Ultimate Warning of God Before the Beginning of The Final Destruction in 2020 (Part 2)

The murdered prophets

If you had not been aware of all the signs of God that I exposed to you concerning the assassination of Rashad Khalifa, proving that his assassination represents a retribution and a disavowal of God against him, some might have legitimately thought that Rashad Khalifa was in the same situation as the murdered prophets who are mentioned in the Scriptures. Now, you will find that all the verses which speak of murdered prophets, which I have listed in full below, exclusively refer to the Children of Israel, also known as “People of the Book“.

And [remember] when you say, “O Moses, we can no longer tolerate one food. So pray to your Lord that He will bring us out of the earth what it grows, from its vegetables, cucumbers, garlic (or wheat), lentils and onions! ”- He replied:“ Do you want to trade the best for the least good? So go down to any city; you will certainly find what you ask for there! ”. Degradation and misery fell on them; they incurred the wrath of Allah. This is because they denied the revelations of Allah, and they killed the prophets without right. This is because they disobeyed and transgressed. S2:V61

If they contradict you, tell them: “I have submitted myself completely to Allah, me and those who followed me.” And say to those to whom the Book was given, as well as to the gentiles, “Do you surrender (to God)?” If they surrender, they will be well guided. But; if they turn their backs … Your duty is only the transmission (of the message). Allah, on [His] servants is Clairvoyant. Those who disbelieve in the signs of Allah, unrightfully kill the prophets and kill the people who command justice, proclaim to them a painful retribution. S3:V20-21

Wherever they are, they are debased, unless there is help from Allah or a pact with men. They have incurred the wrath of Allah, and they are afflicted with misfortune, for not having believed the signs of Allah, and unjustly murdering the prophets, and also for having disobeyed and transgressed. But they are not all the same. There is among the people of the Book a righteous community which, during the night hours, recites the verses of Allah while bowing down. S3:V112-113

Allah has certainly heard the words of those who said, “Allah is poor and we are rich.” (Children of Israel) We record their words, as well as their unlawful killing of the prophets. And We will tell them: “Taste the punishment of the furnace. S3:V181

We (the Children of Israel) cursed because of their breaking of the Alliance, their disbelief in the revelations of Allah, their wrongful murder of the prophets, and their word: “Our hearts are (wrapped) and impermeable”. In reality, it was Allah who sealed their hearts because of their disbelief, because they believed very little. S4:V155

If you study the Old Testament, ie the Torah, you will find the detailed stories of these murdered prophets mentioned in the Koran, and you will then realize that if they were murdered it was because they failed in their divine mission and have disobeyed God. These assassinations of prophets are exclusive to the Children of Israel, and there are no other reported cases of murdered prophets apart from these ones. So even if we assumed that Rashad Khalifa was an authentic messenger, which he is obviously not, these verses could not apply to him anyway.

As you certainly know, the Children of Israel pushed their transgression and their blasphemy towards God further and further, until the prophets whom God sent them to warn them were murdered. This is what they also tried to do with the very last prophet that God sent them, Jesus, proof that this practice was well established with them. But, God is not unjust to deliver without reason his noble servants that are the prophets in the hands of the criminals. Certainly, the Children of Israel killed these prophets mentioned in the Scriptures without right, but it was actually Allah who delivered them into their hands for having betrayed Him in the course of their mission. Just as the murderer of Rashad Khalifa murdered him without right, but Allah used this criminal who is Glen Cusford Francis to punish Rashad Khalifa by his hands. Like the settling of scores in organized crime, Allah causes criminals to be executed by one another as punishment on His part, and Allah does not soil His hands with blood, nor His genuine servants’ hands. At the very end of Israel as the chosen people of God, even their prophets had become in their image, ie traitors. Once their Alliance with God was definitively broken, Allah cursed the people of Israel for eternity and made them worshipers of the Devil, and it is their descendants who are today at the head of the illuminati, with their Kabbalah which oversees all the other secret brotherhoods, their state of Israel which sows war, vice, and injustice throughout the world, their proxy state, United States,  which serve as their armed wing, their business of banks, gambling, prostitution, drugs, organ trafficking, assisted procreation, cinema, music … etc etc.


Say, “Can I tell you what is worse, in terms of retribution to Allah? The one Allah cursed, the one who incurred His wrath, and of whom He made them monkeys, pigs, and devil worshipers, these have the worst places and are the most astray of the right path “. When they come to you, they say, “We believe.” So they came in with disbelief and came out with it. And Allah knows perfectly well what they are hiding. And you will see many of them rushing into sin and iniquity, and eating illicit gain. How bad it is that they work! Why don’t rabbis and doctors (of religious law) prevent them from making untrue statements and eating illicit earnings? How bad their actions are! And the Jews say, “The hand of Allah is closed!” May their own hands be closed, and cursed be they for saying it. On the contrary, His two hands are wide open: He distributes His gifts as He wants. And surely what has come down to you from your Lord will increase them in rebellion and disbelief. We threw enmity and hatred among them until the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they start a fire for war, Allah puts it out. And they try to sow disorder on the earth, when Allah does not like troublemakers. S5:V60-64

Before cursing them definitively, God gave them one last chance by sending Jesus to them, with obvious signs on His part like raising the dead, healing the leper or the blind born, giving life to what he sculpts in clay with his own hands.

And when Allah says, “O Jesus, son of Mary, remember My blessing on you and on your mother when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit. In the cradle you talked to people, just like in your middle age. I was teaching you the Book, Wisdom, Torah and the Gospel! You made clay like a bird shape by My permission; then you blew into it. So by My permission, she became a bird. And you healed by My permission, the blind-born and the leper. And by My permission, you revived the dead. I was protecting you from the Children of Israel while you brought them the evidence. But those of them who did not believe said, “This is only obvious magic.” S5:V110

God gave Jesus attributes which are exclusive to Him, so that the people of Israel could not accuse Jesus of being an impostor, as they did with the previous prophets whom they had murdered under this false pretext. God wanted to send a sign in Jesus, giving him the ability to do whatever He can do, which is up to the Covenant He made with the people of Israel, to show us how important his Alliance represents in His Eyes, and how enormous the crime of those who break it after having contracted it. The cost of such a crime is to endure the Wrath and Curse of Allah for eternity, and we have seen over the centuries how the people of Israel have paid for that the highest price to this day and for the eternity. For Allah to make the people of Israel the greatest criminals in the world, worshipers of the Devil, champions of vice and crime in all centuries, this is a clear sign that the Curse of Allah is effective on them. Because, whom Allah curses, as Satan is, is condemned to do evil and to reject good and redemption forever, and therefore to sink ever more into his error and injustice.


If God made Jesus with no biological father and made his mother Mary a holy and pure woman, it was so that Jesus was 100% pure from birth and was not born of the unclean seed of the People of Israel. Jesus and Mary actually represent the new Adam and Eve, because God created them pure like Adam and Eve in order to show Satan that Man is not that ridiculous creation he thought. Indeed, while Satan succeeded in corrupting Adam and Eve because of their naivety, he was not able to do so with Mary and Jesus. The new Man following the model of Jesus and Mary, the one who will have successfully passed this earthly test, will have learned from his mistakes thanks to his earthly experience and will return to God immunized against sin, incorruptible. Jesus is therefore a living proof for all men that sin is not irremediable, and  all people admitted to paradise will share this same condition. God also created Jesus pure in order to accomplish through Him His greatest Miracles, because to have such proximity to God, one must necessarily be 100% pure. And, also so that he can never be defiled by the vice of the people of Israel, as was the case with the prophets of Israel before him who were corrupted from their birth and ended up by betraying God, which resulted in their assassination. Indeed, Allah says in the Koran that if one of his prophets or messengers came to betray him within the framework of his mission, and there I do not speak of simple personal sins, then God would immediately end his life in the most violent way.

And if We hadn’t firmed you up, you would have almost bowed a little towards them. Then, We would certainly have made you taste the double [torture] of life and the double [torture] of death; and then you wouldn’t have found a helper against Us. S17:V74-75

It’s a revelation from the Lord of the Universe. And if he had forged a few words that they attributed to Us, We would have seized him with the right hand, then, We would have cut his aorta, and none of you could have served him as a bulwark. S69:V43-47

To finally finish convincing you that the murdered prophets are prophets who were punished by God for their betrayal and are not martyrs, take the case of the prophet of Israel, Joad, who was devoured by a lion. Wild beasts attack men only on the direct orders of God, so this is proof that it was God himself who had Joad executed. He would have been assassinated by men, one could have thought that he was a martyr, but this precise case illustrates to us that even the prophets of God can fail in their mission, and in which case they cannot escape an extremely violent death.

Joad was from Samarim. The lion attacked him and died when he threw the matter of the calves before Jeroboam. He was buried in Bethel near the false prophet who had deceived him (cf. 1 K 13,1-32) “Life of Joad (XIX), full text.

As they did with the previous prophets who had been sent to them, the Children of Israel sought to corrupt Jesus in vain and then attempted to have him murdered, but this time, they did not managed to bribe him or to kill him. Which confirms to you that God protects his messengers as long as they remain faithful to him.

and because of their (the Children of Israel) word: “We really killed Christ, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah” … whereas, they neither killed nor crucified him; but it was only a pretense! And those who have discussed his subject are really in a state of uncertainty: they have no certain knowledge of it, they only follow conjectures and they certainly did not kill him. S4:V157

After Jesus, God definitely sealed the fate of the Children of Israel for eternity. God cursed them and revoked His Covenant with them forever, and since then they have lost their land of Israel and have been condemned to wander throughout the world and be persecuted wherever they are found. Except at the end of time, when God deliberately authorized them to return to their land of Israel and to regain their past supremacy, in order to make them lieutenants of the Devil and to gather them all in one place in order to destroy them collectively so that they disappear forever from the surface of the Earth, with the exception of those of them who will have reformed.


We had decreed for the Children of Israel, (and announced) in the Book: “Twice you will sow corruption on earth and you will transgress excessively.” When the fulfillment of the first of these two [predictions,] came, We sent against you some of Our servants of terrible strength, who entered into the mansions. And the prediction was fulfilled. Then We gave you revenge on them; and We strengthened you in goods and in children. And We made you more [a people]: “If you do good; you do it to yourselves; and if you do wrong, you do it to yourself [too] ”. Then, when the last [prediction] came, it was for them to afflict your faces and enter the Temple as they had entered it the first time, and for them to completely destroy what they had taken. Your Lord may have mercy on you. But if you do it again, We will do it again. And We assigned Hell as a detention camp for the infidels. S17:V4-8

Israel has dominated the world in a covert way since the beginning of the XXth century, and soon they will dominate it openly with the New World Order and their false messiah, the Antichrist, and it is then when Allah will fulfill the second prediction announced in these verses, and will destroy them once and for all.

Smoke raises from an Israeli army post b

Free Will Among God’s Messengers

Contrary to what many people think, God’s messengers enjoy free will and can be subject to all kinds of personal failings, but those of them who disobey God in the course of their mission then receive double retribution because of what God showed them about Him and did not show to others. Take the case of Jonah who did not want to warn his people and failed in his divine mission, God then made him swallow by a whale and he would have remained there until the Day of Resurrection if God had not deigned, out of pure mercy on His part, to accept his repentance with regard to his past faith and devotion.

Jonah was certainly one of the Messengers. (When he fled to the crowded boat, He took part in the draw which designated him to be thrown [overboard]. The fish swallowed him when he was blameworthy. If he had not been Among those who glorify Allah, he would have remained in his womb until the day when he was resurrected. We threw him on the bare ground, as uneasy as he was. And We made a squash plant grow above him, and then sent him as a prophet to a hundred thousand men or more. They believed, and we gave them enjoyment of life for a time. S37:V139-148


Take also the case of the prophet Muhammad who was repeatedly tried to alter what was revealed to him from the Koran under the insistent pressure of the powerful of his clan. If he had taken action, he would then have received an exemplary sentence and would have ended up beheaded.

They almost turned you away from what We revealed to you, [hoping] that instead of this, you are making up something else and (imputing it) to Us. And then they would have taken you as a close friend. And if We hadn’t firmed you up, you would have almost bowed a little towards them. Then, We would certainly have made you taste the double [torture] of life and the double [torture] of death; and then you wouldn’t have found a helper against Us. S17:V73-75

It’s a revelation from the Lord of the Universe. And if he had forged a few words that they attributed to Us, We would have seized him with the right hand, then, We would have cut his aorta, and none of you could have served him as a bulwark. S69:V43-47


Take also the case of the prophet Joseph, if God had not strengthened him, he would have succumbed without the slightest doubt to the advances of his master’s wife, because their love was in reality reciprocal. This shows that the messengers can also be subject to personal failures and are not devoid of flaws.

The woman who had received him in her house tried to seduce him. And she closed the doors tightly and said, “Come, (I’m ready for you!)” – He said: “May Allah protect me!” It’s my master who gave me a good asylum. Truly the unjust do not succeed ”. And, she was in love with him and he was in love with her, and would have succumbed if he had not seen the Evidence Evident of his Lord, in this way we could have removed evil and turpitude from him. He was certainly one of Our elected servants. S12:V23-24


God’s messengers are not automatons and fully enjoy their free will, so they can choose to obey or disobey God as they see fit at any time, but it is in reality of their own free will that they choose to obey Him.

The more God gives knowledge and brings His servants closer to Him, the more God is demanding and the harsher sentence for those who fail. Like any monarch who would take a close adviser in whom he would put all his confidence, any betrayal at this level of proximity inevitably involves a punishment proportional to the confidence which was granted. A close adviser to the King who betrays his King obviously does not receive the same punishment as a simple man of the people who does the same. Even if the sentence for both is death, however, both will not receive the same death. Likewise, traitors to God, whether they are close to God as Satan was or simply lost from the crowd, will share the same fate in hell, although they will not occupy the same place there.

It is like a child who, as a minor, receives a light punishment for his faults, because he does not fully realize the scope of his acts, whereas for the same fault an adult would pay the high price. In terms of justice, the same crime does not have the same gravity depending on its circumstances and its perpetrator, there are what are called mitigating and aggravating circumstances. It is therefore quite normal that for the same fault, the close ones that are the messengers of God pay a higher price than the others because of the knowledge and the proofs that they get from Allah, and that the others do not have. However, God strengthens them so that they are better protected from temptation and error, but that does not make them automata or saints, and they still remain fallible men.

However, this does not make God a tyrant who does not tolerate the slightest deviation, as Satan spreads about him. On the contrary, God passes on most of our faults and lets them fall on us only as an alert, to give us a chance to reform ourselves and learn from our mistakes before it is too late for us.

Any misfortune that affects you is due to what your hands have acquired. And He forgives a lot. S42:V30

In reality, there is nothing that God cannot forgive, not even the greatest of sins, as long as it is followed by sincere repentance.

Say, “O My servants, who have done excess to your detriment, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. For Allah forgives all sins. Yes, He is the Forgiver, the Most Merciful. S39:V53

The Devil accuses God of being an autocratic and intolerant tyrant, but the Devil has never asked God for forgiveness for his faults, so he is not in good position to lay such an accusation. For, forgiveness is reserved for those who fully recognize their wrongs and show sincere repentance, and not for those who persist in their denial and only further push their crimes. For these, only the gallows can stop them in their criminal course. God forgives all sins, this does not mean that there is not a price to pay. Just as a criminal must go to prison before being rehabilitated for his crimes, true repentance therefore implies that, in addition to never repeating our fault, to accept God’s sentence with good grace whatever it may be.

Knowledge implies Responsibility

Just as God’s messengers are judged more severely on the basis of their knowledge, this rule actually applies to everyone. So be warned that if you ask God for Knowledge and Wisdom, and God gives you a share of it, then you will have to take responsibility and expect to be judged more severely for your actions.


Chapter 3 Verse 1

There are not many of you who want to become teachers because, my dear brothers and sisters, as you know, we will be judged more severely.

Those who demand knowledge must be fully aware of the new responsibilities that come with it. It is therefore up to each one to gauge what he is ready to assume, and not to ask too much from God to not get into trouble. It is like the one who on this Earth seeks to reach the summits, this one must be aware that the more he climbs, the more violent will be his fall if he turns out not to be up to par. The best choice is to simply let God choose for us, and always be content with what God gives us, and have for only prayer as asking God to make us please Him. In which case, God will give us adequate knowledge according to our advancement, and God Himself will determine our pace of learning. God is our Teacher and knows better than us what we need, so it is better to surrender completely between His Expert Hands and let him decide everything for us, then all that remains for us to do is to implement what He inspires us and to be thankful for what He gives us. Knowledge has an interest only if it is to please God, whoever seeks knowledge for a different purpose is only running to his own loss, like Faust who saught knowledge for his own prestige and who ended up losing his soul.


It is also necessary to be in an active approach to acquire the knowledge of God and to provide the necessary efforts to assimilate them and to implement them on one’s own life. Today, most people are not in this approach and are content to live as ignorant, and for the few who seek to acquire knowledge, it is not with God that they will seek it or in His Scriptures, but with false scholars like those I have mentioned before and in pseudo-religion books devoid of any real science.

The purpose of Creation


God gave free will to all the creatures he created and is not the tyrant that the Devil portrays. God has no interest in creating puppets devoid of free will and personality, but God only creates free beings, endowed with intelligence and discernment, who each have their own personality and who freely decide on their own future. If God had not given us all free will, then this life would not be worth living and we would only be robots devoid of interest. In reality, neither God nor His creatures would have any interest in a world without free will.

God’s project is perfect: that of creating a universe devoid of all imperfection and evil, while being composed of beings 100% free and autonomous, which seems a priori impossible. The price to pay for this is the appearance of evil, which does not come from God, but comes from the free choice of everyone to disobey God. For, God only commands good and created the universe and its creatures originally perfect, and it is by disobeying God that we introduced evil and became imperfect. To remedy this, God created this earthly trial which we are living at this very moment and which is now coming to an end, as a preliminary phase to access eternal life and to permanently separate good from evil. Thus, those who of their own choice will obey and be grateful to God, will have access to eternal life with God and will have access to the whole universe and much more. While those who choose of their own choice to disobey God and be ungrateful, will be banished from the presence of God and His universe. Now, apart from God and His universe, there is only nothingness, torments, darkness and hell. This earthly test is therefore not there to create chaos and spread evil as the angels first thought. But, this test is the essential step to arrive at the most perfect of worlds: that of a perfect universe which contains no evil, inhabited by equally perfect beings and who do no commit the least evil, while being perfectly free to their choice. While those who do not want God’s rules will be banished from the perfect Kingdom of God, and will be confined to a world that is only evil: hell.

When Your Lord entrusted to the Angels: “I will establish a governor on earth”. They said, “Are you going to designate one who will make disorder and shed blood there, when we are there to sanctify and glorify You?” – He said: “Verily, I know what you do not know!“. S2:V30

Thus, God gives a lesson to all His creatures, including the angels, so that they learn from this temporary earthly trial and return to Him like the child who left the parental home to experience the outside world, and who returns as a fully accomplished man, submissive and grateful to his parents. As for those who have learned nothing during their earthly ordeal and who have persisted in following their own path of self-destruction, these will never return to their original place and will be forever lost in hell, very far from the presence of God and His Light. So this is the reason why God created Heaven and Earth and all those who populate them: in order to create a perfect world without any evil, while being composed of totally free beings, which a priori impossible to combine, but that God in His Immense Wisdom still managed to do.

He created the heavens and the earth with good reason. S6:V3

It is for good reason that Allah created the heavens and the earth. S29:V44

And We only created the heavens and the earth, and what is between them, for a just reason. S15:V85

This earthly ordeal is only the gateway to real life, what this life here on earth has to offer is ridiculous compared to what God promises us in the Hereafter. So don’t be content with this life, and work for the afterlife, otherwise, you will lose both this life and the afterlife.

O my people, this life is only temporary enjoyment, while the afterlife is truly the abode of stability. S40:V39

All that has been given to you is the fleeting enjoyment of life here on earth and its finery, while that which is with Allah is better and more lasting … Do you not understand then? S28:V60

O you who believe! What did you? When you were told, “Soar in the way of Allah” you weighed down on earth. Does the present life please you more than the afterlife? However, the enjoyment of the present life will be little compared to the afterlife! S9:V38

The question for you now is whether you want to be of this perfect world by following the true way that God is manifesting to you through me, his messenger, or if you want to persist in your false ways and not to be part of it, but to be banished forever in hell instead, humiliated and without nothing but torment and darkness for eternity. Think about it because the hour of choice has now arrived, it’s for you now or never. In a few months, when the destruction of God will start with World War 3, it will be too late to make your choice and the fate of each will be definitively sealed.


Is this what you want for eternity?


Or Paradise with access to the entire Universe?

In the end, those who wanted to be rebels and wanted everything, will be slaves of Satan in hell and will have nothing, while those who wanted to submit voluntarily and wanted nothing, will be free men alongside with God, the real King, and will have everything.

Personal failures in God’s messengers

The messengers of God are just as fallible as any other man, and are by no means saints as ordinary people think. Admittedly, their general behavior is most of the time free from injustices, but they are not immune to personal failure if the Devil assault them exploiting the flaws that remain in them. For, the Devil is a formidable enemy, including for the messengers of God, and no one in this world is free from sins except Jesus and his holy mother Mary, whom God set up as examples to show the Devil that Man can be incorruptible, and to show authentic believers what they will become in the afterlife if they succeed in their earthly ordeal. God nevertheless strengthened his messengers by giving them proofs from Him that He did not give to others, which allows them to be solidly strengthened against sin and error. Certainly, God is more demanding towards his messengers because of their position, but that does not mean that God will disown them and destroy them at the slightest digression, except if they betray Him within the framework of the divine mission. But, if they commit a personal fault that does not interfere with the proper conduct of their mission, then God always forgives them, once they have repented of their faults and accepted His sentence.

Throughout their divine mission, God completes his blessing on his messengers by testing their faults in order to bring out the evil that remains hidden in them, and thus to purify them completely by the end of their mission.

so that Allah may forgive you your sins, past and future, may He finish his blessing on you and guide you on a straight path; S48:V2

God could very well have made all his messengers perfect like Jesus, but it was out of pure mercy that God wanted his messengers to be like other men, so that they could identify themselves in them and do not perceive them as separate beings. Because, if they had been perfect, then men would say that it is impossible to follow their model since they do not share the same condition as them. But, God deliberately chooses his messengers from the simple men, sinners and lost, to show through their examples that sin, ignorance, and bewilderment, are not inevitable, and that if people follow the way that He manifests through His messengers, they will be healed like them. The messengers of God are actually only the first of their people to be saved by God, and are living proof to them that God’s salvation is possible as it was for the messengers. God also wants to show through the failings of his messengers how great is His Forgiveness. For, if God can forgive such great sins to his messengers, then this is even more valid for others, as God judges them less severely for their acts than His messengers. The failings of the messengers of God do not discredit them in any way, but represent a mercy on the part of God for the people, so that they can realize that the Forgiveness and Salvation of God remain accessible to all. There is in reality only the hypocrites, great sinners in secret, who would pretend to be offended by this, playing the saints in public, while in secret, they commit the most abdominal crimes without any fear of God nor the slightest repentance.

In reality, it goes even further, God anticipated in advance the sins of each of his messengers and made part of them public through His Scriptures, not to shame his messengers, who in by the way do not fear the sayings of others but fear only God and are accountable only to Him, but only so that each of their sins can serve as a lesson to all.

So whatever your sins, however great and numerous they may be, no matter what people say about you, God reads in you and knows how to recognize true repentance, and only God’s forgiveness matters, and not absolution of people. This is an open invitation from God addressed to you to welcome your sincere repentance and to absolve your sins, provided that you commit yourself sustainably to the way of God to which I invite you, and that you prove your commitment by deeds.

Repent of sins


Didn’t God forgive his prophet David despite his horrible crime of having slept with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, and of having deliberately sent him to certain death, when God had him granted women by the hundreds?

And did you hear the news of the disputants when they climbed the wall of the sanctuary! When they entered David, he was frightened. They said, “Don’t be afraid! We are both in dispute; one of us hurt the other. So judge in all fairness between us, do not be unfair and guide us towards the right path. This is my brother: he has ninety-nine sheep, while I only have one sheep. He said, “Give it to me” and in the conversation he put a lot of pressure on me. ” He [David] said, “He was certainly unjust to you in asking to join your sheep with his sheep.” Many people infringe the rights of their associates, except those who believe and do good works – however they are rare. And David thought then that We had put him to the test. So he asked forgiveness from his Lord and fell prostrate and repented. We forgave him. It will have a place close to Us and a beautiful refuge. S38:V21-25

Samuel 2

Chapter 11 Verses 2-5

One evening David got up from his bed; and, as he was walking on the roof of the royal house, he perceived from there a woman who was bathing, and who was very beautiful. David asked who this woman was, and they said to him, Is it not Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam, wife of Uriah, the Hittite? And David sent people to look for her. She came to him, and he slept with her. After cleansing herself of her defilement, she returned to her house. This woman became pregnant, and made David say, I am pregnant.

Chapter 11 Verses 14-17

The next morning, David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it through Uriah. He wrote in this letter: Place Uriah at the height of the battle, and withdraw from him, that he may be struck and die. Joab, besieging the city, placed Uriah in the place he knew was defended by valiant soldiers. The men of the town made an exit and fought against Joab; many fell among the people, among the servants of David, and Uriah the Hittite was also killed.

Despite this abominable crime in many ways, which in the eyes of every man would seem unforgivable and punishable by death, God neither took David’s life nor disowned him as a messenger. God certainly severely punished David up to the gravity of his sin, but God still accepted his sincere repentance and kept him in his position.

Samuel 2

Chapter 12 Verses 9-14

Why then did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in his eyes? You struck the sword Uriah, the Hittite; you took his wife to make her your wife, and you killed him with the sword of the children of Ammon. Now the sword will never go away from your house, because you despised me, and because you took Uriah’s wife, the Hittite, to make her your wife. Thus saith God, Behold, I will bring evil from you out of your house, and I will take your own wives before your eyes to give them to another, who will sleep with them at the sight of this sun. For you acted in secret; and I will do this in the presence of all Israel and in the face of the sun. David said to Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord! And Nathan said to David, The Lord will forgive your sin; you will not die. But because you have made the enemies blaspheme against the Lord by doing this, the son who was born to you will die.

Chapter 13 Verses 30-33 & 37

As they were on their way, rumour came to David that Absalom had killed all the king’s sons, and that not a single one had remained. The king got up, tore his clothes, and lay down on the ground; and all his servants were there, their clothes torn. Jonadab, son of Schimea, brother of David, spoke and said: Let not my lord think that all the young men, the king’s sons, were killed, because Amnon alone died; and it is the effect of a resolution of Absalom, since the day when Amnon dishonored Tamar, his sister. Let the king my lord not torment himself therefore in the idea that all the king’s sons are dead, because Amnon alone is dead ….. Absalom had fled, and he went to Talmaï, son of Ammihur, king of Gueschur. And David cried his son every day (Amnon).

Chapter 16 Verses 20-23

Absalom says to Achitophel: Consult together; what do we have to do? And Achitophel said to Absalom, Go to the concubines that your father (David) left to keep the house; so all Israel will know that you have made yourselves hateful to your father, and the hands of all who are with you will be strengthened. A tent was put up for Absalom on the roof, and Absalom went to his father’s (David) concubines, in the eyes of all Israel.

Chapter 18 Verses 14-15 & 33

Joab says: I will not stop by you! And he took in hand three javelins, and thrust them into the heart of Absalom still full of life in the middle of the terebinth. Ten young men, bearing Joab’s arms, surrounded Absalom, struck him and killed him …. Then the king (David), overcome with emotion, went up to the room above the door and wept. He said while walking: My son Absalom! my son, my son Absalom! Why am I not dead in your place! Absalom, my son, my son!

Thus, David lost in this story three sons and suffered the affront that one of his sons, Absalom, betrayed him through a coup and slept with his concubines in public, thus realizing the sentence that God had pronounced against him. However, God is not so unjust as to punish the sons of David for the crime of their father. In reality, the sons of David died only because of their own wrongdoings.

As severe as his sentence was, David fully accepted it without complaining and did not rebel against God at all, but on the contrary, he expressed real repentance and proved it over time and through deeds. In reality, this crime that David committed represents a benefit for him, because God thus brought out the evil which still resided in him and completed his healing on him, and made him one of His close servants.

We forgave him. he will have a place close to Us and a beautiful refuge. S38:V25

For, apart from this crime, the prophet David was exemplary and praiseworthy in every way, and worked for God during his life more than most men put together. So don’t focus on the one crime he’s been guilty of, but rather take an example from his repentance and praise the excellent man he ultimately became. God shows us through his example that as great as our sins may be, as unforgivable as we can judge them, if we accept God’s sentence without flinching and take note of it by showing sincere repentance, then God will not only forgive us of our sins, but will replace them with good deeds.

except the one who repents, believes and does a good work; those Allah will turn their bad deeds into good deeds, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful S25:V70

This is demonstrated by the fact that God replaced the dead baby he had illegitimately with Bathsheba, the woman he stole from Uriah, and gave him through her Solomon, who will be his successor and become the greatest King ever in the world. God therefore shows us concretely how he replaced the evil that affected David into good, because he accepted his sentence and became a better man through this episode.

Samuel 2

Chapter 12 Verses 24

David consoled Bathsheba, his wife, and he went to her and slept with her. She bore a son, whom he called Solomon, and who was loved by the Lord.

So those who have lost a child shall not feel sorry for themselves and shall not think that they are martyrs, but shall follow the example from David and realize that their loss is due only to their own misdeeds, and shall rather ask forgiveness from God and make amends. Because, if they do not recognize their wrongs and do not put an end to them, then their loss would serve for nothing if not to make them suffer all the rest of their lives and to aggravate their case in the eyes of Allah. These people should rather use this hardship to elevate themselves and become better men, and then God will erase their grief and compensate them for their loss. Any harm that affects you comes from your own actions. Either you can use it to reform and elevate yourself by learning the appropriate lessons, or you can choose to persist in your denial and injustice, and thus make your case worse and therefore expect to receive even more harm on you. We are all bound to make mistakes during our earthly ordeal, we are all there to learn, whoever follows David’s example and knows how to learn from his mistakes will come out of it. While the one who learns nothing from his mistakes, who does not repent to God, and who does not accept God’s sentence, this one will only receive more and more harm on him, until his final destruction.

Do not despair of God’s salvation

Did not God forgive the prophet Jonah for having condemned his people in advance by disobeying His Order to go and warn them on the pretext that their case was hopeless?


Chapter 1 Verses 1-3

The word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, Arise, go to Nineveh, the great city, and cry out against it! for its wickedness has risen to me. And Jonah arose to flee to Tarsis, far from the face of the Lord. He went down to Japho, and found a ship going to Tarsis; he paid the cost of transportation, and set sail to go with the passengers to Tarsis, far from the face of the Lord.

God gave him a lesson, and to all of humanity as well, by initially condemning him to remain alive in the belly of the whale until the Day of Resurrection, in order to show us all the gravity of such an act that to despair of His Mercy and to condemn people in advance without giving them a chance to catch up.

The fish swallowed it when it was blameworthy. If he had not been among those who glorify Allah, he would have remained in his womb until the day when we were resurrected. S37:V142-143


But, God then forgave him and made him realize that the injustice that lives in us is not inevitable, and that we can fight against it and succeed in getting rid of it even in the most desperate cases. We can spend our lives fighting our sins without succeding, because it is not we who can overcome our sins, but only God who can end them, provided that we fully recognize our wrongs and our limits, and persist in resisting them until God saves us. The more a sin persists, the greater the lesson to be learned for us and therefore requires decades of learning to fully realize its evil. No matter how many times we fail, we must never stop fighting our sins, varying the techniques to resist them, and trying to understand what drives us to commit them, until the lesson is fully assimilated and that God definitely take us away from them.


We must try to get out of the fog of sin until God dissipates it

Indeed, God illustrated this lesson to us by making that the ONLY ever warned people who took note of their warning, thus narrowly escaping their destruction, is precisely the only people whose situation was so desperate that even their prophet did not see fit to warn them and condemned them in advance. This story shows that one should never despair of God’s mercy.


If only there were, apart from the people of Jonah, a city that believed and to which their beliefs then benefited! When they believed, We took away the chastisement of ignominy in this life and gave them enjoyment for a while. S10:V98


Chapter 3 & 4

The LORD spoke to Jonah a second time, saying, “Get started! Go to Nineveh, the big city, and proclaim there the message that I communicate to you. Jonah set out and went to Nineveh, as the Lord had asked him. Now Nineveh was an extremely large city: it took three days to walk around it. Jonah entered the city and started walking there for a whole day, proclaiming: In forty days, a catastrophe will come to Nineveh! The inhabitants of Nineveh believed in God, they published a fast and, whatever their social condition, they put on cloths of sackcloth. The king of Nineveh, informed of the matter, rose from his throne, took off his royal cloak, covered himself in a coat of sackcloth and sat down on the ashes. Then he proclaimed this decree in Nineveh: Men and beasts must cover themselves with sackcloths and cry out to God with all their might! Let everyone abandon their bad behavior and the acts of violence they commit. Who knows ! Perhaps God will change his mind and decide to change course by abandoning his fiery anger, so that we will not perish. When God saw how the Ninivites reacted and gave up their bad behavior, he gave up bringing on them the misfortune with which he had threatened them: he abstained. Jonah took it very badly and got angry. He addressed this prayer to the Lord: Ah, Lord! I said it well when I was still in my country. And it was to prevent this that I fled to Tarsis. Because I knew that you are a God full of grace and compassion, slow to get angry and rich in love, and that you willingly renounce the threats that you utter. Now, God, take my life then, for death is better for me than life. And the LORD said unto him, Do you do well to be angry? Jonah left the city and settled in the east of the city. He built himself a cabin there and sat down in the shade, waiting to see what would happen in the city. The Lord God made a castor tree grow which rose higher than Jonah and put him on the head to shake his bad mood. And Jonah felt great joy because of this castor. But the next day, at daybreak, God sent for a worm that gnawed on the castor, so that the castor dried up. And when the sun began to shine, God brought a burning wind from the east, and the sun struck Jonah’s head. About to fail, Jonah asked for death, saying: Death is better for me than life. God asked Jonah, “Do you do well to get angry about this castor?” He replied: Yes, I do well to get angry to the point of wanting death. Then the LORD said to him, You are sorry for this castor, which did not cost you any trouble, which you did not grow, and which came out of the ground in the space of one night and perished the next night. And you would like me, I have no mercy on Nineveh, of this big city where live more than one hundred and twenty thousand people who do not know how to distinguish the good from the bad, without counting animals in large numbers!

The people of Jonah are living proof that when God sends his warners, it is not to pretend to warn people while knowing that in reality they have no chance of getting out, but really to offer them, out of pure mercy on His part, a real door of Salvation. Although the plight of most people in this world seems hopeless, I would still do my job to the end with the hope that people would open their eyes before it is too late for them. Because, if you judge your situation hopeless, it is not hopeless for God, and God gives you the solution through his messenger that I am. You who have spent your life sinning and running behind this earthly world without worrying about God and the Hereafter, there are only a few months left before the first phase of the Final Destruction, but you can still win miraculously your salvation for eternity for barely a few months of effort. God is infinitely good and still extends his hand to you in spite of your persistence in rejecting it, this on condition that you sincerely return to Him and that you prove it by concrete acts, and not only because his punishment hovers just above your heads. For the hypocrites who reflect in this way, they only fool themselves and will not obtain the least salvation from God. Indeed, God only accepts sincere repentance which consists in responding to His call, regardless of whether our meeting with Him is for tomorrow or in 1000 years. I warn those who want to wait a few more months to see whether what I am announcing is going to happen or not, that they will see it happen with their own eyes, but their faith will then be of no use to them and their destruction will be inevitable. God’s offer is for now or never, so grab it now and leave your ego behind once for all, because God doesn’t like the proud.

Being lucid about yourself

Didn’t God forgive Job who thought he was pure and refused to see his own injustice, until he ended up blaming it on God, demanding from Him that He give him an account of His Judgment ?!


Job could not realize for himself why God inflicted such a punishment on him, God ended up sending him, out of pure mercy on his part, an angel in human form to make him realize his injustice and thus to allow him to repent.


Chapter 33 Verses 8-13

(Elihou, the angel in human form sent by God addresses Job)

You said before me, and I heard the sound of your words, “I am pure, without sin, I am clean and free from fault. However, God makes pretexts against me, and he considers me his enemy: he has put my feet in shackles and he watches all my steps. In that, you are not right, let me tell you, because God is much greater than man. Why are you suing Him? He is not accountable for any of his actions.

Chapter 34 Verses 5-6 and 10-12

Here is what Job said: “I am in my right, but God refuses me justice. While I am fair I pass for a liar. I am pierced with arrows without having committed any sin. Also, listen to me, you who are sensible: it is inconceivable that God does evil, and that the Almighty practices injustice, because he returns to each man according to what he has done, and he treats each according to his attitude. Oh, no in truth, God never does wrong, never the Almighty distorts justice.

Chapter 5 Verses 1-3

Elihou continued by saying: Do you think you are in your right when you affirm: “Yes, I am just in the eyes of God!” “? And you add: “What is the use of avoiding sin then?” And: “How can God benefit from it?” “

Chapter 40 Verses 1-2

Then the Lord asked Job: Does anyone who sues the Almighty have anything to criticize? Does anyone who disputes with God have anything to answer?

God wants to show us that it is not because we do not realize our own injustices and that we sincerely think we are good men, that means it is truly the case. If even a prophet of God like Job could not be lucid about himself, then this is even more valid for the common man. The true believer is one who constantly blames himself and begs God every day to enlighten him about his injustices which he cannot perceive by his own. When I talk to people, everyone sees themselves as flawless and refuses to heed the least of my criticism from God. However, it is God who knows each being from the inside and who makes me tell each one exactly what he should hear. But most people shut themselves down at the slightest criticism of them, while my criticisms from God are fully justified and are there only for their good. What to do to challenge yourself? However, God sends His signs to you inside of you, but you prefer not to pay attention to them, God torments you in many ways because of your evil, but nothing helps, you persist in seeing them bad luck or an expiation of your sins. God has only one solution for you: to make you hear orally through his messenger that I am what you obstinately refuse to hear. If, despite all, you persist in refusing to listen, then you can only blame yourself when your evil will definitely got the better of you. What interest for God to criticize the blameless or to make the innocent suffer?

What interest in Allah to make you suffer if you are grateful and have faith? Allah is grateful and all-knowing. S4:V147

Celui qui subit un malheur doit tout de suite en chercher la cause en lui-même et faire profil bas, car le malheur ne tombe que sur celui qui a commis le mal. Alors, n‘ajoutez à votre faute la révolte contre Dieu, mais demandez plutôt à Dieu de vous montrer ce que vous ne percevez pas.

Whoever suffers a misfortune must immediately seek the cause in himself and keep a low profile, because misfortune falls only on the one who commits evil. So do not add revolt against God to your fault, but rather ask God to show you what you do not perceive of your own evil.


Chapter 34 Verses 31-32

Let a man say to God, “I have had my retribution, I will no longer be guilty. What I haven’t seen, You, let me know. If I made mistakes, I won’t do it again

He who is open to criticism and knows how to recognize his wrongs is the one who obtains a healing from God, and the misfortune which touches him will then turn into a benefit.

And Job, recall what time he cried unto his Lord: verily hurt hath touched me, and Thou art the Most Merciful of the mercifuls. So We answered him and We removed that which was with him of the hurt, and We vouchsafed unto him his household and the like thereof along with them, as a mercy from us and a remembrance unto the worshippers.. S21:V83-84

Turn away from this world

Did not God forgive his prophet Solomon, to whom He had given the greatest Kingdom that all of humanity has ever known, but who in turn ended up being distracted by the goods of this world to such an extent that he forgot to evoke God?


God then sent Solomon a warning worthy of the film The Godfather, from whom the Devil was actually inspired, by putting the carcass of a horse on his throne, he the king of kings, the most powerful of monarchs this world ever known, having at its service countless armies composed of jinn, men and animals of all kinds.

And We certainly tested Solomon by placing a corpse on his throne. Then he repented. S38:V34


How strong may be our attachment to our loved ones, how great may be our riches, how high may be our position in this world, how numerous may be our projects, God invites us through this lesson to turn away from this terrestrial world and to orient ourselves towards the afterlife.

People have been embellished with the love of the things they want: women, children, hoarded treasures of gold and silver, trained horses, cattle and fields; all this is the object of enjoyment for the present life, while it is near Allah that there is a good return. S3:V14

Despite his great power and wealth, Solomon repented and learned how to be humble before God and to give Him absolute priority rather than to this earthly world.

Then he repented. And it has a place close to Us and a beautiful refuge. S38:V34 & V40

If Solomon nevertheless gave God the importance He deserves while he was the richest and most powerful man in this world, can you say, you who are far from his wealth and his power, that your life is too important not to dedicate yourself to God and the afterlife as they deserve it? Can you pretend to sincerely love God while loving this world with all your might? Can you pretend to give priority to God while giving priority to this world? Can you claim to devote time to God while devoting all your time to this world?


Chapter 4 Verse 4-6

Adulterous people that you are! Don’t you know that to love the world is to hate God? So if someone wants to be the friend of the world, he becomes the enemy of God. Do you take for hot air what the Scripture declares? God does not tolerate any rival of the Spirit whom he has made to dwell in us, but much greater is the grace which he bestows on us. Here is what the Scripture says: God opposes the proud, but grants grace to the humble.

To resist to the temptation


God made Joseph the most beautiful man in the world and put all the women in the world at his feet, yet that did not turn his head, and Joseph remained faithful to the precepts of God and oriented towards the hereafter.

And in the city, women said: “The governor’s wife is trying to seduce her valet!” He really made her mad with love. We certainly find it in obvious error. When she heard their deception, she sent them [invitations,] and prepared a snack for them; and she gave each of them a knife. Then she said: “Go out before them, (Joseph!)” – When they saw him, they admired him, cut their hands and said: “how perfect is God! No man is he, he’s just a noble angel! ”S12:V30-31

How many people on the pretext that God made them handsome become wrapped up in themselves and neglect their relationship with God, to devote themselves only to their physical aspect?

If Joseph, the most handsome man in the world, knew not to fall into this pitfall, then you who are certainly less handsome than him, you have no excuse to say that your physical appearance is too important. Nothing worse than one who is omnibulated by his physical appearance to the point of forgetting to develop his inner being. God only grants us beauty to test us, beauty is no more than a disguise and all earthly beauty is doomed to wither and die, because what really matters is the hereafter which is eternal. People who place too much importance on their physical appearance only idolize themselves and illustrate their inner emptiness and lack of depth. So be thankful to God that He made you handsome by not giving too much importance to this, but rather by giving Him priority. In any case, you will remain just as handsome without trying to enhance yourself, and thus you will have passed the test that God has imposed on you. Likewise for those whom God has made rich, they shall do not turn away from God and not be omnibulated by their riches. But, let them show people that this is only the gift of Allah and a trial for all, and that nothing in this world is worthwhile except the good deeds that will allow us to access to the afterlife alongside with God.

Give them the example of two men: to one of them We assigned two gardens of vines which We surrounded with palm trees and We put cultivated fields between the two gardens. The two gardens produced their harvest without ever failing. And We caused a stream to flow between them. And he had fruit and then said to his companion with whom he was conversing: “I have more goods than you, and I am more powerful than you thanks to my clan” He entered his garden guilty towards himself, he said : “I don’t think this can ever perish, and I don’t think the Hour will come. And if someone brings me back to my Lord, I will certainly find a better place to return than this garden ”. His companion said to him, while conversing with him: “Would you deny the One who created you from earth, then from sperm and finally made you into a man? As for me, it is Allah who is my Lord; and I don’t associate anyone with my Lord. When you enter your garden, what do you say: “This is the will (and the grace) of Allah! There is power only by Allah. ” If you see me less provided than you with goods and children, my Lord may soon give me something better than your garden, which He sends to [the latter], from heaven, some calamity, and let its soil become slippery, or let its water dry up so that you cannot find it again ”. And his crop was destroyed, and he began to wring his two hands because of what he had spent there, while his trellises were completely ravaged. And he said, “May I wish that I had associated no one with my Lord!” He had no group of people to rescue him from (the punishment) of Allah. And he could not help himself. S18:V32-43

Although Joseph was in love with his master’s wife and even she had literally offered herself to him, Jospeh did not want to be unfair to his master and feared to disobey God by refusing his advances.

The woman who had received him in her house tried to seduce him. And she closed the doors tightly and said, “Come, (I’m ready for you!)” – He said: “May Allah protect me!” It’s my master who gave me a good asylum. Truly the unjust do not succeed ”. And, she was in love with him and he was in love with her, and would have succumbed if he had not seen the Evidence Evident of his Lord, in this way we could have removed evil and turpitude from him. He was certainly one of Our elected servants. S12:V23-24

Thus, God shows us that the one who has faith in Him and who really fears Him is the one who resists sexual temptation and passionate love. Those who follow their own desires are those who are not inhabited by the fear of God. Because our desires, when they do not conform to the precepts of God, only lead us to our loss.


Chapter 6 Verse 25

Do not covet it in your heart because of her beauty, do not let yourself be seduced by its glances! Because, because of a debauched woman, one can be reduced to a piece of bread, and the adulterous woman endangers a precious life.

Chapter 6 Verses 32-33

But whoever commits adultery is meaningless, to do so is to destroy oneself; whoever does this will reap only suffering and dishonor, his shame will never fade.

Chapter 22 Verse 14

The mouth of adulterous women is like a deep pit: he against whom the Lord is angry will fall into it.

How many men and women of this world seek only passionate love and destroy their household in order to follow their passions? Today, this world is filled with single-parent families and false couples cheating on each other, which destroys them themselves and their children. God prescribes reasoned love rather than passionate love, because passion is blind and disappears over time, leaving us destitute in the face of our misery. While the reasoned love of what God authorizes, remains forever and leads to success.


How many men and women succumb to sexual temptation and thus cause their own loss for mere fleeting pleasure? It is not for nothing that God gave us strict rules in terms of sexuality, but because it is the most effective weapon Satan use to destroy our faith and our self-esteem. In addition, God abhors perversion, so those who want to please God must deviate from it as much as possible.

And do not approach fornication. In truth, it is a turpitude and what a bad way! S7:V32

Don’t be swayed

God gives us the example of the prophet Muhammad who was tempted to follow the prescriptions of his clan rather than to follow what Allah prescribed for him. Even in a society where the clan was most important, Muhammad was able to follow the path that Allah traced for him and to get rid of the influence of his clan despite the heavy consequences on his life.

They almost turned you away from what We revealed to you, [hoping] that instead of this, you are making up something else and (imputing it) to Us. And then they would have taken you as a close friend. And if We hadn’t firmed you up, you would have almost bowed towards them. S17:V73-74

Thus, God invites us not to let ourselves be influenced by the illusion of cultures, traditions, nations, and belonging to any group, but rather to follow His way and to contract our Alliance with Him alone. For the only alliance that will never break is the one contracted with God, while all the other groups of men are doomed to be dismantled and their alliances to be broken.


All these flags were invented by the devil and are only an illusion of this world

Today, most people just follow the traditions in which they were born without ever questioning them. People are born Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, …, and remain so all their life, without thinking for a single second that if they were born under another religion, they would remain affiliated to it just as much and would be the first to criticize their own religion. People do not understand that this is part of God’s test, and that the real path is to go in search of the truth themselves, and to follow only the inspiration of God and His Scriptures. Instead, people follow their traditions, whether religious or not, their nations, the group to which they belong. The people of this world are just following each other and are extremely influenced by their society, without realizing that it is part of the ordeal of this world. If the prophet Muhammad managed to get rid of the influence of his clan in a society where the clan determined every aspect of people’s lives, then you can well get rid of your culture of origin in order to follow the truth and the way of God.

Don’t despise others


Even if he was a prophet, Muhammad could not help but despise the blind man who came to him to purify himself, to hasten to meet the rich man who had nothing to do with God and took pleasure in his self-sufficiency.

He scowled and turned away because the blind man came to him. Who says to you: perhaps [seeks] to purify himself? or to remember so that the recall benefits him? As for the one who delights in his self-sufficiency you eagerly meet him. You don’t care that he doesn’t purify himself. ” And as for the one who eagerly comes to you with fear, you don’t care. Stop acting like that! Really this is a reminder – whoever wants, therefore, remembers it S80:V1-12

There is no more hateful behavior in the Eyes of God than this kind of behavior, which is to give importance to the powerful and to despise the weak. God tells us that we have to perceive people according to their actions and not according to their condition. The rich who turn away from God are vile and despicable, while the poor who honor God is the most respectable and praiseworthy. Whoever does not despise others in spite of their low condition is in reality the true noble that God raises, while he who has respect only for the powerful is the most vile being that God despise, and will strike with ignominy and smallness on the day of the Judgment Day.


Chapter 2 Verses 1-4

My brothers, beware of all forms of favoritism: it is incompatible with the faith prescribed by God. Suppose, in fact, that a man dressed in sumptuous clothes, wearing a gold ring enters your assembly, and that also enters a poor man in rags. If, seeing the sumptuously dressed man, you crowd around him and you say to him: “Please sit here, it is a good place!” Whereas you say to the poor, “Stand there, or sit on the ground at my feet,” make no difference among yourselves, and do not make judgments based on bad reasons?

How many people in this world despise the poor and the uneducated and deal with them condescending ways, and take no credit for their word, while they honor the powerful and the educated and value what they say and do? Here is an unjust behavior of pure lost, which illustrates in reality only the own ignominy of the one who acts like that. I, the messenger of God, am the first to suffer from this kind of contempt. In this world of injustice, most people despise me and do not even listen to what I say, because for them, I am not unworthy to be the messenger of God and everything that comes out of my mouth has not the least value in their eyes. These lost people believe that being a messenger of God is written on my face, and that if I really were a messenger then I would be a world celebrity and would perform miracles. Now, most of God’s messengers did no perfom any miracle and only had their word as evidence, and most of their contemporaries said exactly the same thing about them as people in this world say about me today. But, most of people don’t think and are blinded by their injustice, and they will pay the price very soon in 2020.

Why is Rashad Khalifa so important?

The lost and the ignorant would think that I give too much importance to Rashad Khalifa, forgetting that it is not I who speak in a personal capacity, but that this message is the Message of God. God knows better than anyone what is important about what is not, and God knows that the real impact of Rashad Khalifa on this world far exceeds his visible notoriety, which at first glance seems very modest compared to many other false messengers and false preachers.

In reality, the other popular false guides, as famous and charismatic as they may be, as numerous may be their followers, as great may be their impact on this world, only monopolize the lost whose fate has already been sealed for long, and which therefore have no importance in the eyes of God or Satan. Because, the real stakes for God and Satan concern only those who are still running for their salvation, and not those who are already condemned. God has authorized Satan to erect countless false messengers and false preachers, to afflict the criminals and lead them astray further, to bring out all the evil they hide in them. All these popular false preachers are easily identifiable by their openly outrageous behavior and their clearly misguided doctrines, and therefore represent no danger to believers in search of the true way of God. This is why, despite their great notoriety and popularity, it is not these famous false preachers who are the master cards of the Devil as part of his plan for the end of time.

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All these false popular preachers are not the most important in the Devil’s plan and only monopolize those who are already condemned without any hope of salvation

The Devil has nothing to do with those who are already caught in his nets and no longer have any way out of it, that are the vast majority of humans on this earth. The only ones who count for him today are only this small minority of people who are not yet caught in his nets, and who actively seek the way of God to take refuge definitively.

Therefore, the false messengers and false preachers who are most important today in the Devil’s plan are rather those who specifically target this small minority of people who can still be saved, and who advocate doctrines which at first glance look a lot like the true Doctrine of God. The fate of all the others is already definitively sealed, since they do not seek the true path of God thinking they already have it, and no longer ask themselves questions about the merits of their path. Indeed, the vast majority of men on this earth are firmly rooted in their path and have no intention of changing it, and if they change it is only for another way of straying, and certainly not for joining the way of God which they have already discarded for long. Because most people do not want to take their way alone with God, but need to belong to a community and guides and saviors to take them by the hand. They do not suspect that all these popular cults (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, …) are only the Devil’s trap, who promises them a bright future. These lost therefore expect a positive change soon, when in reality it will be quite the opposite.

Given that those who have not yet been caught in the Devil’s nets and who continue to seek the true way of God are extremely few, it is not surprising to see that the false guides that the Devil has assigned to their intention are much less popular in terms of followers than those assigned to other categories of people.

Among these false guides serving to block this minority of potential believers, Rashad Khalifa is undoubtedly the best placed among them in terms of popularity and nuisance. So this is why Rashad Khalifa is so important and why God wanted me to expose him in detail in this message, so that believers in search of His true Way are not fooled by his deception and that they can realize by contrast that I am indeed His messenger and that the way I advocate is indeed His.

Indeed, there is not a single Koranist who does not know Rashad Khalifa and his teachings, not to say who has not joined the way of God and the Koran alone otherwise than through him. I myself am one of those people, who once realized that traditional Islam was not the real way, only found the way of God and the Koran thanks to Rashad Khalifa. I too was at first seduced by the message and the character of Rashad Khalifa, before God made me realize his imposture and allowed me to continue my path towards Him. It is not enough to say that the real way is that of God and His Scriptures, still it is necessary to follow truly God and His true precepts, which is absolutely not the case of Rashad Khalifa, nor of all the other false messengers and false preachers who claim this doctrine.

Today, a very large number of impostors, and Rashad Khalifa is the first of them, use the way of God and the Koran alone to interpret backwards and forwards the Koran without any knowledge from God, and to assign themselves as guides in place of God. How many of these impostors have I met who claim to guide towards God and the Koran alone, to whom God gave at the beginning a very small sample of truth in order to test them, and who became imbued with themselves and thought they were savants. In reality, God tested them by giving them a small piece of knowledge, and they very quickly revealed their true criminal nature, showing God that they do not seek knowledge in order to better obey Him, but only to raise and shine in people’s eyes. God then abandoned them in their injustice and blindness, and stopped giving them the slightest knowledge, letting them believe that their knowledge came from Him, when it is in reality only the result of their criminal delusions. If you meet them, you recognize them easily, they put forward the only truth that God gave them at the start as a test, and hardly you dig the rest of their message that you realize that apart from that, everything they spread is only gross lies and manipulations. For those who are guided by God, the truth is clearly distinguishable from falsehood, and therefore it is very easy for them to discriminate between the truth and falsehood.

I have listed in this message the most famous of the false preachers and false messengers of the Koranists, in particular in the section “Koranist False Guides” (Part 1), so that you are clearly warned about them. This category of impostors represents a real danger for authentic seekers of truth, because at first glance they give the illusion of being good people, with respectable faces, soft voices and clam tone. You would think that they have true knowledge from Allah through the large number of subjects they deal with and the a priori elaborate demonstrations they offer. But on closer inspection, they are neither respectable nor benevolent, nor do they act with people according to the criterion of God, and the volume of their messages and the complexity of their demonstrations are there only to make illusion. You just have to observe them more accurately to realize their deception and imposture.

Beware of these false teachers and false messengers, because their illusion is so great that if you stand on the surface without digging deeper into their speeches, you will see only the fire and they will lead you astray in an extremely subtle and progressive way , without even realizing it.

Peter 2

Chapter 2 Verses 1-3

There have been false prophets among the people, and there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce pernicious sects, and who, denying the master who redeemed them, will draw sudden ruin upon them. Many will follow them in their dissolutions, and the way of truth will be slandered because of them. Out of greed, they will traffic you with deceptive words, which have long been threatened by condemnation, and whose ruin never sleeps.


Sam Gerrans is one of these false Koranist doctors who deludes through complex articles, but everything he tells is ultimately only pure error. In terms of behavior, he likes to display his face and gives himself importance, while despising others and only addressing people he considers important. All his interpretations and explanations are pure falsehood and lies and only reflect his own blatant perdition

Truth seekers tend to quickly lower their guard against these false teachers, reassured by their appearance of respectability, their sophisticated language and the illusory elaboration of their speech, thinking that they are dealing with true believers like them who only follow the path of Allah Alone and the Qur’an, and believing that theyse impostors hold true knowledge from Allah. Therefore, they are not critical enough about the haughty and unjust behavior of these impostors which does not correspond to the role they have assigned to themselves, and do not bother to analyze their message closely. Many fall into their trap without realizing the dangerous path on which these impostors are leading them.

You who seek Allah and the truth, be rigorous in your research, carefully scrutinize the least speech and do not let pass the least contradiction or misbehavior, because this is how you will be able to detect these impostors of the Devil. Above all, do not trust their physical appearance, their manner of speaking, their diplomas, their social position, their titles, or their sophistication, but rely solely on the justice of their behavior and the rigor of their speeches, and confront everything they say with the Scriptures, and trust only God alone and no one else. If you have a doubt, confront these people, ask them questions, because these impostors do not suffer the least criticism and patronize everyone, and you will then see their true nature.

Dr. Shabbir


If I had to mention only one of these false Koranist doctors, then Dr. Shabbir, whom I had to deal with personally, is the one who sums them up the best. At first glance, Dr. Shabbir gives the impression of a man of God, and presents himself as an expert in the Koran, having produced his own translation of the Koran. But, after talking with him, I can testify that he is the very opposite of the appearance he wants to give himself. On the human level, Dr. Shabbir is extremely wrapped up in himself, speaking of himself in the 3rd person and putting a long biography at his own glory on the first page of his website, which is completely incompatible with the behavior of a true believer. Dr. Shabbir is intellectually dishonest, systematically rejecting any contradiction to the false theories he spreads, censoring anyone who tries to argue with him by concrete evidence, and scorning people he considers not important enough to his eyes. Dr. Shabbir behaves like a real guru, surrounded by an army of yes-men just as pitiful and proud as him, acquiescing at the slightest of his desires and not questioning any of his false theories, performing for him his subordinate tasks and gleaning on his behalf any information that he could claim for himself in order to make his own person shine. Dr. Shabbir is the complete opposite of what one would expect from someone who promotes the way of Allah and the Qur’an alone. It is obvious that he has strictly no fear of Allah and does not hesitate when it comes to supporting his own false theories to find his sources elsewhere than in the Koran. Concerning his doctrine, his translation of the Qur’an is as disonest as of Rashad Khalifa or Edip Yuksel’s ones, and only illustrates his great error. Dr. Shabbir translates the Quran in a completely partisan way, in order to make it condone his own false beliefs in reincarnation, hell as being our present life on earth, paradise as being a new age to come on earth, non-existence of the Devil as a real external entity … etc etc.

This is reminiscent of another great misguided and impostor, Edip Yuksel, who adheres to exactly the same New Age doctrine as Dr. Shabbir. All these impostors, on the pretext of promoting the way of Allah and the Qur’an alone, prove on a personal level to be gurus working only for their own glory and devoid of all morality. In theory, these false guides of the Devil all share the same belief in reincarnation, hell and paradise on earth, the non-existence of the Devil as a real entity, the coming of a new Age on earth, the promotion of oneness and universal love … which is similar in all respects to the New Age doctrine which has permeated all the false religions created by Satan, and which I have already exposed in the light of the Koran in my article “The Infernal Trio of the Devil“.


All these religions were created by the Devil and all adhere to his New Age doctrine in order to make them cohabit. The cube symbolizes the Devil’s bewilderment.

No matter what the label is, all people under the influence of the Devil join in their unjust behavior and misconception of God, and all ultimately seek to perpetuate their own false beliefs, instead of following the direct guidance of God and the truth whatever it may be.

Atheists and agnostics


Atheists are the most contradictory beings ever, they like to talk about what they think does not exist, proof that they know that God exists but have deliberatly chosen to deny Him

Aren’t atheists or agnostics the same people? Atheists are sure that God does not exist, while agnostics are sure that they will never be sure that He exists. Agnostics are in reality only atheists who do not assume their choices, as good agnostics, they are not sure of anything, not even of being atheists.

Atheists pretend not to believe in God, because according to them God simply does not exist, but did they sincerely seek God or did they rather ensure not to find him? Do they really seek the truth or do they think they already have it? Do they really want to submit to God or are they just pure rebels?

Atheists claim to be rational people, yet they reject the rational to embrace the irrational. When they are told that God created all things, they say that all things come from nothing. When they are asked: what is truth? they tell you that the truth is what they say, while pretending that nobody holds it.

In reality, atheists are in total denial and have rejected God very deep within themselves, to such an extent that if you mention God before them, it makes them crazy because it brings out what they have been trying to stifle since their more tender childhood. Then, when they enter their middle age, they finally find some semblance of peace, because finally they have managed to completely stifle the voice of God which is in them and which constantly reminded them of what they do not want to hear. Then, they become cynical and blame God, whom they say He does not exist, for having abandoned them in this universe on their own. And then comes the insults, blaming God for all the evils of this world and giving themselves credit for all the good.

Atheists are full of contradictions, they claim to be the most advanced creatures in the universe, while claiming to be nothing more than animals. They say they are sophisticated and refined, yet they claim to be subject to their primitive instincts. They say they are full of love and compassion for others, while they remain selfishly wrapped up in themselves. They would like to live thousands of years, while begging the fate to finish them.

In reality, atheists are just insane in the literal sense of the word, because madness is no more and no less than distant distraction, the fact of believing in nothing while thinking they have a belief, the fact of believing that they are well guided while proclaiming that good guidance does not exist.

This is the price to pay for the great traitors, great rebels, ungrateful, great sinners that are atheists. They judged God while pretending that He does not exist, and condemned Him unanimously without any right of reply, and they judged themselves and decreed that they are innocent.

Atheism is the ultimate stage of madness, that of creating their own virtual world while living every day in this very real world. But reality will always catch up with them, and they will swear they knew like they swore at all times. But then God will finally show them the truth, and the first thing they will see will be the eternal hell which they swore it did not exist, to remain there forever in their ignominy, despised by all and cursing themselves mutually.

Whether we warn them or not, that changes absolutely nothing to their case, because everything for them is just games and mockery like their own lives. They decreed that they were animals, God granted their wish and they really became animals, moving on the conveyor belt of the slaughterhouse, not suspecting what is awaiting them.


Atheists wanted to be apes, God fulfilled their wish

People of religions

3 The people of religions, or I should say the people of sects, claim to have faith in God and in his Books, yet they follow neither God nor His Books. They say they give their allegiance to God, while giving their allegiance to men like them whom they name priests, rabbis, imams, doctors, experts, …, believing that they will guide them in place of God. They say they follow the scriptures of God, yet they just follow the writings of men like them. Isn’t God sufficient for them as a Guide so that they need guides besides Him? Are not the Scriptures of God clear enough for them to need books supposed to shed light on what is already clear from the beginning? Do they not see that God does not answer their prayers? Do they not see that God does not speak to them? Do they not see that God punishes them every day? Do they not see that their false rules find no trace in the Scriptures? Do they not see that their actions and their beliefs are based on nothing and do not produce the slightest concrete result?


In reality, people of religions see all this, but they don’t care about God and His Scriptures. All that matters to them is to perpetuate their own false beliefs, to find a way which above all reassures them, a community to which to belong, because they are mere sectarians. All they want to hear is to be told that they are good people no matter how they act, that they are people of faith no matter the faith they invented.

Like the worshipers of idols, these people of religions have created their own “god”, like a puppet, making him say what they want to hear: that they are on the right track and that they will have the right outcome, although this is clearly not their case. Their “god” is not the True God, the Creator of all things, the One who will judge them on the Day of Judgment and the One who never ceases to send them signs that they persist in ignoring. Their “god” is their own creation, which says amen to everything they say and everything they do, and like Santa Claus, who gives them everything they want and forgives them all their sins, without any genuine repentance on their part. As for the true God, they only evoke Him when He manifests Himself to them by striking them with the whip of his punishment. Then they address Him in order to insult Him and blame Him for their own injustice. When the True God gives them a Mercy from His part, they attribute it to themselves and are completely ungrateful. When the True God calls them to order, they turn away and stifle the voice of God that manifests in them. When the True God shows them his signs, they mock them and return to their trivialities, too busy with their miserable and worthless lives.


Yet these people swear thay have faith, but which true believer would invariably remain frozen in his own false beliefs without ever questioning them? Which true believer would spend his whole life in these sects without realizing their delusion and imposture? Which true believer would turn his back on the truth when it is revealed to him? Which true believer would despise knowledge and prefer futility? Which true believer would refuse any questioning while believing himself perfect? Which true believer would hide from others to commit his sins when God sees what he is doing? Which true believer could still sleep at night when God calls him every day, and that he hears Him, while pretending not to hear Him? Which true believer would take as a model the lost ones of this world instead of the messengers of God? Which true believer would seek protectors in men like him while thinking that he is protected against God? Which true believer would aspire only to this terrestrial world while claiming to seek the hereafter? Which believer would live in luxury while constantly complaining about his condition?

In reality, these people of the religions which are the Moslems, the Christians, the Jews, and all the other religions, are only composed of hypocrites, devoid of any true faith, great sinners, great blasphemers, great traitors, great rebels, great liars, great perverts, great ignorant people, in addition sectarians and idolaters, who believe they are fooling God and true believers, but who ultimately only fool themselves. Allah has deceived them when they think just the opposite.

No matter whether we warn them or not, they don’t want God or His Way anyway, and neither does God. Deaf, dumb, blind, they only wait to see the punishment of God fall on them without them seeing it coming. They are very similar to all the generations of traitors and great sinners that God has destroyed in the past, and their end will be similar.


You who persist in your sects instead of joining the true way of God, tremble at home day and night, because soon will fall on you The Extreme Wrath of Allah, and then you will cease to exist forever, if not in the flames of hell.

The Submitters

maxresdefault (15)

The Submitters believe they are well guided because of their belief in Allah and the Qur’an alone, but their idolatry has blinded them to the point of not realizing that Rashad Khalifa was an impostor. If you browse their websites or see their exchanges with one another, you would be shocked by their reverence for Rashad Khalifa, far exceeding the idolatry of traditional Muslims for the prophet Muhammad. Their sectarian spirit and their idolatry make them above all sectarian in the caricatural sense of the term, like the followers of Krishna or Rael. It is, however, obvious that Rashad Kahlifa is no more than an impostor, but the Submitters are in no way authentic truth seekers, nor authentic believers, but only seek to belong to a community like the true sectarians that they are, and to defend against all odds their inherited false beliefs from Rashad Khalifa. Submitters have specialized in bashing traditional Muslims, but they actually turn out to be worse than them, because of their even more confused beliefs and even more exacerbated idolatry. Because, apart from their claim to follow only Allah and the Koran alone, the Submitters share, as I have shown you, exactly the same practices as traditional Muslims and add to them their satanic New Age beliefs inherited from Rashad Khalifa and his worthy successor, Edip Yuksel. Their straying proves incontestably that they are neither well guided by Allah, nor have the least knowledge from the Koran, because if this were the case, it would not take them long to realize that all their false beliefs are firmly and clearly condemned by the Koran.

The Koranists


It is not enough to pretend to take Allah as the Only Guide and to adopt the Koran as the only source of Law to think that you are truly well guided. You still have to really understand what this path consists of and not to fall into the trap, as do many Koranists, to make your religion a la carte, to interpret the Qur’an backwards and forwards for the sole purpose of satisfying your own inclinations, and to chart your own course in spite of God’s numerous warnings. How many Koranists, under the pretext of following only God and the Koran, believe themselves automatically well guided and safe from error, when in reality they are in no way well guided and are in manifest error ? God indeed guides only those who have pure faith and who sincerely seek to obey Him, and not those who use Him only to reassure themselves and eventually do what they want. How many Koranists confuse following the way of God with a life-size treasure hunt, and are eager for new discoveries and sensationalism, without ever applying to themselves what God teaches them? Indeed, it is useless to ask God to show us His Way, if we do not eventually apply what God teaches us. Faith, when it is not accompanied by works ends up corrupting our souls and making us blind, and eventually dying out. Faith without works is like a fire that stops fueling and that eventually dies out.

The Koranists like to distinguish themselves from the Submitters, mocking their sectarian spirit and their blindness, but join them in all respects when it comes to their oversized ego and their crying absence of reasoning and justice. Indeed, most Quranists boast of having rejected traditional pagan and sectarian Islam, but instead adopt a 100% à la carte religion of which they are their own prophets, hence the considerable number of them who ended up actually declaring themselves as such. Quranists unknowingly share the same injustice and distraction as Muslims and Submitters, the fact that once they have switched from traditional Islam to land in their new religion tailored for themselves, invariably remain forever frozen in their new beliefs, and never question them again. How many Koranists have I come across who claim to be guided by the truth and to fear God, but who reject all evidence exposing their false beliefs and behave unjustly, which is a clear sign of their error and of the corruption of their faith.

In terms of oversized ego and insolence, the Koranists are undoubtedly the champions of all categories, on the pretext of following only God, they do not listen to anyone and despise everyone. While most of them are in reality only ignorant hypocrites who do not really seek God’s truth and reform, but only to free themselves from their religious obligations, while persuading themselves that they are good believers .

Atheists, agnostics, people of religions, submitters, Koranists, some say that God does not exist, others follow turnkey religions supposed to lead them to God, and the latter have made themselves their own God or messenger of God. No matter what their different paths, none of them match that of God. Because, the one and only way is the one that God shows through his messengers: the way of God and of his Scriptures alone, the way of justice and truth, the way of redemption and penance, the way of listening to God and questioning, the way of good works and fear of God, the way of the afterlife and return to the Abode. The real way is to make your way alone with God, to listen to His inspiration and to work it out on yourself, to follow the truth even if it challenges your own established beliefs, to follow justice even if it is not to your advantage, and to contribute to good works for the sole purpose of pleasing God. Whoever wants to adopt his own way rather than the one that God shows through his messenger, is as likely to go to paradise as the camel to pass through the eye of the needle.


Verily those who belie Our signs and are stiff-necked against them, for them will not be opened the portals of heaven, nor shall they enter the Garden until a camel passeth through the eye of a needle. And Thus We requite the guilty ones. S7:V40

Follow the way God shows you through me, His messenger, and you will be saved, persist on your present ways and you will go nowhere except in hell. Which true well-guided believer would have anything to criticize about the way God is manifesting through me, his messenger? Most people just deny, without presenting any evidence to justify their disagreement, because they listen to nothing that goes against their established beliefs and only seek to perpetuate their own path. What is the use of asking God to guide you if when He finally sends you his messenger, you are in no way willing to listen to him?

The difference between the true believer and others

God says in the Koran that the authentic believer is clearly distinguished from others, and gives us as a metaphor the comparison between the seeing and the blind, the free man and the slave, the living and the dead , and God in no way exaggerates the comparison.

And Allah propoundeth a similitude: there are two men, one of them dumb who hath of Power over aught and is a weariness unto his master, whithersoever he directeth him he bringeth not any good; is he equal with one who commandeth justice and in himself on a straight patht? S16:V76

Allah offers in parable a man who is not the owner of himself and who is capable of nothing, and another to whom We have granted from us a good attribution which he can use both privately and in a public capacity. [These two men] are they equal? Praise be to Allah! But most of them do not know. S16:V75

Who knows that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, is he like the blind? Only people with intelligence think well, S13:V9

The believer sees perfectly clearly and easily distinguishes between the truthe and falsehood, the just and the unjust, the good and the bad, logic and illogical, rational and non-rational, forwards and backwards, straight and tortuous. While the others make no distinction whatsoever because of their blindness and error. The believer sees clearly in all areas, both in terms worldly matters and afterlife, while others see nothing in nothing in any area. Indeed, even outside the realm of religion, when we observe the choices that the lost make for their lives, we can only note their blindness, because they always choose the path of complication, the path which is clearly losing, while perceiving the opposite.

Say: “Are the blind and the seeing alike equal? So don’t you think? ”S6:V50

The believer depends only on Allah and relies only on Allah to guide him every second of his life, while the others depend on each other and serve as guides to each other and provoke collectively their own loss. The believer knows perfectly well that his guidance is not acquired but must be earned every day, and for this he does not cease to contribute to good works and to ask daily for guidance from God. While the others do not wonder about their guidance and believe that it is acquired, which is a sign that they have never been well guided. The believer does not rely on his own intelligence and knows that his fate is entirely in the hands of God, while the others rely on their own intelligence and knowledge, and believe that they have their fate in their hands.

The believer knows when he has done something right and when he has done something wrong, in which case he fully acknowledges his wrongs and repents to God. While others are not lucid about what they do and commit evil without even realizing it, and if they do it, they do not repent to God but act as if nothing had happened. The believer knows that he has nothing to prove to others, while others desperately seek the esteem of each other, and want to give others a high image themselves.

The believer is amply satisfied with having God as sole Master and knows that it is an honor for him to be under the direct authority of God, while the others do not want to be satisfied with God for sole Master and adopt other masters than Him, and they keep moving from one master to another.

The believer does not need the help of anyone in this world except that of God. He has his own reflection and knowledge from God, he directly enjoys the goods that God has given him and benefits from the direct protection of God. While others need their peers to think and acquire knowledge, to support themselves and to protect each other.

The believer is humble before God and men, he accepts willingly, regardless of source, criticism and advice when they are founded. While the others are filled with pride and accept no criticism or advice from anyone, not even from God.

The believer is like a perfectly healthy tree with a robust trunk that grows straight, with roots firmly anchored in the ground and branches raised up to the sky, producing good fruits in their seasons and living thousands and thousands of years.

Have you not seen how Allah offers in parable a good word like a beautiful tree whose root is firm and its branches raised up to the sky? He gives fruit at all times, by the grace of his Lord. Allah offers parables for people to admonish. S14:V24-25

Indeed, the believer only evolves better throughout his life, because he is based on a pure and unshakable faith in God, based on true and good beliefs. He is turned towards God and the hereafter for which he does good works and constantly receives good things from God in return for his actions, and he will obtain eternal life from God.

While the others are like the sick tree with a puny trunk which grows askew, with the roots protruding from the ground and the drooping branches, which produces no fruit except sick fruits, and which ends up falling by its own or being cut before it dies.

Indeed, others only deteriorate throughout their lives, due to their sick faith based on false and bad beliefs. They are turned towards this earthly world and towards what is vile, and they express it by their bad deeds which do not cease falling back on them. They end up dying of disease or destroyed prematurely by God, to sink into hell without ever living or dying there.

The believer questions himself throughout his life, both in terms of his behavior and his beliefs. He is attentive to the slightest sign of God and hastens to respond adequately to them in order to become a better man and please God. While others believe they are perfect and never question themselves, neither their behavior nor their beliefs. They turn away from the signs of God and completely ignore them, and only worsen and displease God more and more.

The believer listens to the inspiration of God, sees His benefits on him, perceives His signs, and spreads the wisdom and knowledge of God, while others do not hear the voice of God in them, do not perceive His benefits, and speak only to spread their error.

The likeness of the two parties is as the blind and deaf, and the seeing and hearing. Are the twain equal in likeness? Admonished are ye not then? S11:V24

These are the ones Allah cursed, made deaf, and made their eyes blind. S47:V23

My message from God is only addressed to those who still have eyes to see, ears to hear, and who are still alive inside themselves, and not to the deaf, blind, who are already dead inside.

Indeed, the Word against most of them has come true: so they will not believe. We will put shackles on their necks, and there will be shackles up to their chins: and behold they will go up with their heads upright, and We will put a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them; We will cover them with a veil: and now they will not be able to see anything. It doesn’t matter to them whether you warn them or not: they will never believe. You only warn the one who follows the recall and fears the All-Merciful in advance. Bear you to such one the glad tidings of forgiveness, and a generous reward. S36:V7-11

Those whose fate is already sealed are those to whom God has put shackles so that they see nothing other than what they are facing.


“We will put shackles on their necks, and there will be some up to the chin: and here they will go with their heads erect”

We will put a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them; We will cover them with a veil: and now they will not be able to see anything

God put a barrier in front of them and behind them and covered them with a veil, so that they do not anticipate the punishment that will fall on them. Indeed, those whose fate is already sealed pay no attention to the outward signs of God’s punishment, nor listen to the inner signs that God manifests in them. They neither learn from the past, nor pay attention to the signs of the present foreshadowing an imminent catastrophe. In addition, they do not have a real relationship with God, which means that they do not even know how to address Him so that He may enlighten them, or to ask Him for protection when His punishment will fall. People who are doomed to destruction actually have nothing to do with God, even if they think they are religious people. How many Jews you see praying to God and believing that God is on their side, when God has cursed them and that they are in a deep error, the same goes for Christians who pray to Jesus while thinking they are right, for Muslims who pray to Allah when they do not follow the Koran in any way and are only sectarians, idolaters and associators. These people believe that they have a relationship with God, but they have absolutely nothing to do with God, and they will soon realize it once for all.


When God’s punishment falls, it means it’s too late for us, because it means that we have ignored all of God’s previous warnings



The year 2019-2020 has never counted so many disasters unprecedented to date and deadly, yet those whose fate is already sealed see it only one year like the others

This category of people see only the illusion in which they agreed to put themselves of their own free will. Today, most Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists whom I warn have no intention of changing lanes, so they can no longer see the truth, and are trapped in the illusion in which they have put themselves. They see their path as the right one and think they are safe, but soon they will realize to their detriment that this is absolutely not the case.


Deaf, mute, blind, they cannot hear the Reminder of God and are caught in their illusion

God warned me in the beginning sura 36 addressing me, his messenger and warner of the end times, that it is vain to warn this category of people who represents today the majority of the people of this world. I am therefore well aware that even 1000 new Qur’ans, even all the angels and messengers of God put together, would not be enough to raise the dead, deaf, blind, dumb, frozen, that are these people whose fate is already sealed.

Nor can you lead the blind out of their error. S27:V81

So it is you who makes the deaf hear or who guides the blind and those who are in a clear error? S43:V40

Verily, proofs have come to you from your Lord, so whosoever sees, will do so for (the good of) his ownself, and whosoever blinds himself, will do so to his own harm, and I am not a watcher over you. S6:V104

This message is addressed to those who did not wait for my coming to follow God and His Scriptures, to be attentive to His signs, to recognize that we are living the premises of the Hour and the punishment of God. These people see my message from God as confirmation of what God had already shown them individually, and see it as a Mercy from God, a true miracle they no longer hoped for. As for the others, let them believe whatever they want, they are actually already dead but they don’t know it yet.


Free Will Among the Angels

God gave free will to all of His creatures, including the angels. The proof is, Satan although being an angel, openly refused to obey God when God commanded all the angels to bow before Adam.

We created you, then We gave you a form, then We said to the Angels, “Bow before Adam.” They bow, with the exception of Iblis who was not one of those who bowed. S7:V11

Satan is not the only angel with free will, but all the other angels enjoy it as well, and this is illustrated when the angels questioned God regarding his decision to appoint man as the new Governor on Earth.

When Your Lord entrusted to the Angels: “I will establish a governor on earth. They said, “Are you going to designate one who will bring disorder and shed blood there when we are there to sanctify and glorify You?” – He said: “Verily, I know what you do not know! “. S2:V29-30

If the angels were mere puppets, they would never have questioned any decision of God. Now, we can clearly see in these verses that the angels were able to freely criticize the decision of God. Did God punish the angels for protesting? No! Instead, God made them understand the merits of His decision so that they would rally his choice of their own free will.

And (Allah) taught Adam all the names (of all things), then He presented them to the Angels and said: “Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful!” (In your claim that you are more deserving than Adam). – They said: “Glory to You! We only  know what You have taught us. Surely you are the All-Knowing, the Wise. ” (He said: “O Adam, inform them of these names;” Then when the latter had informed them of these names, Allah said: “Did I not tell you that I know the mysteries of the heavens and the earth , and that I know what you are disclosing and what you are hiding? ”S2:V30-33

God showed the angels that this creature which is man, whom they had considered insignificant and unworthy to reign on earth, was superior to them in the domain of the knowledge that God had taught Adam, a knowledge which obviously the angels did not have, being unable to name what Adam knew how to name. They then bowed of their own free will before the decision of God to appoint man as governor on earth, except Iblis who camped on his positions.

And when We asked the Angels to bow before Adam, they bowed except for Iblis who refused …. S2:V34

If Iblis could still refuse to obey God while the other angels did, this is proof that they all have their free will, Iblis refusing to obey of his own choice, and the other angels obeying the command of God of their own choice also. Therefore, This is proof that Satan is a liar when he says that the angels who are with God are nothing but puppets, while they are absolutely not and remain of their own will faithful to God. In reality, it is rather Satan who is a rebel for refusing to obey God even though God showed him that he was wrong.

Satan wants to spread the belief that those who enter paradise will lose the free will they currently enjoy on Earth, in order to portray God as a tyrant and to incite people to rebellion. It is clear that Satan is only lying, because Adam and Eve, although being in paradise, were able to freely disobey God and consume the forbidden fruit. Living in paradise is therefore not synonymous with losing one’s free will, but rather synonymous with losing one’s addiction to sin. Sin is an extremely addictive drug, the most addictive of all drugs combined, a single sin is enough to push us to commit more and more for the rest of our life. We are all sinners, so we are all more or less addicted to this drug which is sin. Like anyone who is addicted to drugs, we cannot imagine living without our drug as long as we remain in its grip. It is therefore normal that in this sinful life we ​​cannot conceive of living without committing the least sin, and that consequently, from our perspective of sinner we see paradise as a boring world where we will be deprived of our drug which is sin, which makes us not want to go there. When I ask the lost stricken by sin if they would like to go to paradise right away if they had the opportunity to do so, they say no and they still want to enjoy their earthly life, as if paradise for them was a kind of prison. Who else but the great lost to refuse to go to paradise, and prefer in exchange to remain on this earth full of sins and on the brink of its destruction?

Today, because of our sinful condition, we are absolutely incapable of living solely in joy and absolute righteousness, but as sin addicts, the disease of our souls irrepressibly pushes us to alternate our lives with episodes of unhappiness and sins, so that we can appreciate the moments of happiness and righteousness. This is why the more people live in sin, the more, as sin addicts, they need to be unhappy before they can be happy. We must therefore fight against our addiction to sin in order to minimize it, and thus be able to live happily in this life without going through misfortune. We find exactly the same symptoms with people under the influence of hard drugs as with all sinners that we are. But rest assured, those who will access paradise, and who have somehow managed to contain their addiction to sin during their terrestrial lifes, will then be completely cured of their addiction by God, and disobeying God will be the last thing they will want to do. Once fully healed, one will be able to fully appreciate living in absolute happiness without discontinuity, without ever getting bored of it and without ever feeling the need to experience unhappiness in order to appreciate happiness.

So, once we will return to our original purity, we will enjoy the same free will we enjoy today, except that we will never want to commit evil again or disobey God, because we will have learned experience during our earthly life and we will know what is truly evil and what represents disobeying God, and it will be with full knowledge of the facts that we will never seek this path. God says that Paradise is a place where we will never get bored and where we would like to remain for eternity.

It is He who installed us, by His grace, in the Abode of stability, where no tiredness, no weariness affects us ”. S35:V35

The Sin of Pride


If there is one defect that will forever keep us from wanting to heal from sin, it is pride. Because pride feeds on itself and prevents us from wanting to cure our addiction to sin. The sin of pride is like the drug addict who refuses to treat himself, he never risks to get out of his addiction, but on the contrary, he will only get worse and worse in his addiction until he dies. The proof of that is that Satan, like all the other angels, truly saw that God was right concerning Adam, since he himself was unable to name these things that Adam knew how to name. But, what prevented him from coming to his senses and healing from his sickness, is only the pride that was already plaguing him long before the creation of Adam and Eve, and which ended up leading him to his own loss.


[Allah] says: “What prevents you from bowing when I commanded you?” He replied: “I am better than him: You created me from fire, while You created him from clay”. ([Allah] says, “Come down from here, You don’t have to be so proud here. Come out, you are despised.” S7:V12-13

And when We asked the Angels to bow down to Adam, they bowed down except for Iblis who refused, was proud and was ones of the rebels. S2:V34


The creation of Adam and Eve has in fact only revealed the pride that was already present in Iblis, and to express this pride into concrete sin, which is the fact of not recognizing one’s wrongs and of persisting in denial and falsehood. This is Satan’s true sin, that of not recognizing the truth, and not the fact of having disobeyed God which is only the consequence of this sin. God orders only good, disobeying Him therefore means that one chooses evil knowingly, which represents sin and evil towards oneself and all of creation. Evil is like cancer, when we commit evil it is like introducing defilement into what is healthy. The evil committed by Iblis has defiled all of paradise and all of creation and is not only limited to his person. Therefore, the one who commits evil does not only do it to himself but also harms others, which cannot be acceptable and must necessarily be punished. It is for this reason that since this episode, Iblis is now called “Satan / شيطان“, which means “the one who defiles to the highest point everything he touches“.

Pride is the source of all sins, as illustrated through the story of Iblis, whose pride was the very first sin. Indeed, pride is the most unjust sin that can exist, because this sin is only the visible sign of deep rebellion against God. God is only Good, he who rebels against God therefore responds to good with evil, what could be more unjust than that?

The Prince of Darkness

by Jeffrey Burton Russell

Lucifer, who placed you there during my absence?

Have I offended you in any way?

I made you my friend, and you became my foe.

Why do you offend me like this?

Lucifer, because of your pride, I condemn you to fall from Heaven to go to Hell, and with you all who will take your side; never again will they dwell in bliss with Me.

God has given us everything we have, starting with our own creation when before we didn’t even exist. What could be worse than the one who was created by God out of nothing then comes to blame Him? Like the child who has been cared for since birth and for whom his parents have made all the sacrifices, and who eventually spit in their faces and deny the good they have done on him. Being proud, it is believing that we made ourselves alone and forgetting that it is God who made us, it is despising those whom we consider inferior, whereas it is God who honored us by placing us in a superior position. Is this how we thank God for having honored us? By bullying the other creatures of God, which amounts to attacking God Himself, this is what Iblis did through his rebellion! Isn’t it despicable and detestable?

Whoever acts in this way, like Iblis, will sooner or later tumble from his upper position to fall to the bottom of the bottom, because there is nothing worse than using his position of superiority to demean others and to be ungrateful to God. How many people in this world become a different person when God grants them power, wealth, knowledge, talent, beauty? Instead of being grateful to God and using their gifts to elevate themselves and to help others, they only use them for their own destruction and to harm others.


How many women look down on others because of the beauty God has granted them?

Pride is the most detestable sin in the eyes of God and all, and only serves to do evil and does not contain any good. Yet most people in this world have chosen pride and possess high self-esteem. They do not realize that it is harmful to themselves to be proud, because that prevents them from questioning themselves and listening which could be useful to them. God abhors the proud, and blinded them in this life and destined for hell. If you want to have a chance of obtaining the graces of God, then get rid of your pride and act with humility with God and with others, otherwise, you will end up humiliated and demeaned.

I will remove from My signs those who, without reason, swell with pride on earth. Even if they saw all the miracles, they wouldn’t believe it. And if they see the right path, they don’t take it as a path. But if they see the path of error, they take it as a path. The truth is that they are treating Our evidence as lies and paying no attention to them. S7:V146

Know that the present life is only play, fun, vain adornment, a race for pride between you and a rivalry in the acquisition of wealth and children. In this it is like a rain: the vegetation which comes from it amazes the cultivators, then it fades and you see it therefore yellowed; then it becomes debris. And in the hereafter, there is a harsh punishment, and also forgiveness and the pleasure of Allah. And the present life is only deceiving enjoyment. S57:V20

And surely He does not like the proud. S16:V23

And on the Day of Resurrection, you will see the faces of those who lied about Allah, darkened. Is it not in Hell that there will be a home for the proud? S39: V60

“Enter, [they] will be said, through the gates of Hell, to remain there eternally”. How bad is the place of stay of the proud! S39:V72

Those who discuss the wonders of Allah without any proof having come to them, [their action] is greatly hateful to Allah and to those who believe. Thus Allah seals the heart of every proud tyrant. S40:V35

“Oh yes! My verses came to you and you treated them as a lie, you swelled with pride and you were among the disbelievers ”. S39:V59

And your Lord said, “Call me, I will answer you. Those who, out of pride, refuse to adore Me will soon enter Hell, humiliated ”. S40:V60



Obama is undoubtedly one of the most proud men in this world

Pride is the first evil that affects this world today and affects most people. The Devil encourages people by all means to have an elevated opinion of themselves, to always seek to place themselves above others, to refuse to hear any criticism, to behave as tyrants not supporting the slightest contradiction, to always be ungrateful as if nothing was too good for them, this is sad condition of this world. If you want to have a chance to hear this Reminder of God, then put aside your pride and take the step to definitively get rid of it, otherwise, your loss will be assured and your pride will lead you only to your own debasement and ignominy .

The real fault of Iblis


The truth is that long before the episode of the creation of Adam and Eve, as the first being that God created, Iblis was full of pride and believed himself superior to all the other angels, and thought he could lead his life and maintain his power without God, and sought to rally the other angels to his rebellion. It had been a while since Iblis pleaded his cause with the other angels, which explains why the angels had at first blamed God for not having given them the Kingdom of the earth rather than the Sons of Adam.

When Your Lord entrusted to the Angels: “I will establish a governor on earth. They said, “Are you going to designate one who will bring disorder and shed blood there when we are there to sanctify and glorify You?” – He said: “Verily, I know what you do not know! “. S2:V29-30

Before this episode, Iblis and the other angels obviously did not suspect that although God was not in their presence, He had knowledge of all their thoughts and words. The angels believed that they could hide their thoughts from God and that their discussions would be kept secret, but God showed them that He knew everything.

Allah says, “Did I not tell you that I know the mysteries of the heavens and the earth, and that I know what you are revealing and what you are hiding?” S2: 33

God knew that Iblis considered himself to be in a high position and intended to overthrow His Throne to occupy it in His place.

(Allah) said to him, “O Iblis, who prevented you from bowing before what I created with My hands? Do you swell with pride or do you consider yourself one of the high exalted? ”S38:V75


The Prince of Darkness

by Jeffrey Burton Russell

The history of the world started at the moment when space and time were created. Immediately after, according to medieval accounts, God composed 9 orders of Angels and created Lucifer to be the highest Angel of the highest order, 2nd in glory just after God Himself. “I will make you the closest to Me in terms of all power, master and mirror of my power; I created you magnificent in terms of bliss and by your name, you Lucifer, the Bearer of Light”. When Lucifer was appointed as governor of all the hosts of heaven, it had the effect of turning the head of the Angel of Light. Seeing the Throne of God at the center of everything, with the Angels grouped around singing to the glory of God, Lucifer contemplated the vacant throne and thought of his own glory: “Aha, I am a wonderful Light … if only I occupied this throne, then I would be as Wise as Him “. Satan had contempt for the praises to God of the Angels, and suggested to them to look at him rather and “to see the beauty which I carry. Would you sing your songs to God or to me? For I am the most worthy who can ever exist.” The good Angels were repugnant with horror: “We will not be complicit in your pride”. Lucifer was not discouraged, however: “I am indeed the most worthy of the Lords, much more worthy than Him. It is obvious that I am the most worthy, and I will sit on the throne of God”. Lucifer’s accomplice, the Angel Lightborne, encouraged him by roughly flattering him: “The light of your body is clearly brighter than that of God a hundredfold”. The good Angels in a final attempt, said: “Alas for you, you will spoil your beauty”, disregarding their warning, Lucifer sat on the throne, fully savoring his pride: “I embody all the joy of the world , by the radiance of my light which radiates so strongly. I rejoice in glory at the twinkling of My light: I should be like Him, at the summit of the summit “[…] The sin of Satan manifested after creation of Adam, when he realized that he was not God, but that he depended on God, and he then had the choice, either to accept this dependence, or to reject it.

God, whose Knowledge is absolute, knew even before creating the angels that this thought was going to cross their mind, and He therefore created men and established them to rule on earth in order to experience the whole of Creation. This episode of the creation of Adam and Eve thus made it possible to reveal in broad daylight this rebellion which was taking place in Heaven, and of which Iblis was the instigator. The angels who thought they had all the knowledge of God as Iblis tried to make them believe, have realized that this was absolutely not the case, when Adam was able to name to them what was beyond their knowledge. Although some angels had taken sides with Iblis, they nevertheless unanimously submitted to the command of God to bow before Adam, except Iblis who persisted and signed in his rebellion and did not want to recognize his wrongs. On the contrary, Iblis pushed his injustice even further by accusing God of having set him a trap.

Since You (God) misled me, says [Satan] S7:V16

While God has only exposed his treachery and his rebellion, which Iblis hid deep inside himself for a long time, while believing that God would know nothing about it.

Iblis’ reprieve

Now that his rebellion was openly declared, God then banished Iblis from Paradise.

“Get out of there,” says (Allah), banished and rejected. Whoever follows you among them … of all of you, I will fill Hell. ” S7:V18

But Iblis was not immediately excluded from Paradise, because he asked for a delay before his banishment became effective, asking God to allow him access until the Day of Resurrection, which God granted him.

Give me a delay, says (Iblis), until the day they are resurrected.” [Allah] says, “You are one of those who is given time.” S7:V14-15

Contrary to established ideas, Iblis still has the right to access Paradise until the Day of Resurrection when he will definitively join Hell. This means that Iblis can freely go back and forth between the earthly world and Heaven, which is confirmed to us in these verses of the book of Job.


Chapter 1 Verses 6-12

One day the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. The Lord said to Satan, Where are you from? And Satan answered the LORD, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. The LORD said to Satan, Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no one like him on earth; he is a perfect and an upright man, fearing God, and turning away from evil. And Satan answered the LORD, Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD.

Chapter 2 Verses 1-8

Now the sons of God came one day to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them to present themselves before the Lord. The Lord said to Satan, Where are you from? And Satan answered the LORD, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. The LORD said to Satan, Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no one like him on earth; he is a perfect and upright man, fearing God, and turning away from evil. He remains firm in his integrity, and you excite me to lose it without reason. And Satan answered the Lord, Skin for skin! everything a man has, he gives for his life. But stretch out your hand, touch his bones and his flesh, and I’m sure he will curse you to the face. And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, I deliver it unto thee: only spare his life. And Satan withdrew from the face of the Lord. Then he struck Job with a malignant ulcer, from the sole of the foot to the top of the head. And Job took a shard to scratch and sat down on the ashes.

We have confirmation of this episode in the Koran , when Job designates Satan as the one who inflicted on him the evil from which affects him.

And remember Job, Our servant, when he called his Lord: “The devil has caused me distress and suffering“. S38:V41

The ultimate proof that Iblis was not immediately banished from Paradise is the fact that he was able to introduce himself to Adam and Eve while they were still in Paradise, in order to make them fall from their position.

The Fall of Adam and Eve

Iblis persisted in his illusion to believe that he was superior by asking God to authorize him to seduce Adam and Eve as well as all their descendants, in order to prove to Him in this way that if he could bring about their downfall, this will be proof of his superiority. God then accepted his request, promising to fill hell with him and all who followed him.

“Since You have misled me, said [Satan], I will sit for them on Your right path, then I will assault them from the front, from behind, from their right and from their left. And, for most of them, You will not find them grateful.” “Get out of there, ”said (Allah,) banished and rejected. Whoever follows you among them … of all of you, I will fill Hell. ” S7:V16-17

From the moment Iblis openly declared his rebellion, God cursed him until the Day of Resurrection.

(Allah) said, “Get out of here, you are banished; and on you will be my curse until the day of Retribution”. S38:V77-78

And [Allah] said, “Get out of there [from Paradise], for you are banished! And curse on you, until the Day of retribution! ”S15:V34-35

Because of the curse of God, Satan can only sink deeper into his rebellion and injustice. Satan is condemned for eternity to evil, to the ugly, to misfortune, to death, to darkness, to falsehood, to lie, to bewilderment, to failure, and is banished for the eternity of good, of beauty, happiness, life, light, truth, good guidance, success.

God then gave Adam and Eve free rein to enjoy Paradise as they saw fit, imposing no rules on them except to approach the forbidden tree.

O Adam, dwell in Paradise, you and your wife; and eat in the two of you, as you please; and do not approach the tree here; otherwise, you would be among the unjust. ”S7:V19


As God authorized him, Satan set out to seduce Adam and Eve. He started by trying to bribe Adam, but nothing worked on him and he remained completely closed to his calls. Satan then turned to Eve and took advantage of a moment when she was alone to divert her by presenting himself to her in the role of the good adviser.

And he swore to them: “Truly, I am a good adviser for you both.” So he made them fall by deception. S7:V19-22

Then the Devil … whispered to them, saying, “Your Lord has forbidden you this tree only to prevent you from becoming Angels or being immortal.” S7:V20

Eve did not listen to the orders of God and her husband Adam not to trust Satan, and ended up consuming the forbidden fruit. Faced with the fait accompli, Adam had no other alternative than to follow her in turn, their fate being inseparable. Adam’s fault is for not succeeding in watching over his wife as God commanded him, and Eve’s fault is for not listening to her husband’s recommendations. Their wrongs are therefore fully shared and both have knowingly disobeyed God by consuming the forbidden fruit.


by Jeffrey Burton Russell

Adam suggested to Eve that they stay together, but Eve was determined to walk alone in the Garden of Eden, a situation that Satan hoped for and was quick to exploit … He addressed Eve, and Eve wondered aloud how a snake could speak. This represented the perfect opening for Satan explaining to her that he gained wisdom by eating the fruit of a wonderful tree. Eve was like a toy in his hands and asked him where this tree was, and it was with great joy that Satan showed her. “Ah! this your tree! we moved for nothing, because God forbade it to us”. Satan quickly declared himself outraged by the tyrant who would forbid his creatures access to such an evolution and realization. The tree, he says, would give them immortality, a happier life, higher knowledge, including knowing good and evil. He will make them the equivalent of the gods, and the only reason God has forbidden them must be because he wants to keep them under his control. Every word he says is not just a lie, but the very opposite of the truth, for the tree will only bring them death, a life of doom, and an increased knowledge only of sin, and they will be more like demons than gods. Eve is convinced, both by her intellect, which responds to Satan’s false reasoning, and by her senses, which lead her to desire the fruit. Her sin was not done in a rush, but is a thoughtful act, she thought about it carefully before consuming the fruit …. With great horror, Adam learned what Eve had done, but he knows that they are united, man and woman, flesh and spirit, forever, so his immediate choice was to stay with her. But his decision, like that of Eve, rests on the free and thoughtful choice to go against God’s Commandment.

The epitome of it is Adam and Eve were already immortal because of their purity, and it is by disobeying God that they introduced into them the deadly poison that is sin, and thus became mortals.

When they ate the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve knew very well that their choice would lead them to the knowledge of good and evil. They clearly underestimated what it meant to experience evil, ie to disobey God.

We had proposed to the heavens, the earth and the mountains the responsibility (to bear the burden of assuming to do good and evil). They refused to wear it and were afraid of it, while man did it; because he is very unfair [to himself] and very ignorant. S33:V72

Indeed, once the evil is introduced into ourselves, our alienation and our degeneration become irremediable, and we all know as the sinners that we are, how difficult it is to contain our evil so that it does not take over on us. We live in a permanent struggle against the evil that we have introduced into ourselves, and which at any time can make us fall completely. It is just like a man who consumes an extremely addictive drug for the first time, not realizing that this will change him forever and that he will have to fight against it during his whole life without never being in peace again. That’s the price we have to pay today for agreeing to taste this hard drug which is sin. Our only door to salvation is to resist it as much as possible until God takes us back to Him and heals us definitively from the evil that we have introduced into ourselves.

Due to their choice to experience good and evil, God banished Adam and Eve from Paradise with immediate effect, unlike Satan who had requested a reprieve and had obtained it from God

So he made them fall through deception. Then, when they had tasted the tree, their nakedness became visible to them; and they both began to attach leaves from Paradise. And their Lord called them, “Did I not forbid you this tree? And did I not tell you that the Devil was a declared enemy to you? “Both said,” O our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if You do not forgive us and have no mercy on us, we will most certainly be among the losers.” “Come down, said [Allah], you will be enemies of each other. And there will be for you on earth stay and enjoyment, for a time.” “There, says (Allah), you will live, there you will die, and from there we will bring you out. “S7:V22-25


Thus, men have fallen from Paradise to descend into this earth, becoming enemies of each other, as has been the case in all times until today.

The injustice of Adam and Eve was great and fully justifies their banishment. How could Adam and Eve let the Devil fool them, while God had clearly warned them that he was a declared enemy for them?

…. And didn’t I tell you that the Devil was a declared enemy for you? … S7:V22

Second, isn’t it extremely unfair for Adam and Eve to violate the one and only restriction that God had imposed on them? God was extremely good and generous in authorizing them to do whatever they wanted in Paradise, except one and only thing: not to approach the forbidden tree. Yet, God had clearly warned them that if they approach it, they would be guilty of great injustice.

And We said: “O Adam, dwell in Paradise you and your wife, and eat it everywhere as you please; but do not approach the tree here: otherwise you would be among the unjust. ” S2:V35

had I not forbidden you this tree? … S7:V22

The third and most serious fault is that by disobeying God and believing in the Devil’s lie, Adam and Eve also thought badly of God, accepting to believe that God would have manipulated them.

Then the Devil, in order to make visible to them what was hidden from them whispered to them, saying: “Your Lord has forbidden you this tree only to prevent you from becoming Angels or from being immortal“. S7:V20

What interest would God have in handling anyone, He who is Almighty, owes nothing to anyone, and to whom every creature is indebted? If God wants something, He does it openly, without hiding anything and without using manipulation, because God owes nothing to anyone, has nothing to hide, and God does whatever He wants and is Almighty. Even if the reason invoked by Satan had been true, but it is not, should not Adam and Eve be infinitely grateful to God and content themselves with what He has given them and which is already enormous?

Satan is in no way at fault for the fall of Adam and Eve, because he received prior authorization from God to seduce men without exerting the slightest constraint on them. Adam and Eve are fully guilty, BOTH OF THEM, and not Eve more than Adam as the Devil spreads it in order to create a conflict between men and women. Indeed, both fully enjoy their free will, and neither Adam nor Eve forced the other to disobey God, but that was the free choice of both.

But, Satan did not content himself with making fall Adam and Eve, but swore to provoke the fall of all their descendants, that is to say all men on Earth, except those who will remain faithful to God.

He said, “O my Lord, because You have misled me, well I will make them perceive life on earth as beautiful and mislead them all, except among them Your chosen servants.” S15:V39- 40

The Redemption of Adam and Eve

However, unlike Satan, although they disobeyed God, Adam and Eve did not dispute their fault and did not blame Satan for it, but fully acknowledged their wrongs and were quick to ask forgiveness of God.

Both said, “O our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if You do not forgive us and have no mercy on us, we will most certainly be among the losers. ” S7:V23

God then accepted their repentance and forgave them, unlike Satan who never expressed any repentance to God.

Then Adam received words from his Lord, and Allah accepted his repentance, verily He! He is the Relentant, the Merciful. S2:V37

The principle of the terrestrial test


Satan believes through his perdition and rebellion that he will harm God by undermining his creation, but he does not realize that each evil he does, God uses it to do good. In reality, Satan, unwittingly, only does service to God, because Satan is the means for God to bring out the true nature of each one, and thus to distinguish those who want to obey Him of their own free will from those who don’t want to obey. It is not Satan who misleads the one who is well guided, but Satan in reality only misleads the one who is already misguided. Satan is content to bring out the true hidden nature of criminals and thus expose them to God. As for the true followers of God, Satan can never turn them against God. Satan can certainly prompt them from time to time to disobey God, but they will remain faithful to God and will eventually repent. The evil they have done will ultimately only serve to give them experience and make them better men, as I have shown you with the sins committed by God’s messengers.

“[Allah] says: Here is a straight path [that leads] to Me. Over My servants you will have no authority, except over him who follows you among the diverted. S15:V41-42

God has given us the rules for this earthly trial: to Satan, he cannot force anyone to do anything, but can seduce them by any means he has. To men, if they remain faithful and loyal to God, and act accordingly to His precepts, then they will have nothing to fear from Satan. But, if they go out of His way, then they will be at the mercy of Satan and have no way of fighting him. God has also charged Satan to punish the criminals.

Our one and only option for salvation is therefore to remain anchored in the way of God and never to depart from it. God has written His rules in the hearts of all men, and has confirmed them to us black and white through the Scriptures that He revealed through his messengers.

We said, “Come down from here, all of you!” Whenever I send you a guide, those who follow him will have nothing to fear and will not be afflicted. ” And those who disbelieve (in our messengers) and call Our revelations a lie, these are the people of the Fire where they will dwell eternally. S2:V38-39

No one on this Earth, including atheists, can say that they do not know the Rule of God or pretend that it does not apply to them. Because, from our birth, God inscribed His Law in our hearts, and we therefore all instinctively know what is good and what is bad. In addition, the Rules of God are known to all through His Scriptures which He made accessible to everyone. Those who say they do not believe in God or do not know His laws are those who have corrupted their hearts and chosen to ignore God to such an extent that they have completely forgetten why they are on this earth. Ignoring the Law of God is no excuse, because just as with our secular laws, everyone is required to know the law, and every crime is punished the same way whether you know the law or not.

The true paternity of Abel and Cain


Iblis has not been idle and started his destruction business directly with Abel and Cain, the 2 sons of Adam and Eve.

And tell them the truth of the story of Adam’s two sons. S5:V27

Abel and Cain are indeed the 2 sons of Adam and Eve as this verse indicates, which restores the truth about an old lie from Satan, accusing Eve of having copulated with him and thus claiming that Cain would not be Adam’s son. The Devil absolutely wants to blame Eve, first by designating her as being at the origin of the fall of men, then by accusing her of having cheated on Adam. The Devil’s goal is to weaken us by all means, and the best way is to sow hatred and discord within our intimate relationships. And it worked well, because for centuries, and even today, many misguided men justify their mistreatment of women on the pretext that they were the cause of our original fall. Men influenced by the Devil have long blamed women for all the evils on earth, while everyone, man and woman, is solely responsible for their own misfortune, and no one can blame others.



In the same vein, the Devil spreads the lie that Adam would have had a first wife before Eve, a “woman” called Lilith, who has not been extracted from Adam, but created directly from impure clay. This Lilith would have rebelled against Adam because of his tyranny, and God would have then given him in substitution a “submitted” woman in the person of Eve. Just as he did with God, the Devil portrays men as tyrants in order to encourage women to rebellion, and thereby weaken humans in general by attacking them where they are most vulnerable, in the intimacy of their couple.


From the thirteenth century, new details drawn from Kabbalistic literature enrich the myth of Lilith. Taking up the biblical account of creation, Lilith would have been shaped with clay at the same time as Adam, but with impure clay, which explains her demonic character […] In contemporary times, the figure of Lilith rebelled against the authority of Adam and her creation simultaneously with that of man inspired feminist movements. In the 1970s, some activists from the group “Choosing the cause of women” took over Lilith and her image as a muse for their cause. Indeed, unlike Eve, whom the Bible presents as having been conceived from a rib of Adam so that she was dependent on him and therefore submitted, Lilith would have been formed from clay like Adam and would therefore be his equal . Which would place women in a status, no longer of subordination, but of parity-equality with man

Now the Koran confirms without any possible doubt that God extracted Adam’s wife from himself.

It was He who created you from a single being from whom he extracted his wife, so that he would find tranquility with her; and when the latter had cohabited with her, she conceived a slight pregnancy, with which she moved (easily). Then when she was weighed down, both invoked their Lord: “If You give us a healthy (child), we will certainly be among the grateful.” S7:V189

We see through this verse that this story of Lilith is a pure invention of the Devil, because everything that God created is originally pure, so it is impossible that God created this Lilith from an impure clay. We find here the old lie of Satan accusing God of being at the origin of evil, and blaming Him for having created him bad at the origin, and for having then deliberately brought about his downfall by misleading him.


Chapter 1 Verse 13

Let no one, when faced with temptation, say: “It is God who tempts me. For God cannot be tempted by evil and He does not tempt anyone himself.

Since You (God) misled me, says [Satan] S7:V16

God also restore the truth about the wife of Adam who is obviously not Lilith, and who was not created like Adam directly from clay, and even less from impure clay, but was extracted from Adam himself. Contrary to what Satan peddles as lies in order to sow discord between men and women, the fact that Eve was extracted from Adam does not make her an inferior being.

It was He who created you from a single being from whom he extracted his wife, so that he would find tranquility with her … S7:V189

The reason why God created Eve directly from Adam is so that they can find their peace with each other and thus be in total symbiosis. Contrary to what Satan says, this does not imply any subordination of one over the other, but on the contrary, this relationship is based on a perfect balance. Men bringing protection against the outside world to women because of their physical advantage, and women bringing internal peace to men, which will give them both the stability that will make their common strength in a perfect virtuous circle. Besides, God, in his infinite justice and wisdom, balanced this relationship as woman is originally extracted from man, and afterwards all men are extracted from women.

In reality, our wives are the feminine version of ourselves, and we are the masculine version of them. man and woman are the same being declined in its feminine and masculine version as equals, complementing each other because of the specificity specific to each sex, in a perfect symbiosis. So there is no alleged superiority of men over women, this is an old lie from Satan used to weaken our most intimate structure, that which makes our couple, in order to collectively weaken men and women.

Satan actually wants to encourage discord on both sides, on the one hand by pushing men to machismo as he did with the alleged guilt of Eve in the fall of men, on the other hand by pushing women through feminism cultivating the myth of the tyranny of men and their alleged superiority on women. Thus, the Devil makes men and women enemies for each other, which results in the destruction of their entire household: husband, wife and offspring.

On a general way, The Devil wants to create intimacy, hatred, and discord between all the creatures of God, and for that, he pushes wives to rebel against their husbands, children against their parents, subjects against their leaders, the poor against the rich, the young against the old, etc etc … all means are good for Satan to sow discord in order to weaken the whole of humanity.

Feminism: cause of the Devil

Lilith embodies the figure of the witch, a figure that has become a muse for the feminist cause today. For some time now, the figure of the witch has been completely rehabilitated, and the Devil has made it a model for all women who aspire to be modern. According to the Devil’s propaganda, the witch embodies the free woman, free from any taboo, any obstacle, doing what she wants when she wants, impossible to tame by men, but using men as a mere footboard to reveal her full potential.

The Devil wants to create a false contrast, presenting Lilith as the model of the totally independent woman, and this since her creation, not created from Adam but directly from her own land, like the woman free and free from all obstructing and fully assuming this role, like the woman who rebelled against God because of having created her impure, like the woman who rejected the patriarchal model imposed by the horrible tyranny of Adam and who refused to become a common surrogate mother for her children, Lilith having had no children with Adam. Marking thus the contrast with Eve, who she was extracted from the coast of Adam, therefore subject to Adam as of its creation, completely under the influence of its tyranny, agreeing to be reduced to the role of vulgar to argue for him and surrogate mother for her children.

The model of the woman that the Devil wants to spread in this world is that of Lilith, the tyrant woman. And the model he wants to spread for men is that of the inverted Lilith, that is to say the mop man, the emasculated man, just good at giving his sperm like a vulgar guinea pig, submitting to the tyranny of the woman created on the model of Lilith, having to satisfy the least of her desires, prisoner of his low instincts and seeking only his selfish pleasures, assuming nothing of the responsibilities related to his condition of man, but letting these Liliths manage his life and that of his offspring. In the end, the model of man wanted by the Devil is the one of the man who only seeks to fulfill his vile desires, mothered by these potential Liliths and serving them as a stripper.

Is this not the sad condition of men and women today, regardless of whether they think they are religious or not? In fact, today, women wear the pants at home, and more and more often in public, and men, as the weak and emasculated beings that they have become, are nothing more than big kids, doing nothing without the approval of their new mothers, the potential Liliths who serve them as wives, accepting the humiliation of serving them as vulgar doormats so that they leave them in peace and that they can enjoy their solitary pleasures profusely and selfish. Men today no longer occupy the role of protectors and guardians of their households that God assigned them, but have become mere executors, and at best, must negotiate the least of their decisions with their wives. God has entrusted this responsibility which is to protect and guide their households to men exclusively. There can be only one captain to guide the boat that represents the household, and this cpatain, God designated him to be man, and God has his reasons, and no other choice is negotiable or can lead to success. The majority of men today have decided to disobey God and change this model, which is why this world is on the brink of destruction.

Men are in charge of women, because of the favors that Allah grants to them on them, and also because of the expenses they make of their goods. Virtuous women are those who are subject (to God and their husbands), and protect what must be protected, during the absence of their husbands, with the protection of Allah. And as for those whose disloyalty you fear, urge them, get away from them in their beds and get them out of your house. If they listen to you again, then no longer seek a way against them, because Allah is certainly, High and Great S4:V34

When this verse speaks about submission, it is exactly like the submission that believers grant to God, it is not a forced and humiliating submission, but fully willed and grateful. For he who follows God follows him freely for his own good and not by force, just as the virtuous woman who follows her husband does so voluntarily and for her own good. Even if your husband is bad and weak, to be good women according to the criterion of God, you have submit to him and respect his authority, and maybe he will become good and strong, and if that does not happen, God will then give you a better husband.

Lilith, who is none other than Satan himself in the feminine, is in reality much more than a simple muse for the feminist cause, but represents the model of the Devil for both men and women, consisting in rejecting all form of constraint and turning into tyrants who only follow their own desires without any limit or restraint. This is no more and no less than the pure doctrine of the Devil expressed through Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law“.


Lilith is actually Satan

Do you think I’m exaggerating? All you have to do is turn on your television or read the newspapers, or watch how things work at home and around you, to realize that what I am telling you has indeed become the reality of this world. In reality, people are so conformist and easily influenced that they follow the model imposed by society, thinking that they have to adapte to their time, while the rules of God are immutable and do not evolve over time.

La Figure de la sorcière en modèle pour les femmes


Odile Chabrillac: “Being a witch is a way of honoring life
To break with patriarchy, to challenge the place of the body and sexuality in society, such is the ambition of the 21st century carabossers. Interview.


You are a naturopath and psychotherapist, but you define yourself above all as a witch. What is it to be a witch in 2019?
Odile Chabriac: A witch is the person who finds the ability to reclaim her own power and get out of dependence on any environment. The challenge for witches today is to manage to leave a ready-to-think model in which they no longer find themselves. It is to question the patriarchy, the place of women in society, but also the place of competition, of the body, of sexuality … It is to question the world differently and to seek the truth in a concrete and joyful way. The witch is neither the legendary fairy nor the magician who creates the illusion, no, she is simply the one who dares to look the truth in the face. At the risk of disturbing. It is the one that welcomes life, but also death, which ages without telling stories, without wanting to become young again at all costs. And there is something creaky about her.


Why are we witnessing the return of witches today?
They symbolize a certain number of ruptures that we are experiencing right now. On the one hand, the unrestrained growth is called into question, and we can perfectly perceive the limits of this unrestrained domination of nature. The heat waves of last summer call us to order in a very concrete way. In the same way, the notion of collective is slowly returning to public space. We begin to realize that being alone in his corner with his convictions has little meaning. The notion of common good is re-examined, our resources, our way of consuming, our relationship to the body are also. As for spirituality, we can see that the major religions are increasingly questioned, forced to adapt to this need for syncretism. Everyone will indeed draw from within themselves, helped by various beliefs – and no matter which ones -, the connection to greater than themselves.


When and how did you find out that you yourself were a witch?
As a little girl, already, I did not understand why the witches in children’s stories were always ugly, old and mean. Was it not pure segregation? It bothered me. Much later, at 19, I had my first experience “out of the body”. During this type of experience, more and more studied by science, we have the strange feeling that our consciousness comes out of ourselves, that we float above our body, and we lose all concept of time. Very early on, I therefore questioned what I considered normal and what was not. With friends, quite naturally and under the influence of the bestseller of the American activist Starhawk, Dreaming the obscure. Women, magic and politics *, we started to call ourselves “witches” between us. Then, I dug the path of shamanism, experimenting with plants like ayahuasca. I have made trips, real and psychedelic. This is where I started to get passionate about naturopathy. I understood that the human being belongs to a soil, that it is in harmony, in vibration with the plants which grow around him and that it is therefore useless to go to seek at the end of the world of the remedies which there are necessarily equivalents nearby. Then, what had hitherto remained of the order of playfulness – with a still subversive connotation – took on density. And a truly political dimension. Even if I still regularly organize “witch evenings”.


The witch is also the one who seeks the antidote…
Of course. From the moment I confront reality, I can remedy it. In a society which says to itself “we will never die again”, “progress will save us from everything”, this also amounts to coming out of denial. It is a reappropriation of oneself and of situations. And it goes through the body. In our Judeo-Christian culture, there is really a negation of the body, fluids, matter. This is why sexuality has also been so framed and normalized. The witch brings an embodied reality. It reveals “the shadow”, as Carl Jung, so well spoken of in psychology, says, this hidden part of the psyche formed by the individual part which does not know itself and whose existence is often ignored . Even if it creaks, if it hurts, if it bothers, if it smells bad, we face reality.


Are we all potentially wizards?
Absolutely. We are all carriers in ourselves of such a life energy and capable of mobilizing it, of inventing ourselves. Finally, it is the victory of the interior power over the grip. Little by little, women are recovering the right to speak via social networks or in the public square, right where they were burned.


What does your inner power aspire to?
In the same way that we have under the Arc de Triomphe the tomb of the unknown soldier, my dearest wish would be to see one day an “oak of the unknown witch”. A place of memory where the collective and the State would recognize the massacre of all these women burned at the stake. Norway did it, why not France? To dare to set a place of memory in reality by saying that it happened, that we recognize it and that we are trying to appease it, that would be a big step for the feminine.

We must learn from the past: Adam had commanded Eve to stay with him, because God had warned them that the Devil would come to attack them. But, Adam failed to watch over Eve and lost sight of her, and Eve did not listen to Adam and moved away from him. Result: the Devil was able to dominate Eve because she did not have Adam with her to protect her, and then used Eve to make Adam fall in turn. The same thing is happening today, and the result will be the same: men will fall again, but this time in hell. If man does not fulfill his role of man and woman her role of woman, then man and woman are both doomed. Today, men no longer fulfill the role of responsibility and protection that Allah has assigned them, their wives then find themselves defenseless against the Devil, and become a weapon which the Devil uses to destroy not only men, but also their offspring, now delivered to his hands from an early age. With the role that God has assigned to men and women, God has created a virtuous circle, while with the new distribution of roles that the Devil has put in place, it has become a vicious circle. This is what happens when men and women disobey their Lord’s Command, then they let the Devil trample on them and lead them to their collective loss.

Today, this model of the witch is not only sold to women, but also to men and children, who embrace this model of the new woman, and now let themselves be guided by them, themselves guided by the Devil. This is the very sign of a society which is no more than a shadow of itself and which is on the point of disappearing forever from the face of this world, exterminated by Divine Anger. When the world becomes ruled by women, which is the case today, it is the sign of its total decline and its imminent destruction.

Look at how the figure of the witch is sold to children, and how women have become true ambassadors of Satan.


Let’s read Kids: witch, scare me!
Witches to tremble on Halloween? Not only that, because they are experiencing a return to grace – even in children’s books!


We met Hécate, witch of the 21st century
The new Lucifer ambassador receives her “clients” in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. A witch who make more advertisement than evil.
She did not need a magic wand to attract media attention at the end of September, a simple email was enough: “Hécate becomes the dean of witches in France. From LCI to 20 Minutes via Liberation, journalists threw themselves on the subject. Sign of fate? Le Point receives the email in full development of its special issue on good and evil. The association of ideas was immediate: witch = caster = pact with the Devil. Isn’t this the cliché anchored in the popular imagination since the Inquisition invented the evil character of the cruel and lustful witch? But in the 21st century, under the Law, witchcraft does not exist. So, Hécate (it’s his official name), a joke? So we too went to consult her.


Hécate’s boss is Lucifer, “not to be confused with Satan,” she explains. In the firmament, therefore, God and good, in the depths the Devil, incarnation of evil, and in the middle, Lux Ferri, the one who brings light, the angel fallen by God. “He paid for passing on some knowledge to men; he doesn’t deserve his bad reputation. Lucifer, a little Christian brother from the Greek Prometheus, victim like him of a god jealous of his power. This tragic story diverted Hecate from Catholicism. “Believe and be quiet. It quickly got me drunk. In research, the girl rubs shoulders with several enlightened people, some dangerous (a slash linked to an exotic ritual testifies to this). But one day she meets Yul Rugga, founder of Western Wicca (of whitchcraft, witchcraft in English), now deceased, master in luciferism, a “rather philosophical religion”, according to her, which restores power to man and don’t let God decide everything.

Today, the women of this world have become real tyrants, imposing the least of their whims and making a crisis at the slightest contradiction. They do not realize that they have become witches and that Satan is hiding behind the least of their choices, because they no longer listen to anyone, neither God nor their husbands, except the Devil who wonderfully knows how to handle them.


What witch means
Dreaded and burned yesterday, witches today symbolize women’s power and freedom. But, in the face of so much magic, shouldn’t we be right?
Magic is in fashion, so are witches. Published in the fall of 2018, the book Witches.The Unconquered Power of Women (La Découverte) by journalist Mona Chollet has already sold more than 100,000 copies. Never has witchcraft seduced so much. Yesterday still synonymous with obscurantism and satanism, the rituals now enchant even the ministers. If she claims not to cast spells herself, Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State for Gender Equality, does not hesitate to declare, in September 2019, to Elle magazine: friends who draw cards or send me text messages before important moments: I told you a protection formula. (…) It’s like the feather of Dumbo the elephant: it gives confidence. “

We find in the following article the propaganda of the Devil that I mentioned to you, depicting Eve, the model of the virtuous woman according to God, like the submissive and crushed woman, and making the figure of the witch the new model to follow for women. We see in reality that the Devil does not target only women, but also men, God, and His Scriptures.


Indeed, what does History tell us? The witch certainly played a fundamental role in traditional societies, where she helped women to give birth, mothers-in-law and mistresses to die and the rain to fall. The Roman emperors readily availed themselves of his services, and later even the priests crossed the threshold of his door. But, feared as much as necessary, she was also a scapegoat. And, when the Church of the extreme end of the Middle Ages began to run out of Jews and heretics to burn, witches were used to fuel the pyres. It was enough for the judges to obey the texts. “You will not let the magician live,” says the book of Exodus (22, 18). Now is not the woman, daughter of Eve, the privileged target of the devil, the weak link in Christianity? After an acute crisis of misogyny, the Church ended up making a monster: the witch who unites with the devil during the Sabbath. However, it had to be proven, this orgasm, hence the atrocious torture which pushed the victim to confess what the judge suggested to him and to be convinced of his own lies. “Yes, I fucked the devil,” said the woman with the crushed legs. Wife. Especially the woman. Because, if men – and especially young boys – were burned as sorcerers from the 15th to the 17th century, of the 40,000 people executed, 80% were women.


Help, serious epidemic of witchcraft!
Marlène Schiappa, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Muriel Robin… Witches return, no longer to the pyres but to the ministries, the showbiz, etc.

The global campaign against violence against women does not serve the laudable purpose of protecting women against violence by men, but its real purpose is rejecting the patriarchal model prescribed by God, and of pushing women all over the world to rebellion .


Marlène Schiappa, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Muriel Robin and more than two hundred girlfriends signed for Halloween, on October 31, the call of the director Coralie Miller and her university accomplice Sandrine Rousseau: “Witches, of all countries, unite ! Against patriarchy and especially the crimes of blood committed against women. The cause is commendable, and the call to witches was spun, even if it is not new.



tremble, tremble, the witches have returned


“neither God nor men”
“witches for abortion” The real target is God and His Law, which shows that’s the Devil who is behind this movement


witches, the undefeated power of women


maxresdefault (1)

This devil in human shape and witch, Greta Thunberg, is there to promote feminism and the false cause of the environment, so that people do not worry about the real cause that can save them: repent of their sins and turn to God. The Devil seek to create all kind of false causes in order to divert the people from the Destruction of God which is about to fall

I testify myself through the women of my own entourage, that they all follow this model of the witch without even perceiving it, and their husbands are now reduced to the role of mere executors, saying amen to the least of their wills and fading away at the slightest conflict, in order to avoid a crisis on the part of the tyrants that have become their wives. Today, it is an ongoing battle that Satan is waging against us, even within our households, and even husbands who are well guided by God and who fully occupy their role, must permanently set their wives straight as soon as the Devil uses their wives to reach them, and that they suddenly become hysterical, totally unreasonable and uncontrollable. But, we believers, must not leave any room to the Devil and must also wage a merciless war against him, by reacting to the slightest alert. Myself, messenger of God, although God has given me a believing, good, and submissive woman, I must nevertheless episodically set her straight as soon as she falls under the influence of the Devil. In this end of times when misguidedness has become the norm, Satan uses women who have become his ambassadors, as the main weapon to lose all of humanity. The Devil’s weapons are vicious and seem harmless: just turning on the TV, watching a series or a show, listening to music, going shopping, meeting friends, … can be enough for the Devil to distance us from God and plunge us back into his illusion if we do not keep God in mind at all times. In these very dangerous times, we must therefore constantly remain connected to God and act accordingly to his precepts, otherwise we would risk being caught up in the devil’s illusion and moving away from the way of God forever.

Today we are in a real spiritual warfare that the Devil is waging against us every second. Virtuous women wanting the salvation of God and the afterlife must be aware that danger lurks everywhere, and as in any war, must anchor themselves on the way of God and stay closely in the footsteps of their well-guided husbands, accepting their calls to order in accordance with the precepts of God, and serving them as allies. As for men, they must obey God as much as possible and watch closely over their wives and not abandon them as many men do today. In case of error or rebellion, they must call them to order using patience and persuasion and by forgiving them. Men shall stop the hemorrhage immediately before the situation does become unmanageable, and therefore, shall be extremely careful and responsive. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the horrible machismo practiced by people of religions, the man is not there to make his wife his slave, but is there to protect her against the incessant assaults of Satan and shall not impose anything on her by force, but only by showing the right model and through persuasion. If your wife continues to behave like a tyrant animated by Satan, then ignore her injustice, forgive her, and continue to act according to God’s justice, until God brings you a solution. I am not here to promote misogyny, but on the contrary, God and his messengers are the true protectors of women. It turns out that the Devil’s plan is truly to use women to destroy all of humanity, this is pure reality and not mere delirium. It is therefore normal to be warned about this, and to put in place the adequate defense strategy: By being allies for each other, women by obeying God and their husbands, men by obeying God and watching over their wives and children.

maxresdefault (23)

2019 Nobel Peace Prize for Yazidi women, to promote feminism


The woman portrayed as a witch, with the “A” in red, like the Antichrist who will shed blood soon


The #meToo movement to denounce sexual harassment is not laudable and actually serves to promote feminism and encourages the rebellion of women against men. Moreover, most of the so-called victimized women agreed to be harassed in order to benefit their career and remained in this vile environment which is the cinema industry, when they could have left. They have said nothing for decades to benefit their careers and now that they are told that they can speak they are now setting themselves up as victims. Harassers as well as harassed are in reality the same criminals. God destroys and harasses the criminals through each others

The story of Abel and Cain

Satan was not idle, after causing the fall of Adam and Eve, driven out of Paradise to live a life of doom and toil on earth, he immediately went after their children, Abel and Cain.

Cain, having followed the steps of Satan instead of following the precepts of God and his parents, thus, became the first spiritual son of Satan, reproducing exactly the same injustice as him. Just as God tested the angels through the creation of Adam and Eve, in order to manifest to them what they hid inside themselves, God tested Abel and Cain by inspiring them to offer him a sacrifice.

The two offered sacrifices; that of one was accepted and that of the other was not … S5:V27


The episode of the offering to God of Abel and Cain only served to bring out the criminal nature of Cain, and to confirm the good nature of Abel. Indeed, God’s refusal of Cain’s offering has in reality nothing to do with the nature of his offering, but was intended to demonstrate the injustice of his behavior on a general way.

While Abel was a shepherd, not trying to leave his mark on the earth and simply feeding on the fruits of the trees, Cain wanted to mark the land by working it rather than eating its fruits, and by building constructions for his own glory rather than the glory of God. This gives us a lesson to all and clearly marks the difference between the believer, who does not seek greatness on this earth and considers himself only in transit at the same time being oriented towards the afterlife, and the lost who covets this eartly life and believes he will dwell there forever, while turning away from the afterlife.

This Last Abode, We reserve it for those who seek neither to rise on earth, nor to sow corruption there. However, the happy ending belongs to the pious. S28:V83

Today, Abel is a model for all true believers who must seek to live as simply as Abel did and to orient themselves towards the hereafter, and Cain is a model for all the criminals of this earth, behaving with injustice and remaining attached to this earthly world. This story also shows us that it is not enough to have faith in God to claim to be a good person approved by God. In fact, Cain had faith in God, and yet that did not prevent him from being blind and following in the footsteps of the Devil, while believing himself to be a good person under the right guidance.

But this is not the only difference between Abel and Cain, what I have just told you is actually only the visible side of their difference. Unlike Abel, who acted according to the precepts of God and who was inhabited by the fear of God, Cain did not fear God and behaved as he pleased, considering himself divine, and thus granting himself the right to act as he wishes without any regard for the Divine Law. Cain, as the first spiritual son of Satan, was full of himself, jealous and selfish, and had no regard for his brother Abel or for his parents whom he considered inferior to him, just as Satan believed himself superior to the rest of creation and had no regard for God that he ended up betraying. Cain therefore took no account of the wise advice of his brother Abel and his parents, but rather listened to the enemy that is the Devil who kindled in him the flame of pride, love of evil, and ingratitude.


Satan, like Cain, are the very prototype of the unjust person that we find over the centuries, and who became the norm during these end times that we are living today. Indeed, most people in today’s world are neither grateful to their Creator, nor follow His Guidance, nor pay attention to his reminders, nor have consideration for others, nor are critical of themselves, but are rather full of  themselves to the point of becoming tyrants, and are fueled only by self-love, contempt for others, lies, mockery , violence, and vice in all its forms.

US Open Tennis

The prototype of people today are what are commonly called perfect “assholes”

If God refused Cain’s offering, it is because his offering does not erase his actions. God does not want offerings, but rather prefers good works and good words.


Chapter 15 Verse 8

The Lord hates the sacrifices of the wicked, but the prayers of upright men are pleasing to him.

Likewise, for the evil people that are the majority of men on this earth, it is useless to pray to God or to give alms, if you do not fear God and do not behave accordingly to His precepts. Your prayers will not be heard or answered if your faith is not followed by action.

At the refusal of his offering to God, instead of questioning his behavior, Cain’s only reaction was to blame his brother Abel whose offering was accepted, and to lay his hand on him in order to kill him. Just as Satan only reaction to his banishment was to lay the blame on Adam and Eve, and by seeking by all means to precipitate them with him in his fall.

The two offered sacrifices; that of one was accepted and that of the other was not. Cain said: “I will surely kill you” … S5:V27


Abel, living in the fear of God, did not tell Cain that he was going to defend himself against him, which is legitimate. Rather, Abel continued to act accordingly to the precepts of God, letting his brother Cain commit the horrible evil  which is murder, and did not want to let his brother’s evil penetrate him.

… “Allah accepts, says the other (Abel), only from the pious.” If you extend your hand towards me to kill me, I will not extend my hand to you to kill you: for I fear Allah, the Lord of the Universe. I want you to leave with the sin of killing me and with your own sin: then you will be among the people of the Fire. This is the reward of the unjust. His soul made him kill his brother. So he killed him and became one of the losers. S5:V27-30

Thus, God teaches us all a lesson, inviting us not to reproduce the evil of others, even in self-defense, so as not to bring their evil into ourselves. Today, in this world of injustice to the extreme, injustice has become commonplace, and everyone, both those who believe themselves to be good people and others, reproduce the evil of each other, thinking that they are only reversing the injustice that they themselves have suffered. Now, that is exactly what the Devil actually wants: that evil spreads through all of us. In the film “Joker (2019)“, the Devil conveyed this idea, justifying the evil of the character of the Joker, as being the legitimate return of the evil that he himself suffered. But this is not what God prescribes for us, everyone is responsible for their actions and God commands us to respond to evil with good, and to protect ourselves from evil by leading a righteous life according to His precepts, away from bad people.

Here are those who will receive twice their reward for their endurance, for having responded to evil with good, and for having spent what we have attributed to them; S28:V54

People today tell themselves that they are doing nothing wrong with responding legitimately to the harm they have suffered, they do not realize that by doing this, they are only bringing evil into them. They say to themselves “the government is stealing from me, I am going to steal the government“, or “everyone uses this scheme, I will do the same“, like schemes to get reimbursed for sunglasses through insurances, or the rental of false furnished apartments in order not to pay tax on it. People do not realize that by doing this, they are committing a sin and bringing evil into them. It is not because the vast majority of men on this earth are criminals that we should behave like them. Because, all these criminals will very soon be destroyed by God and join the eternal hell, then those who will have imitated them will share the same fate as them. Today, this world is so evil that the believer must limit his interactions with the people of this despicable society to a minimum, in order to protect himself from their evil. God tells us that if we obey His precepts, then He will make sure that the evil of others does not fall on us, but only on the wicked, and God will thus make us fall through the cracks. We do not respond to evil with evil, but rather we deviate from it in order to protect ourselves from it and not let it enter us.



The Joker, first victim, then becomes executioner, responding to evil with evil

Just as Satan did not only attack Adam and Eve but all of humanity, Cain reproduced the same pattern as Satan. Because, not only did he kill Abel, but he killed all of humanity, that is to say all the descendants of Abel who will never be born because of his untimely death. This is why Allah says in the following verse: “he who kills a man kills all mankind“.

This is why We have prescribed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a person not guilty of murder or corruption on earth, it is as if he had killed all men. And whoever gives him life, it is as if he gave life to all men. S5:V27-32

Indeed, we are not the descendants, neither of Cain nor of Abel, but rather the descendants of the 3rd son of Adam and Eve, Seth, that God gave them to replace the loss of Abel.


Chapter 4 Verse 25

And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

Cain did indeed kill all of humanity in the literal sense of the word, because all the inhabitants of the earth are descendants of Seth, the branch from Cain having been destroyed through the Flood. This verse is therefore not a metaphor, in the sense that if Cain had not killed Abel, Seth would never be born and all of humanity would descend from Abel. All murder is equal, and all murder is therefore equivalent to the murder committed by Cain, and therefore amounts to killing all of humanity.

And Noah said, “Lord, do not leave any rebel on earth. If You leave them [alive], they will mislead Your servants and only generate rebellious sinners. S71:V26-27

God answered Noah’s prayer and left on the surface of the earth only the good men subject to him, and destroyed all of Cain’s descendants who were all in his image, rebellious sinners.

Peter 2

Chapter 2 Verse 5

And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;


When I tell you that the vast majority of people on this earth are doomed to destruction, I am not exaggerating. More than 99.9% of the people of this earth will be destroyed because this current world has far exceeded in its transgression and rebellion the people of Noah. During the Flood, God left Noah and 7 other survivors, so imagine the number of people God will spare in this world which is even worse. Knowing that 0.1% of 7.5 billion already represents 7.5 million people, this already seems to me a lot in view of the very small number of people who responded favorably to my Reminder of God. Only Lot and his children survived during the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Whenever the punishment of God arrives, the number of people who are subject to God is extremely small, so it is not surprising for you to learn that there will be much less than 0.1% of the inhabitants of this earth who will be saved.

Peter 2

Chapter 2 Verses 6-7

He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes, to give those who revolt against him an example of what will happen to them. He delivered Lot, the just man who was appalled by the immoral behavior of the debauched inhabitants of these cities.

Then [the angels] said, “O Lot, we are truly the emissaries of your Lord. They can never reach you. Leave with your family at some point during the night. And let none of you turn back. Except for your wife who will be hit by what will hit others. What threatens them will happen at dawn. Isn’t dawn near? ”S11:V81


We are living in a situation exactly identical to that of the inhabitants of the people of Noah: men were united in one community, we are now only one community and the earth has become a village. In the time of the Flood, men had forgotten God and no longer had any form of limit in their transgression, so our world today only innovates in terms of transgression and continues to push further its rebellion and perdition. Noah was the first messenger and warner after the beginning of the terrestrial trial, I am the last messenger and warner before the end of this world. God did not leave any survivor among the rebels of Noah’s time, God will not leave any at this end of time. God saved the people who followed Noah by taking them on the Ark and then destroyed the rest of the world, God will save the people of faith subject to Him by taking them into his new spiritual Ark and then destroy the whole world.

Take my words very seriously, because God shows me many signs that you do not perceive. If I tell you this, it is with good reason, for you to realize that we are going to be harshly tested and only few will be taken into the new spiritual Ark of God. Therefore, you must spare no effort in order to have a chance to be saved, because no one is assured of his salvation, and the one who is confident about his future is the one who will undoubtedly be destroyed. Myself, messenger of God, does not take my salvation for granted, because regardless of my mission, God will judge me according to my acts, and the least of our sins is likely to be fatal to us, and we are all full of sins. All our sins remain to our credit until the Day of Resurrection, and it is only when God accepts to absolve us that we can finally breathe and consider ourselves really out of the woods, but in no case before. Those who take this message lightly are in reality already condemned, only those who will believe in this message and who will do their utmost to comply with it and who will prepare their return to God, who will be able to embark on the New Ark of God. God will give his servants a soft and imperceptible death, like the death of Jesus, as for the others, they will die of an atrocious and painful death. This journey to God must be prepared long before, and those who have not prepared for it will not embark, but will receive the Punishment of God upon them. So act now by repenting of your sins, increasing your faith in God, detaching yourself from this world in order to prepare for your return to God, because only those who do this will be inspired and strengthened by God when the time comes.

Just like Satan before him, when God asked Cain to account for his crime, Cain’s only response was to shirk his responsibilities and not take responsibility for his fault, and to do an affront to God by answering His question by another question, just making things worse for himself.


Chapter 4 Verse 9

The Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” He replied, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper? ”.

Is it not the same behavior of the vast majority of today’s world to commit injustices, and when they are called to order, do not question themselves and are led by arrogance to more crime? Thus, because of his criminal pride, Cain was led to commit a greater crime by killing his brother Abel, when the latter only reminded him that if his offering had not been accepted, it was because of his own injustice.

And when we say to him: “Fear Allah,” he is led by arrogance to (more) crime. Hell will suffice him, and what a bad bed, certainly! S2:V206

Et quand on lui dit: «Redoute Allah», l’orgueil criminel s’empare de lui. L’Enfer lui suffira, et quel mauvais lit, certes! S2:V206

Just as Satan and Cain blame God for their own misdeeds and set themselves up as victims, the majority of people in this world, as the tyrants that they are, refuse to hear any criticism, not even from God or his messenger, and turn all criticism against its issuer. When an evil affects them, they are taking on the role of the victim and do not support any advice allowing them to understand the reason of their misfortune. These criminals do not want to hear anything other than words going in their direction, and if someone dares to rebuke them, then their face suddenly changes and they quickly reveal their true criminal nature.


Chapter 9 Verse 7

He that reproveth a scorner getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man getteth himself a blot.

In return for his crime, God cursed Cain and condemned him, just like Satan, to wander forever. And this is in no way the fault of God, but the fault is entirely on he who has excluded himself, who betrayed his family and seeks to destroy it, because that’s precisely what Satan and Cain did.


Chapter 4 Verses 11-12

And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand; When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.

God then decreed that if someone killed Cain, He would avenge his death seven times.


Chapter 4 Verses 13-15

And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me. And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

Most people do not really understand this verse and wonder what God means by avenging Cain’s death seven times. And why would God avenge the murder of Cain, while he is a criminal? Doesn’t God say a life for a life according to the Law of Talion?

Six generations later, Cain was killed in a hunting accident by one of his own descendants of the 6th and last generation, Tubal-Cain. At the beginning of humanity, people could live more than 1000 years because the genetic heritage of men was only at the beginning of its degeneration due to sin. This is why Cain was still alive at the same time as his descendants of the 6th generation.

And indeed, We sent Noah to his people. He remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years. Then the flood carried them away when they were unjust. S29:V14

maxresdefault (2)

Representation of Tubal Caïn in the movie Noah


According to the rabbinical tradition, Lamech became blind with age. He is guided in the hunt by a child. The latter, believing to see a wild beast, directs the arm of Lamech who shoots down his ancestor Cain with an arrow, thus accomplishing divine revenge. Lamech, understanding his error, ends up killing the child who had guided his arm.

maxresdefault (1)

The outcome of this story actually reveals to us that the one who is the cause of Cain’s death is none other than Cain himself. From the moment he killed his brother Abel, Cain had signed his own death and that of the six generations of his descendants. God therefore avenged Cain by striking seven times the one who was responsible for his death, that is to say Cain himself, and the six generations which descend from him through the Flood. Indeed, after the Flood, there were no survivors of the descendants of Cain, and the only survivors on Earth were the descendants of Noah, himself a descendant of Seth.


Cain and the 6 generations of his descendants suffered the 7 vengeances of God

Thus, God shows us that the price of our sins falls on our own descendants, and that doing evil is not just doing it against our own person, but also against all our descendants up to 7 generations! Obviously, God is not so unjust as to make the innocent pay for the sins of his ancestors. But, the one that God curses, as was the case with Cain, God gives him over 7 generations only criminals as descendants, and these criminals only pay the price for their own misdeeds.

Through this truthful and not legendary story, Allah wants us to fully realize the weight of our sins and our injustices. It is not for nothing that God compares man to a tree in the Koran, because the defiled branch, which corresponds to the man who has been cursed by God, gives only defiled branches and is destined to fall or to be cut, as was the case with the defiled branch of Cain which gave only rebellious sinners, and which was cut completely by God through the Flood.

Since the first man, Adam, man has not changed and reproduced generation after generation the same errors and injustices since his fall. God wants to show us that being wicked is by no means inevitable, as Satan and Cain unfairly thought, and therefore never intended to stop their evil, accusing God of having created them evil by nature. Rather, we must follow the pattern of Adam and the other messengers, who committed sins, but then repented and became better men thanks to their mistakes. Indeed, we are not prisoners of our bad nature, but we can fight against our bad inclinations and eradicate them. By remaining turned towards God and by persisting in correcting our faults, God will always end up accepting our repentance and healing us from our evil. Bad people are the ones who do evil and never repent, like Satan and Cain, or if they repent, ask God to forgive them immediately and unconditionally, those are the real criminals. Whereas the one who is in a sincere process of redemption, when he commits a fault, has nothing to demand from God, but fully accepts His sentence without complaining, changes his attitude, and is ready to take the time it will take to correct his pain, even if it took him the rest of his life. How many people do I hear telling me that they are bad by nature and blame God for having created them like this. Now, God creates only good, and it is man who becomes evil because of his own misdeeds, until his evil becomes rooted in him to the point that he can no longer resist it, and then his bad nature definitely takes over and leads him to his death and eternal hell.

On the contrary! Those who do evil and who are surrounded by their sins, these are the people of the Fire where they will remain eternally. S2:V81

God invites us to stop our evil as soon as it appears in us, and not to let it settle in us, so as not to become like Cain and the criminals of this earth who followed his example and ended like him by letting their evil dominate them, until it leads them to their death.


Chapter 1 Verses 13-15

Let no one, when tempted, say: It is God who tempts me. For God cannot be tempted by evil, and he does not tempt anyone himself. But everyone is tempted when they are attracted and enticed by their own lust. Then lust, when she has conceived, gives birth to sin; and sin, being consumed, produces death.

The model of Satan and Cain

Through the example of Satan and Cain, God gives us a model not to be reproduced: that of being full of ourselves and arrogant towards others. Because, the worst sin is pride, which opens the way to all other sins, prevents us from being lucid about ourselves and from repenting.

In our world today, most people are proud and don’t even realize it, because pride has become the norm today. All of them proudly display their lives on social networks, which the Devil created for this purpose to increase their love of themselves. All put themselves on stage in front of their smartphones and multiply the photos and videos, which is no more and no less akin to the worship of idols proscribed by God. The proud people of this world have become their own idols and seek by all means to stand out from others. They all share the same high self-image and have become real tyrants, not tolerating the slightest annoyance and getting impatient for nothing.



Self-glorification, that’s what social media and smartphones are for

Criticizing them is a crime of lese majesty, they become offensive and show a completely different face than the smooth facade they are used to display, and suddenly they become extremely violent and contemptuous with a black and unrecognizable face. The people of this world always give themselves the right role and spend their time mocking others, without even realizing that they are similar to those they are mocking. Today, you see these one man shows becoming more and more popular, where people just make fun of others unjustly while taking a pretentious and arrogant behaviour. There is reason why these kinds of shows sprouted up like mushrooms, it is because it is exactly this kind of haughty, contemptuous, and casual attitude, which is conveyed through these shows, that the Devil seeks to cultivate in people. Because, the Devil knows very well that those who behave like that have no hope of being guided by God. People today see nothing wrong with these “comic” shows, but on the contrary  find inspiration in them and reproduce their attitudes. When you watch one of these shows, you feel like dirty and you are ashamed of yourself, ashamed of this exuberant orgy of mocking and pretentious laughter.

This is the price of your exultation on earth, without reason, as well as your immoderate joy. Go through the gates of Hell to stay there forever. How bad is the place of stay of the proud! S40:V75-76

If you look for the people today, you will find them crowded all-together in front of these one man shows that only make them always more stupid and arrogant, in cinemas and theaters that brainwash them with the Devil’s propaganda, in concert pits and stadiums to cheer on their false idols. But, if you call them to God and His Scriptures alone, you find none to answer your call.


Those destined for hell which are the vast majority of men of this world, love the crowd and love when there are people, because it gives them the impression of reviving, they who are already dead inside themselves. This is good, they will be just as agglutinated in hell.


Look at the pretentious, mocking, and casual attitude of these comedians, this is precisely the despicable attitude that the majority of people in this world today adopt in order to feel trendy and sophisticated.



Pretentious, sufficient, contemptuous, dumb, casual, this is the model that the Devil wants to promote around the world

God however prescribes us to be humble, respectful, simple, decent, thoughtful, serious, while the Devil wants through these shows, that we become proud, self-sufficient, pretentious, arrogant, casual, stupid, dumb, exuberant, futile, contemptuous, haughty … everything that God hates and despises.

And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, Allah likes not any arrogant boaster. And be moderate (or show no insolence) in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest of all voices is the braying of the ass. S31:V18-19

If these one man shows are so successful today, it is because people are asking for more, attracted by futility and turning away from Knowledge, the evocation of God, and the accomplishment of good works. The majority of people in this world only want to laugh without limit and have fun, like the simple-minded they have become. They absolutely need a breath of fresh that makes them forget for a moment their life made of misfortunes and disasters. But, behind their smiling and confident facade, people cry inside themselves because of the losers that they really are, as they know very well deep inside themselves the misfortunes and humiliations that they must endure daily because of their injustice.

God is not a spoiler, but God has the most refined and hard-hitting humor that can be, not based on the demeaning of others and on nastiness , but a perfectly appropriate and decent humor that always hits the bull’s eye. Humor is a good thing, but must be used in the right way and without the will to hurt others. Today, we live in a society of bulimics of consumption, people pay to laugh for two hours in a row, something which is indecent and unnatural, because the real humor occurs naturally through situations of our daily life, and not on demand.

Today, the majority of people in this world have taken Satan and Cain as models, without even realizing it, sinking endlessly into their error and injustice, always more satisfied with themselves, become their own idols, and creating in their mind a “god” custom made for them that only flatter their ego. For them, the right guidance is necessarly theirs, the right behavior is necessarly theirs, the truth is necessarly theirs, the good destiny is necessarly theirs, they are completely disconnected of all reality, and have nothing to do with the truth and true precepts of God.

Deaf, dumb, blind, like the monkeys and pigs they have become, they remain of their own choice in their illusion, until the Punishment of God falls on them.


This is exactly what are the vast majority of people today

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