L’histoire des hadiths


Le Prophète Mohammed avait interdit l’écriture de ses hadiths

Il est relaté dans Muslim, Ahmed et d’autres sources de hadiths, que le Prophète Mohammed avait interdit l’écriture de ses hadiths. Tous les recueils de hadiths que nous avons aujourd’hui, et qui sont considérés par les savants du hadith comme authentiques (sahih), ont été écrit deux siècles après la mort du Prophète ; pendant deux siècles, il n’y avait aucune documentation autorisée de hadiths en conformité avec l’interdiction laissée par le Prophète. Parmi les recueils sahih que nous avons aujourd’hui, le premier à avoir été écrit est celui de Bukhari qui est né en l’an 194 de l’Hégire (870 après JC). Il est également important de noter que les auteurs des six autres recueils de hadiths, comme Muslim et Abu Dawud, sont tous nés après Bukhari. Read more

The Imams and their man made prohibitions


This article is written in response to numerous emails we have received enquiring about many prohibitions which are proclaimed by numerous Imams and which cannot be found in the Quran. The following email is one example:

“Salaam, we have converted to Islam 3 years ago, we have been reading various pages on your site and we are very impressed with the clarity of mind you have and your sincere effort to preach the Quran. Can you please help me on the following issue: my son has been going to a local mosque and lately has been very confused by the way the Imam is forbidding so many normal things in life! He is told he cannot listen to music, he cannot have any pictures or portraits at home, he cannot wear silk or gold, he cannot keep a dog as a pet and so many other things. It sounds like the Imam is virtually saying that we should not have any enjoyment in this world! When my son asked the Imam to show him any Quranic evidence for all these rules, the Imam quoted 11:116 saying that the words in this verse prohibit us from having material luxuries! Could you please give us your valuable opinion because my son is very confused, keep up the good work, wasalam.”

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The True History of Hadith Part 1


Why and When it was written


Prophet Muhammed forbids the writing of his hadith

It has been documented in Muslim, Ahmed and other sources of hadith that the prophet Muhammad has prohibited the writing of his hadith. All the hadith collections we have today, and which are regarded by the hadith scholars as authentic (sahih), were written two centuries after the death of the Prophet, for two centuries there was no authorised documentation of the hadith in accordance with the prohibition left by the Prophet. Out of the sahih collections we have today, the first to be written was that of Bukhari who was born in the year 194 after Hijra (870 AD). It is also important to note that the authors of the other six hadith collections, like Musim and Abu Dawood, were all born after Bukhari. For more info about the exact dates of birth of all the six authors of the hadith collections please see: Six major hadith collections

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