Ultimate Warning of God Before the Beginning of The Final Destruction in 2020 (Part 4)

Antichrist Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born from this impure land, stained with the blood of the innocent, that are the United States, already imbued in the time of the Indians by injustice and perdition, constantly bathed in violence, death, hatred, extreme madness and perdition, and Donald Trump is the best specimen in this nation of criminals. Add to that his double affiliation to the United States and to Israel, through his indefectible allegiance to Israel and his family ties, and you will then understand without difficulty why God chose him and not another.

In terms of personality, Donald Trump is the person on this Earth who is the most imbued with himself. Indeed, what Donald Trump sells to the rest of the world is no more than his own image through his name which he affixes on an incalculable quantity of products as varied as extravagant: skyscrapers, casinos, shops, airlines, grands crus, alcohol, dishes, cigars, bottles of water, sodas, coins, steaks, deodorants, shoes, socks, clothes, toilet seats, luxury luggage, knick-knacks, TV shows, universities, board games …. etc etc.

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There is nobody in this world whose name is affixed on so many products, “Trump” is actually the mark of the beast that everyone will have to bear once he will rule over the entire world, whoever does not bear his mark will be banned from the system or even put to death.


Chapter 13 Verses 16-18

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Like the beast, Trump’s number is 666, which he constantly signs with his hand and which is associated with everything related to him. Donald Trump was elected in 2016 = 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6. Donald Trump lives on the 66th floor of his Trump Tower. Trump had his son-in-law Jared Kushner buy the 666 5th Avenue.

668ad60382430d16e88f61a6d7d9cf62fddonald_trump_illuminati120qqjvCpW7BGWWAAETUgGdonald-trump-666donald666BN-QQ961_1107TR_GR_20161107122015donald-trump-apmaxresdefault (4)tkN4cLNtrump666Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Daytona Beach, Floridadonald-trump-okwhite-powerCd4tsx5UMAANoH1666trump666-1200x50066624b7f168040f7e1c1217a034b8aa72533cabinet-donors-01FRANCE-US-INTERNET-IT-IPO-TWITTER

Exactly 6 seconds have been removed from the film Home Alone 2 where Donald Trump appears. This information spread around the world while it is supposed to be completely insignificant, because it only serves to print in the subconscious of people the 666 associated with the Antichrist Donald Trump.

Trump’s grandmother, Elisabeth Christ Trump, who was at the origin the family fortune, died on 6/6/66. Notice the “Christ” among his names, which is a sign that Donald Trump was predestined to become the Antichrist.


Trump is the first President of the United States who does not to live in the White House, but has taken up residence in New York, in his Trump Tower, which also carries the number 666, as well as the number 7 in reference to the Apocalypse .


3 X 6 trees and 7 columns in reference to the Apocalypse

The 7 columns of the Trump Tower are a reference to the Book of the Apocalypse, with its 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 plagues.


Chapitre 5 Versets 1-2

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The accession to the American presidency by Donald Trump in 2016 marks the achievement of the 1st seal of the Apocalypse: the first 3.5 years of peace of the Antichrist Donald Trump are symbolized with the white horse. The bow refers to that fact that the Antichrist will then go to war and be victorious. Indeed, Trump at the head of the United States cannot lose the World War, especially since this war is orchestrated from scratch and the leaders of the great nations are all devils working for the same satanic plan.

The 6 trees on each of the 3 sides of the triangle refer to the 666, and the triangle pointing down represents the inverted pyramid. Whether upright or inverted, the pyramid represents the system based on Satan’s deception. The upright pyramid represents the current system, while the inverted pyramid represents the future New World Order system over which Antichrist Donald Trump will reign. We are presented with Donald Trump and the current system as being enemies of each other, the mainstream media and leading politicians constantly attacking Donald Trump, and the latter replying to them by talking about Fake Media and by exposing them as liars and crooks, which they really are. While in reality Trump has always been part of the system, he is a solid member of the establishment and a great friend of the media. All this is therefore only propaganda, because all the major media and prominent politicians are in the pay of the Devil and are only playing their part in his end times plan. It is not for nothing that since Trump was elected, we are constantly brainwashed with this fake story of Impeachment, this for the sole purpose of making us believe that Trump is endangering the entire current system, which would therefore seek to shoot him down by any means. Let me tell you something, Trump will never be removed from office through this phony measure, but will remain in his post until he becomes head of the New World Order, and all this masquerade only serves to make us believe that Trump is anti-system and that he is different from current politicians.


Trump: how to be a billionaire and anti-system?


Experts attribute Trump’s success to an anti-system phenomenon

bumperpngmaxresdefault (5)giraffe-202690-153330133209981-9QZfAXOLBhzSa.qR4e-small-National-Hero-Trump-Blasts-02-14-18-steyerimpeachGettyImages_969746660.0

Another sign that Trump systematically makes with his hands is that of the inverted pyramid, to signify that he is there for phase 2 of Satan’s plan. Phase 1 being the construction by the illuminati of the current system, symbolized by the upright pyramid. Phase 2 corresponding to its destruction by the Antichrist, symbolized by the inverted pyramid. The motto of Freemasons, worshipers the Devil, is “ordo ab chao“, “order out of chaos“, their goal being to sow chaos in the world on all planes, chaos which we’re living right now and which will reach its climax with World War III, an essential step for people to welcome with open arms the New World Order over which the Antichrist Donald Trump will reign.


The double-headed eagle represents the devils among men who operate in pairs with their jinn devil and who are at the head of these masonic orders and of the whole world


The upright pyramid represents our current system


The inverted pyramid represents the new system embodied by Antichrist Donald Trump


The Antichrist is supposed to persecute Christians, hence the symbol of the inverted cross, in order to comfort them in their false beliefs and push them into the arms of the false Jesus

1_lRz-cOnX2WtHdqwo5BWf-Q22-trump-hands.w710.h473.2x881264501000100980690noDAS92ihWAAA7heJimageU.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens to a question at the Family Leadership Summit in AmesRTX6BLJ3trump-hands-003.nocrop.w710.h2147483647.2xtrump-hands-005.nocrop.w710.h2147483647.2xtrump-putin-mason20170926926bc14cbe98dd4b5d858a668e5558df46.74c1c.jpg1200x630Donald Trump, Fabiana RosalesmaxresdefaultMessieJuiftrump15MessieJuiftrump14maxresdefault3BE5E8D800000578-0-image-a-49_1483718137494


All Trump staff wear a pin with the inverted pyramid, with the 2 colors inside, indicating the 2 stages of his reign: first 3.5 years of peace, then in mid 2020, the Antichrist Donald Trump will launch the World War and take the reins of this world

The third sign that Donald Trump systematically does with his hands is the 11 in reference to Satan, his real father, and to mean by this: “Hail Satan“. This sign of the 2 fingers also designates the horns of the Devil, thus signifying his allegiance to Satan.

Donald-Trump-and-markhor-Tv-Gl-ba-60Donald-Trump-makes-peace-sign-part2-1000-40155dc61629dd7cc1e008b5a7edonald_trump_8567813820_2trump_peace_signnews-politics-blogs-death-race-assets_c-2012-03-DanaInfoSAMGDECC02.advancemags.comtrump-635-thumb-490x462-150122donald-trump-peace-sign-ap-640x480_89010797_gettyimages-513966756Donald-Trump-v-sign-NC-rally-Nov-3-Getty-640x480trump-v-for-victorymaxresdefault (1)be168ad56293080c95050158cf30e4dbgetty_837567644_2000133120009280119_359605horn29381357345_f94226edec_k

The mainstream media in the pay of the Devil keep making barely concealed allusions to the fact that Donald Trump is the Antichrist, because those who hold the mainstream media are devils and know very well who Donald Trump truly is, and their opposition to him is only a facade. Their propaganda is used to work on people’s subconscious so that they do not see Antichrist Donald Trump coming.


Donald Trump with the Devil’s horns, because Trump is a devil operating for Satan


The same Time coverage as Hitler, because Trump will play exactly the same role as Hitler by launching WWIII and reigning over the New World Order as a tyrant, just as Hitler launched WWII and reigned over Europe as a tyrant.


Trump will decapitate the old system, and this also means that many heads will fall under the reign of the Antichrist Donald Trump


Trump future King of the World. There is the Trump simple president of the USA of phase, and then the Trump Antichrist and King of the World during phase 2 which will start in 2020.


Trump, the Hand of God, will pulverize this world: men, women, children, old people … as divine punishment against the 99% of criminals who are the people of this world today


King Trump in King Kong, the Destroyer of the World


Trump as fascist and authoritarian dictator that he will be as Antichrist, the mustache to compare him to the new Hitler that he will be, and even much much worse


Trump, the giant who will dominate the Earth. He breaks the obelisk to mean that he will destroy the current system. The Washington obelisk measures 666 feet, in reference to the 666 which designates Trump as the beast of the Apocalypse


The red for the blood that he will shed, people will be like children in front of him, he will make many of them cry when he starts chaos and world war


“In Trump we trust” instead of “In God we trust”, to say that Trump will soon be the new master of this world, a true living god that many will worship … and many already worship him


“Trump wins, and now the world waits” to say that the world is waiting for the advent of his Reign as Antichrist. “Will he destroy America?” alluding to the destruction of the world he will cause and not just America


Donald Trump plays the role of the clown to open the way to the false Jesus embodied by Satan. Like the clown, the joker in Batman, he will sow death everywhere.


Donald Trump is the Antichrist, they didn’t even bother to hide it


King Trump in King Kong at the head of the world and future destroyer of the world


Antichrist Donald Trump clears the way for Satan, who will be followed by Gog and Magog, and then people will come back to life as zombies as a punishment of God


Antichrist Donald Trump’s shadow hangs over people and he will spread terror around the world. Fear is coming soon!


Antichrist Donald Trump, as a devil in false human shape, is possessed by a jinn devil, for his case, Satan himself, who tells him everything he needs to do in his head


Fire and Fury that Antichrist Donald Trump will spread through WW3


Donald Trump winced as a Joker because he will play the same role as the Joker in Batman


The crown to say that he will be the future king of the world, the clown for the Joker, the urpright and  inverted pyramids to symbolize the 2 phases of  Donald Trump’s reign and to say that he plays a double game: he is with the illuminati while pretending to be their enemy


Allusion to the fact that Donald Trump advances masked, until revealing that he is the Antichrist


it’s going to be game over for many criminals in 2020, the first wave of destruction of God will particularly target extremists and those who believe in democracies, all these people who demonstrate all over the world and who count on their governments will soon pay the price


“What to remember from Donald Trump’s 11,000 tweets
The New York Times has analyzed all of the President’s tweets since his election. Or how the social network has transformed the presidential function.” This number 11000 was not random and means 11 which stands for Satan and 666 which stands for Satan’s plan for the end times. This article is actually full of satanic references and the numbers it contains are not random


The countdown has started: in a year, the American election will take place. Donald Trump has already launched his re-election campaign with meetings and thunderous declarations. At D – 365, the New York Times had fun reading and re-reading the nearly 11,000 tweets of President Trump during his first 33 months at the White House. The newspaper pulled out a ten-page analysis titled “How Trump Reshaped the Presidency in Over 11,000 Tweets.” He uses it to announce his policy, impose his views and propagate conspiracy theories, attack his enemies, lather, test his ideas, connect with his base and above all create the event and be sure he will to be at the center of the news. Selected pieces.” The countdown has started for the beginning of the war and the reign of Donald Trump as Antichrist in 2020. The 33 means that Trump is part of the same plan of the Devil as that of the Freemasons or Illuminati


“Donald Trump rarely tweets in public because he refuses to wear glasses, which he needs at 73 to read the screen of his phone. He therefore tweets most of the time from his residence, in the morning and in the evening. When he goes down to the Oval Office at around 10 a.m., it’s Dan Scavino, the director of social networks, who takes over and tweets from his own computer or phone. The president dictates the messages he wants to get across. Scavino prints certain messages he suggests to him in very large letters. He arranges them according to their outrageous nature, as if it were a spicy sauce: “spicy”, “medium” or “mild”. Regularly, the president chooses “spicy”.  73 like 777, the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 plagues of the Apocalypse. The 10 for the X, in reference to the false Jesus incarnated by Satan


“The frequency of his tweets increases when he wakes up very early in the morning, during which he spends hours watching Fox News and ironing the evening’s shows. It is also the moment when he is alone in the residence, without advisers. Several times at the start of his presidency, his entourage tried to limit the use of the platform. We considered publishing our tweets fifteen minutes late to have time to check them out. Without success. Then his advisers ended up saying that the social network had positive sides. Twitter makes it possible to present Trump as “someone strong, eager to stand up to the so-called political elites”. And his inflammatory remarks “strengthen his anti-establishment brand and his links with his fiercely loyal supporters”.” Illuminati propaganda to make Trump appear as an anti-system figure


“His Twitter account has more than 66 million people. And he gargles. Last December, when he announced his intention to withdraw part of the American troops from Syria, republican elected officials came to beg him to renounce it. But Trump called Scavino to show them how popular his tweets on the subject were and had lots of “likes”, proof of his policy. “It is difficult, if not impossible, to determine with certainty how many of Mr. Trump’s 66 million followers are false,” writes the NYT. But it is clear that a number are bots, automated accounts. According to a study by the newspaper, a third of them, or around 22 million, given their profile, are rarely used or inactive accounts.” 66 for 666, 22 for SS, Son of Satan, Trump is a devil in huamn shape, son of Satan. 22 is also a number associated with false flags, this world war will be a giant false flag

Satan planned Donald Trump to be his Antichrist, and this from his very conception, this is why Donald Trump has appeared in a very large number of films for 50 years now, which allude to him openly as future president of the United States and Antichrist. In reality, the 9/11 that is found everywhere in Satan’s propaganda films does not really refer to the attacks of September 11, 2001, but rather to the coming into power of the Antichrist Donald Trump. Indeed, we must always reverse the Devil’s lies to arrive at the truth, what we must understand from 9/11, it is not September 11, but the reverse, 11/9, in reference to November 9, 2016, the date when Trump was declared the winner of the American elections. The September 11 attacks were just the launch of the ultimate phase to bring about the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump.


Trump was officially declared the presidential winner on November 9, 2016 at around 3:00 AM, the Devil’s Hour

The World Trade Center attacks only marked the beginning of the era of chaos to bring about the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump. This event was specially organized for him, and Trump was able to attend it live with a breathtaking view from the top of his Trump Tower. Besides, Trump had even predicted this attack before it even happened, proof that he is linked to this event.



The poster that Trump released in tribute to 9/11 contains a coded message where we see in Melania’s dress the tower and the plane hitting it, in order to make it clear that the attacks of September 11 are related to him


Michael Moore is a devil in human shape and is perfectly aware of the progress of the Devil’s plan, that’s why he called his documentary on Trump, “11/9”, because he knows that the 9/11 attacks are related to Donald Trump . 9/11 announces phase 1 of the establishment of chaos, 11/9 announces phase 2 of the coming to power of Antichrist Donald Trump. Swing with the nuclear bomb to show that it is Donald Trump who will launch WWIII

All the following films and books were released long before the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, which shows that his accession to power was planned for long and that Trump is not any figure, but the Antichrist himself.


The White House in the background designating Trump’s prophecy as the future President of the USA, the rising sun referring to Satan, “a voice of hope”, the false hope that will be embodied by Antichrist Donald Trump and his New World Order


“Welcome to America in 2025, when the best men don’t run for president but run for their lives” … indeed, people will soon run for their lives from 2020 and they are the worst of them who run for presidents. “The Running man”, ie “The man who competes” in reference to Trump elected in 2016. The ring with a man who looks like a famous photo of Trump to mean that Satan gave power to Trump, symbolized by the ring.


Here is the photo in question, Trump has the same face as that of this illuminati card released in the 1980s. The upright and inversed pyramid for phase 1 and 2 of the plan, and a kind of nuclear explosion in the background. “Enough is enough”, as I told you, phase 1 started in 2001 and consisted in creating chaos throughout the world, Trump will only declare his true status when this world is bloodless and that people reach a breaking point, which is almost the case today and this chaos will reach its climax with WW3 and the beginning of phase 2 of the plan.


“The Apprentice”, Trump is the apprentice of his father Satan who trained him from his earliest childhood for the role of Antichrist he will play


Trump haloed in light, like the false Messiah he will embody for people. The 3 pentagrams represent the 3 false figures of Satan for the end of time


“The Art of the Deal”, like the deal Trump made with Satan as the Antichrist


In this book the villain Lex Luthor (= Trump) becomes president of the USA and is the enemy of Superman, who represents the false Jesus played by Satan. Note the similarity of the cover with that of the film on Trump: “The Art of the Deal”.


“Fairy Tales which trump all others”, this is what will be the fairy tale of Donald Trump, deceiving the whole world. We see Trump as emperor of the world, and black birds for the devils and fallen angels that surround Trump


The charismatic leader card of the 1981 illuminati card game designates the antichrist Donald Trump who will be this charismatic leader who will captivate the whole world



Biff’s character in Back to the Future, like Trump, owns a casino and becomes president of the United States. Note the obvious physical resemblance between the 2 characters. Even the character’s first name, Biff, refers to the real buffalo that is Donald Trump


“Bart to the future”, episode 25 of The Simpsons (2000), already announcing Trump as the future president of the USA, we find exactly the same postures to the very detail. Episode 2 + 5 = 7, in reference to the Apocalypse that Donald Trump will bring


“Trackdown (1958)”, US series with as main character a con artist named Trump who wanted to build a wall to prevent the end of the world, in reference to the wall of Donald Trump and his role of false savior of end times and imposter that Trump truly is.


Painting at Denver Airport depicting Antichrist Donald Trump and WW3


Chaos in the world and desolation due to WW3


After the end of the 3rd War, world peace, the Israeli flag in reference to the future capital of the New World Order in Jerusalem. Only Antichrist Donald Trump can resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through WW3, and he will be the Messiah of Israel


Union of men around the false Jesus embodied by Satan. We can see in this painting the serpent and the false Jesus who will come after Trump and gather around him the whole world


Denver airport monument called “Blucifer”: the 4th horseman of the Apocalypse bringing death to Earth. The 4th horseman of the Apocalypse represents Satan when he will reveal his true identity and will destroy with Gog and Magog all men of the Earth with the permission of God

maxresdefault (3)

Bank of America painting depicting the Antichrist in twins, in reference to the 2 phases of the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump and the two beings who inhabit Donald Trump. Between the 2 Trumps, we see a heart shape representing the false Jesus embodied by Satan. Which means that the 2 Trumps, phase 1 and phase 2, are meant to open the way to the false Jesus, ie Satan. We see the black sun, the blackstar, representing Satan as the angel of death. A woman dancing in a cube, representing the illusion of paradise that people will experience. A burning tree and the person next to it does not seem to be alarmed, in reference to the hell that arrives on the lost and that they do not see coming, immersed in their carelessness and too busy with this earthly life. The men who discuss at the bottom corners represent the illuminati who implement Satan’s plan.


Donald Trump physically resembles the depiction of the Antichrist in this painting. Note the black disciple outfit, referring to the fact that Trump is a disciple of Satan


Painting at the UN depicting the false world peace around the Antichrist and false Messiah of Israel, Donald Trump.

What I have just presented to you is called predictive programming, Satan uses this technique to desensitize people about what will happen in the future, and to condition their reaction unconsciously for them. This means that when the event he has scheduled happens for good in real life, people will be hypnotized and will react to it exactly as they were programmed. Thanks to this technique, programmed people are not only unable to anticipate the slightest event that the Devil orchestrated, but even worse, they will react to it in accordance with his propaganda. This technique is all the more effective if we try to warn people in advance about what is going to happen, they will think that we are confuse fact with fiction, since they have seen what we warn them about in a large number of films and series, assimilating what they’ve seen to mere fiction intended to distract them, while these propaganda movies represent reality and only serve to prepare the people for what will happen in the real life.


Do you think it’s to distract you that all these references to the 9/11 attacks were incorporated into films, series, cartoons, music videos, magazine covers, long before this event happened in real life?

For instance, we see the illustration of this with Donald Trump that nobody sees coming as being the Antichrist because of the predictive programming of which they were the object, yet the signs exposing his true nature are not lacking. At the moment, all films and series are full of barely concealed predictive programming about events relating to the end of time. In fact, Satan no longer need to hide too much, because people are now completely caught up in his illusion and their programming is now complete concerning the end times. The fact that all the films and series only deal with the end of the world, nuclear world war, “fictive” worlds similar to the New World Order, paradise on earth, hell on earth, devils, demons, angels, immortality, God, the coming of the Messiah, the end of the world…. is the manifest sign that we are about to live these events and that these movies only serve as propaganda to finialize the people’s programmation, and these movies are absolutely not mere fiction. Indeed, the world war will soon begin in 2020, the Antichrist has already been in office for 3 years now, the signs of God are everywhere concerning the end of this world, people no longer believe in nothing and think that their salvation will be in this earthly life and not in the hereafter, God has sent you his ultimate messenger in my person to warn you. What more do you need to wake up?

An impressive number of effigies have been specially created to represent Donald Trump in his role of Antichrist, or to signify that it is the Devil who operates through him. All these effigies are not simple folklore to distract you, but are part of the predictive programming I am talking about.


666, half-hidden face to show that Trump is for now acting under cover


Huge statue of Donald Trump in a carnival in Italy, showing Donald Trump in his Antichrist costume dominating people and the world, with all the symbols of his attributes: the sword for war and justice that he will render in the name of God, the sun, the pyramid, the eye, the claws for the beast he really is, the laurel wreath for his reign over the New World Order, the symbol of twitter to show that he speaks directly to the people …etc., etc


Trump as a giant dominating people and attacking them, what he will soon do in his role of Antichrist. The fools that are the 99% of people in this world think only of taking a picture of him instead of seeing this as a sign that Trump is not just a simple clown, but the Antichrist


Trump with the lion in front of him, the lion symbolizes the sun, the false Jesus embodied by Satan, who will come after Trump and eliminate him


Donald Trump surrounded by snakes, in reference to the real devil in human shape that he is


Trump dressed in white as the man of peace he claims to be for now, before revealing himself as the Antichrist and destroyer of the world. He caresses a bird that represents his totem, ie the jinn devil that possesses him, Satan himself.


The Antichrist Trump in Nemesis picking on a little girl who casually braves him, like people around the world who are completely wreckless and take him for a clown, while soon, the very mention of his name will make them tremble, so violent will be his reign.


Trump as an ogre eater of men, as he will destroy on order of God a good part of men on earth, the symbol of the sun around his head in reference to Satan who guides him


Statue of Trump as Roman Emperor, which he will soon be in his role as Antichrist dominating the whole world under the New World Order, the new Roman Empire


The world as it is in the Handmaid’s Tale series will be similar to that of the Antichrist, who will establish a world dictatorship with a one world religion forcibly imposed, and the other religions will be persecuted, in order to prepare them to accept the false Jesus


Trump is often portrayed with a duplicate of himself, showing him talking to himself, which alludes to the jinn devil, Satan himself, who speaks into Donald Trump and dictates to him everything he has to say and do. It also refers to the two sides of Donald Trump: first the man of peace he is playing until now, then the Destroyer of men he will be as Antichrist. Trump’s many lookalikes are part of predictive programming referring to the double face of Donald Trump.


2 Donald Trump: the one who smiles, the one of  today, and the one who does not smile, the one of tomorrow, ie the Antichrist


A tale of the 2 Trumps: the so-called man of peace, and the destroyer that he will soon incarnate


Trump speaking to the jinn devil inside him, Satan. Notice the snake-shaped decoration of the mirror which means that it is Satan who is speaking in him



The 2 Donalds have indeed arrived: The Donald Trump, mere president of the USA, is already here, and the Donald Trump as Antichrist arrives in 2020.



Donald Trump and the jinn devil who operates through him, i.e. Satan


Donald Trump’s interview with himself: 2 Trumps


All of this is part of predictive programming so people don’t see Trump coming as Antichrist


The number 1 of which he speaks, his replica, is Satan.


For the moment, the one we see from the 2 Trumps is the Donald Trump simple president of the United States, the Donald Trump depicted as a clown, ridiculed by the mainstream media in order to hide his true nature. But soon you will see the true face of Antichrist Donald Trump, and then no one will laugh at him anymore, just as no one laughed at Hitler from the time he sowed terror over all of Europe.

The Antichrist is supposed to be a man of peace during the first 3.5 years of his Reign, which is precisely the case with the first 3 years of Donald Trump’s reign. Who is not surprised, knowing the unstable and explosive nature of Donald Trump, to see that he has not launched any war yet, but on the contrary, has suspended all American military operations which were already underway before his entry into office? No other American president has ever done this, and it would be Trump, the craziest and most radical of them, who would be the first to do it?

Like the Antichrist in the first part of his Reign, Donald Trump seeks for the moment to pass for a man of peace, withdrawing American troops wherever they are deployed in the world, signing peace agreements with countries formerly considered as enemies, supporting the cause of minorities and freedom of peoples around the world. All this is part of the masquerade orchestrated by Satan, so that Donald Trump fulfills to the letter all the prophecies concerning the Antichrist that he himself forged in the Book of Revelation. The Devil has every interest in realizing the least prophecy that he has forged, to give credit to a false prophecy in particular, that which announces the arrival of Jesus on Earth during the end of time, because this Jesus will be no more than Satan himself.

To everyone’s surprise, Trump withdrew American troops from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Trump has signed a peace agreement with North Korea and supports the claims of peoples like in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Algeria, Hong Kong, Iran, England with the Brexit. Trump is providing financial aid to nations in distress, for example by providing $ 400 million to Argentina, who is in critical need of cash.


United States: Donald Trump announces US military withdrawal from Syria


Trump in Iraq: “The United States cannot continue to be the world’s policeman”


Donald Trump withdraws half of the American troops in Afghanistan



Trump-Kim: This is the text of the  agreement deal


signal to venezuela: Trump applauds the Bolivian army after the departure of Morales



The United States stands by the Venezuelan people



Trump openly supports Algerian people


Trump warns China against a new Tiananmen in Honk Hong


When washington supports the Iranian mujahideen


“your courage inspires us”, in farsi, Trump tweets his support for the Iranian protesters


Donald Trump assures Boris Johnson of his total support


Ivanka visits Argentina … and the United States confirms $400 million aid

Trump supports religious freedoms, LGBT and black Americans rights. Trump supports veterans and the American people against the establishment and the deep state through the QAnon phenomenon, and some go so far as to say that “Q” would be Trump himself disguised as a masked vigilante anonymously helping the American people recover their country from the hands of the elites. Trump is fighting big corporations by waging a war against GAFA. Trump supports truth seekers by taking over conspiracy theories.


and now Donald Trump says he supports the LGBT+ community


Trump accuses Sweden of dropping black Americans


Trump and freedom of religion


Trump impliqué pour soutenir chaque brave américain qui a servi notre pays


Qanon: Trump supporters movement against deep state and Clinton shenanigans


Amazon, Google, Facebook… Donald Trump launches offensive against GAFA



Donald Trump and the normalization of conspiracy theories

The masquerade to pass Donald Trump for a man of peace has been pushed so far that they have simulated a false attack on Iran, canceled at the last minute by Trump, allegedly concerned about the human losses that such an attack would cause.


Donald Trump cancels ten minutes before striking Iran


“I asked how many people were going to die. 150 people, sir, replied a general. [It was] disproportionate to an attack on a drone” said the President on Friday morning. “I’m in no rush, our army is (…) ready and by far the best in the world,” added Donald Trump, who discussed the “threat” that Iran would pose with the Saudi crown prince in the aftermath. -midday.

Or in this episode when Donald Trump was violently interrupted by Jewish activists in Pittsburg, we see Donald Trump asking his security services not to harm them, seeking to be perceived as a man of peace who does not tolerate the slightest violence, even against his detractors


“Don’t hurt them, please. They don’t know they’re dealing with very tough people in this room. They don’t know who they’re dealing with, “he said between irony and contempt,” They don’t understand. Okay … Go back to your mothers. Explain that you tried to take it out on very powerful people. It’s not a thing to do, not in this room. Pay attention. “


“Iran: Donald Trump imposes himself as an American peace maker

All this makes Trump the most popular leader in the world today, and the majority of people have a favorable opinion of him, even if they do not necessarily support all of his views. Trump is all the more popular for his style which breaks completely with the waffle and usual hypocrisy of politicians of the current system. Donald Trump is an unprecedented leader to date, he is both the most powerful man on the planet, and at the same time he is perceived by many people as a savior, a vigilante, the one who keeps his promises and who speaks to them a language they understand. Donald Trump speaks directly to people around the world, without going through official channels and the mainstream media, simply using Twitter to communicate with people, man to man. Donald Trump is therefore indeed this strong and charismatic leader that the whole world has been waiting for so long to help us get rid of this vermin that are the elites of today who have taken over the whole world.


in two tweets, Trump givest he finger to Macron


Trump accuses the media to be the ennemies of the people


He made lots of spelling mistakes, massacred grammar, never heard of punctuation and sometimes showed astonishing vulgarity for a president. His critics focus on that, but his advisers believe that it distinguishes him from the formatted style of politicians. A good way to please its base.


It was enough that Donald Trump was elected for us to see a myriad of commentators emerge claiming that they had indeed seen his victory coming, defending the poor, downgraded and poor white man, victim of a left that despises them. Someone even wrote that he was “the voice of the excluded”.


Donald Trump, symbol of the American people against the “deep state”?


Donald Trump, a man of the people who loves the people! Nothing to do with our arrogant Canadian and Quebecers politicians!

It is also no coincidence that since Trump’s accession to power, there has been at the same time the denunciation of sexual harassment cases involving celebrities with the #MeToo movement, the layoff of thousands of clergymen with the pedophilia scandal, the exposure of child trafficking networks and human ritual sacrifices with the Epstein case, the revelation of the conspiracy of the media and the political world with the phenomenon of Fake News and the fall of prominent statesmen. All of this is actually orchestrated to bring about the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump, exposing the flaws of the current system in order to make the new New World Order system more attractive. A new generation of leaders is emerging, allegedly more authentic and more authoritarian, gathering all the power in their hands and bypassing all the politico-financial world, like Bolsonaro, Duterte, or Orban, who will second Antichrist Donald Trump once he rules the world. Donald Trump has therefore successfully completed phase 1 of his reign, and will soon be as successfull in phase 2, when he will destroy this world to set up the New World Order on which he will reign as an absolute tyrant .


The silence breakers … only devils in human shape playing their role to promote femenism


Some personalities involved in the sex scandals of the #MeToo movement


United States: 300 priests accused of pedophile acts on more than 1,000 children



Trump attacks Biden with new charges


Bolsonaro is one of the new authoritarian leaders of the new world. Notice the numbers: 10, ie X, which stands for the false Jesus, and 19 stands for Satan as Guardian of the Underworld


Duterte is part of this new generation of leader and openly declares himself as a great enemy of God, so here are the friends of Donald Trump

In reality, Donald Trump is none of that, he is neither the friend of the people, nor a man of values, nor a man of peace, nor the enemy of the media and the establishment, but is exactly the opposite. About his values, Donald Trump simply has none, he is lawless and acts only out of selfish interest, completely ignoring the consequences of his actions on others. He is neither a friend of the establishment, nor a friend of anyone, but only thinks of himself and hurts everyone around him. Not a single person who had to deal with him got away without being conned, not even the biggest crooks in the world. Trump is not faithful to anyone, neither to his wives, nor to his “friends”, nor to his business associates, nor to his political allies, and not even to his own children for whom he has consideration only because they venerate him without reservation. In reality, Donald Trump does not care about people, whether they are powerful or weak, he only tolerates one thing of them: that they adore him and validate everything he does and says. By his own admission, not once in his life did he have regrets, not once did he ask God’s forgiveness. Donald Trump claims to believe in God, but his belief in God is one way, recognizing God only to make Him say that He elected him as the head of this world. Yet, what he says is true, God did elect Trump as the head of this world, because he is the greatest criminal this earth can bear. If God has chosen Trump to be the Antichrist, it is because He knows that he will perfectly achieve his mission: to ruthlessly destroy a good part of the criminals as an introduction to the destruction of the Hour. God always worked like this, using the worst criminals to punish other criminals through their hands.

And when We want to destroy a city, We give orders to its elites, they engage in corruption (of souls). Then the Word spoken against it comes true, and We destroy it entirely. S17:V16

Donald Trump has a limitless ambition and thirst for wealth and grandeur, he is never full, nothing is enough for him or fully satisfy him, but he will always seek more without limits. In terms of religion, Donald Trump was educated in the church of Norman Vincent Peale, a 33 ° Freemason who taught him all the Masonic rites, and very quickly Donald Trump climbed all the levels of Freemasonry, to become one the most important figure within the occult hierarchy.


Norman Vincent Peale is a 33 ° Freemason, it is even written in his official Wikipedia page


Donald Trump owes his success only to his father, Satan, who trained him with the “best” and taught him everything from his earliest childhood, and pushed him to exceed any kind of limit, surpassing by far the worst criminals, crushing mercilessly whoever stands in his way, holding a grudge forever at the slightest small attack …, Satan made him his personal apprentice in order to train him for the role that awaits him, that of Destroyer of this world. This is why Donald Trump has always gotten away with it despite his enormous debts, and despite all the powerful he has conned, because no one can attack the protege of Satan.


Baby Yoda, symbolically elected personality of the year 2019. Baby Yoda refers to the Antichrist Donald Trump, the apprentice of Satan. Note the M above his head which draws him horns, just like the Times cover with Trump. Baby Yoda is very popular among celebrities, in reality devils in human shape, and the big media made him the star of the year

The mainstream media in the pay of Satan portrays Trump as a clown despised by the establishment, while if you analyze his life by watching for example all the Netflix documentaries about him, you will see that Trump has always been a solid member of the establishment.


When asked why, Gingrich responded, “Well because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society.” Newt Gingrich, himself a freemason, devil in human shape, and illuminati, wants us to believe that Trump is not part of the club of the illuminati

Contrary to what we are led to believe, Donald Trump has been part of the most inner illuminati circles since his youth, and is a prominent member.

eliteTrumpeliteTrump2eliteTrump3eliteTrump4eliteTrump5eliteTrump6eliteTrump7eliteTrump8eliteTrump9George H. W. Bush And Donald J. TrumpeliteTrump11eliteTrump12eliteTrump13


Trump’s apartments in the Trump Tower are a true Masonic temple, notice the 2 Masonic columns, the sun-shaped light in the ceiling


The vase represents the Illuminati descendants of pure reptilian blood. The joining around the vase to represent the secret alliance between the devils that are the illuminati


Donald Trump’s fater, Satan, the Fallen Dark Angel

Donald Trump,Emmanuel Macron

masonic handshake between 2 devils in human shape


Donald Trump is the greatest of Freemasons

Finally, Donald Trump’s unwavering relationship with Israel, whether through family ties, business, or political agenda, makes Donald Trump the greatest ally that Israel has ever had among American presidents, and even better, their future Messiah.


Trump’s closest acquaintances composed of eminent figures affiliated with Israel


Election en Israël: Donald Trump prouve qu’il est le “Roi d’Israël”


Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu has found the site where the “Donald Trump” colony will be baptized on the occupied Golan Heights



Trump accuses Jewish Democrat voters of ‘great disloyalty’


“Disloyal jews”, “King of Israel”, Trump’s claims generate controversy


Trump says no president has helped Israel as much as he has

Image: FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after Trump's address at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem


Syria-Israel: When Trump serves war on a plate


Donald Trump recognizes Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights


Why Trump is ready to give $ 50 billion?


Israel: at the request of Donald Trump 2 elected officials prohibited from entering


Donald Trump does not believe that Israel is spying the White House


Why Trump supports Benjamin Netanyahu’s interests so much?


Defense of Israel tougher under the Trump-Netanyahu duo


Israel’s secret strikes against Iraq, acts of war approved by Trump


Washington no longer considers Israeli settlements violate international law


Israeli settlements: Netanyahu has almost written the Trump program on Israel


Trump administration serving Israel’s interests


Here are the opening words of Trump’s speech to AIPAC: “I speak to you today as a life-long supporter and true friend of Israel. I am new comer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish State … “


Deal of the century: Trump’s gift to Netanyahu


“Trump’s peace plan can bring us to war” … this is precisely the plan

The people of Israel do not care about the personality of the one who will be their Messiah. For them, no matter who he may be as he is the providential man who will allow them to defeat all their enemies on earth, Muslims first, to rule the whole world as God’s chosen people, and to rebuild the Third Temple of Solomon. Their only condition to accept Donald Trump as their Messiah is that he realizes their false prophecies forged by the Devil, and that he allows them to return to their former domination over the world, that before their curse by God.

The Children of Israel are so blinded that they disregard their own scriptures, clearly notifying them their final curse by God until the Day of Resurrection. They are so blinded that they refuse to see that the promise of God is real, as since their curse, they’ve been wandering on earth and have been persecuted wherever they are, until the recent creation of the Criminal state of Israel, which again is part of God’s predictions. But, they refuse to see this, they do not realize that their return to the lands of Israel is precisely the sign announced by God of the approach of their complete and final destruction.

We had decreed for the Children of Israel, (and announced) in the Book: “Twice you will sow corruption on earth and you will transgress excessively.” When the fulfillment of the first of these two [Predictions] came, We sent against you some of Our servants of terrible strength, who entered the dwellings (destruction of the 2nd temple by Titus). And the prediction was fulfilled. Then, We gave you revenge on them (the Philistines, ie the Palestinians, with the creation of the State of Israel); and We strengthened you in goods and in children. And We made you [a people] more numerous. S17:V4-6

God however gave them all the chances to catch up by sending Jesus and Muhammad to them so that they return to His way. But nothing helps, the Curse of God has taken hold of them and they invariably remain blind despite all manifest evidence. God therefore makes me announce to them, I, his ultimate and last messenger, that the realization of His 2nd prediction, that of their final destruction, will occur in a near future.

Then, when the last prediction came, it was so that they afflict your faces and enter the Temple (the 3rd Temple of Solomon) as they had entered there the first time, and so that they completely destroy what they have seized. S17:V7

The people of Israel believed they could bypass the Commandment of God, but it was actually God who allowed them to take revenge on the Philistines (the Palestinians of today, who by the way deserve 100% what happens to them, and what awaits them from God is much worse, because most of them are huge criminals) by recovering their land of Israel, and by dominating the world as they do today. Do not the Children of Israel see that everything that God has predicted for them so far in the Koran has come true? However, they persist in continuing on the same wrong path and injustice, and running at their own pace towards their final destruction, as predicted in the Qur’an. In their total blindness, the Children of Israel are convinced that their Messiah Donald Trump will bring them the final victory over the world, but hardly will they begin to savor their victory, that God will send the worst punishment on them, by the hands of their worst enemies, the Muslims, who will massacre them to the last and destroy their new 3rd Temple of Solomon.

They are the ones who swapped the right path for straying. Well, their trading has not benefited. And they are not on the right track. They look like someone who started a fire; then when the fire lit up all around, Allah made their light disappear and abandoned them in the darkness where they can see nothing. Deaf, dumb, blind, they cannot come back from their error. S2:V16-18

Thus, God compensates the criminals one by the other: first, the Jews and the Antichrist will massacre a very large number of Muslims during World War 3, then the Muslims, under the leadership of Imam Mahdi will take their revenge on them and will massacre the Jews to the last. In this way, Muslims will see their false prophecies fulfilled and will be all the more reinforced in their false beliefs, thus giving credit to the imposter Imam Mahdi and the false Jesus embodied by Satan, who will lead them to their final loss. All is well that ends well, the criminals that are the sectarian Jews and Muslims will kill each others to the last. Here are the false Hadith prophecies that the Devil forged for Muslims regarding the Antichrist and the Jews:

Ibn Omar said he heard the Messenger of Allah say: You will fight the Jews and have the upper hand over them so that the stone will say: O Muslim! Here is a Jew hidden behind me … come and kill him. (reported by al-Boukhari, No. 3593).

According to the same Ibn Omar the Messenger of Allah said: The Jews will fight you and you will have the upper hand over them to the point that the stone will say: O Muslim! come and kill this jew who is hiding behind me. (reported by Ahmad and by at-Tirmidhi and described by him as beautiful and authentic).

Ibn Omar also claims to have heard the Messenger of Allah say: The Antichrist will descend on salsuginous ground of Mar Qanat, and women will constitute the majority of his supporters. So much so that one will have to tie up his closest relatives like his mother, his sister, his daughter and his aunt, lest they go to join the Antichrist. And then Allah will give the Muslims victory over him, and they will kill him and do the same with his supporters, to the point that the Jew will hide behind a tree or a stone and the tree or stone will say to the Muslim: come kill the Jew hidden behind me (reported by Ahmad in his Mousnad and by Ibn Madja after Abu Umana al-Bahih who had from the Prophet a hadith relating to the Antichrist.

Donald Trump has already fulfilled all the first prophecies associated with the Messiah of Israel, starting with waging total war on Muslims around the world, going so far as to prohibit their access to America.





At the same time, Antichrist Donald Trump has promoted the rise of the far right all over the world.



The Trump Administration has actually cut government budgets to fight white supremacy and domestic terrorism





Trump supports Viktor Orban, figure of the far right in Europe


Trump supports Bolsonaro, far-right president in Brazil


Trump promotes far-right surge in Europe


Brexit has won widely in England, and is mainly supported by the far right

Last act of this plot, Donald Trump withdrew his soldiers from the Middle East, and imposed, via his Turkish ally, the return of the Islamist jihadists to their western host lands, in order to further amplify the progression of the far right in the Western World.


Turkey expels jihadists: 4 questions about Erdogan’s policy


jihadists return, Trump puts pressure on Europe



Preparations for return of alleged Canadian jihadists detained in Syria


How is the return of the 11 French jihadists detained in Syria organized?

At the same time, the Antichrist Donald Trump and his illuminati accomplices have organized networks of smugglers and opened several corridors in order to bring a large number of migrants from Muslim countries, and impose them on Western lands. Europe, accomplice of the Antichrist and led by the same illuminati group, imposes quotas on its members by forcing them to welcome migrants.


The European Union details its “quotas” of migrants by country
Twenty-five of the 28 EU members are expected to accept its binding thresholds within the next two years to accommodate a total of 160,000 asylum seekers. A compulsory distribution deemed unacceptable by several capitals.



Europe facing the migrant crisis. Conflicting national interests, divided public opinions, inadequate community rules … The influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria or Iraq, Afghanistan or Nigeria, Eritrea or Somalia, fleeing war or dictatorship, leaves the European Union helpless.


How Germany handled the reception of a million refugees


more than 7000 migrants make their way to the United States

All that remains is to stir up the hatred of local Western populations against migrants, and this explosive cocktail will be ready for the blast.


US attacks migrants who are a burden for society


The United States could refuse asylum to almost all migrants


Germany: Feminist magazine denounces sexual assault of migrants


sexual assault of a young German girl filmed by Muslim migrants


do immigrants abuse our system?


Foreigners’ access to healthcare: towards a waiting period of 3 months


We, French Muslims, how do we live Islam in France“. This Arte documentary broadcast in 2020 could be assimilated to an apology for Islam, but it is not, the only aim of this documentary is to arouse anti-Islam hatred. It presents Islam as being compatible with the Republic and it shows Muslims claiming loudly and clearly their Islam while claiming to be French at the same time. This is enough to explode the hatred of native French against Muslims, because the Muslims who are presented in this report are neither French (and will never be) nor do they adhere to the values ​​of France, otherwise they would not be Muslim. We can see through this report to what point being Muslim (and besides being part of any religion/sect) causes total schizophrenia. There are as many Islams as Muslims in France, each muslim making his religion à la carte while continuing to claim to be Muslim. Muslims have de-boned Islam until nothing remains of it but still continue to claim to be muslims, which shows us their traditionalism, communalism, sectarianism, and total lack of discernment. Is there any muslim intelligent enough to put in the trash Islam once for all, as the sect created by the Devil that islam is, and to behave as a free man who believes in God and in his Books, and who follows the direct guidance of God? Are not the Koran and the other books of God enough for these sectarians? All these people of religions are only sectarians full of contradictions and are not genuine believers, they are even the complete opposite of the believer as defined in the Books of God. To illustrate the absurdity of Islam and the schizophrenia of the Muslims and people of other religions invented by the Devil, 6% of Muslims claim to be Muslims and atheists at the same time! This shows how much their religion is only a matter of tradition, communitarianism and sectarianism … all that God condemns. This report aonly serves to show Islam as a disease, which is really the case, like all the other sects invented by the Devil, and does not serve to reconcile Muslims with the French, but quite the opposite, to fuel hatred of non-Muslims against Muslims. Indeed, it is completely legitimate to hate this kind of people that are Muslims, because they do not think, do not integrate and generate troubles wherever they are. Yet, they like to claim to be French when they clearly have neither the face nor the values of France, being naturalized French does not mean being French, they are our origins which determine what we truly are. To be nationalist while being at the same time a believer is contradictory, because nationalism is only a perdition of the Devil. God has imposed the seal of humiliation, ignominy, and failure on Muslims around the world, and soon they will suffer the punishment of God they deserve, as will all other categories of criminals. There is the way of God, and the way of the lost, and there is no in between.

All the appropriate conditions are now in place to allow World War 3, which will be initiated by the Antichrist Donald Trump in 2020. This war will be a war of religions, a war of the West against the East, of the Judeo-Christian World against the Muslim World. On the one hand, the rise of far right and hatred against Muslims, fueled by the incessant orchestrated terrorist attacks and the planned importation of migrants and Muslim jihadists, has reached a level high enough to create a confrontation. On the other, Muslims living in the West and in their own muslim countries are increasingly encouraged to perceive Westerners as their enemies, through community-based parties, anti-Islamophobia marches, and false flag attacks directed against Muslims, which pushes them to shut up in their own world and to seek for direct confrontation with the West.


Walk against Islamophibia: We are in danger, not dangerous


the demonstration against Islamophobia was dominated by an assertion of Islamist identity


Municipal elections: the threat of community-based lists


New Zealand attacks: what we know about the terrorist attack on 2 mosques in Christchurch


The rise of Islamophobia
Since France has been hit by several terrorist attacks, tensions have risen in France, as in Europe. And the Muslim population is often the target of discrimination, racism and even aggression.


France: An anti-islam attack has been foiled


At the demonstration: “stop Islamism” we heard above all anti-immigrant and anti-Islam slogans


Villejuif terrorist attack: “Let’s end the crime of naivety!”
Senator Nathalie Goulet, who chaired a commission of inquiry into the fight against radicalization, denounces major flaws in the national security system. It calls on the state to invest more resources and enforce the law, without any tolerance.


Islamic State group claims responsibility for London bombing


anti-Muslim apartheid in India worries the diaspora


India passes controversial law against Muslims
The text refusing nationality to refugees disciples of the Prophet was approved on Wednesday. One more step in the implementation of the Hindu nationalist ideology carried by the government.


China: Xinjiang, one in six Muslims is in detention


Nearly 400,000 Rohingya refugees have been forced to reach Bangladesh since August 2017 to escape the violence that affects Myanmar (Burma). This Muslim minority is subject to discrimination and violence in their country. As you can see, God Makes Muslims Persecuted And Humiliated Wherever They Are, because of their great injustice, and this is only the beginning

The two camps are now white hot, so all that remains is to create a trigger to start hostilities, and this trigger will be the war against Iran, which the United States and Israel have been planning for almost half a century now, and the war in Syria has been deliberately maintained to this day, in order to serve as a lever to force Iran to go to war.


Trump withdraws from Iran’s nuclear deal and imposes new sanctions


How does the Turkish offensive in Syria reshuffle the cards in the region?


Iran Threatens United States With Total War in case of retaliation


The US-Iran war: “It started as in 14! “
Tensions between the United States and Iran could lead to a war that would engulf the world through the system of alliances between nations.




Trump threatens Iran after the attack on US embassy in Baghdad
Some 750 additional US soldiers will be deployed “immediately” to the Middle East “in response to recent events in Iraq,” Washington warned after pro-Iranian forces attempted to assault the embassy. The American president says however not to expect a war.


Donald Trump accuses Iran of “orchestrating” the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad
While thousands of supporters of pro-Iranian Iraqi paramilitaries forced entry into the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, the Pentagon sent reinforcements and 500 additional troops to neighboring Kuwait.


“Donald Trump has given orders to “kill” Iranian General Soleimani, who died in an attack in Baghdad”. Like WWI which started with the assassination of Archduke François Ferdinand, the Illuminati can launch WW3 just as easily through any orchestrated event of the same kind


Donald Trump threatens Iran to hit 52 “very high-level” sites
Two days after the assassination of Ghassem Soleimani, one of the Iranian regime’s strongmen, the tensions between Washington and Tehran reached a new level.


On American social networks, an atmosphere of “third world war”
As a pretext for an infinity of jokes and diversions, the tensions between the United States and Iran reveal among American youth a real concern.


“What is the probability of a third world war after the death of Soleimani?” We are preparing people for World War 3and not only for the war against Iran. People are now ready in their mind to see WW3 begin … any event can be used at any time to start this orchestrated war

Once the war has started, an unprecedentedly violent hunt for Muslims will begin, Muslims out of their land will be hunted down and massacred as the Jews were under the Nazi regime. As for Muslims in their home countries, they will be subjected to unprecedented bombardment by the United States and their allies. It is already chaos and total injustice in the muslim countries, but it will be much worse once the war has started. God will thus reward Muslims for their crimes and extreme injustice, just as God had demolished the Children of Israel in the past for exactly the same reasons.

sei_5806423191002-ravalgi-civil-war-tease_kb9axsb3811045-5ce6-4aaf-b8a7-917ef0b9c343maxresdefault (8)

Antichrist Donald Trump will persecute Muslims in priority, then turn against all other religions, leaving Christians for the end. When the Christians will start being persecuted, then the false Jesus embodied by Satan will emerge and defend them. This only serves to comfort Christians in their false beliefs, and because they will represent the hard core of his supporters. Satan conforts all those who believe in Jesus as God or as the Savior, because he will be this false Jesus.

The last part concerning Antichrist Donald Trump relates to the various prophecies of the Jews concerning their Messiah, and which Trump has already fulfilled. To begin with, Trump moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a sign of the city’s future status as the capital of the world.


Transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem: Trump has applied 20-year-old vote

Donald Trump wanted to coincide this major act with the 70 years of the creation of the State of Israel, which represents a jubilee. The end of each jubilee corresponds for the Jews to a new beginning, to a major change that will occur.


US Embassy Move to Jerusalem to Begin in May
The Trump administration wants to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel. “This decision will make the 70th anniversary of independence an even greater celebration,” the Israeli embassy in Washington said in a statement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be received at the White House on March 5, hailed “a great day for the State of Israel.

The architecture of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem evokes that of the Temple of Solomon.

US Embassy in Tel AvivDemonstration Takes Place Outside The US Embassy  In Tel Aviv18875C61-3A78-4651-93E5-9C2E2DCD8191

Donald Trump made the trip in person to inaugurate the new American Embassy in Jerusalem, and took the opportunity to make a historic tour of the old city, even praying on the wailing wall, a real first for an American President in exercise, thus fulfilling the prophecies of the Jews relating to their Messiah. Donald Trump then declared himself “the Chosen One” after being designated by the Jews of Israel as the “King of Israel“.


Election en Israël: Donald Trump prouve qu’il est le “Roi d’Israël”


“Je suis l’Élu”: Trump joue sur les propos messianiques lui donnant le titre de “Roi d’Israël”







Just as the Antichrist is supposed to solve the Palestinian conflict, Donald Trump has worked out a future peace plan between Palestinians and Israelis, called “Peace to Prosperity“, which you can consult on the website of the White House.


Obviously, when Antichrist Donald Trump talks about establishing a peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this peace plan will first go through world war and the establishment of the New World Order. Inevitably, once the world government is in place, there will be peace all over the world, since everyone will have been pacified through war and that the whole world will be under the control of the Antichrist.


Antichrist Donald Trump has made a deal with the Gulf states to suppress Israel’s last enemy in the Middle East, Iran, which will spark a world war that will lead to Donald Trump’s rule over the world.


Secret agreement between Trump and the Gulf states to lead to the New World Order, ruled by Antichrist Donald Trump

Antichrist Donald Trump has already started to draw the new cartography of the future Temple Mount, with the New Temple of Solomon built in place of the Al Aqsa Mosque.


Donald Trump has been compared to Cyrus the Great, the Persian Emperor who freed the Jews from the Babylonians, and allowed them to return to their land of Israel and build the 2nd Temple of Solomon.


these verses are only a pure invention of the Jews and are not part of the sacred texts

The Children of Israel are ready to sanctify any person allowing them to regain their past status. It is part of their distortions of the Torah to declare the pagan Cyrus the Great as saint. God does not risk honoring the pagans, and even less those who serve as allies to the people of Israel whom He cursed.

Jews would be able to alter the Torah again, as they have done many times in the past, to include a similar verse to that forged on Cyrus, this time sanctifying Trump, their future Messiah, for having allowed them to reign on Earth again and to recover their past domination. The Persian Emperor, Cyrus The Great, allowed the construction of the 2nd Temple, and it is still Persia, ie Iran, which will allow the people of Israel to build their 3rd temple through World War 3 of which they will be the trigger. The Persians have always been pagans and have in fact never ceased to be, they were and still remain the enemies of God and the allies of the Devil, this is why God is preparing to destroy them.



Donald Trump was elected president of the United States at 70, which represents the duration of a Jubilee, announcing a major change in his life, that of the beginning of his Reign as Antichrist. Like Cyrus, Trump comes to the rescue of Israel at the age of 70. As soon as he came to power, Trump has worked tirelessly to make Israel great again, because America is in fact Israel’s proxy.



Donald Trump has been recognized by rabbis in charge of the construction of the 3rd Temple of Solomon and other prominent figures as their Messiah and a coin of the future temple has already been drawn in his likeness. There is even a secret recording of a meeting in the White House where you can hear Trump’s Israeli friends stating that he is the savior of the universe.


MessieJuiftrump1MessieJuiftrump2 prophecy16

Israeli rabbis have confirmed that Trump is their Messiah because his arrival coincides with the birth of a red heifer, the first birth of its kind in 2000 years, and which is part of Jewish prophecies indicating the imminent arrival of the Messiah of Israel and the reconstruction of the Temple. The Jews force all their prophecies, like they forced their return to Israel in 1948 inspite of God’s Command, like all the conspiracies and false flags they’ve orchestrated in order to bring their New World Order and their Messiah, using cunning and committing the worst crimes in the name of God, it is the same for this red heifer which they obtained through genetic manipulation. The Jews think they can force the hand to God, proof of their obvious error, but they do not realize that they are actually passing the rope around their own necks.



We are indeed in the period of the end of the world, the Koran also predicts that the Children of Israel will return to their land of Israel and recover their former domination, as a sign of the approach of the End of the World. Donald Trump has sent Mike Pompeo, former CIA director and most important figure in his administration, as Secretary of State, to visit the plans for the future Temple and to arrange their next attack on Iran, which will lead to world war 3.

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This text was written by a devil in human shape seeking to reinforce the Jews in their false beliefs, and who tells the truth but in a reverse way, which is the norm among the devils. Indeed, the construction of the 3rd Temple is one of the signs of the imminent approach of the Hour and the end of the Kingdom of Man on earth. However, this is not the beginning of the Kingdom of God on this earthly world, but rather the beginning of the Kingdom of Satan, because there will soon be no believers left on Earth. Indeed, Satan will first reign through his son, the Antichrist Donald Trump, then through the false Jesus whom he will incarnate, and finally as Master of the Underworld when God will have completely destroyed the earth and will have turned into hell, a true hell made of fire and flames just as promised in the Quran. The Kingdom of God to come is not of this terrestrial world, but rather in the hereafter, because God will soon take back all the true believers besides him, and will leave all the criminals to be destroyed on this Earth. Believers will then be resurrected and will become immortal with God, and will be able to enjoy the entire universe for eternity. While the criminals will be destroyed in this earthly life by Satan and Gog and Magog, and will then be resurrected by God and burn eternally in hell under the authority of Satan. This devil in human shape who wrote this article therefore only seeks to reinforce people in their false beliefs of the coming of paradise on earth, while what is happening soon is exactly the opposite.

The Economist, a magazine which belongs to the Rotshchilds, has issued like every year their famous “The World in XX”. In “The World In 2020“, WW3 is clearly announced and as well the future reign of Donald Trump as Antichrist, Zion is announced!

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Here are more video proofs exposing Trump as the Antichrist and the coming of WW3 in 2020.

The proofs that I exposed concerning Antichrist Donald Trump are blatantly truthful, all of this is the reality of this world and not mere fiction. The one who still can’t believe it is the one who is very deep in the illusion of this world, and whose fate is actually already sealed. Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the moment of your destruction by God has finally arrived, you will soon see all your prophecies come true one after the other, and this has already started with the accession to power of Donald Trump, except that it is not your salvation that arrives as you may think, but rather your final destruction.


The pyramid represents the deception of Satan, whether upright of inversed, it still remains Satan’s deception. The 2 senses of the pyramid refer to the 2 phases of Satan’s plan: first to divide men and create a multitude of sects that are all religions today, phase which is about to end, then unify men and bring them together around a single false religion, a phase in which we will enter soon with the Antichrist Donald Trump and the false Jesus embodied by Satan.


The cross symbolizes Satan standing in the way of the right path of God, the rising sun refers to Satan, the morning star = the Sun -> Sol eil in French, which means one-eyed. Indeed, the Koran says that Satan was created from a smoke-free fire, therefore from the Sun.


The Star symbolizes the Sun, ie Satan in his masculine form, and the crescent moon symbolizes Satan in his feminine form. The Sun and the Moon are part of the same pair, symbolizing Satan the androgynous, both male and female. All false deities, whether male or female, actually point to Satan.


The 3 crosses symbolize the 3 roadblocks erected by Satan against the straight path of God at the end of time: the Antichrist Donald Trump or Messiah of Israel, Imam Mahdi and the false Jesus.

Donald Trump was elected in November 2016 and took office in January 2017, the end of the peace phase corresponding to the first 3.5 years of his reign will therefore be in April 2020 or in July 2020, which means that the World War 3 will begin on one of these 2 dates. The most likely date is April-May 2020 because all signs seem to converge on this date.


This butterfly is called “Grand Monarque”, in reference to the Antichrist. Antebellum means “before the war”. This film will be released on April 24, 2020, therefore just before the start of phase 2 of the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump which will begin with the 3rd World War


The episode of the Trackdown series (1958) entitled “End of the World” where a character named Trump announces the end of the World and sets himself up as the only savior, was released on May 9, 1958

In any case, the world war will start in 2020 and it cannot be delayed. Because, firstly God has instructed me to tell you that the destruction begins in 2020 and that all the concrete real-life proofs confirm it, and secondly because the Devil can in no case delay his agenda now that his Antichrist Donald Trump is in office. The Devil must absolutely start phase 2 of the Reign of the Antichrist 3.5 years after his access to power, otherwise this would contradict his false prophecies forged in the Book of Revelation. As I explained to you, all the prophecies of the Book of Revelation must and will come true, because they lead to the coming of the false Jesus embodied by Satan. Either way, God keeps the agenda, and the Devil has no choice than obeying God. God’s plan for this world includes the Devil’s plan, so both plans cannot be advanced or delayed by a second. Satan has been charged by God to punish the wicked, and he will perfectly do his job soon.

Say: “The meeting is for a day that you will not be able to delay by one hour, nor advance!” S34:V30

Say: “I have nothing for myself that can harm or benefit me, except what Allah wants. Each community has a term. When their term arrives, they can neither delay it by one hour nor advance it”. S10:V49

And if Allah were to lay hold of mankind for their wrong-doing, not a living creature He would leave on it, but he deferreth them to a term appointed, then, when their term cometh, they cannot put it off by an hour not anticipate it. S16:V61

This meeting with the punishment of God arrives in 2020, and no one can advance or delay it. God has informed me that His Destruction would occur in 2020 since the month of October 2019, the date when I started writing God’s Last Warning, before even showing me that the Antichrist was actually Donald Trump. So it is not on the basis of the prophecies about the Antichrist that I announce this date of 2020, but the fact that Trump is indeed the Antichrist only confirmed to me that what God had inspired me concerning the destruction of 2020 was absolutely true. God made me start writing this last warning and informed me of the coming destruction which will occur in 2020 just after my 2019 four days Ramadan retreat (the number 4 stands for death) in order to purify me before, and since then, I have spent on average 10 hours a day to complete it. I’ve finished writting this message the day after the sacred full moon of the winter solstice, on January 11th. So I wrote this message in exactly 3 months, right between the 2 full sacred moons of Ramadan and the Winter Solstice. This is further proof that everything follows a very accurate timing, and that I am indeed the messenger of God, and especially that everything I tell you in this message comes from God Himself. With the recent new related to Iran and Israel’s “Deal of the Century“, you can see for yourself that what I am announcing is already beginning to come true. It is a mercy for you that Allah has announced to you several months in advance the coming of His Punishment, in order to give you time to heed his warning in all fairness. I repeat, those who will wait until they see the war begin before responding to God’s call, will be destroyed and no repentance will be accepted from them as soon as WW3 begins.

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