The End Times Events

The Antichrist, Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the Biblical Antichrist, and the islamic Dajjal, the Great Monarch, after 3.5 years of peace, he will start WW3 and a period of 3.5 years of death and chaos. Donald Trump is not a standard human, but is the Son of Satan, a reptilian hybrid, half jinn, half human, with great magical abilities.

Yellow Vests, World chaos, War against islam, WW3

All kind of social protests will start all over the world, civil wars, WW3 will oppose the islamic countries and their allies, Russia and China, to the Western Christian World. This war will stigmatize the muslims in order to push them in the hands of the Imam Mahdi, just like WW2 was to push the jews to go to Israël. The muslims will be persecuted all over the world as a Punishemnt from God.



The Antichrist Donald Trump  will win WW3, and will reign over the New World Order, but billions will die.


The Antichrist, Donald Trump, The Future King of Israel, The (False) Messiah will sign a World Peace at Jerusalem, and will establish his capital in Jerusalem. Donald Trump will fullfil all the Israeli prophecies about their awaited Messiah.


The 3rd Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalemcmi668_thirdtemplemodel_hdv

The Antichrist will start his Reign on the New World Order, and will rule over the world as a dictator, many will continue to die during his reign.


Antichrist, Imam Mahdi, Jesus

Meanwhile, a new Arab leader will emerge and will unite the muslims around him and will give them victory, the Imam Mahdi. He will fight against the Antichrist, Donald Trump. But in fact, he is also a son of Satan, a reptilian, a hybrid. His role is to bring the muslims in the hands of his father, Satan, in his clothes of false Jesus.


When the Black Sun will appear, the Full Solar Eclipseblacksunblakcsun

When the moon will be red, a full lunar eclipse


It will be the sign that Satan, the Black Star of Death,  has come


Satan will come in the disguise of a False Jesus

false Jesus.png

Donald Trump Messiah of Israel/Antichrist, Imam Mahdi and false Jesus, 3 figures driven by Satan himself.

Sans titreFleur-de-Lys-Ines-1830

The Antichrist Donald Trump is meant to be the villain, while the False Jesus, Satan, is meant to be the Hero, the Savior. The Imam Mahdi is meant to bring the muslims in the hands of the False Jesus, then his mission will be achieved.


The False Jesus will be a cloned body possessed by Satan himself, called the Beast.


The Imam Mahdi and the Antichrist, Donald Trump, are 2 sons of Satan, two 100% pure hybrid (Jinn/Human) reptilian shapeshifters possessed by Satan himself.


Satan will drive the Antichrist, the Imam Mahdi, and the False Jesus, masked


Fake opposition: Antichrist Vs False Jesus

Representation of the Antichrist


Representation of the False Jesus, with his honey voice and his angelic face, Satan disguised in the clothes of a lamb

false Jesus.png

Representation of the Antichrist


Representation of the False Jesus


Representation of the Antichrist


The Antichrist is a Reptilian, a Draco, he represents the serpent of Adam and Eve, the Devil, he plays the role of the Villain. The False Jesus played by Satan will beat the reptilians, he plays the Hero. But both are part of the same Satanic plan of deception.


The army of the Antichrist Vs the army of the false Jesus

Both will have their own acomplices, and all will come disguised.


The Antichrist, Donald Trump, and his black evil army of reptilians, demons in a fake human shape, and there are millions of them on earth now.


The False Jesus represented by the Fox (666/Satan) and his white army of good so called angels, but in fact, they are demons disguised in the clothes of angels.


The False Jesus and his army of angels will destroy the Antichrist, Donald Trump, and his army of demons.


Natural Disasters

Meanwhile, God will unleash the forces of Nature and Wild animals against the humans because they will persist in their great sins and will remain rebel against God

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Satan will claim to be God

Then Satan will claim to be God Himself and will claim to be both good and evil, and will be worshiped as God.


Satan, declared as God, will present his “angels” and his “demons”, but in fact they are all demons


False Paradise on Earth

Then, Satan, the Bohemian Rhapsody, will deceive the whole world as a false god.


Satan will offer a fake brief illusion of paradise on Earth


The people will be like drunk without being truly drunk


They will be offered a fake immortality

Web Immortality opener

They willl be offered to be released from all their mental suffering, and physical pains


They will be offered to virtually connect to any paradisiac world in their mind.


But at the end they will realize, TOO LATE, that that Satan framed them


What they thought was the paradise…


… Was in fact hell


Satan finally reveals his true identity

Satan will acknowledge his true identity, and will uncover his mask, and will reveal that he is Satan, the Deceiver, the Destroyer.


Gog and Magog

The angels and the demons will reveal themselves to be all demons, Gog and Magog


Satan’s army, Gog, the army of demons among the jinns/ghosts


Satan’s army, the Magog, the army of demons among the hybrids


Will be unleashed and will kill every human on Earth


Then God will destroy all form of life on Earth, including Satan and Gog and Magog.


The Resurrection Day


The Judgement Day


Eternal Hell and Eternal Heaven

One group will live in heaven with God forever


The other group will live on Earth, turned into hell, with Satan forever

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