North Korea, China, Russia, USA, NATO nations, India, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Venezuela …., all the future belligerents of the coming WW3 have now reached the point of no return.


The orchestrated Coronavirus pandemic has produced its effects and has brought the expected worldwide collapse of the Global Economy. The huge bailout amounts injected in the world economy are just aimed to maintain the stock markets alive just enough time before the real economic collapse occurs. This is an orchestrated destruction of the Global Economy and these bailouts have just served to produce the illusion that the Global Economy can still recover, but the elites know that this collapse is irreversible and that’s exactly what they want. Once the stock markets will fall, the economic collapse will be visible and unemployment and poverty will be widespread. A sign that we are very close of this moment is the fact that China has recently sold billions of dollars of the US Treasury over a very short time, which is a sign of the impending collapse of the US dollar. If the US dollar falls, USA have no choice than going to war against its creditor: China, and the existing tensions between USA and China in the South China Sea, will turn into a nuclear world war.




All the nuclear superpowers are now actively involved in this worlwide battle, and the first major attack will officially trigger WW3. Meanwhile, the death of the illuminati shill, George Floyd, has served to orchestrate worlwide racial protests. The goal of these protests is not to fight against racism, but at the contrary, to promote it, and to increase division and hatred among races, religions, and social classes. The elites seek chaos and they have orchestrated it all over the world. All the ingredients for the coming Perfect Storm are now in place, no matter what will be their excuse to start WW3, the elites just have to orchestrate a major false flag event in order to make WW3 become inevitable in the eye of the sheep, the blinds, the losts, the brainwashed zombies that are the major part of the world population … and then the people will sign their own act of death, and they will allow God to destroy a major part of them, and the other part will be temporarly kept alive for a greater Divine punishment which will occur afterwards.



The stars are now aligned for this Great Destruction: the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn aligned, 3 unique eclipses over a month, and the Great Annular Eclipse of June 21 2020, the day of the Summer solstice, the day of the Sacrifice, will be a sign of this coming Destruction. This Eclipse will pass over Israel exactly during 6 hours, another sign of God’s Punishment.





I’ve warned you about this coming Punishment from God far before its signs were visible, I’ve told you to repent and to come back to the true path of God, I’ve presented to you all the concrete proofs, I’ve told you that I was the messenger and warner of God. God never destroys a people without sending them a warner, and I am the sole and only warner for the whole world. When the first nuclear bomb will blast and that WW3 will become official, it will be too late for you, and your prayers and redemption will not be accepted by God. This is God’s ultime Reminder for those who are willing to take advantage of these very last window of time to repent and to take the path of God, and maybe God will forgive them.

I strongly invite you to watch these videos that I’ve produced which show with concrete proofs that WW3 is upon us and is now very very close:


  • Hello, I fell down, I said to God i want commit this filth act till death, I suceeed for two months, but today my lusts got control over me and did the sin, what can I do and is there hope for me, I was doing quite well, I stopped sinning on the most part and felt closer to God, then all of a sudden I in the lowest of the low because I comitted this sin, and broke this promise, what can I do to fix this situation.


    • Hello,
      keep trying to defeat this sin again and again, and do never give up fighting against it. Refuse it at least by spirit and do not plan in your mind to commit it again. As long as you feel ashamed of your lusts, it means that your soul can still be healed, because the pervert ones let their lusts take over them and do not even perceive it as a sin anymore.

      Ask God for forgiveness and pray Him to deliver your from this sin, because only God can truly heal you.

      You cannot keep this promise, you can try to keep it, but this is beyond your own control, all you can do is to ask God for forgiveness and to do all your efforts not to repeat it again, and to pray that God heals you once for all.

      Keep making efforts to please God and God will forgive all your sins, and do never give up fighting to save your soul.

      Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. S39:V59


      • Thanks, this increased me in will power and hope.


      • sins are to be avoided, but at least they humble the one who sincerly intends to obey God and who feels bad when he disobeys God, so your sins may make you a better man one day …. while the pervert and the hypocrite sin without conscience and their sins only make them worse.


  • Hi,
    as long as your husband does not enforce his beliefs on you, you can stay with him, but if he forces you to share his beliefs, then it is your right to leave him. Concerning your children, your husband is responsible for them, he can decide whatever he pleases for them, but it is also your right to teach your children the true path of God, and he cannot refuse you that, and if he refuses, then he is not in his right, and it’s a legit reason to leave him.

    Thank you

    PS: I’ll delete this post


  • Hello messenger, I have came across this Quran verse 73:20. Where it says the prophet Muhammad and the believers stood for 2/3 of night. I would like to know is this referring to extra salat or is this just glorification of God.


    • Hi,
      no this is not extra salat. Muhammad received his revelation during the night, that’s why he had to evocate Allah each night for a long period: 1/3,1/2,2/3 of the night. This is particular to Muhammad and his companions, and this is not a prescription for all believers. Of course, the more we evocate Allah, the better it is, but few people can evocate Allah so long everyday, so each one shall evocate Allah as long as he can. This verses is not about extra Salat or about a mandatory command for all believers.


  • blablablaa12345383833

    hello ys i hope you are well, i have a question, it’s weird and unnecessary but i really want to get some info from you if you allow it, will god give us everything we want in paradise including stuff from our imagination?
    btw i’m really excited to return to god and serve him for eternity and live a adventurous life in heaven if god accepts to save me.
    take care of yourself bro and god bless you.


  • Hi,
    I have been following your message and warning since part 7 was uploaded and patiently waiting for the war to start. We have now reached August, so does that mean that the war will begin sometime this month or is it possible that it might be towards the end of the year like September, October, November. It has been 3.5 years now since his inauguration and the elections are November.


    • Hi,
      I don’t know, it seems that war is for soon, and everyday it seems closer. According to the information that I’ve shared it seems for 2020, but only God knows the future and this is not really important.


  • Hello Ysr,
    I just want to ask you a question if you dont mind.
    I have feelings for this man and its mutual, since we have read your articles a while back and repented, we haven’t got any close to each other to avoid committing any sin, both of us wanted to get married since a long time but things did not work well in terms of the current situation. Regarding our parents and families they are traditional Muslims so they follow the traditional way which is engagement, then marriage contract with a sectarian imam then wedding. Now we really don’t care about having a wedding and we just want the correct way to get married to avoid committing any sin by being together. We are 100% sure about our relationship and my mother and sisters know about him, as well as almost his whole family, except my father as i haven’t told him yet. What is the simplest way to do it to avoid committing any sin against God and be together normally and lawfully towards God the Exalted?
    Thank you.


    • Hello,
      no need for a huge ceremony, just the administrative contract is enough, no need for an imam or a religious wedding. The wedding according to the Quran consists just in signing a wedding contract and in making it official that you’re married, then your husband has to offer you a dowry that you can set together.


      • Sameer Hasan Basha

        Wait. Are you trying to say “maintenance” as mentioned in the Quran? I got puzzled when you mentioned dowry, which is the exact opposite of what you said here, since dowry is something which is an injustice to God’s laws.


      • Sorry but I don’t understand what you’re saying….

        I’ve said that Dowry is part of God’s commands, but it’s up to both sides to decide its nature. Women present their requests, and men agree or not. There is no injustice in this. Both can decide to not impose a dowry…


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