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The Zakat

Zakat according to the Quran is defined as a divine tax that must be deducted at source on all our incomes, whether a salary, an inheritance, or a donation. The word “Zakat” etymologically means “which purifies the most” and the Quran confirms this definition since it says that God takes alms from our riches as a purification for us. And,

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The Riba

Riba is a general practice that consists in making money with money, and its most popular form is known as interest-bearing loans. Muslims believe that God has completely prohibited interest-bearing loans, but this is not exactly what the Quran legislates. Indeed, the true rule in this matter is that the Quran allows to take out a loan, but forbids to

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La Zakat

  La Zakat selon le Coran se définit comme un impôt divin que l’on doit prélever à la source sur tous nos revenus, qu’ils prennent la forme d’argent ou de biens, que ce soit un salaire, un héritage, un don, ou un butin de guerre. Le Coran confirme cette définition que je viens de vous donner de la Zakat, car

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