Message from God’s Messenger YS: Wait and be patient, God’s Order will come to pass

People are living just right now a major test from God whether they are aware of it or not. What happened with the US election and what has been happening with the Covid-19 pandemic for more than a year now is part of this test.

Many people expected Donald Trump to win the US presidential election and have based all their faith on this event, and now that Joe Biden was sworn in, these people are completely lost and cannot understand why nothing happened, why Trump did not intervene, why God did not intervene, why God remains silent to their prayers…. and they are now even questioning the very core of their fundamental beliefs. They think that they have been deceived by God, by Trump, by QAnon, by the whole world … by me, YS, God’s messenger, and they ask for repentance, apologies, they expect me to acknowledge that I’m an imposter. These people have been tested by God and they have obviously failed their test, because this non-event has revealed that their faith was actually completely fake. Indeed, these people’s faith was only based on one single component: either my prophecy is fulfilled and then they thought that they just have to follow my instructions to be saved, or my prophecy is not fulfilled and then they consider me as a false prophet and my whole message as a lie. These people have no faith in God because they thought that I was their guide while God is the sole and only Guide. It’s not because of me that they are now lost but because God has used this non-event to expose to them that their faith was fake. Actually, these people have never believed that I am God’s messenger and have never believed in the path that I’ve shown. They have never been genuine believers even if they were convinced that they were.

I’m God’s messenger, YS, mentioned in Sura 36. I’ve shared with you with full honesty what God has shown me. I stay loyal to God, firm in my beliefs, confident in my faith, and I know that everything went exactly as planned by God. I do not ask God why He has not intervened as He has shown me, because He has actually intervened, and his action is on the way. So I’m waiting for God’s visible action and I’m confident that everything that has been announced will eventually be fulfilled. God does not reveal his mystery to anyone, and all believers have to accept to remain in the dark until God comes with His light. So I ask all believers: wait, wait, wait! Do not doubt God! Do not doubt the way that I’ve shown you! Do not consider me as a false prophet because it would not be fair! I give you this piece of advice for your own good because, personally, God is enough as a witness for me, my heart is in peace and I sleep on both ears. The one who doubts or denies does it to his own detriment, while the one who believes and has faith does it for his own benefit. If I’m an imposter, then my crime will fall on me alone and not on you, whereas if I’m truthful, and I am, then you’ll be the only winners by listening to me and by having faith. I have nothing to earn from you, I’ve not asked anything from you, I’ve simply transmitted to you God’s message, and I’m not responsible for you but only for myself.

As for the pandemic, as I’ve told you since the beginning, this virus is a test from God. No matter if it’s an engineered virus and the truth about the pandemic, what is sure and certain is that this pandemic has been decided by God and serves as a test for us. God has sent this pandemic because most people are disobeying Him, because they are running after this life and behind terrestrial earnings instead of looking for the hereafter. Most of them are so far in their rebellion and error that no matter God’s signs, they simply do not want God, they do not want his law, they do not want the hereafter. They just want to follow their own wishes and are convinced that they will find a way to escape from God’s Retribution. People’s hearts have become extremely hard, they refuse to accept God within them and to repent. This Covid-19 virus affects the lungs because people refuse to accept God’s spirit and breath within them. God has sent this pandemic to force people to accept Him, to repent, to turn their back to the gains of this terrestrial life, and to focus on what will allow them to obtain the hereafter. But if people refuse to listen, God will put for them a much harder ordeal, and their suffering will only increase. Don’t test God, come back to reason, be fair, ask for forgiveness, accept to change, otherwise, you’ll be among the great losers.

I’m God’s sole and only messenger for the end of time, I’ve transmitted to you God’s message, I’ve done my job by doing this, and I cannot make a choice for you. Now, it’s all up to you!

Youtube has banned many of my recent videos and has inflicted me warnings on my both channels. One more warning and my channels are definitely closed. I cannot post any new video on my 2 Youtube channels , so I’ve uploaded my last video directly on my website.


  • You have done extraordinary job since the start of your mission.
    I think GOD must be very happy with you because of your efforts.

    Take care


  • God says in Surah Ya Seen that He will seize the criminals when they least expect it. So let them blunder in their false beliefs, those hypocrites.


  • Bonjour YS messager d’Allah,
    Je place entièrement ma confiance en Allah Le tout Miséricordieux, Le très Miséricordieux, ainsi qu’ en vous Son ultime messager de la fin des temps. Je me place, avec Sa Permission à vos coté et celui des croyants sincères. Allah Le tout Puissant est avec les endurants et Allah ne manque jamais à Sa promesse. Qu’Allah Le très Haut raffermisse nos pas, qu’Il nous pardonne nos pêchers, nos faiblesses et nous élève sur Sa voie et nous protège. Je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous faites et suis reconnaissante à Allah Le Tout puissant de vous avoir mis sur mon chemin et prie Allah de vous protéger, d’augmenter votre savoir et de vous placer auprès de Ses rapprochés.
    Je n’ai aucun doute, et jamais je ne tournerai le dos à la Vérité et demande à Allah, mon Créateur, l’Unique de m’accrocher fortement à Son câble quoi qu’il arrive.
    Merci encore pour tout.
    Louange à Allah Seigneur des cieux et de la terre.

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  • Bonjour Messager YS, gloire a Dieu de t avoir envoyer a nous qui sommes croyants pour nous mettre en garde contre le diable . Dieu es l’ invisible, le Sage, l’omnipotent , l’omniscient , il es dans notre coeur , quand ont a foi en Dieu il ne faut pas demander a le voir et la grande partie des personnes (faux croyants) ont préférer retourner leurs vestes et croire au media qui manipule ,ils ont choisi un bien mauvais chemin et ne sont pas dignes d’être guider par Dieu . J’ai confiance en Dieu et n ‘adore que lui il es notre unique guide et lui seul peu nous secourir . J ‘ai aussi confiance en toi messager et je n’ai jamais douter de ce que tu as dit car si je doute de toi alors je doute de Dieu , qui crois en Dieu crois en son Messager .Merci Louange a Dieu le tout Miséricordieux ,le très Miséricordieux seigneur de l’univers que Dieu nous protègent tous ; Paix a toi Messager


  • Cher messager,

    C’est dans les épreuves que les gens révèlent leurs vraies natures comme dit le proverbe : l’avenir appartient aux patients et aux endurants.
    Je prie Dieu de me renforcer dans cette période : Il a eu la bonté de me guider afin que je ne flanche pas, malgré une baisse de régime que j’ai surmontée.
    Notamment, il m’a guidé à travers des rêves ( j’ai rêvé que des personnes allaient faire une expédition dans une grotte, qui se révélait être la gueule d’un lion en réalité. A l’intérieur de la grotte se trouvais des chaînes. Ainsi, je me félicité dans le rêve, de ne pas être partie en expédition avec ces gens: sachant le danger qui s’y trouvait à l’intérieur. En repensant à ce rêve, j’ai fait l’analogie du lion avec le faux Jésus. C’est grâce à vos écrits que j’ai compris, autrement j’aurais été bien incapable de faire l’interprétation.

    Louange à Dieu, qu’ Il nous guident.

    A bientôt.



  • Hello YS.
    I have confirmed all the messages of God sent through you are the truth.
    I read the Quran and I feel these verses have to do with what you convey in this message.

    So be patient, indeed, the promise of Allah is truth. And whether We show you some of what We have promised them or We take you in death, it is to Us they will be returned.
    (QS. 40:77)

    Say, “My Lord, if You should show me that which they are promised,
    My Lord, so do not place me among the wrongdoing people.”
    And indeed, We are Able to show you what We have promised them.
    (QS. 23:93-95)

    And whether We show you some of what We promise them, or We take you in death, to Us is their return; then, Allah is a witness concerning what they are doing.
    (QS. 10:46)

    So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We opened to them the doors of every thing, until when they rejoiced in that which they were given, We seized them suddenly, and they were in despair.
    (QS. 6:44)

    Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits. And they did not alter by any alteration.
    (QS. 33:23)

    Peace Upon you, YS.
    And peace upon all messengers.
    Praise be to Allah, and peace upon His servants whom He has chosen.


    • Hi Argha,
      you’re right. The verses you’ve cited perfectly match and show that God has put the Quran in your heart.

      All my claims and recommendations are 100% based on the Quran. There is no other light than the Quran. The Torah and the Gospel have been corrupted and mix truth with falsehood, so they are not enough and require the Quran to discriminate the truth from the falsehood therein.

      Keep having faith in God’s Guidance, God does not deceive the sincere and righteous ones.


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