I invite you to carefully watch this video first:

As soon as God appointed me as His ultimate messenger in late September 2018, I’ve announced that the world will experience major cataclysms and that things will quickly become worse and worse.

In 2019, we’ve suffered the worst year in terms of natural catastrophes, civil disorders, unrests, and unprecedented events. But this was not enough proof for the 99% of the world population, i.e. the criminals. They kept saying that it was a”normal” year, denying all God’s Signs.


Then God made me write His Ultimate Warning in late 2019, and which I’ve published on January 11, 2020. In this very long and detailed message from God, I’ve announced that 2020 will be the year during which God’s Retribution will begin. As soon as I’ve published this message, we’ve started unexpectedly with this Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown measures, and the world economic crisis. I’ve warned the people that these special measures and lockdown were the last opportunity that God offers them to question their ways. I’ve warned that this crisis will not stop before WW3 begins. Once again I was right, against all odds (at that time, most people believed it will be a short crisis and that they will quickly come back to their normal lives), we’re still in the midst of this Covid-19 orchestrated crisis. And sadly, most people did not take this opportunity to think deeply about their ways, and most of them did not change at all. 


I’ve also warned, and I was the only one in the world who had this information, that Donald Trump, is actually the Antichrist or Dajjal. I’ve said that after the first phase of his reign, a peaceful phase, he will enter into a violent second phase which is about to start. Today, most people are more than convinced that Trump has definitely lost the elections, and that he is already part of the past. Blind, deaf, dumb, they absolutely do not realize that all of this has been staged: the Republicans accusing the Democrats of fraud, the Black Lives Matter movement, Joe Biden, and the worldwide mainstream media claiming victory, while Trump contesting it and remaining silent.


All of this is actually part of the plan and is a huge manipulation, and everything has worked exactly as expected. As I’ve told you, Donald Trump is the Antichrist, he is the son of Satan, he is a demon in human shape, he is the secret top leader of the masonic elites. So all this false opposition in the mainstream media is a complete farce, as most TV anchors and politicians are actually demons in human shapes too. This is nothing more than a huge comedy in order to trick you. The plan of the demons is to depict Donald Trump as an anti-system figure in order to legitimate his future reign and make him look genuine. Soon, you’ll see Donald Trump taking the power by force and crushing all his opponents. The fulfillment of this prediction will be one of my major proofs that I am indeed God’s ultimate messenger, YS, mentioned in Sura 36. But be warned that your future belief will not serve you, since it will be too late to believe or to pray to God to help you. God will not answer your prayers just like you’ve ignored Him and His messenger until now.


I warn the true believers who acknowledge me as God’s messenger, that they shall neither oppose Donald Trump nor support him, they shall remain neutral since God has elected Donald Trump to destroy the criminals. His action will therefore be blessed by God and no one will be able to oppose him. The true believers shall not fear what is coming, they shall put their trust in God whatever happens, and follow God’s instructions either through me, his messenger, or through direct inspiration.

Once his position assured, Donald Trump will declare WW3, and he will be alone against the whole world. Trump cannot take the western nations as allies, since they are perceived as being part of the system, and we can clearly see it today, as most western leaders publicly oppose Trump. As God has elected him, Trump’s victory will be inevitable, and he will quickly start his reign as the new King of this World. The Antichrist will be the first leader in human history to dominate the entire world. Many tried to conquer the world in the past, but all failed, such as Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, etc. It will be the sign that God has indeed elected him to become the ruler of this world since only God gives power to whom He wants and strips off power from whom He wants.

Say: “O Allah! Lord of Power, Thou givest Power to whom Thou pleasest and Thou strippest off power from whom Thou pleasest thou enduest with honour whom thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low, whom Thou pleasest; in Thy hand is all Good. Verily, over all things Thou hast power”. S3:V26

Phase 1: Trump will destroy all those who are openly against him, namely those who support the current system, i.e. about 50% of the people today. These people are huge criminals since only true criminals can support the current corrupt system and adhere to its countless lies and criminal values.


Phase 2: Once he will become the king of the world, a part of the population, the religious part, will start opposing him and perceiving him as a dictator, as their prophecized Antichrist. They will start organizing a true resistance, encouraged by their prophecies announcing the final victory of Jesus Christ. These “religious” people are not genuine believers but are in fact cultists, idolaters, associaters, traitors, perverted ones. Most of them are what we call Muslims, Christians, and Jews.


Phase 3: The False Jesus will come (the true Jesus is not expected to come), he will be no more than Satan himself disguised in sheep’s clothing, and he will deceive the whole world, both religious and non-religious people. Once the whole world will accept him, Satan will show his true face, and God will authorize him and his army of demons, Gog and Magog, to destroy them all. Then, God will put an end to this terrestrial world, and it will be the Resurrection and the Judgement Day.




  • That’s why there can be doubt in your messengership, you’ve have only spoken the truth to us and everything you said months ago is happening now.Praise be to God


    • Yes I only say the truth, and only those who are guided by God can recognize it. As for the others, they are blind, deaf, dumb, and their fate is already sealed: their close destruction on earth and eternal hell.


  • that’s good, try to share it as much as possible. I’ll put the link on youtube


  • Greetings, thank you for this precious information. I have found something about this a Japanese commercial about Donald trump it was made in 2016 by an artist called “mike diva” it is full of explicit symbolism literally the one that can’t be ignored is in the video a tv suddenly turn on and we can see Donald trump giving a speech and it was written in red “DONALD TRUMP ELECTED WORLD’S PRESIDENT ” the whole commercial is about how the antchrist will emerge and what he will do the world am sorry I don’t know how to share links but you can find it in “mark diva” YouTube channel.


    • Indeed Trump has been elected by God to rule the entire world AND to retribute billions of criminals.

      What is the title of the video please?


    • actually, I know this commercial, I’ve already included it in one of my previous videos, but thank you btw.


      • Oh I see no problem. Indeed trump is the antichrist only the blinds who can’t see it. The people have no idea what is waiting for them they are still running after this life thinking that their lives will come back to normal it like they are dissociated from reality when I try to warn my family it like am talking juberish and they advice me to stop watching YouTube videos and I did not even warn my other family members yet I will try to warn them with the help of God but it been difficult for me to initiate the conversation do you think God will punish me because I didn’t warn my other family members ? Bcs am taking time to do it I feel like I did something wrong when I tired to explain to my parents and my brother it was hard my eloquence vanished away bcs of their response I got hyper sensitive when they refused to listen bcs I was warning them about their association so from that moment every time I try to warn others am paralyzed i know what am doing is wrong and am afraid God will punish me .


      • what you’re describing is normal. Allah does not want the unfair ones to know what is coming upon them. This is a miracle of Allah since they should see all these signs around them and the overwhelming evidence that you’re presenting to them, yet they do not react to them, as if they were hypnotized, that’s because Allah has made them blind.

        Allah commands us to warn only those who accept the truth and follow it instantly, NOT THOSE who deny the truth and perceive it as falsehood. You cannot save your family, their fate is sealed like more than 99.9% of people of this present time.

        I know how it is frustrating to be perceived as insane as if you talked rubbish….whereas you actually say the truth and are under the guidance of Allah. Ignore them, don’t try to convince them, let them go to their destruction, they are evil people. Allah says that what we perceive from them is nothing compared to the horror that they hide within themselves.

        Focus on your own redemption and spread the truth only to the one who is receptive and welcomes the truth with open arms.


  • I see thank you for your response may God forgive our sins and protect us from the illusion and temptations of satan.


  • Bonjour YS. J’espère que vous allez bien par la grâce du Tout-Puissant 🙏⏰
    Depuis que je vous ai connu, à travers votre blog, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais toute ma vie a été chamboulée avec surtout une rupture définitive avec ma famille et notamment avec ma mère.
    Il y a eu un événement qui a provoqué cette rupture des liens de sang alors que je ne m’y attendais pas. C’était plus fort que moi… Je sais que c’est Dieu qui guide les cœurs et qui s’interpose entre les gens… Mais je pensais que rompre avec sa famille c’était un pêché interdit par Dieu. Mais, depuis… Plus rien ne me touche même pas ma mère, moi qui étais si proche d’elle durant tant d’années.. Voilà, je me suis isolée du monde et je continue dans “ma caverne” mon cheminement vers Dieu Seul. Telle est ma vie et il y a des choses que l’on ne peut pas comprendre ni expliquer… C’est Dieu qui contrôle tout. Je continue à vous suivre et je sais que tout ce que vous avez révélé au monde est la pure Vérité… Que Dieu vous bénisse Messager🙏 Que la Paix soit sur vous et vos proches 🙏


    • Bonjour Nadia,
      tous ceux que Dieu a envoyé vers moi, son messager, ont vu leur vie chamboulés, car la vérité de Dieu chamboule la vie des gens et non pas moi-même en tant que personne. Ce chamboulement c’est l’épreuve du croyant pour prouver sa sincérité, et recevoir une guérison de Dieu, et se rapprocher de la vérité. Les liens entres hommes ne valent rien, pas même ceux entre père, mère, frères et sœurs, maris et femmes, le seul lien inébranlable est celui de l’homme avec son Créateur. Si Dieu a voulu te séparer de ta mère, c’est que c’était écrit comme cela, et que ta mère est une ennemie de Dieu. Cependant, Dieu nous dit de demeurer bienveillant et humbles avec nos parents même s’ils sont les pires gens sur terre, et de leur obéir excepté s’ils nous commandent de désobéir à Dieu. Donc, j’espère que ta rupture avec ta mère est venue du coté de ta mère et non pas de ton côté.

      Ce n’est pas pour rien que la sourate 18, la caverne fait parties des sourates se rapportant à la fin des temps, car en cette toute fin des temps, tous les vrais croyants vivent comme les gens de la caverne, isolés de tout. Non pas parce que ce sont asociaux, mais parce que partout où ils se tournent ils ne voient qu’égarement, futilité, mensonge, injustice, et mal. Ils n’ont donc pas d’autre choix que de se contenter de Dieu, et Dieu suffit amplement pour compagnie pour les croyants sincères. Nous avons Dieu et sa création, la nature, et cela nous suffit amplement, car la compagnie des égarés n’est que problèmes, mal, et ténèbres.

      C’est bon signe que tu crois à 100% que je dis la vérité et que je suis le messager de Dieu, car c’est bel et bien le cas. Car ceux qui doutent, même à 1%, ceux-là ne sont en rien des croyants, et cela n’échapperont pas à leur destruction prochaine et à l’enfer pour l’éternité.

      Que Dieu bénisse et protège les vrais croyants, et qu’ils maudissent et détruisent tous les autres.


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