Ultimate Warning of God Before the Beginning of The Final Destruction in 2020 (Part 6)

The great prophets of Satan

As you know, Satan operates through innumerable figures over time, Satan is legion and his facets are innumerable, and his perdition takes all possible and imaginable forms.

Among the very great dignitaries of Satan in the past you have Julius Caesar, Nero, Augustus, Justinian, Constantine, Titus, Caligula, Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Saint Louis, Ramses II, Xerxes, Leonidas, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Charlemagne, Ragnar Lodbrok, Cyrus, Saladin, Harun Al-Rachid, Buddha, Saint Paul, Abu Hurayra (aka Abu Lahab in the Quran), Confucius, Socrates, Plato, Darwin, Newton, Copernic, Voltaire, Shakespeare, Molière, De La Fontaine, Einstein, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, … All of these men were under the direct influence of Satan and were used to lead people astray, this is why modern history rewritten by Satan honours them and portrays them as great men. All these men were not of God but of Satan, and have spread through their person an enormous error, which still remains to this day. The great men of history whom God asks us to take as models are his messengers, while Satan erects as models his dignitaries, in reality the greatest criminals and misguided that this world has ever beared.

st-paulsal1ob_df7021_socrates2nero-37-68-roman-emperor-marble-portrait-headSun shining through Tian Tan Giant Buddha on hillside in Hong Kongingres_napoleon_on_his_imperial_throne-tt-width-864-height-1400-fill-0-crop-0-bgcolor-eeeeee-lazyload-0CyrusCeasar-street-sign-2Adolf-Hitler-19332000.hdsave.p16k7f5n32evit9o17pu1bv14kc10011c40f57_nodam_2592-1024x768-0434b2000.hdsave.89857231-10first-folio

In our modern age, Satan uses a new category of high dignitaries to lead people astray. Today, Satan operates mainly through fictional figures, actors, and artists, because they are those who attract crowds and have a great power of influence on the masses today. In the image of God, Satan however elected among his dignitaries some favorite figures which he placed above the others because of their high sympathetic capital which allows them to easily deceive the masses. Among these dignitaries, you have fictional figures which actually embody Satan, such as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, The Joker, Thor, Dracula, Darth Vader, King Kong, San Goku, Professor X, Hulk, Hell Boy, Sonic, Mario, Link, Mickey, …, but also real people serving as channels for Satan, such as David Bowie, Johnny Hallyday, Queen, The Beatles, Mickaël Jackson, Madonna, Elvis, Tupac, Eminem, Snoop Dog, Muse, Pink Floyd, Kurt Cobain, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Angelina Jolie, …, and their list is very long.

20d4e989-a308-425c-979c-cd7eac770ff5Kurt Cobain File Photosmaxresdefault2pac-All-Eyez-On-Memarvel-avengers-thor-i36870Batman_66634541f495e779bda0ddc87690ee9c0c3Kingkongposter5c0fcfe146691-David-Bowie-stardust_framed-1Brad-Pitt-fait-de-rares-confidences-sur-son-divorce-avec-Angelina-JolieCarrey_Helvise8adba1df9b757c9e1d4caea9a60c9a3KimX6GF15eGZ5jqCqo0RThe-Mask-2-Jim-Carrey-RumorPink-Floyd_bookazine_coverMichael-Jackson-in-Thriller-michael-jackson-33907113-1213-912

Satan’s method is to deliver his most important messages in a quite special way: either by sacrificing its bearer or by taking advantage of his predicted death. Satan thus seeks to print in the subconscious of people that the message delivered far exceeds the framework of the artist who delivers it. Satan also knows that the death of a prominent artist creates a buzz around his person, and therefore takes advantage of their death to accentuate the scope of his most important messages of deception. This can take the form of a posthumous album or a film in which the main actor dies during the shoot or shortly after.

Heath Ledger, the Joker


For example, in the movie Batman The Dark Knight, we were all shocked by the performance of Heath Ledger in his role as the Joker. His interpretation and the voice which came out of his mouth clearly showed that it was Satan himself who was possessing him. Even if Heath Ledger had been warned by his relatives not to accept this role, knowing the danger of embodying the character of Satan, he still ignored their warning which provoked in him irreversible changes, plunging him into a morbid spiral which led to his unexplained death 6 months after the film’s release. Several other unusual incidents occurred in connection with the film, including the death of a technician during the shooting, the serious road accident of Morgan Freeman, and the arrest of Christian Bale for assaulting his mother and sister.





Christian Bale revealed in an 2008 interview that Heath Ledger did not really play the Joker, but that he literally became the Joker, Satan himself. Christian Bale reported that Heath Ledger was inhabited by a superhuman force during the shooting, throwing himself on the tiled walls until cracking them, without having the slightest injury. This is typical of devils among men, because the jinn who possesses them gives them tremendous strength and allows them to instantly heal from their wounds. I have received many direct and indirect testimonies of similar accounts involving devils in human shape, of which Heath Ledger was a part. Satan would never have been able to possess him in this way if Heath Ledger was not an hybrid, ie a devil in human shape, because only hybrids have a suitable body allowing a perfect symbiosis between the jinn and his host.


A direct witness told me that he saw one of these hybrids completely destroying a metal slot machine only with his head, without having the slightest injury. In the Netflix documentary “The Story of God” (Season 2 episode 1, @13:00), produced by the devil in human shape Morgan Freeman, you can see one of these hybrids, ie devils in false human shape, introducing several swords in his face. In this documentary, the hyrid reveals that the jinn who possesses him tells him him exactly when and where to introduce these swords. He also reveals that his injuries are real but that they heal instantly, and that he still feel pain when he introduce the swords in his face, however, this pain remains minimal. The following images are from this episode and are not special effects.


I recommend you to watch the movie The Dark Knight (2008) again, keeping in mind that the character of the Joker is actually Satan himself, and you will perceive differently the message that is delivered through the Joker.

Elvis Presley


Satan expresses himself through his chosen ones exactly as God does through his messengers, their physical bodies are only channels allowing him to transmit his message of perdition to the whole world. But, most people fail to perceive these messages for what they truly are, even though they are most of the time quite explicit, and consider them as pure entertainment, which is the very sign that they are under Satan’s power. Satan desensitizes people to his perdition by delivering them real messages in movies and songs. For instance, listen to this song by Elvis Presley, entitled “You’re the Devil in disguise“, people dance frantically to the devilish rhythm of this music, without paying the least attention to the meaning of its lyrics. For them, these lyrics are just meant for artistic purposes and contain no real message. Whereas those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, can easily recognize Satan’s speech wherever they find it.


(You’re The) Devil In Disguise

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You’re the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are 
The devil in disguise 

You fooled me with your kisses
You cheated and you schemed
Heaven knows how you lied to me
You’re not the way you seemed

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise

You’re the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise

I thought that I was in heaven
But I was sure surprised
Heaven help me, I didn’t see
The devil in your eyes

If people can’t see that they are dealing with the Devil in this song, while its lyrics perfectly reflect the reality of the Devil’s action on this world, then it means that they are completely under his illusion. As said in this song, is it peculiar to the Devil to present himself to us under the best appearances, in order to coax us with pleasant things and give us false hopes, while he is only lying to us and just aims to lead us to hell with him. Once under his power, one becomes like a prey caught in a spider’s web, who struggles to untangle it without success, and ends up letting go and dying. The Devil trivializes his distraction by spreading it everywhere, to such a point that people end up completely being desensitized to it, and do not perceive it anymore for what it truly is. Eventually, people do not even believe in the Devil as a metaphysical concrete being, whose goal is to lead us to death and hell, but perceive him as a mere fictional figure.

Queen, Freddy Mercury

Another elect of Satan is the singer Queen, aka Freddy Mercury. As I explained to you before, the Devil uses the death of his important figures to deliver particularly important messages in terms of bewilderment. And that’s exactly what he did with Queen’s posthumous album: “Made in Heaven“, which was recorded just before his death.


Queen embodies Satan, the fallen angel


Queen controlled by shadows, ie the devils among jinns


The X sign, in reference to the false Jesus that Satan forged from scratch, ie the Biblical Jesus


The black and white checkerboard, the masonic colors. These colors also reflect the false God embodied by the Satan embracing both good and evil at the same time.

The album “Made In Heaven” contains 11 titles, 11 whi refers to Satan as the rebel.


Each title of this album represents a coded message from Satan.

It’s A Beautiful Day (the day of Satan’s reign is now upon us)

Made In Heaven (Satan wants us to believe that Freddy Mercury joined Heaven, in order to make us perceive his message as being what will lead us to Heaven)

Let Me Live (Let me, ie Satan, live within you)

Mother Love (loving mother … Satan the androgynous, both male and female, claims to love men while leading them to their loss. Satan advocates universal love in order to push people to follow their own desires, rather than conforming to the will of God. Men shall be guided through their reason. Truth and Justice are the most important values, far more than love)

My Life Has Been Saved (Satan has saved his day because he managed to lead billions and billions of men with him to hell, he has not produced all these efforts for nothing)

Heaven For Everyone (understand the opposite: hell for everyone, that’s what Satan wants for us)

I Was Born To Love You (I was born to love you … Satan hates us from our birth, from the first man on earth, Adam, and is a declared enemy to us. Satan uses love as weapon against us, he wants us to love our destroyer, ie himself, in order to facilitate his tasks)

Too Much Love Will Kill You (a piece of truth hidden in the midst of his lies: The false Jesus embodied by Satan will cause them an overdose of love. Satan has managed to persuade people that they shall be driven by love, and most of them only seek love and satisying their own desires, while they should fight against their desires and seek to please God instead)

You Don’t Fool Me (Satan knows that those who follow him are horrible people, hypocrites, cheaters, traitors … Satan hates his followers, because he perfectly knows that they are true criminals)

A Winter’s Tale (Satan’s freezing winter arrives sson on this earth: darkness and the freezing cold of death)


The title of the album, “Made In Heaven“, is also very evocative. When Satan uses the word “paradise“, it actually means “hell“, so the message contained in this album is the one which actually leads to hell. The man from the back represented on the cover is not Queen, but actually represents Satan triumphing, savoring his victory over the damned, ie the 99%, indeed, very soon God will allow him to destroy them. The word “Queen” also designates Satan, because Satan is androgynous, both male and female, so “Queen” actually points out to Satan as the “King” of this world. Likewise, the recent movie “Bohemian Rhapsody“, is not really a movie about the life of Queen, but actually presents the future reign of Satan in his disguise of false Jesus. Like in this movie, the false Jesus will be a rock star since the damned represent 99% of people today. Bohemian Rhapsody, that’s exactly what Satan is: a solitary and a bohemian, ie a debauchee.

maxresdefault (1)bohemian-rhapsody-1920x1200


Freddy Mercury is just a puppet in the hands of Satan … Satan is delighted to lead men to such decline and madness

Even the name of Freddy Mercury was not chosen at random. “Freddy” refers to Satan as the demon who appears in our nightmares, because Satan not only is content to lead us astray when we are awake, but he also haunts our sleep in order to push us to commit sins once we wake up. For example, Satan used this method to bring down Eve, Satan appeared to her in a dream praising her the merits of the forbidden fruit, thus preparing the ground to convince her to take action. “Mercury” refers to hell, as Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. So the name of “Freddy Mercury” alone is a double reference to the Devil.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The X, referring to the false Jesus embodied by Satan. The character of Freddy represents Satan who comes to haunt the sleep of children from an early age



Mercury symbolizes Satan as Guardian of Hell

In the main title of this album, “Heaven for everyone“, Satan speaks directly to men through these lyrics with an explicit language, mixing truth and lies, ultimately to deceive people. This whole song is a preparation of the minds for the future false paradise that Satan will establish on earth in his role of false Jesus Christ. The path that Satan advocates in this song is the path to hell and not to heaven as he claims.

Heaven For Everyone

This could be heaven
This could be heaven

This could be heaven for everyone (heaven is not on earth, at the contrary, this earth is about to be turned into hell, a true hell made of fire and flames as promised by God)

In these days of cool reflection (people today have embraced the thought of Satan)

You come to me and everything seems alright (you come to me, ie Satan, as if all is well … people are now confident with Satan)

In these days of cold affections (today, people are totally dehumanized, they are dead from the inside)

You sit by me and everything’s fine (you sit by  me, ie Satan, and everything is perfect … for Satan’s plan)

This could be heaven for everyone (but in fact it will be hell for everyone)

This world could be fed, this world could be fun (this world could be fed… by Satan, this world could be fun … this terrestrial life is not supposed to be a game, Satan wants people to have fun, while this life is a serious matter, a test which will decide our fate forever)

This could be heaven for everyone

This world could be free, this world could be one (this world could be free … from God, Satan pushes for rebellion, this world could become one … around Satan)

In this world of cool deception (the deception of Satan is now perceived by the 99% as cool)

Just your smile can smoth my ride (people smile at Satan instead of perceiving him as the enemy, and satan rejoices)

These troubled days of cruel rejection, hmm (Satan loves the rejection that people have for God and his true way)

You come to me, soothe my troubled mind (Satan is reassured not to have done all this for nothing, most people are responding to his call)

Yeah, this could be heaven for everyone
This world could be fed, this world could be fun

This should be love for everyone, yeah

This world should be free, this world could be one

We should bring love to our daughters and sons (Satan advocates love among men instead of love for God, men bond together against God, that’s what Satan wants)

Love, love, love, this could be heaven for everyone (love is Satan’s core doctrine for the end of time, he advocates us to follow our desires and passions rather than following our reason. Satan will use his telepathic powers to induce a feeling of extreme love which cannot be resisted by the damned, the 99%)

You know that (Satan knows that people have embraced his false love and are only led by their own desires and passions. Love is their religion and compass, God for them is only love, they have forgotten that God also punishes and is extremely harsh in punishment. God must be feared, because God’s punishment is terrible and it’s coming soon)

This could be heaven for everyone
This could be heaven for everyone

Listen – what people do to other souls ….(the people of this world have become horrible towards each other, Satan has cultivated their selfishness and their wickedness)

They take their lives – destroy their goals … (the people of this world are destroying each other … The Devil wants them to believe that the solution is to make peace and become one, while the only solution is to make peace with God and to redeem)

Their basic pride and dignity (people today no longer have any dignity because they have allowed themselves be trampled on by Satan)

Is stripped and torn and shown no pity (the people of this world have become selfish and compassionless monsters)

When this should be heaven for everyone (it is not peace among men which will bring salvation but only peace with God, hell is upon the 99%, hell for everyone of them)

The clip of this song contains all the symbols of Satan: the planet Saturn which refers to Satan, the crescent moon representing his feminine face, the Sun representing his masculine face, the pentagram symbolizing the control of Satan over the lost, the eye symbolizing the Sun, ie Satan, scenes of death representing world war 3 and the destruction that is upon us, the vision of a earth turned into hell, which is about to happen.


Johnny Hallyday


Johnny having the 666 tattooed on his arm, the plate of his motorcycle also carries the 666

Among Satan’s favorite figures, there is Johnny Hallyday that I’ve mentioned in part 4. Several of his relatives reported that they saw Johnny behind the scene, like a crumbling old man, and just before entering the stage, they felt a superhuman energy and force penetrate him, and suddenly he became a whole different man, transcended by the energy of Satan who sings through him. As I’ve showed you in part 4, Johnny admitted having made a pact with the Devil in order to become a celebrity. This pact, Johnny evokes it in his posthumous album through the title “J’en parleai au Diable“, ie “I’ll let the Devil know“.

I’ll let the Devil know

If they ever say I betrayed (Johnny betrayed God)
I remain unmoved. (Johnny doesn’t deny it)
If they ever say I lied (Johnny lied about what he truly is)
I don’t raise it. (Johnny doesn’t deny it)
For the day will come to account for my actions, (at the Judgment Day)
and I won’t hide. (Johnny knows he won’t escape God)
Yeah, the day will come to honour the pact, (that of going to hell with the Devil)
and he alone shall hear me. (Johnny liken Satan to God)

I’ll let the devil know when my time comes
to sit at his table and say my truth.
I’ll let the devil know, and he’ll listen to (Johnny’s god is the Devil)
the innocent, the culprit, the man I was. (Johnny will be declared guilty)

If they ever say “You deserve it!”
I surely had it coming. (Johnny knew what his pact will lead him to hell)
I won’t deny that
I pushed the limits too far. (Johnny has transgressed all of God’s limits)
You’re thrown off the track, then you regain hope, (outside of the way of God, there is no hope)
you plough ahead in a more or less straight line.
And it’s as a soloist that I will tell him my story, (Everyone will be alone in front of God on the day of judgment, except that Johnny confuses God with Satan)
and I will own up to what I’ve done. (Going to hell)

I’ll let the devil know when my time comes
to sit at his table and say my truth.
I’ll let the devil know, and he’ll listen to
the innocent, the culprit, the man I was.

I’ll let the devil know, and he’ll listen to
the innocent, the culprit, the man I was.

I’ll let the devil know when my time comes
to sit at his table and say my truth.
I’ll let the devil know, and he’ll listen to
the innocent, the culprit, the man I was.

I’ll let the devil know.

This whole album is actually a message from Satan, using Johnny’s death to deliver a special message to men, as was the case with Heath Ledger and Freddy Mercury.


Johnny’s posthumous album is entitled “My country is love“, again we find Satan’s core doctrine for the end of time, advocating love as the ultimate purpose, so that people do not seek redemption with God, but rather oneness and love. Love is nothing other than the fulfillment of desires and passions, and this is not what God prescribes for us in His Scriptures. Quite the opposite, God commands us not to follow our own desires, but to follow reason, intelligence, wisdom, justice, truth, and the precepts of the Quran. Only those who are fated to hell are driven by their own desires, and seek only to fulfill their passions and find love. Love, lust, and passion are Satan’s main weapon to lure us away from God’s path.

So do not follow the passions, so as not to deviate from justice S4:V135

Allah wishes to accept your repentance, but those who follow their lusts, wish that you should deviate tremendously away (from the Right Path). S4:V27

And surely many do lead (mankind) astray by their own desires through lack of knowledge. Certainly your Lord knows best the transgressors S6:V119

Then came generations of them who abandoned prayer and followed their passions. They will be lost S19:V59

But if they don’t answer you, then know that it’s only their passions that they follow. And who is more astray than one who follows his passion without a guide from Allah? Allah really, do not guide the unjust people. S28:V50

Nay, but those who do wrong follow their own lusts without knowledge, Then who will guide him whom Allah has sent astray? And for such there will be no helpers. S30:V29

Such are men whose hearts Allah has sealed, and they follow their lusts (evil desires). S47:V16

Therefore, let not the one who believes not therein, but follows his own lusts, divert you therefrom, lest you perish. S20:V16

But most of them do not reason. S29:V63

This is how We expose Our verses for people who reason. S30:V28

He gives wisdom to whomever He wants. And the one to whom wisdom is given, really, is an immense good that is given to him. But only the gifted of intelligence remember it. S2:V269

But it is only the men of understanding that pay heed. S13:V9


Chapter 11 Verse 6

The justice of the right man saves him, but devious people are trapped in their desires.


Chapter 1 Verses 14-15

When we are tempted, it is the bad desires that we carry within us that attract us and seduce us, then the bad desire conceives and gives birth to sin. And sin, once fully developed, begets death.


Chapter 1 verses 18-19

They said to you: “At the end of time will come people who will make fun of God, who will live according to the desires which their revolt against God inspires in them.” Well ! these are the people! They cause divisions, they are left to themselves and do not have the Spirit of God.

John 1

Chapter 2 verse 16

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

Love is only justified for good things, ie, for what follows the precepts of God, and not for what God has forbidden. If God created hatred and love, it is because these two feelings are both necessary: to love what brings us closer to God, and to hate what moves us away from Him.

And know that the Messenger of Allah is among you. If he obeyed you in many affairs, you would be in trouble. But Allah made you love the faith and embellished it in your hearts and made you hate disbelief, perversity and disobedience. These are the well guided ones. S49:V7

99% of people in this world love what satisfies their own desires and hate what goes against them. Their compass is their own will, when it should be the will of God. The one who has a healthy heart is the one who makes the will of God his own, who writes His precepts in his heart, and who shape his own person in order to please God. We must struggle for the sake of God and fight against our own desires if they go against the precepts of God, and for that, only reason can help us, and not love.


Chapter 40 Verse 9

I take pleasure in doing your will, my God, and your Law is engraved deep in my heart.


Chapter 22 Verse 42

May your will be done, not mine


Chapter 9 Verse 31

Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.


Chapter 23 Verse 12

I did not refuse to obey his orders. I bent my will to obey his words.


Chapter 12 Verse 47

The servant who knows what his master wants from him, but who has prepared nothing or who has not acted according to his master’s will, will be severely punished.

The criminals who are the 99% of the people of this earth are great rebels who have nothing to do with the will of God, but who have followed the Devil in his rebellion and want a world which follows their own desires. God will give them exactly the world they want, but what they don’t know yet is that a world without God is called hell. These criminals think that the world will continue like this for eternity, when they are told that this world is coming to an end, they laugh at you and take you for fool. They persist in their recklessness and distraction, they turn away from God and from the hereafter, without suspecting that in 2020, a good part of them will be destroyed by God.

If you obey a man like you, then you will lose. Does he promise you, when you are dead, and become dust and bones, that you will be out [of your graves]? Far, far, what we promise you! There is only life here: we die and we live; and we will never be resurrected. S23:V34-37


Chapter 3 Verses 3-4

Know first of all that, in the last days, scoffers will come, who will live according to their own desires. They will ridicule your faith by saying, Well, he promised to come, but when is it? Our ancestors are dead and since the world is world, nothing has changed!


Chapter 2 Verses 1-3

And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

The last Album of Johnny Hallyday is a summary of the devil’s distraction and perfectly reflects what people have become today: rebels and tyrants like the Devil, men of pleasure seeking only pleasures and distractions, sinners far from the precepts of God, worshippers of this earthly life who think that this world will never end.

maxresdefault (8)

All the symbols of Satan are contained in this extract from the news broadcast: 06:11, 6 for 666 and 11 for Satan. The album was released on 10/19/2018, the number 19 stands for Satan as Master of the Underworld. The number 10, X in Roman numeral, stands for the false figure of Jesus forged by Satan, 18  for 666, 20 for the end of the world, as the 20/20 indicating the last stage of this world which starts in 2020 with World War 3.


Like Queen’s posthumous album, this album also has 11 tracks, 11 in reference to Satan the rebel. On the death of Johnny Hallyday, Satan had his son David Hallyday write a coded message in the form of a letter, entitled “My last letter“. This letter is not as presented the last letter that Johnny would have wanted to write to the world, but rather the last letter of Satan to this world. Because, Satan knows that this terrestrial test comes to an end, and that soon he will definitively join hell.

My last letter

Since in the morning I will have to leave (God’s punishment always comes in the morning)

What will I leave with my name? (What will be left of Satan when all is accomplished? Nothing! Satan will be forgotten once for all, all his doctrine is only evil and lies)

What words, what ways should we remember? (None! Satan has left nothing worth preserving)

It’s true I have played so many roles (Satan has played so many different roles and has sown so many ways of perdition)

I often dreamed that I could flee (Nowhere to flee, once we have betrayed God, we have nowhere to hide in this universe)

Mute image and sound (the image and sound of his crimes will continue to haunt him for eternity)

Fear of emptiness, fear of dying of it (emptiness is what remains once he has betrayed God, fear and death is all what he will receive)

were sometimes stronger than reason (reason, Satan does not have any, his madness got the better of him)

What i leave you

it’s just a last cry (what Satan leaves to people is the last cry of Allah that will end all life on Earth)

This is my last letter (the game is coming to an end, Satan’s reprieve is almost over)

What I never said (now that everything is done, Satan entrusts his states of mind)

There are lights that burn the heart (Satan’s false light leads to hell)

Even if I burned with envy (Satan and the criminals followed their desires, which will lead them to hellfire)

I would have liked to erase some mistakes (Satan regrets having disobeyed God and thus having caused his own fall, but he knows that it is far too late for regrets now)

That is true

Without hiding what I am (Satan is not actually hiding in this letter, which is rare for him)

Since tomorrow I will no longer be able to laugh (Tomorrow, hell for him, Satan and the criminals will never again have the opportunity to laugh)

Far from this world for good (The paradise that this earth is today will forever turn into hell for criminals)

I would like to be given a last sigh (No respite for the criminals, the last sigh for Satan will be to be worshiped as a false god in his disguise of false Jesus)

Just feel the seasons (Years and seasons pass, and criminals like Satan remain the same, this world is an endless loop for them, an endless nightmare)

What i leave you

It’s just a last cry

This is my last letter

What I never said

What i leave you

It’s just a last cry

Of a man without appearing (Satan without filter in this letter)

What I never said

I love silence (Silence is what criminals forever tormented are looking for)

When my eyes close

I feel calm and the heavens (criminals can only dream of peace in their tormented souls)

To no longer be the shadow

of myself (Criminals are no more than shadows, ghosts)

That I love you

Before saying goodbye (Satan will say goodbye with the false Jesus whom he will embody, who will flood this doomed world with his false love, an irresistible love that the damned cannot resist, and which will lead them to their final loss)

What i leave you

It’s just a last cry

This is my last letter

What I never said

What i leave you

It’s just a last cry

Of a man without appearing

What I never said

It’s just a last cry

Before Heaven (Heaven for Satan is Hell)

For those who still doubt that Johnny Hallyday is not a devil in human shape, son of Satan, I invite you to read to the lyrics of this song entitled “Veau d’or Vaudou” (Golden Calf Voodoo), in which he confesses it without any filter. Who would still dare to say that it is not Satan himself who sings through Johnny Hallyday?

Golden Calf Voodoo

I am Lucifer’s son
Lord and master of the Earth
I sow the wrong word
When you cry, I laugh I knocked out my challenger
The young hippie from Bethlehem
Who was fighting with flowers
You demolished it yourselves You are my humble servants
Cursed in my home! Golden calf, voodoo
I am the reason of the craziest
Voodoo, golden calf
I am the madness of the strongest
I make your idols for you
I divide you and arm you
You need oil
And me blood, sweat and tears
In Miami-Los Angeles
I put a crazy with a bomb
Two hundred pegs tightening the buttocks
And who won’t need a grave
You are my humble servants
Cursed in my home!

Golden calf, voodoo
I am the reason of the craziest
Voodoo, golden calf
I am the madness of the strongest

I invented all the flags
So that you never agree
When you get your skin punched
I say “Bravo”, I shout “Again!”

You are my humble servants
Cursed in my home!

Golden calf, voodoo
I am the reason of the craziest
Voodoo, golden calf
I am the madness of the strongest
Golden calf, voodoo
I am the reason of the craziest
Voodoo, golden calf
I am the folly of the strongest.

David Bowie, Satan’s Chosen One


Among these figures of the Devil, David Bowie occupies a special role compared to the others, this is why Satan delivered through him his most important message in connection with his plan for the end of time. Throughout his life, Bowie has been a true muse for Satan: transmitting his error in his songs and films, dressing him, painting his face, making him take all kinds of poses in order to illustrate through him his innumerable facets. Bowie is the character who best represented Satan as he really is, and the closest in terms of doctrine. Bowie is for Satan what Abraham is for God. Indeed, David Bowie lived only to serve Satan, and you will see that he did so until his very last breath.


Bowie with the mask of the demon revealing Satan who acts through him


David Bowie is androgynous like Satan, holding the Earth in his hand, because Satan is the prince of this world, he reigns over this world composed of 99% of damned souls. We see him at the top of the pyramid surrounded by his demons, Gog and Magog.


the pentagram: Satan’s control over the damned, the symbol of the one-eye


Bowie dressed as in the era of Enlightenment, when Satan eradicated belief in God and true religion, to replace them with his false science of Enlightenment which leads to hell.


Bowie dressed in white, just like Satan claims to embody the pure. The blackstar, ie the deathstar represents Satan as angel of death and destroyer of the world


Bowie as a woman, in reference to Satan the androgynous. The snake-shaped lizard represents Satan. Bowie is one of those hybrids, ie devils in false human shape, who are actually lizards in their true form


The 5 stars represents the complete illusion of Satan, covering the 5 levels of perception: hearing, smell, sight, touch, heart.


Elephant Man represents the freak that is Satan, distracting men to better deceive them.


“In order to survive, they need love and blood”. The Devils, dressed in black, are predators, vampires, they need the love of people to recharge their energy, and feed on the blood of men, ie their death


The Labyrinth is the illusion in which Satan has locked the lost of this earth, ie the 99%. We also see the demons in the service of Satan: Gog and Magog


The sign with the 2 fingers to say “hail Satan” or 11, ie Satan the rebel. Black and white, Satan in his role of false God embracing both good and evil at the same time


Satan in his disguise of false Jesus


David Bowie in red, and the shadows are for the Devil who operates through him


The sphinx is Satan, the 2 pillars of Freemasonry, the school of Satan. The fallen angel that is Satan represented in red on the pillars


Satan in his role of false Jesus, with his satanic Bible, the false law which he will spread


Satan the gigolo who offers himself to us to make us consume his sin. Santa Claus also represents Satan. Santa Claus is an anagram of Satan


The sphinx, the lizard, the androgynous, the symbol of the sun on the forehead, ie the 3rd eye, the ring on the arm representing the pact with the Devil


Bowie, the hybrid, and in the mirror, the jinn, ie Satan, who possesses in him, and who commands the least of his acts and speeches


David Bowie surrounded by a shadow, that of Satan who possesses him


Evil Satan, dressed in black to say that he embodies evil


Satan the androgynous, the black hat to say that he operates masked, the cards represent his different tricks


Satan the androgynous, the ring on his arm for the pact, the smoke for the jinn


Blindfolded with black buttons in place of his eyes, to say that Bowie is possessed and is just a channel used by Satan. When people are possessed, their eyes become completely black, because they do not see anymore as they are asleep, and the jinn who possesses them does not need eyes to see. So the black buttons symbolize the state of possession.


Bowie with Satan possessing him


The jinns are originally ashes, as they were created from fire, and they will become again ashes, when they will burn in hell


Satan tracking everyone on Earth


Satan the androgynous


The one eye represents Satan. The shadow represents Satan operating through Bowie


The androgynous, “the man who fell to earth”: Satan has fallen from heavens to earth since he has been banished by God, and since that moment, he’s been operating through men


The reptilian, ie the Devil targeting women, the weak link in humanity


The androgynous, the symbol of the sun on the forehead, the 3rd eye, the multi-color for oneness and for Satan as the chameleon that he is


The serpent, Satan, which acts through Bowie, the 2 breaths coming out of his mouth to indicate that Satan operates through him, it represents Satan’s might


The 11 sign with the fingers in reference to Satan the rebel. He says: “shh”, ie don’t say that Satan operates through Bowie, it is a secret. The one-eye symbol in reference to Satan.


The androgynous, 666 hand sign


light and shade to say that Satan operates through Bowie, one-eye


The Sphinx, like another prophet of Satan, Aleister Crowley. The phallic symbol: sex being Satan’s greatest weapon of destruction


Symbol of the pyramid and the eye at the top shaped with his arms and hands


hands in the shape of a receptacle: Bowie serves as a receptacle for Satan. The stone in the shape of a snake to say that he is a devil in false human shape, a serpent.


Androgynous, symbol of the sun, the 3rd eye to say that he sees through the false light of Satan. Arms crossed in the shape of an X, for the false Jesus embodied by Satan


One-eye, the androgynous, the ring in the ear for the pact


3rd eye, the sun, X, the flash also represents Satan, jinns work like an electric current


androgynous, the flash representing Satan

Reise ins Labyrinth, Die

androgynous, eyebrows as the ones of a demon, mirrors to show that Satan has many facets and acts in several dimensions.


The demon mask to say that Satan operates through him, the blue shirt, the color of jinns


The man in black with a hat in reference to Satan who operates masked. The “Men in Black” actually represent these devils in false human shape, ie the reptilians, hybrids.


The one-eye, black and white, the sad clown that is Satan, the Joker


Ziggy is one of the aliases of Satan, the flash, the one-eye


Doctor Strange is one of the figures representing Satan, the false doctor, the magician. The circle for the power of Satan over the lost, the hexagram for 666, the satanic symbols representing Satan, the one-eye.


The Fallen Dark Angel, Satan


Bowie, Satan’s doggie


demons in false human shape: dogs, reverse of gods, to say devils


The flame because Satan is made of fire, and also to say that he leads to fire


Lazarus, the risen, the False Jesus who returned to life was in fact Satan. The true Jesus never came back from death. Lazarus also alludes to the lizard that is Satan


Loving the alien: the alien, the stranger, is Satan. Satan wants us to love him while he hates us.


“Finding Fame”: Satan always sought to shine, which led him to his own loss. The tie to say that Bowie is Satan’s doggie. The black and white that represents Satan in his role as false God, embracing both good and evil at the same time


the serpent, the sun on the forehead, the cross, the ring, the reptile


the androgynous, the cross for the X, the eye, the sinister clown that is Satan


“the hunger”: Satan is hungry for new souls to devour. “Nothing human loves forever”, Satan claims to love us for in order to deceive us more easily


the grid, the veil, the Devil operates behind a veil. The dark glasses in reference to the demons who hide in the darkness and do not like daylight, the light of God

Bowie’s name refers to the bow, Satan is also represented as the hunter, tracking down men to pierce them with his arrows that are sins, once touched, men become hostage of their sins for the rest of their lives.


If I insist on David Bowie, it is because Satan used him to deliver a unique message which he had never revealed before. As with Heath Ledger, Freddy Mercury, and Johnny Hallyday, Satan took advantage of the predicted death of David Bowie, plagued by cancer in terminal phase, to give even more scope to this special message. This secret, Satan revealed it through Bowie’s almost posthumous album, “Blackstar“, recorded just 1 month before his death. The main tracks of the album, “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” clearly contrast from what Bowie used to sing throughout his career, confirming that they contain a very special message. These 2 titles are the only titles of the album for which a clip was recorded, and you will see this was no coincidence, because part of this message is actually coded in these clips. “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” deal with the end of time, and more specifically with Jesus Christ, a first for David Bowie who has always been very far from religion. The Blackstar album is composed of 7 tracks, which confirms its relationship to the end of time, with the 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse. It was released just 2 days before his death, after 18 (666) months battle with cancer, exposing Satan’s desire to make the buzz around the message carried by this album.


Blackstar album: 7 titles announcing the coming of the 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse


Lazarus opens with the lyrics: “Look up here, I’m in heaven“, we find as with Queen’s posthumous album the reference to heaven, suggesting that the message which is contained in these 2 albums leads to heaven, when it is exactly the opposite. The message contained in these 2 albums rather corresponds to the pure doctrine of Satan for the end times, and works as a final brainwashing before his coming as a false Jesus.


Lazarus is the Biblical figure who came to life after 3 days, but it is not really Lazarus who is designated, but rather the false figure of Jesus forged by Satan, and who also allegedly came back to life after 3 days. In truth, the real Jesus never came back to life after 3 days, but his soul was raised in heavens besides God and since then, he never came back, it is rather Satan who has been impersonnating him since 2000 years. The real Jesus never appeared to anyone in vision or physically, but it is Satan who is behind of these false apparitions. Lazarus also evokes the lizard that is Satan, suggesting that the Jesus who will come at the end of time is actually a lizard.


In the song “Lazarus“, there is a part which is particularly interesting, speaking of a bluebird and a King in New York.

By the time I got to New York 
I was living like a king 
Then I used up all my money
I was looking for your ass 
This way or no way
You know, I’ll be free 
Just like that bluebird 
Now ain’t that just like me? 
Oh I’ll be free 
Just like that bluebird 


The rising sun symbolizes Satan, also called Lucifer Morning Star. In ancient Egypt, the bluebird symbolizes Horus or the crowned bird, which stands for the fallen angel that is Satan. Notice that the blue color blue is associated with the jinn that is Satan. “I’ll be free like that blue bird” therefore means “I will be free like Satan“. The title Lazarus therefore has nothing to do with the real Jesus, but everything to do with Satan in his role as a false Jesus.


The bluebird or crowned bird represents Horus in Egyptian tradition, and embodies Satan


The blue color blis associated with the jinn that is Satan. Also Notice the forked beard which is also associated with Satan.



We find the forked beard in these 2 representations of Satan



The forked beard in many representations of Jesus shows that the Biblical Jesus is in fact Satan himself. Indeed, the Biblical Jesus is presented as God Himself and is very different from the Jesus who is described in the Quran, who looks like any other messenger of God in terms of behaviour. The Jesus who will come back in these end times is no more than Satan himself.


The forked beard actually represents the hoofs of the baphomet that is Satan


Representation of Horus, the one eye = in  french “Seul oeil/Sol eil” = Sun = Satan

In addition, Horus is one of these false sons of God invented by Satan and who actually embody him, as I’ve exposed it in part 5. Just like the false Biblical Jesus forged by Satan, Horus is the son of the god Osiris, born on December 25  and resurrected 3 days after his death. So the “bluebird” actually refers to the false Jesus embodied by Satan.


Lazarus’ lyrics mention New York, a King who lost all his money, and a bluebird. This clearly points out to Antichrist Donald Trump, who lives in New York and will be the future king of this world, who went bankrupt during his lifetime, and who uses the bluebird, Twitter, as a main channel of communication.




11 minutes, in reference to Satan. November 3, 11/3, 113 is the code for the Antichrist and the date of the next US presidential election. 11:51, 11 for Satan, 51 for 6, like 666.


We find the code A113 everywhere in the movies and cartoons used as propaganda for Satan, the ‘A’ stands for the Antichrist Donald Trump, and “113” for the date of his re-election in 2020.


In fact, the whole Blackstar album is full of Biblical references, something that Bowie had not accustomed us to despite the 25 albums he recorded. This shows us that the message encoded there is very special and is related to Satan’s plan for the end times. It even goes further: Satan reveals for the first time in this album what really happened during the episode of the crucifixion of Jesus, and you will finally understand why Satan chose to embody Jesus for his end times plan and not another figure.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


The Christians say that Jesus was crucified to redeem the sin of the entire humanity, but this belief is most stupid, because the debt which we owe God because of our transgression, cannot be repaid in any possible way. The only way to clear our debt to God is simply for God to cancel it for us. Which will be precisely the case, God will cancel the debt of those who will have sincerely repented of their sins and who will return to Him fully submissive. In reality, this story of Jesus who allegedly died on the cross to redeem our sins can only come from Satan himself. Indeed, who else but Satan to claim to redeem our sins? Satan tells us: “Go ahead, you can sin, I will carry the burden of your sins“, when he knows very well that he will not do it and that everyone will have to bear his own burden.

Verily the Satan is ever unto man a betrayer (Satan desert us once we have sinned). S25:V29

they are like the Devil when he says to man, “Deny (faith, truth, God’s bounty and blessing”. Then when he denied, he saays, “I disavow you because I fear Allah, the Lord of the Universe“. S59:V16

Furthermore, those who hold this theory say that Jesus is God Himself having taken human form, claiming that God became man and agreed to live the crucifixion so that his blood redeem the sin of all humanity, and so that he experiences pain and death like us…. This theory is pure blasphemy and an absolute lie, because God never incarnated as a man, God is the infinite mystery which will never be probed or revealed. No one knows who is God or what He looks like, not even the closest angels, because God cannot be grasped by any creature. To grasp God, one would simply have to be God Himself. Even if we assumed that this theory was true for a second, then God does not need to pay a tribe, by accepting his own crucifixion, to reimburse Himself. Furthermore, God cannot be humiliated in this way, and even less by those very people he cursed, the Children of Israel, who are supposed to be the origin of the crucifixion of Jesus.

So this whole crucifixion story is a lie from beginning to end, because God does not deliver his messengers into the hands of their enemies, even less Jesus who was clean without sin. The lie of the crucifixion was only invented by Satan to create a false figure of Jesus raised to the rank of God Himself and who is supposed to come back to life. Thus, Satan can impersonate him as he did with the so-called apostles (John, Mark, Luke, Mathieu, Peter, Paul ..), and that way, he can lead people astray by creating a false God through his false figure of Jesus who is supposed to save the whole world at the end of time. Those who worship Jesus as God are pure disbelievers, and those who believe in Jesus as the Savior are all doomed. For 2000 years, Satan has been impersonating Jesus and Mary, producing false visions, false dreams, false miracles, in order to deceive a very large number of people… exclusively fake believers and idolaters, that’s why God allows him to do so, in order to expose these false believers.

God says in the Qur’an that for sure Jesus was not crucified. However, God says that those who witnessed the scene were given the illusion that this was the case. Obviously something abnormal must have happened, because the direct witnesses to the crucifixion doubted what their own eyes saw, and none of them could yet understand what really happened.

We have cursed the Children of Israel because of their breaking of the Covenant, their denial of the revelations of Allah, their wrongful murder of the prophets, and their word: “Our hearts are impenetrable.” In reality, it was Allah who sealed their hearts because of their disbelief, because they believed very little. And because of their disbelief and the enormous slander they pronounce against Mary, and because of their word: “We really killed Christ, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah” … However , they neither killed nor crucified him; but they were given the impression that this was the case! And those who objected to his subject are really uncertain about what happened: they have no certain knowledge of it, they only follow conjectures and they certainly did not kill him. S4:V155-157

This episode remains a mystery to this day, and no one has yet been able to provide a convincing explanation as to what really happened. Some say that the crucifixion of Jesus was a pure illusion that God projected into the eyes of men. This cannot be the case, because God never acts by using illusions, but this practice is reserved for the devils and is pure magic. Everything that God does is very real, and illusion is the exclusive domain of the devils.

This is illustrated in the episode of the confrontation between Moses and the magicians of Pharaoh. The latter had used their magic by projecting an illusion in people’s eyes, so that they perceived their ropes and their sticks as being real snakes, while the serpent of Moses was very real and was not the work of a magician.

I take advantage of this passage to re-establish the truth about this story, because this episode is actually much grander than people think. The Devil did everything to minimize this story through all kinds of false stories, films, and documentaries, in order to deny the miracles of God and to lessen them. Indeed, during this confrontation, people did not witness simple snakes, otherwise they would not have been seized with terror as described in the Qur’an.

Then when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people and terrified them, and came with powerful magic. S7:V116

Aaron’s Staff Becomes a Snake (Exodus 7, 10), published 1886

People were used to magic and it was not the mere sight of a snake that caused their terror. In addition, this episode is infinitely grander than as it is presented in this drawing. The Qur’an says that Pharaoh had gathered all the people of his kingdom to attend this confrontation, thinking to obtain an overwhelming victory and to consolidate his authority even more.

This confrontation actually took place during the day of the annual festival organized by Pharaoh, gathering all the people of the kingdom. It is therefore not a small group confrontation as illustrated in this representation, but this show took place in public space that can accommodate the whole population, which will not surprise us knowing the grandeur of the monuments erected by Pharaoh

So Moses said, “Your date is the feast day. And let people get together in the morning. ” S20:V59

So it was not the sight of tiny snakes that caused the terror of the people, but what they saw were actually gigantic snakes, flying in the air and rushing at them at full speed. What the spectators witnessed is like chimeras, that is to say imaginary monsters manifested by the powerful magic of the jinns through which operate the magicians of Pharaoh. The same kind of chimeras you can see in the Final Fantasy video game.


maxresdefault (2)

The jinn can manifest in illusion all kinds of imaginary monsters just as terrifying as each other, giving the impression of being very real while they are not, but are only an illusion projected in the eyes of people

Here is an illustration of what the people of Pharaoh could see with their eyes during the confrontation between Moses and the wizards: giant snakes that gave the impression of being very real, and which ran at them at full speed, which explains their great terror.


On the other hand, the snake produced by Moses thanks to the power of God, was a very real snake, because God never operates through illusions. God accomplished a great miracle that only He could perform, making the very real serpent of Moses devour the imaginary snakes of wizards. If Moses’ performence had been mere magic trick, then Pharaoh’s seasoned wizards would never have been upset as they were, and would have just seen Moses as a more seasoned wizard than them. However, as experts in magic, Pharaoh’s sorcerers are the only ones who can measure the magnitude of such a performence, which explains why they undoubtedly saw in it the work of God Himself, and submitted to Him despite the terrible punishment with which Pharaoh threatened them. Indeed, the wizards of Pharaoh knew that what they had created was a mere illusion projected in the eyes of people, but they could not imagine that a very real snake could penetrate their illusion and devour their imaginary snakes . Only God could do this and no other magician in the world, and the wizards of Pharaoh fully measured this unique performence, which explains their total reversal.

They (the sorcerers of Pharaohs) said: “O Moses, either you will throw (the first), or else we will be the first to throw”. “Throw you first” he said. Then when they had thrown, they bewitched the eyes of the people and terrified them, and came with powerful magic. And We revealed to Moses, “Throw your stick” And then he started to devour what they had made. So the truth came out and what they did was in vain. Thus they were beaten and found themselves humiliated. And the magicians threw themselves prostrate. They said, “We believe in the Lord of the Universe, in the Lord of Moses and Aaron.” “Did you believe it before I allowed you to? said Pharaoh. It is indeed a ploy that you devised in the city, in order to get its inhabitants out. You will soon know … I will cut off your opposite hand and leg, and then I will crucify you all. “They said,” Verily, it is to our Lord that we will return. You only take revenge on us because we believed in the evidence of our Lord when it came to us. O our Lord! Pour endurance on us and make us die entirely submissive. ”S7:V115-126

Then Pharaoh said, “Did you believe in him before I allowed you to? He’s your boss who taught you magic. I will surely make you cut off opposite hands and legs, and have you crucified on the trunks of palm trees, and you will know, with certainty, which of us is stronger in punishment and which is the most durable. ” “By him who created us,” they said, “we will never prefer you to what has come down to us as obvious proof.” Decree therefore what you have to decree. Your decrees only touch this present life. We believe in our Lord, so that He will forgive us our faults as well as the magic to which you have forced us “. And Allah is better and eternal. Anyone who comes to his Lord as a criminal will certainly have Hell where he neither dies nor lives. And whoever comes to Him believing, after having done good works, then there are those who will have the highest ranks S20:V71-75

To return to the subject of the crucifixion of Jesus, there is therefore proof that God never operates by illusion, but that everything that God does is very real. The scenario that God projected the illusion that Jesus was crucified in people’s eyes cannot therefore be true.

Others say, based on the apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas, that Jesus ascended to heaven body and soul, and that God gave the illusion that Judah was Jesus in order to have him crucified in his place because of his betrayal. This scenario is to be rejected for the same reasons as the first scenario, because God never operates through illusions. In passing, the Book of Barnabas is a book forged by the Devil, its purpose is to make believe that Jesus ascended to heaven body and soul, which would suggest that he will return in the end of time.

In reality, Only God can manifest to the world the secret of the crucifixion of Jesus, and God does it quite naturally through his ultimate messenger that I am, which is further proof of my authenticity. God indeed guided my steps to reveal this secret to me, and it is in the title Blackstar that the key to this enigma is found.




Blackstar album

Everything indicates that it is on the title Blackstar that we shall focus our attention, because it is the first title of the album and also because it shares the same name and the same image as the album. The fact that Blackstar is not written in letters but is represented by the symbol ‘★’, tells us that this is a code to decipher. Despite the hundreds of millions of Bowie fans, none of them has so far been able to reverse this code, by providing the explanation of the black star and the 6 mysterious symbols that are drawn in bottom of the cover. Only God is able to solve the enigma that the Devil coded on the cover of this album, and God inspired the solution to show you that I am undoubtedly his authentic messenger, and also to prove to you that this album has everything to do with the Devil’s plan for the end of time.

In reality, each of these symbols written on the cover of the album Blackstar designates 666, ie the code name of Satan’s plan to lead people to hell, and you will see later that the content of the Blackstar clip confirms this. Indeed, the clip features a false Messiah holding a false Bible in his hand, and contains several explicit references to Jesus, confirming that the message hidden in this album is related to the false Jesus that Satan will embody at the end of time. .


Representation of the false Jesus that Satan will embody. The Bible with the Pentagram shows that the false Jesus will pretend to preach the message of God, while he will preach the message of Satan


Excerpt from the clip showing the crucifixion to say that the Messiah who is staged in this clip by Bowie is indeed the false Jesus that Satan will embody during the end of time

Now, I will prove to you that the cover of the Blackstar album means 666: if you take each of the 6 figures at the bottom of the cover separately and turn it 3 times by 60 ° (666) around its axis, then you fall back on the whole star.


If you turn the red triangle by 60 ° around its axis, you get the green triangle, if you repeat this operation again 2 times, it forms the whole star


I’ve given you the illustration with the first of the 6 figures, but if you try with the others you will get exactly the same result. The Devil put exactly 6 figures at the bottom of the album cover to confirm that what is encoded by each of these figures is indeed 666. So the real title of this album is 666.


6 figures as 666, each figure alone means 666

Blackstar refers to the black sun symbolizing Satan. Indeed, Satan was created from a smokeless fire, ie from the Sun. The black Sun therefore symbolizes the false light of Satan which does not illuminate, unlike the light of God. The Black Sun also designates the death star, ie Satan as the Angel of Death and Destroyer of this world. The Black Sun designates the solar eclipse in reference to Satan which obscures the light of God, this is why the eclipse also symbolizes Satan and is represented in many movies and series serving as propaganda to Satan.


You have the Death Star in Star Wars with the one eye symbol to signify that Satan is the death star, the Blackstar, the Destroyer of the world


The black sun/blackstar represents Satan who hides the light of God. This is why the symbol of the eclipse appears in a large number of films and series serving as propaganda to the Devil.


This gathering of birds is called Black Sun. This is why you find these gatherings of birds in many films. Birds also symbolize fallen angels, that’s why devils use the symbol of the brid to represent themselves

If Blackstar is not written in letters but through the symbol  ‘★’, it is also to express Satan’s power over men who follow his steps.


Satan’s total control over men who do not follow God. We see that sex is put in the center, because it is the main weapon of Satan to mark his grip on the lost

The Blackstar album contains 7 titles referring to the 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse.


The title Blackstar has left no one indifferent, thousands of articles have been published all over the world in order to solve its enigma. Because, anyone who has seen this clip knows that this is not a mere artistic representation, but a very deep message from Satan concerning the end of time. This son also contains references to Aleister Crowley and Elvis Presley, 2 eminent dignitaries of Satan.



Blackstar is the name for a cancer lesion usually associated with breast cancer. Satan is indeed a real cancer, a poison, which sickens the souls of men to the point of leading them to their physical death. As I told you before, sin leads to death, and this is not a mere metaphor.


Blackstar is the name of a hidden planet that will crash into the earth. The earth will actually be struck by a cellestial body, this is part of the signs of the end of time mentioned in the Qur’an, thus transforming the earth into hell made of fire and flames as described in the Qur’an.

By the sky and by the night star. And who will tell you what the night star is? It’s the star that pierces (the earth). S86:V1-3


Blackstar is also another name for Saturn, the planet which actually designates Satan. Saturn is the only planet whose name begins with S, like Satan. Saturn contains at one of its poles a hexagram forming two interlaced pyramids, upright and reversed. As I explained to you, the pyramid symbolizes the deception of Satan: upright, it represents phase 1 of the deception of Satan consisting in dividing and misleading men by creating nations and false religions. Reversed, it symbolizes phase 2 consisting in unifiying men under a single false doctrine which he will preach in his disguise of false Jesus. The Hexagram also represents 666, the code name for the Devil’s plan to lead people to hell. The other pole of the planet Saturn is shaped as an eye, which represents Satan.





The eye of Saturn represents the eye of Satan

Blackstar is the name of a collective created by Mos Def, another dignitary of Satan. Notice the cover of his album which uses the symbol of the blackstar, which actually means 666. The double face indicates that Mos Def is a devil in false human shape, half man half jinn, just like David Bowie.


Blackstar is also the name of a song by the devil in human shape, Elvis Presley, whose lyrics confirm that the Blackstar does indeed refer to Satan as the Angel of Death. Blackstar therefore announces death and the destruction of the world by Satan.


Black Star

Every man has a black star
A black star over his shoulder
And when a man sees his black star
He knows his time, his time has come

Blackstar scene-by-scene analysis

Now, let’s analyze the clip of Blackstar scene by scene, in their order of appearance with their associated lyrics, and you will see that nothing has been left to chance and that Blackstar truly represents 666, Satan’s plan to lead people to hell.


The first scene shows a skull in an astronaut’s helmet with a flammable label on it. The skull represents Satan in his role of Angel of Death, you can find this symbology in the satanic Skull & Bones brotherhood, one of the most powerful in America, which counts among its members Georges Bush senior and junior. The flammable label indicates that Satan guides towards hell.



Bush senior


The next scene shows the astronaut with a smiley on his outfit. The astronaut represents Satan, and means that he is an alien, ie not human, ie he does not come from the earth but from heaven. You can find this same symbology with Bowie’s film, “The man who fell to earth“, the “man” or alien in question, the main character of this film, actually represents Satan.


“The man who fell to Earth” refers to Satan


Bowie embodies Satan in this film, here you can see him with his descendants composed of devils in fake human shape. They look human but they are not, it’s just a disguise.

The smiley is a common representation of Satan which is present in many films. The smiley represents Satan who rejoices in the death of men. The smiley is the false board smile that Satan wears to deceive us. When Satan smiles at you, it means it’s not good.


“Evil wears a smile”, just as Satan smiles at us while leading us to our death. The 5 stars often recur in many films and signify the complete error of Satan. 5 star service in terms of deception.


“Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what we do”:. No one can escape the justice of God, and God has instructed Satan to destroy the criminals on Earth. 03.06.09 as 666

In the next scene, the patching up of the astronaut’s suit shows that it’s just a disguise. This astronaut actually represents Satan disguised as a “man” from heaven, in reference to the false Jesus who will also allagedly come from heaven at the end of time. you can see that what sticks out of the gloves is blue matter, which confirms that this astronaut is not a real astronaut, but represents Satan, who is also a jinn. The jinns are associated with the blue colour, like the genius in Alladin.


The next scene shows the black sun, ie the blackstar, representing Satan. The black sun is shaped as an eye, which also represents Satan. As I have shown you, The blackstar and the 6 symbols on the Blackstar album’s cover mean 666. You can see a dead planet without any life, except a solitary astronaut. Satan is the solitary associated with death, indeed, he is described as such in many films like in “Bohemian Rhapsody“.


The first lyrics of Blackstar are “In the villa of Ormen,In the villa of Ormen“. Ormen means the serpent, ie Satan. The villa of Ormen in question is this dead planet and symbolizes the lair of Satan: an empty space, dead, lifeless, cold, dark, and isolated.


19 as Satan in his role of Guardian of Hell, 66 as 666


In the villa of Ormen, stands a solitary candle“: Satan is that lonely candle. Indeed, Satan is known as being the loner, and the candle symbolizes his false light which illuminates nothing, unlike the light of God.


Given the amount of wax, we realize that this candle has been burning for very long, just like Satan who has been spreading his false light since time immemorial.


In the center of it all” is the blackstar, ie Satan. Indeed, Satan has been at the center of this terrestrial test since the beginning of humanity.


The focus is on the fake astronaut at the same time as the lyrics “In the center of it all“, which confirms to us that this astronaut does indeed designate Satan.


In the center of it all , Your eyes“, at this precise moment, the image blurs and we can see a woman appearing, which means that it is the woman who is at the center of it all, ie all eyes are on women. Indeed, Satan managed to provoke the fall of Adam thanks to Eve, and since then, Satan has been operating through women, who have become his most faithful allies, to spread his error all over the world. As I showed you in part 2, Satan’s whole plan is based on women, that’s why Satan promotes feminism, because they are the cornerstones of his plan to bring down the whole humanity. So the woman which appears in this scene actually represents Satan operating though her.


The flame represents Satan. In the logo of the 2024 Olympic Games, the flame, ie Satan, and the woman are one and the same entity, because women completely embrace the cause of Satan and are 100% under his control today.

This logo represents the flame of Satan which animates most women today. When women gain the upper hand in society, it is the very sign of its total downfall and of its imminent destruction by God, because it means that all of society is in reality under the power of Satan. Indeed, Satan first attacks women, then through them, he misleads the whole humanity, and when women end up gaining the upper hand as is the case today, this indicates that there are no more well guided men on Earth. “In the center of it all , Your eyes” therefore designates the central role played by women in the Devil’s plan. We have confirmation of this because “at the center of it all” actually reflects a famous line in a Crowley ritual called the “Star Sapphire“, a satanic sexual ritual which refers to the power of perdition of women.




“Crowley explains: the key to the understanding this chapter is in the number and the title”

The number of this chapter is 36 as 666, and its title is “the Sapphire Star”, also called “Ritual of the Hexagram” (666). This therefore confirms to us that the Devil’s plan to bring down humanity, whose code name is 666, consists in using the sexual power of women, represented by the Sapphire Star.

Sapphire is an unbreakable dark matter, which refers to the pure evil of Satan, an incurable evil.


A few scenes later, we have again confirmation that this formula: “in the center of it all, your eyes” refers to the sexuality of women, Satan’s main tool for destroying most men. We see this same woman with a tail to mark his bestiality, ie sexuality.



But the tail was David’s thing. All he said was, “I want a tail on the woman.” And I said, “yeah, yeah, I like that.” And he said, “Yeah, it’s kind of sexual.” And that’s it.

David Bowie, as a prophet of Satan, does nothing at random, and every detail of his Blackstar clip has been dictated to him by Satan himself and contains a very deep hidden meaning. So, it should not surprise you that each scene in this clip contains a multitude of symbols all relating to Satan and his error, because the entire clip is actually dedicated to Satan and his end times’ plan, 666.


Then, we see this woman smiling and moving with a determined step towards the astronaut who represents Satan. Everything is done to mark her bestiality and emphasize her sexuality: the tail, the detached long hair, and the ears uncovered.


In the following scene, we see David Bowie dressed in a satanic priest’s outfit, blindfolded and with 2 black buttons in place of the eyes. The possessed people have black eyes while being possessed, they do not see anything with their eyes and are asleep, this is why David Bowie is represented blindfolded with black buttons in place of the eyes, it is beacuse he is actually possessed by Satan. “On the day of execution” refers to the day of the execution of the final plan, when Satan presents himself to the world in the guise of a false Jesus.


On the day of execution, only women kneel and smile“: When Satan will come, women will be among his first followers, because most of them are already fully committed to him and his false doctrine. “ah ah ah” represents the evil laughter of Satan who rejoices that his plan to destroy humanity has worked wonderfully.


In the center of it all, in the center of it all“: the bestial woman who symbolizes the woman under the influence of Satan, is at the center of his plan. We see her moving towards the false astronaut, ie Satan, to free him.


The woman releases the Devil, represented by the skull, to bring him back to earth. At the same time we have the lyrics “Your eyes! Your eyes“, to say “all this is just happening before our eyes“: women leading the whole humanity to its loss.


At this moment, the candle appears, showing that it is because the woman has freed Satan that he can now shine his false light on earth, ie all the ways of straying which he has sown and of which religions are a part.


The image switch on the skull representing Satan who laughs: “ah ah ah“. Satan is glad that the woman released him to exercise his grip on the whole earth.


Then, we see 2 men: white and black, the 2 colors of masonry, to signify that they are followers of Satan. The two men are in a trance, which means that they are under the direct influence of Satan. The dummy means that men in the grip of Satan are like empty shells. The ball above the dummy symbolizes Satan’s power on the lost.


The unachieved pyramid behind them is to say that these 2 men symbolize the whole humanity, all those who have been deceived by this terrestrial world.


We see the 2 men more and more deep in their trance, to signify that this world is more and more under the power of Satan. Indeed, the Quran says that Satan puts in trance those who are under his power in the litteral sense of the term, exactly as represented in this scene.

Have you not seen that we have sent devils against the disbelievers who excite them furiously? S19:V83

God shows us his signs in this verse S19:V83: 19 as Satan in his role of Master of Hell, 8+3 = 11, as Satan in his role of rebel, pushing men to rebellion.


Then, we see the woman bringing back the skull, representing the Devil, on earth. The woman brings the Devil under a glass display case to mark his sacred character. In fact, the Devil will appear on Earth in the most sacred form, the one of a false god in the disguise of a false Jesus.


The planet from which she brings him back is dead, like the earth will become when God will completely destroy it in order to turn it into hell.


The more the Devil approaches, the more the 2 men and the woman, symbolizing the lost that are the 99% of men today, get deeper into their trance. Indeed, the closer we get to the coming of the false Jesus, the more Satan’s power on the lost is greater.


We see that it is Satan, represented by Bowie, who causes their trance.


Their movements follow exactly the same movements as Bowie, which symblizes the lost who are mere puppets in the hands of Satan.


We see flashes coming out of the desolate and lifeless city, symbolizing the desolation and the destruction that Satan will bring on this earth, and the devil who laughs again “ah ah ah” rejoicing in what will happen.


We see that the candle, representing Satan, is lit for very long given the amount of wax, which shows us that we are now reaching the end of the story. And again the Devil laughs: “ah ah ah“, rejoincing to live this moment he had been waiting for so long.


We see Bowie who embodies Satan, saying “In the villa of Ormen“, ie “in the abode of the serpent“, except that this time this abode is no longer the distant dead planet from the beginning of the clip, but is now in our terrestrial world, symbolized by the pyramid-shaped roof with the circular opening representing the eye. Which means Satan is coming to this world soon and will reign over it as a false god.


In the abode of the serpent“, henceforth the earth, “stands a solitary candle“, the false light of Satan which guides the 99% today.


The Devil laughs again: “ah ah ah“, glad that he has succeeded in his plan to be worshiped in place of God, and thus leading humanity with him to hell.


Then, we see women coming from all sides to form the circle of Satan, representing his total control over the people of the earth.


Satan repeats it: “in the center of all your eyes” to say it is just happening before our eyes: thanks to women, the establishment of his reign on Earth is almost complete. Satan only has to present himself in his garment of false Jesus, because people already accept it in their hearts and are ready to worship him.


We see a headless skeleton dropping down on the black sun, symbolizing the 99%, ie the damned who have lost their mind going straight to their death, symbolized by the black sun … “ah ah ah“, Satan rejoices that death is coming upon humanity.


We see women positioned in a circle, representing the ambassadors of Satan, entering into a trance. And in parallel, the 2 men and the woman under the pyramid-shaped roof, representing the people of the earth, following them in their trance. This is to show that it is thanks to women that the whole world has passed under the power of Satan, it is women who lead the dance today.


With Satan behind the scenes who animates them all, like the puppets of the Devil that have become the 99% of the people of this earth. The music accompanying this scene becomes more and more neurotic, to show that we are reaching the final phase of Satan’s plan.

The Truth About the Crucifixion of Jesus


Since the beginning of the clip, the background music has been evil and sinister, like the plot that Satan has put in place to destroy the whole humanity through women. Then, at this point in the clip, the music calms down and adopts a prophetic tone but still remains evil. We see Bowie without his blindfold, representing the false Jesus embodied by Satan, to show that he finally sees the light, with a hopeful look and a false blue sky behind him, symbolizing the false hope and false paradise that the Devil will arouse in his role as false Jesus.


The blindfolded Bowie represents Satan operating in a hidden way through men, while without his blindfold, Bowie represents Satan appearing in the flesh to directly lead men astray in his role of false Jesus. We see him holding a false Bible with the black star representing 666, to say that the false Jesus will pretend to preach the message of God, when he will actually preach the doctrine of Satan.


We see the 3 people who have been in a trance from the start, who symbolize the whole humanity, get out of their trance and seem to return to normal. We see them as hypnotized by Bowie representing the false Jesus. Also notice the position of Bowie’s fingers, making the “Hail Satan” sign, to show that the false Jesus whom he represents in this clip is actually the Devil.


The music is then like in slow motion, and the 3 people representing humanity as a whole, are in a state of total fascination in front of the false Jesus represented by Bowie. Bowie turns in a direction, and the 3 people immediately turn in the same direction as him, thus showing how all humanity will be diverted by the false Jesus embodied by Satan.


The music becomes even more prophetic, showing a landscape of green nature symbolizing the ephemeral false paradise that the false Jesus will present to men. The false Jesus represented by Bowie is then surrounded by a halo of light to show his divine nature, and takes a serious air as if he was about to reveal something important.


Bowie, ie Satan, looks up into the sky,  puts his hands together like in prayer, as someone who is about to tell a traumatic event in his life. The soundscape takes on a solemn timbre and the house is crossed by light to say that it is the moment of truth of the clip. Bowie, who represents Satan, then begins his confession: “Something happened on the day he died“: something happened the day the real Jesus died . The Quranic verses say that something unusual happened that day: people thought they saw Jesus being crucified, while it was not the case. Indeed, even direct witnesses to the crucifixion doubted what their own eyes had seen.

However, they neither killed nor crucified him; but they were given the impression that this was the case! And those who objected to his subject are really unsure of what happened: they have no certain knowledge of it, they just follow conjectures and they certainly didn’t kill him, S4:V157


Spirit rose a meter and stepped aside. Somebody else took his place and bravely cried: I’m a black star, I’m a blackstar. How many times does an angel fall?“.

What Satan is telling us is that the spirit of Jesus came out of his body and stepped aside. The Quran confirms to us that God only took up the spirit of Jesus, and did not raise him body and spirit.

(Remember) when Allah says, “O Jesus, surely I will take your soul and raise it to Me …. S3:V55

Somebody else took his place“: another spirit entered Jesus’ body and cried: “I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar“. As I have shown you, the blackstar refers to Satan. God therefore withdrew the soul of Jesus before the crucifixion, and put in its place the spirit of Satan. It is therefore Satan who experienced the episode of crucifixion in the body of Jesus after God removed his soul from his body. Satan says: “How many times does an angel fall?“, Indeed, it was not the first time that Satan fell. During his existence, Satan will have fallen 3 times: the 1st time, when he disobeyed God by refusing to bow to Adam and fell from heaven to become a fallen angel, the 2nd time, when he was crucified in the body of Jesus, and the third time when he will definitely join hell, which will happen soon. We find exactly the same reference in the posthumous album of Johnny Hallyday with the title n° 10 as X, the X referring to the false Jesus, which is entitled, “Tomber encore” ie “Falling again“, in reference to the fall of Satan when he was on the cross in the body of Jesus.


The number 10, which is also written X, actually represents Satan on the cross in the body of Jesus.



Chi is sometimes used to shorten the name of Christ, Χριστός in ancient Greek (khristós); this use is found in English, where the chi is replaced by the letter X (of the same general form but of different origin) as in Xmas, abbreviation of Christmas. The chrism, ☧, is a Christian symbol formed by the two letters Χ and Ρ, the first two letters of the word Χριστός affixed one on the other.


The X also symbolizes the wings, in reference to the fallen angel that is Satan



At midnight mass in Rome on December 24, 2019, there is a man who clearly distinguishes himself from the rest of the audience, he is the only one to wear a yellow soccer jersey with the number 10, it’s difficult to miss him, this is done to deliver a subliminal message. Yellow is the color associated with Judah and symbolizes betrayal. The 10 refers to the false Jesus, to signify that the false Jesus created by Satan is a Judah. Pope Francis will ackowledge the false Jesus embodied by Satan as the true jesus, because all popes are actually worshippers of the Devil

Everything makes perfectly sense now: God does not deliver any of his messengers to the hands of their enemies, and even less Jesus the holiest of all, he who is clean without sin. Any evil that affects us comes from our own sins, but Jesus did not commit any sin, so it is impossible that he might be affected by any harm. God compensates each one exactly according to the evil which he has committed, the one who digs a hole for his brother falls into it. Satan once used the serpent to deceive Eve, God retributed him by turning him into a reptile, that’s why all the devils, ie Satan’s descendants, are reptiles in their true form. Satan conspired to induce the Children of Israel to crucify Jesus and convinced Pontius Pilate to respond favorably to their request, so God arranged for him to be crucified in his place. Satan confesses this in the song “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones, another group exclusively composed of devils in false human shape. This is Satan speaking through the following lyrics.

Sympathy for the Devil

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul and faith

And I was’ round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain (for sure Satan was in Jesus body during the crucifixion, he is the one who has his moment of doubt and pain, and not Jesus)
Made damn sure that Pilate 
Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the Tsar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain

I rode a tank
Held a general’s rank
When the blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
Ah, what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

I watched with glee
While your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades
For the gods they made

I shouted out,
“Who killed the Kennedys?”
When after all
It was you and me

Let me please introduce myself 
I’m a man of wealth and taste
And I laid traps for troubadours (the troubadours are the lost)
Who get killed before they reached Bombay

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what’s confusing you
Is just the nature of my game

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer (so you have to understand the opposite of Lucifer which means the bearer of Light: the bearerof darkness)

Cause I’m in need of some restraint
So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste

Use all your well-learned politeness
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, um yeah
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, um yeah 

But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, um mean it, get down
Woo, who
Oh yeah, get on down (you have to get down from your illusion)

Oh yeah
Oh yeah!
Tell me baby, what’s my name 
Tell me honey, can ya guess my name

Tell me baby, what’s my name 
I tell you one time, you’re to blame (“And when all is accomplished, the Devil will say: … I had no authority over you except that I called you and you answered me. So do not blame me, but blame yourself “S14: V22)

The whole Passion of Christ is actually Satan’s struggle while locked up in the body of Jesus. So it was not Jesus who gave his blood to wash away the sins of men, but Satan who paid the price in return for his plot against Jesus. Only Satan can invent such a lie which is to say that his crucifixion redeems the sin of men. Satan thus invites people to sin by promising to assume their sins, while he perfectly knows that no one can bear the burden of others.

Whoever takes the right path takes it only for himself; and whoever goes astray, only goes astray at his own expense. And no one will bear the burden of others. And We never punished [a people] before [sending] a Messenger to them. S17:V15

9a5c6-1goreimagejesusJesus-being-floggedTHE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Jim Caviezel, 2004, (c) Newmarket/courtesy Everett Collection


It was Satan who suffered the whole episode of passion, including the crucifixion. That’s why he’s been harping on the crucifixion for 2,000 years


We now understand why in the 2020 Netflix series, Dracula, who embodies Satan, there is a man on the cross in his house, while Dracula is supposed to fear the cross in the series. Satan pretends to fear the cross in order to prepare people for the false Jesus, supposedly the only protector of people against Satan and savior of the world during the end times. Notice that the character on the cross is both male and female, to represent Satan the androgynous. This confirms to us that it is Satan who was on the cross in the empty body of Jesus

We now understand why the direct witnesses of the crucifixion were in the most total confusion. Indeed, they did see the body of Jesus on the cross with their own eyes, but if they doubted what their own eyes saw, it prooves that something was not right. Indeed, the behavior of “Jesus” once Satan’s spirit was inside Jesus’ dead body was completely different. The Devil cannot play the saint because he does not know what it is to be a saint. It’s like asking a great criminal to play a man of integrity, he may be a skilled actor, yet, he will necessarily betray himself because he simply does not know what it is to be a good man. Despite his desire to imitate Jesus, it was therefore impossible for Satan to behave like the real Jesus, and this was noticed by all. Indeed, the witnesses of the scene knew the real Jesus, the contrast was therefore all the more flagrant for them. Whereas today, Satan will be perfect in his role of false Jesus, because for 2000 years, he has been shaping the figure of a false Jesus in his image.

Any representation of Jesus other than that of the Quran does not correspond to the real Jesus, but corresponds to the false Jesus created by Satan. People today only know the false Jesus, so they will necessarly be fooled when Satan will present himself in the guise of Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible is not the real Jesus, many Biblical speeches and scenes relating to Jesus were actually invented in order to create a false Jesus in the image of Satan. Jesus was a mere messenger like any messenger, so his behavior was similar to that of other messengers as described in the Quran. Whereas, the Biblical Jesus is arrogant, uses an esoteric and hermetic language like the language that Satan uses in his masonic books, and accepts to be idolized by men, and in many forged verses of the Bible presents himself as God or as an intermediary between us and God. God has no intermediary. The Biblical Jesus loves sinners, like Satan, while the true messengers of God do not love sinners, and were not sent to them, but only to people who fear God and obey to His precepts. The Biblical Jesus claim to redeem our sins and presents himself as the one who will judge us during the Judgement Day, while only God can do that. Satan will indeed punish the damned and reign over them in hell, Satan will indeed be the “God” of the damned, ie those who will worship the false figure of Jesus.

The last words of Jesus (Satan) on the cross

The last words of Jesus (Satan) on the cross which have been reported in the Bible, undoubtedly show that it could not be in any case the real Jesus who pronounced them, and explain the deep doubt of the witnesses of the crucifixion, seeing Jesus changing radically, presenting himself suddenly as the son of God, while throughout his life he never stopped fighting against those who claimed that, doubting God and blaming Him, he who had unshakable faith in God. In truth, the last words of Jesus reported in the Bible were pronounced by Satan and allowed him to shape his false figure of Jesus.

1st word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 23 Verse 34

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

The real Jesus knows that God is not his father, nor the father of anyone, but that he is a mere messenger of God, 100% human, 0% divine, because God has no kinship with anyone.

He begets not, nor was He begotten. S112: V3

It is not without reason that in the Koran, God systematically calls Jesus by the name of “Jesus son of Mary“, it is in order to clearly mark the contrast with the lie of the Devil who says “Jesus son of God“. Not once in the Quran Jesuss name is mentioned without being completed with “son of Mary“, in order to clearly distinguish him from the false figure of Jesus created by Satan.

And We gave evidence to Jesus son of Mary S2:V87

Jesus son of Mary We brought the proofs S2:V253

The Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, is only a Messenger of Allah S4:V171

The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a Messenger. Messengers have passed before him S5:V75

God says in the Koran that it is not appropriate for anyone to be called “son of God“, so it is certainly not Jesus, messenger of God, who will do that.

The Jews and the Christians said, “We are the sons of God and His favorites.” Say, “Why then does He chastise you for your sins?” In fact, you are human beings among those whom He created. He forgives whom He wants and He punishes who He wants. And to Allah alone belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth and of what is in between. And it is to Him that the final destination will be. S5:V18

The Devil is behind this “son of God” formula, because his plan is to embody a false god in the person of a false Jesus erected as God Himself. Satan altered the Bible by saying that God created men in His image, so that people are not shocked by the concept of “son of God“, and by a God who becomes man, as Satan will claim when he will present himself in his disguise of false Jesus.


Chapter 1 Verse 27

God created men to be in his image, yes, he created them to be in the image of God. He created them man and woman.

No one looks like God, and no one knows how God looks like. It is part of the Devil’s lies to say that God created man in His image, and that the angels rebelled against Him because they were jealous that He had become man in the person of Jesus, rather than taking the shape of an angel.

There is nothing like Him S42:V11

Say: “He is God, the One“. S112:V1

Jésus (Satan) dit sur la croix: “Père, pardonne-leur, car ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils font“. Or, le vrai Jésus ne risque pas de demander pardon pour ces criminels que sont les Enfants d’Israël, qui ne suivent en rien la voie de Dieu, qui n’ont pas cru en lui malgré ses miracles exceptionnels, et qui plus est, ont cherché à le faire crucifier. Aucun messager de Dieu ne va pleurer le sort de ceux qui rejettent la voie de Dieu alors qu’ils ont été clairement avertis, et encore moins demander pardon pour eux. Le Coran dis bien que Jésus savait que les Enfants d’Israël ne croyaient pas en lui, il ne risquait donc pas de prier pour ces criminels.

Jesus (Satan) said on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing“. Now, the real Jesus is unlikely to ask forgiveness for these criminals that are the Children of Israel, who do not follow the way of God, who did not believe in him (Jesus) as a messenger despite his unique miracles, and who sought to crucify him. No messenger of God is likely to mourn the fate of those who reject the way of God while they have been clearly warned, and even less asking forgiveness for them. The Quran says that Jesus knew that the Children of Israel did not believe in him, so he is unlikely to pray for these criminals as in this Biblical verse.

and he (Jesus) will be the messenger to the children of Israel, [and will say to them], “Verily, I come to you with a sign from your Lord. For you, I form clay like the figure of a bird, then I blow in it: and, by the permission of Allah, it becomes a bird. And I heal the blind and the leper, and I raise the dead, by the permission of Allah. And I inform you about what you eat and what you hoard in your homes. This is a sign for you, if you are believers! And I confirm what is in the Torah revealed before me, and I make lawful some of what was forbidden to you. And I certainly brought a sign from your Lord. So fear Allah, and obey me. Allah is my Lord and your Lord. Worship Him therefore: this is the straight path. “Then, when Jesus felt disbelief, on their part, he said:” Who are my allies in the way of Allah? ” The apostles said, “We are the allies of Allah. We believe in Allah. And be a witness that we are subject to him. Lord! We believed in what You brought down and followed the messenger. Register us among those who testify. “And they (the Children of Israel) set up a plan and Allah set up his own. And Allah is the one who makes the best plans! S3:V49-54

In fact, this is part of Satan’s plan to create a new figure of Jesus, who blesses the criminals and grants them absolution, in order to comfort them in their error until the destruction of God falls on them. Only Satan can bless the criminals and promise them absolution, like the false Jesus in the Netflix series “Messiah“, who embraces all the damned and the sinners and tells them that they are good people, and that they don’t have to worry, that they are the victims, and that now he is coming to relieve them of their burden.


The false Jesus embodied by satan will accept to be idolized and will welcome all criminals with open arms. Is it not rather Satan who welcomes sinners with open arms?

2nd word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 23 Verses 39-43

And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

The real Jesus never said he would come back, so this word is not likely to be his. Furthermore, the messengers of God, of which Jesus is a part, have no kingdom, because the kingdom belongs to God Alone. Jesus (Satan) promises paradise to his companion of crucifixion who announces his coming reign, to comfort people to believe in his future reign as a false Jesus. In addition, the real Jesus is unlikely to predict paradise to anyone, because no one is assured of his fate before the Last Judgment, not even the messengers of God. We find this same lie in Islam through the Hadiths that the Devil forged, in which the prophet Muhammad predicts paradise for his companions, like a VIP who is already assured of Heaven, and who would distribute pass through to whom he wants.

Say, “I am not an innovation among the messengers; and I don’t know what will be done with me or you. I’m just following what is revealed to me; and I am only a clear warner ”. S46:V9

3rd word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 19 Verses 26-27

When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home.

Mary is unlikely to take up residence with a disciple of Jesus, because it is not lawful for her to live under the same roof as a man to whom she is neither bound by marriage nor by blood relationship. Furthermore, God’s messengers have no disciples, but rather ask people to be direct disciples of God. This false word attributed to Jesus serves to push for the deification of Mary. Indeed, the Devil has invented a true cult exclusively dedicated to Mary, Christians believe that the way of Mary is the easiest to reach paradise, because she is the so-called mother of God. As a result, Christians devote a special cult to Mary in order to obtain her graces on the Day of Last Judgment. This is another great lie from the Devil, because the whole intercession belongs to God Alone.

Say: “The whole intercession belongs to Allah. To Him the kingship of the heavens and the earth. Then it is to Him that you will be brought back ”. S39:V44

4th word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 27 Verse 46

And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

This is a word that the true Jesus never pronounced, because the messengers of God know that God will never betray them, and that God will never betray anyone. God does not forsake anyone, even less his messengers, we recognize here this old accusation of the Devil who blames God for being the cause of his fall. However, God does not tempt anyone, it is rather the Devil who betrayed God and caused his own fall.

Since You have misled me, said [Satan], I will sit for them on Your right path, then I will assault them from the front, from behind, from their right and from their left. And, for the most part, You will not find them grateful. ”S7:V16-17

In addition, this false verse speaks of the 9th hour, the number 9 represents Satan as a fallen angel, which confirms to us that it is Satan who speaks in this verse, blaming God for causing his downfall.

5th and 6th word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 19 Verses 28-30

After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, evertything has been fulfilled: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.

The Scripture of which Satan speaks, and which tells that Jesus knew in advance that he would be crucified, is a pure lie invented by Satan, simply because the real Jesus was never crucified, so there can be no real scriptures predicting that. Satan has forged a good part of the New Testament, especially the 4 Canonical Gospels which are 100% his pure invention, in order to create a whole new figure of Jesus erected as God or son of God, and who is supposed to come back as the Savior at the end of time. Jesus never came back to life 3 days after his crucifixion, it is rather Satan who impersonated him in order to mislead all the false apostles that are Mathieu, Marc, Luc, Jean, Paul, Peter …. These apostles were actually the worst enemies of the real Jesus and were among those who claimed that Jesus was the son of God when Jesus was still alive. The proof is that all these so called disciples suffered a violent death, which is a sign of their guilt in the eyes of God. No true believer can ever believe that God has a son. No true believer can ever give credit to a mystical apparition, as was the case with the so called apostles, who experienced all kinds of visions of “Jesus” produced by Satan. God gave ONE Gospel to the real Jesus, not several Gospels, and the copies of this Gospel are now carefully cancealed by the Vatican, the church of Satan.

And We sent after them Jesus, son of Mary, to confirm what was in the Torah before him. And We gave him THE Gospel, where there is guide and light, to confirm what was in the Torah before him, and a guide and an exhortation for the pious. S5:V46

What is contained in the true Gospel would clearly expose that the Jesus of the Christians, ie the Biblical Jesus, is not the real Jesus, but is Satan in person. You can see in this video one of these copies of the true Gospel, written during Jesus’ lifetime, and which is hidden under lock in an old church of Jerusalem. It is clearly written in this Gospel that Jesus is not the son of God, but a mere servant of God.

7th and last word of Satan on the cross


Chapter 23 Verse 46

And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.

The real Jesus does not address God by calling him “Father“, but it is rather Satan who call Him like that in order to shape his false figureof Jesus Son of God. It was God who put Satan in the body of Jesus to punish him for the plot he made against him, and it is only up to God to decide when his agony would end on the cross. We understand better why Satan wants Christians to worship Jesus on the cross, because Jesus on the cross is none other than Satan himself. The symbol of the sun is often associated with Jesus on the cross, confirming that it is Satan who was actually on the cross and not the real Jesus.

JesusCross-3Soldiers-2135988Jesus_on_Cross_at_Sunsetmaxresdefault (2)

Jesus on the cross is also associated with the black sun, ie the blackstar which represents Satan.




The crow represents the black angel, ie the fallen angel that is Satan. The circle represents the black sun, ie Satan. The cross with the circle means that it is Satan who was on the cross.

Christmas does not honor the real Jesus, but rather the false Jesus forged by Satan, the false Biblical Jesus who came back to life and who is presented as the savior of the end times. Indeed, we find all the symbols associated with Satan in the Christmas party, which confirms that the Jesus who is honored on December 25 is none other than the false Jesus embodied by Satan.


We find the illuminati symbol of the pyramid, the star at the top of the pyramid represents the Sun, ie Satan, just like the one eye (Sol eil in french) above the illuminati pyramid represents Satan


Santa Claus is none other than Satan. Santa Claus is an anagram of Satan

This is why Jesus was erected as a super star in Hollywood and in the Music Industry, while Hollywood and the Music Industry are the lair of Satan. You see many artists who openly worship Satan honoring Jesus, because they know that the biblical Jesus is actually Satan.


This is why devil worshipers like Kanye West proclaims that Jesus is King, because they know that the Jesus who comes at the end of time, the Bibilical Jesus, is actually Satan


The sun, representing Satan, is always associated with the false Jesus


The Passion of the Devil … No messenger of God had long hair, but it is the Devil who represents them with long hair in order to create a false image of them.they are rather the pagans and the sorcerers who have long hair.


The skull and crossbones symbol on the cross, which means that Satan was on the cross


The character who plays Jesus is more like the devil than Jesus. Notice also the sign which he makes with his fingers referring to Satan


“Jesus small criminal”: The false Jesus of the Bible, the Jesus on the cross, is that criminal that is Satan


“Jesus, son of God”, Satan claims to be the son of God, being the first creature that God created. “His kingdom”, Jesus has no kingdom and no messenger of God has any kingdom, because there is no kingdom except that of God. Satan rather talks about his future kingdom in hell, when God will give him custody of the criminals


3 satanic rings, the long purple nail refers to the false Jesus embodied by Satan. Purple is the color of royalty among the illuminati, the devil worshipers


“See and hear to Jesus in 24 languages”, 24 means 888, 8 symbolizing Satan in his role of false Jesus of the end times, 888 also refers to eternel hell over which Satan will reign


The real Jesus is not a superstar and no messenger of God is. Satan has erected his false figure of Jesus as a superstar, and he will indeed be a superstar at the end of time, worshiped by billions of idolaters, the 99%


The false Jesus as a New Ager and Hippie, a perfect God for criminals. The crown of thorn in reference to the reign of Satan in hell, where the only food will be thorns


The 5-pointed star symbolizes Satan. The androgynous Jesus actually represents Satan


“Jesus freak”, in allusion to the freak that is the false Jesus embodied by Satan. The reptilian eyes refers to the real devil that he is, the sign of the 2 fingers for the 11 which stands for Satan


As I’ve exposed it, Satan uses women as the centerpiece in his plan. Satan loves women because it is thanks to them that he brought down all of humanity



Masonic hand position. The False Jesus Preaches the Doctrine of Satan


The False Jesus is Satan, the superstar, the dark angel of death. The projector above his head for the sun that represents Satan.


King of kings, God is king of kings and not Jesus


Satan in his disguise of false Jesus, worshiped like a God. A black Jesus in reference to the black soul of Satan



The serpent below, the angels, for the false Jesus that is Satan the fallen angel


The false Jesus of the Bible created by Satan. We see that the one behind this false Jesus is none other than the fallen angel Satan


How is it that Jesus is represented as an angel? This confirms that the false Jesus of the Bible, the one who died on the cross, came to life 3 days later, and will return at the end of time, is the fallen angel Satan, and is not the real Jesus, who was neither crucified nor resurrected, nor will he return in the end of time, and is by no means the son of God. Jehovah’s Witnesses say that Jesus is the first being to be created by God and that he is actually the angel Michael who took human form. Whereas the first being created by God is Satan, which confirms that the Biblical Jesus is in fact Satan


The black circle for the black sun, the cross for Satan on the cross, the wings for the fallen angel that is Satan, and the symbol of 666 in the 3 intersecting eyes. The 3 eyes also draw a fish which also represents Satan.


In french, “pecheur” means “fisherman” and also “sinner”. Satan is the fish and the fishermen/sinners collect the fish, therefore take Satan in them.


This is why the popes’ hat is in the shape of a fish, because the fish symbolizes Satan, who baits sinners


You often find this symbol to represent the false Jesus. The black circle for the black sun, and the P for the Pi representing the circle, which symbolizes Satan’s control over the lost.

44A-Image Books of Bible

The current Bible has 66 books, with reference to 666. Indeed, the Devil has altered the Bible in such a way as to trap the Jews and the Christians by leading them to fire, while they think they are well guided. Who can claim to be well guided while accepting the false books of Satan and rejecting the pure truth of God, the Quran? 39 books for the Old Testament, 39 = 999 = 666. 27 books for the New Testament, 27 = 3 x 9 = 999 = 666. The Devil’s trap will soon close definitively on Jews and Christians with the Antichrist Donald Trump, the Messiah of the Jews, and the false Jesus who will be embodied by Satan for the Christians, and on all the other misguided who believe in the return of Jesus or in Jesus as the savior of the end of time.

We now understand why Satan made Jesus a super star, including for non-Christians, who associate with Jesus the image of the savior who is willing to embrace the whole world with his false love. Satan erected love as universal value, as what should guide men, as what defines God. Now, we have clearly seen that what defines God is above all truth and justice, therefore men must rather be guided by their reason and not by their heart or instinct. Satan will induce an overwhelming love for him in the hearts of all men who are guided by love and not by reason, and none of them will be able to resist him. When Satan will appear as a false Jesus in 2024, the earth will be inhabited exclusively by the damned, and these damned will follow their hearts as it is already the case for most of them today, and therefore will be inevitably deceived. For 2000 years, Satan has been shaping this false figure of Jesus that he will embody at the end of time, and which has absolutely nothing to do with the real Jesus. Indeed, the true Jesus as described in the Qur’an advocates exactly the same doctrine as that of the other messengers of God, and is no different from them. Like all the other messengers, his mission is only to invite people to worship God Alone and follow His true scriptures, and certainly not to appoint himself as an intermediary or a deity. The devils in false human shape are working day and night to promote the false Jesus who will come at the end of time. These devils operate at all levels, both on the internet where they are extremely active, and through all kinds of sects such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jesuits, all branches of Christianity in general, and also in other religions, like Messianic Judaism or Islam who also believe in the return of Jesus. Indeed, no need to believe that Jesus is God or the Son of God, the simple belief that Jesus will return as Savior of the end of time, is enough to be assured of being deceived and is a manifest sign of error. Very often, you easily recognize these devils, because there is nothing in their behavior which is of God, on the contrary, everything exposes their diabolical nature, and yet, they preach the return of Jesus as Savior, because they know that He is actually Satan, their real father. Like Kanye West, Tom Hanks, Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, and many other well-known devils in human shape, who openly promote Jesus, while we can clearly see that they have nothing to do with God but everything to do with the Devil.


The False Jesus embodied by Satan will rally around his person all the religions of the world, because he is the one who created them all. True believers do not adhere to any organized religion, but are content to follow the direct guidance of God and His Scriptures, without going through any religious institution. See this poster from a 2019 conference in Geneva, preparing all these false religions to accept the false Jesus, the false God that Satan will embody.


The cube is the symbol of the deviation of Satan, because all these false religions are only deviation from the Devil and have nothing to do with the true way of God


God (X)” means that the God of whom this conference is speaking is actually the false Biblical Jesus embodied by Satan, also represented by the X. The 11 represents Satan as a rebel who pushes people to follow him in his rebellion. The 19 represents Satan as Guardian of the Underworld. So from 11 to 19 means that these false religions presented in this conference lead to rebellion, which leads to hell.

End of the analysis of the Blackstar clip

Now let’s continue with Blackstar’s analysis and you will see that the end of the clip confirms that it was Satan who was on the cross, and not the real Jesus.


Notice the first 2 images showing the woman’s eyes, then those of Bowie representing Satan, in order to say that Satan and women are one and the same entity today. “How many people lie instead of talking tall?”: The Devil never speaks openly, but always uses deceptive language, telling the truth where it is not expected, and presenting his lies in such a way that they are perceived by the lost as the truth. Like in this clip, Satan will not openly tell us: “I am Jesus on the cross“, but says it in a coded and subtle way, while selling us his figure of false Jesus of the end of time. “He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd: I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar“. The blackstar points out to Satan who trod on sacred ground in the dead body of Jesus, while normally he is not allowed to , and then cried into the crowd inside himself: “I’m Satan, I’m Satan“, ie “I’m not Jesus“.


The candle represents Satan who says: “I’m not a gangster“, and we wonder why he says that. But a few scenes later, we understand what he means by that.


The man dressed as a gangster is the one who occupies the place of Jesus on the cross. So when Satan says “I’m not a gangster“, it is to say that it is not really a gangster that we should see in this scene, but rather him when he was in the body of Jesus on the cross.


I can’t answer why I’m a blackstar“, Satan cannot openly reveal that he is Satan, the black star of death, the Destroyer of the World.


Just go with me“: all that matters to Satan is that people follow him to hell, whatever the way. “I’m not a filmstar“: even if Satan has played countless roles in cinema through countless actors such as the role of The Joker with Heath Ledger, Satan is not only a movie star, but he occupies much more roles.


I’ll take you home. I’m a blackstar“: Satan actually wants to take us to our death, as the black star of death that he is. Satan will take home the damned, ie the 99%, their true home is actually hell. Whereas, our true original home is not on earth but in heavens. Satan made the lost believe that our true home is on earth and that paradise will be on earth, while it is the exact opposite, this earth will become hell and paradise is in heavens.  God will soon take back to Him the genuine believers and will allow Satan to destroy all the left behind who are attached to this earth.


Take your passport and shoes“: Satan promises to take people to paradise, but he is actually going to take them to hell, it’s going to be a one-way ticket to hell for everyone who follows him. “I’m not a pop star“: Satan operates through a large number of artists like David Bowie, Elvis, Johnny Hallyday, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, …, but he is not only an artist, but occupies much more roles.


And your sedatives, boo“: where the Devil will take people, it is in hell, and there, they will need sedatives, as they will be really desperate there.


I’m not a marvel star“, Satan operates through a large number of fictional figures like the Marvel heroes: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Hulk, King Kong, Captain America …, but Satan is not not just a Marvel hero, but much more than that. “You’re the flash in the pan“: we wonder what these lyrics are doing there, but a few scenes later, we understand better what he means by that.


The false Jesus embodied by Satan is made of straw, and people are the “flash in the pan“.  “flash in the pan” + straw = fire, whih means the future association between the false Jesus embodied by Satan and those who will follow him will be highly flammable, ie will lead them to hell. In addition, the gangster of the clip representing the false Jesus is made of straw, which means that the false Jesus is only a straw man, the one who hides behind him is none other than Satan.


I am the great I am“. In Exodus, God presents himself to Moses by saying this, which confirms to us that Satan will claim to be God himself in his role of false Jesus.


Chapter 3 Verse 13-14

Moses said, “So I will go to the Israelites and say to them,” The God of your ancestors sent me to you. But if they ask me, “What’s his name?” “Then shall I answer them?” Then God said to Moses: “I am the great I am”.


Something happened on the day he died” and at this moment we see the crucifixion scene, which confirms that these words that I explained to you earlier speak well of the crucifixion of Jesus, or rather of Satan in the dead body of Jesus.


The spirit rose a meter then stepped aside“: the spirit of the true Jesus came out of his body before any harm affected him.


Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried: I’m a blackstar, I’m a star star, I’m a blackstar“: the clip shows at theis moment the straw man on the cross which shows that the one who cried “I ‘m a black star” is Satan on the cross in the body of Jesus. “I’m a star star“: Satan considers himself as the star of stars.


I can’t answer why I’m not a gangster“: Satan cannot say explicitly that the gangster on the cross who is represented in this clip is not really a gangster, but actually represents him on the cross in the dead body of Jesus.


But I can tell you why I’m not a flam star“, this refers to Elvis through whom Satan operated and who played a character nicknamed “flaming Star“. Satan is not only this character played by Elvis, but Satan occupies countless other roles.


We were born upside-down“: we find this old lie of Satan who accuses God of having created us flawed at the origin, therefore programmed to fall. Satan never stopped blaming God for having created him from the start with the intention of bringing him down. Now, everything that God creates is perfect, and it is the people who caused their downfall by their own choice to disobey God.


“Born the wrong way’ round”: Satan claims to be born the wrong way ’round, unclean and flawed from the start. “, I am not a white star, I am a blackstar”, ie “I am not an angel of light”, I am an angel of darkness“, ie a Devil.


The clip ends with the people who worship the skull that represents Satan in his role as false Jesus, as described in Sura 36.


We see during the clip a kind of beast that hides near the 3 crucified figures, to show that the Jesus who was on the cross is actually this beast, ie Satan. We find this same beast during the inauguration of the Gotthard Tunnel, also called “Devil’s Tunnel“, a particularly satanic ceremony in the presence of the greatest heads of state, staging the coming of Satan on earth in his role of false Jesus.

4096maxresdefault (1)maxresdefault

I have been writing this last message from God for more than 3 months. God made me finish this part on the false Jesus exactly on December 25, 2019, the alledged birthdate of the false figure of Jesus shaped by Satan. This is yet another sign that I am indeed the messenger of God, and that everything I have revealed to you in this message, including the truth about the crucifixion of Jesus and the coming of Satan as a false Jesus, is the pure truth from God. I invite you to watch the video clip of Blackstar in order to have confirmation by yourself of the analysis that I have just shared with you.

Another sign that announces the coming of the false Jesus is the annular eclipse that occurred the day after Christmas, the anniversary of the false Jesus. Indeed, the eclipses function like a clock to indicate us the coming of important events.


Annular eclipse of December 26, 2019


The ring symbolizes Satan’s control over people


In the Trackdown series which features a character named Trump who announces the end of the world. The ring is presented as the only protection against the destruction of the end of the world, just as the false Jesus embodied by Satan will pretend to be the only protection against the end of the world.


In the Netflix series Ghost Wars (2019), the ring is supposed to protect against the demons who represent Gog and Magog in this series, just like the false Jesus will claim to protect against the Devil and his army of demons, ie Gog and Magog.


In season 7 of Ray Donovan (7 as the apocalypse), we see the eye representing Satan and the ring in the eye representing the grip of Satan. Next to an hybrid Mickey with a skull head, Mickey being one of the fictional figures representing Satan

Part 7