Chemical Elements Coded in the Quran


(This section is based on Ömer Çelakıl’s book “Building Blocks of the Universe in the Holy Qur’an” and contains calculations the accuracy of which has been confirmed.)

The entire universe, the Earth we live on and all living and inanimate entities are made up of various combinations of elements. Although the atoms that comprise the elements are all made up of the same particles, they possess different characteristics. What essentially makes the elements different from one another is their atomic numbers, the number of protons in their nuclei, in other words. There is one proton in hydrogen, the lightest element, 2 in helium, the next lightest, 79 in gold, 8 in an oxygen atom and 26 in iron. The property that differentiates gold from iron, or iron from oxygen is merely this difference in the number of protons in their atoms. The air we breathe, the human body, any plant or animal or planet in space, living or inanimate, sweet or sour, solid or liquid, absolutely everything, is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons as proofs in Allah’s sublime Creation.

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Prior to the Quran philosophers thought that the atom was the smallest indivisible component of matter. However today we know that this was false. Atoms are composed of electrons, neutrons and protons. And lately it turned out that those neutrons and protons are made of quarks…

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