Ultimate Warning of God Before the Beginning of The Final Destruction in 2020 (Part 3)

The number 19 in the Quran

And who will tell you what Saqar is?  It shall not spare, nor leave, a real shredder for beings. There are nineteen watching over it. We have assigned as Guardians of the Fire only Angels. However, And their number we have made only a trial for those who disbelieve, so that those who are vouchsafed the Book may be convinced, and that those who believe may increase in faith, and that those who are vouchsafed the Book and the believers may not doubt, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the disbelievers may say: “What did Allah want with this parable? Thus Allah leads astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. NO ONE KNOWS THE SOLDIERS OF YOUR LORD EXCEPT HIM. And this is just a reminder for humans. S74:V27-31

we cannot say that Allah’s warning is not clear enough on this number 19. Allah makes it clear that those who tackle the mystery of the number 19 are precisely those who do not have faith in Him and those who have a disease in the heart. Allah announces in advance to those who defy it, that not only will they not find its true meaning, but that the more they will persist in searching it and the more they will increase the disease which is in hearts and their error, which was indeed the case for Rashad Khalifa and his heir, Edip Yuksel. Indeed, for the lost, this warning seems light and they see no harm in trying to unravel this mystery, while he who has the knowledge of Allah, knows the gravity of such an act. Indeed, to challenge this mystery 19 is like to challenge Allah Himself, and the first great evil therein is to disobey a direct and clear order from Allah not to approach this enigma, just like the prohibition from Allah not to approach the forbidden tree. What greater criminal than one who knowingly defies Allah and disobeys one of His direct orders?

But, these criminals who are Rashad Khalifa, Edip Yuksel, and those who took the same path as them, do not give a hoot about the warning of Allah and tell themselves that they will still uncover its secret by their own intelligence, ignoring the prohibition of Allah and trusting in their own science.

We have clearly seen the enormous error induced by the so called miracle 19 of Rashad Khalifa and Edip Yuksel. This false miracle of the Devil led them to alter the very body of the Qur’an by removing 2 verses from it, which is a sign of obvious error. But, above all, this code 19 has led those who adopted it to turn away from the very content of the Koran and its true function which consists in applying it to oneself. Instead, they turned their religion into a treasure hunt, in a permanent search for sensationalism, focusing on so-called mathematical coincidences without any interest in terms of guidance. In reality, it is the Devil himself who hides behind this number 19 and he uses it to divert from the way of God and promote any form of superstition. However, God invites us to base our guidance on our reason and on the precepts of the Koran, and not on instinct and superstition.

It is not without reason that God metions the hell of Saqar directly in connection with the number 19. But, because it is the Devil who hides behind this number, and that those who will adopt the way to which the number 19 invites, will be precisely the occupants of Saqar, in company with Satan in person.

In reality, only Allah knows the meaning of the number 19, and Allah can reveal its meaning to whomever He wants. As the last messenger of God before the end of this earthly world, Allah has revealed its meaning to me, WITHOUT I NEVER ASKING FOR IT. It is normal for God to reveal the mysteries of the Qur’an before the end of this world, otherwise what is the point of putting secrets in the Qur’an whose meaning will be uncovered? The Qur’an is a permanent miracle that will continue to reveal new mysteries until the end of this world and forever.

We will keep showing them Our signs in the universe and in themselves, until it becomes clear to them that the Koran is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord to witness everything? S41:V53

The Koran is even the greatest miracle that has ever existed, FOR IT IS THE PURE AND ENDLESS WORD OF ALLAH HIMSELF.

Even if all the trees of the earth were to turn into pens, even if the ocean were an ocean of ink where seven other oceans would meet, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. For Allah is Mighty and Wise. S31:V27



God never exaggerates, 7 times the ocean in ink and all the trees in the world in pencils would not be enough to write all the wisdom and knowledge of God, this is not a parable nut the truth

Can you imagine for a single second that the Word of Allah, the Qur’an, may dry up one day? For true believers, never! It would be to imagine that one day the Koran becomes a useless book which has finished revealing all its mysteries and lavishing its wisdom, like a vulgar book of man. But, this is not likely to happen because the Word of God is of infinite wisdom, and for eternity we will not stop acquiring new knowledge from Allah, allowing us to discover new meanings which until then had escaped us.

By the explicit Book! We have made it an Arabic Qur’an so that you can reason. It (the Koran) is with Us, in the Source Book (from which the Koran comes), in high place and full of wisdom. S43:V1-4

God gave the Koran as a miracle to the prophet Muhammad, but also to me, his ultimate messenger, in order to reveal through me the mysteries of the Koran which until then had remained unknown, which represents additional proof for you that I am for sure the messenger of God.

In reality, there is no need to write dozens of thick books on the number 19 or to try to break its mystery through computers, as did the great misguided that are Rashad Khalifa and Edip Yuksel. The secret of this mystery is simply contained in the verse itself for one who has the Knowledge of God.

There are nineteen watching over it. We have assigned as Guardians of the Fire only Angels. S74:V30-31 

The answer is right there before your eyes, the number 19 actually represents the count of the guardians of hell, who are 19 angels or rather 19 fallen angels, but still angels all the same by nature. For, even fallen, they remain angels, and Satan is the 19th of them and will be the Master of Hell.

20423169dante inferno_0

The number 19 therefore designates Satan, and now that we have clearly demonstrated that Rashad Khalifa was only the Devil’s instrument, we understand better why Satan made him call the number 19 by the name of “Number of God“, and not under another name. Indeed, nothing better than to affix the name of God on what is really akin to the Devil, in order to sell as coming from God what is the deviation of the Devil. It is an old peddler technique, and Satan is the first of the peddlers, to deceive people by affixing a label saying the exact opposite of the proposed content. Now, it is not the label that makes the content, but the content itself, and we have seen that the number 19 only leads astray. Satan therefore only replaced the label “Number of the Devil” which actually corresponds to the number 19 with the label “Number of God“, and voila. The Devil doesn’t just lie, but his lies are always the very opposite of the truth. The fact that the Devil gave the name “Number of God” to the number 19, therefore tells us that the truth corresponds to the exact opposite, that is to say that the number 19 is in fact akin to the “Number of the Devil“.


Number of Satan God

This kind of false impostor remedy on which one affixes a false label to deceive people concerning its true contents, is called “snake oil“, ie the oil of the Devil. Oil symbolizes knowledge, so snake oil corresponds to the knowledge of the Devil, which is exactly what the false miracle 19 is.


It makes perfect sense that God chose the devils that are Satan and 18 other fallen angels, as guardians of hell. Why would Allah assign pure and innocent angels to remain for eternity in this horrible place that is hell in the company of these horrible people who are the people fated to hell? Doesn’t Allah say in the Qur’an that hell is reserved for rebels?

If you fail to do so, and for sure, you will never succeed, then prepare yourself against the fire that men and stones will fuel, which is reserved for rebels. S2:V24

Hell is only for criminals, so it is inconceivable that the 19 keepers of hell can be the pure and innocent being that are the angels who remained faithful to God. When God speaks of 19 angels as guardians of hell, it can only be 19 fallen angels. For even being fallen, they still remain angels, just as fallen men still remain men.

As for the criminals, they will remain forever in the punishment of Hell. S43:V74

The only equitable solution would be for both the keepers and residents of hell to be composed exclusively of criminals, which will be precisely the case. As I told you before in this message, the goal for God is to create a perfect world, that is to say 100% pure, while being composed of beings 100% free. For this to work, it would be necessary that this perfect world which is Paradise is reserved exclusively for those who of their own choice want to obey God and who demonstrated it in this earthly life, and that the others are confined in this 100% impure place that is hell, without these two worlds ever being able to mix. Once this earthly trial is over and everyone has expressed their choice, It will be then inconceivable to see pure and obedient beings of God occupying hell, and vice versa. This therefore shows that the guardians of hell cannot in any case be pure and faithful angels to God, but that they will necessarily be fallen angels. This confirms to us that Satan is not the only fallen angel, but that there are 18 others angels who followed him in his rebellion.

God says in the Qur’an that He will never speak again to the people of hell.

Those who hide what Allah has brought down from the Book and sell it for a cheap price, these only fill their stomachs with Fire. Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will they cleanse them. And there will be painful retribution for them. S2:V174

They will say, “Lord! Our misfortune has overcome us, and we were lost people. Lord, get us out! And if we do it again, then we will be unjust. ” He will say: “Stay there in your ignominy and do not speak to Me any more“. S23:V106-108

This explains why the people of hell who are mentioned in the Koran never address directly God, but only the 19 fallen angels who serve as keepers of hell and that God has assigned them as their new masters, since God does not want of the people of hell anymore.

And those who are in the Fire will say to the guardians of Hell, “Pray to your Lord to lighten us one day from [our] torment.” They will say: “Did not your Messengers bring you the obvious proofs?” They will say: “Yes”! They [the guards, ie the fallen angels] will say, “Well, pray!” And the invocation of the disbelievers is pure perdition“. S40:V49-50

And they will cry out, “O Angel (the fallen guardian angels of hell)! May your Lord finish us! ”He will say,“ Verily, you are to dwell there [forever]! »S43:V77

The people of hell did not want God for Master during this earthly test, but rather took the Devil for master by following him in his rebellion and his error. God therefore assigned them to the master whom they chose for themselves and the Devil will therefore be their new substitute god once they will join hell. Satan is the worst creature that can ever exist in this world, he is the one who is exactly the opposite of God. The people of hell can only deserve to be administered by the worst being, the Devil who will be for them a ruthless and intractable jailer.

(Allah) says: “Verily, and it is the truth that I say, I will certainly fill the Hell with you (Iblis / Satan) and with all of them who will follow you” S38:V84-85

And whoever stands up to the messenger after the straight path has appeared to him and follows a path other than that of the believers, then We will assign him to what he has assigned himself, and burn him in Hell. What a bad destination! S4:V115

God indeed created Satan with unique attributes that make him a separate being, different from other angels and from the rest of creation. Even if God is unequaled in all fields, Satan is the one who comes closest to God in terms of power, having this capacity to exercise like God his “bliss” through his evil aura, to be present at several places at the same time, to hear all the people at once, and to answer the prayers of his followers. Just as God presides over the higher council of angels, Satan presides over his higher council made up of his 18 fallen angels.

The Prince of Darkness

by Jeffrey Burton Russell

The history of the world started at the moment when space and time were created. Immediately after, according to medieval accounts, God composed 9 orders of Angels and created Lucifer to be the highest Angel of the highest order, 2nd in glory just after God Himself. “I will make you the closest to Me in terms of all powers, master and mirror of my power; I have created you magnificent in terms of bliss and name you Lucifer, the Bearer of Light“.

In this bipolar world, there is God and there is Satan, and nobody else between them, all being is therefore necessarily either under the influence of God, or under the influence of Satan. We are like a mount that cannot do anything without a rider, and this rider is either God or Satan. There is only one way of salvation: that of God, all the other ways, and they are innumerable, are all ways of Satan. The way to which I invite you is the only possible way, because I am the messenger of God and God transmits to you through me his Reminder. Many people in this world believe that they are not with Satan, but the fact that they are not guided by God prooves that they are in reality with Satan, even if they do not realize it yet. In short, if you are not on the way that God manifests through me, his messenger, then, for sure you are necessarly on one of the ways of Satan, there is no other option. Obviously, God is the sole and only Master and Creator and has no counterpart, and Satan, although unique by his creation, remains a creature of God subject to the power of God, so I am not telling you that Satan is God’s counterpart. God assigned Satan to serve as a false god to those who did not want the True God that He is. The people of hell deserve only to be ruled by a false god in the person of Satan, since they have followed falsehood and based all their life on falsehood, whether they are aware of it or not.

Allah shows us his signs in the Qur’an with verse S66: V6. The number of this verse was not chosen at random, because it is precisely the only verse in the Koran mentioning the “rough angels” who will serve as guardians in hell. This is why the code that the Devil gave to his plan is 666, because the final objective of the Devil is none other than hell to which he invites all his followers. 6 + 6 + 6 like the 18 fallen angels, “the rough angels” guardians of hell, and at their head, Satan, the 19th!

O you who believed! Preserve your persons and your families, from a Fire whose fuel will be people and stones, watched by rough, harsh, Angels, never disobeying Allah in what He commands them, and doing strictly what they are ordered. S66:V6

Even fallen, the 19 angels can certainly freely follow their own path of rebellion and perdition, but they can in no way escape from the authority of God. Because all creatures are actually under the authority of God whether they realize it or not. The power of God is Absolute, nothing escapes his control, otherwise He would not be God. In reality, it is God who authorizes the rebels to rebel against Him and in no way themselves who have managed to evade his authority. There is nothing that we want or do, submitted as rebels, without it being previously wanted and approved by God. Whoever wants submission to God and good, God will direct his will in this direction, while he who wants rebellion against God and evil, God will direct his will in this direction. We cannot want anything without God wanting it before us. In reality, God decides everything, and our free will is simply to choose to obey God of our own free will or against our will, but in any case God’s will will always be fulfilled, otherwise God would not be God if anyone succeeded in defeating His will. Whoever submits his own will to God’s will, God will give him the will to do good for himself and for others, and will make him be grateful to Him, while he who prefers his own will to the will of God, God will give him the will to do evil for himself and for others, and will make him an ungrateful rebel.

And then, whoever Allah wants to guide, He opens his chest to submission. And whoever He wants to lead astray, He makes his chest narrow and embarrassed, as if he were trying to ascend to heaven. Thus Allah inflicts His punishment on those who disbelieve S6:V125

So even rebels to God obey the will of God, because by rebelling and seeking to disobey God, they are only accomplishing what God actually decided for them.

And it is to Allah that prostrate, willy-nilly, all who are in heaven and on earth, S13:V15

Therefore, Satan does nothing which is not previously willed by God, and cannot in any way escape from His authority. When Satan says that he will seduce men, it is not of his own making, but only with the permission of God and thanks to the power of God, and not by his own will and power. We have seen that by doing so, Satan is only carrying out the initial plan of God, which consists in separating his creatures between submissive and rebels, in order to have a perfect world made up of totally free beings, ie Paradise, and all the others confined to hell. Satan’s only role is to push the people to reveal their hidden nature and to serve as executioner and substitute god for the rebels.

“Lord,” said [Iblis], “give me a reprieve, until the day they are resurrected.” (Allah) says: “You are one of those who is granted a deadline, until the day of the Well-Known Moment”. “By Your power! said [Satan]. I will certainly seduce them all, except Your servants chosen among them”. S38:V79-83

In this other verse, Satan had promised to support the Meccan pagan armies against the prophet Muhammad and the believers, but when he saw that God was with them, he had no choice but to turn around because Satan strictly obeys God, and if he is a rebel, it is only because God has authorized him to be so.

And when the Devil made their works fair-seeming unto them and said, “No one among humans can dominate you today, and I am your support.” But, when the two groups faced each other, he (Satan) turned on both heels and said, “I confess you. I see what you don’t see; I fear Allah, and Allah is harsh in punishment ”. S8:V48

We also see through Job’s story that Satan can only act within the perimeter that God has assigned to him, and can in no way exceed the limits that God has defined for him.


Chapter Verses 6-12

One day the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. The Lord said to Satan, Where are you from? And Satan answered the LORD, from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. The LORD said to Satan, Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no one like him on earth; he is an perfect and upright man, fearing God, and turning away from evil. And Satan answered the LORD, Is Job selfless in fear of God? Have you not protected him, his house, and all that is his? You have blessed the work with his hands, and his flocks cover the country. But stretch out your hand, touch everything that belongs to him, And I’m sure he will curse thee to the face. And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. And Satan withdrew from the face of the Lord.

It was not Satan who attacked Job against the will of God, but it was God who incited him to do so. As I explained to you, our own will does not come from ourselves but only reflects the prior will of God. It is therefore God Himself who wanted Satan to seek to destroy Job, because God wanted to put Job to the test in order to make him realize his wrongs, with a laudable end goal: to bring out the evil and the bewilderment which are in him and that he couldn’t perceive for himself. And as we have seen, Job then realized his wrongs and was purified, and God forgave him and gave him even more than he had before, all’s well that ends well.

Therefore, both Satan and the other 18 fallen angels strictly obey God despite their rebellion. Just because hell will be guarded by fallen angels does not mean that people in hell can band together to foment a counter-offensive against God. No rebellion will be possible in hell, and the fallen angels will literally apply what God tells them to do.

These are the ones whose refuge is Hell. And they will find no way to escape it! S4:V121

and the libertines will, of course, be in a furnace where they will burn on the day of Retribution unable to escape. S82:V14-16

And as for those who have been perverted, their refuge will be Fire: whenever they want to get out, they will be brought back there, and they will be told: “Taste the punishment of Fire which you refused to believe”. S32: V20

They will want to go out of the Fire, but they will not go out. And they will have permanent punishment. S5:V37

Whenever they want to get out of it (to escape) from distress, we will put them back there and (we will tell them): “Taste the punishment of the Furnace. S22: V22

O you who believed! Preserve your persons and your families, from a Fire whose fuel will be people and stones, watched by rough, harsh Angels, never disobeying Allah in what He commands them, and doing strictly what they are ordered. S66:V6

Satan is the first to be created by God and he will be the last to die, which further confirms that the number 19 does indeed designate him, 1 being the first digit, and 9 the last digit.

The letter “S” stands for Satan or the Serpent, is the 19th letter of the alphabet. Even the shape and the sound produced by this letter represent the serpent.


As I showed you in the previous part of this message, “Sam” is one of Satan’s favorite aliases, even it is not by far the only one. The Devil is hiding behind many assumed names starting with “S” or containing the sound “Sss”, like the Serpent that he is. Here are a few names that Satan gives to the characters who embody him in the films that serve him as propaganda: Sam, Stan, Smith, Superman, Scott, Steve, Steven, Stephen, Shawn, Saul, Saun, Stanley, Stefan, Shay, Shiloh, Shea, Santiago, Sean, Seth, Sebastian … You can check for yourself that most often the characters who bear these names in movies and series are clearly identifiable to Satan by their behavior and speech. Satan does nothing but use these actors, who are actually his servants, to spread his error all over the world.

The number 19 designates Satan well: 1 to say that Satan is unique by the special powers that God has conferred on him alone, and 9 to say that he is the strongest in terms of knowledge and power within creation, God placing himself infinitely above all of creation.

In Crowley’ Book of The Law, which has been inspired to him by Satan himself in order to spread his deception, Satan says that the fools associate him with the number 9.

The Book of the Law

by Aleister Crowley

For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret. […]I am The Empress & the Hierophant. Thus eleven, as my bride is eleven.

Indeed, the fools consider Satan as the highest being, as an alternative to God, and even as the one true God, thus, they associate the number 9 with him, as 9 represents Satan as the highest creature that God has created in terms of power.

While the the number 8 truly represents Satan, as the one who leads to self-destruction. The 8 also represents the false Jesus that Satan will incarnate during the end times, and who will claim to be God Himself. Indeed, Satan is the substitute god for all the criminals and rebels. I will detail later this part about Jesus in a complete chapter dedicated to this topic.


The number 8 represents self-destruction and eternal hell on which, Satan, the Serpent, will reign for ever

Satan hides behind several numbers depending on the role he wants to put forward. The number 11 designates Satan in his role of rebel. Indeed, the hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles, Satan is the master of the occult teachings which are not from God, creating an alternative law to the law of God, and an alternative truth to the truth of God. Satan is androgynous, that’s why he presents himself both as female and male: “I am The Empress & the Hierophant“.

The number 8 represents Satan in his role of false Jesus, the number 19 represents him as the Master of Hell, and the number 11 as the rebel to God who pushes for rebellion. Indeed, before declaring his rebellion in paradise, Satan was still called Iblis, the word “Iblis / إبليس” is mentioned exactly 11 times in the Koran, which prooves that 11 represents Satan in his role of rebel, which is what defines him the best. You shall not be surprised to see Satan represented by so many numbers and symbols, because Satan is legion and has countless facets, each facet being represented by a symbol or number.


The 18 Fallen Angels


As I explained to you in the previous parts, all of God’s creatures, including the angels, fully enjoy their free will. If Satan, as an angel, was able to rebel against God and disobeyed His command, then the other angels are just as capable of doing it. When Satan had submitted the idea to the angels that they could very well lead their own lifes without God and were not obliged to follow His path, a certain number of them, more precisely 18, approved him, while the others never adhered to his thought and remained hermetic to it forever. But when the angels were commanded by God to bow before Adam, there was only Satan who was already far enough in his rebellion to take the plunge and to openly disobey God. The other 18 angels, although sharing his thought, were not yet ready to openly declare their rebellion. Indeed, as long as it is still in the realm of reflection, sin is not reprehensible. But when men began to multiply on earth, these 18 rogue angels, seduced by the beauty of women, finally took action and openly followed Satan in his rebellion by taking them for wives, thus disobeying God’s prescription not to do so.


Chapter 6 Verses 1-2

When men began to multiply on the earth and they had daughters, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took for women those whom they chose among them.


Chapter 1 Verse 6

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Peter 2

Chapter 2 Verse 4

For if God has not spared the angels who sinned, but has cast them into the abysses of darkness and reserves them for judgment;

cbc9f3d30019049e3845df4a92822e498ce49904099b80bb8a31f9c4227a73b8Tourist View the Angel Statues at Hoover Dam


Representation of fallen angels at Hoover Dam, the portal to bring Gog and Magog to the surface of the earth (I will explain it in detail in a next part)

The Qur’an confirms the Biblical account of the fallen angels and mentions namely two of them: Harut and Marut, who taught witchcraft to people during the reign of Solomon. It is on the basis of this teaching that witchcraft was born on earth, and it is on this hermetic science of the Devil, preciously preserved and hidden century after century, that all the secret societies (La Kabbale, la Franc- masonry, the Jesuit Order, the Templar Order, the Skull & Bones, the Illuminati, the Bohemian Grove … etc etc) base their secret doctrine.

And they followed what the devils say against the reign of Solomon. While Solomon was never a rebel but the devils were: they teach people magic as well as what went down to the two (fallen) angels Harut and Marut, in Babylon; but these did not teach anyone anything before they did not say first: “We are nothing but a temptation: do not be disbeliever” they learn from them what sows disunity between man and his wife. Now they could harm none thereby save by Allahs will. And people learn what harms them and is not beneficial to them. And they know, most certainly, that whoever acquires [this power] will have no share in the afterlife. Certainly, what a hateful commodity for which they sold their souls! If only they knew! S2:V102

God says that Harut and Marut are angels, because even if they have fallen they still remain anegls it by nature, except that instead of being angels of light, they became angels of darkness. Only the devils who are the fallen angels can spread temptation to people, as it is the case with Harut and Marut. For, God and the angels who have remained faithful to Him do not tempt people, nor do believers who are submitted to God. You can find the secret reference to Harut and Marut through the logo of the famous company H&M, belonging to the demons in human shape that are the illuminati.


H & M stands for Harut et Marut

Does not the Devil make a pact with his affiliates committing them to deny God in return for such or such power that he grants them?

Isn’t it contradictory for Harut and Marut to say: “We can teach you witchcraft provided you don’t deny God“? Now does practicing witchcraft not imply precisely denying God?

In reality, what Harut and Marut offer is no more and no less than the equivalent of a pact with the Devil, notifying those who agree to learn from them sorcery that it amounts to denying God.

We find Harut and Marut in the form of 2 female deities named Haurvatat and Ameretat in the pagan Zoroastrian religion, which consists precisely in the worship of the false deities that are the fallen angels.

Haurvatat & Ameretat71kN1cjdAuL

The word “devils / شياطين” appears exactly 19 times in the Qur’an, in 18 different verses, which clearly marks the distinction between the 18 fallen angels and Satan the 19th fallen angel, who, as I explained to you, occupies a special position because of the special powers that God granted him, making him the “god” of substitution for rebels and criminals.


It is really suprising to see only 18 angels following Satan in his rebellion compared to their great number. As I told you in the previous parts, the closer we are and more knowledge we have from God, the less we are inclined to betray God. It is therefore normal, given the huge knowledge of the angels and their proximity to God, that only few of them rebelled against Him. Likewise, among all God’s close ones that are the messengers, only 4 of them (at least those who have been reported) ended up following Satan and betraying God. Satan spreads the lie that a third of the angels would have deserted God to rally him, but this lie only serves to give the illusion that his rebellion was popular in heaven, in order to encourage people to rebellion.

We still find clear signs of Allah through these Qur’anic verses confirming us even more precisely that the 19 guardians of hell are indeed 18 fallen angels, plus Satan, as Master of the Underworld.

Sura 96

(this number refers to the new family composed of the Devil, his fallen angels and all those who followed them, in opposition to our true original and legitimate family, that of God, his angels and all those who remained faithful to God)

Verse 18: We will call the guardians [of Hell] (we find the number 18 referring to the 18 fallen angels who will be the 18 guardians of hell + Satan at their head)

Verse 19: No! Do not obey him (Satan); but bow down and come closer. (we find the 19 in reference to Satan, Allah asks us not to obey Satan, the false god, but rather to obey Him, the One True God)

The Devil created a new alternative “family” composed of the fallen angels and all those who took his side, different from our legitimate and original: that of God and all those who remained faithful to God.


96 is rather the Fallen angel number


The number 96 symbolizes family, home, and also to care about humanity. This number also symbolizes idealism, responsibility and harmony. (the Devil claims to care about men and advocates his own ideal, as if God’s creation was not already ideal)
The number of angel 96 is a message from your guardian angels, informing you that a phase of your life will soon end. (those who have joined the Devil’s family will soon finish with the comfortable phase of this earthly life, to move to a new phase of their life: eternal hell with their new family)

The Angels of death


God mentions in the Qur’an that everyone has an Angel of Death assigned to him when he dies in order to remove his soul from his body. It does mean that there is not a single Angel of Death, but several Angels of Death.

Say, “The angel of death assigned to you will make you die. Then you will be brought back to Your Lord. ” S32:V11

God distinguishes in the Koran the 2 categories of angels which are the Angels of Light who remained faithful to Him, and the Angels of Darkness which are the 19 fallen angels who rebelled against Him. The Angels of Light are assigned to believers and collect their souls softly, while the 19 fallen Angels of Darkness, including Satan, are assigned to rebellious sinners and wrench their souls violently.

By those (he angels of darkness) who pull out (the souls of the disbelievers and the wicked) with great violence; By those (the angels of light) who gently take out (the souls of the believers); S79:V1-2

We find in these verses these Angels of Darkness pulling out the souls of criminals with great violence, and beating them at the same time.

If you saw, when the Angels (of Darkness) snatched the souls from the disbelievers! They beat them on their faces and their backs, (saying): “Taste the chastisement of Fire. This (the retribution), for what your hands have accomplished. “And Allah is not unfair to the subjects. S8:V50-51

Those who have wronged themselves, the Angels (of Darkness) will take away their souls by saying: “Where were you?” (From your journey towards God) – “We were powerless on earth”, they said . Then the angels will say: “Was not the land of Allah vast enough to allow you to emigrate?” These are indeed those whose refuge is Hell. what a bad destination! S4:V97

And which worse unjust than one who fabricates a lie against Allah or who says: “Revelation has been made to me”, when nothing has been revealed to him. So is he who says, “I am going to bring down something similar to what Allah has brought down.” If you saw the unjust when they were in the throes of death, and the Angels (of Darkness) will reach out (saying), “Let your souls out. Today you will be rewarded with the punishment of humiliation for what you said about Allah other than the truth and because you proudly turn away from His teachings.” S6:V96 (Again we have the number 96 refering to the new family composed of Satan, the fallen angels, and the criminals)

Those to whom the Angels (of Darkness) take the life, whereas they are unjust towards themselves, will submit themselves humiliated, (and will say): “We did not do harm!”, “But, in fact, Allah know what you were doing. ” S16:V28

What will happen to them when the Angels (of Darkness) finish them off, striking their faces and their backs? S47:V27

Whereas the following verses mention the Angels of Light who gently take out the souls of believers.

Those whose angels (of Light) take out the soul, while they are good, [the angels of light] say to them: “Peace be upon you! Enter Heaven for what you were doing. ” S16:V32

Those who say: “Our Lord is Allah”, and who stand in the right path, the Angels (of Light) descend on them.“Do not be afraid and do not be afflicted; but have the good news from Paradise that was promised to you. S41:V30

In the following verse, God uses this particular turn of phrase to clearly mark the distinction between the Angels of Light who have remained with Him, and the Angels of Darkness, who have left their Heavenly Abode and are no longer with Him.

Those who are with your Lord (the angels of Light) do not disdain to worship Him. They glorify Him and bow down to Him. S7: V206

In fact, only the angels who remained with God glorify Him, as for those who are no longer with Him, the fallen angels, they no longer glorify Him and disdain to worship Him and bow down before Him. The terms used in the Qur’an are extremely accurate, and God does nothing by chance, and whoever has the Knowledge of the Book, as I do as the Messenger of God, is able to understand its wisdom and underlying sense.

God uses exactly the same turn of phrase in the following verse to once again mark the distinction between the angels who stayed “with Him“, who are the Angels of Light, from those who did not stay with Him, who are the fallen angels.

To Him alone belong all those who are in heaven and on earth. Those who are near Him  (the Angels of Light) do not consider themselves too great to worship Him, nor are they weary (of His worship). S21:V19

Whereas the fallen angels who betrayed God are too proud to deign to worship Him.

In these other verses, God speaks of “his” and not “the” angels who bless his messengers and believers. God is extremely accurate in the terms He chooses, because if He had said “the” angels, this verse would not be entirely true. For only “his” angels, those who have remained faithful to him, bless the messengers and the believers, while the fallen angels do not.

Surely Allah and His Angels (of Light) bless the Prophet; O you who believe, bless it and give yourself up completely. S33:V56

It is He who sends you blessings, as well as His Angels (of Light), so that He will bring you out of darkness into the light; and He is Merciful to believers. S33:V43

The angels who intercede for the servants of God are the angels “in the heavens“, while the fallen angels, who are no longer in heaven, do not intercede for anyone.

And how many Angels (of Light) in the heavens whose intercession is useless, except that after Allah has permitted it, in favor of whom He wants and that He agrees. S53:V26

Among the devil worshipers that are the pagans, the God of Death is called Anubis, and is represented with a body of a man and a head of a dog. “Dog” is the reverse is “God”, so the dog represents Satan. This confirms to us that the God of death, Anubis, does indeed represent Satan, who is the head of the Angels of Death dedicated to criminals as well as the Master of the Underworld.


Satan, Angel of Death, Angel of Darkness, with the 666 hand sign refering to his plan to lead to hell. All those who will be trapped by the 666 plan will become the slaves of Satan in hell, and Satan will be the one who will punish them on this earth and who will serve them as a substitute god in hell


Anubis represents Satan as the Angel of Death, and the pyramid represents the deception of the Devil. Satan will be the one who will take out the souls of those who have been deceived by him.


Anubis, ie Satan, watch over his dead, because every lost soul belongs to him forever


Anubis, represented as an Angel of darkness symbolized by the black wings. The eye = Sol eil  (in french) = sun = Satan. The pyramid = deception of Satan, the scarab with the wings spread out symbolizes the flight towards the sun, therefore towards hell.


Anubis with the snake that bites its tail with the circle. The circle is the grip of Satan and the serpent which bites its tail represents the deviation of the Devil which leads to self-destruction, and the 8 represents the eternal hell over which Satan will reign.


Snoop Dogg admitted to having sold his soul to the Devil = Dog = reverse of God = Satan, that’s why he puts his hand on his head. The sign of 2 fingers means “Hail Satan”.


We find the scarab which symbolizes the flight to hell, with the wings of angels in reference to Satan, the angel of death, who holds the souls of criminals including the pharaohs

Nefilims, Giants, The Aad in the Quran

giant hunt

The Bible mentions these fallen angels who mated with human women, under the name of “Sons of God“, which resulted in the birth of the giants’s race, the Nefilims.


Chapter 6 Verse 4

At that time, there were giants (Nefilims) on the earth, and also after the sons of God were united to the daughters of men and they had given them children. These are the famous heroes of yesteryear.


Goliath was one of the descendants of this race of Giants / Nefilim

This race of giants, the Nefilims, were mainly composed wicked and violent people, only seeking to sow death and evil all over the world.


Chapter 13 Verses 30-33

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we. And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

At the time when censorship on the existence of the giants had not yet prevailed, Abraham Lincoln himself mentioned them in his reflection on the Niagara Falls in 1848.

It calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus first sought this continent—when Christ suffered on the cross—when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea—nay, even, when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker—then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Contemporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago. The Mammoth and Mastodon—now so long dead, that fragments of their monstrous bones, alone testify, that they ever lived, have gazed on Niagara.

The Nefilim ruled the whole world, and there are several detailed accounts in many Indian tribes of America, confirming their existence.

Chronicle of Peru

Piedro Ceza de Leon, 1553

Manta tribe

“There arrived on the coast, in boats made of reeds, as big as large ships, a party of men of such size that, from the knee downwards, their height was as great as the entire height of an ordinary man, though he might be of good stature. Their limbs were all in proportion to the deformed size of their bodies, and it was a monstrous thing to see their heads, with hair reaching to the shoulders. Their eyes were as large as small plates.”


Comanches tribe

Chief Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a tribe from the Great Plains, gave the following account of an ancient race of white giants in 1857: “Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, 10 feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys. They excelled every other nation which was flourished, either before or since, in all manner of cunning handicraft—were brave and warlike—ruling over the land they had wrested from its ancient possessors with a high and haughty hand. Compared with them the palefaces of the present day were pygmies, in both art and arms. …”

The Koran confirms in great detail these accounts reported by the American Indians and in the Bible, which confirms to us once again how the Qur’an is a miracle of God.

God informs us in the Koran that this race of giants appeared on earth following Noah and the Flood under the name of “People of Aad“, a people exclusively composed of Giants.

What! Are you surprised that a reminder comes to you from your Lord through a man from you, so that he may warn you? And remember (the Aad) when He made you succeed the people of Noah, and He increased your body in height and power. Well, remember the blessings of Allah so that you will be successful. S7:V69

The Koran confirms that the Aad, ie the Giants or Nefilims, had formed an empire which dominated the whole world. The Aad or Nefilims, were invincible and full of themselves, to such an extent that they believed that even God Himself could not stop them, which will not surprise us since they are the descendants of the rogue fallen angels.

As for the Aad, they swelled with pride on earth unjustly and said: “Who is stronger than us?” What! Have they not seen that in truth Allah who created them is stronger than them? And they denied Our signs. We unleashed against them a violent and icy wind in bad days, in order to make them taste the punishment of ignominy in the present life. The punishment from beyond, however, is even more vile, and they will not be rescued. S41:V15-16

Allah gives us one more sign that these giants are indeed the descendants of the fallen angels, given that they told their messenger, Hud, that they would only accept angels as messengers, because they considered themselves angelic by origin.

When the Messengers came to them, in their lifetime and just before them, [saying to them: “Worship only Allah”, they said, “If our Lord had willed, He would certainly have sent down Angels. So we don’t believe [the message] you were sent with.” S41:V14

As reported in the accounts of the Indians that I quoted above, the Qur’an confirms that the giants, the Aad, built monuments and fortified castles on the tops of hills and mountains, and that they were ruthless with the inhabitants of the whole earth.

Do you build a monument on each high place out of frivolity? And do you build castles as if you were to live forever? And when you seize some body, you do it ruthlessly. S26:V128-130

The accounts of the Indians relate that the giants could measure more than 10 feet high, the Koran confirms this to us with great details.

The Aad have called liar (their Messenger). How were My punishment and My warnings? We sent against them a violent and icy wind, in a harmful and interminable day; he tore people away like uprooted stems of date-palms. How were My punishment and My warnings? Indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy for meditation. Is there someone to think about? S54: V18-22

And as for the Aad, they were destroyed by a roaring and furious wind which [Allah] unleashed against them for seven nights and eight consecutive days; so that you could see men lying overthrown on the ground like hollow trunks of date-palms. S69:V6-7

God always uses extremely accurate words in the Qur’an and makes no random comparisons. God compares the corpses of the Aad once destroyed, to “uprooted stems of date-palms“, which means that the Aad were as high as palm trees, therefore they could exceed 10 feet high as reported by the Indians.

Archaeologists have long sought traces of a city mentioned in several historical accounts, the City of Ubar, also called Iram, and nicknamed the Atlantis of the Sands by Lawrence of Arabia, and which was identified as the capital of an ancient great empire which dominated the whole world in the past, the Empire of Aad or Giants. Roman astronomer and geography expert Claudius Ptolemy produced numerous documents proving the very real existence of the City of Iram, which according to him would be located in the Arabian desert. These documents are very serious, so much so that at the beginning of the XXth century, on the basis of these documents, the Ottoman and British empires embarked on a race to find the ruins of this lost city and recover the immense treasures that the Aad, the Giants, had amassed. Lawrence of Arabia was personally mandated by the British Crown to conduct this research, but he never found it. Indeed, God says in the Koran that He caused a storm to blow on the Aad for seven nights and eight days consecutively, which means that this city is today covered under a thick layer of sand, hence the difficulty to locate it.

More recently, analyzes by NASA geologist Ronald Bloom, based on photos taken in 1984 from space using optical board cameras from Challenger, would have made it possible to locate this city by retracing several old routes crossing the desert.

Lost city of Ubar, radar and optical images

NASA photos taken by Challenger showing the bed of a large river crossing the Arabian desert in a far past and several major highways now covered by sand

But, the Koran says that the City of Iram, capital of the Aad, the Nefilims, stands out from other cities by the presence of columns that have no equal in the world.

Have you not seen how your Lord acted with the Aad and the City of many-columned Iram, the like of which was not built in the cities? S89:V6-7

Indeed, according to legend, Shaddad, the King of the Aad at the time of their destruction, worshiped the ancestors, and ordered that each inhabitant build the largest and most beautiful column on the death of his father. The Aad therefore used these columns both to honor their ancestors and to demonstrate their power and wealth. The taller and more ornate the column they erected, the more it illustrated the prestige of their family. The City of Iram therefore had a very large number of columns with proportions similar to the pyramids of the pharaohs, which distinguishes it from all other cities in the world.



The size of the monuments of the City of Iram is such that only giants could have built them, and were at least as grand as the pyramids of Egypt are

Howevr, the ruins that the NASA geologist, Ronald Bloom, identified as the remains of the City of Iram correspond to a small city, and above all do not contain the slightest trace of columns, which proves that these are not the ruins of the City of Iram.



City of Iram or Ubar according to geologist Ronald Bloom

In 2004, during gas research carried out by the Aramco company in the Saudi Arabian desert, the employees of the Aramco company came across a very large number of giant skeletons. However, the Saudi army quickly secured the premises and prohibited access to the area. The ulama of Saudi Arabia identified these skeletons of giants as the spoils of the Aad people and the information filtered in the press, before being quickly removed in order not to expose the false theory of Evolution of Darwin, the Devil’s theory to deny Creation.



Excavation of Aad skeletons by Aramco employees

In reality, a very large number of giant skeletons have been found in the 4 corners of the world, proof that the Aad, the Giants, dominated the entire earth, as it is confirmed in the Qur’an and through historical accounts from different peoples at different ages. These discoveries were published in the major newspapers, before being quickly withdrawn, because the existence of these giants would undermine Darwin’s false theory of Evolution.


3f7a96e2bbce3c289b8fc5e291e4af59Figure-56_Pittsburgh_PA_49_Skeletons_Mound_Builders_Nephilim_Found9-Twice-a-Week Plain Dealer Giant Skeleton Is Founda-giant-skeleton-eighteen-feet-tallred_river_valley_moundFigure-16

In 1965, Father Carlos Vaca discovered in an cave in Tayos, Ecuador, an underground world sheltering several skeletons of giants that can measure up to 7 meters high. The site is called “Changaiminas” which means “Cemetery of the Gods“, which confirms that these giants were indeed the descendants of the fallen angels, also called the “gods“. Several reports on this discovery have been broadcast on Ecuadorian television, and a television program has even been produced on this subject by the famous director Alfonso Espinosa De Los Monteros. When Father Vaca died in 1999, his museum was looted and the skeletons he housed were hidden from the public’s eye.


In 2014, the World News Daily Report published an article entitled “SMITHSONIAN ADMITS TO DESTRUCTION OF THOUSANDS OF GIANT HUMAN SKELETONS IN EARLY 1900′S“, in which it is reported that the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) sued the Smithonian Institution before the American Supreme Court for having destroyed thousands of skeletons of giants, with the aim of hiding the biblical truth from people.


Giant femur discovered in Ohio in 2011 by the American Association for Alternative Archeology, similar to the skeletons presented as evidence during the trial

This story first filtered after a senior official of the Smithonian Institution confessed on his deathbed in the 1930s, the existence of skeletons of giants and their destruction by his institution. Here is an excerpt from his letter of confession:


The American Supreme Court has condemned the Smithonian Institution to publish all documents related to this destruction of giant skeletons. However, these documents have remained secret because the stakes are too high and such a secret cannot be revealed to the public.


More recently in 2016,several American soldiers belonging to the special ops and now retired, admitted to having killed during their deployment in Afghanistan, one of these giants in Kandahar in 2002. According to their various testimonies, a red hair giant measuring about 12 feet high would have attacked them and killed several of their teammates before being neutralized. Then, they have received orders from their hierarchy to board and hide the body, and to remain silent as to what they saw.


We’ve also found a large number of artifacts and weapons used by these giants. It is clear in view of these weapons that they were not simple decorative objects, but were indeed used by these giants.

fW7GnJ2giant samurai sword


The stories about the giants and the findings of mass graves of giant skeletons come from the 4 corners of the globe and come from different peoples at different times, which proves that their existence is very real and that they did indeed dominate the whole earth. Watch this video where we can see one of these giants filmed in Japan at the beginning of the last century. Some say it is CGI, but to me it does not seem to be. But no matter the truth about this video, the giants are very real and the Koran undoubtly confirms it, as well as the concrete evidence all over the world.

Darwin’s False Theory of Evolution


As part of his plan to challenge God, the Devil set up Darwin’s false Theory of Evolution in order to answer the question of the origins of life, by advancing a false explanation which does not imply the existence of God. God says, however, that He directly created men out of clay and then breathed his Spirit into them and they instantly became alive.

When your Lord said to the Angels, “Verily I am about to create a human being from clay. Then when I have formed him and breathed into him of My spirit, fall down before him prostrate.” S38:V71-72

The Devil claims that Man descends from apes and is the result of billions of years of evolution to arrive at his current form of Homo Sapiens.


God says that He created Man in high position and in the best of statures, and placed him above all creation, including animals. It is therefore not of our own merit that we are today in this elevated position, but rather because God has honored us by subjugating all of Creation to us.

We have certainly created man in the best of statures. S95:V4

And He subjugated to you everything that is in the heavens and on the earth, all coming from Him. There are signs there for people who reflect. S45:V13

Certainly, We have honored the sons of Adam. We transported them on land and sea, assigned good things to them as food, and We clearly preferred them to many of Our creatures. S17:V70

The Devil tells instead that Man is ultimately only one animal among others, an ape that has evolved by adapting better to change than other animals, to finally occupy the top of the hierarchy among animals.


Darwin’s theory is exactly the doctrine of the Devil who promotes change and reform. But what is there to evolve in the Creation of God which is perfect at the origin? What is there to reform in the Law of God which is immutable and perfect from the beginning? The Devil suggests that the one who accepts the changes of his time and adapts to them is the one who will succeed and evolve positively. However, this world does not stop evolving from bad to worse, moving further and further away from the truth and the right path, to always go further towards falsehood and bewilderment. Based on his false theory of Evolution, the Devil invites us to follow the bad evolution of this world by claiming that this is what will lead us to success. Now, the truth is quite the opposite, the true believer must persist at all costs in following only the immutable and perfect Law of God, which is today contained in the Koran, no matter whether he lives in the year 5000 or during the prehistoric age. The ultimate example to follow is rather that of Abel, the first descendant of Adam to have followed the precepts of God, by neither seeking to mark this earth with our imprint, nor to attach ourselves to it, nor to follow the madness of men and the Devil’s perdition. Life on Earth is just a draught, and true eternal life is in the afterlife. The one who is well guided will therefore especially not follow the harmful evolution that this world has followed since the beginning of our terrestrial trial, but will remain faithful to the immutable precepts of God, which never change over time, just like the laws of Physics. Today, in this world mainly composed of lost people, most people follow the steps of the Devil and pride themselves on following the evolution of their time, as the blind fools they have become. When you observe these misguided throughout their miserable lives, they only deviate more and more and move further and further away from the truth, proud to be in the era of time and seeking by all means to adapt to the Devil’s new errors.

maxresdefault (3)105095302-rsz_1shot_03_003_final5


This is the kind of morons that this world creates, that is what means to be in the era of time. In this world of lost people, the more we age, the more we are lost and dumb, proof that this world runs to its loss

I will show you undeniably that Darwin’s theory of Evolution is a pure lie: neither humans nor animals are the product of an evolutionary process, but all of them were directly and instantly created by God. When God wants something, He just has to decide it and his will is instantly fulfilled, and this is in no way a metaphor.

When He wants something, His command is to say, “Be”, and it is (instantly). S36:V82

The lost take the Word of God lightly and think that this is only a metaphor, and that in reality when God decides something, he must wait for the necessary steps for this thing to happen. If God had to wait like us in order to see his will being fulfilled, He would not be God, beacuse it would mean that there is a limitation to His power, which of course is not the case. This is proof that these people know nothing about God and are in fact completely lost. The Devil has eventually succeeded in convincing these pseudo believers that are the people of religions, that one can reconcile the Creation of God with the false theory of Evolution. These lost people think that God created men in accordance with the theory of Evolution, that is to say that man indeed descends from apes and evolved during millions of years before to be endowed with a conscience, and Adam would therefore be the first ape to be endowed with conscience. If this had really been the case, then Adam would not be the father of all men as it is said in the Koran, because the other apes would have also evolved as Adam evolved, and therefore would have had their own offspring.

The ultimate proof that the Creation of Man was instantaneous, lies in the miracles that God accomplished through Jesus. Indeed, God wanted to show us through Jesus how he gives life instantly and not through a process of evolution that takes millions of years.

and He will be the messenger to the children of Israel, [and will say to them], “Verily, I come to you with a sign from your Lord. For you, I form clay like the figure of a bird, then I blow in it: and, by the permission of Allah, it becomes a bird. And I heal the blind and the leper, and I raise the dead, by the permission of Allah. And I teach you what you eat and what you hoard in your homes. This is a sign for you, if you are believers! S3:V49

And when Allah says, “O Jesus, son of Mary, remember My blessing on you and on your mother when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit. In the cradle you talked to people, just like in your middle age. I taught you the Book, Wisdom, Torah and the Gospel! You made clay like a bird shape by My permission; then you blew into it, then by My permission, it became a bird. And you healed by My permission, the blind-born and the leper. And by My permission, you revived the dead. I was protecting you from the Children of Israel while you brought them the evidence. But those of them who did not believe said, “This is only obvious magic.” S5:V110

God shows us his proofs: Did Allah through Jesus need several million years of evolutionary process to create a living bird from clay? No! Jesus molded it with his hands in a few minutes, just as Allah molded us, then breathed into it, and with Allah’s permission the bird came to life instantly. So here is the ultimate proof that Creation took place in the literal sense of the term as Allah described it to us in the Qur’an: a simple body modeled in clay in which Allah breathed his Spirit, and he became instantly alive as an adult male.

maxresdefault (4)

This is what Jesus molded with his hands in a few minutes


Jesus then blew into it, and now it became a living adult bird. God shows you His signs so that you reflect and have faith in Him without any doubt



Who would think that a dead and decomposing body could once again become a living flesh and bone man created from its own ashes? God does it however and this is not a metaphor


God molded Adam from clay and breathed His spirit into him, and there he was instantly alive, breathing and endowed with intelligence and reason, this is not a metaphor

Likewise, the false believers that are people of religions tell you: “Everything follows rules (their false rules of the Devil in which they believe), God is obliged to pass Himself by these rules. Such illness needs such treatment, if you do not see a doctor then you will not be cured, Allah uses the doctors to cure men. Such a disease is incurable because it is a genetic desease. … etc etc “. However, all these claims are completely false and are only perdition of the Devil. God proved to us through Jesus that he could heal the born blind, the leper, which is however considered incurable according to modern medicine. Is he who is able to give life to a rotten, dusty body not able to do whatever he wants? God shows it to us by bringing the dead back to life through Jesus, in order to show men that nothing is impossible for Him. God does not quote even once doctors in the Qur’an, because today’s doctors are just impostors who only follow a false science, they do not heal but destroy.


Doctors today are just impostors following a false science and playing God. But, those who are honest among them recognize that they are only groping and that their science is anything but exact, and that it destroys more than it heals, and that the origins of the diseases are not those which are presented by medicine

True healing comes DIRECTLY from Allah and sickness comes from sin, not from genetics or the explanations given by medicine. The false science of medicine serves to mask that sin leads to sickness and death, just as the false theory of Evolution only serves to deny the existence of God and His Omnipotence. The lost who believe in medicine spend their lives taking all kind of precautions and living in constant fear of illness and death, and put their lives in the hands of doctors who treat them like animals and drug them with synthetic molecules that have more side effects than beneficial effects. All that for nothing, as in the end, not only they are not cured from their diseases, but they just have pushed further their own perdition. Instead of relating their illness to their own sins and putting an end to them, instead of asking God to heal them directly and having faith in Him, they prefer to trust these impostors that are the doctors and their false explanations. This is why God made all these lost people perish slowly in hospitals, while the true believers simply die healthy at home during their sleep, without enduring the humiliation of old age.


This is how all the lost end up. God humiliates them through all kinds of diseases, and they end up in the torture and death camps that are the hospitals, delivered to the charlatans that are the doctors. That’s the price of sin and bewilderment.

Devils in human shape


God warns us in the Qur’an against the devils/chaïtans among men, because contrary to the general belief, the devils in human shape truly exists and are as real as you and me.

Thus, to each prophet we have assigned an enemy: devils among men and jinn, who deceptively inspire each other with deceiving words. If your Lord had wanted, they would not have done so; so leave them with what they invent. S6:V112

These devils among men look human in every way, but they are not. They are in fact hybrids half man half jinn, result of the copulation between female humans with Satan or with other devils among jinn, temporarily taking human form. They can also be the product of the union between 2 devils among men, male and female.

(God speaking to Satan) Excite, by your voice, those of them that you can, gather against them your cavalry and your infantry, associate with them in their goods and their offspring and make them promises. ” The Devil only promises them deception. S17:V64

There are tens of millions of these devils among men, they indeed present themselves as the 1% against the 99% of standard men, which represents about 75 million.


The devils among men present themselves as angels because of their origins, and perceive us as vermin to be eradicated, which is not entirely false: 99% of people in this world today are indeed true vermin, as the criminals and traitors to God that they truly are

In the following video I made on the short series “We are the Wave“, which was very popular on Netflix, the wave in question is the wave of devils among men infiltrated among us, and who operate under the direct command of Satan in order to bring his Kingdom on earth. This wave will soon turn into a tsunami and flood the entire Earth, once Satan and Gog and Magog will be unleashed by God.

These devils in false human shape walk in the streets among us, serve us as neighbors, colleagues, friends, spouses, …, while hiding their heavy secret from us. Devils never tell the truth, so they will never recognize, even when they have been clearly identified, that they are in fact devils.

These devils in human shape work in pairs, forming a pair with a jinn devil who possesses them permanently. In fact, they are two beings in the same body and also share the same spirit. God evokes in the Koran how on the Day of Judgment, these devils among men working in pairs with a jinn devil, will dispute before Him, blaming each other.

And his companion (jinn devil) will say: “This is that which with me is ready”. “You two, throw into hell all hardened and rebellious disbeliever, bent on preventing good, transgressor, doubter, the one who placed next to Allah another deity (his devil jinn whom he worships). So throw him into harsh punishment ”. His companion ( jinn devil) will say, “Lord, it was not I who made him transgress; but he was already in a deep error ”. Then [Allah] will say, “Do not quarrel before me! While I have already told you about the threat. S50:V23-28

When he (the devil among men) comes to Us, he will say (to his jinn devil): “Alas! What is there between you and me the distance between the two poles, What a bad peer you are! “S43:V38

But, not only the devils among men associate with jinns, there are also 100% human men who ally themselves with devils among jinn in order to obtain from them certain talents or powers, such as magicians, sorcerers, healers, magnetizers, hypnotists, mediums, shamans, seers, fire healers, marabouts, singers, actors, politicians, professional sportsmen … etc., etc. Indeed, everyone finds his account there, men to acquire a power allowing them to obtain wealth and notoriety, and the devils among jinn in order to use these men as a channel to spread their perdition through the physical world. What is certain is that all men who gang up with devils among jinn, whether devils among men or standard men, are inevitably destined for eternal hell.

And the day He brings them all together: “O community of jinns, you have become very numerous thanks to humans”. And their allies among humans will say, “O our Lord, we have taken advantage of one another, and we have reached the term that You had fixed for us.” He will say to them: “Hell is your home, to stay there eternally, unless Allah decides otherwise. ”Truly your Lord is Wise and Omniscient. S6:V128

This verse also says that the jinns have managed to increase their number thanks to humans. Indeed, men who copulate with female jinn allow them to give birth to hybrids belonging to the realm of jinn, while female human who copulate with male jinn give birth to hybrids in the world of men. These hybrids have a very special ability to associate with each other, hybrid jinn with hybrid men, thus forming a perfect pair. Possession by jinns does not work optimally on standard men and causes progressive degeneration of their bodies, like someone who would be subjected to very strong and harmful waves throughout his life. Because, the jinns are on the physical plane similar to a magnetic field which our human body cannot stand in the long term. Men who are victims of transient possession by jinns can testify to the trauma it causes in their bodies, as if they had been electrocuted. A concrete example is that of the magician Dynamo who sold his soul to the Devil while he was on his deathbed, gravely affected by Crohn’s disease, and who was able to become thanks to the jinn devil who operates through him, the greatest magician in the world. But, after a few years of collaboration, his body did not resist to his association with the jinn, and Dynamo found himself again seriously ill.


Whereas the association between a hybrid jinn and a hybrid man does not produce this kind of side effect and allows the hybrid djinn to fully exploit his powers through the hybrid man. The male hybrid operates as a vehicle, and the jinn hybrid as its driver. Such an association allows the jinn to have a vehicle that allows him to express the full potential of his power, while if his vehicle was a simple man, the jinn on board would be limited.


The djinn is the rider and the hybrid man is the mount

These devils among men, ie hybrids, are different from standard men who collaborate with jinn devils, by the fact that they know they are devils, they believe in God and know the way of God, but knowingly choose to deviate from it. Devils among men know exactly what they are doing, and their one and only role on earth is to lead people astray. They are in the literal sense of the term on mission on this earth, just like their father, Satan. Indeed, all the devils among men are direct or indirect descendants of Satan, this is why they call him: “their father“, just like Adam is the father of all men.

And when we said to the Angels: “Bow down before Adam”, they bowed down, except Iblis [Satan] who was among the jinn and who rebelled against the command of his Lord. Are you going to take him (Satan), and his descendants, for allies outside of Me, when they are enemies to you? What a bad exchange for the unjust! S18:V50

These devils among men can telepathically communicate with each other remotely thanks to the jinn devil who lives in them, exactly as one would communicate remotely via the internet or by telephone. Devils among men benefit from a large number of abilites conferred on them by their jinn devils, such as reading men’s thoughts, inducing thoughts or emotions, producing illusions in the minds of men, hypnotizing certain men to make them do what they want. The more a man is lost, the easier it is for them to control him, just like the Jedis in Star Wars, which are really only representations of these devils among men, use ” the force” to take control of people.

dct74c0-bc60283d-7211-4de6-9042-4167b70f1308Kreia 14

This is absolutely not science fiction, but rather the reality of these devils among men. Just as Satan can take control of people all the more easily when they are lost, so do devil among men thanks to the jinn devil who operates through them.

Devils among men have access to a whole range of talents that their djinns provide them with, such as drawing, singing or playing a musical instrument to perfection, or excelling in a sport or in video games, field in which they are particularly active. The devils among men are also very numerous in the field of gambling, like Poker and all card games, roulette, etc etc …, as well by playing directly in the casinos as by Internet. Indeed, their telepathic powers and their great computational capacities, because the jinn who is in them functions like a computer, allow them to be almost invincible in this area. We also find many of these devils among men in television games, because it is very easy for them to have access to all kinds of information instantly. In summary, devils among men have the whole range of natural skills that jinns have, such as having instant access to any information, telepathic communication, hypnotizing people, inducing illusions or emotions, reading thoughts, curing people, shapeshifting, moving objects at a distance, teleporting objects, interfering with any kind of eletronic devices,.. etc etc.

For instance, we have the illustration of these powers that I listed for you when a jinn devil teleported the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon before Solomon could even wink.

He (Solomon) says, “O notables! Who of you will bring me his throne before they come to me submissive? “A fearsome jinn says:” I will bring it to you before you get up from your place: for that, I am strong and trustworthy “. Someone who had knowledge of the Book said, “I’ll bring it to you before you blink.” S27:V38-40

Indeed, God says in the Qur’an that He enslaved the devils among jinn to Solomon.

And gathered for Solomon, his armies of jinn, men, and birds, and were lined up. S27:V17

And (We submitted) to Solomon the impetuous wind which, by its order, directed towards the ground which We had blessed. And We are able to know everything, and among the devils there were some who dove for him and did other work still, and We watched them Ourselves. S21:V81-82

We then subjected him to the wind which, by his order, blew moderately wherever he wanted. So are devils, builders and divers of all kinds. And still others, coupled in chains. S38:V36-38

Yet, the devils among jinn do not have knowledge of the Book as it is mentioned in the verse evoking the jinn devil who brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon: “Someone who had a knowledge of the Book says: “I’ll bring it to you before you wink“.

The only jinn devil who has knowledge of the Book is none other than Satan himself, so it is Satan himself who brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon. God showed us through the story of Solomon, that the devils do not escape His power, and if God commands them to obey Solomon, a simple human being, then they have no choice than obeying Him, including Satan himself.

I will give you concrete illustrations of these devils among men so that you can see exactly what they are capable of. See for instance this devil among men of the Shokran band, it is impossible to play the guitar like this for a standard human being. By the way, notice all the satanic symbols in the logo of his band and in his physical appearance. In general, devils among men clearly display their nature through their look and their decorative objects.

In the following video, you have a female devil playing the piano, an instrument that devils particularly appreciate for the hypnotic sounds it produces on men’s brains. It is simply impossible for a standard human being to play the piano in this way.

Here, you have a devil in false human shape who draws without any model drawings that even exceed the quality of a photo. Once again, a normal human being could never succeed in producing such drawings, called “photo-realistic”, furthermore without any model.

There you have a whole family of devils among men, parents and children alike. The child, Laurent Simons, Simons being one of the aliases of the Devil, is only 9 years old and yet he is already passing his doctorate !!! Note the reference to the jinns with the path he chose for his doctorate: “electrical engineering“, referring to the jinns which manifest themselves on the physical plane in the form of an electric current.


At nine, Laurent Simons will soon start his doctorate
The young Belgian prodigy should finish his university studies in December, CNN underlines. In June 2018, Laurent Simons obtained his baccalaureate.


You have here 3 authentic devils in fake human shape

I myself have directly witnessed during my school curriculum in “math sup math spé” the superhuman capacities of these devils among men. Some were able to memorize an entire book by reading it once, others could instantly view an entire board filled with complex mathematical equations, and were then able to reproduce it by memory. These devils among men actually function like machines, because the jinn which is in them is precisely a machine. For them, it is very easy, it is as if I, human, took a picture of the board and that I simply copied it from the photo. For example, in the Flash series, Flash is nothing more than a representation of these devils among men, being able to move at an extraordinary speed as it is the case with the jinns, being able to read and learn a book in a fraction of a second, as is the case with the devil Laurent Simmons and his fellow devils.


The 2 Flash, 2 devils among men. “never forget who you are”: the devils among men never forget that they are not men like us, but are on a mission on this earth to mislead men, that they all consider as their enemies.

Devils among men have extremely resilient bodies to hot and cold, diseases, pain, and all kinds of injuries, even gunshot wounds. You will often see them in t-shirts under negative temperatures without even being affected by cold, or conversely, you’ll see their bodies cold like an ice cube in the blazing sun. Indeed, in addition to being possessed by a jinn, which allows them to do many things that we cannot do, their physical body is human only in appearance, because they are in fact hybrids man-jinn and their body is therefore only a simple carnal envelope created from scratch. These demons have what is called triple-helix DNA, allowing them to modify their physical appearance at will and granting them extraordinary physical capacities, like that of being endowed with superhuman force. All this is the strict truth about them and is not science fiction, the power of these devils among men is similar to that of the jinns, which is normal as they are permanently possessed by a jinn. Now, you would agree that all the abilities that I have listed for you have been ackowledged for centuries and centuries as being part of the natural abilities of the jinns, so it should not surprise you that devils among men enjoy them too as they have a jinn operating through them.


The false Jesus who will come during the end times is Satan in person, this is why this book links Jesus to the triple-helix DNA, because Satan and all his fellow devils have precisely a triple-helix DNA, whereas human have a double-helix DNA

You find a large number of references around the world of this triple-helix DNA, and these references are clearly associated with the devils. Thanks to the third helix of their DNA, the jinn can modify their physical appearance at wish, and thus can adopt any shape they want.

maxresdefault (2)

The title “Triple Helix” by the devil “Killy”, the cover of the single shows that the triple helix designates these shapeshifters that are devils among mens, and which are hiding among us


Monument in Baku referring to the triple-helix DNA

As the devils among men are not really human, they can sometimes betray themselves because they are far from perfect as they claim. Indeed, Their body can undergo uncontrolled transformations in certain circumstances where they are subjected to greater stress. This often results in their eyes, the element that most expresses our nature, which shapeshifts like those of reptiles, or sometimes making other eyes appear, as if their physical body was only a hologram. These transformations actually reveal their true physical appearance which is that of reptiles. Another common transformation among them is their skin which can sometimes temporarily take on the texture of that of a reptile.


In the following video, due to the stress related to his trial, the eyes of the devil in fake human shape Justin Bieber turn into reptilian eyes, we can clearly see his embarrassment due to the fact that he has exposed himself.

In the following videos, Rasmussen, former NATO chief, Herman Von Rompouy, former President of Europe, and the former Ukrainian Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, undergo an uncontrolled transformation of their pupils, suddenly turning into reptilian eyes, which corresponds to their true form. At the end of the first video below, you can see the skin of Herman Von Rompouy change texture to take that of a reptile.

In a lot of videos, we see sort of pixels appearing on the parts of their body that are transformed. We see that these pixels are not simple video bugs, but are caused by the djinn that is in them in order to blur the image showing the part of their body changing. But if you were facing them, then you would see these transformations with your own eyes. In the following video, Angela Merkel undergoes an uncontrolled transformation, suddenly, we see these pixels appear in place of her eyes.

In reality, the V series only shows the truth about these devils among men who are infiltrated among us, and who represent a true fifth column. These fake humans are indeed lizards under their true appearance, because they are the descendants of Satan that God transformed into a serpent, because he used the form of a dragon to deceive Eve in Paradise, and therefore God punished him by turning him into a serpent.

Sans titre

It is not the serpent who seduced Eve but the dragon, and then God turned him into a serpent

All these series and films showing devils in the form of lizards, have the sole purpose of making us believe that this is fiction. Nothing better to mislead people than to swap fiction and reality. We have the illustration of this in this terrestrial world, the conception of the world of the 99% of men is pure fiction, whereas what they perceive as fiction through television, is in fact the reality.


Devils among men have been visited by their jinn devils from their earliest childhood in order to accustom them to their presence, and once sufficiently mature, during adolescence, then they fully realize their true nature and come into contact with the rest of the network, their fellow hybrids, in order to play their role in Satan’s plan of perdition and bring his Kingdom on earth. This is illustrated quite explicitly in the films The Prodigy, X-Men: the New Mutants, or The Darkest Minds.

5b8dc015f368bdf4449c358b06290b74d9076b46x1080 (1)91qKgAZAszL._RI_

These devils among men call themselves mutants, hybrids, reptilians, polymorphs or shapeshifters, aliens, grays, extraterrestrials, half breed … because they are indeed a mutant species, a mix between man and jinn.


The devils among men do not really sleep, at night they join in astral projection their network of devils in the etherical dimension of jinns, in order to meet there and coordinate for their plan of perdition against men. When they “sleep”, their physical body seems asleep, but in fact, their spirit is in astral projection, like in a vivid dream.


These devils among men walk among us like simple men, but recognize each other instantly, just like in the Highlander series, which is only a representation of them. They can sense the physical presence of one of their own at a great distance, and do not need to face each other in order to recognize themselves.


These 2 actors are in fact true devils in the real life, they play their own role, which is convenient


The devils among men work all together in order to bring the reign of their father, Satan, on earth. When hell will be esttablished on earth, they will rule over the damned

All the devils among men, without exception, work hand in hand in secret in order to implement the plan of their father, Satan, in order to mislead men and to bring his reign on earth. Thus, the Devil can both mislead men directly by whispering his evil thoughts in their minds, but he does not stop there and uses the devils among men to sell his perdition also on the physical plane. The devils among men have for objective to make attractive the distraction of Satan, by serving themselves as models to sell his perdition at its best, and thus to divert people collectively. For example, devils among men are able to drink large quantities of alcohol without being drunk and without their body being marked by alcohol, this is in order to encourage men to imitate them and thus provoking their own loss. See the illustration with the devil among men Johnny Hallyday:

Devils have incredible sexual performances, attracting to them a large numbers of lost men and women, in order to make them more vulnerable to their influence and addicted to sex. Because sex is for devils what is most effective in controlling people both spiritually and physically. Devils among men are champions in games of chance, such as poker or roulette, pushing normal men to think they can be just as “lucky” as them, and thus provoking their own ruin. Devils among men are extremely talented in all areas thanks to the assistance of their jinn, thus frustrating normal humans who will lose their energy and will get lost while trying to equal them … of course without never succeeding.


Dorian Gray is one of these devils among men, gray means he is an hybrid, a half-breed

Many of these fake humans are on the front line in all large-scale propaganda operations, such as social movements, revolutions, demonstrations for any kind of cause. These devils are like sheepdogs, leading the flock of sheep that are lost where the Devil wants to lead them. Instead of turning to God for their requests, the lost of this world, demonstrate and thus go astray far from the way of God. Which well-guided man would demonstrate for anything? Well-guided people know very well that everything is in the hands of God, and that every situation is willed by God. Anyway, their objective is not terrestrial, but is in the hereafter, therefore, they do not give a hoot for any terrestrial cause, which are only perdition and traps for the lost. Well-guided men address their requests only to God and expect nothing from anyone, and even less from governments which are all working for the Devil.



Only devils in human shape on the front line of any popular revolt

maxresdefault (3)

The Joker embodies Satan, all these popular revolts (Lebanon, Hong Kong, Peru, Algeria, Iran …) are actually initiated by the devils among men following the plan of Satan for the end times. The Devil wants the people to focus on governments and nation, on any terrestrial cause, in order to distract them from focusing on the hereafter and on their redemption. Instead of turning towards God, the lost believe on these false causes which only lead them to hell


Can the Joker mask be the new face of disputes?
In Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong … In several mobilizations, demonstrators put on the Joker mask, a few days after the release of Todd Philipps’ film. A phenomenon that could spread?

Devils among men have an extreme power of perdition and seduction, and manage to focus all the attention on them and to serve as engine for the others, pushing them collectively to adopt the deviation of the Devil. For example, it only takes one or two of these devils in a neighborhood to turn the whole area upside down, only one in a class to make all the students completely crazy, only one in an open space to turn all the employees lost … etc etc. Devils among men are what we call in the literal sense of the term “bad seeds“, pushing into debauchery any uninformed reckless person.


The troublemakers are the devils among men, the symbol of the 2 fingers refers to Satan

We find these devils among men at all levels of society, including in the lowest classes, and even among the homeless, because the Devil leaves no one without leading him astray, but targets all categories of men. However, we find these devils in a particularly large proportion among the highest classes, as in the world of politics, cinema, music, art, education, science, or at the head of big companies, banks, universities, hospitals, police, justice. But also in social centers, asylums, prisons, places of perdition such as gambling, prostitution, drugs, organized crime, and nightclubs where they flock in droves, because it is their favorite playground to hunt new victims and thus be able to expand their network. It may surprise you, but devils among men are also very numerous among the highest religious dignitaries, such as imams, priests, rabbis, and among people of religion in general. It is not surprising to see the devils invading the field of religion, because they absolutely must have the monopoly of faith in order to ensure that those who want to turn to God are deceived by their false ways of perdition. These devils present themselves as men of religion with the sole purpose of comforting people in the path of error that religions represent. As we have seen, the Devil has always excelled in the field of religion, creating in all times a myriad of false religions which strongly resemble to the true way of God, while in reality they are exactly the opposite. When you see these billions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, being 100% sure of the merits of their ways, without realizing that these religions are in fact highways to hell, then you can truly perceive how strong is the illusion of the Devil for those who do not follow the way of God and are not guided by Him.

It is obvious that the Devil will not leave any industry without using it to spread his error, no social class without infiltrating it, no time of the day or night without operating, no place without being present, even in the smallest villages. However, devils among men are found in very large numbers especially in the city centers of large megalopolises, because this is where most people converge and it is therefore easier for them to spread their perdition there. The big cities actually serve as beacons for the devil’s deviation, so avoid these places and rather live in less populated areas, close to nature and away from people, because most people today are lost. The Devil uses cities to alienate men by isolating them from nature, in order to suffocate them and thus more easily weave his web around them. While people who live close to nature have generally healthier lives and are more likely to be connected to God, since they can see the wonders of God every day through the elements of nature, and are far from the perdition of men.



City centers are the devils’ favorite playground, and vice is everywhere

Here are some concrete examples of well known devils among men, and you will see that they are simply at the head of this world, and serve as guides and idols to lead people around the world to hell with them, and until now, their plan has worked very well.

Former President George BushGeorge-W-Bushgreta-thunberg-looks-on-during-a-meeting-in-the-garden-of-the-hotel-de-lassay-ahead-of-a-visit-of-the-french-national-assembly-in-paris-photo-credit-should-read-lionel-bonaventureafp-via-getty-imagesj864107-roger-federer-afpCooper-1024x57622731174-dfgUS-POLITICS-OBAMAPortrait_de_Laurent_Delahoussetrumpshutdownraises69032818-aa18-11e9-862b-600d112f3b14_image_hires_195420donald-tusk-060219-m5ab3dccb7708e96d5c27b8aeMV5BOWI3ODM2ZmYtZjc1Ni00Y2I4LWI1ODYtZTk0YzExY2YwY2FmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUxMjc1OTM@._V1_Emmanuel-Macron-2017leonardo-dicaprioMORGANFREEMAN-lg


Professional tennis player Dennis Shapovalov is one of these devils

Here are some pictures of anonymous devils in fake human shape, physically they look like everyone else, but I assure you that these people are indeed devils for having dealt with them personally. In reality, it is not so much their physical appearance that counts, but rather their behavior. Devils are recognizable by the fact that they sell vice and bewilderment in such a natural and reassuring way that people tend to take them as models. They are just like these popular figures in movies who have a great influence on people, except that their specialty is to sell the perdition of the Devil as being good and positive.

maxresdefault (13)demon1demon2demon3demon4demon5demon6demon7demon8demon9demon10demon11demon12demon13demon14demon15diableshommesdiableshommes2diableshommes3

Johnny Hallyday was one of these devils and revealed that he sold his soul to the Devil. Watch the 2 following videos and you will see that he did not even hide it.


Notice the necklace with Jesus on the cross. It may seem surprising to see men like him very far from religion committing themselves to Jesus, but in reality, all these devils who promote Jesus, know that the Jesus who will come will in reality be Satan, that’s why they are promoting him

Here are some examples of standard human beings who made a pact with the Devil in order to obtain in return wealth and notoriety. These men pledge serve the Devil for the rest of their lives in exchange for their souls. As soon as they engage with the Devil, these men therefore occupy exactly the same role as the devils and become their allies and servants. Among them, the world famous magician, Dynamo, whom I mentioned to you above. Watch the video below and you will see the proof of that.


Humans who have made a pact with the Devil look apparently normal, except that they are possessed by a jinn devil who dictates to them the least of their actions, and their sole mission is to sell the Devil’s perdition to others.


These possessed people look normal, buy in fact there is a jinn devil inside them


“Voodoo doctor claims the Darkness band member was despearte for sucess”. That’s the only way to get sucess in these industries: you have to sell your soul to the Devil

Many other well-known artists have also acknowledged having signed a pact with the Devil such as rappers Snoop Dog, Eminem, Tupac, guitarist Robert Johnson, and their list is very long. Most of the people you see on television, in movies and series, are actually either devils in false human shape or people who sold their souls to the Devil, and as for the others, the Devil did not need to offer them a deal, because they are so lost that they are already pure puppets in his hands without even realizing it.



The X refers to the false Jesus who will be played by Satan

maxresdefault (3)Products969102-1200x1200-720975490x1080Snoop-Dogg-1024x770'Equalizer 2' film photocall, Berlin, Germany - 08 Aug 2018

You can view the following videothat I made a few years ago and which lists some of these celebrities who admit that they sold their souls to the Devil in return for celebrity.

We are living in the days of Apocalypse, which etymologically means “revelation of the truth“. This is why God reveals to you through me, his messenger, mysteries hitherto kept secret from ordinary people. God will soon unleash Satan and his army of demons, Gog and Magog, that’s why God is revealing their secret to you.

The 3 categories of men in the service of the Devil


There are 3 categories of men who serve as agents of the Devil in this world.

  1. Devils in human shape, who appear in all respects to be normal men, but who in reality are hybrids associated with a jinn devil. These devils know that God exists and know His way, but knowingly turn away from it to serve Satan, their true father. These devils act on the direct orders of Satan and play exactly the role assigned to them. Never ever, even unmasked, would they ackowledge to be devils or reveal the plan of which they are part. These devils are by far the most effective in implementing the devil’s plan on the earth plane, and they know by advance that they will end up in hell, but that’s what they want. These devils serve as vanguards of Satan’s army on Earth, and are hierarchically superior to the other 2 categories. They would be around 70 million on earth, which is more than enough knowing their nuisance power.
  2. Normal men who have pledged allegiance to Satan in exchange for special abilities, and who collaborate with a jinn devil who dictates to them the least of their. These possessed men are in reality true slaves of the devils among jinns and men and work under their orders. Some of them know exactly what they are doing and collaborate of their own free will, while others act only out of personal interest and do not realize that the Devil is using them. However, both categories know perfectly well that by having signed a pact with the Devil, they are committed to serving him for the rest of their lives and that their destiny is hell.
  3. The lost, who are reduced to real puppets in the hands of the Devil, who makes them do what he wants. These lost people today represent the majority of men on this Earth, the 99%. Externally, you may think they are alive, while from the inside they are already dead and are no more than empty shells which the Devil uses to spread his error. Some of them are possessed while knowing it, others without knowing it, others are not possessed. But whatever the case, they are in the complete grip of the Devil and their fate is already sealed. A large number of these lost people think they are believers and are part of a religion, but in reality they only get more and more astray and promote the perdition of the Devil without even realizing it.

In the film “The World’s End (2013)“, the Devil reveals these 3 categories of men who are at his service and reveals his plan to destroy humanity. But we eventually realize that the Devil reveals this only for the sole purpose of leading people astray, because he encourages rebellion against God and to follow our own desires rather than the will of God.

The devils among men on the internet

maxresdefault (1)

Satan hides behind several numbers depending on the role he plays: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 19, 21, 22, 27, 33, 36, 37, 63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 73, 77, 88, 96, 99, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1111, …, each of these numbers symbolizing a different facet of Satan. You must think that I am exaggerating a little by quoting as many numbers, but in reality I have only mentioned the most common. It should not be a surprise to you that so many numbers refer to Satan, because Satan does have countless facets. Obviously, these numbers taken out of context are not satanic, but when they are used by Satan and his devils , then each of these numbers has a very specific meaning.

You find all these numbers located prominently in movies, series, and music videos, which serve as propaganda to the Devil, and each time, the context of their appearance confirms that these numbers have a hidden meaning which is specific to them. For example, the 11 is always associated with the Devil in his role of alternative false god, as the one who rebels against God. The number 1111 refers to the people who follow him on this path, that is to say who think to be their own gods and have rebelled against God.


We find the number 11 with the 11 rules of Satan on Earth, which refers to his role as an alternative god, making his own law, opposed to that of God and encouraging rebellion


In the Netflix series Stranger Things, the main character is called Eleven, and represents Satan. Just as Satan is androgynous, and plays both female and male roles, so does the character of Eleven, which confirms that this character truly refers to Satan

I will tell you more specifically about the devils on Youtube, since I have been operating on Youtube for 13 years now and that I have to deal with them regularly, so I am very well placed to talk about them. But, what I’m going to tell you actually applies to all other social networks, so you can use exactly the same methods that I’m going to expose you in order to identify them wherever they are.

Most devils’ YouTube channels have a number of subscribers or subscriptions corresponding to one of the numbers I mentioned above, despite the fact that most of these channels do not contain any videos or playlists. While standard men’s YouTube channels that do not contain videos or playlists have no subscribers, which is normal. Also, what is specific to the channels of these devils is that once their number of subscribers has reached one of these numbers, it does not evolve anymore. You can come back months later, their number of subscribers will remain frozen forever, or if it changes (for those who upload videos, but for those who do not, their number of subscribers never evolves again) it for another of these numbers that I listed.

These devils can also be identified by their channel names, which do not correspond to their first and last names, as is the case for most standard men’s YouTube channels. The channels of the devils generally bear names referring to Satan or Jesus, because they know that the Jesus who comes is in reality Satan, or also to angels as these demons claim to be angels, or to perditions of Satan or misleading names. For example, it can be characters from movies embodying Satan, like “Tyler Durden“, who is the main character of Fight Club and who actually refers to Satan, or Superman, Dracula, Vlad, Thor, Lilith … or names like “Dark Angel“, “Fallen Angel“, “White Angel“, “Divine Truth” … except that the God they are referring to is Satan, or “Seeker of Wisdom and Truth“, but their wisdom and truth are actually those of Satan. The channels of these devils may also have bizarre names, in Latin or Greek, these names often correspond to the names of demons. However, it is not the name of their channel that makes it easier to identify them, but above all their number of subscribers or subscriptions, their avatar, AND THEIR COMMENTS which expose their satanic nature.

The avatars of these devils represent most of the time symbols referring to Satan, to the jinns, to the angels, to the perdition of Satan, to the hybrids which represent the true nature of these devils. Here are just a few examples: the sun, a pyramid, the moon, a solar eclipse (blackstar or black sun), a lunar eclipse, a sunrise (Lucifer morning star), a crow, a bird, an eagle, an angel, a smoke (= djinn), a demon, a satanic symbol like a pentagram, a snake, an eye, a hybrid, a flame, a candle, a bee, a beehive, a lion, Jesus Christ, a cross, a star of David, … etc etc. For example, the beehive is a symbol that often appears in many of Satan’s propaganda films, and is used by many devils on YouTube. The hive symbolizes the working bees that are the devils, who are working night and day all together in order to implement the plan of Satan. The survival of bees in the hive depends solely on their queen, just as the survival of the devils depends only on Satan.


The playlists of these devils often contain very heterogeneous videos, without any coherence between them, because they are bogus chains only serving to them as cover. But in reality, when you take a closer look, the videos in their playlists all contain references to Satan and his perditions, whether by their title, image, content, or duration. Likewise, the numbers of videos in their playlists are among the numbers I listed above.

For the devils who upload videos on their Youtube channel, often their first video contains references to Satan, either by its content, its title or its duration. Most of the time, the videos they upload seem to be completely absurd, no standard human would upload such videos. But, actually these videos only serve as signatures in order to be indentified by their fellow devils as part of the network. You will often see that the first comment on their signature video is written by another devil, in order to validate that their video has been correctly identified as belonging to a devil. Also, their view counter on their signature video is often blocked on one of the numbers I have listed, you may come back to it, the counter will not increment as it should. Likewise the number of likes on their signature video is one of the listed satanic numbers.

If you read their comments, you will see that they encourage all forms of perdition, it goes from overtly satanist doctrines to the promotion of religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, because the devils know that these are only sects created by Satan. Their comments serve to comfort people in their error and to discredit the truth by all means, by mocking it, denying it, presenting false arguments, or quoting the verses of God indiscriminately … etc etc. Their usual technique is to comment in packs, in order to comfort each other and thus give more credit to their lies. But, they can also pretend to oppose, some playing the bad cop and the others the good cop, in order to gain people’s trust and thus lead them astray without them suspecting anything. When you see one of these devils commenting somewhere, you can be sure that the others are not far, because that is their operating method. Indeed, the devils always operate in packs, always many against one, in order to leave no chance to their prey. In many of Satan’s propaganda films, the pack is represented in order to refer to these devils among men operating in group. As the demons in false human shape are far less numerous than us, they have to operate in packs.



The pack of wolves or hyenas are the most common representation of devils among men


The wolf represents the devils, we even see in this poster the reference to the hybrids that these devils truly are, with the character half wolf, half man. The eye symbol is to say that they operate for Satan. The devils claims to be alpha, ie for the elite of this world. “They will have to ally to survive” referring to the secret network of the devils among men working hand in hand


Male devils are also often represented by the cloud of birds, also called “Black Sun”, in reference to the blackstar, the angel of death that is Satan. You often find this reference to the cloud of birds in several films, the birds in reference to the fallen angels, ie the devils

Devils among men lead an extremely intense companion on the internet to promote the coming of Jesus Christ as Savior, because they know that the Jesus who will come at this end of time is none other than Satan. So as soon as you see someone insisting too much with Jesus, you can be sure that he is one of those infiltrated devils. What exposes them is that most of these devils are extremely rude, wicked, debauched, very far from any form of religion, and yet they swear only by Jesus Christ and push hard for his promotion.

The methods I’ve exposed you to identify these infiltrated devils are 100% true, and I’ve tested them on Youtube with 100% success. No one on this Earth has this knowledge that I’ve share with you, except the devils themselves, but that they are not likely to disclose it to others. God Himself directly taught me these techniques shortly after electing me as a messenger, so that I could expose them and especially so as not to be fooled by them and thus jeopardize my mission. The first thing I do when a person talks to me on Youtube is to verify that he is not a devil among men, and if he is, then I banish him instantly without discussion. Because, the devils among men seek by all the means to harm, to make us waste our time in interminable discussions, they also seek to establish a direct contact in order to be able to exert their magic powers on you, … etc etc. They only need a photo of you, or a video, or even a recording of your voice to be able to exercise their magical power over you. Just by talking to them on Youtube, you can already feel their negative aura around you. It is enough to think of them or to have the slightest contact with them, and it will allow the jinn who operate through them to appear to you or to manifest his dark energy around you. I share with you this knowledge that God has taught me so that you can apply it on yourselves, and thus not be fooled by these devils and undercut any discussion with them, because they only lie, lead astray , and only seek to harm by all means. The only option is therefore to ban them as soon as you have identified them, without losing a second with them. You don’t realize how much these devils can push far their lies pretending to be what they are not, for the sole purpose of misleading, and if they do not succeed, at least to make you waste your time and energy.

Be aware that more than 90% of the people who comment on my videos are devils, because the devils seek by all means to harm me as the messenger of God, and to deny the truth that God is manifesting through me. These devils are extremely active on all social networks, they are the ones who comment the most, and you can easily recognize their comments, as they are the ones who get the most thumbs up and because of their misleading contents. Often their numbers of thumbs up correspond to the numbers I listed above, they do that in order to mark their comments as belonging to devils. If you want to test this identification method, you just have to watch any popular video on Youtube and analyze the channels of the most popular comments, and you will easily find the signs that I showed you. As a concrete illustration, I’ve listed for you some Youtube channel belonging to devils, so that you may observe for yourself that this method is 100% efficient to spot them. All the channels that I’ve listed below belong to devils that I’ve personally experienced, I am 100% positive concerning their satanic nature thanks to the deception they spread, and the signs contained in their channels.


7 subscribers which is one of the devil’s numbers that I have listed for you, yet this channel has no content. The eye symbol with a single car headlight, the black color of the car in reference to the Devil. the K to say that he is a spirit, a ghost, a demon.


4 subscribers, no content on the channel, the crescent moon, the clouds for the smoke symbolizing the jinns, Ka Ël = Soul of Satan = devil in false human shape


63 subscribers, like 666, no content on the channel, Ter beja777 = devil’s name, with the 777 in reference to the Devil’s plan for the apocalypse. Her evil face corresponds to the face of one of these devils.


8 subscribers, no content on the channel, “Seeker of Wisdom and Truth”, as I told you, the devils adopt deceptive names, but the truth and wisdom they are referring to are not of God but of the Devil. The avatar is that of a woman with a veil before her eyes. the veil, to say that they operate masked, under cover, the woman symbolizing the sin.


21 subscribers like 777. In Fight Club, Tyler durden is the character who actually embodies the Devil. An eye in the shade for the symbol of the one eye, the cigarette for the smoke representing the jinns. The playlist with the name “the man with two faces” = these devils have 2 faces, that in public where they feign to be real humans, and that in private, where they are openly devils. The 2 faces also refer to the fact that they are two entities in the same body: the hybrid and the jinn who possesses him.


5 subscribers, the lion symbolizing the sun and the false Jesus embodied by Satan, the multi-color for the new age doctrine of the unity of men around Satan. The avatar is a black flame, with the writing “Beast”, ie Satan the Beast. His signature video lasts 1:01, which is the same symbol as “lol”, which means submission to Satan. Indeed, the two ‘l’ draw 2 arms, and the ‘o’ draws a face, so “lol” actually represents someone who worships Satan. Watch his signature video and you will see that it contains absolutely nothing, except a black flame with “Beast” written in it. No normal person would have uploaded such an insane video, because this video is only there to mark his channel as belonging to a devil. When I spoke to this devil, I told him openly that he was a demon, he was not even shocked or surprised as a normal person would be, but chatted with me without hiding his true nature, because his jinn informed him that I knew his true nature.


2 subscribers, no content, 1 eye, the cigarette for the smoke, the V sign with the 2 fingers for “Hail Satan”.


1 subscriber, the NY represents Satan and not New York, the red cap, for the blood and death that the devils will bring to earth. De’Angelo Lee, for “fallen angel”, the promotion of the false Jesus Christ who will be played by Satan. Trump lol = Hail Trump, Trump being the antichrist, with the 4 pillars behind symbolizing the death which Trump will bring with World War 3 in 2020. The playlist with 4 videos, the 4 designating death, and the character representing a devil among men. the number of videos per playlist: 7 for apocalypse, 3 for the deception of Satan, the pyramid, the trinity, 4 for death.


3 subscribers, K for soul, spirit, jinn. “lol” to say that he serves Satan, the eye, the ring of fire to say that those who are under the control of the devil are surrounded by hell. The playlists count 3 videos, 6 videos, 9 videos, which refers to the 666, Satan’s plan to lead people to hell.


Urbex Reaver, which means “city wrecker”, the hybrid, ie half man half jinn. In order for you to see how far these demons can push their comedy, this one has commented on my Youtube channel for years, pretending to agree with my message, while his only goal was to monopolize my time and spread his perdition.


12 subscribers, no channel content. “Vampire Vlad” in reference to Satan, the symbol of the eye in reference to the one eye. The ‘6’ shapes in the banner for the 666. The 2 Youtube channels to which he subscribes also belong to two other devils like him. I had a fairly extensive experience with this devil, when I accused him of being a devil, he did not even contest it, but on the contrary he fully assumed it and immediately threatened me to use his jinn against me. Obsviously, he was sure of his power and is used to doing this with others. He then invited a pack of devils  to support him and who also threatened with their jinns, promising me the worst horrors in the world. But seeing that their attacks did not work against me, because God protects me against these devils, Vampire Vlad became afraid and removed overnight all the videos he had posted, in which he openly declared to be a devil, showing quite explicit photos of him exposing his true satanic nature. He had uploaded these videos because he thought that no human on this earth could identify him or give credit to the fact that he is a devil, but as I was able to identify him and that I promised to expose him, he had no choice but to remove all of his videos.

Here are some signature videos of these devils, which contain the signs that I have defined for you in their titles, durations, number of views and likes, or contents. I had to deal personally with all these devils, and I can tell you that their speech identifies them even more as devils.

The video lasts 12 seconds and is entitled “Satanic Master” in reference to the devil that he is. 12 means “disciple of Satan”, as the so called 12 disciples of the false Jesus created by Satan. This devil clearly exposes his satanic nature and yet the name of his channel is “Christian Arsenault. Mc ßandit christian arsenault“, what Christ have to do with someone who openly claims to be a satanist? His channel has 1 subscriber which is one of the numbers I listed above.

Duration: 10 seconds, 10 for the X, referring to Satan in his role of false Jesus. Player 12 passes to player 11 who scores. The 12 for the disciple of Satan, who passes to the 11, Satan, to signify that he serves Satan. The name of the video is “aaaa”, for 1111, the satanic plan to push men to rebellion and thus lead them to hell. The name of the channel is “Angelo KLN9600”, in reference to the fallen angels, and we find the 96 which means that he belongs to the family of the devils. The channel has 5 subscribers, which corresponds to one of the numbers I have listed for you. Notice that his number of subscribers never increment.

Here you have a whole family of devils who show their faces. The 2 children are also devils, a white and a black in reference to the hybrid, and to the masonic duality. This video is not normal, the father, a devil among men films the 2 children playing, then at 2:00 he zooms without reason and insistently on a banner with the inscription “Sonic”, because the character of Sonic actually represents Satan. Another obvious proof, at 2:14 he zooms with great insistence on the back of a car written on it “hybrid”, to signify that they are devils, ie hybrids. The video is called “my first video I made when I was 6“, the 6 referring to 666. The channel has 6 subscribers for the 666. The avatar of the channel is a Street Fighter character, because the devils are precisely street fighters.

The video shows Superman, ie Satan, with “false god” written on him, Satan is indeed a false god. The speech that you hear is actually Satan speaking, initially evoking his immortality and the fact that he seeks to shine in the eyes of all. Listen carefully to the whole speech, because later in the video he speaks of the world in crisis which is a sign of the arrival of the devils on Earth, while most people are completely wreckless, which actually corresponds to the reality of our today’s world. We see throughout the video a man on fire alluding to their mission to lead men to hell. The avatar of the channel is a bird in reference to the fallen angels. The title of the video “how to serve the man?“: the devils serve men by exposing their true nature, exposing the criminals and leading them to hell.

Duration: 11 seconds, 11 stands for Satan. This devil sticks out his tongue emphatically and seriously, to signify that he is a devil , because sticking out his tongue serves to show his reptilian nature. The channel has 1 subscriber, which corresponds to one of the numbers I have listed for you. Which normal man would upload such a video?

What exposes them the most is not even the signs on their Youtube channels, but especially their comments. Indeed, these devils expose themselves by the fact that they comment in packs and share exactly the same speech of error, when they are not supposed to know each other. It may happen that some of them do not put these signs that I exposed you on their channel, in order to hide their nature, but the fact that they comment in group with other devils who have these signs, expose them as devils. By learning to identify these devils, you will be able to learn more about their plan, because when they talk to each other, they believe that nobody can identify them, and therefore can reveal certain information which is supposed to remain secret. They use however a double language, it is thus necessary to know to read between the lines and to be well informed concerning the plan of the Devil in order to be able to correctly interpret their speech.

These devils have also made it their specialty to expose… the devils among men or reptilians … what is better than to control the opposition? 99% of the YouTube channels exposing reptilians, ie the devils mon men, are owned by devils too, and they mix truth and falsehood in order to mislead people. In reality, they are not doing this to spread the truth, but only to make people believe that their salvation will come by fighting the reptilians. Now people’s salvation is only possible if they stop their sins and turn to God, and not by fighting the devils. Here are some of the YouTube channels of these devils who pretend to expose the devils, ie reptilians, while they are actually part of them. They all have in common to promote Jesus Christ, because they know that the Jesus who will come in these end times is Satan.


Here is a comment from one of these devils supposed to expose the devils, what he says about them is quite true, except that he lie on some important parts in order to mislead people, and that he promotes the false Jesus who will be played by Satan.


His channel has 8 subscribers, which corresponds to the numbers I’ve listed. He promotes Jesus Christ because their plan is to push people into the hands of their false Jesus. Also Notice also the number of likes: 73, for the 777 designating the Apocalypse, and 7 response comments.

It’s true, human demons are everywhere and can take on any appearance. I have met many during my life and my travels, and all of them have played the role of underminer. They stick to you, to your daily life, and make you like being in their presence (through flattery, drugs, pleasures, promises, etc.). They take advantage of these moments to analyze you, “reach your sensitive strings”, as they say, to better choose the angle by which they can attack you next. They are your worst enemies, and therefore they will be closer to you than your true friends. Their goal is to draw you slowly to them, gradually bringing you down to their master. Depending on the person they will use different means (money, celebrity, friendship, sex, drugs, occultism, black magic, etc.) and will set you traps in which you will have the impression of being free to choose, but that’s an illusion of freedom, as they try to influence your choice. They can appear / disappear at will, change their appearance, take what they need out of their pockets, and know some of your secrets. They do not sleep like us, since they practice astral travel and take advantage of it to meet, exchange information and plan their next attacks. They are excellent actors, and the image of the theater is very precise. They have the advantage of numbers, and know where to find you. It is therefore extremely easy for them to get you “on stage” through a seemingly mundane interaction and then take you wherever they want. Besides, they know you well, know how to read your emotions in live (they see the hormonal / chemical reactions of the body) and have a great sense of adaptation. You will come to wonder if they are able to read your mind, but that is not the case. They are bad by nature, liars, vicious and treacherous.

I sank for years alongside them. They were my masters. But one evening the Lord intervened. He delivered me, instructed me and gave his Word to teach me how to protect myself and counter-attack. Since that day he has never abandoned me, and I thank him every day. So yes, beloved, demons in human form exist. They are even in some of your dreams. But the One inside is greater than the one in the world, and Jesus Christ has already overcome them ALL on the Cross. Walk by Faith and you will live. God’s promises are real, so we have nothing to fear. Glory be to the Father! Glory to his Son! In the name of Jesus Christ, be blessed.

Contrary to what he says, the devils among men can read people’s minds thanks to the jinn who operates through them. None of these devils among men reveal that they are in fact a two entities in one body: the hybrid and the jinn who operates through him. For the rest, the description he gave of their behavior is correct, these devils are real poison and know how to weave their web around their prey until they completely fall under their control. These devils are extremely poisonous and pump all your energy and creates a heavy dark atmorphere around you as long as you remain in contact with them, which provokes depression, diseases, insomnia, and perverse thoughts.

The 3 figures of the Devil for the end of time

Some misguided think that the Antichrist, the Imam Mahdi, and the false Jesus, are only pure invention of the Devil because they are not mentioned explicitly in the Koran, but you will see that they are completely wrong.

Indeed, the Koran does not talk nominatively about the Antichrist, the Imam Mahdi, and the return of the (false) Jesus, however the Koran mentions the Devil and describes him under all his numerous facets, in order to allow us to identify him whatever the facade behind which he hides. Since the beginning of this terrestrial world, the Devil has operated behind countless false prophets, false guides, false teachers, false saints, false angels, false deities, and through widely varying other figures. Among these figures, there are 3 who are particularly important in his plan of perdition for men, and the Devil reserved them for the very end of time in order to use them as the last offensive just before the end of this world. These 3 figures are precisely the Antichrist, the Imam Mahdi, and the false Jesus, each one playing a specific and indispensable role in Satan’s ultimate plan of delusion. These 3 characters will be driven by the Devil in person, and all 3 will serve the same plan and will actually be secretly connected, even if publicly, they will give the impression of being opposed to each other.


The Antichrist shall openly play the role of the wicked, he shall be perceived as a bloodthirsty tyrant devoid of all humanity. He is supposed to rally to him all the extremists of this world, including the people of Israel who will see in him their Messiah, and his role will be first to destroy a good part of the earth and its inhabitants through world war 3 that he will start in 2020. The Devil deliberately wants the Antichrist to be perceived negatively, with the sole aim of marking the contrast with the false Jesus whom he will later embody. Thus, those who will have survived the horror of world war 3 and the dictatorial and bloodthirsty regime of the Antichrist, will literally jump into the arms of the false Jesus embodied by the Devil, without the least doubt.


Among his roles, the Antichrist will persecute Muslims all over the world, in order to incite them to join Imam Mahdi, whose role will be to unify the Muslims around him and to serve as their military leader to fight the Antichrist. But, the real objective of Imam Mahdi actually consists to deliver the Moslems to the hands of the false Jesus as soon as he will appear. This is perfect, as the Islamic prophecies of the Hadith that the Devil has forged for Muslims, predict exactly this scenario. Indeed, all of the traditional Muslims throughout the world share the belief that Imam Mahdi will come to fight the Dajjal/Antichrist, and will then join Jesus as soon as he will appear.


The 12th Imam or Imam Mahdi plays the role of Satan for Muslims

Thus, everyone’s beliefs will be fulfilled: Jews will have their Messiah in the person of the Antichrist, Christians will have their Antichrist and their Jesus, and Muslims will have their Dajjal/Antichrist, their Imam Mahdi and their Jesus. The Devil has forged false prophecies for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, so that they fall into his ultimate end-time trap, seeing each of their false prophecies come true one after the other, and thus comforting themselves further in their false beliefs.


Indeed, for the Muslims, the Devil forged Hadiths, the ultimate tool to mislead them in their religion and to deceive them about the events of the end times. For the Jews, the Devil created the counterpart of Hadiths, the Talmud, and for the Christians, the Devil altered the Gospels and forged false ones, like the Book of Revelation, in order to lead them to worship Jesus as God and to accept him as their sole and only Savior during the end times.



Hadiths, Talmud, New Testament: The 3 false scriptures of Satan

People of religions will therefore have no way of escaping the trap that awaits them, because they base their beliefs on the false scriptures of the Devil and not on the Scriptures of God. On the contrary, they will be all the more convinced of their false beliefs when they will see all their prophecies come true one after the other. The Devil actually has a plan for all of humanity and has prepared all men, regardless of their beliefs, for the coming of a savior. Some call him Jesus, others the White Brother, the 5th Buddha, the Maitreya, and he has many other names, but he is ultimately one and the same character, that of a false Jesus played by Satan. The 99% of the people of this world today are very lost, because if they were not they would then put their faith and their hopes of salvation in God Alone. Indeed, God sent me as the last messenger of the end of time, not to proclaim myself the savior like the false figures behind which Satan hides, but to proclaim to people that God is their sole and only Savior, and that if they want to be saved, their one and only chance is to surrender to Him, to stop their injustice, and to return to His true way, that of His Scriptures alone and His direct guidance, out of any sects/cults. But, the disbelievers and the sectarians who are the people of religions reject this way, remaining unconditionally attached to their false paths, and advancing irreparably towards their own destruction.



Antechrist, Imam Mahdi, et false Jesus are driven by Satan


Maitreya or  5th Buddha is Satan. Notice the hand sign with the 666, the code for the Devil’s plan to lead humanity to hell

However, the Koran confirms in sura 36 ​​that during the end of time people will worship the Devil thinking of worshiping God Himself. Who other than the great lost to conceive of worshiping God in the flesh? The Koran says, however, that our meeting with God will not take place in this earthly life, but only in the Hereafter once we are dead. God’s salvation will therefore not come during this earthly world, but only when God will make us die in order to join Him in heaven, and then God will destroy all those who will remain on earth. The lost think that their salvation and their paradise will come in this life and expect a golden age, but all they will receive will be their final destruction and the eternal hell that will follow. The Qur’an says that God is the one and only Savior, and yet people rather put their trust in false prophecies opposed to those of the Qur’an and expect other saviors than God. Your Savior, you have it in God, God reigns right now, guides and protects, and His Scriptures, the Koran, contains all the truth and guidance you need. The 99% that are the lost people of this world today think that the coming of so called savior will change anything to the true crimianls that they truly are, while their salvation is only be possible if they stop their injustice, leave their sects and surrender to God. But, the lost hate this way and stick to their false path, and therefore, will have what they deserve: their “Savior” will be the Devil and he will actually be their Destroyer.

Have I not committed you, children of Adam, not to worship the Devil? Because he is really for you a declared enemy, but to adore Me, that is a straight path. And he has certainly led many of you astray. Weren’t you reasoning then? This is Hell that we promised you. Burn therein today for that ye have been disbelieving. S36:V60-64

These lost will all adore the false Jesus that the Devil will incarnate, without having the least doubt. The Devil will proceed gradually so as not to clash with the beliefs of each other. First, he will proclaim himself as Jesus, a simple man, then as the son of God, then as God himself, and finally by proclaiming that God and Satan are in reality one and the same entity, two sides of the same coin.


This what means the symbol of the Ying and Yang: the false god incarnated by Satan during the end times, claiming to be both good and evil in a necessary everlasting equilibrium dkx0vyvvaaazgdm

This is not by chance that the Devil has made build this statue, it is to announce his coming reign on earth

Once men have worshiped the Devil as God Himself, then Satan will have completed his mission and will no longer need to act, and God will then give him carte blanche to do whatever he wants with people on earth, and will unleash on the doomed Gog and Magog, the armies of Satan. Thus, the reign of Satan will begin over the hell that this earth will become, and Satan will become the surrogate god of all criminals for eternity.


In order of appearance, the Antichrist will come first and establish his reign over the whole world in blood, what is called the New World Order. Next will come Imam Mahdi who will fight him, and finally the false Jesus who will be joined by Imam Mahdi, and who will kill the Antichrist and defeat his armies. It is only after these steps that people will worship Satan as God Himself and that Gog and Magog will appear on the face of the earth and destroy the whole world. In parallel with these events, God will unleash all the natural disasters announced in the Koran, and the last of them will be the Cry, the ultimate punishment of God which will end all life on earth. The Resurrection and the Last Judgment will follow with eternal Paradise and eternal Hell.

Imam Mahdi and Antichrist will be sons of Satan, that is to say devils in false human shape, ie hybrids/reptilians, they will consequently enjoy great telepathic powers, exerting their charm in an irresistible way on all their followers. They will be driven by Satan in person, who will dictate the least of their actions. As for the false Jesus, he will be embodied directly by Satan having taken human form under the appearance of a false Jesus.

The Antichrist

The Antichrist will be the first to appear among the 3 end-time figures who will bring the Reign of Satan to earth. As I told you, the Antichrist will be a devil in false hulmn shape, son of Satan, and he will be associated with Satan himself, which will allow him to have an irresistible power of seduction.


This card from the illuminati card game represents the Antichrist. The 6 refers to 666

According to the false prophecies that the Devil forged in the Hadiths, the Talmud, and the New Testament, the Antichrist is supposed to be a Grand Monarch of this world, and not a character out of nowhere as will be the false Jesus Christ embodied by Satan. The Antichrist will therefore be a great leader of this world who will emerge without anyone seeing him coming, until he forcibly takes control of the whole earth by militarily destroying all his enemies, to then reign over the New World order as Savior of the world and (false) Messiah, presenting himself as the Chosen One. Satan will give his son, the Antichrist, an unrivaled Reign in terms of military, financial, and technological power. He will be, by his earthly and magical powers, the most powerful man in the world, and no one will be able to stop him except Satan Himself when he will come in his disguise of false Jesus Christ.


You see in very numerous films and series serving as propaganda of the Devil this kind of butterfly, called “Grand Monarque”, referring to the Antichrist


Antebellum means “before war”. This film will be released on April 24, 2020, just before world war 3 that the Antichrist will declare in 2020. “If it choose you nothing can save you”: those that God want sto destroy during world war 3 will never escape their death, God will punish them by the hands of the Antichrist

In terms of personality, the Antichrist is particularly distinguished by his ego, which reaches such a level that all men on earth will have to bear his mark, the mark of the beast, otherwise they will be banished from the New World Order or even put to death. The Antichrist is also distinguished by his incomparable wickedness, his total lack of compassion, his endless ambition, his folly of grandeur, his insatiable thirst for blood, his authoritarianism not suffering the slightest challenge, his blasphemy towards God without common measure, his lubricity and its propensity to evil, valuing the worst people and persecuting others. Satan, his father, specially trained him for his future function so as to make him a pariah, and therefore create all the more easily a contrast in his role of the savior as a false Jesus Christ.

The Antichrist will begin his Reign with 3 ½ years of peace, establishing a semblance of calm on earth, by temporarily suspending all the conflicts in progress. The Antichrist will respond to the need for a major change long hoped for by people, so he will only appear when the whole world is bloodless, and that men of the earth are completely out of breath due to social, economic, financial, political, climatic, migratory, family, personal, crises… Only then the Antichrist will declare himself. The Antichrist will embody the transition to a totally new world, sweeping the whole current system, relegating to oblivion all the protocols and methods of the old world, denouncing all the injustices, lies and betrayals of the old system, revealing all the secrets long hidden from the general public. He will be the strong man who will put once and for all outside all the actors of the old world and who will reveal them under their true faces, to definitively make the transition towards this new world which is the New World Order.

The Antichrist will be a charismatic leader who will ignite the crowds, his power never known to date will silence all his detractors, the cult of personality of which he will be the object will make him a true living god, his unique personality will seduce the whole world. But, to achieve this, the Antichrist will first have to clean up on earth, and the only possible solution will be military. Indeed, once the first 3 ½ years of his reign have elapsed, the Antichrist will embark on a World Nuclear War setting fire to the whole earth, using the atomic bomb as a conventional weapon, thus provoking the deaths of billions of men in record time. The Antichrist will submit to him all the nations and leaders of the world, and only then his Reign over the New World Order will officially begin. He will establish his capital in Jerusalem and rebuild the Third Temple of Solomon, and will then be recognized by the people of Israel as their Messiah, and by his detractors as the Antichrist or Dajjal. During the first 3 ½ years of peace of his reign, the Antichrist will only be perceived as a simple leader of this world, and it is only when he will dominate all the nations of the earth by militarily that he will finally reveal his true status.

The Antichrist will then show his true face and reign with an iron fist on the New World Order, he will not tolerate any opposition to his absolute power and will persecute all those who refuse to submit. He will establish a false world religion and declare war on all other religions, with the aim of comforting people in their false religions, so that they will later fall into the arms of the false Jesus embodied by Satan. The Antichrist will establish a cult of personality all to his glory, and will be supported by the most extreme people, the followers of the strong method like those who once supported Hitler. As for the others, they will live in oppression, fear and misery, hiding in their own homes to escape his abuses. Once the war is over and that he will emerge victorious, after the euphoria aroused by the hope of a new world united forever in peace, the reign of the Antichrist will very quickly turn into a world dictatorship and will be enamelled with mass executions, spreading terror and death worldwide. And this will continue crescendo until the appearance of the false Jesus incarnated by Satan, who will come with his army of false angels, in reality devils among jinns, in order to put him to death and to annihilate his armies.

In reality, it is God Himself who elected the Antichrist to rule the whole world, taking the worst of men in order to punish with his hands all the other criminals that are the vast majority of the people of this earth. The lost do not want to follow the way of God and put an end to their injustices, they ignore all of His warnings, consider themselves as victims, and think that someone will come to save them. God has therefore put at their head the one who best embodies the criminals they are: the Antichrist, in whom the lost will first put all their hopes before realizing that he will only be their Destroyer, the Hand of God on this earth to retribute them for their crimes. Do you think that this character is a legendary figure and that such a character will never appear in real life?

Think again, because the Antichrist is already here and his Reign has actually already started, but the lost, blind and wreckless, that are the people of this earth, see nothing at all, too busy running behind this world and seeking by all means to satisfy their vile desires. Indeed, I told you that the Antichrist is a Grand Monarch of this world, who is the greatest monarch today on this earth?

The president of the most powerful nation, the United States, Donald Trump, that is the still undeclared Antichrist. That must make laugh the simple of spirit which are the lost, brainwashed by the propaganda of the Devil portraying Donald Trump as a harmless idiot, with the sole aim of surprising them all the more once he puts at fire and blood the whole world and that he will establish his Kingdom on earth.


Donald Trump is a devil in human shape, son of Satan

Indeed, only the United States has the striking power required to dominate all the nations of the world at the same time, the Antichrist is therefore necessarily the president of this nation. The military budget of the United States alone exceeds that of all the other countries of the world combined, and I am not even talking about their absolute domination in terms of technology and military training.

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In addition to the fact that the personality of Donald Trump exactly matches the one of the Antichrist, you will see that all the elements converge unanimously towards Donald Trump.

Why can the Antichrist only emerge from the United States?

First, the origins of Donald Trump are consistent with those one would expect from the Antichrist. Indeed, the United States is a country founded in injustice and blood, and have remained the inevitable pioneers in terms of evil across the globe. It starts with the first inhabitants of the United States, the first settlers, who were the worst criminals that Europe could count at the time of the conquest of America: Mostly composed of convicts, libertines and all kinds of wacky, early humanists, and notorious failures seeking to take advantage of the new windfall that this territory represents. Since the creation of the United States, an incessant stream of criminals and great misguided people around the world has never ceased to feed its population, like a fire that is incessantly stirred up with new fuel.


After the first settlers mostly composed of pariahs from the old world, from the 19th century, it was then all the mafias of the globe who took up residence in the United States: the Italian, Irish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Mexican, Puerto Rican, mafias …, to which you can add the Nazis welcomed with open arms after the 2nd World War. Even today, the worst vermin and traitors in the world, coming from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, …, are rewarded for their services rendered to the United States on the back of their own people, obtaining the “privilege” of immigrating to the United States.


Trump recently thoughened this rule, but since the Vietnam war, it is a tradition in the USA to welcome all the traitors who have collaborated with them against their own nation.

This nation was born in blood, and particularly excels in the massacre of populations who asked for nothing and who are infinitely less powerful than them. Starting with the blood of the American Indians whom the first colonists massacred to the last and stripped of their lands and resources, which is no more and no less than the genocide of a whole civilization. Once these great criminals had no more Indians to massacre, no more land to steal, no more resources to plunder, they turned against each other through the fratricidal American Civil War, to determine who will recover the loot. Since then, this nation of criminals has been the source of more wars of aggression than all the nations of the world combined, both in the past and in the present. We can hardly do better than the United States in terms of criminal nation.


The United States is the country that has most exploited slavery, importing millions of black slaves transported from Africa on boats like beasts, subjecting them to an horrible tyranny and injustice, making them work until exhaustion, treating them worse than their animals, raping them as if they were not even human, massacring them mercilessly if they dare protest against their inhuman conditions, denying them their very humanity, and reducing them to even less than cattle.


Once slavery was abolished, the status changed but the situation remained the same for black Americans, treated as outcasts of society and undergoing an horrible segregation which continues to this day. Even if we see today more and more black Americans occupy prestigious positions, they only serve to showcase and do nothing for their own people, and most of them remain confined to ghettos, without the slightest chance to succeed in life, doomed to become criminals, and to fill the already crowded American prisons.


Angola Prison Louisiana

The situation of black Americans has hardly changed, they still remain the slaves they have always been

As for the general mode of operation of the United States, this country is the most unequal in the world, producing more people left behind than all the other developed countries combined. Although the United States is the richest country in the world, it is there that we find the most homeless and working poor, obliged to combine several jobs to barely have enough to survive. This criminal country is shaped to serve only the interests of a very small elite of Freemasons, worshipers of the Devil, and as for the majority of the population, they are deliberately kept in a state of permanent precariousness, without no job security. Most of them are paid weekly, and are never able to project themselves further, while hoping never to get sick given the exorbitant price of medical care.


More and more Americans are forced to combine multiple jobs, and despite all have no choice but to sleep in their car, as wages are pulled down

But, the United States are not content to apply this drastic regime exclusively to their citizens, but have exported their unequal model across the globe, requiring all countries to implement policies similar to theirs, thereby reducing people around the world to a new form of modern slavery. In this way, their Freemason elites can buy their products cheaply in the poorest countries, and then sell them at a high price to the rest of the world. But, that is still not enough for them, the United States exploit the resources of the countries of the whole world through their multinationals, and by setting up corrupt regimes which in return for bribes, let them pump their wealth on the back of their own people. And if a country dares resist them, then they declare make war on it under any phony pretext, or impose economic sanctions which suffocate its whole population, like for instance Venezuela, Cuba , Iran, or North Korea. The whole world must work hard so that their trading rooms can run at full speed, and that the dividends touched by their elites continue to grow exponentially, without ever being satiated. Even their most loyal allies suffer the consequences of their injustice and their insatiable thirst for wealth, forcing them to sign agreements against their own interests like they have done with all these intercontinental treaties, and to participate in their wars of aggression, ultimantely leaving them only the crumbs. It is difficult to find traces in the history of nations, of a country as unjust and hegemonic as the United States.

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If there is one area where this country particularly excels, it is in terms of perdition and promotion of vice. The United States exports their culture of nothingness and materialism all over the globe, and even in the most isolated villages of the world, people are no longer satisfied with their conditions and start to dream of the american lifestyle, deceived by their Hollywood propaganda which only sell them lies and illusions. The United States are the pioneer in all sectors of perdition, whether in games of chance with Las Vegas, presented as the Mecca of vice and serving as a beacon throughout the world, or in any other field like that drug use, alcohol, sex, debauchery, and all other forms of perdition.

13021082 - pyramid and sphinx at night in las vegas1200x-1sexusaSTORY ONLY Jack Daniels_1551913307324.jpg.jpg.jpg_37139454_ver1.0_1280_720

The United States spread their debauchery all over the world, and are at the forefront concerning homosexuality and all its other variants, sperm donation, assisted procreation, and many other abominations.



After promoting all possible abominations, the new fashion in the United States is to be transgender, so that people all over the world are modeled on Satan, the androgynous, neither male nor female, but both at a time.

In the United States, all forms of excess are encouraged and praised, ranging from excessive consumption of antidepressants, exceptional waste of food and water, systematic use of credit, disproportionately large homes and cars, cheeky stars and disciplines, exceptionally high number of obese or people resorting to cosmetic surgery, up to the impressive volume of their films, series, music videos, and television networks.

2013 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest45415715-undefeated-eating-challenges-cover1Katy Perrylady-gaga-super-bowl-halftime-show-2017-05XZxubnAolG_WOjswjDPNP4eBBPKgv9doC7sxdElJmcYplastic-surgery-before-after-gallery-10Health, healthcare, medicine and pharmacy in USA concept. Pills,

The events organized there exceed any form of understanding, whether by their size, their excessiveness, or their great variety: concerts, festivals, spring breaks, summer fests, shows, conventions, competitions and shows of all kinds, popular festivals, community gatherings, … etc etc.

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The X sign in reference to the false Jesus, and in case we did not understand, these devils  complete it with the horn sign in reference to Satan

The United States is the most violent country in the world, either through the number of weapons circulating there, including war weapons which are authorized for the general public, or through the impressive number of homicides. As for their prisons, they are overflowing with prisoners and have become a real business for the elites. The United States is the least tolerant country in the world, at the slightest error you can find yourself behind bars for decades, or even for several lifetimes if that were possible. The United States is the least supportive country in the world, the rule which reigns there is  based on every man for himself and the law of the jungle, without any form of generosity or solidarity between people. Indeed, the number of homeless continues to increase exponentially, without the slightest aid system to rehabilitate them, but on the contrary, most states prohibit begging, condemning those who have been excluded to die silently.

el-salvador-crisis-homicide-violence-police.adapt.1900.1Prisons-crowdedM&R PhotographyBN-WM180_NYHOME_GR_20171206174129


The highest jail sentence ever pronounced is 141,078 !!! And this kind of sentence is no exception, as for example James Holmes, the killer of Dark Knight sentenced to 3318 years in prison …

In terms of religion, the United States is the most lost country in the world, transforming religion into folklore of all kinds, based on more or less guignolesque choirs, group dance sessions, improvised nightclubs in churches, religious streams based on generalized possession, delusional speeches delivered by ever more exuberant pseudo-preachers, … etc etc. The United States is the country with the most extravagant sects and equally insane religious cults. The Americans are so sectarian and lost to the extreme that even the craziest cults manage to be popular and successful there. However, they all share the same heightened idolatry for Jesus Christ, whom they consider to be God himself, while they are light years away from any form of true religiosity. If there is a population in the world which is already more than ready to welcome the Devil in his role of false Jesus, it is the Americans. In reality, Americans are just as ready to vote for Antichrist Donald Trump, since he embodies everything they dream of in terms of power and ego, as they are to jump into the arms of the false Jesus, so far their idolatry for him is marked. The United States is the country with the most idols in the world, both in the show business sector and in religion, because Americans love any form of idols, whoever they can be, as long as they allow them to dream.

DEvW-DPXUAA4Wp1Gospel Fest 2012brazil_jesus_march_rtr_img1_0QlQJMMN7wAzCdEG2IVrVgCBDKZriVAAAz50Kde0bc66b-59b9-4a3c-8942-f8e2046e9f9cWild_Wild_Country_S01E01_22m17s32072f.0

Add to this the fact that the United States are the proxy of the criminal state of Israel, which holds all the sectors that matter there: Congress, Federal Reserve, Universities, Hollywood, art, fashion, and music industry, big corporations, big media, justice, … etc etc. In reality, Israel and the United States form one and the same entity, led by the same Masonic elite, worshipers of the Devil. The people of Israel have learned from their past mistakes and now prefer to operate in a hidden way, so that it is the United States that will suffer the blows for them in the event of an unforeseen setback. Here is a very predictable alliance between a people that God cursed several millennia ago, and a people of criminals who in the space of a few centuries have broken all records in terms of perdition, injustice, vice, immoderation , transgression, and madness …. We cannot imagine that the Antichrist could emerge from a people other than that of the United States, and Donald Trump is the one who represents them the best.


“An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power”, Trump perfectly embodies these American “values”.

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