Important Message from God’s Messenger, YS, Concerning The Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden

We have just witnessed the biggest deception that ever occurred in all of History. I was not the only one deceived by the fact that nothing happened during the presidential inauguration on January 20, 2021, but in fact more than half of the inhabitants of the earth still cannot understand why nothing happened on that day.

We have all seen the impressive amount of concrete evidence that exposes Donald Trump as the Antichrist and that shows that he is supposed to take over the entire world and start World War 3. All of the ominous signs surrounding Trump such as blood moons, the number 7, the number 666, his unique personality, and the fact that he is worshiped by many as the messiah, are not mere inventions, but are pure real facts. All of these prophecies that the Devil has revealed through his prophets regarding Trump prove that all that happened is actually part of a far more complex plan. Indeed, why would the Devil discredit his own prophets for nothing? Why would all these rich and famous superstar preachers with millions of followers, would risk their careers by conveying such prophecies concerning Trump? The answer is that those prophets who have been used to lead the whole world astray will soon be of no more use to the Devil, because something or someone else will replace them very soon. Everything that happened is therefore part of the Devil’s initial plan, because something else is coming, and no one knows what it is. But it is surely coming and it will stun the whole world.

Regarding the 2020 US elections, it is impossible for Biden to have have garnered 81 million votes, which is 7 million more votes than Trump’s 74 million votes, already a record in itself. Biden cannot have obtained more votes than Obama with the black community. It is impossible that Biden could have obtained such results when he is only a straw man, without any charisma or personality, and the proof of that is that he was twice Obama’s vice-president. I won’t even mention his insipid center policy,  in an extremely polarized country. Biden has neither the Democrat vote nor the Republican one, and yet he is supposed to be the US president with the greatest number of votes ever recorded in US elections history ! I won’t mention either, the fact that he’s an old man on the verge of senility, having repeatedly made inconsistent speeches and lost control.

So there is no need to believe in conspiracy theories to be convinced that indeed, a massive fraud took place and that Trump actually won the election. But obviously all of this was part of Satan’s plan, including the non-event of Biden’s inauguration. We can therefore expect a major surprise very soon, because Biden is only a lure to make us wait for what is coming.

Everything I have said about Trump and the US election is based on facts, and remains true to this day. So if I had to do it again, I would repost the exact same information without the least hesitation, because what I have shared with you is the pure truth, and it remains true even now. It seems that Satan and his accomplices have played us with the greatest deception ever orchestrated in human history, deceiving more than half of the earth’s population, including myself, all convinced that Trump was going to shock the world. This world will undoubtedly experience a major shock very soon, but just not in the way the Devil has led us to believe. It was actually part of the Devil’s plan to deceive more than half of the earth’s population, since the other half believes in this current system, which means that they are already under his control. The goal of this deception is that people who are still seeking the truth give up and no longer believe in anything: neither in the Devil, nor in the world conspiracy, and ultimately, not in God. Yet, God exists and guides, the Devil is very real and operates with his legions of demons among men and jinns all over the world, as there is, indeed, a global satanic conspiracy to deceive all humanity and lead it to its final demise. Now that most people have given up, the Devil can operate without any resistance. Therefore, the time has come to be extremely cautious, because as Trump repeatedly says: “This is not the end, but just the beginning”, except that he was not talking about himself, but about what was going to happen after him.

Know for sure that I have always been honest and sincere with God and with you, I have never cheated, lied, or acted for any other purpose than to please God. Therefore,  my conscience is clear and  I have the utmost confidence in God’s plan. I never acted for my own glory, I never sought greatness, I never even aspired to be the messenger of God. On the contrary, I had to accept this role in spite of myself and I  keep carrying this heavy burden, for this is the will of God. I have shared with you what God has shown me, what I am convinced of, and what you are yourselves convinced of by your own belief. Don’t be worried, we all have no choice but to believe in what God is showing us. The end of times is the most difficult period of this earthly trial, so this is no surprise that this test is so hard, the lie of this world so big, and wait for God’s salvation so long. Salvation will come, when all hope is definitely lost, which is now the case, since there is no more hope for us, except through a direct intervention from God, and rest assured that this will happen in due time. So do not doubt God, do not hasten the command of God, God’s Command will come when He decides it.

After this non-event, I did not say to myself: “You are not the messenger of God, you are completely wrong”, but I rather said to myself that everything happened as God has decided and that God never deceives his sincere servants and always keep His promise. So my faith was strengthened, and I put all my trust in God. So be reassured, believers, everything went as planned according to God’s original plan, and God did not betray us. We have simply reached a new chapter in God’s plan that only He knows about, and so we must pray for His salvation and intervention,keep doing good deeds, reform, and remain fully faithful to God. I say that very clearly and very firmly: I’m the messenger of God, and the punishment of God will arrive and is inevitable.

If you want to convince yourselves, just look at the state of mind most people find themselves into, as they live in a complete delusion without even realizing it. You only have to see the signs of God in people, in heaven and nature, and in the events that take place all over the world. Everything points to something huge coming soon, so huge that none of us will be able to anticipate it. For such is the chastisement of God, as it happens without warning. After 4 years of Trump’s reign and all the irreversible upheavals and scandals that this has caused in the world, do you really think that we are just going to go back to the old world we knew ? … it is impossible to play the same scenario twice, so what will soon unfold will be a huge shock of which only God knows all the details.

I am just like you, as I have, for the moment, nothing more to share regarding world events. I pray to God, I put all my trust in Him, and I simply wait for his Order to come, for it will undoubtedly come and will hurt very very badly. This changes absolutely nothing to the exemplary way that I have transmitted to you, and there is no other way which leads to God, because the way I have shown you is the unique and unchanged way of all messengers of God, that of the Quran, that of the exemplary doctrine of Abraham.

To believers, I know that you share exactly the same belief as I do and that you stand firm in your convictions and keep the same course of action, so my message is only meant to strengthen and reassure you. As for the others, who have taken a malicious pleasure in mocking me, insulting me, and denying me, know that your insults actually apply to you and expose the horrible criminals that you truly are. What is the word of a criminal worth? Nothing at all! So keep going after me as you see fit. It does not affect me at all, because God has shown me your true horrible nature. You’re only digging your own grave so keep at it. As Allah says in the Quran: “In truth, those never believed from beginning to end … and announce a terrible retribution to them.” What you wish and promise me will therefore be your lot. The truthful sleeps on both ears, and it is my case, so nothing can affect me and my faith in God only increases more in the face of adversity. To all criminals, I will not play your game. Be sure that your threats will turn against you, and be cursed, even if you already are, vile and horrible that you are.

Final words for believers, it is in these times that you must be strong and trust God even more, for we enter the time when God Himself comes into action, and only He knows what is going to happen. So do not doubt what God has shown you so far, do not be affected by what your relatives and other hateful criminals may say, let them die of their own rage and stay calm, continue to obey God, the plan does not change at all, and what has been announced will happen. As for the food stocks that I have asked you to purchase, rest assured that they will serve you very very soon. I told you that salvation during the end of times period is a matter of faith and trust in God, and we just went through the first important test yesterday. The end of the world is a series of events as unexpected as overwhelming. Those who have faith in God will see their faith increase and will be more and more confident with each coming trial. As for the others, they will drop like flies, just like they did with this first major test.

I invite you to watch this video which explains the truth about Biden’s Inauguration Day and what it hides for the close future.


  • Peace messenger of God

    I understand that the original plan is to be kept, of the coming destruction. I have a question, is trump still the anti Christ then? Or maybe someone else only God knows.

    God bless you,


    • Trump has said in his last speech: “you’ll see me soon in another form”… maybe he meant that he will shapeshift as he is a demon in human shape. Only Allah knows the future, for me, all signs indicate that Donald Trump is the Antichrist, let’s see what will happen. No matter what will happen, I’ve shared with you what Allah has shown me, and I’m not responsible for its content, I’m convinced by it as the truth, and you’re convinced by it because of your own choice, not because I’ve said so. I trust Allah’s plan and everything went as Allah wanted it, and I suggest any believer do the same.


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