbols, non sense folklores, and false practices. There is no religious institutions or clergymen in the true path of God, but simply a direct link between the individul and His Creator. God is enough as a Witness and Guide for the genuine believers, while the false believers choose to be governed by men like them.

Ultimate proof n°1 that the Salat does not follow the position of the sun

The ultimate proof that the islamic version of the Salat, synchronized with the position of the sun, is a pure invention of the devil, is the the fact that this Salat cannot be implemented by all the people who live in the polar circle or close to it … and there are hundreds of millions on earth to be in this case!


For all these people, it is simply impossible to observe the Salat as prescribed by islam, ie following the sun, because there is a number of days in the year, up to 6 months, during which the sun simply does not rise and does not set at all. See for instance the following video, which shows the course of the sun over 24 hours in the Arctic:

Under these latitudes, there are also periods during which the sun rises and sets, but the duration of the day does not exceed few hours. Therefore, Those who observe the islamic Salat have no other choice than observing their salats one after the other … which, of course, is completely non sense.

Only this argument should be enough as an undeniable proof that the islamic version of Salat is not from God, because the Law of God can be applied by all individuals, in all times, in all places, which it is not the case of the islamic Salat. While the true Salat according to the Quran can be applied by all individuals, in all times and places, because its timings are related to our own personal pace, and not to the positions of the sun.

Proof that there are only 2 daily Salats

When islam mentions 5 Salats, the Quran only mentions 2 Salats. Has God forgotten to mention the 3 other islamic Salats, or are there simply 2 Salats?

We have omitted nothing in the Book. S6:V38 

Of course, this is not an omission from God, God does not forget or neglict anything in his Book, and certainly not the details of one of his most important practice, the Salat. The belief in the 5 daily islamic Salats is only based on the hadiths and absolutely not on the Quran. The muslims believe in the following story as an explanation for the origins of their 5 islamic Salats:

Ibn Hazm and Anas bin Malik reported about the so called trip of the prophet Muhammad in the heavens :

The Prophet said: “Then Allah enjoined fifty prayers on my followers when I returned with this order of Allah, I passed by Moses who asked me, ‘What has Allah enjoined on your followers?’ I replied, ‘He has enjoined fifty prayers on them.’ Moses said, ‘Go back to your Lord (and appeal for reduction) for your followers will not be able to bear it.’ (So I went back to Allah and requested for reduction) and He reduced it to half. When I passed by Moses again and informed him about it, he said, ‘Go back to your Lord as your followers will not be able to bear it.’ So I returned to Allah and requested for further reduction and half of it was reduced. I again passed by Moses and he said to me: ‘Return to your Lord, for your followers will not be able to bear it. So I returned to Allah and He said, ‘These are five prayers and they are all (equal to) fifty (in reward) for My Word does not change.’ I returned to Moses and he told me to go back once again. I replied, ‘Now I feel shy of asking my Lord again.’ Then Gabriel took me till we ” reached Sidrat-il-Muntaha (Lote tree of; the utmost boundary) which was shrouded in colors, indescribable. Then I was admitted into Paradise where I found small (tents or) walls (made) of pearls and its earth was of musk.”

The prophet Muhammad really needed to visit heavens in order to directly receive from God the number of Salats? Why God has not simply provided this key information directly in the Quran?

God would have originally prescribed 50 daily Salats??! How God can prescribe us something which is humanly impossible? 50 Salats a day equals 1 Salat every half and hour, if we suppose that we don’t sleep at all…

Then comes the so called encounter with Moses who was apparently wandering in the area by chance… another forged story, because God tells us in the Quran, that the deaths, even the prophets, cannot communicate with the living world, neither physically nor by spirit, so this encounter is just impossible.

Then, Muhammad would have started a negociation with God in order to reduce the number of Salats on the advice of Moses, he would have managed to pass from 50 Salats to 5… nice negociation!!! We find in this forged hadith the print of the mercantile nature of the Arabs at the time of the prophet, which prooves that this story has been forged from scratch by someone who lived at that time. Of course, there is no possible negociation with God, because God never commits mistakes and God’s decisions are always deeply balanced and measured. The commands of God cannot be discussed, except by the rebels, and the prophet Muhammad would never ever engage in any negociations when it comes to God’s Perfect Commands.

This ridiculous story is an insult to our intelligence, an insult against God and his prophets. Such a story is without any doubt, the pure invention of Satan. We can identify in this hadith the same kind of heavy style made of repetitions, which is common to most of the hadiths… As soon as you see this kind of dumb repetitions in any text, you can be sure it has been forged by Satan.

This whole story has been forged by Satan in order to make the muslims perceive their 5 Salats as light compared to the 50 Salats at the origin. The muslims consider themselves happy to observe “only” 5 daily Salats instead of 50. But in fact, even 5 Salats is already too much, and the devil is perfectly aware of that, as he knows that God has prescribed only 2 daily Salats.

It is not by chance that islam counts 5 pillars, 5 Salats, and is represented by a 5 pointed star, the number 5 has a special signification for Satan. The repetition of the number 5 across islam is a sign that this religion has been forged by the Devil.


The human body is made of 5 extremities: 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head. The pentagram, ie the 5 pointed star, actually represents man constrained by Satan in such a way that he cannot get out from the circle which delimits these 5 corners. This circle delimits Satan’s illusion and zone of control on those who place themselves inside it. In satanism, these symbols are perfectly known under their true meanings. The pentagram symbolizes for the satanists their submission to Satan. By delimiting a circle and by entering inside it, they give full authority to Satan on them. That’s why all the satanic rituals request to be performed inside a circle. The Devil totaly controls the muslims through the 5 false pillars of Islam, which create an illusion around them, a veil preventing them from seeing the truth as long as they keep believing in their 5 fake pillars.


Those who are inside the circle are under the complete control of Satan and are like puppets in his hands.


Chris Ramsey (Christ, Ramses), un démon sous forme humaine, montre comment ceux qui sont pris dans piège du Diable, symbolisé par le pentagramme, deviennent de simples marionnettes entre ses mains

We can see the same kind of satanic symbology in the Burning Man festival, a 100% satanic event which is concluded by burning a man represented throught a pentagram inside a circle. This festival is a parable of Satan’s illusion in this life, and its conclusion which reprsents a burning man, is a parable for the hell which expects those who are caught under the illusion of Satan.


In short, the 5 islamic Salats are a pure invention of the Devil which ensure Satan to keep under his control all those who implement them. The Devil perfectly knows that no man can endure 5 Salats a day, and it is even more impossible seeing their schedules. No muslim can properly observe the 5 islamic Salats, and all end up dropping them or botching them, which is equivalent. That’s why the muslims who still have a minimum of lucidity have a permanent feeling of guilt, because, they know that there is something wrong with their version of Salat. Guilt and doubt are Satan’s best allies, because these feelings make us completely vulnerable to his deception.


God has only mentioned 2 Salats in the Quran, which means that there are simply 2 daily Salats and not 5. God has deliberately gathered all that concerns the prescription of these 2 Salats, their names and timings, in ONE SINGLE VERSE, and not through several verses, in order to let us not doubt about His Command.

O ye who believe! let those who are under your responsability, and the (children) among you who have not come of age ask your permission (before they come to your presence), on three occasions: before SALAT AL-FAJR; the while ye doff your clothes for the noonday heat/dhahirati/ٱلظَّهِيرَةِ; and after SALAT AL-ICHA, these are your three times of undress: outside those times it is not wrong for you or for them to move about attending to each other: thus does Allah make clear the Signs to you: for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.  S24:V58 

This verse mentions the 3 occasions of undress of the day:

  1. Before Salat Al-Fajr
  2. At noon, in arabic at Dhur, which shares the same root than the word “dhahirati“, which is indeed the time when the sun is at its peak and burns the most
  3. After Salat Al-Icha

If truly, they were 5 Salats like the muslims state: Fajr, Dhur, Asr, Maghrib, et Icha, God would have mentioned, concerning the occasion of undress corresponding to noon time (in arabic the Dhur time), the islamic Salat Al Dhur, which schedule is precisely at noon, when the sun is at its peak. But God did not mention Salat Al Dhur, but only say dhahirati/noon, because simply, Salat Al Dhur does not exist. This prooves that there are no 5 Salats like in islam, but only the 2 Salats which are mentioned in this verse: “Salat Al Fajr” et “Salat Al Icha“.

Ultimate proof n°2 that the Salat does not follow the position of the sun

This verse states that the moments preceding Salat Al-Fajr and following Salat Al-Icha are occasions of undress, which is precisely the case when we consider that Salat Al-Fajr comes just after our wake up and Salat Al-Isha just before our sleep.

As the verses of the Quran remain true in all circumstances, it means that no matter the season or the location, this verse should remain true no matter the context. It is indeed the case if we consider Salat Al-Fajr as the wake-up prayer and Salat Al-Isha as the bedtime prayer, given that anyone on earth is susceptible to be undressed following his waking up and preceding his sleep.

While if we consider the islamic version of the Salat, which is based on the cycle of the sun, Salat Al-Icha may occur very soon, and therefore far before our sleep, and therefore, there should be no reason for us to be naked at that time. For instance, in the city of Storuman in Sweden, the islamic version of Salat Al-Icha may occur at 2PM in some seasons… we have no reason to be naked at 2 PM! Therefore, Salat Al-Icha cannot be related to the sun’s fall as stated by the muslims, but is rather related to the hour of our own sleep.


In the same vein, the islamic version of Salat Al-Fajr may occur very soon according to the season and to the location. For instance, in case Salat Al-Fajr occurs at 4AM, it is obvious that the muslims generally go back to bed once they’ve completed their Salat, which is not consistent with the verse S24:V58, which states that we are suscpetible to be naked BEFORE Salat Al-Fajr and not AFTER it. Therefore, Salat Al-Fajr cannot be related to the sunrise, but is related to the hour of our own wake-up, otherwise the S24:V58 would not be true in all circumstances.

In conclusion, the Salat is clearly not related to the cycle of the sun but is rather related to our own cycle of wake-up and sleep. The verse S24:V58 not only provides the number of daily Salats, but also reveals their times in a way that cannot be misinterprated, and which remains valid in all times and places. God could not use a more universal and clever way to define the 2 daily Salats, because if God had used another way, His definition would be flawed, and would have different meanings according to the circumstances.

In all the rest of the Quran, there are only 2 other verses which relate the Salat to a timing of the day, however, these 2 verses does not contradict our previous analysis.

And observe the Salat at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: for those things that are good remove those that are evil: be that the word of remembrance to those who seek to remember. S11:V114

Perform the Salat at the sun’s decline till the darkness of the night S17:V78

Notice that this time, God has not mentioned any name associated to these Salats.

The first reason for that is to confirm us that there is no mandatory Salats during these timings. Indeed, these 2 verses cannot refer to fixed specific Salats, simply because these verses would not apply for those who live in the polar circle and close to it, as there is no sunrise and sunset in these places over months.

The second reason is because according to the season and to the location, the 2 mandatory Salats, Al-Fajr and Al-Icha, indeed correspond to the limits of the day and of the night. For instance, in winter, when we wake up it is still the night, and when we go to bed it is indeed the dark night. While in summer, when we wake up, it is the day and when we go to sleep, it’s the approaches of the night.

Therefore, these 2 verses confirm that Salat Al-Fajr and Salat Al-Icha indeed correspond to our wake-up and sleep, and summarize all the possible times for these Salats according to the seasons and locations.

These 2 verses also suggest us the moments of the day which are approriate for facultative Salats in addition to the 2 mandatory Salats which correspond to our wake-up and sleep. Sunrise and Sunset are part of the great miracles of God and reminds us that the alternance of day and night ony belongs to God, so these 2 key moments of the day may be inspiring for our prayers.

Facultative Salats

Contrary to the dumb recommandations of islam, the goal is not to perform as many Salats as possible, but only what is necessary to us. The Salat shall be a spontaneous and natural act which responds to a specific need to connect with God. Therefore, those, like the muslims, who multiply the Salats without valid reasons, actually do not serve themselves. God prefers quality over quantity.

The concept of Salat

The role of the Wake-up Salat is to initialize our connection to God and to maintain it during the whole day. It permits us to organize our day, exactly like a child organizes his day with his parents before going to school, or like a student who receives instructions from his teacher before starting his work.

When God speaks about wake-up Salat, it does not mean that the first thing that we shall do once awake is to do our Salat. God lets us free to organize ourselves according to our own specific conditions. What truly matters is to perform the Wake-up Salat before we truly need its benefits, ie before starting our daily activities.

The bedtime Salat permits us to debrief our day with God, and to assess what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong, and to thank Allah for his gifts and to ask Him for forgiveness concerning our misbehaviours of the day.

What is the True Religion?

You have to get used to the tolerant and clever approach of the True Religion of God, which has nothing to do with the rigid and non sense approach of the mainstream sects that call themselves “religions“. God’s prescriptions always serve a specific purpose, and always produce concrete benefits on us, AND on those around us.

It is normal that God’s True Religion is far better than the false religions of today, who is more entitled to define the true rules than the One who knows everything in the heavens and on earth?

Say: “What! Will ye instruct Allah about your Religion?” But Allah knows all that is in the heavens and on earth: He has full knowledge of all things. S49:V16

God has not created Religion as an additional burden for us, but at the contrary, to relieve us from our own burdens.

We have not sent down the Quran in order to place you in difficulty.  S20:V2

God wants to make your life easier and not to make it more difficult for you. S2:V185

We will make it easy for you the easy way. S87:V8

If the Quranic definition of the Salat seems to be less detailed than the islamic version, this is not because Allah has forgotten the details, but in order to teach each one of his servants his own way of performing the Salat.

Observe the Salat in the manner He has taught you, which you knew not beforeS2:V239

It is God himself who will instruct each one of his servants how to build his own relationship with him, and this includes how to observe Salat, and how to implement the whole religion. God has created each one of us different, and God does not want an army of clones. Therefore, it makes sense that God wants each one of us to proceed according to his own way.

God has clearly exposed the outline of the Salat, providing us its number, timings, purpose, and bounds. Everything that we need to know about Salat is contained in the Quran … AND ONLY IN THE QURAN.

God has not sent us His Religion in kits but in ONE SINGLE THREAD: the Quran. Therefore, there is no need for any additional external source to complete the Quran. there is no such thing as the “Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad” or the so called “Hadiths” in the true Religion of Allah.

All what we need to know is present in the Quran, the commands of Allah are crystal clear, and what is not mentioned in the Quran is not mentioned ON PURPOSE. Therefore, it is not for us to restrict the perfect law of God by forging additional laws, like the sects/religions are used to do.

However, I am not saying that the Religion of God is “à la carte“, because it is not. Either you accept the whole Book or you reject it all, there is no middle way. I am just saying that the commands of God are explicit and complete enough in order to let no doubt concerning the true path of God.

In short, God’s path is the simpliest path in the world: to take Allah as our sole and only Guide and Handler, and to directly follow God’s instructions through his Revelations: Torah, Gospels … AND the Quran prevails on them, and is self-sufficient.

Do not transgress the clear limits of God

Whoever value the prescriptions of God, for him it is good in the sight of his Lord. S22:V30

And Whosoever seeketh beyond that, then it is these who are the transgressors. S23:V7 

God clearly details us his limits

These are the limits of Allah, which He makes plain for the people who know. S2:V230

Allah does wish to provide you with clear explanations, and to guide you into the ways of those before you, and to accept your repentance. Indeed, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. S4:V26

These are the limits of Allah, wherefore approach them not.  S2:V187

Thus, Allah makes clear to you His Laws in order that you may reflect. S2:V219

And he makes His Signs clear to mankind, maybe will they remember? S2:V221

Thus, Allah makes clear His Signs to you, maybe will you come to reason?  S2:V242

Thus, Allah makes clear to you His Signs, maybe will you be grateful? S5:V89

Thus, Allah makes His signs, maybe will you follow the Guidance? S3:V103

The Law of the Quran is perfectly explicit, therefore, there is no need to seek for details which are not already mentioned in the Quran. What is written in the Quran has been meticulously thought and pondered, AND what is not present ALSO has been meticulously thought and pondered… AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AN OMISSION. Recall the episode of the cow that Allah asked the Children of Israel to sacrifice, without providing them further details… And this was done on purpose. Instead of obeying God without discussing, by sacrificing the first cow which fits the bill… ie a healthy good-tempered cow, the Children of Israel asked question after question in order to know precisely which cow they shall sacrifice. In fact, God did not ask them to sacrifice a specific cow, but the one of their choice, that they deem appropriate to be sacrificed for God. The result of such an unfair behaviour is that they have made the simple order of God complicated, and because of that, they almost failed to obey God’s command … which provoked on them the Wrath of God, and their curse until the Judgement Day.

Do you want to ask your Messenger as Moses was asked before? And he who changes Faith for disbelief, verily, he has gone astray from the Right Way. S2:V108

O you who have faith! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if you ask about them while the Quran is being revealed, they will be made plain to you. Allah has forgiven that, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.  S5 :V101

Before you, a people asked such questions, but then refused to believe in the answers to these questions. S5 :V102

The episode of the cow invites us to learn the lessons of the past, because such an unfair behaviour is like doubting the commands of God, as if God’s commands were not clear enough. By asking these unneeded questions, the Children of Israel have turned the simple path of God into a complicated way. Such an unfair behaviour actually hides a much deeper perdition and a huge injustice, and because of that, God has cursed them, and so does the whole creation. Today, we can realize the dire consequences of such a misbehaviour when we see how complicated are the laws of the jews, while the Law that God has given to them at the origin, the Torah, was so simple and intuitive. The muslims have perfectly reproduced this very same misbehaviour from the Children of Israel, and guess what? They now share exactly the same fate than the Children of Israel before them. Same injustice, same consequence, same perdition, same curse. Yet, God has clearly warned us through the Quran to not seek for complications while God has made his Law straight, but man does not change, and so does his injustice towards himself.


God’s limits are defined explicitly in the Quran and present no doubt, so there is no need to restrict them by forging additional restrictions outside God’s Revelations. The limits of God has been made broad by design. God’s Law is by design adaptable to all and accessible to all, in order to prefectly adapt to each single individual’s specificities. God provides us the concept and the bounds, and it’s up to each individual to implement God’s Law according to his own method, to be creative and resourceful enought in order to please God and to receive the most benefits from their actions. That way, each individual can draw his own way to God and is the sole actor of his own salvation, while the sects that call themselves religions produce only mere followers, who have not their destiny in their hands. That’s why more and more muslims, christians, and jews, stop practising, and are muslims, christians and jews only by name. This is because they are not involved in their own process of salvation, also because of the lack of sense of their arbitrary laws… AND ABOVE ALL because they receive no benefits from their practice. While, the more we are implicated in our own salvation, the more we’ll seek to act better in order reach the highest levels in the scale of Allah, and to receive concrete results from our actions in this present life.

And We have sent down to you the Book in truth, confirming the Scripture that came before it and prevailing over it . So JUDGE AMONG THEM BY WHAT ALLAH HAS REVEALED, and follow not their vain desires, diverging away from the truth that has come to you. TO EACH AMONG YOU, WE HAVE PRESCRIBED A LAW AND CLEAR WAY.  If Allah had willed, He would have made you one community, but that HE may test you in what He has given you; SO COMPETE IN GOOD DEEDS. The return of you all is to Allah; then He will inform you about that in which you used to differ. S5:V48

This life is no more than a competition to reveal which one of us will act better.

And He it is Who has created the heavens and the earth in six phases while His Throne was on the water, that He might try you, which of you is the best in deeds. S11:V7

The sects have created their own competition based on their own forged rules. A competition which is not based on the pursuit of good deeds, but based on the practice of non sense arbitrary rites, with no connection to the concept of good and evil as defined in God’s Books. The judge of such a competition is not Allah like in the True Religion, but their own clergymen and scholars who decreet who is to be considered as a good muslim, a good christian, a good jew. But being a good muslim, or a good jew, or a good christian does not make you a good believer in the eye of God, but the exact opposite. Only the accomplishment of good deeds, the observance of God’s true Laws directly issued from His Revelations, and the exclusive dedication of our worship to God, really counts in the Eye of God.

Being part of a sect, what you call organized religions, is like being a mere employee of this sect, while following the True Path of God is like ruling your own company. The true path of God gives us motivation to produce more efforts because all the benefits of our good actions go to us, while the sectarians receive no benefits from their false practices. Their dedication to their sect only benefits to its rulers, who gain in power, prestige and wealth, the more their followers show implication. Therefore, anyone who seek for real power and elevation, shall seek it with God Alone, because all the other masters have no real power and are mere puppets who act only for their own interest.

In truth, man only receives the result of his efforts. S53:V39

God is the One who evelates to the highest degrees. S40:V15

Whosoever desires true elevation and real power shall seek it with God, as true elevation and real power belong only to God. S35:V10

The sects impose their unfair practices on the people, and those who do not want to observe them are banished or considered as bad elements. Whereas the true religion of God does not impose on us anything, but is based on voluntary action. Therefore, when I speak about the 2 “mandatory” daily Salats, it is more a recommandation from God than a strict order. I am not saying that the daily Salat is facultative, I am just saying that God presents us the rules, and it’s up to each individual to play with the rules of God, and to receive the result of his action on himself. The one who is not much dedicated to God and who neglicts his Salat get the result of his lack of dedication to God: he will be far more vulnerable to perdition and sins, and will be enclined to astray.

In fact, the Salat according to the Quran is no more than the reflect of our own relationship with God, while the islamic Salat is no more than a non sense arbitray rite which is not related to our own relationship to God, it is a mere tradition of the called “Sunnah of the prophet“. In the Quran, there is no such thing as the “Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad“, the sole true sunnah is the “Sunnah of Allah“, ie “Allah’s System of Rules“. The True Rule of Allah has always been the same from Adam to Muhammad, while the islamic “Sunnah of the Prophet“, ie the Rule of the muslims, is specific to the muslims and is different from the “Sunnah of Allah“. When Allah repeats in the Quran the same verse, WORD BY WORD, it means that we shall pay close attention to it. Therefore, the believers shall be aware that the Rule of Allah has always remained the same, the exact same Rule defined in all God’s Revelations.

The SAME Rule of Allah for those who lived aforetime, and you will not find any change in the Rule of Allah. S33:V62

The SAME Rule of Allah for those who lived aforetime, and you will not find any change in the Rule of Allah. S48:V23

I’ve told you that the Salat is the mirror of our own relationship with God, the more we are close to God, the more it is natural and easy to invoke God through the Salat, but the more we are far from God and from his true path, the more the Salat is difficult, if not impossible for those whose faith is polluted or weak.

And seek respite in patience and Salat… And indeed Salat is hard to observe correctly except for those who are humble before God. S2:V45

The Salat is extremely hard to observe correctly for those whose faith is weak, while it is easy and represent a true spiritual sanctuary for the humbles who give priority to Allah on their own person and desires. Most of the people do not want to take the true path of God, because they are not enclined to dedicate time and efforts to Allah, as they prefer to enjoy their terrestrial life only for themselves. Therefore, these people involve in these false religions rather than in the true path of Gods, so that they can persuade themselves to be genuine believers, while they are not. All they want is to fully enjoy their terrestrial life like those who openly declare themselves as disbelievers, while persuading themselves that they will enter paradise in the hereafter … which will never happen.

These people of weak and impure faith do not realize that God does not need us, and that the Salat and all God’s Commands are not meant to God, but are only meant to us. If, truly, they had observed the Salat correctly, they would realize that the Salat only benefits to them and is in fact a true relief for the genuine believers. The unfair ones who neglict God, actually neglict their own persons, but they do not realize it. God has put a laziness in their heart which prevents them from invoking Him, because God does not want people dragging their feets towards him, but people who let completely loose to Him and who strive to please Him.

And whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He makes him fully enclined to let loose to Him. S6:V25

Is one that Allah has made inclined to let loose to Him, so that he has received enlightenment from Allah, no better than one who is not? Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against celebrating the praises of Allah! These ones are in a manifest perdition! S39:V22

God’s True Religion is reserved to high quality people: people who use their own intelligence and reason, people who strive to become savants in order to better know Allah, people who value knowledge in all its form in order to better understand God’s Commands, people who draw their own path to God and who have faith in God’s CERTAIN Ability to guide them directly, without the help of anyone on earth, not even the prophets and the messengers (who are not Guides but mere channels and warners). God does not want people who follow blind beliefs and obey his Commands only through coercion, but God wants people smart and fair enough to understand that His Commands actually profit to them and to the others. Allah can dispense with the entire creation, Allah is Self-Sufficient, Rich and Noble.

The people of the sects do not use their own intelligence and reason, they merely follow the false rules of  their sect without questioning them. They do not even understand the concepts of Allah through their own reflection, but need to be taken by the hand, otherwise they would not act at all. Islam, Christianity, Judaïsm (I do not mention the other religions as they are not even based on Revelations from God, therefore are completely null) are factories producing zombies who do not use the intelligence that God has given them, and their ability to reason which distinguish us from animals, but are mere sheeples that only act through mimetism.

Allah sets forth the Parable of two men: one a slave under the dominion of another; he has no power of any sortand the other a man on whom We have bestowed goodly favours from ourselves, and he spends thereof, freely, privately and publicly: are the two equal? By no means; praise be to Allah. But most of them understand not. S16:V75

Allah sets forth another Parable of two men: one of them dumb, with no power of any sort; a wearisome burden is he to his master; whichever way he directs him, he brings no good: is such a man equal with one who commands justice, and is on a straight way? S16:V76

The people of the religions are part of the first category which is mentioned in these verses, they are like slaves unable to be their own guides, depending on other men. While the true believers are free men, depending only on Allah and on no one else.

II- How to implement the Salat?

The True Salat according to the Quran reflects our own private relationship with God. Therefore, each individual shall adapt it to his own way to reach God. There is not one single way to implement the Salat, but as many ways as individuals. The Quran provides us the bounds and the concept of Salat, and invites us to implement it according to our own sensibilities.

These are the bounds of Allah in matter of Salat:

1- The Salat shall be performed at key moments of the day: its beginning and its end. These moments do not necessarly correspond to the morning and to the night, or to sunrise and sunset. It depends when you decide to start your day and to end it, and this is specific to each individual. Each day is different, thus, the same individual may start and end his day at different times from a day to another.

The Salat has been prescribed unto the believers at definite times.  S4:V103

2- The Salat requests privacy and is a continuous moment fully dedicated to God. The Salat is different from “dhikr/God’s invocation” as we can invoke God at any place, at any time, and we can interrupt our invocations at any moment if needed. Moreover, contrary to the Salat, invoking God does not request to be pure through “Purification/cleansing“.

3- The Salat is a matter only between the individual and His God, therefore, there is absolutely no obligation to offer a prayer to Muhammad and his Family, to Abraham and his family, like the islamic Salat states it.

This is the general concept of Salat. However, the Quran brings us some details concerning the implementation of the Salat that we can combine in order to build our own personal Salat.

Possible Positions for the Salat

You shall perceive the Salat as a kind of meditation session. But contrary to the buddhistic new age meditation, the Salat’s object is only God. We all know that certain body positions and sound environments may help us to reach high degrees of concentration. When it comes to Salat, the Quran suggests us the body positions which are appropriate for the invocation of God, and the words of the Quran serve as a sound environment. The Quran suggests many body positions that we can adopt during our Salat such as prostrating, kneeing, bowing down, standing up  … very different from the indecent and unholy body positions adopted in Yoga, which are rather meant to open doorways within us, which allow the demons to subtly possess the one who adopts these positions.

And they fall down on their faces weeping and it increases their humility.  S17:V109

And perform Salat, and implement Zakat, and bow down along with those who bow down. S2:V43

They are those who turn to Allah in repentance, who worship (Him), who praise (Him), who perform acts of contrition, who bow down, who prostrate themselves… S9:V112

Remain assiduous in observing the Salats and above all the Middle Salat (explanation provided further), and stand up to Allah with devotion. S2:V238

Who invokes Allah standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: our Lord Thou createdest not all this in vain. Hallowed be Thou! Save us, Thou, from the torment of the Fire!  S3:V191

Is he who is devout, in the watches of the night prostrating himself and standing, bewaring of the Hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord. S39:V9

You see them bowing and falling down prostrate, seeking Bounty from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure. S48:V29

All these body positions reflect our submission to God. Therefore, these positions shall be adopted naturally in order to express our devotion along with the prayers that we’re uttering … and shall not be adopted arbitrary as part of a fixed choregraphy, like the mechanical way of islam. You have to use your good sense and consider the Salat like a private audience with The King of the kings, God Himself… therefore, these positions become natural and make sense.

Moreover, the alternance of such positions is known to be opportune to allow us to reach high degrees of concentration and even to produce positive effects on our bodies. When it comes to the Salat, the alternation of body positions allow us to be more focused on our prayers to God, and to be more receptive to God’s inspiration. While the mechanical way of the islamic Salat produces the opposed effets: it prevents the muslims from reflecting on what they are uttering.

Allah does not impose on us a specific choregraphy like the muslims do, but lets us free to adopt these positions accordingly to our degree of fervor and to the prayers that we are uttering. Therefore, you can adopt these positions during your Salat in the order that you wish, and you may choose different combinations from a Salat to another. For my own case, in term of body positions, most of the time I use to pray stand up, then I bow, then I prostrate, I may repeat this cycle several times, and I end my Salat by praying seated. From a Salat to another, I may change this cycle or introduce other body positions such as kneeing … etc etc.

However, there are no non sense gestures like in the islamic version of the Salat, such as turning your head left and right in order to greet the angels, or raising the arms before changing positions, or moving the finger while kneeing.

The following images are illustrations of acceptable body positions, do not pay attention to the religious context of these images, I am not promoting these false religions and their false way of observing the Salat.

priereimage1prayer (1)man-praying294083539_salat_positions-0171206-prayer-rug-tease_jcr0edpraying-girl-on-knees


The volume of the voice, neither too loud nor too low

Concerning the tone that we shall adopt during our prayers, God prescribes that we pray neither too loud, nor too low, but that we adopt an intermediary tone, this does not prevent us from alternating with silent prayers in our mind.

And in your Salat, do neither pray aloud nor in a low voice, but follow a way between. S17:V110 

Concerning the way of reciting the Quran, you shall not sing the verses of the Quran like the muslims do, or like the jews do to recite the Torah. The Quran is not a song, but is a very deep and meaningful book, therefore, shall be uttered with the respect due to its high value. Singing the Quran like the muslims do with their so called “tajweed” (islamic way of reciting the Quran) just proves that they do not value the Quran as it should be valued. The muslims think that they honor the Quran by singing it, which is as dumb as singing the content of a book a science, and the Quran is indeed a Book of Science. The islamic “tajweed” is the most horrible way to recite the Quran, it reminds the braying of the ass.

And be moderate (or show no insolence) in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest of all voices is the braying of the ass. S31:V19

Only the muslims pretend to like the sound produced by their tajweed, while all the rest of the world, the non muslims, hate it. The islamic tajweed is not appropriate to recite the Quran, but the real believers shall rather adopt a tone which is much closer to the tone adopted by the christians to recite their Bible: a correct and even tone.

This an illustration of a more appropriate way to recite the Quran:

Today, the muslims are so lost that they have even created “tajweed contests” on their islamic TV shows, in order to elect the best tajweed of the Quran. This exposes that the muslims do not even understand the true concept of the Quran, they do not really pay attention to its content, they consider it as a mere background music. How many muslims like to listen to their tawjeed while cooking or driving, as a vulgar ambiance music, without paying the least attention to its content.

So, when the Quran is recited, listen to it, and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, that you may receive mercy.  S7:V204

Indeed, the muslims still have the package of the Quran, but they have completely lost its content. This is because their lifes are not really driven by the Quran, but rather by their own false beliefs issued from their satanic Hadiths. The prophet Muhammad himself will be a witness against them during the Judgement Day.

And the Messager will say: « Lord, my people have truly abandoned this Quran !». S25:V31

Today the most prominent Quran’s reciters, such as Sudais, Shuraims, Abdus-Samad, Mishary… are considered as stars among the muslims and earn millions thanks to their recitations of the Quran! This is true a shame! Such a noble and deep book as the Quran is relegated to the role of mere relaxation music, and you have these huge criminals making millions by wasting the Word of Allah! When you hear their recitations, you cannot even understand the text of the Quran anymore, as their recitations are meant to produce a musical effect and not to emphisize the real meaning of the verses.


Prayers used during the Salat

In matter of prayers that we may use during the Salat, God does not prescribe any specific prayer. As the Salat is supposed to be a natural exchange between the believer and God, it makes sense to adapt our prayers to our needs and to the circumstances of the day. In contrast, the islamic Salat is completely mechanical from its choregraphy to its words, the muslims repeat the same impersonal prayers during all their Salats, to such a point that most of them do not even think to what they are uttering, they do their Salat in autopilot mode like zombies. The result of such a non sense Salat is that the muslims often commit mistakes in their Salat, forget an invocation or a body position, because when they start praying, their brains simply stop working. Their minds are momentarily transported to another realm. Instead of focusing on God, their minds remain still absorbed by their terrestrial concerns of the day. The islamic Salat does benefit to the muslims as it does not allow them to evacuate their terrestrial thoughts in order to focus on God and on what truly matters for their salvation. The result of such a mechanical Salat is not of any help for the muslims in their daily life. While the Salat according to the Quran is supposed to provide us a valuable help in order to take the right decisions in our daily life and in order to remain focused on the performance of good actions.

As the islamic Salat is mechanical and produces no positive effects, except to give the muslims the illusion that they have completed their duty for Allah, the muslims perform their Salat as quickly as possible in order to return as soon as possible to their daily terrestrial activities. When you pray with a muslim, you can barely finish your sentence that they have already changed positions in their Salat.

The proof that the islamic Salat is not really a connection to God, is the fact that the muslims remain exactly in the same state of mind before and after their Salat. For instance, if you start your Salat angry or upset concerning a terrestrial matter, a true believer is supposed to be in a different state of mind once his Salat completed, which is normal, as the contact of God is source of appeasement and serenity for the genuine believers.

The Salat shall be a true connection to God AND a real disconnection from all terrestrial concerns during the time of the Salat. Only a focused and conscious Salat allows this connection to God, which is absolutely not the case with the islamic version of the Salat.

Like in all matters, God provides us with the bounds and the concept of His Law. In term of prayers which are appropopriate for the Salat, Allah suggests us through the Quran a rich sample of the most intelligent and useful prayers … very different from the dumb prayers invented by the muslims, and which are not mentioned in the Quran. Allah lets us free to combine these prayers according to our own needs and inclinations, and to complete them with our own words in order to adapt them to our own specific situation.

The Quran provides a great number of prayers that God has inspired to his messengers in the past, or which have been uttered by all the believers of all times. These are few examples of such excellent prayers:

Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!“S2:V201

Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us (Jews and Christians and muslims); our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Handler, and give us victory over the disbelieving people. S2:V286

Our Lord! We believe; so write us down among the witnesses. S5:V83 

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and expiate from us our evil deeds, and make us die among the pious. S3:V193

Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower! S3:V8

Our Lord! Verily, it is You Who will gather mankind together on the Day about which there is no doubt. Verily, Allâh never breaks His Promise S3:V9

Our Lord! Perfect our Light for us and grant us forgiveness. Verily, You are Able to do all things.S66:V8

There are hundreds of such perfects prayers in the Quran. You can easily list these prayers from the Quran and use them in your prayers. These prayers are most of the time introduced by expressions like this: “Say: …“, or “Those who have faith say: ...“, or “the prophet say: …” etc etc.

The following prayer, issued from the Hadiths, is one of the most popular prayer which is uttered by the muslims.

According to Jabir Ibn Abdallah, the Prophet said: « The One who say when he hear the Adhan (call for the Salat):Ô Allah, Lord of this perfect call and established prayer. Grant Muhammad the intercession and favor, and raise him to the honored station You have promised him, verily You do not neglect promises.“, will benefit from my intercession during the Judgement Day ».

Bukhari 1/152, and the addition between brackets is from Al-Bayhaqi 1/410 with a good (Hasan) chain of narration. See ‘Abdul-Azlz bin Baz’s Tuhfatul-‘Akhyar, pg. 38.

This hadith is a blatant lie in several respects.

1st point

Would the prophet of God truly command the muslims to pray for him before each Salat? This kind of command would be assimilated to an abuse of position! Of course, the prophet would never command the believers such a thing. Each individual is entitled to his own actions, and therefore, the prayers of the others are not of any help. In the Quran, You find no prophet, no messenger, no genuine believer, asking the other believers to pray in their favor. The genuine believers have a direct access to God, and therefore, directly pray Allah for themselves. They are fully aware that their fate is entitled to their actions and to Allah’s mercy ONLY.

2nd point

There is no need to persistently remind Allah that He shall keep his promise, such a behaviour is like doubting Allah’s Promise, while Allah’s Promise is a promise of truth.

3rd and most important point

The prophet Muhammad, along with all the prophets and messengers of God, have not the least intercession during the Judgement Day. The whole intercession belongs to God ONLY. Believing in the intercession of the prophet Muhammad is believing in lie, and exposes the one who shares this belief as being an associator. Because such a belief would imply that the prophet Muhammad enjoys an intermediary position between the people and God. You can find the exact same kind of “mushrikin/associators” among the christians, who believe in this fairy tale, which pretends that the one who acknowledges Jesus or Mary, would benefit from their intercession during the Judgement Day.

Say: “To Allah belongs all intercession. His is the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, Then to Him you shall be brought back.” S39:V44

This prayer is considered by the muslims as part of the most important prayers, and they utter it like asses before each Salat. Yet, this prayer is a blatant lie, and represents a proof against them that they are absolutely not genuine believers, but mere sectarians and associators. Most of the prayers uttered by the muslims are issued from their satanic Hadiths AND NOT FROM THE QURAN, … and are far dumber than the one that I’ve mentioned as an illustration.

Al Fatiha, Introduction Prayer

There is still a prayer which is particularly emphisized in the Quran: the Introduction Prayer, Al Fatiha in arabic. As its name indicates it, Allah invites us to utter this prayer as an introdution to our prayers during the Salat. This prayer summurizes all what the genuine believer needs, and reiterates our exclusive devotion to God, and therefore shall be pronounced before all prayers in our Salat. This prayer also works as a formula of introduction before to express our requests before God, like the introductory wording used when one has an audience with a monarch. This prayer works like the testimony of faith of the real believer.

All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, The Only Owner of the Day of Retribution. You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything). Guide us to the Straight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians). S1

The islamic translators have added in red these 2 parenthensis in their official translation of the Quran, they should have included themselves in both parenthesis. The muslims utter this prayer several times during each one of their Salats, yet, they do not implement it at all. The muslims do not seek for help from Allah Alone, they do not follow the way of Allah, but they rather ask the help of their savants of Islam and of other mortals like them, and they follow the guidance of their false guides and not the direct Guidance of Allah. This is one more proof that the muslims are completely lost and blind, as they utter this prayer everyday, yet, they do the exact opposite and do not implement it at all.

Sall we recite  the Quran by heart during our Salat?

The muslims state that we shall recite the Quran by heart during the Salat, but that’s not true, it’s another of their satanic inventions. God does not command us such a thing, and lets us free to recite the Quran either by heart if we have the ability to do so, or to simply recite the Quran by reading it. Allah’s commands are universal and can be implemented by all, therefore, Allah is aware that some people do not know the Quran by heart and therefore does not impose on them what is beyond their capacities. No matter if you recite the Quran by heart or that you read it, the most important is to understand what you’re uttering, and to apply its prescriptions on your own lifes.

The language used during the Salat: Not necessarly in Arabic, but in your own native language

Has Allah sent the Quran only for those who speak arabic? Of course not!

Allah has sent the Quran for all men no matter their origins. Therefore, the dumb obligation of the muslims which states that even the non arabic speaking people shall still utter their prayers in Arabic during their Salat is competely non sense. Allah wants us to fully understand what we’re expressing in our prayers, and not to utter the verses of the Quran without understanding them, like a sort of magic formula. So you MUST perform your salat in your own native language in order to be able to understand what you are uttering in your prayers.

Things which shall not be present in your Salat

The Salat is the SOLE practice which is exclusively reserved to God. Therefore, your Salat shall not include any part which is dedicated to other than Allah. I think about the prayer for Muhammad and Abraham which has been made mandatory by the muslims. In fact, it is the exact opposite: the one who believes that his prayer in favor of Muhammad will ensure him the access to paradise, rather ensures himself to end up in hell, as the keys of paradise are EXCLUSIVELY in The Hands of Allah. Therefore, you shall only direct your prayers to Allah, and you have no obligation to mention any prophet of Allah in your prayers.

Duration of the Salat

Concerning the duration of the Salat, the Quran does not mention any specific duration, which makes perfectly sense. The most important is that your Salat allows you to have a true connection with God no matter its duration. God is aware that our agenda, fervour, and disposals are different from a day to another, and therefore, each believer shall offer what he is able to offer. The golden rule is that we receive accordingly to what we give, so it is up to each individual to decide what he is willing to give. Your Salat may last 2 minutes and still allow you to have a true connection with God and a true disconnection from this terresrial world, while your Salat may last 20 minutes, and yet, may be considered as null. It all depends on your relationship with God on the long term, because as you know, it is a long term task to build a genuine and sane relationship with God. What matters is the quality of our connection to God, and not its duration.

Degraded mode Salat when you’re away from home

And when you’re away from home, there is no sin on you if you shorten the Salat  S4:V101

God allows us in case we’re away from home to shorten our Salat, which makes perfectly sense, as we cannot always enjoy optimal conditions to observe our Salat when we’re away from home. God is fully aware that when we’re far from home, it’s for good reasons. Most of the time, we have plenty of tasks and visits to achieve, and therefore, God allows us to adapt our Salat to these special circumstances. That does not mean that as soon as we’re far from home, we can shorten our Salat, it’s only an option that God offers us in case we need it. The muslims love to be in trip, because finally they can get rid off the burden that repesents their false Salat, and they systematically shorten and gather their Salats, even if the circumstances allow them to perform them normally… This exposes their hypocrisy and their laziness towards Allah.

And if you feel not safe, then perform Salat on foot or riding (car, bike, motorbike, train, plane…), and when you are in safety, offer the Salat in the manner He has taught you, which you knew not beforeS2:V239

In some circumstances, it’s not safe for us to perform our Salat as we are used to, ie with our usual body positions and with a loud voice, because it could put us in trouble. In such a case, Allah allows us to observe our Salat in our minds in order to not alarm the people around us, who may harm us if they see us performing the Salat. Allah offers us all the necessary options in order to face any type of situation. We may shorten our Salat or perform it in our mind if the conditions do not allow us to do it normally.

Dress code during the Salat

O Children of Adam! Dress decently at all places of worship, and eat and drink, and do not commit excesses, for sure He likes not the excessive ones. S7:V31

When it comes to dress code, the command of Allah is quite clear and simple. Allah only asks us to be dressed decently, which means with clean and decent clothes … that makes perfectly sense.

There is no prescription in the Quran to wear a veil, or a headgear, or a jellabah, or a khamis … neither during the Salat nor in any other circumstances. If you want to wear such clothes, it is your right, but this has nothing to do with the prescription of Allah. When you perform Salat, the only condition is to be dressed in such a way that allow you to appear in public, neither almost naked nor in pajamas, out of respect for God.

With respect to cleanliness, being dressed with dirty clothes is neither respectuous to our own person, nor to the other people, nor to God. Many muslims wear their religious garments like an uniform over their standard clothes, and often, their religious garments lack of cleanliness.

In short, there is no religious dress code in the Law of God, the only prescription in relation to this matter is decency. If you want to see the complete proof concerning Allah’s dress code, whether for men or women, I invite you to read this fully detailed article.

Notice that only the cults of Satan request a specific dress code: christianity, islam, judaïsm, satanism, masonry, buddhism, hindhuism, … etc etc. All the sects of Satan impose a specific dress code, which is different from the local conventional dress codes which is mostly based on culture and tradition, and not on religion. Satan has invented these dress codes in order to divide the humans and in order to generate all kind of problems.

priereMG_6798thumbnail (1)muslim-young-girl-praying-mosque-footage-085586238_prevstill2cf2e5115deb4bd49facfdc9707bfb8dgathering-Freemasons-anniversary-formation-Earls-Court-London-1992satanism-syskAll these dress codes are the pure invention of the devil and are meant to alienate us, to turn us into slaves or like prisoners in prison … and I do not even mention the lack of beauty of these dress code.

The Qibla/direction of the Salat

God has not prescribed any specific direction to adopt when we perform our Salat. There is no mention of Qibla/direction to adopt for our worship in the Quran, and of course this is not an omission.

And to Allah belong the east and the west, so wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allah. Surely! Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knowing.  S2:V115

Piety is not related to the fact that you turn your faces towards east and (or) west (in prayers); but Piety is reserved to the one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, the Prophets and gives his wealth, in spite of love for it, to the kinsfolk, to the orphans, and to the poor, and to the wayfarer, and to those who ask, and to set slaves free, performs the Salat, and implement the Zakat, and who fulfill their covenant when they make it, and who are patient in extreme poverty and disease and at the time of struggle. Such are the people of the truth and they are true pious. S2:V177

Of course, Allah is everywhere, and Allah directly reads in our minds. Therefore, it is non sense to adopt a specific direction in order to reach Allah … it would mean that Allah cannot be reached if we turn in the other directions?

Look at the ridicule of the muslims who never agree between themselves about the direction of the Kaaba, that they pretend to be the sole direction to reach God in prayers. This would imply that each individual shall have permanently a compass with him in order to find Allah? That’s stupid and dumb, the proper of the muslims and of the sectarian people.

Another proof of the non sense of the islamic Qibla is the fact that the other religions have not such a concept as the Qibla. Yet, Allah says that His Rules never changes over time. Therefore, it is obvious that the concept of Qibla is a pure islamic invention.

That was the Rule of Allah in the case of those who passed away of old, and you will not find any change in the Rule of Allah. S33:V62 

General recommandations concerning the Salat

In a general way, God like constancy and loyalty, which are the qualities that are appreciated by all the masters when it comes to their servants. This also applies to the Salat, God appreciates those who are regular in their Salat whether in term of assiduity or quality.

And those who are assiduous in their Salat. Coran S23:V9

And those who are assiduous in their Salat. S70:V34

This recommandation is repeated again and again in the Quran, and this does not exclusively concerns the Salat, but our whole relationship with Allah. Allah likes loyalty and assiduity, because these 2 qualitites proove our genuine devotion to God and our involvement in progressing on His Path.

God has created us by design unstable, so God values the efforts that an individual produces in order to fight against his own flaws.

Verily, man was created unstable by design. S70:V19

That’s why one of the most repeated recommandation of God concerns endurance and patience. We all have phases in which we lack of fervour, we all commit sins which pull us away from God’s invocation. Therefore, those who produce efforts in order to remain stable inspite of their evil tendancy, are those that Allah appreciates the most. So being assiduous in our Salat is the best indicator of our unconditional faithfullness and devotion to God.

And enjoin the Salat on your family, and take on yourself every effort to perform it. S20:V132

Even if we have hard times and that we lack of faith, we shall still persist to reach God and to seek to please Him in the limits of our abilities. God likes the one who gives in a general way, even few, rather than nothing at all.

How to attain the good End? It is by freeing from a yoke, or by giving food in a day of famine to an orphan near of kin, or to a poor cleaving to dust, and then he became one of those who have faith, and prescribed to himself and to the others perseverance and patience, and also pity and compassion. These are the Trusted People. S90:V12-18

The Salat, along with the Zakat, is part of the 2 main prescriptions of Allah in matter of Religion. The Salat concerns our direct relationship with God, while the Zakat concerns all the concrete actions that we’ve done in order to achieve God’s commands. Therefore, the Salat shall have a primordial place in the life of the believer. Thus, it is essential to know how to implement it correctly in order to get the best results from it. Indeed, the Salat is the most helpful prescription for all the aspects of our life. The one who is truly dedicated to God in his Salat, Allah will make his path easy concerning all the aspects of his life. Because that one, brings the proof that he prefers God on his own person. Many persons say that, but few really mean it and prooves it through concrete acts over time. In fact, the Salat reflects the culmination of all our efforts for the sake of God.

Those who surrender to God during their Salat. S23:V2

III- Prerequests of the Salat

God requests from us 2 things in order to fully benefit from our Salat:

  • To be in state of mind which allow us to be focused (spiritual purity)
  • To be in a state of purity (physical purity)

Do not perform the Salat in a drunken state

Ô you who have faith! Approach not the Salat when you are in a drunken state until you are fully conscious of what you utter. S4:V43

When God speaks about “drunken state“, it does not only concern alcohol, but all kind of drugs which alter our state of consciousness. Alcohol and drugs does not nullify our Salat, EXCEPT if we’re so high that we cannot even be focused on what we are uttering. You can test your state by intending to read a book, if you can focus on what you read, it means that your state allows you to perform the Salat, but if you’re not, then you should wait until you recover all your abilities.

This verse is another proof that Allah does not strictly ban alcohol and drugs. However, God advocates us to avoid these products as far as possible, but Allah is aware that these substances can also offer a valuable assistance to us in some specific circumstances. In such a case, these products can be perceived as a lesser evil. Of course, our faith in God should be enought to allow us to face any situation, the problem is when our faith is too weak to provide us the least assistance.

Purification requested before to perform the Salat

Ô you who have faith! Approach not the Salat … when you are in a state of impurity, except when travelling on the road, till you wash your whole body. S4:V43

Contrary to “dhikr/God’s invocation“, the practice of the Salat requests to be in a state of purity. As the Salat is supposed to be a connection with God, it makes sense that we shall be pure in order to connect to God.

Washing following a sexual intercourse

The state of impurity is consecutive to a sexual intercourse or to an act of perversion. In such a case, God prescribes us to wash. God has not specified if we shall wash completely our body or only the polluted parts, and this has been made ON PURPOSE. Indeed, in the past times and even today in the countries affected by poverty, many people have not a direct access to water, and therefore, have not the ability to take a shower after a sexual intercourse. However, if you’re not concerned by that, it is all up to you to decide whether to take a shower or simply to clean your polluted parts, it also depends on the cirumstances. But no need to convince you that a shower or a bath is better than a local cleansing, as even the non religious people prefer to take a shower after a sexual intercourse. God does not impose on us a specific way, therefore, no one shall add additional restrictions to the broad and perfect law of God.

Ablutions/Wudhu/Cleansning in the other cases

O ye who have faith! when ye stand up for the Salat, wash your faces and your hands unto the elbows, and pass your wet hands on your heads, and on your feet unto the ankles... S5:V6

This verse commands us to cleanse our body, as described in this verse, SYSTEMATICALLY BEFORE EACH SALAT, except if we’ve just taken a bath or a shower before. Notice that this cleansing shall be done just before the Salat, so there is no concept of maintaining our purity over time like in islam. The muslims believe that once they have achieved their ablutions/wudhu, as long as they have not farted or gone to the toilet, their wudhu/ablutions remain valid, even during hours. This is not what the Quran prescribes. The cleansing is in fact included in the Salat itself and shall be achieved just before observing it. As the Salat according to the Quran occurs after the wake-up and before to sleep, these are 2 moments when everybody is generally at home, so it should not be a problem to have access to water. While the 5 islamic Salats occur at times when most of the people are away from home, with most of the time no access to water, that’s why the muslims have invented this concept of maintaining their ablutions valid over time.

Contrary to the false islamic rule, farting does not nullify our purity, so even if you fart during your Salat, your Salat still remains valid.

Also notice that the Quran does not command to wash completely your heads and feet, but to simply pass your wet hands over them.

The Rule of the Quran in matter of purification is fully detailed in one single verse. While the false islamic concept of “wudhu/ablutions” requests a complete book in order to be fully explained. The very same word of “wudhu” is not even mentioned in the Quran, God merely speaks about a “cleansing/washing/purification“, which confirms that the islamic “wuhdu” have nothing to do with God’s prescription.

Finally, contrary to the islamic way, there is no concept of repeating 3 times each step of the cleansing/purification. As soon as you see a rule which commands to repeat 3 times the same action, you can be sure and certain that this rule is not from God, but from Satan. In the Rule of Allah, there is not the least prescription which commands us to repeat 3 times the same action. Actually, the number 3 is associated to the false path of Satan, like for instance the false concept of Trinity. The number 3 is another representation of 666, which stands for Satan’s plan of deception for the end times. In the Rule of God, the Quran, the number 3 appears nowhere as part of any prescription.

hqdefault (1)

In case, there is no access to water

… And if ye be polluted, then purify yourselves And if ye be ailing or on a journey or one of you cometh from the privy or ye have touched women, and ye find not water, then betake yourselves to clean earth and wipe your faces and hands therewith. Allah intendeth not to lay upon you a hardship, but intendeth to purify you and to complete His favour upon you, that haply ye may return thanks… S5:V6

if we have no access to water, God simply prescribes us to pass our hands in a clean soil and then to rub our heads with our hands.

Allah intendeth not to lay upon you a hardship, but intendeth to purify you and to complete His favour upon you, that haply ye may return thanks. S5:V6

Indeed, This prescription is not a mere fantaisy of Allah, but serves a specific goal, which is to purify us in such a way that the demons/shaytans cannot interfere with us. The proof that this prescription is very important is the fact that God provides us a with a alternative way of purification in case we have no access to water. If truly, this cleansing was not really necessary, God would not proposes us this alternative way, but would allow us to perform our Salat without any purification in case we have no access to water.

The purpose of the purification is very important!

The reason why God commands us to proceed to this purification before to start our Salat, is because God knows that the demons are particularly keen on all kind of dirt. The demons like the fine layer of soiled water, ie sweat, which covers our skins, because they can better interfere with us thanks to this thin layer of filth. This filth works as a catalyzer for the negative influence of the demons on us. Their evil interraction has for effects to undermine us, and allow them to make their dark enery flow within us. Concretley,  the evil influence of the demons produces on us headaches and generates bad thoughts and undermine our morale. The demons like all kind of filth, therefore, the same principle apply when it comes to the filth contained in our seminal fluids, feces and piss. That’s why, God commands us to use clean water or pure soil in order to remove this filth from our body before starting our Salat. That way, we are fully protected against the evil interractions of the demons, at least during our connection with God, the Salat.

IV- The Collective Salat

As I’ve mentioned it in the beginning of this article, God’s creation and rules are always declined by pairs. In matter of Salat, this principle remains valid. Indeed there are 2 daily Salats with introduce and conclude our daily activities. But, even the very concept of Salat is in fact divided in pairs: one individual Salat which is private and which is to be done in the intimacy of our homes, and one collective Salat which is done in public along with the other believers.

These 2 forms of Salat complete each others and allow us to fully benefit from God’s mercy. The 2 daily individual Salats allow us to enjoy God’s direct guidance on us, while the weekly Collective Salat allows us to enjoy God’s guidance through his other servants. Indeed, God reveals to each one of his servants a specific knowledge and invites his servants to share it with the others. The Collective Salat serves this purpose, it multiplies exponentially God’s bounty on His servants.

However, the 2 daily individual Salats are much more important than the weekly collective Salat as it reflects our own private relationship with God. The proof of that is the fact that the weekly Salat is not mandatory but is highly recommanded, while the individual Salat is part of the duty of the servants of God.

La Collective Salat during the day of gathering

O ye who have faith! when the call to Salat is made on the day of gathering then repair Unto the remembrance of Allah and leave off bargaining. That is better for you if ye know. S62:V9

The muslims assimilate the day of gathering to Friday, because this day correspond to their day off, and it is indeed the day when they can gather. But in the other communities, the day of gathering does not correspond to Friday but to their weekly day off. So, according to your country, this day of gathering simply corresponds to the day of the week which is not usually worked. It makes sense that the day of gathering occurs during a day off, otherwise the people would not have the opportunity to gather. In short, the day of gathering as designed by this verse does not correspond to a fixed day of the week, but corresponds to a different day according to your country.

Time of the Collective Salat

Remain assiduous in observing the Salats and above all the Middle Salat, and stand up to Allah with devotion. S2:V238

The 2 daily individual Salat correspond to 2 moments of the day when any individual on earth is in the intimacy of his house. Their times is perfectly adapted to the need for intimacy that requires the individual Salat.

In contrast, the weekly Collective Salat requires to be in public. Therefore, it makes sense that the timing of this Salat occurs at the middle of the day, when most of the people are likely to make themselves available. If this Salat was scheduled at the extremities of the day, many people would not be able to attend it, as we all need our day off to have some rest, therefore to wake up later than during the weekdays, and to plan visits which often occur at the evening. Therefore, the best time for this collective Salat is at the middle of the Day.

That’s why Allah calls it the “Middle Salat”: because it occurs in the middle of the day, and because it’s practiced not in the intimancy of our houses, but in the middle of the people.

If God emphisizes more on this Collective Midle Salat than on the individual Salats through this recommandation: “Remain assiduous in observing the Salats and above all the Middle Salat“, it is not because the collective Salat is more important than the individual Salat. As I’ve told you previously, it is rather the contrary. Everybody agree to say that the individual Salat reflects much more our dedication to God than the Collective Salat. This insistance is actually due to the fact that we have to produce much more efforts to attend the Collective Salat than to observe the daily individual Salats. Indeed, the daily Salat is performed at home and requires few time, while the Collective Salat requires that we go out during our day off, and consumes much more time. Another reason for God’s insistance is the fact that we are less motived to attend the collective Salat as we already enjoy God’s direct guidance throught our daily individual Salat, and as the collective Salat is more about contributing to the community of believers than for our own personal interest. In truth, we receive what we are willing to give, so it is a mistake to think like that.

However, the collective Salat is not mandatory, because the verse says:

O ye who have faith! when the call to Salat is made on the day of gathering then repair Unto the remembrance of Allah … S62:V9

This verse only applies if we are available during the Collective Salat. It may happen for us to be unavailable because we are on trip of for other imperative reasons.

Concerning the exact time of this Salat, if God does not provide a specific time, it is because it’s non sense to impose an arbitray time for this Salat. It’s up to each community to agree on a specific time according to their own habits. We all know that from a country to another, the weather and the duration of the day may be very different. Thus, each community shall define the time which is the most convenient according to their own specific conditions.

In what consists the Collective Salat?

God does not specify in the Quran the exact organization of this Collective Salat, and this is not an omission but this is done on purpose. As long as you’ve understood what is the concept of Salat in a general way, you are supposed to be able to decline it in its individual and collective forms. The Salat is about connecting to God and is about reflecting on the Books of God, which allows us to better know God and to better serve Him and please Him. Therefore, the Collective Salat is no more than a weekly convention about God’s Law and about celebrating God collectively as a community of brothers in God. So all you have to do is to implement the very same methods that are commonly used in any convention, but this time applied to God and to His Law.

These methods are quite natural and simply consist in implementing all the ways which allow us to debate and to share the Truth of God. As in any convention, it consists in speakers and attendees who ask questions to the speakers, or in little brainstorming groups, or in Questions/Answers.

Contrary to the islamic Friday Salat, it makes no sense to have one single speaker, ie the imam, while the others always remain silent. This method is never used in any kind of convention, because it would be simply non sense that a same person is allowed to speak while the others do not participate actively in this process of collective thinking.

A natural and logical way would be to plan different speakers for each week. Each different speaker offers a speech on a specific topic related to the Books of God, topics that they have studied in depth. The goal is to allow each speaker to share his own findings and to confront them to the arguments of the other believers, in order to validate or invalidate the different points of their findings, and to complete them with new points raised by the rest of the believers.

Another way is to organize “Questions/Answers” sessions. Those who have questions may present them to the community in order to receive responses from those who know the answers.

Finally, it is relevant to organize little brainstorming groups in order to involve the whole community and to encourage the individual reflection.

And this “convention“, the Collective Salat, may be concluded with a collective prayer which may take as many forms as possible. No need to always repeat the same prayers like the muslims do during their Friday prayer, but this collective prayer may change from a week to another.

The collective prayer may consist simply in a set of prayers prepared in advance by different believers among the community. The communtiy of believers just have to synchronize in order to achieve this prayer all together. It is simple to write on a document shared with everyone the words of this collective prayers and the body positions that shall be adopted. They may pray all together standing up, or seated, or following a specific sequence agreed in advance.

In the Quran, there is no function called “imam” or “rabbi” or “priest“, these titles have been invented by man and have not the least authority in the eye of Allah. These conventions are not made to put forward believers above others. The real believers would never agree to be put in the limelight, or to serve as guides to the others, as they are fully aware that God is the Sole and Only Guide and Master. The collective Salat is meant to celebrate Allah in exclusivity and not put forward believers above others.

If not Him ye’ve given your obedience to nothing but people adorned with false titles invented by ye and your fathers, and for which Allah hath sent down no authority: the Command is for none but Allah: He hath commanded that ye give your obedience to none but Him: that is the right religion, but Most men do not know. S12:V40

In brief, the collective Salat is no more than a collective way to receive Allah’s Guidance on us. Allah’s Rule is perfect as it always serve the individual in first place, and the collectivity in second place. Allah multiplies his gifts on us, as Allah offers us his gifts directly AND through the rest of the believers.  When Allah offer a gifts to one of his believers, in fact, Allah offers it to all his believers.


The True Salat according to the Quran is a much more intuitive and meaningful practice than the mechanical and void Salat of the muslims. The true Salat is about involving us in our own process of salvation and offers us a direct relationship with Allah. The true Salat is not only convenient and fully accessible to all individuals on earth, but it also produces concrete benefits on our daily life, and is our shield against anything which may be detrimental to us. The real Salat is the perfect reflection of our own relationship with God, that’s why God insists so much on it all over the Quran. We have a confirmation of this principle as we can see that the islamic Salat perfectly reflects the state of perdition of most of the muslims. It’s as mechanical, as non natural, as senseless as the path which is followed by the traditionalist muslims today.


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