I am YS, God’s Ultimate Messenger, I announce you from God’s part:


Watch carefully this video that God has made me share with you:

God has elected Trump as the King of this World to punish the criminals. God decides whatever He wants, and His Will is always fulfilled.

More than 99% of people think they know God, but they actually do not know Him, just like they do not know that Trump will remain in office and will be their executioner, which is the concrete proof of their blindness and injustice.



billions of criminals will soon pay! As for the survivors, Allah has planned a far worst punishment for them, which will come after WW3.

These criminals think that the worst is now behind them, they ignore that the worst is rather coming very soon: WAR, DEATH, MISERY, FAMINE, PLAGUES, SORROW…


Those who now doubt or wait for this announcement to be fulfilled before to believe in it, are precisely those who are blind and full of injustice, and they are those who will receive God’s Retribution, and their future belief will not serve them at all.

All those who deny the Truth of God and follow falsehood instead, and who are full of inquiries and pride, will soon pay a high price for their crimes. I’m not only speaking about the disbelievers but also about the so-called people of religions: Muslims, Jews, Christians…and so on. It’s more appropriate to call these people sectarians, idolaters, associators, false believers, liars, traitors… They are people who have persistently refused God’s True Path that I’m promoting, ie the Exemplary Doctrine of Abraham, ie the religion 100% dedicated to Allah and to the Quran Alone. These damn criminals think they are safe in their cults and communities, but Allah will soon strike them at the very foundations of their houses, and the roof will fall down on them from above. To all these people, Allah commands me to announce that they shall now taste the evil of their actions.

Those before them plotted (they thought to be smarter than Allah): Allah struck at the very foundations of their building, and the roof fell down on them from above, and the Wrath seized them from directions they did not perceive. S16:V26

As for the believers, they shall exactly know what to do, and if not, it means that they are simply not genuine believers. The one who is guided by God is the well-guided one, while the one who is not, has no guide at all. Either you have a guide or you don’t, that’s your sole and only way of salvation!

This prediction from God will be among my main proofs that I am genuinely God’s ultimate and sole messenger for the end of times, the messenger YS, announced in Sura 36.

Allah has elected 2 persons in this present world:

A king to dominate the world and to retribute the criminals: DONALD TRUMP

Donald Trump

A messenger to show the right path and to warn about what is coming: YS, THE MESSENGER OF SURA 36


99% of people neither believe in Trump as the future king of this earth nor in me as the messenger of God, all these people will soon pay the price of their injustice and denial.


Be prepared damn false believers! Be prepared!

To the genuine believers: Trump is our ally, he will not come after us, but he will only come after the criminals, so we shall perceive him positively and welcome him with open arms, support his blessed action, and not oppose him in any way!

You may be surprised by this statement, but many messengers before me did the exact same kind of announcement. I am only transmitting to you what Allah instructs me to transmit. Allah has elected many great secular kings to destroy the criminals: people who thought they were believers while they were not, such as Muslims, Christians, and Jews today!

When people disobey and ignore God’s warnings and His messengers, and persist in their denial and injustice, God retributes them through the hand of their worst enemy and brings on them humiliation, insecurity, fear, misery, and death. Now just wide open your eyes, and see what is coming upon you criminals!

Now just wide open your eyes, and see what is coming upon you criminals!


  • Le cavalier rouge

    Ils ont fait exprès que Biden gagne pour qu’on oublié Trump .
    Et que comme ça du jour au lendemain il déclare la troisième guerre mondiale sans que personne n’y ait pensé .


  • In The Name of God The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.
    By Al-Qur’an which decrees
    Indeed, You are truly one of the Messengers.

    Good Morning Ys,
    I just want to thank and praise God,
    The All-Knowing, The All-wise.
    And why should I not serve He who created me.
    HIS message is sufficient for me.
    Allah is sufficient for me. 

    Currently, there are no words that I want to say, except:

    Our Lord, indeed we have heard a Caller calling to faith, [saying], ‘Believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. Our Lord, so forgive us our sins and remove our misdeeds from us and let us die with the righteous.

    Peace upon you, YS.
    And peace upon all messengers.
    And praise [belongs] to God, Lord of the worlds.


  • L’humble converti

    J’ai aussi réussi à répondre à l’appel unique d’Allah en me recentrant sur votre message et sur le Saint Coran que je lis et prie tous les jours merci pour m’avoir guidé dans ce sens . Dieu est Tout Puissant et en Lui seul je crois. Je suis néanmoins quelque peu désorienté par votre passage sur ‘savoir que faire’ car à part m’abandonner à Lui , à Le prier à respecter sa Parole et Sa Volonté je dois dire ne pas avoir cette réponse …
    Qu’Allah continue à être avec Vous et continue à vous bénir pour votre mission !


    • Bonjour,
      tu as bien fait de répondre maintenant, car le vent va bientôt définitivement tourner. Allah suffit pour tout pour les vrais croyants. J’ai plus que largement expliqué comment les choses fonctionnaient et ce qui va se passer. Soit tu es un vrai croyant et Dieu sera alors avec toi, soit tu ne l’es pas, et alors personne ne peux te sauver.


      • L’humble converti

        Je te remercie Messager je croyais déjà et ai été élevé avec Lui , j’ai confiance en Son Plan car Dieu est Omniscient et Tout Puissant depuis que j’ai découvert ce Livre Saint et unique il ne me quitte plus. J’ai parcouru tes nombreux avertissements et messages tous m’ont bouleversés et m’ont permis de bien me recentrer tant ils sont empreints de Dieu et de son Jugement Souverain. Nous entrons dans des temps très difficiles , que Dieu te bénisse et te protège et accepte notre repenti ainsi que tous ceux qui auront pu se rallier à Sa Parole et à Sa Volonté



  • no matter this whole comedy, Trump will remain in power.


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