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The Signs of the Antichrist/666 in 2016


The presence of Satan in the media has never been as important as in this year 2016. In the last years, Satan was referred to in a ciphered way, his signature was coded, but now Satan is openly mentionned and is presented on many media as the Good Friend, the Savior of Man, and even as God Himself, the Good Lord. Step by step, over centuries and even millenaries, since the creation of Man, we have been brainwashed with the propaganda of Satan, staging us progressively to embrace his path and take his side, while in reality, he still remains the same, ie the ultimate enemy of Man.

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The Antichrist and Gog and Magog in the 2015 Media

In this year 2015, there is a large amount of media content all refering to portals, wormholes, dimensions, Saturn …, with Nephilim like creatures coming from these dimensions, and a Savior figure. Obviously, they are preparing us for the coming of Satan in his role of Messiah, a fake Jesus, and his army of Nephilim, Gog and Magog, through a portal connected to Saturn, and which is to be opened thanks to CERN.


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The Antichrist in the 2015 Media


The message spread all over the media is now very explicit, they do not even cipher it, they say it in plan: Their Master is coming, nothing can stop his emergence, it’s already too late, either we are with him or against him.

See for yourself, I am really not exagerating. I highly suggest you to watch very carefully this video:

Damien (2015)

Damien is the son of Satan, he is fully possessed by Satan, his number is 666, either you are with him or against him. There have even created a website dedicated to the movie :



Read what is written:


The Veil (2015)

the veil

It’s the coming of a Warrior which will bring the light to humanity, a Messiah like figure who will unite Humanity under his rule.

Last Knights (2015)


It’s a story of a secret group of knights serving one unique master (Satan), they have planned, they have sacrificed, they have waited for the right moment, but now they are ready to realize their final ideal.

Closer to God (2015)


It’s a story of baby clone which is a symbol of the birth of the host who will be fully possesed by Satan and used by him in his false messiah role. All the satanic symbolics are present, the baby is represented with a kind of 3rd eye, he is a monster, the people are scared about him and it’s only the beginning…


Fantastic Four (2015)


The four fantastics open a dimensional portal which allows a Satan like figure to come into our dimension.

Lego Dimensions (2015)


Super Heroes such as Batman, Gandalf … fight against Satan like figure which comes through a dimensional portal

Disturbed – The Vengeful One (2015)


It’s a music in which a Dark Messiah, calling himself the Hand of God, will come and punish humanity, saying that’s already too late now to escape from him. The lyrics are very explicit:

He is observing the chaos, taking in the lack of raw humanity
It’s as if the entire world’s fallen in love with their insanity
Hear the innocent voices scream
As their tormentors laugh through all of it
No forgiveness from all I’ve seen
The degradation I cannot forget

So sleep soundly in your beds tonight
For judgement falls upon you at first light

I’m the hand of God
I’m the dark messiah
I’m the vengeful one
(Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
In the blackest moment of a dying world
What have you become
(Look inside and see what you’re becoming)

As the violence surges
And the teeming masses have been terrorized
The human predators all gone mad
Are reaping profits born from their demise
The rabid media plays their roles
Stoking the flames of war to no surprise
Only too eager to sell their souls
For the apocalypse must be televised

So sleep soundly in your beds tonight
For judgement falls upon you at first light

I’m the hand of God
I’m the dark messiah
I’m the vengeful one
(Look inside and see what you’re becoming)
In the blackest moment of a dying world
What have you become
(Look inside and see what you’re becoming)

When you die
You’ll know why
For you cannot be saved
With all the world enslaved
When you die
You’ll know why

You’ll die
You’ll know why
For you cannot be saved
This world is too depraved
When you die
You’ll know why

Where are Ü now ? – Justin Bieber (2015)


This one is an important one, this video clip by Justin Bieber is really crazy and scarying at the same time, it lets not the least doubt about their intentions.

This clip is supposed to be made with drawings of fans of Justin Bieber, and they mix these drawings in the clip with Justin Bieber, the problem is that some of these drawings cannot be done by normal fan, they have certainly been inserted deliberatly in order to pass us a clear message, and indeed the message is clear.

First of all, you see the symbol which is on the jacket of the music: Ü

This symbol is present in the clip from the beginning to the end, and do you know what is thsi symbol?

When you press ALT + 666 on your keyboard you get the symbol Ü … in short this symbol says that all this clip is a messag from 666, who is one of the numerous names of Satan.

And now see the drawings:


Justin Bieber with an inverted cross on the forehead:


The All Seeing Eye Pyramid above Justin Bieber and extraterrestrials (demons):


Onverted cross:


Love the devil Back


False Gawd


“We Made It” with the all seeing eye, and the triangle to warn about a danger. We made it, means that they have reached their final goal: the New World Order and the coming of their God, Satan


All Seeing eye Pyramid


All Seeing eye pyramid and the Freemason symbol







Bush did 9/11:


Justin Bieber = The Greatest Trick I’ve ever did … and he is shown with horns on his head.


2013 was practice, 2014 was warmup, 2015 race???


One Eye Symbology:


Jesus represented as Satan:


I suggest to watch the whole video, it contains much more films, musics and ads which really deserve to be seen so far their satanic symbology is obvious.

Gog and Magog revealed, CERN, Hoover Dam, Antichrist (Satan 666)

In this article, I will explain to you what is the connexion between CERN, Hoover Dam, the Antichrist and Gog and Magog, and I show you important events related to this subject which seems to announce that something very big is coming soon.

I highly recommand you to watch this video with a great attention because this is real and it’s coming soon:

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The Antichrist Announced In The 2014 Media (part 3)

In this year 2014, all the media (movies,series, music, world events, world news…) of the world are focused on one and the same topic: the Coming of the Antichrist. The signs announcing the Antichrist are everywhere and this is no coïncidence, obviously, something is coming soon.

I highly recommand you to watch this video, it contains very accurate details of what is coming, and expose the hidden Antichrist programming in the 2014 media:

Here’s the 2 previous episodes of the Antichrist programming the 2014 media:

  • In the 2014 serie “The Strain“, the story is around a supernatural Antichrist like figure called “The Master” who is to establish a “New Order” from the ashes of this one.


To quote the exact terms used in the serie (Season 1 Episode 7):

A new reich rose from the ashes of this one is coming, led by a new fuhrer, who’s able to deliver everything hitler promised and more

It’s what humanity craves: A strong leader, a visionary

Plato was right, the republic can only be led by a philosopher king With the wisdom to look after the needs of the many

Those who will oppose to this New World Order will suffer a slow and painful death:

You and your wife could still be part of a glorious new order. But make the wrong decision here and you condemn sylvia to a painful and lingering death

This message is actually addressed to all of us.

  • In 2014, there is video game named “Wolfenstein: New Order” in which a 3rd Reich arises from a nuclear world war provoked by the Nazis who actually never disappeared.

In the 2014 MTV Music Awards, There were all kind of symbols on the scene which are a clear reference for what is coming: The Antichrist (Satan in a body of a false Jesus).

  • The logo of the 2014 MTV Music awards is the one eye symbol of the Antichrist:


  • A huge 666 (Antichrist’s code name) at the center of the scene:


  • Rita Ora starts her show on the illuminati pyramid (unachieved pyramid with at its top the illuminated eye of Satan) and the portal above her. The portal symbolizes the bottomless pit, ie the portal/gate which will be opened at Hoover Dam with a CERN electromagnetic bomb, in order to bring Satan’s army of demons (Gog and Magog):


  • A huge Web and Rita Ora is at the center of it (= trapped):


  • The scene contains portals everywhere:





  • Reptilians to refer to the network of reptilians who are hidden among us and who are paving the way for Antichrist/Satan’s New World Order:


  • The planet Saturn which poles are shaped into the form of an eye and an hexagram (666), and which hosts the 1st army of Satan (Gog), this army will come thanks to Hoover Dam explosion with electromagnetic CERN bomb, which effects will open a gate from Saturn to allow Satan’s 1st army to come on earth:


  • The pyramid, the rainbow and the egg. The pyramid is Satan’s matric, the rainbow is the new rainbow nation, the new man, and the egg symbolizes the birth of this new man:



Rita Ora & Iggy Azalea sexy performance MTV VMA 2014, Black widow:

This is an extract Black Widow’s lyrics, they are quite explicit: we are trapped in Satan’s deception/illusion and the coming of Satan is announced in the disguise of a false Jesus.

This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same

First we’re both down to play then somehow you go astray

We went from nothing to something, liking to loving

It was us against the world and now we just fucking

It’s like I loved you so much and now I just hate you

ou used to be thirsty for me (Satan/Antichrist)

But now you wanna be set free

This is the web, web that you weave

So baby now rest in peace (It’s all over with now)

I’m gonna l-l-l-love you until it hurts

Just to get you I’m doing whatever works

You’ve never met nobody

That’ll do you how I do ya

That will bring you to your knees

Praise Jesus hallelujah

I’m-a make you beg for it, plead for it

Till you feel like you breathe for it

Till you do any and everything for it

I want you to fiend for it

Wake up and dream for it

Till it’s got you gasping for air

And you lean for it

‘Till they have a CAT scan and check on your mind

And it’s nothing but me, on it (on it, on it, on it)

Now it’s me-time believe that

If it’s yours when you want it

I wouldn’t promise I need that

Till I’m everywhere that you be at

I can’t fall back go quick

Cause this here a fatal attraction so I take it all or I don’t want shit

Nicki Minaj & Ariana & Jessi J , Hot Performance at MTV VMAs 2014 Bang Bang (Anaconada):

For decades, Hollywood have created dozens of super heros and super villains, it’s interesting to note their progression over time. The heros are becoming more and more evil and dark like Batman, Superman, Spiderman,… and the villains are more and more nice. This is actually not a coïncidence, this is to converge towards the synthesis of good and evil, which will be incarnated by Satan/Antichrist.

  • Godzilla (2014) who has always been a villain becomes the hero in the last opus and save humanity from destruction. Godzilla is an Antichrist like figure, the villain who becomes good and save humanity. The subtitle in Godzilla’s poster lets no doubt about that: “A New Emperor is Born”.


  • Maleficent (2014) is the story of the Sleeping Beauty. Normally the witch is the villain of the story and casts a spell on the princess, and only a true kiss of love can awaken her from her eternal sleep. In the story that we’ve learn when we were young, it’s the prince of save the princess. But in Maleficent, the kiss of the prince did not work, but the kiss of the Witch Maleficent worked. The morality is that man does not know what is true love, but Maleficent (playing the covered role of Satan/Antichrist) knows what is true love and teaches it to men.

Another confusion of issues, is that in the original story, the villain is a witch, but in the new version, she becomes fairy … except she does absolutely not look like to a fairy as we know them, she rather looks like a demon/fallen angel with its huge black horns and black wings.


Once again, Maleficent is about the synthesis of good and evil, which is incarnated by Satan/Antichrist. The new man shall go beyond the old archetype of good and evil and accept to be both at the same time.

In order to show how the true deception and mind programming which is behind the movie Maleficent, just see the first words of the movie and final ones and see how we are being manipulated.

Beginning of the movie

Let us tell an old story anew. And we will see how well you know it. Once upon a time there were two kingdoms that were the worst of neighbours. So vast the discord between them that is was said only a great hero or a terrible villain might bring them together. In one kingdom lived folk like you and me with a vain and greedy king to rule over them.

End of the movie

So you see, the story is not quite as you were told. And I should know. For I was the one they called Sleeping Beauty. In the end, my kingdom was united. Not by a hero or a villain as legend had predicted. But one who was both hero and villain. And her name was Maleficent.

  • Under the dome (2014): this serie is all about the Antichrist, the story is about a little town which is suddently covered by a huge dome. The dome is an alive being and provoke all kind of disasters, he speaks to the people, inspires them and has a total control on the city. The dome actually represents the Antichrist and the people starts progressively to speak to the dome, to pray him, to have faith in him. The dome changed all the people, the good people becomes evil and vice versa, it reveals each one’s true nature. The more the story goes on and the more we assist to an alliance of good and evil for the salvation of all, which is again the same Antichrist’s principle of synthesis of good and evil.


  • Transcendance (2014): This movie is from far the best illustration of what will be the illusion and fake paradise of Satan in his Antichrist/False Jesus’ role. The main character is an Antichrist like figure named Will and his wife is named Evelyn. Notice the choice of these 2 names: Will refers to the Will of Satan to make his own rules, the ego Vs submission to God. Evelyn clearly refes to Eve. The whole movie symbolizes the temptation of Satan, how to pervert an innocent human being and to make him become a slave of the devil. In the movie, the real Will, played by Johnny Depp (one major illuminati actor), dies, and his conscience is put into a machine, and he spreads all over the internet, and at the end he spreads in every single atom of nature. The real Will is dead but the machine usurpates his identity to get the people think that he is the real Will…just like Satan will usurpate the identity of the prophet Jesus. Will has the same nature than the Antichrist: the spirit of Satan inside a fake body. In the movie, Will accomplishes all kind of miracles, can heal any disease, he even heal a character named Paul who was blind since birth (a clear reference to the apostle Paul). But once the people accept his power, they become connected to Will, and Will can use their body as if it was his. All those who fall in his temptation become part of a network of minds and becomes slave of Will. If Will dies, they die, if Will want them dead, they die, Will can speak through them and use their body like he wants. They become kind of hybrids and are immortal. Will has the power to regenerate whatever he wants, he even has the power on nature, he is exactly like the figure of the Antichrist.  In the movie, the people have faith in him as if he was God.

On 2014, while we did not have any movie on the prophets of God for decades, all of a sudden, there are 3 Hollywood super productions on Noah, Moses and Jesus… And this is no coïncidence. On the official Youtube channel of the Antichrist LieKillers, Satan says that these movies are to refresh our memories and to prepare us for what is coming. Actually these 3 movies completely rewrite the true stories of the prophets of God and totaly distort them in favor of Satan/Antichrist. The definition and characteristics of God, the Law of God, the prophets’ behavior have been distorted in order to fit to the characteristics of Satan. The religion of God and God as depicted in these movies perfectly match with what will be the Antichrist and his All-In-One Religion, the Black Cube Saturnian Religion.

  • In Noah (2014), each time that God is mentioned, an image of the serpent is displayed on screen, as if God was the serpent. Noah, Lamech, Mathusalem pass from generation to generation the sacred relic of the serpent’s skin (Satan) of the garden of Adam and Eve. The God of Noah is presented in the movie as Satan, the serpent.



Here you can clearly see in the movie Noah the reference to the human god that Satan wants to create. This is to prepare us for his coming. First claiming that he is Jesus, then that he is God, then that he is God and Satan at the same time, then that we are all in our path towards self-divinity:



In the movie Noah, there are beings called the Watchers/the Giants, they present themselves as fallen angels, God punished them because they wanted to help men to evolve and to learn them creation (in short how to become their own gods). They are presented as our helpers, our guardians, our elder brothers, and they are the allies of Noah in the movie. These Giants are no more than the devils among the Jinns, Satan’s offspring. They are not Angels, there is no such thing as fallen angels (the angels cannot disobey God by design, so they cannot fall because of their disobedience). It’s always the same story in many movies, the devils present themselves as our allies while in reality their are our worst enemies. You have these giants in many movies such as Transformers, Noah, Maleficent, Lord of the Ring… they are always presented as benevolent whereas in reality they are declared enemies to us and are Satan’s workers.

Giants in Noah:


Giants in Maleficent:


Giants in Transformers Age of Extinction:


Giants in Lord of the Rings:


  • In the Movie Son of God (2014), Jesus is presented not as a prophet and mere creation of God, but at one time as the son of God, at another time as God Himself. This confusion is deliberate and is to prepare us to the coming of the Antichrist, ie Satan disguised in a false Jesus, claiming that he is God himself. Satan’s explanation on LieKillers is that the concept of son of God means God in flesh. God is at the same time spirit, flesh and soul. The son of God is God in flesh, the spirit of God is God’s inspiration, the soul of God is God’s original true nature. This is a complete deception of Satan in order to prepare our minds to accept the idea that God can come in flesh and walk among us like a mere human being, and this false god will be played by Satan himself.

Jesus/Antichrist/Satan worshipped as a God:


In the movie, Jesus (who is in fact the figure of the Antichrist/Satan and not the true Jesus) is depicted as God and has all the attributes of God.

I am the way… the truth… and the life. I am the Alpha… and the Omega, the first… and the last… the beginning… and the end.

He announces that he (Satan) is coming very soon, and this announcement is actually addressed to us and not the characters of the movie.

There will be no more death… or mourning… or crying… or pain. I am making everything new. I am coming soon.

At the end, there is even the one eye symbology of Satan, when Jesus says that he is coming soon, the camera zoom in on his eye.


You even have the same one eye symbol of Satan in the movie’s poster:


I am coming soon and the one eye symbology of Satan:

  • In the 2014 movie Exodus, Moses and Pharaoh are presented as 2 half brothers, whereas the truth is that Pharaoh raised Moses and is not his half brother. This lie is deliberate, as I’ve told you above, this is to say that good and evil have the same origin, and that Moses and Pharaoh are not so different. In the movie, the 2 figures are presented as 2 faces of the same coin. This contributes to the coming deception of the Antichrist/Satan both good and evil.

Even the poster of the movie emphisize on this point, showing both Moses and Pharaoh each one in one side of the pyramid, which unites them. The top of the pyramid symbolizing Satan. They both look as evil.


Exodus trailer:

  • Since recently, there is a new generation of magicians who are not true magicians, they have no true talent except to know how to tell stories. These magicians do not do their tricks by their own, but are actually helped by jinns/demons/devils who perfom their tricks at their place. Among these magicians you have Dynamo, Chris Angel, Mike Super … and many many others, they pass on all the mainstream channels. Their tricks belong to the supernatural realm as what they do is humanly impossible. They can read minds, induce ideas, materialize any objects, fly, turn objects into other objects, walk on water, change wine in water, turn a rope into a snake… They do all what a jinn can do… They actually perform most of the known miracles of God. Their recent apparition on the mainstream media is not innocent, they are to trivialize God’s true miracles and are a foretaste of what Satan/Antichrist and the demons/jinns coming with him will be able to do. Their wonders are not real, they are rather mystifications and mind tricks, while God’s miracles were real and not an illusion. The people who saw their tricks are just amazed, they do not even doubt that these are not natural tricks, but belong to the supernatural and are produced by demons.


Dynamo multiplying the fishes out of nowhere:


Water into wine:

Dynamo turns a rope into a snake:

Dynamo flies next to the giant Jesus at Rio:

The confusion is now complete: the stories of the prophets have been rewritten, the definition of God has been changed, the law of God has been reinvented, the miracles of God have been usurpated, the people’s mind have been prepared through an intense mediatic propaganda to welcome the coming deceiver (Satan/Antichrist/False Jesus) with open arms as their Savior and God. Like Satan says it on LieKillers youtube channel: “We have prepared, now we strike“.

Seeing the great amount of this propaganda and its rising deception,  there is no doubt that the great deceiver is coming soon. Seeing the world events: Ukrainian orchestrated conflict, the Middle East orchestrated chaos, ISIS (run by the illuminatis CIA/MI5…), it’s now clear that WW3 is coming and will open the reign of the Deceiver Satan, who will establish his New World Order at the peak of WW3. Thanks to his army of demons (Gog and Magog), he will easily defeat all the superpowers, will first destroy his most fervent supporters (the illuminatis) because he does not need them anymore once the New World Order is established, and it will be a way to get our trust (the people of the world hate the illuminatis, the world leaders, the world celebrities) by destroying them.

The Antichrist Satan will deceive ALL those who worship false gods or are disbelievers, not a one of these people will escape from his deception. This is the ultimate test of faith, eitheir you’re a true believer in the One True God and are obeying His Truth, the Quran… or you’re on one of the very numerous false paths, and in this case, you’re already set to be deceived by the Antichrist, you will not see him as the Antichrist but as your Messiah, Savior and God…. But before that, many will die…and after the Antichrist’s deception, it will be the real end of the world, God will destroy the whole universe, will recreate it, will resurrect us, judge us and retributes us by either the eternal paradise or the eternal hell. Those who believe in the bible and worship Jesus, or believe in Trinity are the best candidates to be deceived by Satan, they will absolutely not see him as the deceiver but rather as their Savior Jesus (The real Jesus is not like the one of the bible and is not the son of God but the prophet of God). The Bible of today is the greatest deception ever created by Satan, the idolatry of Jesus is the greatest deception ever brought uppon mankind. You have been warned, you know the truth, you’re fully responsible for your choice. I am not here to convince you or to beg you, just to transmit the naked crude truth, accept it or deny it, that’s your choice and that’s none of my business.

Repent to God, worship God alone, obey God’s last book, the Truth, the Quran … and God will forgive you and will save you from what is coming and open to you the eternal paradise…ignore this and you’ll be deceived by Satan and will be destroyed by God in this life and will burn in hell forever in the hereafter, there is no other options, you have to accept this reality or you’ll pay a high price for your injustice.

Reptilians, Jinns and Exorcism/Roqya


The reptilians are everywhere, at all the levels of the society, from the top to the bottom, they are infiltrated among us and are implementing Satan’s plan against us. They are manipulating the course of the events, patiently, meticulously, they push their diabolic agenda, distort the truth and spread their perdition and propaganda.

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