Antichrist Donald Trump Is Not Over, A Huge Surprise Is Coming Soon!

You think this is over and that Donald Trump has definitely lost the game and that we are just coming back to business as usual…. but you’re wrong!

This is only a façade, a trap, a manipulation, a huge deception, …., This whole US presidential election was a pure false flag, a complete lie.


This inauguration was a False Flag, a staging. When you see its satanic nature and all the symbols contained in it, you can clearly see that it announces something huge for soon. This inauguration is a celebration for the coming reign of Antichrist Donald Trump

As I’ve told you, they are all working hand in hand, Democrats and Republicans as well, they are all demons in human shape, and they are all playing their part in Satan’s plan for the end of time.

Many have been deceived when Trump did not make his military coup on January 20th, 2021, they thought it was over, they thought Trump is not the guy, they thought I was not God’s authentic messenger … but they were wrong!

This was part of Satan’s plan and God’s plan and everything have actually worked as planned.

Trump is still secretly in control, Biden’s inauguration is just a deception to make you believe it’s over … but soon, a huge surprise is coming. Biden’s administration will not last very long, it’s now only a matter of time.



Amanda Gorman is a demon in human shape, she also works for Satan’s plan symbolized by the pyramid.



Amanda Gorman is 22 years old. 22 stands for false flags, and this inauguration and Trump’s apparent defeat are just staging. Something big is coming soon.



Amanda Gorman had a yellow robe during the Inauguration. The yellow is the color of treason, like the yellow robe of Judas



Purple is the color of the Biblical Jesus, ie Satan. They are all celebrating the coming reign of the false Jesus, their father Satan.


maxresdefault (3)

Sun symbol, ie Satan/Biblical Jesus



White as the color of snow or purification which is coming soon.

Celebrating America Primetime Special


Black and red, ie darkness and death. The dove is not for peace, but for war. it’s not for the Holy Spirit, but for the unholy spirit of Satan.



They are celebrating the coming of Satan symbolized by the obelisk



Black Sun. Obviously, all demons know that this not simply the victory of Biden and business goes as usual…it’s far more than that, the reign of Satan is coming. Antichrist Donald Trump is not over.



Pelosi, a demon in human shape, also celebrates Satan’s coming reign. Her robe has the sign of the bull, ie Satan.

Many signs show that all of this is a huge comedy such as the 17 executive orders of Biden. 17 stands for Q, ie Satan, knowing that the QAnon movement is led by demons in human shape and is the trap of Satan. This international movement aims at creating a world revolution to establish the New World Order of Antichrist’s Donald Trump. During Trump’s last speech at Andrews Base, there were 17 flags … again this is a reference to Q, ie Satan. This shows that Biden and Trump work hand in hand for the same plan, since both are demons in human shape.


The fact that both Trump and Biden referred to the number 17 during the Inauguration Day show that they both work together since they are both demons in human shape. 17 stands for Q, ie Satan. The QAnon movement is Satan’s movement to lead to Antichrist Donald Trump’s New World Order


Trump has pardoned 73 persons, 73 like 777, ie the false Jesus who will come after Trump, ie Satan in person.


73 as 777, ie the false biblical Jesus who will come after Trump, ie Satan in person. 70 also confirms that all of this is part of the plan. This is a huge comedy and Trump is part of it, and is a huge deceiver, imposter, and liar.

The number 666 was also eveywhere around this inauguration which shows that this is all about the coming reign of Antichrist Donald Trump.

maxresdefault (2)biden36_6biden36_5biden36_3biden36_2biden36

Donald Trump and the Biblical Jesus Christ are connected since the Biblical Jesus is Satan and Donald Trump is his son. 


Trump knows all the secrets of the elites: human sacrifices, pedophile rings, drug networks, and all their lies. Trump could have simply exposed these secrets to the general public if he wanted to stay in power, but he did not, just because the plan is that Trump needs to come back thanks to the action of the people, ie an orchestrated worldwide revolution.

So now, watch and observe, you’ll see a huge surprise coming soon. The plan has not changed at all, Trump is still the Antichrist, son of Satan, and God wanted things to happen exactly that way in order to expose the damn traitors who want to pass for real believers….and many of them have already exposed themselves.

These traitors thought: let’s see if what God’s messenger YS has announced is fulfilled, then we’ll follow him, and if not, then we’ll deny him. It’s not as simple as that, nobody is saved because he believes in me or not, but because he believes in God, in the truth, and because he’s a good person. The criminals will not escape from the harsh and painful punishment that is about to fall on them.

Be prepared criminals! Tremble, I assure you that you’ll pay a high price for your atrocities.

As for the believers, stay confident in God, the plan has not changed at all and will not change.


  • Greetings Mr Yasine, indeed it is obvious that this was all a theater. Now trump is dead politically , the world has already forgotten about him and no one is expecting his coming back. So I guess soon he will be resurected politically and will be seen as a messiah. As for the once who were waiting for a miracle to believe in your message, they have lost themselves; they acted like the old generations who were asking to see angles and God in plain sight. I wanted also to ask you how to contact you directly because I have something personal .I need your opinion about.


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