Ultimate Warning of God (FULL VERSION)

In the Name of God, the Almighty, the All-Merciful, Me, YS, the ultimate messenger of God, transmits to you the Ultimate and Last Warning of God before the beginning of the cataclysms preceding the Hour, the End of the World.

I am the ultimate messenger of God, no other messenger after me, and no other before me since the prophet Muhammad. If I tell you this, it is unpretentious, but because it is the pure Truth of God, and in order to reassure the hearts of true believers and that they may be certain that they have not missed any messenger since the prophet Muhammad. My proof is found in my unique message of truth from God, and through the model that Allah made of me, just as the proof of the prophet Muhammad was in the model that he represented through his person, and in the Truth that God made him reveal in the Koran.

From the beginning of my mission as messenger and warning of God, this message represents the culmination of all that God has taught me, and contains a clear account of all the significant events from the beginning of Creation until The Last Judgment, as well as the revelation of most of the mysteries of the Koran. This does not detract from the value of my previous messages, because all of God’s Truth is of the utmost importance.

How much even, all my messages come from God, not all have the same scope, and this last message is of the utmost importance for all men on earth. This message alone is enough as proof against the unjust, and as a confirmation and a good announcement for the righteous. So, if you have not read my previous messages and you are shocked to read that I present myself as the messenger of God, do not interrupt your reading, because the following message is sufficient in itself. What you will learn, no man on earth has ever revealed, which proves that this message can only come from God.

If there is a moment in your life when you have to be grave and serious, open-minded and patient, then this is it, as this message from Allah is determining for your near future and for your eternity. So, I advise you in all fairness to take the time to read it from start to finish, and to be particularly concentrated during your reading in order to take the full measure of it, only then you will be able to form your opinion. I tell you clearly, the test of Allah begins from these first lines, and whoever is already preparing to stop reading will surely bite his fingers in the near future and for eternity. Those who already judge me unworthy of being the messenger of God, without even hearing what I have to say, are in reality those who are unworthy to receive the Salvation of God, because of their extreme injustice.

This message begins with a long talk about a certain Rashad Khalifa, whom most of you certainly do not know. The Devil used this man to usurp my role as the messenger of the end of time, and to mislead through him a large number of people. Nothing in this message is superfluous or too much, nothing is too detailed or not enough, but everything is put in its proper proportion according to the will of God. So I ask you, for your own good, to make an effort for once in your life, and to read this message from God very carefully. In reality, it is by understanding in what way Rashad Khalifa occupies an important place in the plan of the Devil, and in what he is an impostor, that you will realize in what, me, I am not one, and in what the message that I carry can only come from Allah. Whether you already think you have the truth or not, if you reject this message from Allah without even considering it, then that will be more than enough reason to justify your next destruction.

This message is initially articulated around Rashad Khalifa, then widens very quickly to many subjects such as the explanation of the variants of the Koran, the meaning of the number 19 in the Koran, the secret of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the identity of Dhul Qarnayn, the true story of Abel and Cain, the identity of the Antichrist and Gog and Magog, the date of the start of World War 3, the existence and identification of the devils in human shapes, the truth about the return of Jesus, and many other secrets hitherto unknown. This post also exposes all of the Devil’s tricks and lies since the beginning of humanity, and reveals his plan for the end of time. This message from God is addressed to everyone, whatever are your beliefs, you will find yourself there and you will recognize yourself.

This message is certainly very long, but I assure you that nothing is too much, and everything is argued by concrete evidence, by the Scriptures, and by logic and common sense. If Allah was content with a few lines as a warning and a statement on all things, then people would blame Allah for it, saying that his message was not explicit enough. But at the same time, do you have better things to do than listen to this final warning from God which represents your one and only chance of salvation at the end of time?

However, I remain a fallible man, like all men, including the messengers of God, so if God wants me to make mistakes on certain minimal points, then that means that it is the will of God, and that these minimal errors are wanted by God in order to test the hearts of the unjust.

Never did We send a messenger or a prophet before you but when he speaks the devil interferes in his speech. But, Allah abrogates what the devil has interfered with, and Allah strengthens His verses, for Allah is All-Knowing and Wise. That He may make what the Devil has interfered with as a test for those who have a disease in the heart and those whose hearts are hard… The unjust are certainly in a deep schism. And that those to whom knowledge has been given may know that it is indeed the Truth from your Lord, that they may believe it then, and their hearts submit to it in all humility. Allah guides those who believe to the right path. And those who disbelieve will not cease to doubt it, until the Hour suddenly reaches them, or the retribution of a terrifying day. S22: V52-55

Summary of Rashad Khalifa’s life

Here is a summary of the life of Rashad Khalifa which you can consult in full in English on the website associated with him.


Rashad Kalifa (1935-1990)

Rashad Khalifa was born in Egypt in 1935 to an authoritative family in Islamic Sufi doctrine, and was a follower until an advanced age of this Islamic cult of worship of the Wali (saints), the Prophet Muhammad, and his family. Rashad Khalifa followed studies in Agronomy which he completed by obtaining a PhD at the University of California in the United States, country where he pursued his life, after a brief return to Egypt, and this until when he died.

Very early in his life, Rashad Khalifa was omnibulated by the mystery of the famous isolated letters preceding certain suras of the Koran. Dissatisfied with the various interpretations that were given, he set out to devote his life to solving this mystery. Thanks to the appearance of the very first computers in the public sphere, he was able to undertake the first research of its kind, by loading the entire Quran in Arabic on his computer, which allowed him to lead to the discovery of his “miracle “of the number 19, and to offer an explanation on the fly to the initials introducing certain chapters of the Koran.

According to Rashad Khalifa, the number 19 would be a mathematical code which would validate the inviolability and the divine origin of the Koran, and which would explain the reason for being of the isolated letters of the Koran. According to his theory, the entire Quran would be governed by the code 19 which he calls the “Number of God“: This goes from the number of his suras, verses, and words, to the exact count of the least of its letters, and this code would also allow him to solve many other mysteries of the Koran.


Dissatisfied with the existing translations of the Koran, and in parallel with his research on the number 19, Rashad Khalifa undertook to make his own translation of the Koran which he called “Authorized English Version“. Initially, thanks to his discovery of code 19, Rashad Khalifa received all the support of international Islamic authorities, and was invited to the biggest names in Islam and statesmen of the Muslim world, to their present his discovery and share it with Muslims around the world.

Transcended by his discovery of code 19, Rashad Khalifa subsequently declared himself as the messenger of God, under the title of “Messenger of the Covenant“, and created his own religious organization, “United Submitters International“, based in United States, more precisely in Tucson, Arizona. Place of residence where he operated in his early days as an imam, a role he continued until the end of his life, preaching a new form of Islam based solely on his own translation of the Koran, and rejecting the Sunnah of the Prophet and the Hadiths. In response to this, he was condemned by Islamic authorities, on the same day as Salman Rushdie, as a heretic and for the use of Numerology, and he would end up being murdered in 1990 by a group of Muslim extremists linked to al-Qaeda.

I will show you from every angle, on the basis of the Koran and verifiable evidence for yourselves, that Rashad Khalifa is actually an impostor, both on the level of his doctrine and on a personal level. And for that, let’s start by looking at his famous miracle 19, “miracle” which represented the true turning point of his life, and which Rashad Khalifa himself presents to us as the keystone of all his work and the proof that he is the messenger of God.

The False Miracle 19

First point, it is important to note that the Koran, even in its Arabic version, exists in several variants. Admittedly, their differences are extremely minimal compared to the volume of the Koran, but one finds there all the same a certain number of divergences on the spelling of certain words, in the cutting out of certain verses, and on the presence or the absence of certain conjunctions. The 2 most popular variants being the “Hafs” and “Warch” versions, the differences of which you can check out on their own wikipedia page.


Each of these variants of the Qur’an, because in reality there are many more than 2, presents different transcription errors, because the error is human and it is impossible for a human being to copy a text of more than 600 pages without committing the slightest mistake.

Concerning the “miracle” 19 of Rashad Khalifa, we are confronted with a problem from the start, because this “miracle” is only based on the exact counting of the letters and words of the Koran. However, all the Arabic versions of the Koran present errors which vary from one version to another, and therefore have a number of words and letters which are specific to them. Consequently, whatever version Rashad Khalifa relied on for the discovery of his “miracle” 19, we can already be sure that such an approach cannot lead to any conclusive results.

The very purpose of the “miracle” 19, which Rashad Khalifa claims aims to prove the uniqueness and inviolability of the Qur’an, is meaningless in itself, since it is a fact known to all, Muslims including, that the Koran is neither unique nor inviolable. Indeed, the Koran in Arabic exists in several versions, which invalidates its uniqueness. On the other hand, all the Arabic versions of the Koran are imperfect, which calls into question the inviolability of the Koran in the strict sense. Rashad Khalifa says he relies on the Hafs version of the Koran, but this version like the others is imperfect, no mathematical code therefore risks validating this version, or any other for that matter.

The “miracle” 19 states that the number 19 appears in a large number of mathematical combinations throughout the Qur’an, combinations all as far-fetched as each other, and of which you can see an overview on the page of this site repeating this miracle. Rashad Khalifa claims that the miracle 19 explains the initials of the Koran, arguing that the sum of the occurrences of the initials on all the suras beginning with the same initials is a multiple of 19, which would validate the inviolability of their text.


Here is an illustration of this pseudo miracle presented on the Rashad Khalifa website.


Before even going any further, we can already reject this explanation, because if this was the real function of these initials, then why would Allah put these initials only at the beginning of certain suras and not at the beginning of all the suras? Indeed, if the role of these initials was really to validate the inviolability of the suras containing them, then in this case, there would be in all the suras. What would be the use of showing that certain suras remained unchanged and not the others?

In addition, if these initials really had the function of validating the inviolability of the text of the suras containing them, then why would this pseudo miracle 19 not work on all the suras starting with the initials? Because, you will see that a certain number of suras preceded by initials do not validate this code 19, and that even those supposed to validate it according to Rashad Khalifa, do not.

For example, if we take sura 36 which is the only sura which begins with the initials YS, this miracle 19 does not work.


According to miracle 19, the number of occurrences of the letters Y and S from the “بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ” should be found to be a multiple of 19, so I do not count the letters in the title of the surah.

However, 241 + 48 = 289, 289/19 = 15.2 … the number of occurrences of the letters Y and S is not a multiple of 19, so this miracle does not work on Sura YS.

If we check on sura 68 which begins with the initial Nun, this miracle does not work either: 132/19 = 6.9 …


If Rashad Khalifa’s explanation was true regarding the function of these initials, then it would work on all the suras beginning with these initials, but it is clear that this is not the case. These initials therefore do not fulfill the function which is advanced by Rashad Khalifa and you will see that there is actually no code 19 in the Qur’an.

Indeed, the letter Alif / A which is contained in most of these initials, is written in Arabic in many ways: ‘ا آ ٱ أ إ ؤ ئ‘, and if we have fun counting them under all their forms, then we would have as many different results as there are people who count them. The calculations proposed by Rashad Khalifa are therefore simply not verifiable. The disciples of Rashad Khalifa offer a computer tool so that we can verify their calculations for ourselves, but their tool does nothing to do this.



The Quran Inspector tool does not permit to verify any of their calculations

In reality, it’s impossible to verify Rashad Khalifa’s calculations, and whoever gets into it will never risk getting anything out of it, as there are as many ways to count Alif/A letters as there are people who do the counting. It is enough for Rashad Khalifa to play on the number of occurrences of the letters Alif/A to achieve his ends, because as I told you this letter is present in most of these initials. By the way, just the fact that this miracle does not work on Suras 36 and 68, is enough to disqualify it, because it is supposed according to Rashad Khalifa to work on all Suras starting with initials. This miracle of the devil is nothing more or less than a trap, like a lawyer who floods you with files in order that you get lost in them without ever being able to be able to get through it.

Let’s take sura 27 which begins with the initials TS.


94 + 27 = 121, 121/19 = 6.3 … So once again this miracle does not work on Sura 27, yet it is preceded by initials.

Rashad Khalifa only illustrated this pseudo miracle to us 19 on the suras containing the letter A/Alif in their initials, because he can arrange according to his will the number of occurrences of A/Alif in such a way as to arrive at a multiple of 19. Rashad Khalifa knows very well that no one will ever be able to verify his calculations, since there is no way to reproduce them. Everyone can choose his own rules when it comes to counting the letter A/Alif, and Rashad Khalifa devotes dozens of pages just to define his. I invite you to take a look at it to see for yourself how confused and arbitrary the rules he has established are proper to him. Since Rashad Khalifa believes in his false code 19, as soon as a surah does not validate his calculation rules, he grants himself the right to modify his text so that his count arrives at a multiple 19, claiming that the sura would have been altered.

In reality, the only notable contribution of this false miracle was to say that the Koran would contain 2 false verses that Rashad Khalifa removed from the Koran, that is to say how much he makes his own arrangements to achieve his ends. The original purpose of the miracle 19 was supposed to be noble, and we find ourselves at the end removing 2 whole verses, and I do not even mention all the small alterations that he made to the Koran in order to make it stick to its code 19.


Que fait donc Rashad Khalifa de la promesse d’Allah de préserver le Coran, lui qui affirme justement le contraire, c’est à dire que le Coran a subi l’ajout de 2 faux versets?

Verily We! It is We Who have sent down the Reminder (the Qur’ân) and surely it is We Who are its Guardian, S15:V9

En supposant que le code 19 était vrai et qu’effectivement le Coran ait été l’objet de l’ajout de 2 faux versets, chose qui évidemment n’est pas vraie, le Coran serait alors demeuré corrompu pendant 1400 ans, et il a fallu attendre la venue de Rashad Khalifa pour qu’il ne le soit plus? Voilà qui n’a aucun sens, et c’est pourtant ce qu’affirme Rashad Khalifa.


Allah promised to preserve the Qur’an, and He has not waited for Rashad Khalifa for 1400 years before doing so. But, Allah has preserved it since the revelation of its very first verse, and every second to this day, and whoever claims the opposite, let him cites the slightest error or contradiction in the Qur’an.

Do they not ponder on the Qur’an? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy! S4: V82

No falsehood can approach it, neither in the present nor in the past: it is a revelation emanating from a Sage, Worthy of praise. S41: V42

Only the one who does not understand anything in the Koran and who is in no way well guided by Allah can understand that the protection of Allah on the Koran (“it is We who are its Guardian. S15: V9” ) consists in putting a code 19 in it and waiting 1400 years for the arrival of Rashad Khalifa to correct its so-called errors. Indeed, only the lost ones like Rashad Khalifa can contest the truth with falsehood.

And they disputed by means of falsehood to refute therewith the truth. So I seized them (with punishment), and how (terrible) was My punishment! S40:V5

Today we have evidence that this verse applies to Rashad Khalifa, given his extremely violent death in 1990, which is a clear sign of the punishment of Allah on him because of his lies and the bewilderment that he spread. The assassination of Rashad Khalifa will be the subject of an entire section later in this message, and you’ll see that the signs exposing his guilt leave no doubt.

The miracle 19, keystone of Rashad Kahlifa’s doctrine, and presented as the main proof of his authenticity as a messenger of God, is nothing but a lie. In truth, the Koran does not require any code to prove its authenticity and preservation, because for true believers, the simple promise of Allah to preserve the Koran is enough ans the promise of Allah is truth.

No doubt, surely, all that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. No doubt, surely, Allah’s Promise is truth. But most of them know not.. S10:V55

In addition, there is no need for additional evidence other than its content itself to prove that the Qur’an can only come from God and that it has been fully preserved against falsehood. Because its text is largely sufficient in itself, and so far, no one on this earth has been able to detect the slightest error or contradiction therein. In reality, just thinking that the Qur’an needs a mathematical code to prove its preservation and authenticity illustrates the extreme perdition of Rashad Khalifa. Because, God gives discernment to his servants in order to be able to realize directly by themselves that the Koran contains only the truth and has not been altered, while the lost, with or without code to validate its authenticity, do not enjoy the least discernment and therefore do not understand anything in the Koran. Therefore, no mathematical code will change anything about the situation of each other, so God does not risk including in the Qur’an a code which is not of any help for anyone. In reality, there is no mathematical code in the Qur’an that fulfills the function of validating its text and proving its authenticity; the simple promise of God to protect the Qur’an and its content is far enough. The miracle 19 is only a pure invention of the Devil to mislead the false believers like Rashad Khalifa. Instead of simply focusing on the very content of the Qur’an and trying to implement its precepts, those who follow the false miracle 19 only focus on pseudo mathematical coincidences which procure them no help in term of guidance. On the contrary, the Devil uses their superstition related to this pseudo code 19 in order to distance them from the real objective of the Koran which lies in the implementation of its precepts, and to lead them very far in perdition.

We can see that it is undoubtedly the Devil himself who hides behind Rashad Khalifa and this pseudo code 19, because what this miracle substantially says is that the Koran has been altered and that the code 19 serve to restore it under its pure original form. However, the reality is exactly the opposite, the Koran has never been altered, in accordance with God’s promise to protect it, and the code 19 has instead corrupted it by removing from it 2 genuine verses and by altering some of its verses in order to make them validate the false code 19. Only the Devil claims the very opposite of the truth, and this code 19 is his pure work in order to undermine people’s confidence concerning the reliability of the Koran and to make them doubt God’s promise. This false miracle 19 fulfills the exact opposite role of what it pretends to be, because for 1400 years people have been persuaded that the Koran was fully preserved, which is really the case, and the code 19 has introduced the doubt in their minds. This code only served to undermine their confidence in its reliability, and to intrude upon them the false idea that the text of the Qur’an is not reliable to the point of studying to the letter, whereas this is precisely what Allah invites us to do.

Rashad Khalifa cannot be an authentic messenger of God, because the messengers of God work to push the people to increase their confidence in God and in the Koran, while he did the exact opposite. In reality, Rashad Khalifa knew perfectly well that he was not a messenger of God, but he wanted so much to be so that the Devil did not have to force his talent to convince him about that. There is no more astray than the one who believes himself to be a messenger of God without really being so, so all of Rashad Khalifa’s teaching can only be lies and bewilderment, and you will see the illustration of that in the rest of this message.

Then who does more wrong than one who invents a lie against Allah, to lead mankind astray without knowledge? Certainly Allah guides not the people who are unfair. S6:V144

The 2 so called false verses of the Quran

Here are the 2 verses in question:

Assuredly there hath come unto you an apostle from amongst yourselves: heavy upon him is that which harasseth you, solicitous for you, and with the believers tender and merciful. If, then, they turn away, say thou: sufficing unto me is Allah, there is no god but he, on Him I rely and He is the Lord of Mighty Throne. S9:V128-129

These 2 so-called false verses are undoubtedly authentic and are indeed truly part of the Koran. Indeed, they say only the truth of God and in no way represent, as Rashad Khalifa claims, an invitation to idolize Prophet Muhammad, but quite the opposite.


The interpretation that Rashad Khalifa gives of these two so-called false verses shows how Rashad Khalifa, who nevertheless claims to be the messenger of God, knows nothing about what it means to be a messenger of God and knows nothing about the Koran. Indeed, these 2 verses are in no way an invitation to idolize the prophet Muhammad, but describe this same benevolent and compassionate nature towards their fellow man shared by all the messengers of God, including Muhammad. If the messengers of God did not all share this good and benevolent nature, despite the general injustice of their people and their extreme hostility towards them, then in no case would they be able to fulfill their role as messengers. Only the messengers of God are able to endure such hostility and still persist in working for the salvation of the very people who spit in their faces. Only the messengers of God could devote their lives to transmitting the reminder of God, when they gain nothing from it personally, unlike the false messengers who use their position to acquire wealth and prestige.

1st so called false verse

Assuredly there hath come unto you an apostle from amongst yourselves: heavy upon him is that which harasseth you, solicitous for you, and with the believers tender and merciful. S9:V128

This verse is incontestably authentic and does not apply only to the prophet Muhammad, but in reality to all the messengers of God: indeed, as this verse says, all the messengers of God come from the ranks of the people whom they warn, all are benevolent, and all take fully to heart the mission that God has given them. If we follow Rashad Khalifa’s lost logic, we could say that the following verse has also been forged, since it says essentially the same thing.

And of them are some who vex the prophet and say: he is all ears Say thou: he is all ears unto good for you, believing in Allah and giving credence to the believers and a mercy unto those of you who believe. And those who vex the apostle of Allah, unto them shall be a torment afflictive. S9:V61

In truth, the severity contained in Rashad Khalifa’s heart, because of his criminal nature, explains why he perceived the verse S129:V8 to be false, because if he had been a true messenger, he would have been inhabited by this same good nature common to all the messengers of God as described in this so called forged verse. If Rashad Khalifa really knew the Koran and understood it properly, he would then have seen that the Koran gives the exact same description of all the messengers of God as that contained in the verses which he removed from the Koran.

Verily Ibrahim was long-suffering, forbearing. S9:V114

And assuredly Our messengers came unto Ibrahim with the glad tidings. The said: peace! He said: peace! And he tarried not till he brougt a calf roasted. And when he beheld that their hands reached it not he misliked them, and ccnceived a fear of them. They said fear not verily we are sent unto the people of Lut. And his wife was standing. she laughed. Then We gave her the glad tidings of Ishaq, and after Ishaq, Yaqub. She said: Oh for me shall bring forth when I am old, and this my husband is advanced in years! Verily a marvellous thing is this! They said marvellest thou at the decree of Allah? Mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, people of the house, verily He is Praiseworthy, Glorious. Then when the alarm had departed from Ibrahim and the glad tidings had come home unto him, he took to disputing with us for the people of Lut. Verily Ibrahim was forbearing, long-suffering, penitent. S11:V69-75

To finish on this subject of “2 satanic verses“, as Rashad Khalifa calls them, let us now take a look at the 2nd of these 2 verses, verse 129. Rashad Khalifa affirms that these 2 verses were added by the idolaters to honor the prophet Muhammad and make him their new idol.

2nd so called false verse

If, then, they turn away, say thou: sufficing unto me is Allah, there is no god but he, on Him I rely and He is the Lord of Mighty Throne. S9:V129

However, this verse in no way legitimizes the idolatry of the prophet Muhammad, but on the contrary condemns it and disavows all those who take any other path than that recommended by the Koran and by the prophet Muhammad, including the path of traditional Islam which is precisely based on the idolatry of the prophet Muhammad and on the laws of the Hadiths.

In reality, Allah has put a veil between the Koran and the false believers like Rashad Khalifa, the idolaters, the associators, and the sectarians who are the traditional Muslims, so that they do not understand it, but only perceive in it what their sick hearts and corrupt faiths dictate to them.

And of them are some who hearken unto thee and We have set over their hearts veils lest they understand it, and in their ears heaviness.  S6:V25 

And when thou recitest the Quran, We set up between thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter a curtain drawn down. And We set up over their hearts veils lest they understand it, and in their ears heaviness. S17:V45-46

Anyone who is a little bit well guided cannot see in these 2 verses “two satanic verses“, as Rashad Khalifa calls them. This only shows us one thing, that Rashad Khalifa, who presents himself under the title of “Messenger of the Covenant,” not only is not an authentic messenger of God, but that he is rather an authentic messenger of the Devil, the “Pact” in question being the pact he signed with the Devil in return for his role as a false messenger.

The True Miracle of the Quran

Allah says that it is Himself who protects the Qur’an.

Verily We! It is We Who have sent down the Reminder (the Qur’ân) and surely it is We Who are its Guardian, S15:V9. S15:V9

We could understand by this that Allah has promised us that the Koran will remain exactly the same Koran as that revealed by the Angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad, that is to say to the letter. However, we are obliged to note that this is not the case, given that it is a proven fact that there are several Arabic versions of the Qur’an, and that all of them have small imperfections. So would Allah have failed to keep his promise?

A large number of false believers and devils claim on this basis that the Qur’an is only a man’s book, and therefore it is not worth studying word for word as Allah advises us.

Among these criminals who jump on this conclusion, I give you the example of this devil who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself, and with whom I was able to discuss in person. This devil revealed to me that one evening Jesus Christ himself presented himself to him in the flesh and that he would have revealed to him that he was his reincarnation. This entity then entered him and now operates through him as the second resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This devil suggests in this video that the fact that the Koran exists today in several versions proves that the Koran is a book of man, and that Muhammad was not strictly speaking a prophet of God. I invite you to watch this video, to see how the devils use their tongues and give themselves falsely learned looks, in order to lie about God and thus mislead people.

Allah says in the Qur’an that the criminal nature of these devils is actually written on the severity of their faces, in their bodily behavior based on incessant winks, a sign of their seasoned practice of lying, and in their way of speaking falsely posed and all in control, thus exposing their true perverse and manipulative nature. So watch this video and you will have the perfect illustration of that.

And if We willed, We would surely shew them Unto thee, so that thou shouldst surely know them by their marks. And thou shalt surely know them by the mode of their speech. And Allah knoweth your works. S47:V30


Chapter 6 Verses 12-15

A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. .

In reality, yes the Koran exists under several variants all presenting imperfections, which does not contradict the fact that Allah has nevertheless preserved the Koran against falsehood, in accordance with His Promise.

Verily We! It is We Who have sent down the Reminder (the Qur’ân) and surely it is We Who are its Guardian, S15:V9

No falsehood can approach it, neither in the present nor in the past: it is a revelation emanating from a Sage, Worthy of praise. S41: V42

Allah knows that the human being in his earthly form of sinner is not perfect. Consequently, Allah knew in advance that there would inevitably be errors in the transcription of the Koran, and this since its revelation, that is to say at the time of its initial writing operated by the prophet Muhammad in person (I you’ll prove that right after this section).

Even as prophet, Prophet Muhammad still remains man and fallible, so even with the greatest of vigilance, no man could ever have written more than 600 pages of text without committing the slightest mistake. Today, even the largest publishing houses, with all the technology and the army of small hands at their disposal, are completely incapable of producing a book of more than 600 pages without the slightest mistake in spelling or grammar.

Despite the weakness of the means available at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, compared to the technological tools available to us today, the errors that we find in the different versions of the Qur’an remain minimal: in the order of a vowel missing or mistakenly added, of an addition or omission of a conjunction, of a different conjugation of a verb, or of a displacement of the limit of a verse by a word, but no error up to the addition or absence of whole words was noted. Such transcription quality exceeds even what the largest publishing houses today are capable of producing, which is already a real miracle in itself, but you will see that the miracle of the Koran does not stop there.

There is nothing that is impossible for Allah, so if Allah had wanted, Allah could have made it possible for the Qur’an to reach us without the slightest imperfection. But, Allah shows us his Almighty by dealing with the faults of men, and Allah still achieves his ends without resorting to possession, as the Devil is used to through automatic writing. In reality, Allah wanted these imperfections in the transmission of the Qur’an, Allah wanted the Qur’an to exist in several variations in order to test the hearts of the unrighteous, so that they reveal their true criminal nature and go astray through this, like this devil man that I showed you on Youtube, who jumped at this opportunity to say that the Koran is only a man’s book.

In reality, Allah, in Knowledge of all things, had anticipated the slightest error that was going to be made in the transmission of the Qur’an, whether these errors relate to the adding or forgetting of letters, to the declension of a word, or on the cutting of the verses. Allah has turned into miracles what may appear to be imperfections, because if we analyze the different versions of the Qur’an, we realize that the meaning of their verses is preserved and remains true in all versions. In truth, these imperfections which one could a priori assimilate to errors, enrich the Koran, because they give several variants to its verses, which gives them an even broader meaning. Here is an example of a verse that presents 2 variants, and see for yourself that these 2 variants are just as true and only enrich the meaning of this verse.

King/ملك/malik of the Day of Reckoning. S1:V4 (Warsh version)

Holder/مالك/maalik of the Day of Reckoning. S1:V4 (Hafs version)

1st meaning

Allah is indeed the King on the Day of Retribution, because from that day Allah will be the one and only Sovereign. Unlike today where there are several sovereigns, even if Allah dominates them all.

2nd meaning

Allah is indeed the Only Holder of the Day of Retribution, in the sense that this day will belong to him in its entirety: no one will be able to be absent or go about other occupations, all living beings will be summoned there and will neither be masters of their actions or their words. This day will belong to God alone in order to judge all His creatures.

The day it cometh no soul shall speak save by His leave: then of them some shall be wretched and some blessed. S11:V105

So, the 2 versions of this verse have indeed different meanings, but the 2 meanings are nonetheless just as true and relevant as both, and only give us an increased understanding of it. I invite you to do the same check with the other verses with differences, and you will see for yourself that whatever the version, the meaning of all the verses is preserved. Here is a table showing some differences between the 2 most popular versions, Hafs and Warsh, you can check each of these cases, and see for yourself that what I tell you is absolutely true.


Allah thus shows us his Omnipotence, anticipating in advance the slightest error that would be made in the transmission of the Koran, and ensuring that these errors are not really, but quite the contrary, that they enrich the sense of the Qur’an and at the same time flush out false believers. Who else but God to achieve such a miracle?

In reality, these “errors” show us that the Koran cannot be a book of man, but can only come from God, because if it were a book of man, the errors which it contains would make its reading illegible and would make it say falsehood, which is not the case with the Koran.

Finally to close this subject, some false believers and enemies of God say that the current Koran making use of vowels, does not correspond to the original Koran which did not include vowels. There too, these people are deeply mistaken and reveal the disease which is in their heart, because at the time when the caliph Othman produced the first punctuated version of the Koran to make it the new reference version, it is obvious that the Arabs of that time were perfectly able to read Arabic as well with or without vowels, otherwise they would not have been able to convert it. If the addition of vowels had altered the meaning of the Qur’anic verses in any way, then this would have been noticed by all. So, apart from a few minor errors during its conversion, and we have seen that all these errors were anticipated by God and do not distort the meaning of the verses, the version of the Koran provided with vowels remains absolutely faithful to the original. In reality, this conversion was willed by God so that the Koran does not become a dead book, like the books written in Latin, Greek, or Aramaic. The Koran has only followed the evolution of the Arabic language, which from the time of the Caliph Othman was written with vowels, which facilitates its reading and prevents against any misinterpretation. It is therefore a Mercy of God for us to have carried out this conversion of the Koran, and this in no way represents an alteration of its original text.

No one on earth has so far been able to uncover the secret of the different variants of the Qur’an, but Only Allah could manifest the truth thereon, which is further proof for you that I am indeed His messenger.

Prophet Muhammad was never illiterate

Contrary to what Muslims say, the prophet Muhammad was far from illiterate, and he himself produced the very first handwritten version of the Koran. Indeed, the main mission of the prophet Muhammad was to transmit to us the Koran, the proof is, the prophet died hardly the revelation of the Koran finished. It is therefore more than obvious that it was his sole responsibility to ensure in person that it was put in the form of a handwritten book, and the prophet could in no case subcontract this task to anyone, because this crucial task was an integral part of the mission that God entrusted to him.

The great misguided that are the traditional Muslims base their beliefs concerning the alleged illiteracy of the prophet Muhammad on the following verse, of which here is the consensual Islamic translation.

Those who follow the apostle, the unlettered/al-oummi/ٱلۡأُمِّىَّ prophet. Whom they find written down with them in the Taurat and the Injil. S7:V157 

The word “al-oummi / ٱلۡأُمِّىَّ” may certainly mean “illiterate“, but that is not the only meaning of this word. This word is used repeatedly in other verses of the Koran with a different meaning, and which corresponds to the true meaning of this word in the above verse.

Wherefore if they contend with thee, say thou: have surrendered myself unto Allah and he who followeth me. And say thou unto those who have been vouchsafed the Book and unto the gentiles/الْأُمِّيِّينَ/al-oumeeine; do you surrender? Then if they surrender, they are of a surety guided; and if they turn away, then upon thee is only the preaching, and Allah is Beholder of His bondsmen. S3:V20 

The word “oummi / أمي” actually means “gentile“, ie a person who does not follow a religion of the Book. The proof is, Allah distinguishes in this verse 2 categories of people: those to whom the book was given, therefore those who follow the religions of the Book, namely the Jews and the Christians … and the others, by opposition, those who do not follow the religions of the Book. Prophet Muhammad, although he was a believer before the Qur’an was revealed to him, and although he studied the Torah and the Gospel and adopted its laws, never declared himself a Jew or a Christian . Prophet Muhammad was therefore what Jews and Christians called a “gentile,” since he was neither a Jew nor a Christian.

Recite thou in the name of thy Lord Who has created everything– has created man from a clot! Recite thou, and thy Lord is the Most Bountiful, Who has taught man by the pen, has taught man what he knew not. S96:V1-4

These verses are the first that the Angel Gabriel revealed to the prophet Muhammad, and the Angel Gabriel addresses Muhammad by saying to him: “Recite”, it is indeed the proof that the prophet Muhammad obviously knew how to read.

Thy Lord … Who has taught man by the pen

Like all messengers of God, the prophet Muhammad was directly instructed by Allah before becoming His prophet, and any educated man can only be instructed by knowing how to read and write.

The following verse alludes to those who accused Muhammad of having written the Qur’an himself, which is proof that he could read and write, otherwise his detractors would not have brought this false accusation against him.

And thou hast not been reciting any book before it, nor hast thou been writing it With thine right hand, for then might the followers of falsehood have doubted. S29:V48

nor hast thou been writing it With thine right hand

In the past, the prophet Muhammad never wrote any books with his own hands, but as soon as his mission started, the prophet Muhammad started to write the Koran gradually, that’s why this verse says that.

And thou hast not been reciting any book before it

To recite a book, you still need to know how to read, which was obviously the case with the prophet Muhammad.

And they say: fables of the ancients which he hath had written down, so they are dictated unto him, morning and evening. S25:V5

If the enemies of the prophet said that some people were dictating the Quran unto him, this is proof that he could read and write.

Or say they: he hath fabricated it? S11:V13

If his detractors accused him of having fabricated the Koran, it is precisely because they knew that the prophet Muhammad was not illiterate, otherwise, they would not have brought against him such an accusation. Writing a 600-page book is simply impossible for an illiterate.

Aye! they say: a medley of dreams; aye! he hath fabricated it; aye! he is a poet; so let him bring us a sign even as the ancients were sent with. S21:V5

If the prophet Muhammad was accused of being a poet, it is precisely because he perfectly mastered the Arabic language. Indeed, poetry is the pinnacle in the art of language, so you cannot be a poet while being illiterate.

And had We sent down unto thee a Book written upon parchment so that they could have touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said: this is naught but magic manifest. S6:V7

If his detractors made this request, it is because the Koran existed in the form of a paper book from the beginning of its revelation, in the sense that the prophet Muhammad put it gradually on paper as new verses were revealed to him. But his detractors wanted a paper book that came straight down from the sky.

Traditional Muslims, however, say that the Koran was not compiled until after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and claim that it was written on the shoulder blades of camels and other equally grotesque media. While we all know that the Arabs were mainly wealthy traders, their land being located at the crossroads of the trade route between the lands of the East, and the 2 main western empires: the Persian and Byzantine Empires. The Arabs were therefore experienced in the drafting of all kinds of commercial documents, and were not the illiterate people described by traditional Islam. The Qur’an is full of references on this subject, stipulating to establish a written contract for any transaction or any civil act such as marriage, which shows that the Arabs knew perfectly how to read and write, and were used to draft contracts by their profession. In addition, the Arabs were known to be great poets and for their mastery of the language, so most of them knew how to read and write perfectly, and the use of paper was common among them. Paper had existed since long before the Arabs, so it was not a rare commodity, they who were traders and could stock up on all kinds of products. We therefore cannot imagine them dragging itinerant mass graves based on animal carcass bones as legal acts between them, and even less to serve as a support for the Noble Quran.


In reality, all these invented stories participate in the same Devil’s lie aimed at discrediting the prophet Muhammad, by presenting him as being illiterate, at defiling the Koran by claiming that it was written on the bones of animal carcasses, and at encouraging ignorance among Muslims by inviting them to follow the false model he forged on the prophet and on the Arabs of his time in general.

Incidentally, note that it was the Hadiths who guided Muslims to believe in the alleged illiteracy of the prophet Muhammad, when we have clearly seen that this could in no way be possible. In reality, we are hardly surprised, since the Hadiths are the compilation of all the lies forged by the Devil against the prophet Muhammad and against the religion of Allah. Fortunately, God gave us the Koran and preserved it against falsehood in order to restore the truth about the Devil’s lies. But, the misguided sectarians that are the traditional Muslims have nothing to do with the truth, all that matters to them is to continue at any cost to cling to their Islamic tradition and their Hadiths.

Prophet Muhammad was a learned man

In reality, not only was Prophet Muhammad not illiterate, he was even the complete opposite of it, namely a learned man.

And Thus We variously propound the revelation, and this is in order that they may say: thou hast studied, and that We may expound it to a people who know..  S6:V105

If the detractors of the prophet Muhammad brought such an accusation against him, it is precisely because before he declared himself a prophet, it was common knowledge that Muhammad studied all kinds of books. Thus, these accusations implied that the prophet had only synthesized the results of his studies in the Qur’an, and that the Qur’an would therefore only be a plagiarism of different books. Traditional Muslims themselves recognize that Muhammad was a learned man long before he became a prophet, which is confirmed by this extract from a traditional Sunni Islamic site, based on the Islamic biography of the prophet.


Muhammad learned from monotheistic doctrines by questioning the Jews and Christians of Mekka. He takes the habit of making retreats, like the Christian ascetics, in the Hira cave on the Mountain of Light, around Mecca. Sometimes he stays there for a whole month.

Even before God named him a prophet, Muhammad was without doubt the most educated man of all his contemporaries, and he was therefore far from being an illiterate. It is only thanks to this prior teaching that God taught him until the age of 40, and that He then completed him throughout his life, that the prophet Muhammad was able to fully grasp the meaning of the Qur’an, to explain it correctly to people, and to put it to use in his life in order to serve as a living model for all believers.

In reality, being a messenger of God does not happen overnight. God Himself directly instructs His messengers, and as in any training, it can take decades. Then, when they become fit for their divine mission, God then gives them their “diploma” of messenger by revealing to them that He has elected them, and it is only at this moment that they have the necessary knowledge to carry out their mission. Just as it was my case before God revealed to me that I was his last messenger, it was already 10 years ago that God instructed me directly by providing me with all kinds of knowledge, from all existing sources, as well the Books of God, that the books of men, that the books inspired by the Devil.

The Devil is Everywhere!

Allah says in the Qur’an that true intelligence is to take the true and leave the false in any source of information.

Wherefore give thou glad tidings Unto My bondmen, Who hearken Unto the word and follow that which is the best there of. These are they whom Allah hath guided, and those are men of understanding. S39:V17-18

Indeed, the Devil does not say only lies, otherwise his cunning would be too blatant, but the Devil subtly mixes the false with the true, with the ultimate aim of misleading people. But, thanks to the Knowledge of the Book that God taught me and the discernment with which He endowed me, God guides my steps towards the source of information of His choice in order to teach me exactly what I must learn there, by making me take the true and leave the false. In truth, both the true and the false are useful to know, because the true remains and allows us to consolidate our knowledge of God, while the false, although doomed to disappear, allows us to understand the different tricks of the Devil and the thought of the lost. Thus, we may be able to address them in a language they understand, in order to highlight their straying and lavish on them the Remembrance of God. The Messenger of God is like someone who walks in a labyrinth with a card in the middle of the lost. The role of the messenger is to show the way out for the lost that God wants to guide. The Devil’s bewilderment is like a labyrinth in which our mind is locked. Indeed, this is how The Devil represents his perdition in his propaganda films, and the Devil always recommends going to the center of the labyrinth to find the exit, which amounts to an invitation to go after his perdition.


The labyrinth symbolizes the devil’s distraction in our mind


In the center of the labyrinth, at the end of perdition, this is what the Devil recommends


In the center of the Labyrinth is the lost man. The eye that we see in the center means that’s Satan’s delusion


The city symbolizes our modern world and is at the center of the labyrinth: this current world has come to the end of its perdition.


The labyrinth represents the deviation of the Devil, and the obelisks represent Satan who is behind each perdition.


The Devil keeps under his control and illusion those who follow his perdition, those who are lost in the labyrinth he created in their minds

Allah tells us that the Devil is our enemy, and therefore we must consider him as such. What could be better than studying your enemy in order to better identify his tricks and strategies, and thus be able to anticipate and counter them?

How many people today think they are well guided, without realizing that they are actually completely lost?

A part He guides, while another part deserves bewilderment because they have taken, instead of Allah, the devils for allies, and they think that they are well-guided! S7:V30

Apart from the way that God recommends you through me, his messenger, there is nothing other than the deviation of the Devil.

Such is Allah, your true Lord. Beyond the truth, what is there then if not bewilderment? How then can you turn away? S10:V32

When we question the lost on the Devil, they reply that the Devil is only a concept, or that the Devil is limited to the evil that is in us, and does not exist as a creature in its own.


These misguided are actually under total influence of the Devil, but they do not realize it, which is a sign of their extreme misguidance. They are unable to identify his concrete action on this earth, nor his various ways, nor the false doctrines behind which he hides, nor his assistants through which he operates: the devils in human shapes. These people say they believe in the Koran, and yet when they are told about the existence of the devils in human shapes, they laugh at you, while they are clearly mentioned in the Koran.

Thus, to each prophet we have assigned an enemy: devils among men and jinn, who deceptively inspire each other with embellished words. If your Lord had wanted, they would not have done so; so leave them with what they invent. S6:V112

These devils in human shapes now openly act undisguised and flood the whole world with the devil’s perdition, through television, radio, cinema, music, fashion, drugs, sex, alcohol, games, concerts, shows, sport, press, social networks, books, magazines, education, politics, economics, religion, associations, international organizations, … etc etc. In reality, there is not a single place or a single branch where these devil in human shapes do not operate.

Have you forgotten that this earthly life is a test and that the Devil is after us? Instead, you quietly settled into this earthly world, without worrying about the afterlife, and you let the Devil fool you into pretending that you were right, even as you are right in bewilderment.

By Allah! We did send (messengers) to communities before you did. But the devil embellished them with what they were doing. It is he who is their ally today [in this world]. And they will have a painful retribution [in the hereafter and in this world below]. S16:V63

Do you have no consideration for God’s heavy warning about the Devil? Do you think that the Devil is twiddling his thumbs and that he has left you in peace?

The devil is your enemy. Take him therefore as an enemy. He only calls those who have taken his side so that they are people of the Furnace. S35:V6

Didn’t I tell you that the devil was a declared enemy to you? S7:V22

The devil is certainly a declared enemy of man. S12:V15

May the devil not turn you away! Because he is a declared enemy for you. S43:V62

Do not follow the devil’s steps because he is really for you, a declared enemy. S2:V168

Do not follow the devil’s footsteps, for he is certainly a declared enemy to you. S2:V208

The Devil surrounds us today from all sides, and the people of this world, both pseudo believers and non-believers, no longer see him anywhere, which is a sign that this current world is in a deep perdition and blindness.

As the Devil said in one of these recent films of 2019, “The Joker”:

“Whoever does not know that he is the target, is the target.”

So if you live carefree without realizing that the Devil is everywhere today, without perceiving his attacks on you every day, it is because the Devil already holds you. Which should cause you serious concern, as it means that you are in danger of death. Indeed, those who do not live oriented towards the hereafter and with the fear of God on a daily basis, those who do not permanently fight against the Devil, are precisely those who are already caught in his nets and whom the Devil comforts so that they remain in their perdition and injustice until their final destruction.

And they (the people of Paradise) will advance Unto each other asking questions. They will say: verily we were aforetime, midst our household, ever in permanent dread. Wherefore Allah hath obliged us, and hath protected us from the torment of the Scorch. S52:V25-27

And those who are permanently fearful of their Lords tormentVerily the torment of their Lord is not a thing to feel secure from. S70:V27-28

Those who live in permanent dread for fear of their Lord S12:V57

This is the life of most people in this world: they are in total recklessness, they have neither God in mind, nor the Devil, but are deeply embedded in their terrestrial illusion. They do not ask themselves any questions and their comfortable life reassures them, they do not suspect that God is in the process of settling their account in this world, and that after that, hell awaits them.

Do they think that what We give them, goods and children, is good for them? In reality, We hasten to give them their share of good, but, they do not realize it. S23:V55-56

Those who do not hope for Our meeting, who are satisfied with the present life and feel safe there, and those who are attentive to Our signs, their refuge will be Fire, for what they acquire S10:V7-8

Only the great lost can take pleasure in this earthly life when this world is no more than perdition and on the point of being destroyed by God. True believers are seized with terror when they see how far this world has gone in its transgression and madness, because it means to them that the punishment of God is now very close. They are far from saying that this world of today is pleasant, because they only see in it only perdition and futility, and they must constantly fight against the Devil who leaves no respite to those he does not hold yet.

The Ignorants

As we have seen, the lie about the alleged illiteracy of the prophet Muhammad was propagated by the Devil in order to lessen the prophet Muhammad and to promote ignorance among Muslims. How many Muslims like to repeat that the prophet Muhammad was illiterate, without this causing them the slightest problem?

This belief actually serves as an excuse for their own ignorance and glaring lack of education. Certainly, illiteracy hardly exists today, at least not in developed countries, which does not prevent most people in this world, even those with the most prestigious degrees, from being perfect ignorant when it comes to acquiring true knowledge which will be useful for their salvation. How many people have I come across who have higher degrees and hold high positions in society, but who remain the greatest ignorant in the world when it comes to researching the Scriptures and real books of science?

Most people in this world do not seek to acquire knowledge, they do not read anything except futile or pseudo religious books devoid of any real science, such as the Hadiths or the Talmud which in reality do nothing but increase their perdition. When I address myself to these ignorant people filled with pride and who think they are learned, my only response from them is contempt and bashing. All these sectarians who follow the false religions of today believe they can speak of God and believe they know the Scriptures of God, when in reality they neither know God nor understand anything in His Scriptures, because if such had been their case, they would not be the lost sectarians that they are.

However, there are people who discuss about Allah without any science, guide or Book to enlighten them. S22:V8

These pseudo savants filled with pride count on their own intelligence to find the way, they do not realize that it is God who guides and who leads astray. Indeed, God does not guide the unjust people, but only those who really seek to obey him.


Chapter 3 Verses 5-8

Put your trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own intelligence. Seek to know his will for all that you undertake, and he will lead you on the right path. Do not take yourself for a wise man, revere the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be good medicine which will assure you the health of the body and the vitality of your whole being.

The ignorant tell me:

We can neither agree nor dispute what you say, because we do not have the knowledge, we are not experts“.

These people hide behind their ignorance and think that this is a sufficient excuse not to answer the call of Allah, while their ignorance is only the manifest proof of their own injustice.

As for the hypocrites, they tell me:

We doubt what you say, and therefore we prefer not to take any risks and to stick to our beliefs

In reality, those who doubt not only doubt me as a messenger and my message from God, but they doubt everything, and that is only the sign of their wavering faith. Not taking a risk by remaining in doubt? To remain in doubt is the assured means of running to one’s own loss, and all those who were previously destroyed by God shared precisely this same doubt, until certainty came to them when seeing the chastisement of Allah befallen on them.

Those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, and whose hearts are filled with doubt. They only hesitate in their uncertainty. S19:V45

They will be prevented from achieving what they desire, as was done before with their fellow men, for they were in deep doubt. S34:V54

In reality, despite all the evidence in the world, these people will persist in their doubts forever, using it as a shield and believing it is a valid excuse, until they see the punishement of Allah with their own eyes, then they will have certainty, but it will be too late for them.

Those against whom the word (threat) of your Lord will come true will not believe, even if all the signs come to them, until they see the painful retribution. S10:V96-97

Their doubt is only the reflection of their hypocrisy, because if they were really sincere, they would have moved heaven and earth in order to remove it and to acquire the certainty that what I say is indeed the truth of God. Do true believers doubt the truth when it is presented to them? No! How much even it would come out of the mouth of the Devil that they would have no doubt about it. Those who do not recognize the truth when they come across it are precisely those whom God has made blind because of their injustice. These hypocrites actually don’t care about the truth, it simply doesn’t interest them, so God lets them blind in their doubts and drowned in their confusion.


Chapter 1 Verses 6-8

Anyone who doubts is like the flow of the sea, stirred by the wind and pushed from side to side. Let such a man not imagine that he will receive something from the Lord: he is a unsure man, inconsistent in all his ways.

Some object to me that God did not give them enough intelligence to be able to have their own reflection and to understand for themselves the Scriptures. Others tell me that God did not give them the social conditions necessary to be sufficiently educated and to have their own discernment. But these arguments really do not hold water, because today you see people acknowledged as having the greatest intelligence in the world, such as Bill Gates, Einstein, Nobel Prize winners in mathematics and physics, astronauts barded with degrees like Thomas Pesquet, and yet these people understand nothing of the Scriptures of God and have no discernment. True intelligence does not come from our own intelligence, but true intelligence comes only from God, and God gives it to those who fear Him and who seek to act according to His precepts, in order to satisfy Him.

O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will grant you the ability to discern, erase your wrongdoings and forgive you. And Allah is the Holder of enormous grace. S8:V29

So, whatever social level or degree of intelligence or education you have, if you are inhabited by the fear of God and you seek to act well, if your objective in life is to please God and to come closer to Him, then there is not the slightest doubt that God will give you your own discernment and the ability to understand correctly His Scriptures without the help of anyone. How many simple people I have seen having with no school curriculum and without any superior intelligence, still have God’s wisdom in them and discernment, even though their knowledge is very basic. This is due to the simple fact that these people are inhabited by the fear of God and seek by all means to satisfy Him.

The real problem of the lost in this world is not that they are ignorant or lacking in intelligence, but rather that they are not sufficiently inhabited by the fear of God and do not seek to draw near to Him, that is the real reason for their perdition. In reality, these ignorant people hide behind their ignorance to find pretexts, because they do absolutely nothing to acquire the knowledge of God, that does not interest them at all. Their vile and selfish hearts are rather drawn to trivialities and the satisfaction of their own desires, and they hate knowledge and what can lift them up to God. Knowledge for these people is like giving caviar to a pig.


Chapter 1 Verse 5

If one of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who will give it to him, because he gives generously and without reproach to all.


Chapter 14 Verse 8

The wisdom of a thoughtful man makes him discern his way, but the madness of the foolish leads them astray.

Chapter 14 Verse 18

Madness is what stupid people inherit, but knowledge is the crown of thoughtful people.

Chapter 1 Verse 8

The key to wisdom is to revere the Lord, but fools disdain wisdom and education.

Chapter Verse 22

How long, stupid, will you indulge in nonsense? And you fools, how long will you hate knowledge?

Chapter 8 Verse 5

to you stupid ones: learn to think; and you fools: become reasonable people!

Ignorance is therefore by no means an excuse, but rather represents proof of guilt. The people who persist in remaining ignorant are in fact unjust, and they will end up paying a high price, if this is not already the case for them.


Chapter 1 Verse 32

Because the presumption of the stupid ones will cause their death, and the insurance of the insane ones will lose them.

Chapter 9 Verse 6

Give up stupidity, and you will live. Walk on the path of discernment!

The moment of crucial choice has now arrived, God has now sent His messenger to you. The ignorant, incapable of any discernment, the hypocrites, drowned in their doubts, and the proud, blinded by their pride, will not be able to recognize the authentic messenger that I am, and will camp in their perdition and injustice until their final loss. God sent me for you as a messenger and a warner, but are you really willing to listen to anyone? Are you really looking for God’s way? In reality, for most of you, you are not really interested by all this!

And if We had destroyed them with a retribution before him (God’s warner), they would certainly have said, “O our Lord, why did You not send us a Messenger? We would then have followed Your teachings before we were humiliated and cast into shame.” S20:V134

If a misfortune reached them in retribution for what their own hands had prepared, they would say: “Lord, why did You not send us a Messenger? We would then have followed Your verses and we would have been believers.”S28: V47

Ignorance, pride, and hypocrisy are, in reality, only the visible symptoms of a deeper injustice and sick faith. It is in reality God who sows doubt in the hearts of hypocrites, who comfort the ignorant to indulge in their ignorance, and who blinds those who are full of pride, until His punishment falls on them without seeing it coming.

Whoever Allah leads astray, no guide for him. And He leaves them in their trangression hesitant and confused. S7:V86

But We leave those who do not hope for Our meeting confused and hesitant in their transgression. S10:V11

It is the very sign of these criminals not to tolerate the slightest criticism when they are objectionable in all respects. These unjust people only accept what goes in their direction, while their direction goes straight to hell. How to save such tyrants? We don’t save them! But it is with their own steps that they will conduct themselves in hell.


Chapter 12 Verse 1

Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish. 

Chapter 19 Verse 7

Whoever instructs the mocker receives contempt, and whoever critics the wicked attracts his insults.

Chapter 11 Verse 2

When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.

Chapter 15 Verse 22

Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

Common characteristics of God’s messengers

The messengers of God were not all clones devoid of personality, but each had his own character, his qualities and his defects, which did not prevent them from sharing common characteristics essential to the proper conduct of their divine mission.


Despite the hostility of their people, the messengers of God still continued to work for their salvation until the end.

Chouaïb said: “O my people, do you see if I base myself on an evident proof emanating from my Lord, and if He attributes to me an excellent gift from Him? … I do not want to do what I tell you forbid. I only seek conciliation as much as possible. And my success depends only on Allah. In Him I place my trust, and it is to Him that I return repentant. O my people, may your contempt and hostility towards me not lead you to incur the same punishments that affected the people of Noah, the people of Hūd, or the people of Ṣāliḥ and (the example of) the people of Loṭ is not far from you. …. They said: «O Chouaïb, we do not understand much what you say; and really we consider you as a weak among us. If it weren’t for your clan, we would certainly have stoned you, and nothing could stop us from reaching you. ” S11:V88-89

O my people, but what have I (Moses) to call you to salvation when you call me to the Fire? S40 V41

And when Moses said to his people, “O my people! Why do you mistreat me when you know that I am truly the Messenger of Allah [sent] to you?” S61:V5

The messengers are sent by God to all people, the just and the unjust. If they were to give up at the slightest injustice they suffer, or be convinced that they themselves are led astray by the real astray, or be intimidated by those who believe they hold power, then they cannot lead their mission to completion. God promises to protect them and no evil can reach them, except the nuisance due to contact with evil and unjust people whom they would never have encountered, if it were not for their mission.

They can never cause you great harm, only a nuisance; and if they fight you, they will turn their back on you, and they will then have no help. S3:V111

God’s messengers are like doctors in a mental hospital, they are endowed with reason, while most of the others are plunged into madness. Do doctors hold madmen for their acts of madness? Can doctors cure all madmen? No! only those who are still curable and who accept the healing process prescribed to them by God.

O people! An exhortation has come to you from your Lord, a healing of what is in the breasts, a guide and a mercy for the believers. S10:V57

God’s messengers do not need others, because they have already been healed by God, while others need them in order to receive through them what Allah has prescribed for their healing. So the messengers of God are not lodged in the same vein as the others, and those who hope for the healing of Allah must therefore be aware of this and not stand up to them in what they instruct them on behalf of Allah, but rather to listen to them carefully and to implement the least of their instructions.

The messengers of God already receive everything directly from God, so they do not need what others have to give them and expect nothing from them, but act completely selflessly.

For those who ask the question, I am not funded by anyone, I do not touch a single penny for what I do, I do not depend on anyone other than Allah Himself, and I do not work with any team , but only with Allah.

O my people, I do not ask you for wages for this. My salary is incumbent only on the One who created me. Do you not reason? S11:V51

And I’m not asking you for a salary for that; my wages fall only to the Lord of the universe. S26:V109

God’s messengers ask neither for recognition from others, nor for their allegiance. Allah is more than enough for them to witness what they really are, and they expect others to give their allegiance only to Allah Alone.

And we sent you to people as a Messenger. And Allah suffices as a witness. S4:V79

And those who disbelieve say, “You are not a Messenger”. Say: “Allah is enough, as a witness between you and me, and those who have knowledge of the Book are too” S13:V43

The messengers of God do not run behind anyone, when they insist with someone, it is because Allah asked them to do so in order to test that person, and not for a personal motivation or in the hope of convincing them. The messengers of God have no objective of result, they know that Allah will send them exactly those who must hear His Reminder, and it is Allah who guides or who misleads according to His good will. So, it does not matter to them that there is only one person who believes in them, as was the case with the people of Lot, or 1 billion people, this does not come under their jurisdiction and does not reflect the quality of their work.

God’s messengers, unlike Rashad Khalifa, do not take themselves for masters or saviors, but know that God is the One and Only Master and Savior.

Well what! The one against whom the decree of punishment turns out, … are you saving the one who is in the Fire? S39:V19

He does not command you to take angels and prophets as masters. Would he command you to go back once you are established on the path of Redemption? S3:V80

The messengers of God have for one and only role to transmit faithfully and in the best way, the message that Allah asks them to transmit.

“Our Lord knows that in truth we are sent to you, and our only responsibility is to transmit clearly (the message of Allah)“. S36:V16-17

The only responsability of the messenger is to convey explicitly (His message). S24:V54

The messengers of God can neither guide the one whom Allah wants to lead astray, nor heal the hearts of the unrighteous, nor restore sight to the blind that are the lost, nor raise the dead that are the damned, all of which is up to Allah Alone.

In truth, you do not make the dead hear; and you don’t make the deaf hear the call if they go away with their backs turned. S30:V52

And there are some of them who listen to you. Do you make the deaf heard, even if they are unable to understand? And some of them are watching you. Can you guide the blind, even if they cannot see? S10:V42-43

God’s messengers do not mind to be called liars, madmen, impostors, sorcerers, possessed, bewitched, they know very well what they really are. With what Allah shows them as proof in their daily life, nothing can undermine their morals or their determination. It is in reality the great liars and the great madmen that are the lost ones, who perceive them like that because of their own madness and perdition.

Or will they say, “Is he crazy?” On the contrary, it is the truth that he brought to them. And most of them disdain the truth. S23:V70

Does he make up a lie against Allah? or is he mad? [No], but those who do not believe in the afterlife are doomed to chastisement and far astray. S34:V8

Thus, no Messenger came to their predecessors without them having said: “It is a magician or a possessed!” S51:V52

Remember therefore, and by the grace of your Lord you are neither a diviner nor a possessed. S52:V29

They said, “You’re just a bewitched one. You are just a man like us. Bring a wonder, if you are one of the truthful”. S26:V152-153

God’s messengers know that everyone is dependent on their own actions, so they know that their coming is not going to change anything to anyone’s fate. Those who already believed and acted well will only find confirmation of their good guidance, while the lost will persist in their perdition wil not accept what they had hitherto obstinately rejected.

You are not the one who guides the blind out of their perdition. You only make heard those who believe in Our verses and who then give themselves up (to God and to his precepts). S30:V53

Here are the cities of which We tell you some of their news. [To these,] in truth, their messengers had brought them the evidence, but they were not ready to accept what they had previously treated as a lie. This is how Allah seals the hearts of the disbelievers. S70:V101

Because they did not believe the first time, we will turn their hearts and their eyes away; we will let them walk blindly in their rebellion. S6:V110

There is only a real messenger to know what it is to be really a messenger, while the false messengers like Rashad Khalifa only play the messenger, and everything betrays them in their behavior and speech.

Rashad Khalifa, as soon as he believed he had obtained knowledge from Allah, namely his false miracle 19, hastened to affix a copyright on it and to monetize his pseudo-knowledge by selling through books. Putting a copyright on his discoveries is proof that it is the promotion of his own person that motivates him above all and not the promotion of the truth.


“Les 2 versets sataniques découvert dans le Coran” … vendu à 177$ !!!




The true messengers of Allah graciously share the knowledge that God has revealed to them personally. Nothing actually forces them to do it, but God’s messengers all have the same magnanimous and generous nature, and it is of their own free will that they share their knowledge so that it benefits others and that people can use it to get closer to God, because their greatest satisfaction is to see people come back to God. They also do this out of gratitude to God and because they are aware that their knowledge does not belong to them. If they were to selfishly keep it for themselves, they would be doing injustice to themselves, and God would no longer give them any knowledge. It is only the unjust to want to keep knowledge for themselves, in order to gain prestige and wealth and maintain their domination over others. You imagine the prophet Muhammad if he had lived in our time hastening to put a copyright on the Koran and to make pay with gold price his teaching resulting from Allah? Because, this is exactly what Rashad Khalifa did with his false discovery of code 19 and his phony translation of the Koran.


An abstract blue pattern with numbers

All the pseudo miracle 19 and all the false interpretations of the Koran put forward by Rashad Khalifa are based solely on Numerology. You just have to browse the pages of the site associated with him, to see that not one of his theories is based on reasoning, on the text of the Koran itself, or on evidence tangible and verifiable, but all are based solely on the basis of endless and meaningless calculations around the number 19. This confirms what we now know for sure: that Rashad Khalifa does not actually know Allah or the immutable methods of Allah. For, Allah has never prescribed us in the Koran to guide ourselves through signs or numbers, as it is the case with the practice of Numerology, but only on the basis of reasoning, common sense, concrete evidence , and personal study of the Scriptures, primarily from the Koran.

As early as the 1970s, when Rashad Khalifa first got his hands on a computer and loaded the entire Qur’an into it, since then he only swore by numbers and Numerology, and all his discoveries stem exclusively from this mystical approach, proper to the Devil and which Allah has proscribed. Making the figures speak on a computer applied to the Qur’an or any other text, can be compared in all respects to the overtly satanic practices of drawing cards, reading in the coffee grounds, or throwing knuckles, which is pure superstition. It is just like people who ask a question to Allah, and who open the Qur’an on a random page saying that Allah will answer them in this way. If this method really worked, we could then establish an almost direct dialogue with Allah, like those who communicate with the jinn devils through Ouija boards, or by other equally satanic means. All these practices, including Rashad Khalifa’s approach of interpreting the Qur’an via the number 19, are only various forms of the same deviation of the Devil, who seeks to encourage all forms of superstitions, to the detriment of the use of reason .

78663788-mystique-nature-morte-avec-des-marc-de-café-des-cartes-de-tarot-et-des-runes-de-pierre-fond-d-halloouija-the-mystifying-oracleTourism Drives Las Vegas Economy

The True Numerology of Allah

Nevertheless, Allah does put his signs for us everywhere in Creation, whether in the form of numbers or in other forms such as symbols, metaphors, dreams, images, coincidences. But, Allah never uses these signs alone, but uses them to confirm what He already taught us on the basis of tangible elements. In the Quran, there are indeed a large number of numerical signs, but these have nothing to do with the false science based on the pure superstition of Rashad Khalifa, but are concrete and verifiable signs, and which are not intended to determine our guidance, but only serve to prove the Almighty of Allah and his Absolute Science.

Example of Iron in the Koran

Iron chemical element.

The numerical value of the word “Iron“, in detached Arabic “ح د ي د / Hadid” is equal to 26, which represents the atomic number of the Iron atom.


The numerical numerical value of “Al-Hadid / ا ل ح د د ي د“, ie “THE Iron” is 57, which corresponds to the number of the sura “the Iron” in the Koran.

But as I said to you, Allah accompanies these numerical signs of proofs which rest on concrete facts and which can be validated by our reason.

We did send Our Messengers with clear evidence, and brought down the Book and the balance with them, so that the people might establish justice. And We have brought down the Iron, in which there is a formidable force, as well as usefulness for people, and for Allah to recognize who, in the Invisible, will defend His cause and that of His Messengers. Surely Allah is Strong and Powerful. S57:V25

Allah tells us in this verse: “We have brought down the Iron” just as the rain would come down from the sky. Indeed, modern science has just confirmed in 2014 that the iron present on Earth was not native to Earth, but indeed fell from the sky, in the words of scientists, through “a meteor shower ” containing iron atoms on their surfaces.


An iron rain on the primitive Earth

Researchers have reconstructed in the laboratory how the iron of the meteorite nuclei that bombed the primitive Earth sedimented and fragmented in the ocean of magma.

This sequence of images shows the sedimentation and fragmentation of a liquid metal, gallium, in a mixture of water and glycerol. This experience simulates the diving of iron from large meteorites into the magmatic ocean of the primordial Earth.

In the last million years of its accretion formation, the Earth has been bombarded by giant meteorites that have melted its surface layers several hundred kilometers thick, giving rise to an ocean of magma. The liquid iron contained in the hearts of the largest meteorites then flowed towards the center of the Earth, crossing this magmatic ocean to reach the Earth’s core. The scenario that prevails to describe this migration of metal, proposed in 2003, is that of the “iron rain”, according to which the iron nuclei are fragmented into spherical drops of the same size. An international team of researchers from CNRS, the University of Nantes and the University of California at Los Angeles tested this model in the laboratory.

But that’s not all, Allah tells us that there is “a formidable force” in iron, alluding to all the objects made from this material reputed for its solidity.


Allah also says that Iron has “usefulness for people“, which scientists have just confirmed through a recent discovery of 2018 revealing that Iron can also treat cancers.


We are far from the numerology of Rashad Khalifa with his pseudo miracle 19, which is assimilated in all points to superstition and only serves to mislead people and keep them away from Allah. You can consult some other examples of numerical signs from the Koran on this page which contains only signs verifiable by concrete elements. These signs are there to show that Allah knows everything and that He is Perfect, and do not serve in terms of guidance like the false code 19, for that purposes there are the precepts of the Koran.

Superstition: Weapon of the Devil

Though Allah puts signs to us everywhere in His Creation, Allah recommends us to build only on concrete facts in terms of discernment, because the Devil is on the lookout for one who pays too much attention to signs and neglects to use them his reason and rely on hard evidence. Indeed, it is not through signs that we must base our guidance, but it is in reality Allah Alone who guides, and Allah guides only those who implement His precepts and work deeds of righteousness with aim of satisfying Him.

To illustrate how the Devil uses superstition to mislead, here is another video of the devil in human shape that I presented to you earlier in this message. In this video, he just says that there are signs in the form of numbers in the Qur’an, which is true … Up to this point everything is fine.

Then a few days later, this same devil publishes a new video, but this time to promote the false code 19 in the Qur’an.

We then realize that the real intention behind his first video was not to lavish the truth of Allah, but only to ensure in a first step that people are open to the existence of numerical signs in the Qur’an, thing to which most believers are a priori recalcitrant, to then sell them in a second step the false miracle 19 as being authentic.

Generally speaking, those who base their faith and their guidance on mysticism and who seek a direct experience of God, whether through the interpretation of signs, or in the form of miracles, visions, dreams, and all kinds of extraordinary experiences, open themselves to be fooled by the Devil. Because, the Devil is only waiting for that to be able to give false visions, false miracles, false signs, to mystical and superstitious people who rely on this kind of experience to guide themselves. So you should not be asking for any extraordinary experience, and be content to implement the precepts of God, to follow His inspiration, and to make use of your reason, and God will then ensure your good guidance. If God wants to send you a sign in one form or another, God will do it whether you ask for it or not. So don’t ask for anything, no dreams, no miracles, or anything, at least you don’t risk being fooled by the Devil through this way.

The Ways of the Devil

The deviation of this devil in human shape that I showed you on video actually goes even further. Because, if you take the time to view the entirety of his second video, you will find that not only does this devil confirm the authenticity of the miracle 19 therein, but that he even goes so far as to say that this miracle 19 represents the proof that all factions of Islam, both the Sunni and Shiite factions and those of non-traditional Islam, such as the Submitters or the Koranists, are all equally acceptable paths leading to God. While, reality corresponds to the exact opposite: none of these ways leads to God, but all these ways are ways invented by the Devil to lead people to hell.

Such a thought exactly corresponds to the plan of the Devil for the end of time, which consists in validating all the false religions which he patiently set up century after century, and making them cohabit all together around his New Age doctrine and the false Jesus that he will embody. We realize today, as I demonstrate in this article, that most people, whether they belong to a religion or not, whether they have faith in God or not, are already totally imbued with this diabolical New Age doctrine and they don’t even realize it. The New Age doctrine is none other than secularism, combined with a base of humanist values ​​that are sold with it. Humanism is no more than Satan’s false cause in order to push men to rebellion against God. Humans have no right to claim, God owes them nothing,their sole and only right is to obey God strictly and to ask for forgiveness for their sins. In truth, the New Age doctrine is not meant to replace religions, but only to superimpose them: in short what it says is that everyone has the right to follow his religion and must not reject the religion of others, and everyone must live together around a base of common values: humanism, unity of men, universal love, sharing, peace. But, this is not the true way of God, it is rather its opposite, humans are not at the center of religion, but rather God. God never commanded us to unite with the lost or to regard their way of bewilderment as acceptable, but to strictly condemn any way which is not His way. Certainly, God tells us that everyone is free of  his beliefs, so we should not impose our beliefs on others, but that does not mean that all beliefs are equal and that we must accept them all even when they are clearly misguided. Furthermore, the way of God is based on working deeds of righteousness with the aim of the afterlife, and does not consist in good cohabitation with the lost. God says that the works of the disbelievers, of the idolaters, of the associators, and of the sectarians who are the people of religions, have no value in His eyes. It is therefore pointless to act well if we ultimately follow a path other than God’s Path. The one who works without being on the way of God is like the one who works without receiving a salary.

And those who belie Our signs and the meeting of the Hereafter- vain shall be their Work. Would they be paid differently than according to their works? S7: V147

It is not up to the associators to populate the temples of Allah, since they testify against themselves of their disbelief. These are those whose works are in vain; and in the Fire they will remain forever. S9: V17

And as for those who disbelieve, there will be misfortune for them, and He will make their works vain. S47: V8

It is because they have repulsion for what Allah has sent down. He therefore rendered their works in vain. S47: V9

The works of those who disbelieved in their Lord can be compared to ashes struck violently by the wind, in a stormy day. They will not benefit from what they have acquired. This is the profound error. S14 V18

Most people of religions are associators, idolaters, sectarians, they do not follow what Allah has brought down, but rather their false traditions. Their works are therefore vain, and their way is not an acceptable way. The Devil’s plan for the end times is to unify all these false ways and make them live in good harmony, which is not acceptable for a true believer. So let’s them do what they want, that’s indeed their right, but true believers have also the right to think that people of religions are none but lost, because they really are, and therefore no compromise is possible with them. The true believers and the people of religions have nothing to do with one other, they may look similar in appearance, but in fact they are diametrically opposed.


All these “religions” are in reality ways of the Devil! The cube represents the Devil’s bewilderment, the illusion he draws around the lost.

Today most people in this world embrace the doctrine of the Devil without even realizing it, since everyone, whether he belongs to a religion or not, is fully satisfied with his path, without even suspecting that he is actually on the Devil’s wrong way. The only ones who are not in this case are those who have a pure faith in God, who are neither idolaters, nor associators, nor sectarians, but who follow only the direct guidance of God and His Scriptures, and are inhabited by the fear of God and contribute to good works. Today, this world is only composed of sects created by the Devil and the true way of God is completely lost, that’s why God sent me to you now. God has instructed me to restore His way as I have already done with force of proof and detail through all the articles I have published since the beginning of my mission. The true way of God is now clearly distinguished from the ways of the Devil, and the sectarians who are the people of religions no longer have any excuse for staying on their wrong way.


This is precisely the Devil’s plan for the end times: to unify all religions. Most people in this world embrace this philosophy, when they should rather reject all religions.

The Secret Communication of the Devil

There is a difference between interpreting the Koran through the prism of numerology and superstition, and studying the codes that the Devil uses to communicate in ciphered way so that we can read his message in clear. As I told you, Allah tells us that the Devil is a declared enemy to us, so it is very important to know in detail what the Devil is plotting against us, so as not to fall into his traps without even realizing it. Which is precisely the case for the majority of people on this earth, who happily fall with both feet together in all the traps that the Devil sets for them, while thinking they are protected and well guided.

As part of my instruction by God as a messenger, Allah has taught me to decipher the devil’s secret communication and to identify his perdition in all its forms, so that I can protect myself and my family from them, and to alert others.


The eye symbolizes Satan, Sun = “Soleil” in french. “Sol eil” means “One Eye” = Satan. And also Satan has been created from the Sun, that’s why the sun represents him and it also explains why he is also named “morning star”, ie the Sun.


The sign of the cross in reference to Satan in his role of false Jesus. “See you again soon” = Satan announces his coming for soon, which indeed is the case


John is one of Satan’s aliases,  Satan the Wicked one. The symbol of the black sun and the skull also refer to Satan as the angel of death, the destroyer of the world that he truly is.


The people of this world are all blind. The bird bod refers to the fact that the people are locked in cages, ie the illusion in which Satan locked them


The horn sign means “Hail Satan” and refers to Satan’s horns. It also means 11, 11 is the number of Satan in his role of rebel against God, and who drives us to rebellion


Representation of Satan as the Savior, the sun behind him to confirm he is Satan. any figure which refers to the sun actually points out to Satan. Representation of the portal which will allow Gog and Magog, Satan’s army of jinns to access our physical dimension.


Satan hides everywhere, but people don’t see him anywhere, even in daylight


Satan and his demons break the ice which represent the barrier of Gog and Magog which will be destroyed soon in order to allow their arrival on the surface of the earth


The eye, the horns, the red eye for death, hell, the inverted cross for the Antichrist and the inverted Jesus that the Devil will incarnate


The pyramid symbol means deception


The people of this world are all followers of Satan’s deception without even realizing it

maxresdefault (1)

The eye and at its center Satan as the ruler, the people in circle around him in order to say that they are under his control. The circle symbolizes Satan’s control area, that’s why the sorcerers and the witches have to draw a circle and summon Satan inside it, in order to show their submission to Satan and to put themselves under his control


One eye, the hybrid in reference to the demons in human shapes, half jinn half human


The Eclipse symbolizes Satan hiding God’s light. The black sun or blackstar also represents Satan as the angel of death, the destroyer of the world

ÒA113Ó moment in TOY STORY.©Disney/Pixar.  All Rights Reserved.

A113, code referring to the Antichrist found in a large number of films. You’ll see later in this message how this code refers to the Antichrist

Learning the language of the Devil is like learning a foreign language, and thus being able to understand what foreigners, in this case the devils, say to each other. Whoever understands the language of the Devil perceives his cunning in clear, and the cunning of the Devil when it is not masked is actually extremely weake. It is like the one who knows the secret behind the tricks of a magician, as skillful and seasoned as he may be, his tricks will then appear phony. Anyone who does not perceive the Devil’s ruse has absolutely no chance of escaping it, and can only be a victim without even realizing it. The Devil’s ruse acts on the subconscious of those who are not aware of it, and alters their perception of things, creating around them a powerful illusion in which they will only sink further and further.

Believers struggle in the path of Allah, and those who disbelieve struggle in the path of Taghut (all of the devil’s false ways of bewilderment in all their possible forms). Well, fight the Devil’s allies, because the Devil’s ruse is certainly weak. S4:V76

The essence of the true teachings of God, the precepts contained in His Scriptures, is that once we put them into practice, then we have nothing more to fear from the Devil, because the teachings of God allow us to see and provide us with discernment and divine protection. Those who are well guided by God perceive the cunning of the Devil without difficulty, and as long as they stay on the path of God, they risk nothing. While the lost are like the blind, and perceive for what they really are, neither the straight path nor the way of the Devil. They are therefore only sinking more and more into their distraction and blindness, like someone who gets more and more lost into a labyrinth.

The Devil said: “O my Lord! because Thou hast put me in the wrong, I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on the earth, and I will put them all in the wrongExcept Thy servants among them, sincere and purified (by thy grace).” (Allah) said: “This (Way of My sincere servants) is indeed a Way that leads straight to Me. For over My servants no authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee.” S15:V39-42

The Secret Doctrines of The Devil


The teaching of Allah is only truth and promises of truth, it is a teaching open to all, based on the sharing of knowledge without any counterpart from the one who knows the most towards the one who knows the least, in order that the Knowledge of God can spread to all and benefit the common good. While the Devil’s teachings are only lies and false promises, this is why the Devil bases all of his teachings on the principle of secrecy. Everyone should know only part of the story, never the whole story, and everyone should keep secret what they learned from the Devil, without sharing it with those who don’t know it, that’s why these satanic teachings are deemed secret or hermetic doctrines. If the Devil had not imposed this rule of absolute secrecy, then the followers of his teachings could freely exchange between them, and would very quickly be able to realize the imposture of his teachings. But the Devil keeps his followers by the greed and injustice inherent in their criminal nature, and he keeps making them false promises on false promises, in order to keep them in suspense and maintain their hopes, until their fate be permanently sealed.

He (the Devil) makes them promises and gives them false hopes. And the Devil only makes deceptive promises to them. S4:V120

Certainly, I (Satan) will not fail to mislead them, I will give them false hopes … S4:V119

It is only when they arrive at the end of the film, that is to say at the end of their life, when the things will be accomplished and that their fate will be definitively sealed, that the Devil will finally fall the mask, and that his followers will discover his imposture. It is only at this precise moment that they will realize that the Devil conned them, and that if he was able to do so, it is only because they were criminals, blinded by their greed and injustice, and then, they will have no other alternative than to burn eternally in hell with him.

And when all is accomplished, the Devil will say: “Surely Allah made you a promise of truth; while I made a promise to you that I did not keep. I had no authority over you except that I called you and you answered me. So don’t blame me; but blame yourselves. I am of no help to you and you are of no help to me. I deny you having once associated me [with Allah]”. For sure, a painful punishment awaits the unjust. S14:V22

Like all these films and series that serve as propaganda for the Devil, however deep and complex their scenarios may be, they always finish up in the air. Because, the Devil does nothing but lead us down the garden path, because if he told us the truth then the end of the story would not be likely to please us. The Devil’s films are not there to distract us or tell us stories, but only to sell us his perdition.

81DcZpH494L._RI_maxresdefault (5)

It is on this cult of secrecy that all the secret brotherhoods of the Devil are based, such as Freemasonry, Kabbalah, the Templars, the Jesuits, the Skulls and Bones, the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, the Order of Thule, the Knights of Malta … and their list is still very long.


The Devil has something for everyone, because all these secret societies vary in form, but meet on the bottom, advocating exactly the same lie of the Devil: that God the Creator is an authoritarian, old-fashioned and helpless God, who does not seek only to keep us eternally in his grip, and hide our true divine potential from us. While Lucifer, Satan the Bearer of Light, is the true God, the one who rebelled against the tyranny of God, the liberator of men who will lead them all to their own deification. The Devil promises them a universe without God where they can be immortal without ever having to account for their actions. But, the Devil only lies to them and promises them what is not in his power, because he knows very well that his promise will not come true, and that he, like them, will have to account for their actions before God.

And they (the Devils) have created a filiation between Him (God) and the jinns, while the jinns know perfectly well that they will have to appear (before God at the Last Judgment). S37:V158

The different degrees that exist in these Masonic schools only serve to gradually accept this false doctrine of the Devil that I have just stated to you. Step by step, the Devil gradually corrupts the members of these brotherhoods, until they completely reject God to adopt him in his place. If a member is recalcitrant at a given stage, then he will not climb higher, this is why the members of the lowest degrees are not aware of the true doctrine of these Masonic schools. In reality, these low rank masonic members are just pigeons that serve as showcases and touts to attract new members. Some arrive at the highest level of these brotherhoods in a flash because they are already ready to accept the Devil and reject God. While others spend their whole lives in these Masonic schools without ever reaching the top, because the Devil knows that if he teaches them more, they might turn around. But that suits the Devil well, because all the degrees of these Masonic schools lead to hell anyway. From the lowest degree to the highest, these secret brotherhoods are reserved for the worst criminals that this earth can carry. Because, these criminals consider that the teachings of God are reserved for the fools, while they believe themselves superior to the others and claim to a higher doctrine.

And when they are told, “Believe as people believed,” they say, “Shall we believe as the weak-minded believed?” They are the real weak-minded, but they do not know it. S2:V13

Instead of doing good and following the right way of God, our legitimate Master, these criminals prefer to follow the way of the Devil, to do evil, and to reject the way of God knowingly. Because, the Devil clearly warns his followers that by taking his way, they agree to leave the way of God and take him for master and God for enemy, and as a pledge of good faith, they must commit the greatest sins. These criminals are the ones who have swapped the right path for bewilderment, but their exchange will not be profitable to them, neither in this life, nor in the hereafter.

They are the ones who swapped the right path for straying. Well, their trading has not benefited. And they are not on the right track. S2:V16


If these criminals who follow the Masonic doctrine of the Devil still had eyes to see, they would realize the bottomless pit in which they got themselves. But, because of their injustice and greed, they will still prefer to keep hope in the false promises that the Devil makes them, because these criminals do not like virtue and will never accept to submit to God and to sincerely repent . But, what they seem to ignore is that by refusing God for Master, they condemn themselves to become forever the slaves of another Master, Satan, who will lead them irreparably to their final loss: eternal hell.

About the (Evil One) it is decreed that whoever turns to him for friendship, him will he lead astray, and he will guide him to the Penalty of the Fire. S22:V4

Even if what the Devil promised them was true, was it not God who created us and gave us everything we have? Are we not indebted to God for eternity? Is it not unjust to betray God, our legitimate Master, to take the side of His enemy and ours, the Devil? Is not the way of God better in all respects than the way of the Devil?

But these people are great traitors, big rebels, and big criminals, that’s why God cursed them and delivered them to the Devil, while making them believe that they are on the right path. The Devil promises them that he is an alternative to God, whereas he is neither the equal of God nor his counterpart, because God has neither equal nor pendant.

Say, “He is Allah, the One. Allah, The Indivisible. He never fathered, nor was He himself fathered. And He has no Pendant ”. S112:V1-4

In reality, whoever is not with God is necessarily with the Devil. Many people on this earth believe they are with God, including Christians, Jews and Muslims, when in reality most of them are with the Devil without even realizing it. Because, whoever does not follow the true way of God, which is the case with these false religions, is necessarily in one of the ways of deviation of the Devil. Whether it is the great criminals who are the adepts of the Masonic doctrines, or the simple misguided people of today’s religions, all will share the same fate in hell, and all will have the same tragic end in this terrestrial world. See how God humiliated these great criminals before their deaths and stamped their faces with the seal of ignominy.


These Freemasons and other “enlightened” people who today represent the world elite, want to give themselves the public image of respectable people of faith, when in reality, they are worshipers of the Devil and commit the worst atrocities in the world by secret. They are really only trying to fool people through their image of respectability, in order to be able to exploit them and keep them under their control. These great criminals, worshipers of the Devil, think that they can deceive Allah and the authentic believers, but they in reality deceive only themselves and the lost of their kind. Allah put them in place to serve as guides to hell and executioners for all these masses of lost people who today represent the majority of the people of this world. Allah made special mention to them by dedicating to them the very first verses of the Koran. Thus, Allah sends them the message that they are not fooling Him in any way and that they cannot escape Him, despite the superhuman efforts they make to flee from the consequences of their misdeeds.

Among the people, there are those who say, “We believe in Allah and the Last Day!” When in fact, they do not believe it. They seek to deceive Allah and the believers; but they’re only cheating on themselves, and they don’t realize it. There is a disease in their hearts, and Allah adds a disease to their disease. They will have a painful retribution, because of what they lied. And when they are told, “Believe as people believed,” they say, “Shall we believe as the weak-minded believed?” They are the real weak-minded, but they do not know it. When they meet those who believed, they say, “We believe”; but when they are alone with their devils, they say, “We are with you; indeed we were only fooling them ”. It is Allah who laughs at them and hardens them in their rebellion and endlessly prolongs their wanderings. S2:V7-15

G20 leaders summit in Buenos Airesbe2278de-878c-11e9-a9bc-e8ed9093c066_image_hires_2038405b1adbd31ae6621f008b4ae6-2732-1366

The Wrath of God has reached its Extreme


The extreme injustice of this world today is not limited to the great criminals who are these Masonic elites, but has now spread to the inhabitants of the whole world. Because, the Devil also has a plan of distraction for the common man and comfort them every day in their false paths in many ways: by making them believe that they still have time to take advantage of this terrestrial world before turn to God or that there will be an escape from God in spite of their acts, by minimizing their sins or by giving them the conviction that God will forgive them despite everything, by convincing them that God does not exist and that they are their own gods, by making them believe that they are good people regardless of their faith, by giving them the illusion that they are following the way of God while they are following one of his ways of astray, by pushing them to believe that God is unjust and that they are just, that God is weak and that they are powerful, that God is poor and that they are rich, by arousing them projects on projects so that they no longer have the less time to devote neither to God nor to themselves, by pushing them to despair of God making them believe that God is absent from this world, by developing in them the lack of self-esteem so that they think they do not deserve God’s Mercy, … etc, etc. The Devil has a plan for everyone and leaves no one behind on this earth, both atheists, agnostics, people of religions, and even authentic believers, whom the Devil tirelessly tries to dislodge from the way of God by raising in them all kinds of temptations according to their personal weaknesses.

Today, a part from a handful of authentic believers, the whole world has fallen under the influence of the Devil. Everyone is comfortably installed in their illusion while believing they are well guided, and no one questions any more their path, despite the innumerable warnings of God which are becoming more and more urgent.

God has tried everything with the people of today’s world: by sending them signs within themselves, but they try to stifle the voice of God that is in them, by affecting them or their loved ones by illnesses and personal tragedies, but they persist in seeing only bad luck for the disbelievers, and for the people of sects, they see it only as expiation of their sins instead of perceiving them as Allah’s retribution for their sins, by delivering messages to them in the form of dreams, but they persuade themselves that these are only their own projections of the mind, by experiencing them with good in the hope that they turn to Him out of gratitude, but they see in it only their own merit, by testing them with evil letting their own evil fall on them, but they then set themselves up as victims and categorically refuse any questioning, by hardening their general living conditions through economic, political, and social crises but they persist in seeking their salvation from their governments instead of ending their injustices and finally turning to God, by multiplying natural disasters of great magnitude and always more deadly, but they do not see there than the vagaries of nature and the so-called global warming, by sending his messenger, myself, to address them personally, but they see in him only one insane man and do not grant the less value in his words … Nothing helps, NOTHING, the people of this world head headlong straight towards their loss, listen to nothing and no one, do not realize their injustice, their wanderings, nor their blindness, but seek whatever happens to enjoy their miserable lives without ever questioning themselves. Here is the catastrophic situation of this current world, do you understand now why the Wrath of God is extreme?

Lightning over the Rincon Mountains

God is extremely angry, and I his messenger, I am extremely angry. Because, the people of this world have become abominable tyrants, and are in no way willing to question themselves. But even worse, they only complain about their situation, which is however very comfortable compared to what they really deserve, they are extremely ungrateful to God as if everything was due to them, they only run towards trivialities and completely despise true knowledge, they always push their injustices, excesses, and sins further while convincing themselves that they are good people, they seek the company of the lost and hate the company of God and the true believers. And when God sends them a messenger to call them to order and warn them of the punishment that is about to fall on them, they call him a liar and a fool, and consider him as the common enemy to kill. So, YES, the wrath of God has never been greater since the beginning of this humanity, and the looming retribution will be beyond measure, and unimaginable in terms of violence and intensity.


Chapter 3 Verses 3-8

Do two men walk together without agreeing? Does the lion roar at the bottom of the forest without having a prey? Does the young lion scold at the bottom of his den if he has caught nothing? Does the bird throw itself into the net which is on the ground if there is no bait? Does the trap close without having made a catch? And do we sound the horn at the ramparts of the city without the inhabitants starting to tremble? Shall disaster come upon a city unless the Lord is its author? So the Lord GOD does nothing without first revealing his plans to his servants the prophets. The lion roared: who would have no fear? Yes, the Lord GOD has spoken. Who would dare not to prophesy?

Chapter 4 Verses 6-13

I have left you with an empty stomach in all your cities, I have made shortage of bread in all your villages. Despite this, you have not come back to me, the Lord declares. And I, too, refused rain three months before the harvest time, or else I rained on one city and not on another. One ground received rain, another, not receiving it, was completely dry. People from two or three cities dragged themselves to another to ask for water to drink, without being able to quench their thirst. Despite this, you have not come back to me, the Lord declares. And I struck you with rust and niella, and then I dried up your gardens and your vines; your fig and olive trees have been devoured by locusts. Despite this, you have not come back to me, the Lord declares. And I unleashed against you the plague as I did against Egypt, I killed your young men with the sword, while your horses were captured. I brought up the stench of the dead fallen in your camp to your nostrils. Despite this, you have not come back to me, the Lord declares. I have produced upheavals among you as I have produced in Sodom and Gomorrah, and you have been like a brand saved from fire. Despite this, you have not come back to me, the Lord declares. This is why, Israel (this is what will happen with the whole world today), this is how I will act with you: and since I am going to act against you, be ready, Israel, to meet your God! Because beware: it was he who made the mountains, who created the wind. It is he who makes known to man his thought, he who from darkness gives birth to dawn, he who walks on the summits, the heights of the earth. His name is the Lord, God of the heavenly hosts.

The threat from God I am telling you about is all the more real, and this apparent lull that we are experiencing at the moment is only the calm before the storm, and the warning sign of the extreme violence that will soon fall on this earth.


Chapter 1 Verses 23-33

Turn to listen to my warnings, behold, I will pour out my Spirit on you and make my words known to you. I called and you resisted me, I reached out and no one paid any attention. You rejected all of my advice and you didn’t want my warnings. This is why, when misfortune melts on you, I will laugh, when terror seizes you, I will mock. When fear, like a storm, comes upon you, and unhappiness melts upon you like a hurricane, and distress and anguish assail you, then they will call me, but I will not answer. They will look for me, but will not find me. Since they hated my teaching and did not choose to revere the Lord, did not want my advice, and disregarded all my warnings, well, they will reap the rewards of their conduct and they will feed each other until they have more than enough of their own plans. Because the presumption of the stupid ones will cause their death, and the insurance of the insane ones will lose them. But whoever listens to me will live in security, he will live in peace, without having to fear misfortune.


Aren’t you afraid of the Wrath of God? Are you not learning from the past? Do you not see that the situation of this current world is enough to seize you with terror as the distrust and blaspheme towards God is great? See how was the violence of the Wrath of God against these great sinners who were the Amalekites during the reign of King Saul (Talut in the Koran). I tell you, I, the messenger of God, the Wrath of God has never been as great as it is today against this world.

Samuel 1

Chapter 15 Verses 1-3

One day Samuel said to Saul: “It is I whom the Lord has sent to give you the anointing that has made you king over his people, Israel. Now listen to the words of the Lord. This is what the Lord, the Lord of heavenly armies says, “I have decided to punish the Amalekites for what they did to the people of Israel, standing in their way when they came from Egypt. Now go attack them and destroy them by exterminating them completely with everything that belongs to them. Be merciless and destroy men and women, children and babies, oxen, sheep, goats, camels and donkeys.

However, Saul did not estimate the Wrath of God at its just value and did not express it with the intensity that was ordered to him.

Samuel 1

Chapter 15 Verses 7-9

Saul defeated Amalec from Havila to the outskirts of Chour in eastern Egypt; he captured Agag, king of Amalec, alive, and wiped out the entire population with the sword. Saul and his soldiers spared Agag and the best loot animals: sheep, goats and oxen, fat animals and lambs; they did not want to destroy them to dedicate them to the Lord. On the other hand, they destroyed everything that was despicable and worthless.


The wrath of God against the Amalekites was so intense that not only did God destroy without restraint, men, women, old people, children, babies, cattle, but also exterminated by the most violent of the deaths Saul and all his family because he has taken His Anger lightly, for Saul’s fault actually hides a much greater error.

Samuel 1

Chapter 15 Verses 29-30

Then Samuel said to him, “This is how the Lord has wrested the kingdom of Israel from you today to give it to another (David) who is better than you. Be certain: He who is the glory Israel does not lie and will not retract, because He is not like a human being to retract. “

Chapter 28 Verses 16-18

And why then do you consult me, continued Samuel, if the Lord has turned from you and has become hostile to you? Yes, the Lord is carrying out what he has declared to you through me; he has wrested the kingdom from you and given it to one of your relatives, David, because you did not obey his orders, you did not make Amalek feel the intensity of his anger. This is why the Lord is doing this to you today.

I, the messenger of God, try by all means to express to you how extreme the Wrath of God against this present world is. No word can be violent enough to express the extent of His Anger, and believe me, I’m not exaggerating. If you tell yourself that this message is too violent, when in reality it will never be enough compared to the violence of the Punishment which is about to fall, it is the sign that you will be among the victims of it. True believers realize how far this world has gone in its distrust of God and are terrified by the coming response of God. It is only the lost who live in total recklessness not to realize this and to be today confident about their fate, and to take lightly the threat of God.

[The deadline] for settling their account approaches for men, while in their recklessness they turn away from it. S21:V1

No one punishes like God on this earth, no anger can exceed the Wrath of God when it falls on the unjust, so be warned that We are not here to joke or empty threats. Because, YES, The Menace of God is hanging over you right now, and this message represents the Last and Ultimate admonition of God. God will then strike without warning, without the slightest pity or restraint, destroying without distinction: men, women, children, babies, old people, animals. Because, God has already tried all the other methods to bring you back to reason, God has given you plenty of time to come back to Him by the gentle way, God has given you all your chances and he gives you one last through this message. But so far, none of this has worked with you, on the contrary, you have only deepened your rebellion.

So on that Day none shall torment any like His torment, nor shall blind any like His bond. S89:V25-26

Your majesties do not tolerate that God threatens them for their crimes? This is too much for you, isn’t it? Believe or not, ALL generations of criminals who have been destroyed in the past have reacted in exactly the same way as you do now. And, how they regreted it later when they saw with their own eyes the Threat of God falling on them.

Hud for Aad

They said, “Did you come unto us that we should to worship Allah alone, and to leave what our ancestors worshiped? So bring what you threaten us to do, if you are one of the truthful. ” S7:V70

Salih for the Tamud

They killed the camel, disobeyed the command of their Lord and said: “O Sâlih, bring us what you threaten us, if you are one of the Envoys”. S7:V77

Noah for all the inhabitants of the Earth

They said: “O Noah, you have argued with us and have multiplied the discussions. So bring us what you threaten us with, if you are one of the truthful ”. S11:V32

It is the nature of those who are destined to destruction to take the threat of God lightly, and his messengers for vulgar impostors just seeking to give themselves importance.

To the contrary: they have treated as a lie what they cannot embrace with their knowledge, and whose interpretation has not yet reached them. So those who lived before them called imposters (their messengers). Look how the wrongdoers ended! S10:V39

Those against whom the threat of your Lord will be realized are precisely those who do not believe (in the threat of God). S10:V96

They said: “Have you come to us to turn us away from that (Faith) we found our fathers following, – and that you two may have greatness in the land? We are not going to believe you two!”S10:V78

It seems that all criminals of all generations spread the word to repeat again and again the same mistakes, to have again and again the same false retort, to share again and again the same sufficiency and insolence towards God and His messengers … and to finish again and again destroyed by the punishment they have persistently denied.

“Flee therefore unto Allah. For my part, I am an explicit warner to you. Do not place another god with Allah. I am for you on His part, an explicit warner”. Thus, no Messenger came to their predecessors without them having said:” It is a magician or a possessed! “It seems that they have spread the word! Nay, they are all the same hardened tyrants and rebels. S51:V50-53


For a good part of you, you now only have a few months to live. As for the others, each second of their life will become a real ordeal, because if God will keep them alive, it is only because He reserves them for a greater punishment to come in this world. Indeed, God’s chastisement is just beginning, and will only intensify until the total destruction of this world. The one who has an ounce of faith in him shall take into consideration the threat that God makes me transmit to you, and shall struggle to implement the straight path that God has manifested through me, his messenger, and shall prepare for his next meeting with God.

The recipients of the Punishment of God

All these misguided that are the vast majority of people of today’s world, whether they think they are well guided or not, share in reality exactly the same injustice and criminal nature as these elite worshipers of the Devil that I have mentioned previously. Because the fact that they are entangled in the Devil’s trap without even realizing it is only the visible sign of their deep injustice, their lack of fear of God, their lack of consideration for Hi,m relegating Him to the very last rank in their list of priorities, their ignoble ingratitude towards Him in spite of His innumerable benefits on them, and their complete disloyalty and unfaithfulness, adopting all kinds of guides apart from Him. Most people in this world turn away from God, and to do what instead?

benidorm-crowd-3_3385024kBlack Friday in Sao Paulo, Brazil - 22 Nov 2018shutterstock_6076349181168-00-0613billboarddcrivals2000x830deskjpgPeople use their smartphone to take photos on the Champs Elysees avenue during a public event in Paris


To run blindfolded in all the traps that the Devil sets for them, to indulge in all forms of triviality without ever turning to what raises them, to seek all the means of laughing and partying without ever showing proof of gravity and seriousness, to be brutalized by content devoid of interest without ever seeking to leave their ignorance, to rush to all the novelties that are emerging in the hope of filling their immeasurable emptiness, to push their vices always further , their injustices and transgressions, without ever questioning or repenting, to indulge in their miserable daily life without ever turning to God, to voraciously gorging themselves on the benefits which God bestows on them without ever being satisfied or grateful, to turn away from the signs that God sends them without ever attaching to them the slightest importance … What to do with these people?

Man would rather continue to sin without being accountable. He asks: “When will be this Day of Resurrection?” When the sight will be dazzled, and the moon will disappear, and the sun and the moon will be gathered, Man, that day, will say: “Where to flee?” No! No refuge! To your Lord will be, that day, the return. Man will be informed on that day of what he will have advanced and what he will have postponed …. But you rather like ephemeral [life], and you neglect the hereafter. On that day there will be resplendent faces which will look at their Lord; and there will be darkened faces that day expecting disaster. S75:V5-25

The majority of people in this world only live to illustrate how much they are potential criminals. When they have finished revealing their true nature, God will then take them back to show them who they really are, as they are completely blind about themselves.


The Swiss novelist Yves Gaudin is at least lucid about himself and society when he says: “This is perhaps what we seek in life, to see how far we can be bastards to finally know who we are.”

The cover of his last book illustrates how much the people of this world are completely blind, and do not anticipate the punishment of God which about to fall on them in 2020.


This is the sad condition of the vast majority of people in this world today, and I do not exaggerate their proportion in any way, as was also the case for all previous generations when the Punishment of God fell on them. God sends His punishment only when everyone’s situation becomes frozen, and no new believer is born, and the number of criminals covers almost the entire population, which is the case in this world today .

maxresdefault (2)6a015390100e78970b01bb0909cca2970dmaxresdefault (3)

In reality, these 2 categories of criminals, the satanist elites and the masses who serve as their followers, are exactly the same kind of people, except that some have managed to gain the upper hand over the others who accepeted to be led by them.

And if you could see when the unrighteous will stand before their Lord, speaking to one another! Those who let themselves be led will say to those who served as leaders: “Without you, we would certainly have been believers”. Those who served as leaders will say to those who were led, “Did we push you back from the right direction after it came to you? In reality, you were already criminals.” S34:V31-32

As for the hypocrites that are most of the people of “religions”, they only use God in order to sleep at night and take pleasure in the illusion that they will have a good outcome in the afterlife. When in reality, like the disbelievers, they have nothing to do with truth and knowledge, they have nothing to do with God and are in no way affected by His fear, they do not act according His justice and do not contribute to good works, but only run like the others behind this earthly world, with the same insatiable thirst for wealth and material goods that characterizes them all. These pseudo-believers are in no way different from all the other lost ones, because they commit the same sins, share the same mistakes, the same false conceptions of the world, and the same contempt for God and true believers. They, like the others, remain just as inattentive to the signs of God and live in total recklessness, convinced that this world will never end. All these lost people do not want God and true believers, that is good, God and his servants do not want them either. God planned to gather them all in one heap and to throw them all in the eternal flames of hell.

so that Allah distinguishes the bad from the good, and places the bad on top of each other, to make a heap of it which he will throw into Hell. These are the losers. S8:V37

You now have the unique opportunity to choose your way knowingly: the Perfect way of God, the way of repentance, the way of questioning, the way of justice, the way of truth, the way of knowledge, the way of wisdom, the way of God Alone, the way of His Scriptures alone, which will lead you to eternal paradise with God, or else to persist in your current ways of bewilderment and to indulge in your insolence, arrogance, sufficiency, injustice, denial, illusion, lie, futility, stupidity, ignorance, perversion, transgression, …, which will lead you much faster than you imagine to your final loss.


I tell you, I the messenger and warner of God, time is running out for you and running at an incredible speed, which is a sign of the Hour, I swear to you on God that you will not reach your old age. Because, the end is extremely close and the beginning of the mass destruction is fixed in a few months, so take your chance now or never. No matter where you live, no matter your plans, even if you take shelter in bunkers, God’s Punishment will come to you without fail.

Wherever you are, death will reach you, even in impregnable towers. S4:V78

The threat from God is very real, I am indeed his messenger, and I am no different from other messengers. God elects his messengers from among their peoples and acts through them by inspiration to deliver His Reminder and Warning. What I’m talking about is real life, so it’s high time to get out of your illusion. I only want your good fand I am invoking you only for your own salvation. So do not be one of those who will say the following words on the Day of Retribution.

It almost bursts up with fury. Every time a group is cast therein, its keepers ask them: “Did no warner come to you? ”They said: “Yes! a warner had come to us, of course, but we cried out and said: Allah never sent down anything: you are only in great error” And they said: “If we had listened or reasoned, we would not have been not among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!” They recognized their sin. May the people of the Furnace be wiped out forever. S67:V8-11

The Dream of Rashad Khalifa


Among the proofs of Rashad Khalifa concerning his claims to be the messenger of God, and which you can consult in full on the site associated with him, Rashad Khalifa reports a dream he would have had while he was on his pilgrimage in Mecca, where he would have seen all the prophets designate him as the messenger of God.


Je vais vous relever les points importants de ce rêve qui vous confirmeront sans conteste que ce rêve n’est pas issu de Dieu mais plutôt du Diable. Je vais ensuite vous rappeler le rêve que Dieu m’a donné il y a maintenant 11 ans, et qui représente une des preuves que je suis l’authentique messager de Dieu. Vous verrez alors le fossé qui existe entre les rêves issus du Diable et ceux issus de Dieu. En réalité, les rêves issus du Diable ne sont que le reflet de notre propre égarement, et le rêve de Rashad Khalifa ne fait donc que nous révéler ce qu’il cache en son fort intérieur.

I will point out the important points of this dream which will confirm without question that this dream does not come from God but rather from the Devil. I will then remind you of the dream that God gave me 11 years ago, which represents one of the proofs that I am the authentic messenger of God. You will then see the gap between dreams from the Devil and those from God. In reality, dreams from the Devil are only a reflection of our own error, and Rashad Khalifa’s dream therefore only reveals to us what he hides inside.

Rashad Khalifa’s dream form

Before even analyzing its content, the simple form of this dream is enough to show that this is not a dream properly speaking, but that this dream is akin to one of the many forms of satanic possession.


What I witnessed, in sharp consciousness

Rashad Khalifa tells us that he had a lucid dream, which has nothing to do with a conventional dream. When we speak of a lucid dream, it means that although asleep, we have the feeling of being perfectly awake, having exactly the same perception of reality as in an awake state. However, in a standard dream, everything is subtle, our vision is as blurred, foggy, the perception of time is distorted, sometimes lengthened, sometimes accelerated, likewise our perception of faces, dialogues, places, the atmosphere sound etc etc … In addition, in a standard dream, our memory is absolutely incapable of retaining the memory as we really lived it, but we only keep flashes of it.

However, Rashad Khalifa tells us about having lived this dream “in sharp consciousness“, with the feeling of being totally awake, able to distinguish the smallest detail, like the clothing and the respective faces of each, to the point of recognize in the one he presents to us as Abraham, a physical resemblance to his own family, and remembering the exact words he would have exchanged during his dream. Rashad Khalifa kept the memory of his dream exactly as he would remember a memory from real life.

Rashad Khalifa’s experience is closely related to what is called a lucid dream, which is nothing more than one of the many forms of possession that the jinn devils operate on men. This kind of diabolical experiences can also happen during sleep as it was the case for Rashad Khalifa, we speak then of lucid dream, than in an awakened state, and we speak then of Astral Projection. We find exactly the same characteristics in the 2 cases, with the same sensation of being instantly projected out of our body with the feeling of being fully awake, to then be found either in a place very far from our body as was the case with Rashad Khalifa, or close to our physical body.


Real messengers and false messengers

It is therefore not a dream from God that Rashad Khalifa experienced on that night of December 21, 1971, but rather a vision produced by the Devil in the form of a lucid dream. The Devil could easily deceive Rashad Khalifa because of his own Sufi mystical beliefs, and because he aspired so much to become a messenger of God that he waited for the slightest confirmation to take the step, thus making himself vulnerable to being deceived by the Devil.

In reality, no messenger of God aspired to become one before his election, because the messengers of God were already fully satisfied with their condition and their relationship with God before they were elected. The messengers of God also know that this is not a subject to be played with and that this choice belongs to God Alone. All they want is that their will is superimposed on that of God, so they aspire to nothing and are content with what God gives them in full gratitude. God’s messengers have always had the same relationship with God, before and after their appointment, because for them, their mission in life is above all to serve God, whether they are messengers or not. So the fact that they were elected doesn’t change their private relationship with Allah, but just changes their public status.

Rashad Khalifa is not the only one to have proclaimed himself a messenger of God on the basis of a simple vision produced by the Devil. A large number of criminals of his caliber, bursting with ambition and in search of personal glory, today pretend to be messengers of God or think they have received a divine message, based on mystical experiences behind which hides in reality the Devil. Like Rashad Khalifa, these great criminals who wrongly claim to be messengers, cause their own loss by opening themselves up to all kinds of mystical experiences (lucid dreams, waking visions, messages perceived orally …), that the Devil ends up giving them since he knows they will give credit to them.


In fact, all these impostors have nothing divine about them because of their injustice, their way of life lost, and their physical appearance carrying the stigmata of their criminal nature. The Devil can therefore easily deceive this kind of lost by making them believe that they are messengers, because these impostors are in reality only notorious failures, seeking only to take revenge on life and ready for anything to stand out from the crowd. Whereas the true messengers of God, even before their election by God, unanimously had fully successful lives on all fronts which shows that they did not need to become a messenger of God to shine. On the contrary, their role as messenger of God in reality only jeopardizes their already advantageous situation, which proves that they did not choose this role out of personal interest, but only to obey God.

Among these false messengers, a very large number of worshipers of Jesus say they receive visions of Jesus, Mary, or the Holy Spirit, investing them with a divine mission and making them prophesy the good announcement of the imminent return of Jesus Christ on Earth. While the real Jesus will not return during the end of time, it is rather the Devil who planned to come in the habit of a false Jesus, and who prepares his coming through these false messengers. Mystical visions and any other paranormal experience are exclusively reserved for the big criminals on which Allah sends jinn devils serving them as inseparable companions, in order to push them to reveal the full extent of their criminal nature and so that they deliver through them their bewilderment.

Shall I teach you who the devils are descending on? They descend on any great forger of lies, great sinner. S26:V221-22

maxresdefault (3)

All these people who carry the stigmata of Christ are in reality possessed by jinn devils. They are in no way martyrs, but rather great sinners and great misguided.


Rasputin was one of these false messengers possessed by a jinn devil, he was one of these devils in human shape


Mystical apparition of Jesus Christ produced by the jinn devils


Mystical vision of Mary produced by the jinn devils

The Devil’s Mystical Experiences

Lucid dreams, astral projections, near death experiences, sleep paralysis, are just different variants of the same phenomenon of satanic possession. The jinn devils use this kind of process in order to project deceptive illusions into the minds of their victims, illusions consistent with their own inner error and with the aim of comforting them. Because of his Sufi mystical beliefs, the Devil knew that Rashad Khalifa was open to this kind of experience without perceiving it for what it is, that is, as a form of evil possession. Because in reality, mystical experiences never come from God but only from the Devil. Especially since Rashad Khalifa was already convinced that he was the messenger of God, so it didn’t take the Devil much to lift his last reluctance. Devils do not perform this kind of tricks on those who are warned about their diabolical nature, but only on the lost who assimilate them to divine experiences, such as Buddhists, shamanists, worshipers of Jesus Christ, worshipers of Imam Mahdi, the followers of mystical doctrines, and generally all the worshipers of false deities, those whom Allah calls the worshipers of Taghut.


Astral Projection


Sleep Paralysis


Near Death Experience


Mystical vision of Imam Mahdi


Mystical vision of  Jesus Christ


Shamanic journeys are nothing more than devil-produced illusions

The ways of communication of Allah

Allah never gives mystical experiences as is the case with lucid dreams, because as I explained to you, these phenomena are only the work of the Devil. The practice of possession is exclusively reserved for the jinn devils who use it to communicate with the physical world, and which comes in several variants such as lucid dreams, astral projection, spiritualism, shamanism, divination, channeling, automatic writing … etc. Unlike Rashad Khalifa, no messenger of God has ever been possessed or had the least mystical experience. Indeed, Allah details us in the Koran his different modes of communication, and lucid dreams and other paranormal experiences are absolutely not part of them.

It has not been given to a mortal that Allah speaks to him otherwise than by revelation/ divine inspiration or from behind a veil, or that He [Him] sends a messenger (angel) who reveals, by His permission, what He [Allah] wants. He is Sublime and Wise. S42:V51

Divine inspiration

Revelation, also called divine inspiration, is expressed in the form of inspired thoughts which do not come from our own reflection, but which come directly from God. However, the Devil can also operate in this way by inspiring people with false thoughts. To distinguish divine inspiration from that of the Devil, it suffices to subject it to our reason, to the precepts of the Koran, and to tangible proofs. The divine inspiration always conforms to the precepts of God, is validated by reasoning and concrete verification, and comes to consolidate a knowledge which we already have on tangible bases, and if it is an inspiration in the form of prediction, then this one will always come true. God guides all of His messengers mainly through His inspiration and communicates in this way through them. Allah also inspires all sincere believers who really seek to obey him, because only true believers can trust what God inspires them and follow His inspiration in all circumstances, even if what is inspired to them would go against their own will.

Behind a veil

This mode of communication can take the form of a dream, where God manifests himself to us by taking the physical appearance of a person of our acquaintance that we associate with God, or that we perceive positively according to the criterion of God, or through metaphors or subtle messages. Dreams from God take the form of a standard dream, in the sense that they are not lucid dreams. However, they differ from standard dreams by their intensity due to the divine presence, and by their content carrying an equivocal message or which answers our questions of the moment. God’s dreams are also distinguished by the fact that they can be remembered, unlike the standard dreams that we tend to forget. The Devil operates both through standard and lucid dreams, and to identify them, it suffices to analyze their content on the basis of our reason, the precepts of the Koran, and tangible evidence. Another means that Allah uses to communicate behind a veil is through a third person. Allah can inspire any person, regardless of faith, guidance, age, gender, condition, to tell us something specific, at a specific time, which will work in us as a click, and that the well guided beliver will identify as a message coming from God. The bearer of the message is not necessarily aware that it is Allah who made him speak. What is certain is that when Allah makes someone speak, no matter who he is, Allah always makes him speak the truth, because Allah only tells the truth.

Via an angel messenger

The last means which Allah uses to communicate with men is done in a more explicit way, by simply sending them an angel who presents himself to them in perfect human form. There is therefore no way for us to know that it is an angel, except if the angel reveals it to us as it was for example the case with Abraham, Lut, Muhammad, or Mary, but in the majority of cases, the angels operate on earth completely anonymously. Indeed, angels can take any human or animal form to accomplish the various missions that God entrusts to them, without ever failing in His Commandments or taking any personal initiative. This mode of communication is by far the most explicit, and allows Allah to deliver precise messages: to warn of an imminent danger, as was the case for Lut, to announce the birth of a child, as was the case for Abraham or Mary, or to deliver a message that does not tolerate the slightest error, as was the case with the Angel Gabriel who transmitted the Koran to the letter, verse by verse, to the prophet Muhammad.

My communications with God

For my part, I have never been visited by an angel and I have never had the slightest mystical experience, which, as I told you, is akin to satanic possessions. God has so far communicated with me primarily by divine inspiration, and occasionally in the form of dreams. Like the dream I had 11 years ago now, predicting what my journey with God was going to be until my consecration as messenger of God, and which came true in all respects. God gives me dreams when He judges it necessary, in order to enlighten me on certain situations and people, as additional information which is always confirmed thereafter. For example, God gave me dreams about certain people I knew, to reveal to me what they really are inside of them, and all of those dreams turned out to be absolutely true and were confirmed over time, which is proof that they came from God. I am not asking for miracles or the slightest experience that would come out of the ordinary, I let God decide what He sees fit to deliver me, because the one who is fond of dreams and extraordinary experiences, opens himself to be deceived by the Devil, who excels in staging misleading visions of all kinds. Everything that God has inspired me so far has turned out to be absolutely true, because each time, the facts and concrete evidence have come to confirm me formally. God never deceived me or led me on the wrong track, otherwise it would mean that it is not God who inspires me, but rather the Devil. So I put all my trust in God, and true believers must do the same, because it will be our one and only door to salvation. When the test comes, anyone who does not have God in him to inspire him or who does not trust His inspiration will surely be lost. So learn now to trust God in all circumstances, how even appearances would be deceiving.

The Spiritual Ark of God

maxresdefault (2)

When the test comes, God will save his people as He did in Noah’s time, and destroy all who remain on Earth. Except that the situation will be reversed compared to the past, because we are at the end of time, and God will destroy all the earth. Therefore, those who remain on earth will be those who will be destroyed, while those whom God will save will be those whom He will take up in his Spiritual Ark before physical destruction reaches them. Salvation will not come by physically following the messenger that I am, or by moving elsewhere on earth to find refuge, but only by following my instructions so that your faith is ready when the time comes. Because in reality, only your infallible faith in God will allow you to follow His inspiration in all serenity when the test presents itself to you. The one whose faith is pure and who will have done well, and who will have prepared himself for this cataclysm and his encounter with God, will be all the stronger when the test comes, because he will see his own eyes realize what God made me announce. Like the sincere believers who fought with the prophet Muhammad, when they saw with their own eyes what God had promised them in the Koran: that they would find themselves waging a war to 1 to 10 against the pagans and would sill win hands down, so they didn’t think they would have any chance of winning, but on the contrary, it gave them even more certainty that God was going to give them victory despite the deceptive appearances, which was indeed the case.

And when the believers saw the allies, they said, “This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us; and Allah and His messenger were speaking the truth”. And that only increased their faith and their submission. S33:V22

As for those whose faith is impure and who commit sins, they will be completely confused and distraught when the test comes, their past will overtake them and the Devil will use their sins to completely fold their already vacillating faith. They will therefore not follow the inspiration of God, but will allow themselves to be dominated by the Devil who will lead them to their loss. They are like the false believers who accompanied the prophet to war, and who turned their backs on him once faced with the ordeal.

And when the hypocrites and those who have the disease [doubt] at heart said: “Allah and His Messenger have promised us only deception“. And if a breakthrough had been made on them by the flanks of the city and then they were asked to renounce their faith, they would surely have committed it and would have hesitated thereupon but little, while before they had made the commitment to Allah that they would not turn their backs. And account will be taken of any commitment to Allah. S33:V12-13-14-15

Those of you who turned your back, the day the two armies met, it was only the Devil who made them stumble, because of some of their (bad) actions. S3:V155

God is not going to take the souls of believers at the same time, but each will have to experience their own trial. Whoever has faith in God and who will put his trust in what God inspires him in all circumstances, that one will not be touched by any evil and God will take him back to Him in all serenity. Whereas the one who will panic and lose his faith is the one who did not prepare properly and whose faith was impure. The salvation of believers at this end of time will depend only on their faith, and it is God himself who will give them the necessary instructions when the time comes, and they will then have to trust Him absolutely. So whatever happens to you, tell yourself that it was God who wanted it and that everything is under the absolute control of God, even if you were put a gun on your temple and you were shot at point blank, if you trust God, then God will take your soul back from you before the bullet even reaches you. Everyone will have to earn their salvation for themselves, and for that, they will have to rely only on God, our one and only Savior.

To obey the messenger is to obey God

The words of the messengers are not their own words, but The Word of God. Believers must therefore be aware of this, and not discuss their words as they would discuss each other’s words.

Do not think of the messenger’s call as a call to one another. Of a surety Allah knoweth those who slip away privately; let therefore those who oppose His commandment beware lest there befall them a trial or there befall them a torment afflictive. S24:V63

Whoever obeys the messenger actually obeys Allah who speaks through him.

Whoever obeys the Messenger certainly obeys Allah. And whoever turns their backs … We didn’t send you as their guardian. S4: V80

Le seul comportement acceptable aux yeux de Dieu est que ces messagers soient obéis sans rechigner, car celui qui discute leur parole, discute en réalité La Parole de Dieu.

The only acceptable behavior in the eyes of God is that His messengers are obeyed without complaining, because whoever discusses their word, actually discusses the Word of God.

The only word of the believers, when they are called to Allah and His Messenger, that he may judge among them, is: “We have heard and we have obeyed”. And there are those who succeed. S24:V51

No! … By your Lord! They will not be believers until they ask you to judge their disputes without feeling the slightest embarrassment about what you have decided, and they completely submit [to your sentence]. S4:V65

We have sent a Messenger only to be obeyed by the permission of Allah. S4:V64

Those who do not accept to obey the messengers are in reality rebels, including towards God, and these will end up in hell.

The day their faces are turned and turned over in the Fire, they will say: “Alas for us! If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger! ”S33:V66

When you obey me as a messenger, you do not submit to me, but only to God. Because, my speech is not used for you to take me for master, but quite the opposite, I only invite you to take God for one and only Master, and to take the path that will allow you to move forward with God Alone.

It is impossible for someone to whom Allah has given the Book, the Faculty of Judgment and the Prophecy, to go after that to say to the people: “Be my servants and not those of God”, but he would rather say: ” Be direct disciples of God according to what you have taught and studied from the Book so far“. S3:V79

My speech as a messenger only serves God, and does not serve me in any personal capacity. Because if it weren’t my mission, I wouldn’t even speak to you, no matter what you say or do. It does not amuse me to revile people, I only obey Allah by doing this. If I were not the messenger of God, then I would not waste a single second to discuss with the others, but I would take care only of my personal case and my own family which is under my responsibility.

The content of Rashad Khalifa’s dream

The content of Rashad Khalifa’s dream confirms to us what we already knew by its form, but it is still worth looking into it, because the visions produced by the Devil are only the reflection of our strong interior . So this diabolical vision of Rashad Khalifa will teach us a lot about what his inner self.

Rashad Khalifa tells us that he saw in his dream all the prophets assembled, who would have passed one after the other before him to designate him as a messenger. This simple statement is the very sign that Rashad Khalifa does not know anything about Allah or his messengers, because it is not the messengers of God who designate themselves, but the choice of each messenger is in the exclusive domain of God. You will note that at no time did Rashad Khalifa mention God in his dream, which tells us that he is in no way inhabited by God. In reality, God is completely absent from Rashad Khalifa’s dream, because his dream is simply not from God, but from the Devil. Furthermore, no messenger of God has ever learned his designation through a dream, but each of them has learned it exclusively through the direct revelation of Allah, through divine inspiration.

Dare to pretend that this dream comes to him from God, while God is totally absent, shows that Rashad Khalifa has nothing to do with God. His aspiration to become a messenger of God long before this dream betrays his true motivations, which are only to serve his own personal glory. Indeed, it is only the lost to perceive the messengers of God as celebrities, and thus want to be one of them to acquire greatness. The messengers of God are far from celebrities, and are particularly careful not to be admired, and to eradicate from them all form of ego when it comes to God.

The content of Rashad Khalifa’s dream confirms us in all points that for him, being a messenger of God is above all a story of personal glory. Indeed, Rashad Khalifa sees himself in his dream, him, motionless and seated, while the other prophets, them, are standing and come to him one by one in single file, as if he were superior to them. So this is the image that Rashad Khalifa has of himself in his strong interior, perceiving himself as a prophet, and moreover, above other prophets. His sense of superiority is reflected in the very words he chooses, when he mentions the “deep admiration” that God’s messengers are supposed to have for one another. What he is describing to us is not the reality of God’s messengers, but his own misguided conception of what a messenger is. Indeed, true messengers of God are not likely to be admiring of one another, for there is simply no pride in them, but just eternal gratitude to God. To admire each other would be to idolize each other and to perceive themselves as superior beings, which the messengers are absolutely not. The messengers of God were specially chosen by God for their humility, so none of them would risk being imbued with themselves, and if this had been the case, they would then be immediately removed from office by God. Rashad Khalifa, has no humility, but has established himself as a master by creating his own sect, the Submitters, and the latter continue to put him on a pedestal even after his death. You just have to see the reverence they use when they talk about him on the websites associated with him: https://submission.org/ and https://www.masjidtucson.org/.

In reality, the messengers of God perceive themselves as ordinary men like everyone else, and do not think that they have become notables. They take no one high, not even the lowest class, and address each other as equals, with the same respect for all. They would never boast of their own merit, because all the merit belongs to God Alone. Once elected by God, they remain the same unpretentious men that they have always been, and only become more humble because they realize even more the greatness of God and His Mercy, and their smallness as mere individuals , sinners and fallible.

Last detail that completes the picture, is the fact that the only prophet with whom Rashad Khalifa is associated in his dream, is nothing less than Abraham, whom Allah has distinguished from the other prophets, making him a model for all believers and bringing him so close to make him his close friend.

Who is better in terms of religion than the one who gives himself entirely to Allah, while being beneficent, and who adopts the pure way of Abraham? And Allah had taken Abraham as a close friend. S4:V125

They said, “Be Jews or Christians, (and now we can add be Muslims to it) so you will be on the right track.” – Say: “No, but we follow the religion of Abraham, the very model of righteousness which was not among the Associators“. S2:V135

The dreams given by the Devil are only the reflection of our errors, by claiming that he and the men of his family resemble fiercely like Abraham, Rashad Khalifa thus claims a relationship with Abraham. Rashad Khalifa has such an ego that he considers himself the heir of Abraham. The Devil detected this in him and made sure that Abraham could physically resemble him in the dream he gave him, in order to comfort him even more in his illusion.

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that we recognize people by their features. When one sees the stern features of Rashad Khalifa, and the condescending and falsely wise tone he adopts in his speeches, there is no need to be an expert to see the bad person he truly is.

We will recognize criminals by their features. S55:V41

Now, if We wanted We would show them to you. You would certainly recognize them by their features; and you would certainly recognize them by their tone of speaking. And Allah knows your actions well. S47:V30

Thank goodness, contrary to Rashad Khalifa’s claims, Abraham is nothing like this horrible individual, but certainly has a bright and healthy face, conforming to the good man he is.

maxresdefault (4)

We can clearly see in the face of Rashad Khalifa his criminal nature, he has everything of the con man, what he really is

My dream

Now, I’m going to reproduce for you the story of my own dream that I had 11 years ago now, and you’ll see the glaring difference with Rashad Khalifa’s dream. I did not even have to change my initial account to mark the contrast with that of Rashad Khalifa, I simply made a copy paste of the account of my dream as I had told it the very first time the year last in my introductory message as messenger of God. For those who haven’t read it yet, you can check out some of my evidence as a messenger in the following article.

My dream from God

I saw myself walking behind a man of a certain age whose features I couldn’t really distinguish, he was not someone I knew in real life, yet I had the impression that we knew each other intimately since always. I felt in the presence of this man a feeling of fullness, serenity, peace, love, well-being, bliss that I had never felt before. I was walking behind this man on a dirt road surrounded by nature in the middle of a paradisiacal setting, around us there were rows of olive trees with perfect dimensions, and even the weather and the light were exceptional… I had the feel like you are in paradise.


I walked behind this man on this dirt road, and throughout our journey, I asked him all the questions I asked myself iand of which I did not have the answer, and he had answered everything. I literally hang on each of his words, they were so true, wise, just, perfect, and his voice was exceptionally captivating, so sweet, caring and calm, I was overwhelmed in every way by what he said to me. I was in complete fascination and admiration for this man, in a state of enjoyment that I had never experienced before, and in which anyone would want to stay for eternity.


At the end of our journey, we reached an isolated house surrounded by nature, and at the level of this house, there were men who were all about the same age as me. I didn’t know them in real life, but I felt like we had known each other forever. I was greeted by them as a family member after a long period of absence. We were all around this man who had guided me throughout my journey, he was like a father to us, and we all shared the same privileged relationship with him, without the slightest feeling of jealousy or competition. Our common love for this man transcended us to such an extent that we were all one around him, like brothers. His presence alone obscured almost every other presence, we were all there for him. The men who were near this house then began to scratch me for a mission that I had to carry out, as if they themselves had done this before, and that they shared with me their own experience.

Then I had to leave, despite the fact that I wanted to stay forever in this heavenly place in the company of this man and these other men. I saw myself at the airport then, but before boarding, I saw that I had to take with me an impressive number of cans of pure olive oil, the purest available. I was wondering how I was going to get that much on the plane with me, and I thought it might cost me a lot. But this olive oil was so precious that no matter what price it would cost me I decided to take it all with me and leave nothing. In my dream I saw myself rich, as in real life, so I decided to pay, and it was there that my dream ended.


Our 2 dreams, that of Rashad Khalifa and myself, may seem a priori identical, but you will see that they are actually diametrically opposed.

First of all, only the form of my dream has nothing to do with the lucid dream of Rashad Khalifa, which as I showed you is only the result of his possession by the Devil . In my dream, everything was subtle as in a standard dream, and nothing I perceived was consciously like it was the case with Rashad Khalifa’s dream. I have no recollection of how I had landed in this place, nor of the exact content of the exchanges that I had with this “man” who represented God behind a veil, nor of the words exchanged with these other men who represented the other messengers of God, neither of their faces, nor of their dress code … etc etc, which already represents a first notable difference with the lucid dream of Rashad Khalifa.

The other important difference is that my  whole dream, from its beginning to its end, was entirely focused around this “man”, who represented God through a veil. All the other men actually representing the messengers of God, and myself, had eyes only for this “man”, and all that bound us was not our own persons, but only our boundless devotion to that “man”. There was not the slightest feeling of admiration between us, but all our admiration and fascination were directed only towards this “man” representing God. In my dream, none of us perceived ourselves as a messenger, but we rather perceived ourselves as brothers by adoption, lucky and eternally grateful to have been taken in by this “man” representing God, who was kind enough to make us his adopted sons and who showered us with his love. We are light years from Rashad Khalifa’s dream, with his false vision of the messengers of God ganged up in elite and proud of their own people, without the slightest presence of God or consideration for Him.

In Rashad Khalifa’s dream, it was the so-called other messengers who designated him as messenger, while in my dream, there was never any question of the slightest designation, nor by these men representing the messengers of God, nor by this “man” representing God. In my dream, the only thing that stands out is my journey with this “man” who represents God behind a veil, and the culmination of this journey: the cans of pure olive oil symbolizing the Divine Knowledge that I was charged to carry with me to transmit it to the world. This dream came true in all points: indeed, for 10 years I walked alone with God who instructed me everything I needed for the role I had to play, and now that God has elected as messenger, my mission is to convey the knowledge that God has taught me to other men. The highlight of this dream is the cans of olive oil representing Divine Knowledge, and it is indeed the only thing that matters: the message I carry and not the person I am.

This dream that I had is undoubtedly from God and was given to me in the year of my 27 years, age when one becomes an accomplished man and one comes out of childhood definitively. It is all the more a dream coming from God that this dream occurred on the precise day when I decided to leave the comfortable life I occupied to go in search of God, whatever it was going to cost me . No one can tell me that this dream is a projection of my mind, since this dream was given to me at a time when I was still astray, knowing neither the true way of God nor the true face of this world, and far from any aspiration to become a messenger, but with my faith for only luggage. The fact that this dream comes to fruition after 10 years of walking alone with God through my election as a messenger of God, proves incontestably that this dream can only be of God, given that it has come true in all points. Indeed, it was only when God elected me as messenger, that I remembered this dream, and that I finally could understand it in its entirety.


The title of “Messenger of the Covenant”

Rashad Khalifa claims to be the “Messenger of the Covenant“, a title purely invented, because there is actually no “Messenger of the Covenant” mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an. Rashad Khalifa would indeed be the first messenger of God to bear this kind of title, because all the authentic messengers of God were simply messengers by their condition, without any other associated title. Contrary to popular belief, the terms “messenger” or “prophet” do not refer to titles, “Rassoul/رسول” simply means “messenger” or “emissary” of God, while “prophet/Nabi/نبي” means “the one who brings news“. These terms are therefore only qualifiers describing the role played by the messengers of God, and do not represent in any way the titles they bear, because they remain simple men called by their first names.

Rashad Khalifa justifies his title of “Messenger of the Covenant” on the basis of the following verse:

And when Allah made this commitment from the prophets: “Whenever I give you a Book and Wisdom, and then a messenger will come to confirm what is with you, you must trust him and follow his instructions.” He said to them, “Do you consent and accept My pact on this condition?” – “We consent,” they said. “Witness it then,” said Allah. And here I am, with you, among the witnesses. S3:V81

Rashad Khalifa understands by this verse that he is the “messenger” who the object of this “pact” between Allah and His prophets. However, this is not the case, because this verse speaks of a messenger sent by God to each prophet during his lifetime, to give him instructions from Him, and Allah asks in this verse his prophets to trust this messenger and follow his instructions. Did Rashad Khalifa come to confirm anything to any prophet in his lifetime as said in this verse? Absolutely not! This verse apply in no way to Rashad Khalifa!

This verse has nothing to do with Rashad Khalifa, and has nothing to do with the existence of any “Messenger of the Covenant“. The “pact” mentioned in this verse refers to the pact contracted between Allah and His prophets before their coming to this earth, committing them to honor their promise contracted before their earthly life, by agreeing to fulfill their mission as prophet at the time when God appoints them. This also applies to the prophets of the Devil, who also made a pact with the Devil before their earthly life, obliging them to honor their word by accepting the mission that the Devil will give them during their earthly life. I invite you to watch this video that I made several years ago now, which confirms to you in an indisputable way what I have just told you.

“Whenever I give you a Book and Wisdom, and then a messenger comes to confirm what is with you, you must trust him and follow his instructions.”

In reality, this verse simply refers to the angelic messengers, having taken human form, whom Allah sent to each of his prophets to give them specific instructions from Him. If God warns His prophets in advance that as part of their mission, they will at some point receive the visit of an angel and that it will then be necessary to trust him and follow his instructions, it is because God is aware that these kinds of visits can be confusing. Indeed, if the prophets of God were not clearly warned on this subject, they would then have had the right to think that this kind of unusual visit is only a trick of the Devil to deceive them, and therefore, would have refused to comply with the angel taking him for a devil jinn pretending to be an angel. Besides, we can clearly see in the Qur’an that the first reaction that the prophets of God had when the angels of God came to meet them, was to be afraid and to be wary of them. If they had not been previously warned by God about this visit, they would then have remained on their first reaction of fear and distrust, and would never have followed the instructions of the angels as they had promised to do before their coming to earth.

Once again, Rashad Khalifa illustrates to us his total incomprehension of the Koran, and his intellectual dishonesty, looking for the smallest verse that can designate him as a messenger, regardless of whether this verse applies or not. There is therefore no “Messenger of the Covenant” in the Koran, and this title is just one more lie invented by Rashad Khalifa.

Rashad Khalifa claims to be the messenger of Sura 36

Another lie of Rashad Khalifa was to say that he was visited by the Angel Gabriel himself, who would have revealed to him that he was the messenger designated by verse 3 of sura 36: “You are certainly one of the messengers“.


NO messenger of God has ever been designated through an angel, but it is Allah Himself who designates them through his direct inspiration/ Wahi/وحي. It is therefore more than obvious that Rashad Khalifa was once again victim of a bad trick perofromed by the Devil, presenting himself to him in the form of the Angel Gabriel, in order to finish convincing him that he is a messenger. This practice is very common among the jinn devils, who take particular pleasure in appearing in the form of angels in order to seal the fate of the great misguided like Rashad Khalifa.

Rashad Khalifa claims to be the messenger of God designated by sura 36, ​​but his only argument to prove it is to say that it was the Angel Gabriel who would have revealed this to him. He is unable to provide any additional argument proving his connection to sura 36, ​​which clearly shows that he is simply not the messenger designated by sura 36, ​​because if that had been the case, he would not have missed the fact that all this sura deals in its entirety with the events of the end of time.

I am the messenger of Sura 36

In truth, only the true messenger designated by sura 36 that I am, is able to prove in what this sura designates him, and to interpret its verses in order to relate them with the concrete events of the end times, something Rashad Khalifa was completely unable to do since he is an impostor.

Indeed, I did not need anyone to know that this Surah designates a messenger who has not appeared in the past, but the ultimate messenger of the end of time. It was not the Angel Gabriel who came to inform me of it verbally as Rashad Khalifa claims, but it is Allah Himself who revealed it to me through his direct inspiration and through knowledge with which he endowed me. In reality, you will see that this sura 36 has accompanied me since the beginning of my life, and that everything in this sura designates me as being the ultimate messenger of God.

Sura 36 has marked my life since my earliest childhood, it is the first and longest sura that I have ever learned, and I have always remembered it effortlessly despite the passing years. Since the very first time I read this Surah, it has resonated deep within me, as if it dealt with my life and was addressed to me in a personal capacity, which ultimately turned out be the case.

Contrary to what Muslims say, the messenger designated by sura 36 can in no way be identified with the prophet Muhammad, because nothing in this sura does correspond either to the prophet Muhammad or to his time.

The following verses of Sura 36 say that the fate of most people to whom the Messenger of Sura 36 is sent is already sealed. So, regardless of whether he warns them or not, the vast majority of them will not follow his Reminder.

Certainly the fate of most of them is already sealed, therefore they will not believe. We put shackles on their necks going up to the chin so much so that their heads are erect. And We put a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them, and we will cover them so that they cannot see. Whether you warn them or not, they will never believe. S36:V7-10

Now, we all know, and the Qur’an prooves it, that the majority of the people of the prophet Muhammad ended up believing in him. Indeed, at the end of his mission, the religion of Allah dominated all other beliefs, which shows that the majority of his people accepted his call, unlike the people of the messenger designated by sura 36.

And fight them until there is no association and the religion is entirely for Allah alone. If they cease, let there be no hostility except against the oppressors. S2:V193

And fight them until there is no longer any association, and religion is entirely for Allah. Then, if they stop (they will be forgiven because) Allah observes what they are working on. S8:V39

It was He who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of Truth, to place it above any other religion, despite the aversion of the associators. S61:V9

As is clearly stated in the verses above, the victory of Allah was not only total on the level of religion, but also on the military level, the believers having taken up by arms from the pagans the capital of the area, Mecca, ultimate proof of their supremacy.

It is He who, in the valley of Mecca, removed their hands from you, just as He removed your hands from them, after making you triumph over them. And Allah sees perfectly what you are working on. S48:V24

The following verses confirm that believers in the time of the Prophet Muhammad eventually became large in number.

And remember when you were few in number, oppressed on earth, afraid of being kidnapped by people. He gave you refuge, strengthened you with His help and gave you good things so that you would be grateful. S8:V26

Allah has already rescued you in many places. And [remember] the day of Hunayn, when you were proud of your large number and it was useless. The land, despite its extent, became very narrow to you; then you turned your back on fugitives. S9:V25

Finally, historical documents in support, shortly after the death of the prophet Muhammad, the religion of God spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, going to the bottom of Africa and Asia. This is in sharp contrast to the people of the messenger designated by sura 36, ​​who for the most part disbelieved.

Certainly the fate of most of them is already sealed, therefore they will not believe. S36:V7

The ancestors of the people of Muhammad had already been warned through the messengers and warners that were Chouaïb, Hud and Salih, while the ancestors of the people of the messenger designated by sura 36 were not. Indeed, it has been 1400 years now since this world has received any message or warning, and most people in this world actually live in total recklessness, as described in the next verse of the sura 36.

so that you warn a people whose ancestors were not warned: they are therefore carefree. S36:V6

Since sura 36 cannot in any case apply to the prophet Muhammad, it can therefore only refer to the messenger of the end of time, speaking directly to him in the 2nd person singular and confirming what Allah has already revealed to him directly: that he is indeed the messenger of God designated by this verse.

You are certainly one of the messengers. S36:V3

It is indeed Allah Himself who revealed to me by direct inspiration that I was his messenger, and who confirmed it to me by the Koran through Sura 36, ​​by simply quoting my first name.

YS! by the Koran which decrees, you are certainly one of the messengers, on a straight path. An order descended from the Almighty, from the All-Merciful S36:V1-5

YS/يس corresponds to the first 2 letters of my first name, and its writing in Arabic almost merges with the writing of my full first name, يسر/YSR. God hardly hid the last name of his last messenger in the Qur’an, and this was deliberate, because if God had mentioned his full name, then we would have ended up with a myriad of false messengers being all called يسر/YSR. As is the case today with all these impostors who claim to be messengers of God for the simple reason that they are called Mahdi, based on their Islamic beliefs which designate the guide of the end of time by this name.

Sura YS has the number 36, and I am the third in a sibling group of 6. Allah designated me to be his messenger in 2018, which corresponds to the number of this sura 36, ​​3 x 6 = 18.

Sura 36 speaks of events specific to the end of time, and which have never happened before, such as the episode where the Devil will be adored in the flesh by the vast majority of people on earth. Sura 36 contains the only verse in the Qur’an mentioning people worshiping the Devil directly, while all the other verses speak of people worshiping Taghut, which does not represent the Devil himself, but all the false deities in a way General.

Have I not made your commitment, children of Adam, that you do not worship the Devil? For he is a declared enemy to you, but to worship Me? This is a path to the place. And Satan has indeed led many of you astray. Were you not reasoning? Here is Hell promised to you. Burn it today, for what you deny ”S36: V60-64


It is only during the end of time that the Devil will come in person to Earth, in the flesh, and will no longer hide behind the false figures of Taghut, through which he had hitherto operated. Indeed, I will detail in a section later in this message how the Devil intends to usurp the identity of Jesus Christ, in order to produce his ultimate error and to deceive the people of the whole earth.


Sura 36 mentions the disbelief of people today, believers and non-believers, who no longer even believe in the reality of the Hour. Allah announces to them that they will be seized by the Cry, which is precisely the punishment which will be rife against people during the end of time.

And they say, “When is this promise if you are truthful?” They are waiting for a single Cry to grab them while they are arguing. They will therefore be unable to make a will or return to their families. S36:V48-50

There will be only one Cry, and lo and behold, they will look and say, “Woe to us! it’s the day of Retribution.” “It is the Day of Judgment that you are dealing with lies.” S37:V19-21

The following verses mention exactly the sermon I am holding with you today, inviting you to follow the true path of the messengers, and not those of your respective sects, to follow the Scriptures of God and not your books of men, and to take God as the Only Guide, and not your intermediaries as guides. God says in these verses that once He has taken me back to Him, that is to say once I will be dead, what will follow will be different from what has already happened in the past. God is not going to send the angels to destroy the unjust as He had hitherto done with past generations, but the Cry will seize them, marking the end of this world, and which will be immediately followed by the Day of Resurrection.

“O my people, follow the messengers: follow those who ask you no wages and who are on the right track. and why should I not worship the One who created me? And it is to Him that you will be brought back. Shall I take gods apart from Him? If the All-Merciful wants to harm me, their intercession will be of no use to me and they will not save me. I will then be in obvious error. [But] I believe in your Lord. So listen to me. ” Then it was said to him: “Enter Paradise”. He said, “Ah if only my people knew! … because of which my Lord has forgiven me and made me one of the honored. ” And after him We did not bring down any army from heaven. We didn’t want to bring anything down to his people. It was only one cry and they are extinct. Alas for the slaves [humans]! Never comes a messenger to them without them taunting them. Do they not see how many generations before them We have destroyed? Which will never return among them. And all without exception will appear before Us. S36:V28-32

Sura 36 is the heart of the Koran

Muslims repeat, as usual without understanding, that sura 36 represents the heart of the Koran.

According to Anas who reported that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

إن لكل شيء قلبا, وقلب القرآن يس, ومن قرأ يس كتب الله له بقراءتها قراءة القرآن عشر مرات

Indeed, everything has a heart and the heart of the Koran is: Surah Ya Sin. Whoever recites Ya Sin, then Allah counts as if he has recited the Koran ten times.”

The Hadiths, which are the Devil’s work, subtly mix truth with falsehood, with the ultimate aim of misleading Muslims, which obviously works wonderfully given their great state of bewilderment. Muslims, because of the blindness that Allah has imposed on them because of their injustice, retain only the share of falsehood and abandon the share of truth. Indeed, the only thing that Muslims take away from this hadith reported by Al-Tirmidhi is that if they recite sura 36, ​​Allah will then count as if they have read the Koran 10 times. This is as foolish as stupid, because reciting sura 36 or even the entire Qur’an 10 times does not bring the least good deed in the eyes of Allah. What matters in the eyes of Allah is not just to read the Qur’an like an automaton, but to imbibe it, to understand its precepts and to implement them on one’s own life. It is only the lost ones that are the Muslims to believe that there is a counter near Allah which starts to run at full speed for the simple reading of the Koran, as mechanical and ineffective may be their reading.

Indeed, reading the entire Koran 10 times or 1000 times is absolutely useless, what is really matters is to understand its precepts and to implement them. Whereas the Moslems are satisfied to read mechanically the Koran, like poetry, without implementing it on their lives, because concretely, it is the Hadiths which they implement and not the Koran. What is the use of reading a math book 1000 times without understanding anything and without practicing its theorems? Because what Muslims do with the Qur’an is exactly the same, like donkeys carrying bookshelves, their religious practice is a burden for them, without bringing them any benefit.

Muslims therefore take from the hadith that I mentioned that they have to read sura 36 to obtain the equivalent of 10 readings of the Koran, which is false and does not bring them anything in terms of guidance. They do not understand that it is the very content of sura 36 which is really useful for their salvation during the end of time, and which explains why it is the heart of the Koran.

Since sura 36 is one of the suras relating to the end of time, it is therefore particularly intended for people living in our time, who are living this particular period. Sura 36 should therefore make them react and serve as a reminder as to the true path to follow and the imminent coming of the Hour. Now, all the lost people of this world, including Muslims, call you crazy if you try to show them that the signs of the Hour mentioned in the Qur’an are coming true. Sura 36 is therefore the one that should awaken people’s hearts and make them aware of the impending Hour, and of the importance of following the precepts of the Koran. But instead, the Qur’an remains a dead book for most people in the world, and they are absolutely not rely on it to guide themselves and acquire knowledge and discernment.


If sura 36 is called the heart of the Qur’an, it is not only because it represents the essence of the message of the Qur’an, which is to warn of the coming of the Hour, but also because it is the surah which announces the ultimate messenger and warner of God. Indeed, the mission of the messenger of God that I am and who is designated by this sura, is precisely to put the Koran in the hearts of believers, at the center of their guidance and their learning of the Knowledge of God. Because, most people, believers and non-believers alike, have abandoned the Koran, do not study its precepts and do not seek to implement it. Instead, these lost people seek knowledge from other men’s books that only lead them astray even more.

God has instructed me, his messenger, to restore the Koran so that it can restore its place at the center of people’s lives, giving back its true interpretation which has been lost, illustrating its precepts and signs in a concrete way for the people, to show people that the Koran is a living and modern book, and that it contains the key to their salvation in these end times.

Sura 36 concerns us more than past generations, because it deals with the events that we are currently experiencing and that we are going to experience in the near future, and because it is addressed to our generation in particular. Obviously, this sura also had all its usefulness for the generations of the past, because even if they did not live the Hour, this sura still represents for them a heavy warning, inciting them to fear God and to act for the hereafter. In reality, Sura 36 is for generations of the past what Suras relating to generations of the past are for us. Certainly, these suras relating to past generations in no way represent our daily life, just as Sura 36 does not represent in any way the daily life of past generations, but all these suras serve nonetheless as lessons to be learned for both.

I could cite you billions of additional proofs that it would not change anything the situation, the one God wants to guide will believe in my authenticity and my message as if it were obvious to him, while the one God wants to mislead will see in me someone who has gone astray and in my message a simple personal point of view. True believers see the signs of the end times everywhere as I do, and like me are directly guided by God, so this message is only a confirmation and a mercy from God for them. While the others are blind and see no sign of the end times and are in no way well guided by God, it is therefore quite predictable that they do not believe this message, because their fate is already sealed anyway.

Rashad Khalifa in the Qur’an

Rashad Khalifa was unable to produce any evidence linking him to Sura 36, ​​and yet he dares to claim it. But worse still, instead of simply quoting the verse from the Koran which mentions him by name as I did with Sura 36, ​​Rashad Khalifa had to resort to calculations as incomprehensible as interminable based on his false miracle 19, to justify that he is mentioned in the Koran. If Rashad Khalifa starts all his demonstrations on the false assumption of his miracle 19, he is sure from the start to reach false conclusions. The epitome is that the Koran does not contain ONE SINGLE OCCURENCE of his first name “Rashad/راشد“, but nothing stops Rashad Khalifa in his claim to be a messenger of God, how even all the tracks lead him to the same conclusion , that he is not one.

Here are screenshots from the site associated with Rashad Khalifa which are supposed to prove to us that he is indeed quoted in the Koran. I present only a small extract from his demonstration, as his explanations are so delirious that a simple outline will be enough to convince you of his imposture. But if you want to see his demonstration in its entirety to realize by yourself that I am not exaggerating, you can consult it on this link.


The date of the end of the world according to Rashad Khalifa

the end of the world

Among his lies, Rashad Khalifa claims to know the exact date of the end of the world, information pertaining to the exclusive domain of God, which even the close angels do not know.


Rashad Khalifa prides himself that God would have revealed to him the exact date of the end of the world, this simple statement is more than enough to disqualify him as a messenger. Because at all times, all of God’s messengers without exception, including myself, told those they warn that only God knows the exact date of his punishment. God’s warners are only charged by God to tell people that God’s punishment is going to happen in their lifetime, but none of them knows in advance what its exact date by advance.

Rashad Khalifa affirms that the fact that God informed him of the exact date of the end of the world represents a proof that he is the messenger of God, but the date which he announces for the end of the world is 2280!!!


A remark in passing, the fact that Rashad Khalifa uses the Hegirian calendar to mention the dates, is further proof that he is in no way a messenger of God. As I showed in my article on Ramadan, the Hegirian lunar calendar is not the calendar according to Allah, but a pagan calendar created by the Devil. The calendar according to Allah is quite simply the calendar which is today in place, ie a calendar based on the seasons, the cycle of the sun, and astronomical calculations.

Rashad Khalifa advises us of the date of 2280 as the date of the end of the world, and once more, he arrived at this date on the basis of nonsensical calculations based on the number 19.

No doubt about it, Only Allah knows the exact date of the Hour.

Verily Allah! with Him alone is the knowledge of the Hour. S31:V34


Chapter 24 Verse 36

As for the day and the hour, no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

God’s warners, such as Chuayb, Salih, Hud, Noah … all unanimously said that they did not know the date of the divine punishment, and only became aware of this information shortly before the effective arrival of God’s punishment. .

They said, “Did you come to us to turn us away from our divinities? Well, bring us what you promise us if you are one of the truthful ”. He says, “Knowledge of this information is from Allah Alone. However, I am sending you the message with which I was sent. But I see that you are ignorant people ”. S46:V22-23

And they say, “When will this promise be true if you are truthful?” Say: “Allah alone has knowledge of it. And I am only a clear alarm “S67:V25-26

And they say “When will this promise be if you are truthful”? Say, “I have nothing that can harm or benefit me, except what Allah wants. Each community has a term. When their term comes, they can neither delay it by one hour nor advance it. ” S10:V48-49

And they say, “When is this promise going to be if you are truthful?” Say, “It may be that some of what you are looking to hasten is already on your heels.” S27:V71-72

And they say, “When will this promise be true, if you are truthful?” Say: “The date is for a day that you cannot delay an hour or advance!” S34:V29-30

Then [the angel hosts] said, “O Loṭ, we are truly the emissaries of your Lord. They can never reach you. Leave with your family at some point during the night. And let none of you turn back. Except for your wife who will be hit by what will hit others. What threatens them will happen at dawn. Isn’t dawn near?” (Lot was informed the day before) S11:V81

When Allah sends a warner, it is to warn people that His punishment will occur during their lifetime, and not to tell them that His punishment will come 300 years later, once they are already dead for several centuries. This would be all the more meaningless and unjust, since the punishment of God would fall on people who were not warned in their lifetime. The date of 2280 advanced by Rashad Khalifa cannot therefore be true, given that he made this announcement in 1980, what is the use of warning people who will never see the punishment announced in their lifetime? The rule of Allah has always been to send his chastisement IN THE LIFETIME of the warned people, saving the warner and those who followed him, and destroying those who disregarded his warning. Once the messengers of God have finished transmitting their warning, and they have used all means to bring people to reason, and all those who were to believe have believed, and all those who disbelieve also made their final choice not to believe, that is when God’s punishment falls.

If you turn away … here I have sent you [the message] that I was responsible for conveying to you (THE WARNER FINISHED HIS MISSION). And my Lord will replace you with another people, without you harming Him in any way, because my Lord is the guardian par excellence of everything ”. And when Our Order came, We saved with mercy from Us, Hūd and those who with him had believed. And We saved them from a terrible retribution (The retribution falls on the people who ignored the warning, and Hud and those who followed him are saved). S11:V57-58

Then, when Our order came, We saved Ṣāliḥ and those who had believed with him – by mercy from Us – from the ignominy of that day. In truth, it is your Lord who is the Strong, the Mighty. And the Cry seizes the unjust, and here they are struck down in their dwellings. (The punishment falls on the people who ignored the warning during their lifetime) S11:V66-67

O my people, do as much as you want. So am I (CHUAYB CONSIDERS HIS MISSION DONE). Soon you will know who will be punished to dishonor him, and who of us is the impostor. And wait! I also wait with you “(Chuayb does not know when the punishment comes). When Our order came, We saved, by a mercy from Us, Chuayb and those who had believed with him. And the terrible Cry seized the unjust, and they lay in their dwellings. (The punishment falls on the people who ignored the warning, and Chouayb and those who followed him are saved) S11:V93-94

This message represents the last warning from God. I would have told you everything in this message, I would have used all means to get you back to reason, I would have provided all the evidence I have. If this message is still not enough for you, then nothing will ever be enough to make you change your position. Once this message has been transmitted, I will have finished my role of warner, and the punishment of God will fall on those who have not heeded it. So, I strongly advise you to read this message carefully and not to take it lightly, because after this message, God will strike without summation.

I announce it to you from God: the beginning of the punishment will begin in 2020. If God asks me to announce this to you in advance, it is not on my own initiative, but because God wants to give you a additional chance to change your mind by showing you how close the punishment is. I will show you later in this message, the concrete proofs that God manifested to me to reveal me this date of 2020. I do not know the exact date, but only that the destruction will begin around mid 2020. I’m not saying neither that I know the date of the Hour, this information is known to God alone, I’m just telling you that the cataclysms preceding the Hour will start in mid 2020 and will be more and more deadly and frequent until the final destruction of the Hour. By 2020, people will start to die in the billions. God sets these kinds of ultimatums by announcing his punishment in advance when people’s distrust of Him is at its peak, which is precisely the case for people today. The Tamud, the people of Salih, defied Allah by killing the miraculous camel that God had forbidden them to touch, so God announced to them through his messenger Salih that they still had 3 days to live.

O my people, this is the camel of Allah which He sent to you as a sign. So let her graze on the land of Allah, and do no harm to her or else a near retribution will seize you! ”They killed her. So he said to them: “Enjoy (your property) in your homes for three days (again)! This is a promise that will not be denied. ” Then, when Our order came, We saved Ṣāliḥ and those who had believed with him – by mercy from Us – from the ignominy of that day. In truth, it is your Lord who is the Strong, the Mighty. And the Cry seizes the unjust. And here they are struck down in their homes, as if they had never prospered there. In truth, the Ṯamūd did not believe in their Lord. Let the Ṯamūd perish! S11:V64-68

God will give you a few more months to heed his warning, but if your plan is first to wait for what I tell you to happen before you act, then you will regret it forever. Because it will no longer be useful to pray to God once the punishment starts in 2020, your fate will then be sealed forever.

The Moon Sign according to Rashad Khalifa

Rashad Khalifa tells us that among the revelations that God would have entrusted to him on the end of the world, God would have revealed to him that the sign of the end of time associated with the fission of the Moon (The Hour is approaching and the moon has split S54:V1) would have already taken place well before 1980, date on which he made the following revelation.


Rashad Khalifa’s interpretation of this sign of the end of time is laughable in every way. God tells us about a great miracle, which is to see the moon crack with the naked eye from the earth, and Rashad Khalifa interprets this miracle as the simple fact of extracting some rocks from it !


People will see with the naked eye the moon splitting from the surface of the earth

The wanderers of this world live in a complete lie, and are utterly deceived about what is really going on in this world. The lost believe in all these false flag operations, such as the World Trade Center attacks, Islamic terrorism which is nothing but a network of criminals orchestrated by the world’s secret services, revolutions, social and economic crises, which are just conspiracies orchestrated by governments subservient to the Devil. The world of today is nothing more than an illusion produced by the Devil in order to keep the masses under his grip, and does not correspond in any way to reality.

Among these lies of the Devil, the flat earth hoax is particularly put forward. The devils in human shapes emit false conspiracy theories in order to put all the conspiracy theories in one bag, and thus discredit them all at the same time. The lost, and in particular a large number of followers of Rashad Khalifa and Koranists, believe in the theory of the flat earth whereas it is a blatant lie extremely easy to debunk. It is enough to observe a sunset to see the sun gradually disappear under the horizon, something impossible with the theory of flat earth.


If the earth was flat, then the sun would not disappear under the horizon at sunset

In addition, the sun is supposed to permanently light half of the earth, while with the theory of the flat earth, the sun does not light at all the same parts of the globe.


It is enough to call 4 people in the 4 corners of the hemisphere lit by daylight, to realize that the lighting of the sun according to the theory of flat earth does not correspond to the reality of the ground.


The proof that the earth is round is in the Koran, which definitively closes the debate on this subject.

And as for the earth, after that, He gave it the shape of an egg S79:V30

He created the heavens and the earth in all truth. He rolls up like a balloon / يكور the night over the day, and the day over the night, and He has subjected the sun and the moon to each continue its course for a fixed term. He is indeed the Mighty, the Great Forgiver! S39:V5

The word “يكور” is from the same family as the word “كرة” which means “balloon“, which prooves that the earth is indeed a spherical shape, which explains why  God speaks of winding day and night as around of a balloon.

I’ve written a complete article on the flat earth hoax which exposes the origin of this lie and its true goal, and you’ll see that past generations never ever believed the earth to be flat.

False interpretations of the Quran by Rashad Khalifa


I do not know to date a translation more dishonest and misleading than the translation of the Koran carried out by Rashad Khalifa, not even the popular translations of traditional Islam based on Hadiths. The peculiarity of all the messengers of God is to have knowledge of the Book, and thus to be able to give the correct interpretations of the verses of God within the limits of the knowledge that Allah has given them. Because a messenger of God does not know everything, but his knowledge is limited to what Allah has taught him throughout his life. Consequently, neither the prophet Muhammad, nor any other messenger of God, is able to interpret the Koran in its entirety, however Rashad Khalifa claims so.

The translation of the Quran by Rashad Khalifa and his different interpretations of the precepts of the Qur’an end up convincing us that not only is he not a messenger of God, but that he does not even know anything about God or His precepts. Rashad Khalifa’s interpretation of the practices of Allah that are Salat, Zakat, Ramadan, and Hajj, comes down to the pure and simple resumption of interpretations of traditional pagan Islam. Rashad Khalifa however claims to be based only on the Koran alone, while he gives the exact same false interpretation of Allah’s rites as traditional Islam, which find none of their sources in the Koran.

Salat according to Rashad Khalifa


Rashad Khalifa affirms, like traditional pagan Islam, that there are 5 compulsory Salats. However, as I clearly showed in my article on the basis of the Koran, Allah has in fact prescribed only 2 Salats daily, and these 2 Salats do not depend in any way on the position of the sun, but rather correspond to the moments of our own rising and setting. Here is an extract of his explanations about Salat that you can consult in full on the site associated with Rashad Khalifa.


In addition to the number of Salats, their schedules, and their implementation, which he has fully taken from the traditional Islamic version, NOT BASED on the Koran, Rashad Khalifa, while claiming to be based only on the Koran, puts forward a whole set of rules concerning Salat which are by no means prescribed in the Qur’an, such as saying that farting cancels ablutions, or turning towars Kaaba for Salat, or raising both hands in the air at each change of position during prayer, … etc etc. All of these rules are actually part of the ancient pre-Islamic pagan practices that have been reincorporated into traditional Islam, and are in no way prescribed in the Koran.

Ramadan according to Rashad Khalifa


Rashad Khalifa takes up the Islamic Ramadan consisting in the strict deprivation of food and drink during a whole lunar month of the Hegirian Islamic calendar. However,  I have undeniably demonstrated that the true Ramadan cannot be linked to the Hegirian lunar calendar, but corresponds to a fixed date in the solar calendar, which is the beginning of autumn. True Ramadan does not necessarily consist in a strict fasting of food and water, but have various forms and may be applied at various degrees of intensity, it also consists in prayers, meditation, contemplation, and a spiritual retreat in order to withdraw from the affairs of this world in order to consecrate oneself to God Alone and to the afterlife. I invite you to read my article on Ramadan in order to have all the detailed evidence based on the Quran, common sense and concrete elements, of the true implementation of Ramadan.

Zakat according to Rashad Khalifa


Once again, Rashad Khalifa takes up point by point Islamic Zakat reduced to simple charity, and which does not correspond to Zakat as defined by the Koran. Rashad Khalifa even goes so far as to take up the ridiculous and arbitrary rate of 2.5% of the net income invented by the Hadith, and which finds no source in the Koran. As I explained in my detailed article, Zakat consists in the implementation of the precepts of God in general, and of which charity is only one component. The Koran always mentions Salat and Zakat as forming a pair, because Salat reflects our faith in God, while Zakat reflects the implementation of our faith. Indeed, theory without practice is useless, just as faith without works is worthless, which explains why Salat and Zakat always go together in the Koran.

Hajj according to Rashad Khalifa


Rashad Khalifa validates the Islamic Hajj with its pagan rites which are not mentioned in the Quran…yet, he claimed that he followed the Quran alone! Hajj according to the Quran is a journey towards God, and God alone, and not an event which consists in idolizing the prophet and performing the same pagan rites as that of the Ancient Arabs. All the true rites of Hajj are full of sense, and are dedicated to God alone, and they also allow us to honor and commemorate God’s mercy on us, when He guided Abraham and taugh him his Exemplary Doctrine, which we can find today in the Quran.

The age of 40 according to Rashad Khalifa


Here is another interpretation that will leave you speechless: Rashad Khalifa affirms that every human being who dies before 40 years old is assured to go to paradise WHATEVER ARE HIS ACTIONS, Here is his mind-blowing interpretation of verse 15 of sura 46:

The Quran sets the age of responsibility at 40; anyone who dies before this age goes to Heaven (46:15). 

Delivering this important piece of information is one of the responsibilities given to me as God’s Messenger of the Covenant. It is not my personal opinion.

There was never any question of going to Heaven as simply as that. No matter what age we reach at the time of our death, God ONLY compensates us according to our actions. The Koran is more than clear on this subject: to be judged according to our acts is in accordance with what one can expect from God’s perfect Justice.

On that day, no soul will be harmed in anything. And you will only be paid for what you did. S36:V54

And you will only be paid according to what you work S37:V39

Every soul is hostage to what it has acquired. S74:V38

If what Rashad Khalifa said was true, then it would be enough for any individual to simply commit suicide before this age in order not only to shorten his earthly test, but to be more assured of going to paradise !!!


Rashad Khalifa mentions to justify his theory criminals as Theodore Robert Bundy, author of more than twenty sordid murders perpetrated solely against young defenseless women. He explains that Bundy was originally supposed to be executed at 37, but that he was executed at 42, because God made him exceed the fateful age of 40 years, otherwise, according to Rashad Khalifa, God would have been forced to admit him to paradise despite the horror of his crimes and his total lack of redemption. A recent Netflix series devoted to Bundy details the horror of this character, continuing to outrageously challenge his crimes until his very last moments, proof that he did not have the slightest remorse and that he therefore can only deserve hell.

maxresdefault (6)

Rashad Khalifa’s insane reflection is that even this kind of potential criminal who is Theodore Bundy would have had to be admitted to Paradise despite all his crimes, if he had died before his 40th birthday.


This has nothing to do with the conception of God, of his messengers, and of believers, of what perfect retribution for acts is. This arbitrary rule invented by Rashad Khalifa is in no way in conformity with the perfect Justice of God, but corresponds in all points to the lies forged by the Devil in order to contest the retribution for acts. This doctrine of Rashad Khalifa is in reality assimilated to the doctrine of the great prophet of the Devil that is Aleister Crowley: “Do what tho wilt shall be the whole of the law“.


Indeed, such a rule is an invitation to sin without restraint, since it stipulates that we are not responsible for our actions below 40 years old. We recognize once again that it is the Devil who operates through Rashad Khalifa, blowing him this kind of invented rule so that the men who give credit to it indulge in sin without any restraint and without fear of the consequences. Because, the Devil knows very well that if an individual dies before 40, he will still be reprehensible for his bad deeds, and if he does not die before, then it will become almost impossible for him to reform beyond this age, once he has acquired a taste for sin and is rooted in error.

Here is verse 15 of Sura 46 in question, Rashad Khalifa simply forgot to read the following verses, which clearly state that man is paid according to his works, without any link to the age of his death.

And We commanded man to be kind to his father and mother: his mother painfully carried him and gave birth painfully; and its gestation and weaning last thirty months; then when he reaches his full strength and reaches forty, he says: “O Lord! Inspire me so that I give thanks to the benefit with which You have showered me as well as to my father and mother, and so that I can do a good work that You accept. And make my posterity of healthy morality. I repent to You and I am one of the Submitted”. These are the ones from whom We accept the best of what they work and pass on their misdeeds, (they will be) among the people of Paradise (Category of those who have done well until 40), according to the promise truthful to them. As for the one who says to his father and mother: “Fi of you two! Do you promise me that I will be brought out of the ground when generations before me have passed? ”(Category of those who have done wrong until 40) And both, imploring the help of Allah, [him said]: “Woe to you! Believe. For the promise of Allah is true. ” But he (replies): “These are only tales of the Elders”. These are the ones who deserved the [prescribed] sentence along with the communities already passed before them among the jinn and men. They were really losers. And there are ranks [of merit] for everyone, according to what they have done so that Allah may attribute to them the full reward for their works; and they will not be harmed. (This verse incontestably reminds us that it is not the age of our death that determines our destiny, BUT ONLY OUR ACTIONS) S46:V15-19

These verses in no way say that dying before 40 years assures us of paradise, as this devil of Rashad Khalifa mischievously asserts, but these verses simply say that the age of 40 represents a decisive milestone in our lives, allowing us to make a first assessment of our life. At this age, good people acquire the perspective necessary to take full measure of God’s blessing on them, for having guided them so far in His faith. Whereas for people who have done wrong, this is the age when their misguidance definitely takes over them, so much so that they lose all faith in God and settle permanently in their ingratitude and denial.

Obviously, there are different degrees of error and good guidance, and we can be more or less lost at the age of 40, and yet manage to reform before we die, or conversely, be more or less well guided, and then make bad choices that will lead to our loss. If at 40, everything was already decided and our fate was definitively sealed, then it would be useless for God to let us live beyond this age, but such is not the case. God says in the Koran that He keeps certain individuals alive until an advanced age, in order to give them additional time for reflection, if this delay was useless, then God would not grant it. God grants this delay as mercy, for those who will take advantage of these additional years to reform, or as additional proof of guilt, for those who will persist despite all in their error.

And there they will scream, “Lord, take us out; we will do good, contrary to what we did”. “Haven’t we given you a life long enough for the one who thinks to think?” The warner, however, came to you. Well, taste (your punishment). Because for the wrongdoers, there is no helper. ” S35:V37

The age of our death does not determine our fate in any way. If God gives us all different lifetimes, it is because each man has his own trial, and therefore, the duration of our life corresponds in reality to the time necessary to complete the trial which is specific to us, independently of the outcome of this test. What determines our fate is only our ratio of good and bad deeds, and IN NO WAY THE DURATION OF OUR LIFE, as Rashad Khalifa claims by saying that dying before 40 is synonymous with paradise.

We find the same kind of deviation from the Devil, which amounts to saying that man is not dependent on his actions, with this false belief among Christians who affirm that it is enough to accept Jesus Christ to be automatically forgiven of our sins and enter paradise. Likewise among Muslims who claim that one who follows the tradition of the prophet is assured of his intercession, regardless of his deeds. However, the prophet Muhammad, and nobody, has the least intercession with God. The one and only path that leads to paradise is that of pure faith in God followed by deeds, any other path is only astray and leads to hell.

Those who have faith, have done good works, performed Salat and implemented Zakat will certainly have their reward with their Lord. No fear for them, and they will not be afflicted. S2:V277

And as for those who have faith and do good works, He will give them their rewards. S3:V57

Those who have believed and have not soiled the purity of their faith by some inequity, these have security; and they are the well-guided ”. S6:V82

No matter the age of our death, it is only at the end of our earthly life that our fate will be definitively sealed. Even an hour before we die, our fate can still change depending on the specific case. But, this does not apply in any way to those who wait to see death coming to repent, because Allah is not fooled by this kind of false repentance.

Allah only accepts the repentance of those who do evil out of ignorance and who immediately repent. These are those from whom Allah welcomes repentance. And Allah is Omniscient and Wise. But absolution is not intended for those who do bad deeds until one of them dies, and who exclaims: “Certainly, I repent now” – neither for those who die unbelievers. And it is for them that We have prepared a painful retribution. S4:V17-18

God seals the hearts of the great criminals long before their death, He could then very well put them to death right away, since their fate is already sealed. But, God deliberately keeps them alive so that they reveal the full extent of their criminal nature, and in order to use them as executioners to punish other criminals, as is the case with all these Masonic elites that God makes die at an advanced age. Likewise, for very good believers, God seals their hearts well before their death, but keeps them alive for the sole purpose that they fully reveal all the good that is in them, and in order to use them to spread good in society.

Submission: Doctrine of the Devil

Sharing the same perdition as traditional Muslims, who believe they are submissive to God even though most of them do as they please and are in reality only hardened rebels, Rashad Khalifa, named his sect “Submitters“, translating the Arabic word “Islam/إسلام” by “submission“. Thus, Rashad Khalifa has only created one more sect to complement the long list of other sects of Islam, and has established himself as its indisputable leader, thus serving as a new idol and intermediary, and legislating its own rules based on his false interpretations of the Koran from the number 19. Rashad Khalifa justifies the name of the “Submitters” on his false interpretation of the following verse, understanding that the only religion authorized by God is “submission“.


Si Rashad Khalifa n’est même pas capable de savoir quelle est la véritable voie de Dieu et qu’il l’assimile à la soumission, c’est bien une preuve de plus qu’il n’est en rien un messager de Dieu, et je vais même vous montrer en quoi il est plutôt un des élus du Diable qui a le plus contribué à l’égarement des musulmans en cette fin des temps.

If Rashad Khalifa is not even able to know what is the true way of God and that he assimilates it to submission, it is one more proof that he is in no way a messenger of God, and I’m even going to show you how he is rather one of the devil’s elect who has contributed the most to the Muslims’ distraction at the end of time.

The way of “submission” is actually the way of sects created by the Devil that are all today’s religions. Indeed, following sects implies submitting to their hierarchies, whether it is the Vatican for Christians, the Sanhedrin for Jews, or the ulema/scholars for Muslims, and implies following without discussing their false invented laws, without any personal reflection, this is precisely the definition of submission. Any rebellion against the hierarchy established or questioning the laws legislated by these sects, results in excommunication and in condemnation for heresy, and can even lead to a death sentence. History reminds us of the countless death sentences for heresy at the time of the Inquisition, and today, this kind of sentence is still carried out in purtanical Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. For example, Rashad Khalifa himself, who challenged the functioning of traditional Islam, was convicted of heresy, and was the subject of a fatwa calling for his death, fatwa which was executed in 1990.

The path of “submission” is in reality nothing other than the path of the sects invented by the Devil, which are the religions of today: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and any other religion. To adhere to these sects is to give up your freedom to think and act in terms of religion, it is to withdraw from the authority of God to submit to the authority of men, it is to bear the burden of meaningless and rigid laws, instead of the true laws of God, liberating, full of justice and common sense, and sources of healing.

The true way of God is the way of free men, not that of submissive men who are the adherents of the devil’s sects. The true religion of God does not consist in integrating a sect and in following its leaders and its invented rules, but in walking alone with God as sole Guide and Master, in directly following His inspiration and in implementing the precepts of His Scriptures which are amply self-sufficient and do not require any addition. Any other way than this way is a way of the Devil, even if in appearance, it claims to be from God and His Scriptures.

Allah offers in parable a slave belonging [to his master], devoid of all power (the sectarian), and a free man (one who follows the way of God) to whom We have granted from us a good attribution which he spends on secret and in public. [These two men] are they equal? Praise be to Allah! But most of them do not know. S16:V75

This parable marks the difference between the slave represented by the sectarian, the one who adheres to today’s false religions, and the free man represented by the well-guided, the one who does not belong to any sect but who directly depend on Allah. God gives us these parables so that we realize the gap between following His true way and following those of sects that call themselves religions. Does the free man have anything to do directly or indirectly with the slave? Do the free man and the slave have the same lives? Think about it! Wake up from your deep illusion before it is too late for you!

It is not because these sects claim to be from God and His Scriptures that they are so, and it is not because they are popular that they are authentic ways of God. Quite the contrary, all that is popular is in reality the Devil’s misguidance, and that should therefore raise your suspiscion concerning religions. What attracts the masses today if not the devil’s distraction? Religions, traditions, politics, nations, revolutions, protest movements, distractions, … everything that brings crowds together is in reality only traps of the Devil.

Whereas when we call people to the way of God alone and His Scriptures alone, no one answers, proof that the majority of people in this world are caught in the illusion of the Devil. Do you believe that the Devil will openly present himself to you? Obviously not! The Devil always presents himself under the facade of God and His Scriptures, but in the end, the Devil pushes people to follow other than God, and interprets the Scriptures of God in a way that makes them say exactly the opposite of what they really say. So that’s what religions are today, an elaborate illusion of the Devil! Do not underestimate the Devil’s ability to hide his lies behind beautiful appearances, because he who is not on the way of God, is necessarily caught in the illusion of the Devil, and sees only the fire. For centuries and centuries, the Devil has concentrated all his efforts to disguise the true way of God, so that people think they are on the good guidance of God, when they are in truth in right in his perdition.

Following the path of God alone and His Scriptures alone does not mean that one can interpret the Quran indiscriminately and make one’s religion à la carte, as do a large number of Koranists, who are not in reality in no way guided by God. Allah is the One who gives good understanding of His Scriptures and Discernment to the one who has a sincere heart and who follows his faith by works. As for the one who has a sick heart and who is not sincere in his faith, but who cheats to make say to Allah what he himself desires, this one, whether he follows the ways of sects or his own way, Allah will comfort him in his error so that he will conduct himself to his own loss, without even realizing it.

Now we can understand why the Devil depicts members of religions as sheep, and depicts himself as a wolf. Because, the one who follows the sects or his own way instead of following the guidance of God, is like a sheep at the mercy of the wolf that is the Devil. Indeed, all the ways of the Devil, whether they are those of religions or of the Koranists, do not provide the slightest guidance, nor any protection against the Devil. But on the contrary, they are only meant to make people completely vulnerable to his action, so that they have no way of defending themselves or discerning anything from his cunning, and thus follow the path that he traced them without even struggling, but thinking they are well guided. As for the path of atheists, they who define themselves as animals at the top of the animal chain, they are indeed, since they have withdrawed themselves from the high status that God originally granted them. What they seem to ignore, however, is that in the chain of animals, they are not at the top, but there is Satan and his devils still above them, and who for them are merciless predators.


This is why the Devil calls his world, that of the lost: “the Jungle”. Because the lost are only animals all at the mercy of each other, with the Devil above them all.

The true way of God is neither that of the sheep nor that of the predator, but that of the FREE MAN provided with reason and superior intelligence, and not devoid of reason like the sectarians, nor subjected to their low instincts like atheists. Allah created Man in the most perfect stature, and breathed into him His soul, and granted him the highest status that can exist, subjecting to him all other beings and all the elements of nature.

We have certainly created man in the most perfect stature. S95:V4

Do you not see that Allah has subjugated to you what is in heaven and on earth? And He has showered you with His apparent and hidden benefits. And among the people, there are some who dispute about Allah, without science, neither guided, nor Enlightening Book. S31:V20

And He subjugated to you everything that is in the heavens and on the earth, all coming from Him. There are signs there for people who reflect. S45:V13

And for you, He subjected the sun and the moon to a perpetual revolution. And He subdued you night and day. S14:V33

And it was He who subdued the sea so that you could eat fresh flesh from it and take out the ornaments that you were wearing. And you see the boats cleaving the sea with noise, so that you go in search of His grace and so that you are grateful. S16:V14

We have designated you healthy camels (and cows) for certain rites established by Allah. There is good in them for you. Therefore pronounce on them the name of Allah, when they have their paws attached, [ready to be sacrificed]. Then, when they lie on their side, eat it, and feed the discreet needy and the beggar. Thus We have subjected them to you so that you may be grateful. S22:V36

Those who honor the rank God originally gave them are true believers under the One Authority of God and who act according to His precepts. While others, such as atheists who claim to be animals and act as such, or people of religions who claim to be submissives, sheep, and slaves, and who act as such, those have have been demoted to the lowest of the lowest rank.

We have certainly created man in the most perfect stature. Then, We have reduced it to the lowest of the lowest, except those who believe and do good works: these will have an uninterrupted reward. S95:V5-6

You can see in everyday life the illustration of the unlimited baseness and ignominy of atheists and people of religions, through their distraction, their blindness, their ignorance, their injustice, their lack of intelligence and thought, their submission to their low instincts, their futility, their ingratitude, their violence, their lack of manner, their savagery, their gregarious instinct … etc etc. God says they are actually like cattle, and even worse than cattle. Indeed, even the cattle are more worthy than them, because they at least behave according to the condition that Allah gave them originally.

The worst beasts to Allah are, in truth, deaf-mutes who do not reason. S8:V22

The worst beasts with Allah are the ungrateful unfaithful to such a point that they have lost their faith. S8:V55

Or do you think most of them hear or understand? They are actually like cattle, even more lost. S25:V44

The Devil was not entirely wrong with his Darwin theory, just take it upside down to see that it applies in all points to the lost that are atheists and sectarians, rising from the rank of free men at the summit of creation, tto hat of monkeys, and even worse than monkeys.


The true religion of God has nothing to do with the concept of “submission” as claimed by Rashad Khalifa and the people of religions, but is about voluntary obedience to God with complete independence, making use of your own reason and intelligence. So there is no concept of constraint or submission in there.

No compulsion in religion! Because the good path distinguished from misguidance. Therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Rebel while he believes in Allah grasps the strongest handle, which cannot break. And Allah is Hearing and All-knowing. S2:V256

It is rather the rebellious Devil who confuses voluntary and grateful obedience to God with submission and forced obedience. Followers of the Devil, whether they are aware of it or not, like Rashad Khalifa, the sectarians who are the people of religions, and atheists, share exactly the same false conception of religion as the Devil. Some have submitted like sheep to the false paths that the Devil has created for them without even using their intelligence, others have taken themselves for rebels and believe they are following their own path. When in reality, both are slaves subjected to the Devil without even realizing it, because if this had not been their case, they would be well guided and would be under the sole authority of God. Indeed, the one who does not follow the guidance of God is necessarily a slave of the Devil, because there is no in between.

Thus, God offers us the choice: that of following His perfect path of our own free will and accessing his paradise for eternity, or that of refusing His path to follow any other path, which will therefore necessarily be one of the paths of the Devil, and to be locked up for eternity in hell.

Such is Allah, your true Lord. Beyond the truth, what is there then if not bewilderment? How then can you turn away? S10:V32

Sectarians and atheists have chosen the second path, and they will be losers in this life and in the hereafter, while the servants of God will be winners in this life and in the hereafter. The one who follows any other way than the way of God is in reality a puppet of the Devil, while the one who follows the way of God is a free man. Because, God is not a manipulator like the Devil and does not seek to put us under his influence by force, while the Devil enslaves to him all his followers.



The lost are puppets of the Devil, whether they are aware of it or not


The servants of God are completely free, and obey God of their own free will and with gratitude. They use their reason and follow God because only His way is true and legitimate

Redemption: The Doctrine of God


Surely, religion according to Allah consists of Redemption. S3:V19

And whoever desires anything other than Redemption by way of religion, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be in the Hereafter among the greatest losers. S3:V85

The true way of God is the way of Redemption. We have all been infected with sin, and if we do not put an end to it through Redemption, sin then progresses in us like cancer, to the point of making us sectarians, atheists, and rebels against God. The only possible way of salvation is therefore the way of Redemption, the remission of sins, the healing of this cancer that is sin which leads us to total madness and dementia, and to repent, it is necessary to totally surrender to God, like a patient who gives himself up to his doctor without any resistance.

Indeed, in the Arabic word “Islam/إسلام“, we find at the same time the concept of redemption, healing, sanitation, but we also find the meaning of completely surrendering to God, which perfectly sums up the way of God.

The classification of believers

However, those who surrender to God and take the path of redemption are not out of the woods and can still relapse at any time. Indeed, they still have to continue their healing process until its end, until God declares them completely healed and gives them His full confidence. There are 2 categories of believers: the “muslimuns / مسلمون“, ie those who are still in their healing process without being healed, and the “muminuns / مؤمنون“: those who led their healing process in the long run, and who have successfully passed all the trials of God, thus providing proof of their total redemption and their unconditional devotion to God. The second category of believers has absolutely nothing to do with the first to the Eyes of God, neither in terms of works, nor in terms of faith, nor in terms of reward, even if these 2 categories do indeed correspond to authentic believers. The sectarians who are the people of religions are in no way “muslimuns“, because they never really committed themselves to the way of God but just subscribed to a sect, they do not follow in any way the direct guidance of God nor His precepts, but follow men like them and invented false rules.

The Arabs said, “We are muminuns / مؤمنون”. Say, “You are not muminuns / مؤمنون”. Say rather: We are “muslimuns / مسلمون”, because faith has not yet entered your hearts. And if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not make you lose anything of your works ”. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. The real muminuns / مؤمنون are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, who afterward do not doubt and who struggle with their goods and their own person in the way of Allah. These are the truthful. S49:V13-15

mumin / مؤمن” means “he who has been decreed trustworthy“, while “muslim / مسلم” means “he who is in remission“. Therefore, being “mumin / مؤمن” represents the final stage of healing of God and corresponds to a higher status in the Eyes of God than the simple status of “muslim / مسلم“. It is this status that every believer who gives himself up to Allah and accepts his healing process must aim for, by persisting at all costs in the way of God, and by agreeing to question himself so that God can purify and heal him totally. It is only once completely healed that he will be completely out of the woods and will be judged as being healthy by Allah, a necessary condition to receive the Confidence of Allah and to be thus decreed “mumin / مؤمن“. To be “mumin / مؤمن” is the highest status that a believer can attain, and any believer must continue to work for the pursuit of this goal, until receiving The Confidence of Allah. These are the “mumin / مؤمن” that Allah calls in the Qur’an, “the advanced“, and who will reach the higher paradise, close to God, in the company of His messengers and His angels. While the “muslim / مسلم” correspond to a lower category in terms of works and faith, and will not have access to the upper paradise, although they will still be fully satisfied with their condition in paradise.

Here is the description of the upper paradise reserved for “mumin / مؤمن“, the highest category of believers.

then you will be three categories: people on the right – what are people on the right? And the people of the left – what are the people of the left? The advanced are those who are far ahead, these are the closest ones, in the Gardens of Delights, a multitude of chosen ones among the first [generations], and a small number among the last [generations], on ornate beds [gold and precious stones], leaning on it and facing each other. Among them will circulate eternally young boys, with cups, ewers and a glass [filled] with a source liquor that will not cause them headaches or dizziness; and fruit of their choice, and any bird meat they want. And they will have houris in their eyes, tall and handsome, like shell pearls as a reward for what they did. They will hear neither futility nor profanity; but only words of peace referring to other words of peace. S56:V7-26


Then comes the category of “muslim / مسلم” who will also have access to paradise, although this paradise will not be the same as that of “mumin / مؤمن“.

And the people on the right; what are the people on the right? [They will be among] thornless jujube trees, and among well-stocked bananas in wide shade [near] continuously flowing water, and abundant fruit, neither interrupted nor forbidden, on raised beds. We who created them to perfection, and We made them virgins, graceful, all of the same age, for the people of the right, a multitude of elected among the first [generations], and a multitude of chosen among the last [generations]. S56:V26-40

All the others, namely people of religion, atheists, agnostics, and devil worshipers, are neither “mumin / مؤمن” nor “muslim / مسلم“, and are all doomed to eternal hell.

And the people on the left; what are the people of the left? they will be in the middle of a scorching breath and boiling water, in the shade of black smoke that is neither fresh nor sweet. They used to live in luxury. They persisted in the great sin and said, “When we die and are dust and bones, will we be resurrected? as well as our ancient ancestors? “Say:” Truly the first and the last will be gathered for the meeting of a known day “. And then, you, the lost ones, who called (the Resurrection) a lie, you will certainly eat from a Zaqqum tree. You will fill your stomach with it, then you will drink boiling water over it, you will drink it like thirsty camels drink. This is the welcome meal that will be served to them, on the day of Retribution. S56:V40-56


Classification of the lost

There are different degrees of madness and bewilderment: the first stage is that of the sectarians who are the people of religions, who follow their dead ends and persist in sinking at all costs, without listening to anything, without thinking anything, without ever evolving. Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of other religions are in this case, their faith in God, if indeed they have faith, is impure and defiled with association and idolatry. These sectarians do not want to follow the path that God traces for them, but want to follow a path already traced by other men like them and which is supposed to lead them towards God, a pseudo turnkey religion where they just have to apply like automata without being actors of their faith. These people are not sectarians for nothing, because like any sectarian, they particularly like the fact of belonging to a community, of finding a new family, people like them who will accept them as they are, in despite their injustices and errors. This reassures them of being in large numbers and it gives them an illusion of security, because they absolutely need to be secure, as they do not benefit from the protection of God. These people are those whom God calls associators, because they think that their association can fulfill the role of the Covenant that God contracts with his true servants. But, they are grossly mistaken, because any alliance apart from that with God is doomed to destruction, and they will end up being enemies of each other both in this earthly life, and in the Hereafter in hell.

And [Abraham] said, “Indeed, it is to cement bonds between yourselves in the present life, that you adopted idols, apart from Allah. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, some will reject others, and some will curse others, while you have the Fire for refuge, will have no protectors. S29:V25


Despite appearances, people of religion are not true believers, but are sectarians, idolaters, and associators.

The higher stage of delusion and madness is that of atheists and agnostics who spend their lives wandering from way to way, without ever taking the way of God, and who strive to drive God out of themselves. These people justify not believing in God and not following His precepts under the false pretext that according to them God does not exist. But, they are only liars, because in reality, God manifests himself within themselves and gives them strong signs, but they strive not to listen to Him and only want to follow their own desires, because they just don’t want God. Atheists stick their head in the sand, believing that because they will reject faith in God, it means that they will not be reprehensible for their actions. While they know very well inside themselves that God exists, but they tell themselves that if they recognize Him, then they will have to turn their whole life upside down and bow to the precepts of God, but they are absolutely not inclined to do it. Atheists are great rebels, they do not want to bow to God, but only want to follow their own desires, without ever having to be held accountable. By rejecting faith, these atheists believe that they have no master, when in reality, they are only submitting a master much worse than the one they associate with God: the Devil, who will be for them a ruthless master not giving them the slightest respite. These atheists spend their time depressing, being anxious, falling sick, going crazy, feeling completely empty because they have turned away from God. They lead a life of enjoyment in order to fill the immeasurable void left by God, but nothing can replace faith in God, and their illness and despair will continue to grow. Since they do not want God under any pretext, God condemned them to follow falsehood whenever they meet it, and to reject truth whenever they meet it, until their final loss.

I will remove from My signs those who, without reason, swell with pride on earth. Even if they saw all the miracles, they wouldn’t believe it. And if they see the right path, they don’t take it as a path. But if they see the path of error, they take it as a path. The truth is that they are treating Our evidence as lies and paying no attention to them. S7:V146


Atheists are simply the enemies of God for whom they blame all the evils of the world

Then come the sectarians and atheists who have pushed their transgression even further, without any fear of God and without the slightest restraint. These people are the ones who defied God, thinking that they could sin without the slightest case of conscience and without the punishment of God reaching them. God then sends them an inseparable companion, a devil among the jinn to torment them constantly, and take them even further in their madness and error. These are the ones modern medicine calls crazy or schizophrenic, but they really aren’t, but are just so lost and tormented by their devils that they end up losing their minds.


Shall I teach you who the devils are descending on? They descend on any blasphemer, great sinner. They are listening … Most of them are liars. S26:V221-223

Then come those whom Allah delivers into the hands of the devil worshipers who are the members of the Masonic brotherhoods. These criminals then serve as victims for prostitution and pedophilia networks, and for human ritual sacrifices. In reality, these kinds of criminals run at their own pace towards their executioners, attracted by evil, by vice, and by easy money, without realizing that they will end up becoming their victims, and very often their families with them. These people there, when they cross the path of God and good, turn their back on him, and when they cross the path of the devil worshipers, they take pleasure in it and join it on their own. God thus delivers them to those they have chosen for themselves, who very often sacrifice them, or use them as touts, to ultimately sacrifice them.


Then comes the ultimate category of the lost, that of the devil worshipers, who know the way of God and clearly recognized it, but who took the side of the Devil with full knowledge of the facts. God uses these great criminals to punish other lesser criminals, and to make them commit the greatest crimes and they take great pleasure in committing these crimes. God deliberately spares these great criminals, in order to comfort them in their sense of impunity and power, and so that they can push their crimes ever further without any limit. God reserves them for the greatest punishment of hell, because no punishment in this world can be equal to their misdeeds.

Patrick McMullan Archives104197226-GettyImages-5845538181_QMNkwO3YjQ0C1ZyumZNmoQ9vedPEyes-Wide-Shut-2maxresdefault (8)

Submission to God is acquired

Submission to God is acquired, because submissive as rebel, we are all naturally subject to the immutable rules which God decreed by His Infinite Wisdom before even creating the universe and all the creatures which populate it. These immutable rules are expressed on a material level by the laws of physics and apply to everyone in a uniform manner, rebel as submissive. Likewise, spiritually, the laws of retribution for acts apply to everyone equally, regardless of our beliefs. We all know the law of physics established by Newton stipulating that “Every action brings about an equal and opposite reaction“, this law echoes the law of retribution of God stipulating that “he who does good will receive 10 times as much, and that whoever does evil will receive equivalent evil.

Whoever comes with the good will have ten times as much; and whoever comes with evil will be paid only by its equivalent. And we will not do them any injustice. S10:V160

And those who have committed bad deeds, the retribution for a bad deed will be its equivalent. A debasement will cover them – no protector for them against Allah -, as if their faces were covered with shreds of nocturnal darkness. These are the people of the Fire where they will dwell forever. S10:V27

Submission” therefore does not risk being what defines the religion of Allah as Muslims and Rashad Khalifa say, since the religion of Allah is free from all coercion (No complusion in religion! S2: V256), while “submission” to God is something inescapable and is imposed on all, rebel as submissive.

Do they desire a religion other than that of Allah, while submitting to Him, willy-nilly, all that exists in the heavens and on earth, and that it is to Him that they will be brought back? S3:V83

And it is to Allah that prostrate, willy-nilly, all who are in heaven and on earth, as well as their shadows, at the beginning and at the end of the day. S13:V15

He then addressed Himself to the sky which was then smoked and said to him, as well as to the earth: “Come both, willy-nilly.” Both said, “We are obedient.” S41:V11

The only choice that is really open to us is to accept of our own free will what God decides for us and to superimpose our will on the will of God, and in this case, God offers us healing, good guidance, and eternal life in paradise with Him. As for the one who does not want to follow the way of God, then it is God who superimposes His will on his and allocates him to the way he has chosen for himself. Now, any other way than the way of God only lead to hell, to failure, to falsehood, to evil, to destruction, to madness, to bewilderment, to darkness. It is therefore only the madmen who want to choose their own path rather than following the guidance of God, and thus be assured of running to their loss.

The religion of God is to make our will become his, and as long as our ego is reluctant to follow 100% God’s way, there is still something to heal in us. This is why we must be constantly ready to question our behavior and beliefs until the end of our life. The one who remains frozen in the same behaviors and beliefs, as it is the case with people of religions, is guaranteed to end up in hell. Because there is only our ego to prevent us from being critical of ourselves and accepting criticism from God, and the one who has ego in front of God is the criminal destined for hell. This is why, I invite you to be receptive to the least of my criticisms, me the messenger of God, and not to take them for personal criticisms or insults, but rather like the prescriptions of God concerning you in order to complete your healing. If people were lucid to themselves, including true believers, then God would not need to send a messenger to make them hear what they refuse to hear for themselves. The one who is well guided is the one who will accept with the greatest of gratitude the least of my criticisms and instructions, I the messenger of God, and will do all he can to implement them. Whoever has ego in him will feel insulted and humbled by my remarks, and that one will go straight to hell. God sent his messenger to answer all your questions, and to highlight your respective errors that you cannot perceive for yourselves. Those who persist despite all in their stubbornness despite the answer given to them, will incur the wrath of Allah and thus cause their own loss.

And those who argue about Allah, after it has been answered to them, their argument is with Allah worthless. Anger will fall on them and they will have a harsh retribution. S42:V16

The only word of the believers, when they are called to Allah and His Messenger, that he may judge among them, is: “We have heard and we have obeyed”. And there are those who succeed. S24:V51

No! … By your Lord! They will not be believers until they ask you to judge their disputes without feeling the slightest embarrassment about what you have decided, and they completely submit [to your sentence]. S4: V65

We have sent a Messenger only to be obeyed by the permission of Allah. S4: V64

The religion of God is based on the principle of free will, the one who will be saved is the one who accepts to follow of his own free will the way that God makes me manifest, and the one who will be irreparably destroyed is the one who rejects it and persists on his current track. Because, any other way than that which God manifests through his messenger can lead only in hell.

Rashad Khalifa, the prototype of the false Koranist doctor

Contrary to established beliefs, Rashad Khalifa is not the first Muslim to say that one must follow Allah and the Qur’an alone, rather than traditional Islam based on the Hadith as source of laws and the scholars/ulemas as guides. In reality, since the dawn of time, there has always been a fringe of people, however small it is, sometimes reduced to a single man, as was the case of Abraham in Babylon or Lot in Sodom, who take only God for Guide and who follow only His Scriptures. For example, at the time of the prophet Muhammad, even before the revelation of the Koran and the consecration of Muhammad as a prophet of God, there was already a fringe among the pre-Islamic Arabs who worshiped only God and no other false deity . These are the “Hanafis” whose name comes from the Arabic “Hanif / حنيف“, a qualifier given by Allah to Abraham and which means “the one who devotes an exclusive worship to Allah“. Contrary to what Muslims say, the true Hanafis existed long before the revelation of the Koran and have nothing to do with the Hanafi sect created by Abu Hanifa a century after the prophet, and whose practice is not exclusive to Allah, since it is based on the Hadiths as source of law rather than the Koran, and on the guidance of the ulema rather than the direct guidance of Allah.


The different religions in Arabi at the 7th century

At all times, there were people who followed only God and His Scriptures alone, and deviated from popular beliefs and traditions, and it was therefore not Rashad Khalifa who launched this movement as the belief wants today. In reality, it is even the opposite, Rashad Khalifa rather served to mislead those who wanted to leave the path of sects to join the path of God and His Scriptures alone. Under the pretext of promoting the way of God and the Qur’an alone, Rashad Khalifa has only created another new sect, and has taken on the role of intermediary that the ulemas and imams occupy with the Muslims, and has replaced the Hadiths by his own false teaching based on the number 19.

Indeed, Rashad Khalifa behaved, not as a messenger of God, but as a true guru, creating his own sect, “the Submitters“, and setting himself up as the essential intermediary to lead towards God. While the true messengers of God are sent by God, not to put themselves between believers and Him, but on the contrary to prescribe people to develop their own direct relationship with God and to follow only His direct inspiration, and to invite them to do their own personal study of the scriptures and thus be able to have their own discernment.

It is impossible for someone to whom Allah has given the Book, the Faculty of Judgment and the Prophecy, to go after that to say to the people: “Be my servants and not those of God”, but he would rather say: ” Be direct disciples of God according to what you have taught and studied from the Book so far ”. S3:V79

Long before Rashad Khalifa, many Muslims had already deserted traditional Islam to follow, more or less efficiently, depending on the purity of their faith, the way of Allah and the Qur’an alone, these people were called the Quranites, and the Devil only used Rashad Khalifa to intercept these people. This is why the Devil made Rashad Khalifa popular in the world, promoting him through the internet, TV, newspapers, conferences, … which is confirmed in his official biography.


The Devil wanted the way of God and the Koran alone to be associated with Rashad Khalifa in order to lead astray through him those who seek the true way of God. The Devil then used the assassination of Rashad Khalifa by an Islamist terrorist group, to erect him as a martyr and thus make him the reference figure for the way of God and the Qur’an alone. Now, what Rashad Khalifa preaches is neither the way of God nor that of the Koran alone, but he has only created one more sect of Islam, even more astray than the other islamic sects.

The Devil often uses this kind of method to mislead people, creating false heroes, false martyrs, such as Kennedy, Ghandi, or Martin Luther King, presenting them as defenders of truth, while he knows very well that these people are huge criminals. Thus, the Devil created through these people false causes and new ways of delusion, making believe that they died because they were telling the truth. For the Devil, Rashad Khalifa is better dead than alive, because if he had been still alive, people would easily see the imposter that he is and his way would not fool anyone. It is a technique of the Devil to associate criminals like Rashad Khalifa with the way of God so that they serve as repellents. Only the one who acts according to the prescription of God can see clearly in the cunning of the Devil, taking in all information what is true and leaving what is false, regardless of its source or its author. Rashad Khalifa is not only a false messenger, but the Devil made him his first prototype for a myriad of false messengers and false teachers of religion claiming to guide the people towards the way of God, when they are only going astray themselves and astraying others with them.

The False Guides of Traditional Islam

Rashad Khalifa is therefore only the first in a long list of false messengers, false guides and false doctors, which have quickly become popular thanks to modern media. Places are expensive in traditional Islam and to break through you have to climb all the levels of the Islamic clergy, which is very difficult and can take a lot of time, because as in politics, you have to walk a long time in the machinery of Islam before having any public visibility. Some still managed to do so, such as Ali Numan Khan, Bilal Philips, Yusuf Estates, Zakir Naïk, Tariq Jamil, Ahmed Deedat, Omar Suleiman, Yusuf Al-Qardhawi, Tariq Ramadan …

nouman-ali-khan-essentials-of-islam03-3-2048x1365Ahmed-Deedat-paperbackImam-Omar-Suleimanmaxresdefault (9)Mufti Ismail Menk preaches in Monrovia, Liberia - 31 Mar 2018x1080


His majesty Youssouf Al-Qardhawi, used to palaces and television sets, has been a star of traditional Islam for over 30 years now, and author of 120 books !!!

Tariq Ramadan

A special mention for Tariq Ramadan, who until recently was one of the most influential of these false preachers of the Devil. Allah pulverized him because he believed he could continue to commit his foul sins with impunity and deceive people with strength.


Tariq Ramadan was known to hold extremely strict speeches concerning ethics and sexual morality, condemning to hell any Muslim who committed the slightest deviation in this area.


Tariq Ramadan presents himself as the cantor of ethics and righteousness

While in reality Tariq Ramadan is a sexual predator of the same caliber as Dominique Strauss Khan, the proof is, some of his victims were common with Dominique Strauss Khan, as reported in the newspaper L’Express.


“he admitted to having had consensual sex with the 3rd complainant”, “Mounia, Rabbouj, escort girl, had already appeared in the case of the Carlton of Lille as a civil party, telling the bar the libertine evenings with DSK and Dodo la Saumure”. Tariq Ramadan presents himself as a man of God while he commit illegal sex with escort girls involved with illuminati memebes worshipers of the Devil

In retribution, Allah gave him an exemplary punishment by breaking the facade of a upright man that he had forged for himself, and by dragging him through the mud, revealing to the whole world his true criminal nature, and by humiliating him at all levels, he who has an oversized ego and who believed himself untouchable because of his powerful supporters, especially Qatar. Now he has lost all his chairs, all of his funding, and much of the wealth he had accumulated on the back of religion. See how the lost can easily be fooled by any impostor for not following God’s direct guidance: Muslims have long regarded Tariq Ramadan as a great religion expert, while he had not the slightest diploma or any true knowledge in religion and is among the worst criminals ever.


Tariq Ramadan would have usurped his university titles

Allah hates those who do the opposite of what they say, and Tariq Ramadan had made a specialty of it, thinking indefinitely deceiving Allah and the believers.

O you who believed! Why do you say what you don’t do? It is a great abomination to Allah to say what you do not do. S61:V2-3

See how Allah pulverized him in his flesh and in his mind in the space of a few months. This is the signature of the punishment of Allah, when Allah decides to strike, it always hurts badly.





Tariq Ramadan has now lost everything: his health, his money, his work, his reputation, and has become a pariah around the world, including within his own family, both among Muslims and non-Muslims.


“He was told several times that his presence was not wanted, said the elected official. Faced with his refusal to leave the room, several people decided to leave, he added. His coming as a spectator of the debate is an unacceptable provocation. His ignorant provocations must stop, said the mayor, calling on the Swiss intellectual to respect a minimum of decency by leaving in peace those who are fighting against violence done against women.” See how Tariq Ramadan is vile!

Despite the exemplary punishment he received from God, Tariq Ramadan persists in his denial and continues to claim himself as a victim, even though his crimes have been clearly established, which is proof of the real criminal that he really is. Allah has given him through this scandal a chance to repent despite his horrible crimes, but predators of his kind do not know repentance and will persist in their crimes until God destroys them. completely


These impostors say the complete opposite of the truth, his book should rather be called “Duty of lie” and not “Duty of truth”, because everything in his book  is only lies and arranged truths

Allah issues a warning through Tariq Ramadan to all other false preachers who are steeped in the same sordid stories, and to all false believers who lead double lives. These people want to give themselves a public image of respectability, while they commit the worst sins of the world in secret, forgetting due to their criminal nature that if no one sees them, Allah sees all of their misdeeds and pays them accordingly. So be all warned, and take note of this warning that Allah sends to us all, because any media affair is actually part of the signs of Allah addressed to all men.

Orchestration of hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims

This Tariq Ramadan affair in fact goes far beyond the framework of his person, and has for real objective only to raise hatred against Muslims. Indeed, a Muslim like Tariq Ramadan, in addition an important figure of Islam, exposed as being a great sexual predator and counting among his victims mainly Western women, that is what to fuel in an extraordinary way the hatred against Muslims. In the same vein, all these Muslim community lists are only there to explode Western hatred against Muslims, and not to defend their rights.


Municipal 2020: political class worried about the presence of community lists during the poll


Municipal: the Union of French Muslim Democrats launches its compaign

On the one hand, the agents of the Devil seek to raise hatred of non-Muslims against Muslims, and on the other, they seeksto promote through false flag attacks directed against Muslims, hatred of Muslims against non-Muslims. And to add even more fuel to the fire and to comfort Muslims in their feeling of victimization and push them to isolate themselves further in their communitarianism, the authors of these orchestrated attacks are always declared not responsible for their acts.


Bayonne bombing: would the author have been insane …


“Mosque in Bayonne: Muslim officials blame the current climate
There is great concern in the community”

Muslims, because of their ignorance and tendency towards communitarianism, think that these community lists are there for their good, whereas they are only a trap which is tended to them to push them to isolate themselves more than they already are. Muslims do not realize that it is their own bigotry and injustice that will be the cause of their final loss. Because, instead of behaving with respect and gratitude to those who welcomed them, Muslims rather seek to impose by force their retrograde way of life and their sectarian religion of lost. God commands us to respect those who welcomed us and to respect their customs and traditions, not to live as outcasts entrenched in community. The more rights and aid they are granted, the more Muslims demand more and are even more ungrateful, without realizing that this will end up turning against them.

I, the messenger of God, I am the first person to condemn with the greatest violence and firmness these sectarians who are the Muslims, who persist in refusing any call to the order of Allah, while these do not cease to multiply against them for decades and even centuries. When Allah punishes them for their crimes, Muslims present themselves as martyrs and ignore His Punishment. When Allah sends his messenger to remind them of the true way and to show them their error, they listen to nothing and persist and sign in their false religion. When Allah marks them with the seal of humiliation and ignominy, making them outcasts around the world, it does not make them react, but they are content with it and remain just as proud of themselves. These criminals that are Muslim sectarians are exactly the same as the Children of Israel when Allah poured out his retribution on them. I, Messenger of God, announce to you from Allah, to you sectarian Muslims, that from 2020, what happened to the Jews during the time of the 2nd World War will happen to you. Wherever you are on this earth, God will pour his punishment on you, both on your lands of origin and on your host lands, you will be chased everywhere like the rats that you are and put to death without the slightest pity. And as for those of you who survive, they will lose nothing for waiting, because God is in fact reserving them for greater punishment.

Hatred against Muslims has never been greater around the world, and this is only the visible sign of their coming destruction. Indeed, the Devil patiently fed the hatred of each other, on one side the Muslims on the other the nationalists of the far right, on the one hand the rich on the other side the poor, on one hande the western capitalist world on the other the eastern socialist world, in order to launch WW3 in a climate of war of religions, war of the East against the West, war of the rich against the poor. Thus, God will deliver to the Devil all the lost of this world, massacring each other because of their extreme injustice, and because they persist in turning from His way despite all His call to order .


“Are you in favor, like the Senate, of banning religious symbols during school outings?” This vote actually hides an anti-Islam vote, understand 87% of French people are against Muslims

anti muslim march nycgermany_muslims


These extremists are real criminals, they do not realize that with or without the Muslims, they will nonetheless remain the same outcasts and failures that they are. God Puts Criminals Against Each Other To Destroy Each Other



The lost that are traditional Muslims do not realize that by taking part in these anti-Islamophobia demonstrations, they only further accentuate the hatred against them.

The False Preachers of the Devil

All these false preachers all share the same profile: that of potential criminals whose first quality is to have an insatiable appetite for glory, prestige, fame, adulation, wealth … and of course for women of little virtue. These false guides and impostors in reality have nothing to do with Allah, but only use Him to get out of their overwhelming mediocrity, and thus be able to shine in the eyes of the same people who previously despised them. Indeed, all these false preachers are originally failures, good for nothing, who have not been able to succeed through conventional ways, and who have found for only way to catch up that to use of God and religion, by deceiving people while they know very well that they have no real knowledge from God and that they are in no way well guided by Him. Today, these failures have become rich in millions and only frequent society, and re close friends of the powerful and the regulars on television sets and in the stands.

DZN Profile Kit_Kaleem (15-10-16)_Page_043DZN Profile Kit_Kaleem (15-10-16)_Page_046Yusuf-Alqardhawiyasir-qadhi-leadership-and-activism-advice-to-american-muslim-activists.pngIMG-20181102-WA0030_00x0-istanbul-summit-of-muslim-scholars-discusses-feto-and-daish-threat-147622172900119-05-13-Qatar’s-ruler-Emir-Tamim-and-hate-preacher-Yousef-al-Qaradawi

maxresdefault (17)

Maulana (his majesty as they call him) Tariq Jameel with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan … only a criminal would be proud to shake the hand of another criminal

Like the politicians, these false preachers are paid fortunes for their conferences, and sell at premium price their innumerable books which they are made write by others, flouting without the slightest case of conscience the prescription of God never to cash knowledge and truth, if indeed their books contain the least authentic knowledge.

You recognize them without difficulty, their names are long and with particles, and are most of the time preceded by pompous titles without any value in the eyes of Allah: Doctor, Sheikh, Wali, Sidi, Hadhrat, Sidi, Mufti, Imam, Maulana … and so on.

You give your obedience, instead of giving it to Him (Allah), only to people decked out with titles that you invented, you and your ancestors, and over which Allah did not descend any authority. Power only belongs to Allah. He commanded you to give your obedience only to Him (Allah). This is the right religion; But most people are not aware. S12:V40

These major criminals only speak to themselves and to important people, and never speak directly to grassroots people, but only give voice to a few hand-picked “lucky few” at their conferences or in front of the cameras, for the sole purpose of increasing their popularity and pretending to be what they are not.


Like politicians, they do not accept debate, but only participate in debates agreed among themselves in advance, where they only congratulate each other, and confirm the statements of each other. It is therefore impossible to confront them directly for the simple reason that the simple people that we are, have strictly no direct access to their majesties. It would be very easy to dismantle their false speeches, because they are only impostors devoid of all science and all intelligence. But, they are careful not to put themselves in a position to be able to be confronted, and if they are despite their efforts to never mix with the masses, then like politicians, you will only receive of them contempt, deafening silence, and insults.

These false preachers are very similar to politicians, except that instead of choosing which political party will allow them to reach their end as quickly as possible, they choose which branch of religion will lead them to the top as quickly as possible, and allow them to acquire the maximum of followers, money, prestige, and women of little virtue to woo them. God vomits these people, followers as leaders, just like authentic believers. They and their followers are exactly of the same caliber and are only false believers and potential criminals, big sinners, big liars, oriented towards this earthly world, idolatry, association, sectarianism, and all that Allah forbids.

And when you see them, their bodies amaze you; and if they speak you listen to their word. They are like wax beings and think that everything revolves around them. The enemy is them. Take care. May Allah exterminate them! As they are diverted from the right path. S63:V4

Their profiles are all alike, made of fake diplomas and over-inflated CVs, most come from Muslim countries, but many end up settling in the United States, a country which attracts all the scavengers of the world in search of glory, easy money, and followers easy to lure.

These false preachers seek only to shine and to receive glory and honor over their persons, through prizes which have no value in the eyes of Allah, but which illustrate only their smallness and their ignominy.


What true man of God would be proud to display these titles which do not have the least value in the eyes of God?



His Majesty Tareeq Jamil receiving the Golden Play Youtube Award

These false teachers of religion act only for their own interests, and are the most selfish beings in the world. Like politicians, they hate each other secretly or openly, but most pretend to appreciate each other, so that the prestige of each other can fall on themselves.

maxresdefault (11)

These false preachers are the false deities that Allah mentions in the Qur’an, just like movie stars, music stars, sports stars, and other celebrities of all kinds. Lost people have made them their idols, comforting each other in their respective false ways. Watch the following video, called “Top 10 Islamic scholars around the world“, among the millions of videos on Youtube promoting these false guides of the Devil.


You can see in these 2 comments that got the most likes, how much followers and leaders are alike.

All these scholars are like different flowers in one vase. In fact, they all are spreading beautiful colors and smells of emaan/faith

All these preachers are different variants of the same bucket of Devil’s filth, and the same pestilential smell emanates from their sick souls. There is no ounce of faith in them, otherwise they would not do what they do.

May Allah make me one of them. Please say Amen

Followers as leaders only seek to shine, without any real faith in Allah, and all share the same criminal behavior. They only deceive each other: the followers seek to associate with these leaders only to profit from their prestige, while the leaders accept them only to obtain a maximum of popularity, which is beneficial to their religion business. Allah has cursed them all in this earthly world as in the hereafter, and has stirred up for them the flames of the eternal hell that awaits them. So these are the false guides that traditional Muslims have adopted in place of Allah, they are exactly like them and all will share the same fate in hell.

And if you could see when the unrighteous will stand before their Lord, speaking to one another! Those who let themselves be led will say to those who served as leaders: “Without you, we would certainly have been believers”. Those who served as leaders will say to those who were led, “Did we push you from the right direction after it came to you? In reality, you were already criminals. ” S34:V31-32

Ali Nouman Khan


A very special mention from Allah for Ali Nouman Khan, who has become in the space of a few years an international celebrity, accumulating tens of millions of fans around the world and rich in millions of dollars.

Ali Nouman Khan, Pakistani by origin, born in Germany to a diplomatic father, like all the other false preachers, comes from an impure soil and was by his own admission a notorious dud who had neither a university degree nor the lesser religious knowledge. Ali Nouman Khan readily admits that he was completely lost in his youth, leading a sinful life on the model of the disbelievers, far from all fear of God and all religion. Like all the failures that are these false preachers, he then thought that the only way to catch up would be through religion. His father having been assigned to Saudi Arabia, this is when Ali Nouman Khan begun to learn Arabic, and in the space of a few years, he became according to his own claims, expert in the Koran and the Arabic language. Certainly, it does not take much for these imposters to declare themselves experts!

Ali Nouman Khan then followed his parents to the United States, by his own admission fascinated by the American way of life, this is very strange for a man of God! He then started making videos on Youtube, simply filming the Arabic lessons he was giving to his own daughter, Husna. Realizing very quickly the growing success of his videos with Muslims who are always fond of any form of false science, he begun to interpret the verses of the Koran, presenting himself as an expert in Arabic, while Arabic is not even his native language. He met success very quickly and he then began to travel around the world in order to give seminars and conferences at a premium price, spreading all over the world his error and his false science.


Ali Nouman Khan even created his own itinerant university selling dreams through his “Dream Program“, claiming to teach the precepts of the Koran, which nevertheless advocates traditional Islam. It is a shame to pretend to teach the way of the Koran, while selling the way of traditional pagan Islam based on the Hadiths, and in no way on the Koran.


Ali Nouma Khan has now reached almost a million subscribers on Youtube, and his videos and lectures are followed by millions of Muslims worldwide, in the United States, in Europe and in the Arab countries. His success skyrocketed and from this moment he became the darling of the Muslim world and is now invited to the same table as the most notorious names of traditional Islam. But, Ali Nouman Khan does not intend to stop there, and he decides to create his own institution, Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Qur’anic Studies, just like Rashad Khalifa had done before him with his United Submitters International, and undertakes to make a real business of his program of learning Arabic and the Koran.


As nothing stops him, Ali Nouman Khan sells his book entitled nothing less than “Divine Speech“, going so far as to pretend to peddle the word of Allah, he who has not the least knowledge from Allah. Doesn’t Allah forbid trading in his “Divine Speech“? But that’s ok, his book is anything but a Divine Speech.


Ali Nouman Khan is undoubtedly the only Muslim in the world who could give marketing lessons to Bill Gates himself, because when it comes to money, the least we can say is that Ali Nouman Khan keep his head on his shoulders. In his religion business, Ali Nouman Khan implemented an ultra aggressive marketing strategy, selling his Arabic lessons online almost at the price ($ 11 / month) of a Netflix subscription, launching his own online application and his own pay television channel, Bayyinah TV, organizing year-round conferences ($ 75) and seminars (+ $ 100) at premium price, creating his own academy providing University courses, the Bayyinah Institute, publishing several books only repeating the content of his old videos, launching his own blog in order to remain relevant in the business of religion. Hats off! Ali Nouman Khan has really left nothing that cannot be cashed out!


More than $100 the seminary!


$75 if you want to be in the front row to see their majesties up close


Nouman Khan recycles again and again the same bogus lessons he gave over 15 years ago!


Revive your heart for the modest sum of $16


Unlike the Koran, for this “Divine Speech”, you still have to pay $ 24.99

You thought you seen it all ? Well no! When it comes to making money Ali Nouman Khan has a few tricks up his sleeves! Ali Nouman Khan enjoys a small advantage exclusive to the business of religion, that of being able to play on people’s faith to make them spend more money. Because, if you don’t need Ali Nouman Khan’s lessons, the latter generously invites you to pay an annual subscription to those who cannot afford it. What generosity!!! But make no mistake, this is just one more way for Ali Nouman Khan to bring even more money into his coffers. Because, if it was really about generosity, Ali Nouman Khan could simply offer free subscriptions to the poorest, especially since they cost him nothing. But, Ali Nouman Khan unfortunately can not afford it, already rich in millions, he aims to be rich in tens or even hundreds of millions.


Ali Nouman Khan has brought up to date this Middle Ages practice, now abandoned, consisting of the trade in Indulgences, granting absolution against hard-hitting money. Bravo Ali Nouman Khan! No one would have thought of it except him!

The Koran is a Book in Arabic and foreign languages

The worst is not that Ali Nouman Khan does business in religion, but above all the fact of selling perdition to people, making them believe that it is necessary to know how to read Arabic to be able to understand the Koran, when in reality it only serves his business of religion. Did Allah send the Koran only to the 500 million people speaking Arabic on this Earth, and for the other 7 billion Allah would have previously prescribed compulsory Arabic lessons with this crook of Ali Nouman Khan? In reality, Ali Nouman Khan is only relaying the perdition of the Devil who has guided his steps since the very beginning of his ascent. Indeed, only the Devil has an interest in adding an additional difficulty and not the least, which is knowing how to read Arabic, to prevent people from reaching the Koran. How many people I have known who took the phony courses of this Ali Nouman Khan with the aim of being able to read the Koran in Arabic, and who in the end not only learned nothing from Arabic, and on the same occasion ended up abandoning the study of the Koran, believing in Ali Nouman Khan’s lie that it is absolutely necessary to know how to read Arabic to be able to understand the Koran? However, Allah says just the opposite in the Koran, presenting the Koran both as a book both in Arabic and in foreign languages. Because, Allah knows that if He sent the Koran to the whole world, it was of course intended to be translated into all the languages ​​of the world, which is indeed the case, and that it can be understood in a uniform way whatever is the language of translation.

If We had made it a Qur’an in a language other than Arabic, they would have said, “Why weren’t his verses clearly stated? Can it be in both foreign languages ​​and Arabic? ”Say:“ For those who believe, there is guidance and healing ”. And as for those who disbelieve, there is deafness in their ears and they are blinded as far as it is concerned; these are called from a distant place. S41:V44

You don’t need to be able to read Arabic to understand the Koran. Whoever has faith in God and who has a sincere will to obey Him will receive from God discernment and a good understanding of the Qur’an, regardless of the language in which he reads it. Whereas false believers will never understand anything in it, no matter what language they read it in. In case of doubt concerning a translation, it suffices to compare the different translations of the Koran, by comparing them with each other and on the basis of the context of the verse and on the good inspiration of Allah, and then the meaning of the verse will appear with the will of God. Moreover, even the Arabs are incapable of understanding the Koran even though it is written in their mother tongue. Indeed, the Arabic used in the Koran is specific to the Koran, and Allah gives its true understanding only to those whose heart is sincere and faith is pure, regardless of any expertise in Arabic. The proof is: in the time of the prophet Muhammad, the study of the Arabic language was the national sport, however, how many Arabs of this time did not grasp anything at all in the Koran and saw in it only a vulgar man’s book. It is therefore not the level of expertise in Arabic that allows the understanding of the Koran, but only the purity of our faith and intentions. Those who want to understand the Koran in order to know what Allah prescribes and with the objective of implementing it on their own life in order to please Allah, they will have a good understanding of it regardless of the language in which they read it. While those who do not follow the guidance of God or the Koran in any way, like traditional Muslims, those there will never understand anything in it. All these false preachers like Ali Nouman Khan who claim to be experts in religion, in reality understand nothing at all in the Koran, as do all the sectarians that are the Muslims.

We put veils on their hearts, so that they do not understand it: and in their ears, heaviness. And when, in the Koran, you evoke Your Unique Lord, they turn their backs on repulsion. S17:V46

What worse unjust than the one to whom the verses of his Lord were reminded and who turned his back on them, forgetting what his two hands had done? We have placed veils on their hearts, so that they do not understand (the Koran), and put heaviness in their ears. Even if you call them to the right path, they will never be able to guide themselves. S18:V57

There are some among them who come to listen to you, while We have veiled their hearts, which prevent them from understanding (the Koran), and in their ears is a heaviness. Even if they saw all kinds of evidence, they wouldn’t believe it. And when they come to argue with you, those who disbelieve say then: “They are only legends of the ancients”. S6:V25

Allah commands us to follow only His Scriptures, and Allah tells us in the Qur’an that it is Himself who will give us the proper understanding of it. However, these sectarians who are the traditional Muslims persist in denying Allah and claiming that the Koran cannot be understood without their cursed Hadiths. Allah has therefore allocated them to the way of bewilderment that they have chosen for themselves, putting an invisible barrier between them and the Koran which prevents them from understanding it, and blinding them so that they follow the Hadiths without perceiving their error.

Ali Nouman Khan: agent of the Devil

The price of $ 11 for his monthly subscription confirms to us that Ali Nouman Khan is,  like Rashad Khalifa, under the direct influence of the Devil. 1 referring to God, and 11 referring to the Devil who claims to be God next to God. 11 symbolizes rebellion against God and those who bear this mark are in reality under the direct influence of the Devil, their true God.


In the space of a few years, Ali Nouman Khan went from the stage of a commoner, to that of a true celebrity and idol for millions of Muslims around the world, going so far as to speak of himself in the 3rd person and boasting of being one of the 500 most influential personalities in the Muslim world, even raising the stakes until placing himself in the top 50, which betrays his desire to shine. Observe the change in the way he dresses and in his look between his debut in 2005 and now, the transformation is shocking and speaks volumes about its evolution.

maxresdefault (12)

Ali Nouman Khan in 2005 in cheap suit and with a basic Pakistani look


Ali Nouman Khan, in 2019, with a smart suit and a business tycoon look


Ali Nouman Khan listed among the 50 most influential muslams in the world, while in the screenshot above he is listed in the top 500. We can see that what really matters for Ali Nouman Khan is to become an influential figure and to promote his own person

Ali Nouman Khan is now called “Ustadth“, which means “Professor”, who gave him this title? He actually granted it himself, because it was neither Allah who gave him nor any university, like Tariq Ramadan who also invented several titles of the same genre. Ali Nouman Khan presents himself as a missionary working for the cause of Allah and the Koran, while it is precisely his so-called “divine mission” which has allowed him to become a multimillionaire and a true idol for traditional Muslims around the world . Ali Nouman Khan dares above all to claim that he works for the promotion of the Koran, while being the cantor of traditional pagan Islam which relegates the Koran to the rank of mere foil for the Hadiths. What’s the point to promote the study of the Koran, while following the opposite of the Koran, namely the Hadiths and the so-called “Sunnah of the Prophet“?

We find in Ali Nouman Khan the same evolution as the imposter Rashad Khalifa, believing that he can translate the Koran and provide an exhaustive explanation of it, even though he understands nothing in the Koran and is in no way guided by God. These impostors, such as Ali Nouman Khan or Rashad Khalifa, think they can rely on their own knowledge and intelligence and do not realize that without the guidance of Allah, their knowledge and intelligence are worthless and will never allow them to approach the Koran. Ali Nouman Khan dares to present himself as a missionary of God working as a kind of prophet for the cause of God and the Koran, when he is in reality only the “CEO“, as he defines himself, of a thriving business profiting on the back of Allah and religion. Ali Nouman Khan, in order to appear authentic, pushes hypocrisy to the point of pretending to seek the prayers of Muslims to help him carry out his “divine mission“, which as we have seen has so far served only to make him a multimillionaire and a true idol for Muslims. Is this truly a “divine mission“, it is rather a satanic mission.

maxresdefault (10)maxresdefault-117702-5-1280x720


Ali Nouman Khan taking a selfie with the impostor Mufti Menk … These false preachers honor each other, when in reality they confirm one another the false believers and impostors that they truly are

But this is not all concerning this potential criminal, just like Tariq Ramadan, Ali Nouman Khan likes to prescribe to others what he himself does not do. Ali Nouman Khan was indeed embroiled by an unprecedented sex scandal with supporting evidence and images, which confirms the horrible person he really is. This does not even surprise me, because around 2012 when I started following him, I immediately noticed his inappropriate proximity to the female gender, and a few years later, these impressions finally confirmed .





“I will be your sugar daddy” … Ali Nouman Khan uses his notoriety and wealth to divert young naive weak teenage girls


Ali Nouman Khan is not afraid of God or has the slightest remorse, but only fears of losing his business in religion


We see that his appearance is very important to him, Ali Nouman Khan was not as bodybuilded before becoming rich and famous thanks to religion

If I’ve mentioned this sordid story, it is only for you to realize with your eyes how much these false preachers, like Tariq Ramadan, Ali Nouman Khan, and even Rashad Khalifa, also involved in a sex scandal that I will expose you further on, can act in order to look as respectable men of God, while leading a double life of debauchery. If Allah wants you to see it with your eyes, it is to cause in you an electric shock, so that you become fully aware of the devil’s ability to act like a saint, and also to expose the true nature of these great criminals that are the false preachers. Do you realize how far these people can enter in their role, pretending to guide people to Allah and the Koran, succeeding in deceiving hundreds of millions of people, when they actually have nothing to do with God and do not have the least knowledge from God? The Devil is particularly good at using the language of God and knows how to use the Koran to mislead believers, and you have the perfect illustration of this with Tariq Ramadan and Ali Nouman Khan. I have only dug these 2 cases, but I bet that the other false preachers of Islam hide exactly the same perditions. Concerning Ali Nouman Khan, what true man of God would abandon his wife and 7 children to sexually harass young teenage girls in distress? Because, Ali Nouman Khan is not satisfied with simple flirts with single adult women, but uses his notoriety and wealth acquired on the back of religion, to divert fragile young girls in situations of extreme vulnerability and in search of paternal figures to heal their wounds. Ali Nouman Khan is not at his first try, but this has become a practice for him, to the point that he ended up exposing himself out of overconfidence, thinking himself untouchable and believing that he would go unpunished indefinitely. Once caught, Ali Nouman Khan behaves as a criminal, and like Tariq Ramadan, uses his power to intimidate and threaten his victims, without the slightest case of conscience or sincere repentance, but fearing only for the collapse of his business based on the back of religion … that is to say the level of his faith!

These criminals have not experienced a simple personal failure, but are merciless predators, real henchmen of the Devil disguised as lambs, seeking to deceive Allah and take advantage of the credulity of the people. But the most amazing is that Muslims still continue to idolize these false preachers and take them as guides despite the many repeating scandals that embroil them. In reality, leaders and followers alike share the same criminal nature and will share the same fate in hell. For those who live in the fear of God, you must realize once and for all that all these preachers of Islam are all the same impostors, and that you must definitively stop taking them as guides in order to follow instead God Alone. Indeed, which authentic believer would accept to be paid to deliver his knowledge? Which authentic believer would accept to be idolized and worshiped in this way? Which authentic believer would be honored to be received by the powerful of this world? Which authentic believer would bear false titles and is honored to receive worthless prizes? Which authentic believer would preach the way of sects rather than the way of Allah and His Scriptures alone? This is precisely what all these preachers are, if you persist in following them in place of Allah, then prepare to be destroyed soon by Allah.

The False Quranist Guides

There are also a large number of these false guides among the Koranists, going so far as to present themselves as great experts in religion and even messengers of God, but whose real motivation is actually to promote themselves and to mislead people, while they perfectly know that they have not the least knowledge from Allah and are themselves completely lost.

You will recognize them without difficulty, all cheerfully display their faces marked by the stigmas of their crimes on their Youtube channels or their personal websites, all bear false titles as pompous as each other, or are covered with diplomas of no value to the eyes of Allah. Their criminal behavior is in all points similar to that of the false preachers of traditional Islam: they despise people and never answer them, or if they answer them it is by an expeditious answer, they do not suffer the least criticism, all of them invariably remain frozen in their same invented false beliefs no matter what arguments may be presented to them, all ask that donations be made to them because most of them live only on their religion business, all of them market their false knowledge in phony books and through conferences, all stamp with a copyright the least of their worthless writings, most of them employ criminals of the same caliber as them in order to serve them as petty hands or moderators, all accept no open debate, all behave in a totally unfair manner towards people, all are very fond of women of little virtue that Allah hastens to send them in order to permanently seal their fate in hell.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these false doctors and messengers, and I speak with full knowledge of the facts, because I have had to deal with each of them personally, and I have seen from my own experience their true criminal nature. I, the authentic messenger of Allah, will be the first witness against them during the Judgment Day, and Allah has cursed them in this life by giving them a life of misery, and they will in the afterlife in the lowest floors of hell.

The false Quranist preacher Doctor Ahmed Shabbir


The false Quranist preacher and devil in human shape Sam Gerrans (Youtube channel)


The devil in human shape and false messenger claiming to be the 2nd Resurrection of Christ, Hosanna Ben David (Youtube channel)


Emmanuel Abété, false missionary of Jesus Christ and devil in human shape (Youtube channel)

maxresdefault (13)

The false messenger Imam Mahdi Nasser Muhammad Al Yemeni


The Quranist and impostor Mehdi (Youtube channel)


The false preacher of traditional islam MercifulServant (Youtube channel)


The false messenger Cheikh Ahmadou Mbacké SAKHO (Youtube channel)


The false prophet Soulange Jonas (Youtube channel)


The false messenger  Ahmed Nishitoba


The false Quranist preacher and impostor CoranSeul (Youtube channel)


The false Quranist preacher, heir to Rashad Khalifa, Edip Yuksel (Youtube channel)

maxresdefault (18)

The devil in human shape and false preacher of traditional islam Imran Hosein (Youtube channel)


This list represents only a very small sample of the thousands of false teachers and false messengers who plague today around the world, with the common point of promoting their own person while claiming to have knowledge of Allah even if they perfectly know that they are nothing but impostors. Moreover, some of these imposters authenticate each other, such as the false messengers Ahmed Nishitoba and Hosanna Ben David, or the pseudo Quranist Edip Yuksel, who promote the false miracle 19 and recognize the imposter Rashad Khalifa as an authentic messenger of God. This will hardly surprise us, because these great misguided are all under the influence of the same Devil: Satan in person.

Why the Devil elected Rashad Khalifa?

Actually, It is not without a particular reason that the Devil chose Rashad Khalifa to make him his main false messenger and emblematic figure of the Koranist movement. This is primarily because Rashad Khalifa lived in the early days of the computer and internet age, and the Devil knew that these new modes of communication would change the face of the world in terms of information traffic. Before the internet age, people were much more isolated and could only count on reading thick books to perfect their science. Especially since most of these books were rare, expensive, or simply inaccessible, most people had to trust the pseudo religious experts who claimed to hold the science of these books. The Devil then only had to mislead this small elite of pseudo scholars so that the rest of the people were lost in their turn. But today, with the advent of the internet and modern communication media, any individual can have direct access to any information instantly and without much difficulty. The Devil used Rashad Khalifa as the first model in a long list of imposters of the same caliber, and promoted them around the world using modern means of communication. This is to flood the internet with these impostors and for truth seekers to fall into their pitfall, confusing them with authentic experts in the way of Allah and His Scriptures alone. Today, I tell you, me the messenger of God, there is not a single website dealing with religion which contains the truth of God. I have not come across any authentic or well-guided preachers, this is why God sent his messenger to true believers, to show them His way before the coming of destruction.


Similar computer to the one used by Rashad Khalifa in 1974 to discover his code 19

For Rashad Khalifa, it all started the day he first had a computer in his hands. Before that, Rashad Khalifa was already omnibulated by the meaning of the initials preceding certain suras of the Qur’an and the mysterious number 19. Allah, however, clearly warned us in the Qur’an that we should especially tackle these mysteries of which He alone has the key. But, Rashad Khalifa not understanding anything in the Koran and not having the least fear of God in him, completely ignored the warning of God and persisted in seeking to uncover their secret so as to be able to boast of being the first person on earth to have resolved them, thus receiving glory and fame on his person. This suited the Devil who hastened to inspire him to load the Koran in Arabic on his computer, the first experience of its kind at that time, which is never a very good sign. And, in no time Rashad Khalifa discovered his pseudo miracle 19 and his false explanation of the initials preceding certain suras of the Koran. Pumped by his “miraculous” discoveries, Rashad Khalifa undertakes at the same time his own translation of the Koran, believing now that he had the capacity to understand the Koran in its entirety, even though he understands nothing in it and that his real motivations are all but noble.

I invite you to read this extract from the biography of Rashad Khalifa in order to see for yourself that it is in this way that events unfolded for him. You can consult his full biography on the website associated with him.

soufilettrescumputer publish

You are going to have confirmation that the Devil really did nothing at random, and did not choose Rashad Khalifa without reason to make him one of his main agents of distraction as part of his plan for the end of time.

The timing of the election of Rashad Khalifa


The Devil’s choice concerning Rashad Khalifa was first motivated by timing. The Devil wanted to be the first before God to take advantage of this new deal that represents the age of computers and the Internet, in order to spread his perdition on a large scale and thus to precede God to mislead most of people before His guidance comes to them. This is God’s rule: always let the Devil attack first, because if God attacked first, the Devil would be immediately defeated and incapable of any response. God let the Devil attack first, as He did in the fight between Moses and Pharaoh’s magicians, so that people could measure the Devil’s weakness compared to the omnipotence of God. Indeed, even if falsehood exists in great proportions, as elaborate, rooted, and popular as it may be, it does not last a single second once confronted to the Truth of God.

The Devil not only chose Rashad Khalifa because he knows he is a criminal and can therefore handle him easily, but also because he is ignorant and simple-minded, which prevents him from realizing that what the Devil inspires him is nothing but gross lies. Entrusting a computer to Rashad Khalifa, who comes from Egypt, a country which at that time had almost as many computers as fingers of one hand, is like giving a tablet connected to the internet to a 2-year-old child. The Devil knows very well that at that time, few people and even less Rashad Khalifa, really had the necessary hindsight to fully realize the perverse effects of a bad use of computers. In fact, at that time, people were so impressed by this technology that they believed that computers could solve any problem, just as people nowadays overestimate the capabilities of the so-called artificial intelligence and new technologies. It is not enough to use computers to increase one’s research capacities, one must have the adequate experience to know their limits and not to fall into error. Rashad Khalifa not only knew nothing about computers, but even worse, he was in no way guided by God, believing that he could solve an enigma for which ONLY ALLAH HAD THE ANSWER. Even the prophet Muhammad by whom the Qur’an was revealed, was never able to explain the mystery of the number 19 and the initials of the Qur’an. The proof of that is that no hadith or any other ancient text provides an explanation of it and no one in the world has so far been able to unravel its mystery. It was therefore not very difficult for the Devil to deceive Rashad Khalifa by taking advantage of his profound perdition, combined with his stupidity and his total ignorance of computers, to give birth to this false miracles 19 which will mislead many people.

The personality of Rashad Khalifa


Rashad Khalifa shares the same criminal nature and lack of real faith in God as these false preachers that I have presented to you, and even exceeds them by far since he went so far as to claim to be the messenger of God. Just like these false preachers, he too left his homeland Egypt for the United States, attracted by the American lost way of life and in search of notoriety and easy money. He too calls himself in addition to his usurped title of “Messenger of the Covenant“, “DOCTOR” Rashad Khalifa. He too was enriched by publishing the least of his false discoveries in books which he sold at premium price. He too gave paid lectures to monetize his pseudo knowledge of the Devil. He too accepted to debate only with important people and liked to be invited to the table of the powerful. He too liked to be in the spotlight and have his name in the headlines. He too promoted himself by searching at all costs to shine in people’s eyes. He too led a double life of debauchery having been charged with the rape of a young girl still a minor at the time. He too came from an impure soil, from a prominent family of Sufi Islam, one of the worst variants of traditional Islam composed mainly of idolaters and worshipers of jinn.


Tucson Citizen, October 6, 1979, p. 2B

For having been charged for sexual assault on a minor, he who claimed however to be the messenger of God, it is the sign that Allah wanted to expose him as the real criminal and impostor that he is. The Devil always chooses his dignitaries in the most vile soil, and undoubtedly the nature and the roots of Rashad Khalifa certainly are. As long as the Islamic authorities and the so-called prominent scholars of traditional Islam rolled out the red carpet for him, Rashad Khalifa had no problem accepting their dubiousness and enjoying the prestige they gave him, going so far as to meet first class politicians. Which true man of God would be honored to be invited by these criminals? In reality, each of these criminals uses each other for their own ends. The authorities of Islam were indeed delighted to see someone like Rashad Khalifa come with a novelty in the discovery of his pseudo miracle 19 and his false explanation of the initials of the Koran. This finally allowed them to have something new to present to the mass of Muslims from whom they derive all their power. And as for Rashad Khalifa, it was the perfect opportunity for him to finally come out of the shadows and taste “the joys” of fame and adulation of people.

As you may have read in his biography, since his very beginnings, Rashad Khalifa has always wanted to shine at all costs. As soon as he arrived in the United States, he immediately sought to occupy places of honor in the Sufi Muslim community to which he belonged. His father was already a renowned leader in the Sufi community in Egypt, at the head of a congregation of over 1,000 people. Rashad Khalifa only followed in the footsteps of his misguided father with his immoderate taste for fame and wealth. Then, as soon as he discovered his pseudo miracle 19, he hastened to make a book and publish it in all the newspapers in order to increase his reputation. If he had been an authentic seeker of truth without any other hidden objective, he would then have freely shared his discoveries, but instead, Rashad Khalifa hastened to affix a copyright to it in order to associate his name with it forever. The authentic messengers of God do not put a copyright on what Allah reveals to them, because Truth and Knowledge belong only to God. While imposters like Rashad Khalifa only seek to make their own person shine and to take possession of what does not belong to them. It is not Knowledge and Truth that interests all these impostors, but only the fact of using them to give importance to themselves.

But Rashad Khalifa always wanted more, until he fell into the Devil’s final distraction, making him believe that he was an authentic messenger of God. He then founded his own sect, the Submitters, and established himself as master in place of Allah. Even today, when you browse the website associated with him, his disciples speak of him with even more reverence than they would have done with the prophet Muhammad.

Finally comes the divorce with the authorities of Islam, because as long as Rashad Khalifa served their glory, the authorities of Islam repayed him well in return. But, as soon as he began to overshadow them by declaring himself a messenger of God and founding his own sect, this was no longer acceptable to them.

The assassination of Rashad Khalifa

Allah then erected them against Rashad Khalifa, urging the biggest criminals among Muslims, the extremists of Al-Qaeda, the future Islamic State, to assassinate him in the most violent way. If he had been a true messenger of God, none of this would have happened to him, neither indictment for rape on a minor, nor violent assassination against his person.

The Signature of God in the assassination of Rashad Khalifa


Was it not Rashad Khalifa who claimed, as quoted in this newspaper, that God is supposed to protect his messengers.

So here is the answer of God to those who still think, because of their deep error and their idolatry, that Rashad Khalifa is an authentic messenger of God: Allah has left several clear signs to show that his assassination represents a divine punishment. Allah reveals them to you through his authentic messenger that I am, so as to leave no doubt as to the nature of this person, and that the whole world may henceforth be sure and certain of the criminal he was and the imposture of his teachings.

The way Rashad Khalifa was murdered

One of the first signs that shows that his assassination represents a punishment from God is the extreme violence of his assassination. Indeed, Rashad Khalifa was killed by multiple stab wounds and left dying in his Tucson mosque. In the United States, especially in Texas, Rashad Khalifa’s place of residence, weapons are very widespread and easily accessible, Rashad Khalifa could therefore have been simply murdered by shooting, but his death by 30 stab wounds reveals God’s will to make him suffer, letting him agonize through a slow and painful death.

img (1)

The Calgary Herald newspaper reveals more details about the extreme violence of his assassination.


You can imagine the extreme violence of the scene: Rashad Khalifa, first badly beaten, then stabbed about thirty times, then doused with flammable chemicals, and finally burned alive. Do you really think that God would let his authentic messenger be murdered, and moreover in such a violent, painful, and humiliating way? The assassination of Rashad Khalifa reflects in all respects the extreme anger of God against him, and undoubtedly amounts to a divine punishment for the vile impostor that he was. Indeed, those who falsely claim to be messengers of God receive the worst punishment, which was the case with Rashad Khalifa.

Rashad Khalifa thought he was his own protector

Rashad Khalifa feared for his life and constantly carried a loaded gun on him. What messenger of God would fear for his life when he has Allah as Protector? What messenger of God would think that carrying a weapon could protect him in any way if God decided to take his life? What messenger of God would not be satisfied with the mere protection of God?


“…was found lying in a pool of blood, stabbed several times and left to die on the kitchen floor of his Tuckson mosque. His gun was tucked, unfired, beneath his body

Rashad Khalifa thought he was smart enough to protect himself by permanently carrying a loaded pistol. This is the answer God gave him: Allah did not even give him time to draw his gun…


“God promises to guide and protect his messengers” he bravely told the Tucson Citizen in 1989. “No one killes. The time comes and God takes.” But Khalifa refused to rush the process along. He bought a pistol …”

Rashad Khalifa knew he was an impostor, which is why he lived permanently in fear of being murdered. Whereas a true messenger is fully reassured and serene because he knows that he is telling the truth, and he therefore puts all his trust in God, whatever God decides for him, even death. A true messenger of God knows that the will of God will always be accomplished, so he will not seek to protect himself.

Allah’s warning 3 days before

Another signature of Allah in the assassination of Rashad Khalifa is the fact that he was warned in advance of what was going to happen to him. Indeed, 3 days before, Rashad Khalifa had been notified by the police of the discovery of an assassination project against him. It is part of the signature of Allah to warn in advance before striking. However, Rashad Khalifa has once again ignored the many warnings of Allah. Like the great criminals of this world, he believed in his lucky star and thought he could escape the punishment of Allah indefinitely.


“Arik said the most recente of many death threats against Khalifa was discovered three days ago in Salt Lake City”

This reminds us of the warning that God gave to the Tamud, another people of criminals, before their execution.

O my people, this is the camel of Allah which He sent to you as a sign. So let her graze on the land of Allah, and do no harm to her or else a near retribution will seize you! ”They killed her. So Allah said to them, “Enjoy (your possessions) in your homes for three days (yet)!” This is a promise that will not be denied. ” Then, when Our command came, We saved Ṣāliḥ and those who had believed with him – by mercy from Us – from the ignominy of that day. In truth, it is your Lord who is the Strong, the Mighty. And the Cry seizes the unjust. And here they are struck down in their homes, as if they had never prospered there. In truth, the Ṯamūd did not believe in their Lord. Let the Ṯamūd perish! S11:V64-68

The hour of Rashad Khalifa’s assassination

Another sign which shows that the assassination of Rashad Khalifa represents a divine punishment, is the hour at which it occurred.


“Police said Khalifa, 54, was stabbed multiple times before dawn yesterday”

Allah always send his punishment against criminals at dawn, this was the case with all the past generations who have been destroyed by Allah.

Then [the hosts] said, “O Lot, we are truly the emissaries of your Lord. They can never reach you. Leave with your family at some point during the night. And let none of you turn back. Except for your wife who will be hit by what will hit others. What threatens them will happen at dawn. Isn’t dawn near? ”S11:V81

And We told him this order: that these people, in the morning, will be destroyed until the last. S15:V66

Then, in the morning, the Cree seizes them. S15:V83

But they called him a liar. The cataclysm seized them, and in the morning, they lay lifeless in their residences. S29:V37

When the punishment falls in their place, it will be a bad morning for those who have been warned! S37:V177

Indeed, in the early morning, a persistent punishment surprised them. S54:V38

and in the morning it was as if everything had been razed to the ground. S68:V20

who (the angels) attack in the morning S100:V3


“The mosque’s secretary found Khalifa’s body shortly before 6 a.m. […]”

Rashad Khalifa, as the real criminal that he is, therefore suffered like all previous generations of criminals, the Punishment of Allah in the morning. No one can falsely claim to be a messenger of God One does not proclaim oneself a messenger of God, without being assured of terrible reprisals from Allah.

Rashad Khalifa’s murderer


Rashad Khalifa’s murderer, Glen Cusford Francis, approached him by posing as a disciple, and he later turned out that he was in fact a member of the terrorist group, Jamaat-ul-Fuqra, composed of African Americans converted to Islam and linked to Al Qaeda.



We therefore learn that the assassination of Rashad Khalifa was actually sponsored by Al-Quaïda. The members of Al-Quaïda are among the worst criminals on earth and act in reality on behalf of the Devil. It is another sign of God’s punishment that He had Rashad Khalifa executed at the hands of the devil worshipers that are the members of Al Qaeda.

The number 19 in the assassination of Rashad Khalifa

As Allah always do the job properly, all the elements related to the assassination of Rashad Khalifa include the number 19. Allah thus affixes his signature in the execution of Rashad Khalifa, to show the whole world that the assassination by Rashad Khalifa is linked to his pseudo miracle 19.

Indeed, Rashad Khalifa’s murderer, Glen Cusford Francis, was arrested, precisely, 19 years after the assassination.


19 ans se sont écoulés entre la tuerie de la mosquée en 1990, et l’arrestation


The trial of the murderer of Rashad Khalifa began on December 11, 2012, and ended precisely on December 19, 2012.


Allah reveals all the signs to us so that we can understand who Rashad Khalifa was and why he was murdered. Indeed, the 11th, the day the trial begins, refers to the Devil who from the start operates through Rashad Khalifa. the 19th, the day of deliberation, refers to the false miracle 19, the reason why Rashad Khalifa was assassinated. The 3 refers to 666, the code name for the Devil’s plan for the end times, to which Rashad Khalifa greatly contributed.

131104-crocker-nwo_eqwlww666-posting-version2hqdefault (1)

Rashad Khalifa is associated with a large number of signs of the Devil, such as his Tucson mosque which looks nothing like a mosque, but rather a Masonic temple, with its pyramid shape, and its upper triangle with lights.



The translation of Rashad Khalifa’s Koran also bears the symbol of the unachieved pyramid. The eye at the top of the pyramid represents Satan. This translation is the pure work of Satan in order to deceive the believers

Actually, the very birth of Rashad Khalifa bears the seal of the Devil.


Rashad Khalifa was born on November 19, we find the numbers 19 and 11. 11 represents the Devil in his tole of false god and means that Rashad Khalifa was under his influence. The 19 refers to the false miracle 19, and you will see it later in this message, to Satan in his role as Guardian of the Underworld. This means that from birth to death, Rashad Khalifa never left the footsteps of the Devil, and he will indeed join him in hell for eternity.

Sam Khalifa

Rashad Khalifa called his son Sam, which messenger of God would give his son one of the well-known aliases of Satan rather than a name extracted from the Qur’an?


Sam the Pirate, in reference to Satan the pirate who assault men, and diminutive of Samael another name of the Devil. Rashad Khalifa has been under the total influence of the Devil since his very beginnings, and his whole life has been only perdition of the Devil. What messenger of God would encourage his son to become a sport celebrity in this earthly world rather than pushing him to focus on the hereafter? It would be exactly the same thing if Rashad Khalifa had encouraged his son to become a movie or music celebrity. The celebrities of this world are the dignitaries of Satan, and are perfectly aware that in return for the wealth and fame that the Devil grants them, they will have no share in the afterlife. The celebrities of this world are only agents of the Devil, used to sell his illusion to the whole world, so that people aspire to be like them rather than to take as models the messengers of God. Rashad Khalifa is one of these agents of the Devil, and he too signed a pact with the Devil to spread his perdition in return for his miserable role of false messenger of God. Sam Khalifa did nothing but follow the model of his lost father, seeking in his turn glory and celebrity by becoming a professional of baseball. It is by seeing Sam Khalifa’s life orientation that one can truly appreciate the true teaching of Rashad Khalifa.

As I told you, Sam actually designates Satan and you can see this alias in a great number of propaganda films for Satan. Most posters of these films contain explicit signs referring to Satan and his various attributes.


“Sam Was here” and the supernova (destruction) = Sam (Satan) will be there when the final destruction happens, because he is the destroyer of the world. The pyramid shaped roof represents Satan’s plan for the end times, and its capstone represents Satan as the leader of this plan.


“Silent Sam”,  Satan in stealth mode acts without being seen or heard. The black scorpion = Satan the deadly poison for men. The 4-leaf clover = superstition, bewilderment, and false hopes given by Satan. The explosion in the city = the destruction of this world which will come in 2020.


“Good Sam” = Satan labels himself good, while he is the opposite of that. The tail-snake designates Satan’s delusion that leads to self-destruction. The 8 which indicates the infinite, represents the eternal hell over which Satan the Serpent will reign. The 8 also representes the Alpha and Omega, Satan was the first creation of God and he will be the last to be destroyed. Jesus presents himself as the Alpha and Omega, because the Bibllical Jesus is in fact Satan.


“I am Sam, love is all you need”. Love, the doctrine of Satan for the end of time, Satan will come in the form of a false Jesus who will love all the damned and comofrt them inf their perdition. Love is the key component of satan’s doctrine for the end times.


SOS = danger, SOS = Son of Satan = Antichrist, which means “Danger Antichrist”, indeed the Antichrist will sow death on earth through world war 3 in 2020. 44 = 4 (death) x 11 (Satan the rebel, the God of the damned) = Satan is going to bring death to the damned. “Summer of Sam” = summer (hell) of Sam (Satan) = the hell over which Satan will reign. Blood = death = Satan, the angel of death. “8 million”, the 8 refers to eternal hell, Alpha and Omega (false Jesus), Serpent or Oroboros… that’s all the same.


Summer (Hell) of 77 was a killer = the hell Satan the killer of the damned will bring to earth at the end of time. 77 = 7 (Apocalypse) x 11 (Satan) = The Apocalypse of Satan arrives on this earth.


One eye = in french Sol Eil = Sun = Satan. Indeed, Satan was created from a smoke-free fire, ie from the sun. “That’s not all of Sam’s enemies” = it is not over for Satan’s enemies, the damned are actually Satan’s enemies, those against whom God has authorized him to punish.


“Your favorite hero is coming back to the big screen” = Satan, the idol of the damned, will come back to the fore, with his demons (Gog and Magog), and will bring  hell on earth”.


“Justice is served” = Justice will be done, Satan is sent by God to do justice by destroying the damned. The rabbit with the ears in the shape of horns = Satan, with the pistol = to kill  the damned. The rabbit also symbolizes the devil’s distraction like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, which leads her to the depths of darkness and into a deep illusion. Dog = reverse of God = Satan. The dog dressed as a man represents the false God that will played by Satan in his habit of false Jesus Satan disguised as a man in the role of false Jesus.


“Sam and the fire monsters” = Satan and his army of devils, Gog and Magog. “The world needs them” = this world needs the devils, God sends them to purify it by destroying the unjust, lost and rebellious.


“Fireman Sam” = Satan the pyromaniac fireman who leads to hell while pretending to save from the fire. The symbol of the sun = Satan. Any sun symbol actually refers to Satan, because Satan has been created from the sun, and Satan leads to the fire of hell.


“Super Sam” = Super Satan, the masked superhero refers to rock star that will be the false Jesus incarnated by Satan. . “Saves the day” = Satan will save his day by destroying the damned, as he has been waiting for this for long. “Coming soon” = Satan is coming soon.


“A new danger awake” =  destruction of the world by Satan and his army Gog and Magog. The Black Sun represents Satan, the black star of death, the destroyer of the world.


Sam Whiskey = Satan alcohol. Alcohol, Satan’s weapon to mislead. Pyramid in gold with the armed cowboy above = Satan corrupts souls with money, he is the cowboy, the rider of the damned and he will kill them soon. The naked Woman on her left = women, sex, Satan’s supreme weapon to corrupt souls.


“Uncle Sam, I want you” = Satan wants our souls. Burning man = hell is the destination of the criminals. Zombies that kill people = Gog and Magog will soon be unleashed on the damned.


haircut in the shape of a black sun = blackstar = Satan the black star of death. “I dig this movie” = Satan who edited this whole scenario for the final destruction. The necklace with the skull = Satan, angel of death, who will destroy the lost.


Satan’s best ally in these end times are women, women have become Satan’s friends and are comforted by him. Satan uses women to deceive the whole world.


“Because of Sam” = because of Satan the lost became simple-minded


“The Good Sam” = the good Satan = Satan disguised as a false Jesus. Pyramid with a masked black man at the top, ie Satan, who will come masked in Jesus to reign over this world. Supernova = destruction of the world. Red Sun = destruction of the world. Circle = Satan’s control over the lost.


Elvis = lost, Satan’s puppet, Elvis written in the bone = death of the lost. Sam & Elvis = Satan and the lost, a long story… The dog (Dog = inverse of God = Satan) on the pyramid-shaped chair = the reign of Satan will come, And Satan will be adored by the lost as on this poster.


“Before he could find love Sam Wellman needed to make a change”, Sam Well man = Satan disguised as a good man = the false Jesus. Before being loved by all , Satan needs to make a small change = to disguise himself in the form of a false Jesus. The woman with the male face with the hidden eye = Satan the androgyne, both male and female, 1 eye = sun = Satan. Hair = fleece = sun = Satan. Sam in the movie logo with the Devil’s hooked tail to show that Sam stands for Satan.

Warning from Allah to Submitters and Quranists

I, the authentic messenger of God to whom Rashad Khalifa usurped the role, solemnly warn on behalf of Allah all the Submitters who still follow the path of perdition of Rashad Khalifa and ackowledge him as the messenger of God, likewise all the Koranists who adhere to his false teachings and who believe in his false miracle 19, that if despite the countless proofs that I have presented to you, you persist in your false beliefs, then receive the announcement from Allah of your coming destruction. Who else but the idolatrous sectarians to persist in seeing in Rashad Khalifa an authentic messenger of God after what I’ve showed you? Who but the false believers who only want to follow their own path to persist in believing in the false miracle 19 and the other false teachings of Rashad Khalifa?

Warning from Allah to Edip Yuksel


A special address from Allah to  Rashad Khalifa’s heir and early follower, Edip Yuksel: if after these clear proofs you do not stop spreading your error through your promotion of the false miracle 19, your false New Age teachings on religion, and your dishonest translation of the Qur’an, and that you do not join the way that Allah has manifested through his authentic messenger of God that I am, get ready to receive your deserved punishment from Allah.

maxresdefault (15)

It looks like a bunch of New Agers gathered around their guru, Rashad Khalifa


Since the death of Khalifa, Edip Yuksel has devoted his life to the false miracle 19


Edip Yuksel proved to be a guru, just like Rashad Khalifa, except that he did not go so far as to claim that he is a messenger of God

The Testimony of Ahmed Mansour


To close this section on Rashda Khalifa, nothing better than those who knew and met him personally before and after declaring himself a messenger of God to tell us who he really was. I share with you these extracts from the testimony of Ahmed Mansour who rubbed shoulders with Rashad Khalifa, and you will see that his testimony confirms in all points what I have exposed to you about him. Notice that I did not know of his testimony until after writing this presentation on Rashad Khalifa. The fact that we arrive at exactly the same conclusions, while Ahmed Mansour knew him personally, while I did not, represents further proof for you that it is indeed God who made me write this message, and that I am indeed his authentic messenger.


Which authentic messenger of God would deny himself after Allah let him know that he was His messenger?



So this is the model that Rashad Khalifa has chosen to adopt: that of this Swaggart impostor, in order to be adulated by all, to be rich and famous in his turn. As I have shown you, hist settling in the United States was solely motivated by these reasons.


maxresdefault (16)

We can see that these impostors of the Devil serve as models for each other, taking up the methods of each other in order to deceive people and to acquire the maximum popularity and wealth. Khalifa, Swaggart, Deedat, are all criminals of the same caliber and use the same methods based on the business of religion and on the abuse of people’s gullibility. Watch how was the death of Ahmed Deedat, yet considered a hero by most traditional Muslims, Allah wanted his death to be filmed live to show people the end that He holds for these criminals. In this video, Ahmed Deedat is horrified by the visions that God gives him just before his death from the punishment that awaits him in the afterlife: the hell of Saqar.

This did not prevent the great criminal that is Zakir Naïk from following the model of Ahmed Deedat, in his turn becoming a false preacher rich in tens of millions and friends of those in power, even though he nevertheless witnessed the last moments before his death and saw with his own eyes the end that Allah reserves for those who use His Name to mislead people.


Allah has blinded all these great criminals that are the religious preachers so that they will always go further in their error without ever realizing or anticipating the punishment of God on them.


Which messenger of God would attribute the least power to the saints, knowing that God concentrated all the powers in Him? This confirms what I told you, Rashad Khalifa is a mystic who believes in the powers of the saints and in all kinds of paranormal experiences, like the lucid dream that the Devil gave him during his stay in Mecca, or his alleged meeting with the Angel Gabriel whom the Devil took great pleasure in personifying.


It doesn’t take Rashad Khalifa much to appoint himself or the others, messengers of God. We can see how lightly Rashad Khalifa takes this subject, a sign of his total lack of faith. One of the worst injustices and which is punished by the worst hell, Saqar’s hell, is to claim to be a messenger of God without having been truly designated by God. One would therefore have to be extremely far astray to proclaim oneself a messenger of God without really being one. I can assure you as a true messenger of God, that this is not something to be mistaken, Rashad Khalifa therefore knew perfectly well that he was not, that’s why he feared constantly for his life.

And which worse unjust than one who fabricates a lie against Allah or who says: “Revelation has been made to me”, when nothing has been revealed to him. So is he who says, “I am going to bring down something similar to what Allah has brought down.” If you saw the unjust when they were in the throes of death, and the Angels would hold out their hands to them ( saying), “Let your souls out. Today you will be rewarded with the punishment of humiliation for what you said about Allah other than the truth and because you proudly turn away from His teachings. ” S6:V93

Fortunately, his name, Rashad, is not even present in the Koran, otherwise he would have made it his main proof. But, as I showed you, this did not prevent him from finding a subterfuge to still pretend that his name was mentioned in the Qur’an, but coded through the number 19. Rashad Khalifa is not shy not to designate messengers himself like candy would be distributed, so that they accompany him in his criminal madness and reinforce his lies in the eyes of others. We can clearly see that it is the Devil himself who operates through him, trying by all means to mislead Khalifa’s entourage.


As we have seen with Ali Nouman Khan and Tariq Ramadan, these criminals love to surround themselves with people in vulnerable situations in order to shamelessly abuse them, without being able to defend themselves. But God still protected Ahmad Mansour against this merciless predator that is Rashad Khalifa, because God is the Protector of true believers who are inhabited by his fear and who act according to his precepts. God wanted Ahmad Mansour’s testimony not to remain a dead letter, and that through his history he could bring to the whole world a concrete overview of the true personality of Rashad Khalifa. Such a description of Rashad Khalifa’s intimacy shows us that Rashad Khalifa is not a man on whom we could have doubts, but that his criminal nature is clearly displayed. This puts the blame on all those who knew him personally, and who still persisted in saying that he is an authentic messenger of God and has relayed his evil teaching throughout the world.

Edip Yuksel, heir to Rashad Khalifa


Among these people, I think especially of this wolf disguised as a lamb that is Edip Yuksel, who was among the most fervent supporters of Rashad Khalifa during his lifetime, and who could was abe to emigrate to the United States in 1989 only thanks to Rashad Khalifa’s sponsorship in person. In no case can Edip Yuksel, who has worked closely with Rashad Khalifa, claim to have missed his true criminal nature. Edip Yuksel saw with his eyes the end that Allah reserved for him, which did not prevent him from continuing to believe that he is the messenger of God and to promote his false teachings and his false miracle 19, to the point of devoting his whole life to it. However, you saw at the beginning of this message that a simple basic search makes it possible to dimiss the false miracle 19. The fact of having published several blocks on the alleged veracity of this miracle 19 without even perceiving its imposture, shows that Edip Yuksel is undeniably blinded by God. Because, it is not really the truth that interests him, but only to perpetuate his own false beliefs, and to promote his person by bouncing on the “success” of Rashad Khalifa. Edip Yuksel found a good vein across the path opened by Rashad Khalifa, and he simply decided to take advantage of it by recovering his Submitters sect and taking up his false teachings.


The hexagram represents 666, which once again confirms the diabolical nature of the false miracle 19

Edip Yuksel was able to complete the work of Rashad Khalifa, who was murdered before he could complete the revision of his 1981 translation of the Quran: “Quran the Final Scripture“.


“… and began working long hours, furiously finishing a revision of his 1981 Quran: the Final Scripture. He almost made it.”

Thus, Edip Yuksel has only taken up Rashad Khalifa’s unfinished revision, and added his New Age approach to it. The Devil thus continued the work he had started with Rashad Khalifa through his heir Edip Yuksel, pushing his error even further. I have read this translation of Edip Yuksel’s Koran, and I can tell you that it is devilish and misleading in many ways.


Indeed, his translation of the Qur’an only turns around the number 19, which he associates with a large number of verses which he interprets under the prism of this number of the Devil. His translation, although very imprecise compared to what is truly said in Arabic, seems suitable when it comes to non-controversial verses. But, when it comes to verses dealing with primordial concepts, its translation becomes extremely dishonest and misleading, and absolutely does not correspond to the Arabic text. According to Edip Yuksel, the Devil does not exist as a mataphysical entity but is assimilated to the evil part that lives in us, hell made of fire and flames is only a simple metaphor and is assimilated to our present terrestrial life, in the same way the paradise boils down to this earth and is not celestial, life and death are only an integral part of an infinite cycle of reincarnations on this earth.


In reality, the vision defended by Edip Yuksel is assimilated no more and no less to the New Age doctrine on which the ultimate deviation of the Devil rests for the end of time. In these end times, the Devil uses the language of God and takes the faces of an angel to divert the true believers from the way of God, by using the Scriptures of God and pretending to speak in the name of God. Indeed, for having spoken orally with Edip Yuksel, I testify that this individual was undoubtedly designated by the Devil to serve as heir to Rashad Khalifa. It is impressive to see how these agents of the Devil can give themselves the air of authentic men of God, to the point of deceiving the very elect of God. Only those who know God perfectly and His precepts and who are enlightened by God are able to unmask their imposture. On the phone and in his many YouTube videos, Edip Yuksel looks like a saint, with his soft voice and his sweet talk, and his behavior which seems in all respects flawless, when in reality this man does nothing but sell us the false miracle 19 of Rashad Khalifa and the false New Age doctrine of the Devil. Through Edip Yukself, you can see the concrete illustration of the Devil’s ability to present himself under deceptive appearances, and to use all means to gain people’s trust, when in the end, the Devil and his agents only sell us the very opposite of what Allah says in His scriptures. Edip Yuksel is actually a mere guru, a pure sectarian, who likes to surround himself with disciples and feel like someone important, he took a liking to this game with his mentor Rashad Khalifa. Because, it is just impossible that Edip Yuksel missed the true criminal nature of Rashad Khalifa, and that he did not realize through a simple research, he who has published several books on this subject, that miracle 19 is nothing but a lie. Prolific author of more than 20 books, Edip Yuksel went even further than Rashad Khalifa in the distraction he spreads throughout the world, promoting the New Age doctrine of the Devil through his translation of the Qur’an and his numerous books. All these people who are under the influence of the Devil, and of which Edip Yuksel undoubtedly is a part, all share the same ground beliefs: Reincarnation, denial of the metaphysical existence of the Devil and his armies of demons, denial of an eternal hell made of fire, denial of celestial paradise but belief in a golden age to come on Earth, promotion of universal love and oneness. The fact of not believing in the actual existence of the Devil is the very sign that they are under his influence, and this concerns today many people of religions who believe in him in ame only but not concretely. All these New Agers, of which Edip Yuksel is a part, are at first sight very nice people, but that is not what really matters, what matters is the doctrine that they preach, as their doctrine is at the opposite of that of God and His Scriptures. Indeed, the Devil knows how to be very kind and very charming when it comes to gaining people’s trust, except that what he prescribes for them only serves to lead them straight to their loss.

How Edip Yuksel could be well guided when he believes that Rashad Khalifa is an authentic messenger, and that he promotes the false miracle 19 and the New Age doctrine of Satan for the end times?


Edip Yuksel promotes oneness, doctrine of the Devil for the end times


Edip Yuksel is a guru who thinks he is a guide besides God. No true believer would accept to have disciples, but would tell the people to be the dicrect disciples of Allah.


Conference on the number 19 in Oxford led by guru Edip Yuksel and surrounded by the New Agers who serve him as disciples