End Times Chronology

The Antichrist, Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the Biblical Antichrist, the islamic Dajjal, the Great Monarch, is already in office and has already started his Reign. After 3.5 years of  false peace, he will start WW3 and a period of 3.5 years of death and chaos, which corresponds to 2020. Donald Trump is not a standard human, but is the Son of Satan, a reptilian hybrid, half jinn, half human, with great magical abilities due to his demonic nature.

















Yellow Vests, World chaos, War against islam, WW3

All kind of social protests will start all over the world, civil wars, and this chaos has already started. WW3 will oppose the islamic countries and their allies, Russia and China, to the Western Christian World. This war will stigmatize the muslims in order to push them in the hands of the Imam Mahdi and to leave the Western lands. Just like WW2 was aimed to incite the jews to go to Israel, WW3 is meant to push the muslims to return ti their Eastern lands. The muslims will be persecuted all over the world, they will be slaughtered wherever they are, as a Punishemnt from God because of their persistance to remain in their perdition, and because of their refusal to take into account God’s numerous warnings.

The Yellow Vests protests are part of this stage chaos and are orchestrated by the demons in fake human shape, and this chaos will lead to the poisoning of men and of the earth because of the nuclear war which will follow.


All the protests all over the world are in fact orchestrated by the demons who are infiltrated among us in fake human shapes, their goal is to create the chaos which is necessary to prepare the right conditions for WW3.

5dacea0a04aa7.imageEHzbFVpVUAACFUDChile ProtestsLebanon-protests-6Lebanon-protests-9

When the war will start, the worlwide persecution of the muslims will become effectice, and they will be slaughtered wherever they are, and this order comes from God Himself. We can already see the premises of this violence in the news, and this very violent hatred against all the muslims of the world. The muslims fully deserve this punishment because of their injustice, persisting perditions, false pagan way of traditional islam, et refusal to follow the true path of God, the one of the Quran and God alone, at the image of the persecution that God has unleashed against the Children of Israel for the very same reasons.


87% of the french people vote against the visible religious signs, a covered vote against islam


“The growing concern of the muslim community” about hatred against islam


WW3 will be nuclear and will affect all the great nations, and above all all the major cities, mainly populated by criminals. The criminals will pay for their blaspheme against God and for their rooting in sin and vice, and their attatchement all kind of perditions, and their refusal to take into account God’s numerous warnings.


The Antichrist Donald Trump  will win WW3, and will reign over the New World Order, but billions will die in fear and in the worst pain and torments, in retribution for their sins and for having ignored God’s fair warnings.


The Antichrist, Donald Trump, the Future King of Israel, the Messiah of the Jews, will sign a World Peace Treaty at Jerusalem, and will establish his capital at Jerusalem. Donald Trump will fullfil all the jewish prophecies related to their awaited Messiah.


The 3rd Temple will be rebuilt at Jerusalem and the Ark of Covenant will reappear and will take his place in the new Temple.


The Antichrist will start his Reign on the New World Order, and will rule over the world as a dictator, many will continue to die during his reign.


Antichrist, Imam Mahdi, Jesus

Meanwhile, a new Arab leader will emerge and will unite the muslims around him and will give them victory locally, the Imam Mahdi. He will fight against the Antichrist, Donald Trump. But in fact, he is also a son of Satan, a reptilian, an hybrid. His role is to deliver the muslims in the hands of his father, Satan, disguised in his clothes of false Jesus.


When the Black Sun will appear, the full solar eclipse


When the moon will be red, the full lunar eclipse


It will be the sign that Satan, the Black Star of Death,  has come in flesh and blood, and his clothes of false Jesus.


Satan will come in the disguise of a False Jesus, and will exactly look like to the illustrations of these portraits, which have nothing to do with the real Jesus.

false Jesus.png

Donald Trump, Messiah of Israel and Antichrist, Imam Mahdi and the false Jesus, are 3 figures driven by Satan himself.

Sans titreFleur-de-Lys-Ines-1830

The Antichrist Donald Trump is meant to be the villain, while the False Jesus, Satan, is meant to be the Hero, the Savior. The Imam Mahdi is meant to deliver the muslims in the hands of the False Jesus, then his mission will be achieved.


The False Jesus will be a cloned body possessed by Satan himself, called the Beast.


The Imam Mahdi and the Antichrist, Donald Trump, are 2 sons of Satan, two 100% pure hybrid (Jinn/Human) reptilian shapeshifters possessed by Satan himself.


Satan will drive the Antichrist, the Imam Mahdi, and the False Jesus, masked


Fake opposition: Antichrist Vs False Jesus

Representation of the Antichrist in Halloween


Representation of the False Jesus which will be incarnated by Satan, with his honey voice and his angelic face, Satan disguised in the clothes of a lamb, but he will speak against the Word of God, the Quran.

false Jesus.png

Representation of the Antichrist in American Horror History 8


Representation of the False Jesus in Creed 2, the black color refers to the true nature of this Jesus, ie Satan.


Representation of the Antichrist in Creed 2, the Red refers to the blood that he will shed.


The Antichrist, Donald Trump, is a Reptilian, a Draco, which corresponds to this inscription “Drago”. he represents the serpent of Adam and Eve, the Devil, he plays the role of the Villain. The False Jesus played by Satan will kill Donal Trump and will play the role of Hero. But both are part of the same Satanic plan of deception.


The army of the Antichrist Vs the army of the false Jesus

Both will have their own acomplices, and all will come disguised. They have under their command hundred of millions of demons infiltrated among us in fake human shapes.


Representation in Batman of The Antichrist, Donald Trump, and his black evil army of reptilians, demons in a fake human shapes, and there are already millions operating on earth.


The False Jesus represented by the Fox (666/Satan) and his white army of good “angels”, but in fact, they are demons disguised in the clothes of angels.


The False Jesus and his army of “angels” will destroy the Antichrist, Donald Trump, and his army of demons. The whole world will attaend to this arranged battle. This is the representation of this battle in Creed 2.


Natural Disasters

Meanwhile, God will unleash the forces of Nature and th wild animals against the humans because the humans will persist in their great sins and will remain rebels against God, without any consideration for God’s insisting warnings.

408b623666591a8c889bee1d932f9b01Disaster tornado stormcamels in a desert108314768-56a0f43b3df78cafdaa6bab9AP17253495328979blog_persecution_in_the_tribulationtéléchargementx1080

Satan will claim to be God

Then Satan will claim to be God Himself and will claim to be both good and evil. He will claim to be God and Satan at the same time, pushing the people in the false belief that Satan is the hidden face of God. He will be worshiped as God in flesh.


Satan, declared as God, will present his “angels” and his “demons”, but in fact they are all demons, and he will orchestrate a false Judgement Day, a false Resurrection, a false paradise, and a false hell. Indeed, the Quran mentions that during the end times, those that have been destroyed in the past by God, will return on earth in a seconde life in order to receive n them God’s final punishment, by the hands of Satan and Gog and Magog, and by the Hand of God through the unleashing of the forces of Nature, and through all kind of plagues. 


False Paradise on Earth

Then, Satan, the Bohemian Rhapsody, will deceive the whole world as a false god, and will bne worshipped as God by all the people of the earth.


Satan will offer a fake brief illusion of paradise on Earth


The people will be like drunk without being truly drunk, in fact they are under the transe due to the presence of Satan.


They will be offered a fake immortality, which will be real only in their bewitched eyes due to Satan’s strong illusion.

Web Immortality opener

They willl be offered to be released from all their mental suffering, and physical pains, due to the strong hypnotical abilities of Satan.


They will be offered to virtually connect to any paradisiac world in their mind, result of Satan and his demons possession on them.


But at the end they will realize, TOO LATE, that that Satan framed them, when he will show them his true face.


What they thought was the paradise…


… Was in fact hell


Satan finally reveals his true identity

Satan will acknowledge his true identity, and will uncover his mask, and will reveal that he is Satan, the Deceiver, the Destroyer, and will attack men with his army of demons, Gog and Magog.


Gog and Magog

The angels and the demons will also reveal themselves as the demons that they are, they are Gog and Magog






Satan’s army, Gog, the army of demons among the jinns/ghosts will come from a dimensional portal, and will be able to materialize in the physical world without passing by possession.


Satan’s army, the Magog, the army of demons among the hybrids wil come form the undergrounds and from the mountains


Will be unleashed and will torment every human on Earth, but the humans will not die and will remain in a state of zombie in order to be tormented again and again.


Then God will destroy all form of life on Earth, including Satan and Gog and Magog, through the worst cataclysm ever happened on earth, and the final punishemnt will by the “Scream”, which will put an end to all forms of life on earth.


The Resurrection Day

Then God will ressurect the deaths, and will convene the people of heavens


The Judgement Day

Only the criminals will appear in court, the people of heavens will be mere witnesses.


Eternal Hell and Eternal Heaven

One group will live in heaven with God forever, his angels and will be allowed to access the entire universe, and to fulfill all their desires just by the strenght of their minds, and much more.


The other group will remain on Earth, turned into hell, with Satan forever, and they will burn in hell with Satan and his demons forever. They will have all kind of torments and will not enjoy the least respite, and will not have the least ally there.

1_ZjKIEPPSSdUFNJeg9I-cfw - Copie61+-rqaWMkL


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