The Truth Is From God

Yellow Vests, World chaos, WW3


WW3 will give birth to the New World Ordercapture-decran-2018-03-09-a-01-38-5113_Georgia_Guidestones_first_precept

The Antichrist with his army of reptilian “extraterrestrials” (they are not real extraterrestrials but are demons) will stop WW3.

The Antichrist, The Future King of Israel, The (False) Messiah will sign a World Peace at Jerusalem.

The 3rd Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalemcmi668_thirdtemplemodel_hdv

The Antichrist will start his Regn on the New World Orderww3_4industry3Black-Panther-Poster-2lion1lion2

Antichrist, Imam Mahdi, Jesus

A new Arab leader will emerge and will unite the muslims around him and will give them victory, the Imam Mahdi.


When the Black Sun will appear, the Full Solar Eclipseblacksunblakcsun

It will be the sign that Satan, the Black Star of Death,  has comeblacksunsatan

Satan will come in the disguise of a False Jesus false Jesus.png

1 in 3, Satan in 3: Messiah of Israel/Antichrist, Imam Mahdi and Jesus, 3 figures driven by Satan himself.

Sans titre

The sole and only role of the Imam Mahdi is to put the muslims into the hands of the false Jesus, once the false Jesus will come, the Imam Mahdi will withdraw and wil let the lead to the the False Jesus (Satan).


The False Jesus will be a cloned body possessed by Satan himself, called the Beast.antochroistz1

The Imam Mahdi and the Antichrist, the Messiah of Israel, will be 2 sons of Satan, two 100% pure hybrid (Jinn/Human) reptilian shapeshifters possessed by Satan.


Satan will drive both the Antichrist and the False Jesus, maskedantochroistz2antochroistz3

Fake opposition: Antichrist Vs Jesus

The Antichristhalloween-2017-affiche-5bb378e55dd93

The False Jesus
false Jesus.png

False JesusFalse JEsus


False Jesusjesus


Satan will be hidden, masked, behind both of themMV5BMTc1NDM5NjU2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjg2MDM5NDM@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,937_AL_MV5BMTg0MzU5MjYzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTA3MDM5NDM@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,937_AL_

False Jesusantichrist1


The Antichrist is a Reptilian, a Draco, he represents the serpent of Adam and Eve, the Devil, he plays the Vilain. The False Jesus played by Satan will beat the reptilians, he plays the Hero. But both are part of the same Satanic plan of deception.


The Army of the Antichrist Vs the Army of Jesus

Both will have their own acomplices, and all will come disguised.secretteam6

The Antichrist and his black evil army of reptilian extraterrestrialssecretteam5.pngsecretteam4secretteam3

The False Jesus played by the Fox (666/Satan) and his white army of good ETs/AngelsSatan666secretteam7secretteam2Satanminions

The False Jesus and his army of angels/good Extraterrestrials will destroy the Antichrist and his army of evil  reptilian Extraterrestrials


Satan Claims to be God: both good and evil

Then Satan will claim to be God Himself and will claim to be both good and evilshiva_by_ram75

Satan, declared as God, will present his “angels” and his “demons”, but in fact they are all demons


False Paradise on Earth

Then, Satan, the Bohemian Rhapsody, will deceive the whole world as a false god.fakeparadose3

Satan will offer a fake brief illusion of paradise on Earthfakeparadose4fakeparadose5

The people will be like drunkfakeparadose6fakeparadose7fakeparadose1

They will be offered a fake immortalityWeb Immortality opener

They willl be offered to be released from all their mental sufferingpill-a-agonia-makes-the-subjects-confront-their-traumathe-mysterious-dr-mantleray-justin-theroux-explains-how-the-three-pills-fit-into-the-treatment

They will be offered to virtually connect to the worlds of their dreams180924_r32856Culture-FallPreview-Maniacvf_maniac_main_2524.jpeg_north_1323x718_transparent

But at the end they will realize, TOO LATE, that that Satan framed themscreen-shot-2018-09-24-at-21646-pm-2png

What they thought was the paradise…RoyaleEl

… Was in fact hellbad-times-at-the-el-royale-movie-poster-pz-2560x1700

Satan finally reveals his true identity

Satan will acknowledge his true identity, and will uncover his mask.



Gog and Magog

The angels and the demons will reveal themselves to be all demons, Gog and MagogVenom-Character-GuideMArioDemondemons


Satan’s army, Gog, the army of demons among the jinns/ghostsgog

Satan’s army, the Magog, the army of demons among the humoïdsmagogorc-army-dol-guldurgog2

Will be unleashed and will kill every human on Earthgooog

Then God will destroy all form of life on Earth, including Satan and Gog and Magog.rapture-411

The Resurrection Day will comersureection

The Judgement Day will followjudegmentday.png

Eternal Hell and Eternal Heaven

One group will live in heaven with God foreverparadise

The other group will live on Earth, turned into hell, with Satan forever1_ZjKIEPPSSdUFNJeg9I-cfw - Copie

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