I invite you first to watch the following Coronavirus videos carefully before reading this article which completes it.

The Coranavirus Pandemic is a worldwide False Flag. All the states throughout the world have taken the exact same measures of containment, control of populations, and orchestrated destruction of their National Economy and World Economy. As always with these operations of worldwide propaganda, we are brainwashed with a unique speech hammered  home every day until there is no longer any dispute with the official version, while carefully hiding the real issues. We are hammered home every day with the so-called dangerousness of this virus, whereas today, there are only 0.000001% casualites throughout the world, you are less likely to die from the Coranavirus than from a road accident. We are overwhelmed with medical treatment, precautionary measures, doctors and caregivers are erected as heroes, because as with all their propaganda operations, they need to create a hero. For example, during 9/11, it was the firefighters who were erected as heroes, during the Paris Bataclan attacks, it was the police who occupied this role, and now with the Coranavirus, it is the nursing staff.

Concretely, this pandemic is translating into a worlwide confinement, martial law, curfews, and the destruction of the World Economy which has now reached a point of no return, this is the real objective of this orchestrated pandemic. This virus did not appear accidentally, whether invented in a laboratory or discovered naturally, it was introduced voluntarily by the United States during the world military games which took place in Wuhan, indeed, the first case in France has been detected at a military base in the Oise, where 193 soldiers participated to these world military games in the Whuan, which confirms that it was indeed the United States that introduced it, more precisely on the orders of Antichrist Donald Trump.

Indeed, Antichrist Donald Trump will soon enter phase 2 of his reign and he needs to spread chaos and start a world war in order to shift to the New World Order, Ordo Ab Chao, “Order out of Chaos“, which is the illuminati motto, ie the agents of the Devil. To do this, the economy must first be completely destroyed, which is happening right now at a very high speed. All governments are meticulously destroying their economy, productive capacities, and international trade is almost at rest, and people all over the world are commanded to stop working, which destroys local businesses one by one and creates a chain reaction that will ravage all the wealth in the world and destroy irreversibly the entire World Economy. This destruction of the World Economy is exactly like the orchestrated blasting of the Twin Towers.

U.S. one (1) dollar bill in a close-up photo. Shallow depth of f

“ORDO AB CHAO”: Order out of Chaos. The agents of the Devil will wreak global chaos through the economic crisis and the coming world war, to bring about the New World Order and the Reign of Antichrist Donald Trump

The agents of the Devil that are the world leaders are diverting our attention with this virus and seek to scare us as to its alledged dangerousness, while behind the scenes, they are destroying the economy and setting the appropriate conditions for the outbreak of world war 3 which will follow this Coronavirus pandemic, by confining everyone and by imposing martial law, so that all the populations of the world are mentally prepared for what is coming soon. The proof of that is the largest deployment of American soldiers in Europe in 25 years, more than 20,000 US soldiers and heavy war equipments have already arrived in Europe, and this military exercise has not been canceled while it should have been, due to the so-called Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, what could be better than mixing soldiers from all over the world so that the virus spreads to all? But, the world leaders know that this virus is no more dangerous than a common cold for most people, and they have maintained it because their troops shall be ready for WW3.

This exceptional military exercise is no more than a dry run for World War III, and as with all their previous false flag, they always plan a drill of the same nature than of their False Flag operation. Remember during the Charlie Hebdo attacks, hospitals and police throughout Paris were doing a terrorist attack drill with the exact same scenario than the effective attacks, we find the same scenario for 9/11, and for all other false flag operations. It is not without reason that North Korea has tested new missiles in the midst of the Coranavirus crisis, this is because they know that WW3 is coming and that they are preparing for it. In fact, WW3 has already begun, but people still ignore it:


Even the shape of this virus was not chosen at random, indeed, this virus looks like the earth hit by atomic bombs


Macron repeated 6 times in his speech: “We are at war“, 6 times as 666, because Macron is one of these devils in fake human shape and an accomplice of Antichrist Donald Trump. This is part of the mental programming of the populations, and this formula has been repeated by all the world leaders, all declaring that we are at war and comparing our current situation to the 1st and 2nd World War. Indeed, this is what it is about to come: world war 3 is being prepared behind the scenes and will follow shortly this Coronavirus pandemic, whose goal was to mask its arrival and to prepare the populations for the exceptional conditions which will be imposed once the war will start. Another proof that the world war will directly follow this Coronavirus crisis is the complete destruction of the world economy. If this pandemic was not aimed at bringing war, then world leaders would not seek to destroy the economy in an irreparable way as they do now, but would give the economy a chance to restart as it has been the case with the 2008 economic crisis. But since war is coming, the goal is to completely destroy the world economy in order to make a clean sweep of the current economic system based on capitalism and the stock markets, in order to to be able to restart with a new economic system during the New World Order, where the economy will be under the control of the central power and not under the control of the markets.

As with everything in this universe, nothing happens that God has not decided in advance, and the Devil’s plan is actually included in God’s plan. It is therefore God who decided a worlwide confinement, a first since the beginning of humanity. God multiplied the signs with unprecedented natural disasters in 2019 that hit the whole world, not a single nation has been spared.

But no one has paid attention to God’s warnings, and everyone continues to believe that natural disasters are part of a natural cycle that has nothing to do with divine punishment. However, since the beginning of humanity, God has always expressed his signs through nature, destroying a field and sparing the neighboring field, engulfing a house and sparing that of the neighbor, raining on a territory and drying up the neighboring territory … But, people at this end of the world are light years away from good guidance and are all so lost that they no longer perceive any sign of God, but attribute these natural disasters to the so-called global warming. For them, either God does not exist or if He exists, He is in a parallel dimension and does not act on this world and does not communicate with men … which is a sign that they do have no real connection with God, even if they claim to be a genuine believers, regardless of their so called “god” or pseudo “religion“.

God, however, clearly shows us his signs: this year the Jewish and Christian Easter holidays occur at the same time as Ramadan, and it is also during this period that the Destruction of God will just begin, in order to show people of religions that they are the ones targeted. God clearly showed his signs to them by making their festivals and religious events suspended, that they no longer have access to their places of pagan worship, that they can no longer meet in community, that they can no longer see their religious guides. God has taken away everything He does not approve so that they finally turn to Him, but instead, their slogan to all, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, is not to turn to God, but to turn to their communities and to strengthen their bonds even more. These false believers bet on the alliance between the members of their community, instead of betting on the alliance with God. God will soon break their bonds and scatter them like distressed butterflies, and they will soon be enemies of each other, for having refused the call of God and for having ignored all His signs, by persisting in their idolatry, association, sectarianism, and great transgression.

Since people have ignored the calls of God, God offers people a last chance by imposing global confinement on them, so that they have time to think before the final destruction begins. People say that they do not have time, that they have too many occupations, too many distractions, that they do not have the appropriate conditions to think about God and the Hereafter. God therefore offers them a unique opportunity to get rid of all that distract them so that they have no choice but facing themselves. This confinement is the greatest sign of God for centuries given its scale and its unique character, God immobilized the whole earth and forced everyone to stay at home, who would have thought it possible a few weeks ago? However, this is easy for God, and the situation we are experiencing right now is for believers a major sign of the impending Destruction of God. Everyone is now forced to face their own life, to look in the mirror, to taste the fruits of their actions, without artifices and without being able to turn away from them. This situation affects all categories, the poor as well as the rich, celebrities as anonymous, which is a sign of the Divine Hand. Everyone still has the possibility of returning to “the essential” as Macron said in his speech, but one still should know what the essential is. For the lost, the essential is to return as quickly as possible to their former life, to have enough to eat, and to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones, while for the well-guided, the essential, it is God and the hereafter, and not this earthly life and all these artifices that are wealth, women, children. What truly matters is our works that will determine our future for eternity, either in hell or in paradise. For this earthly life is only a test and is not the real life, and God has shown it to us by destroying the artifices and illusions of this world as easily as pressing a switch. Those who planned for the afterlife and prepared for their encounter with God see their lives change for the better and this confinement is a blessing for them, and does not change their plan which was to aim for the afterlife and to pleasing God, for them it is therefore continuity and confirmation of God. As for the criminals, those who ignored the signs and calls of God and who turned away from the hereafter and God, and thought to be eternal in this earthly life, these have been dead stopped, their life plans have been thwarted, their wealth has vanished, and they find themselves humiliated forced to face their great inner void. Now that they can no longer occupy their minds with all the artifices of this earthly life, they are anxious, fearful for their future, preparing to suffer a disaster from one moment to another, which will indeed be their case.

God is watching you at close during this confinement, and you must therefore be particularly attentive to your actions and put an end to your iniquities and sins, because what will follow will be terrible. While the lost only increase their sins during this confinement through pornographic websites, the consumption of alcohol and various drugs, and instead of educating themselves and seeking within themselves the true goal of this earthly life, they persist in their crimes, trivialities, and quest for earthly goods, by ordering in mass on online stores, by brainwashing themselves through propaganda TV news which only get them even more lost than they already are, and by watching movies and series day and night on the Devil’s networks. All their problems jump to their faces in one fell swoop, they can no longer bear their spouses, their children, their lives are just a lie and they catch up with them because of these conditions of confinement that they did not have anticipated …. it is as if the sewers overflowed on their home bringing out all the crimes which they incubated for a very long time, that is the lot of the criminal. While for the servants of God, nothing changes in their life except to rejoice to have even a better life, and they have nothing to change in their plan, their path is straight and continues to be straight, and they rejoice to see God’s promise come true and to meet God very soon.


CORONAVIRUS, TV networks become free for everyone“. The Devil opens all the floodgates to keep the lost in their perdition so that they do not take advantage of this period of forced confinement to question themselves


Canal+, PornHub, Orange, Football Manager…these leisures which become free“. This world is so lost that porn is no longer a sin and a turpitude, but a simple neutral leisure unrelated to morals


Confinment and Coronavirus: Dorcel, PornHub, and “Jacquie et Michel” (adulterian website) spoil the french people


Coronavirus: the sells of sextoys explode“. The lost only confirm their error and fall into the Devil’s trap who divert them from their salvation by offering them free access to his platforms of perdition


Love in the time of the coronavirus: Italian camera
EPISODE 1. Since she is confined with her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in her house in Modena, Italy, Marta can no longer see her two lovers. “the crimes of the criminals catch up with them and their horrors jump to their faces like overflowing sewers, this is what their souls are: sewers

After this confinement, the war will start and God will allow himself to strike very very hard without warning, and his window of Mercy as I announced in my last warning from God, will be closed forever. As you can see, everything that God told me will happen is happening as announced when I published God’s final warning in January 2020 (God had informed me of this destruction in October 2019 and it took me 3 months to write this last warning from God). I’ve announced the beginning of the divine destruction for the year 2020, few weeks ago, who suspected that the world was going to be stopped dead as it is the case right now? Everything is happening  as God announced it to me in the right timing, and soon you will see with your own eyes that this pandemic of Coronavirus actually hides world war 3. You will never return to your former lifes, and the criminals will not escape their destruction, and as for the servants of God, they will receive their promise from God. Take advantage of this period to evoke God, to question your life choices, and to repent of your sins, and be assured that God is scrutinizing you with a magnifying glass. At this very moment, we are all in close observation period, in exam, and at the end of the exam, God will give the results to everyone: destruction or salvation. Know that the war will obviously not kill everyone, yet, it will be a nightmare even for the survivors. Except for the 2 brief respites under the reigns of the Antichrist Donald Trump and the False Jesus (Satan), this terrestrial life will become nothing more than an nightmare and God will destroy all that is on the surface of this earth.

Documentary on Antichrist Donald Trump:

Documentary on the false Jesus, aka Satan:

Seize your chance now before this confinement ends, ie before God’s period of observation ends, because after that, God will no longer respond to your cries for help and your salvation will be lost forever. I urge you to read the full warning from God and to take the time to read the 7 parts and apply them on your own lifes for your own benefit, but if you don’t want to or don’t believe in God’s message, then receive God’s announcement of your coming destruction.

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