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Salat Words


With regards to the words spoken during the Salat, and remembering that the purpose of the Salat is to commemorate and glorify the name of God alone, we find guidance in the Quran with respect to the following matters:

First : All the words of the Salat should be from the Quran.

Second : Specific Quranic phrases are to be spoken during the Salat.

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Number of Salat


Three Salat (Prayers) Authorised in the Quran

The prayers mentioned by name in the Quran are:

1- Salat Al-Fajr (Dawn Prayer) 24.58

2- Salat Al-Isha (Night Prayer) 24.58

3- Al-Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) 2.238

However, 99% of all Muslims in the world claim that God decreed 5 daily prayers.
Their 5 salat are: Fajr – Zhohr – Asr – Maghrib – Isha.
They changed the name of the Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) to Salat Al-Zhohr, and they added 2 salat which are the Asr and Maghrib.

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Number of Raqa/Cycles

Traditional Muslims conduct their Salat in units which they call ‘raka’. One raka is a cycle of standing, bowing and prostrating. They also follow a strict format for the Salat which is 2-4-4-3-4. This means that the first of their Salat (Fajr) has 2 raka, the second of their Salat (Zhohr) has 4 raka and so on. We don’t find this format, nor any other format, in the Quran. In addition, the word raka itself is not found in the Quran.

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The Friday Prayer


Which prayer is the subject of 62.9:

The prayer spoken of in 62.9-10 is given special importance as it is a collective prayer, and an analysis of the content of these verses confirms that it is not an additional prayer, but the Middle (wusta) prayer on Friday. If it were an additional salat, apart from the three Salat authorised in the Quran (Fajr-Wusta-Isha), God would have given it a name just like God gave names for all the authorised salat. Here we must remember God’s confirmation that the Quran has all the details (6.114) and that nothing has been left out of the book (6.38).

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