I invite you to read this detailed article in 3 parts which explains which from nation will emerge the Antichrist, Grand Monarch, and his identification of the basis of his personnality, the concrete proofs and signs of God related to him:









  • Greetings, YS, Messenger of God,
    Blessings for you and your mission.
    I keep on passing your messages anonymously to everyone i know, they’re mostly ignores it or blatantly rejects it. I couldn’t care less, i know im with the truth and God sees me.
    But my family, uh… i don’t know if its God’s inspiration or not, i believe i can wake em up, and i want them so bad to reach their salvation. But they caved in deeper in their islamic belief like crazies, to the point that i can’t muster up my courage to face them head on. They didn’t know ive quitted my civil servant job, they didn’t know i live in some other town. Some part of me feel peaceful now that im closer to God, my life is way much better than before. Other part of me feel guilty, i keep on lying whenever they asks about me. Is it okay to keep going on like this? Shall i try to face them head on, or shall i just leave them be?


    • Hi,
      thank you, and thank you for what you’ve did for God. God will reward you for that.

      The 99% are doomed, so it’s fully predictable that they ignore God’s warnings and persist in their false ways. God has made them blind because of their injustice, but keep spreading the message of God, what you do, you do it only for yourself, and not for the others.

      Concerning your family, tell them the whole truth, you have nothing to hide, God’s path is not to be hidden, but don’t think that YOU can convince them in any way. They will believe only if God wants it, God only gives faith. So do your duty by telling them the whole truth, but if they reject you, do not insist, do not run after them, it would be a loss of time and energy.

      Focus on your own redemption, we all still have things to correct in our behaviours, and prepare yourself to meet your God.


      • Hello YS,
        Thank you for your advice. I’ve told em the truth. At first, i just can’t find the right chance to set a meet up with my family, so i only told my aunt. She isn’t a religious person, so she ignores me when i told her about end time messenger or the coming of destruction, as if i didn’t say anything at all. But when i tell her that i’ve quit my job at public tax office and choose to live alone focusing to God and the hereafter, while seeking a new job, she began crying! I don’t know how to respond so I leave home anyway. Next week, i don’t think i will ever get the chance to confront them due to corona confinement, and im afraid that the destruction comes when i haven’t confessed to them properly. So i told everyone the truth via family whatsapp group. Told em that some anonymous guy that always bothering them to go to read your messages was me. Told em i disown the way of islam. Told em the true path is God and quran only. They ganged up on me, insisted on hadith and Prophet sunnah. Accusing me i didn’t do enough research while to me it looks like they didn’t even read your article at all. They asking my address for direct meeting, but i’ve had enough of them. Knowing it would just be the same.
        Thank God, this freed up my heart and strengthen my faith so well. Now i can focus on my journey alone with God. I hope He saves me and all the believers. Praise and glory to Allah!


      • Hi,
        you’ve did the rigth thing, and their reaction was expected, it’s for us just an excuse before God that we did our job by warning them. Now you feel better, you’ve done your coming out…. and it is always better to openly declare our choices and to assume them, whatever they may be.

        You’ve said that you’ve quit your job, this is a personal choice of yours, because I’ve never asked anyone to quite his job in order to dedicate to God, having a job is obeying God because it allows you to live decently without any assistance and to offer a service to the society. Obeying God is not through isolation, but by doing the right thing in the course of your activities in the midst of the society, in order to be a model and a witness.


  • I choose to quit for some reasons. Mainly because i feel that my job is tiring and only making me further away from God. So yes, deep inside i also wanting some isolation at that time. But by quitting my job, God also gives me chance to translate your messages and spread it further. I can only hope my decision is just in front of God.

    I hear and obey, I’ll keep seeking a new job and seek ways to contributing more to society . God willing.

    Thank you very much, messenger. God bless you.


    • I did not tell you that it was bad to quit, I’ve just said that God does not prescribe us to quit our jobs in order to follow his way…. this decision only depends on personal reasons and is specific to each individual.

      However, seeing the reasons that you’ve invoked, your choice is for me fully justified.

      Keep on on this way, you’re on the right track


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