Darwin’s False Theory of Evolution


As part of his plan to challenge God, the Devil set up Darwin’s false Theory of Evolution in order to answer the question of the origins of life, by advancing a false explanation which does not imply the existence of God. God says, however, that He directly created men out of clay and then breathed his Spirit into them and they instantly became alive.

When your Lord said to the Angels, “Verily I am about to create a human being from clay. Then when I have formed him and breathed into him of My spirit, fall down before him prostrate.” S38:V71-72

The Devil claims that Man descends from apes and is the result of billions of years of evolution to arrive at his current form of Homo Sapiens.


God says that He created Man in high position and in the best of statures, and placed him above all creation, including animals. It is therefore not of our own merit that we are today in this elevated position, but rather because God has honored us by subjugating all of Creation to us.

We have certainly created man in the best of statures. S95:V4

And He subjugated to you everything that is in the heavens and on the earth, all coming from Him. There are signs there for people who reflect. S45:V13

Certainly, We have honored the sons of Adam. We transported them on land and sea, assigned good things to them as food, and We clearly preferred them to many of Our creatures. S17:V70

The Devil tells instead that Man is ultimately only one animal among others, an ape that has evolved by adapting better to change than other animals, to finally occupy the top of the hierarchy among animals.


Darwin’s theory is exactly the doctrine of the Devil who promotes change and reform. But what is there to evolve in the Creation of God which is perfect at the origin? What is there to reform in the Law of God which is immutable and perfect from the beginning? The Devil suggests that the one who accepts the changes of his time and adapts to them is the one who will succeed and evolve positively. However, this world does not stop evolving from bad to worse, moving further and further away from the truth and the right path, to always go further towards falsehood and bewilderment. Based on his false theory of Evolution, the Devil invites us to follow the bad evolution of this world by claiming that this is what will lead us to success. Now, the truth is quite the opposite, the true believer must persist at all costs in following only the immutable and perfect Law of God, which is today contained in the Koran, no matter whether he lives in the year 5000 or during the prehistoric age. The ultimate example to follow is rather that of Abel, the first descendant of Adam to have followed the precepts of God, by neither seeking to mark this earth with our imprint, nor to attach ourselves to it, nor to follow the madness of men and the Devil’s perdition. Life on Earth is just a draught, and true eternal life is in the afterlife. The one who is well guided will therefore especially not follow the harmful evolution that this world has followed since the beginning of our terrestrial trial, but will remain faithful to the immutable precepts of God, which never change over time, just like the laws of Physics. Today, in this world mainly composed of lost people, most people follow the steps of the Devil and pride themselves on following the evolution of their time, as the blind fools they have become. When you observe these misguided throughout their miserable lives, they only deviate more and more and move further and further away from the truth, proud to be in the era of time and seeking by all means to adapt to the Devil’s new errors.

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This is the kind of morons that this world creates, that is what means to be in the era of time. In this world of lost people, the more we age, the more we are lost and dumb, proof that this world runs to its loss

I will show you undeniably that Darwin’s theory of Evolution is a pure lie: neither humans nor animals are the product of an evolutionary process, but all of them were directly and instantly created by God. When God wants something, He just has to decide it and his will is instantly fulfilled, and this is in no way a metaphor.

When He wants something, His command is to say, “Be”, and it is (instantly). S36:V82

The lost take the Word of God lightly and think that this is only a metaphor, and that in reality when God decides something, he must wait for the necessary steps for this thing to happen. If God had to wait like us in order to see his will being fulfilled, He would not be God, beacuse it would mean that there is a limitation to His power, which of course is not the case. This is proof that these people know nothing about God and are in fact completely lost. The Devil has eventually succeeded in convincing these pseudo believers that are the people of religions, that one can reconcile the Creation of God with the false theory of Evolution. These lost people think that God created men in accordance with the theory of Evolution, that is to say that man indeed descends from apes and evolved during millions of years before to be endowed with a conscience, and Adam would therefore be the first ape to be endowed with conscience. If this had really been the case, then Adam would not be the father of all men as it is said in the Koran, because the other apes would have also evolved as Adam evolved, and therefore would have had their own offspring.

The ultimate proof that the Creation of Man was instantaneous, lies in the miracles that God accomplished through Jesus. Indeed, God wanted to show us through Jesus how he gives life instantly and not through a process of evolution that takes millions of years.

and He will be the messenger to the children of Israel, [and will say to them], “Verily, I come to you with a sign from your Lord. For you, I form clay like the figure of a bird, then I blow in it: and, by the permission of Allah, it becomes a bird. And I heal the blind and the leper, and I raise the dead, by the permission of Allah. And I teach you what you eat and what you hoard in your homes. This is a sign for you, if you are believers! S3:V49

And when Allah says, “O Jesus, son of Mary, remember My blessing on you and on your mother when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit. In the cradle you talked to people, just like in your middle age. I taught you the Book, Wisdom, Torah and the Gospel! You made clay like a bird shape by My permission; then you blew into it, then by My permission, it became a bird. And you healed by My permission, the blind-born and the leper. And by My permission, you revived the dead. I was protecting you from the Children of Israel while you brought them the evidence. But those of them who did not believe said, “This is only obvious magic.” S5:V110

God shows us his proofs: Did Allah through Jesus need several million years of evolutionary process to create a living bird from clay? No! Jesus molded it with his hands in a few minutes, just as Allah molded us, then breathed into it, and with Allah’s permission the bird came to life instantly. So here is the ultimate proof that Creation took place in the literal sense of the term as Allah described it to us in the Qur’an: a simple body modeled in clay in which Allah breathed his Spirit, and he became instantly alive as an adult male.

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This is what Jesus molded with his hands in a few minutes


Jesus then blew into it, and now it became a living adult bird. God shows you His signs so that you reflect and have faith in Him without any doubt



Who would think that a dead and decomposing body could once again become a living flesh and bone man created from its own ashes? God does it however and this is not a metaphor


God molded Adam from clay and breathed His spirit into him, and there he was instantly alive, breathing and endowed with intelligence and reason, this is not a metaphor

Likewise, the false believers that are people of religions tell you: “Everything follows rules (their false rules of the Devil in which they believe), God is obliged to pass Himself by these rules. Such illness needs such treatment, if you do not see a doctor then you will not be cured, Allah uses the doctors to cure men. Such a disease is incurable because it is a genetic desease. … etc etc “. However, all these claims are completely false and are only perdition of the Devil. God proved to us through Jesus that he could heal the born blind, the leper, which is however considered incurable according to modern medicine. Is he who is able to give life to a rotten, dusty body not able to do whatever he wants? God shows it to us by bringing the dead back to life through Jesus, in order to show men that nothing is impossible for Him. God does not quote even once doctors in the Qur’an, because today’s doctors are just impostors who only follow a false science, they do not heal but destroy.


Doctors today are just impostors following a false science and playing God. But, those who are honest among them recognize that they are only groping and that their science is anything but exact, and that it destroys more than it heals, and that the origins of the diseases are not those which are presented by medicine

True healing comes DIRECTLY from Allah and sickness comes from sin, not from genetics or the explanations given by medicine. The false science of medicine serves to mask that sin leads to sickness and death, just as the false theory of Evolution only serves to deny the existence of God and His Omnipotence. The lost who believe in medicine spend their lives taking all kind of precautions and living in constant fear of illness and death, and put their lives in the hands of doctors who treat them like animals and drug them with synthetic molecules that have more side effects than beneficial effects. All that for nothing, as in the end, not only they are not cured from their diseases, but they just have pushed further their own perdition. Instead of relating their illness to their own sins and putting an end to them, instead of asking God to heal them directly and having faith in Him, they prefer to trust these impostors that are the doctors and their false explanations. This is why God made all these lost people perish slowly in hospitals, while the true believers simply die healthy at home during their sleep, without enduring the humiliation of old age.


This is how all the lost end up. God humiliates them through all kinds of diseases, and they end up in the torture and death camps that are the hospitals, delivered to the charlatans that are the doctors. That’s the price of sin and bewilderment.