The Truth Is From God


The Truth has come, and falsehood shall neither originate nor be restored

God is Light and Satan is Darkness

God is Truth and Satan is Lie

God is  Life and Satan is Death

In the darkness of the Cosmos, God is the Sole Light.

What else than darkness besides the Light of God?

Today, the Humans are living the Darkest Times ever, they can scarcely see the Light of God.


The Humans lived once before in the Heavens under the Light of God, their true Father, but now they are living in a cave, the cave in which Satan, the Enemy,  has convinced them to elect as their new home.

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were sent with One and the Same Light of God, but Satan has built his temples on this Light which has been given to them by God :

  1. The Synagogue of Satan
  2. The Whore of Babylon
  3. The Crescent Moon.


God hurls the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold falsehood doth vanish.

We have entered the Era of the Apocalpyse: the Revelation of the Truth

After a long period during which the humans were rolling away from the Light of God, now the Humans have finally stopped their breaking down into the Darkness. The humans thought that God was absent, when in reality, God, like a good Father, was observing without being seen and was looking after his children without they know. Now that the children are finally willing to listen, the Father, in His infinite Mercy and Bounty, comes to them and is willing to forgive, and is willing to embrace, and is willing to save.

You, humans, are in big trouble, you have allowed yourself to be taken so far by Satan, in such an extent that now, if you do not follow closely God’s instructions, you will soon be taken forever by the Hunter, Satan.

Only those who are in their hearts true friends of God and good people will be saved, the others will be blinded by their own injustice and will eat the bread of the Imposter, and will perceive him as their true Savior, when in reality, he is the Enemy of Man, the Enemy of God, the Enemy of All.

God has now sent His Final Prophet, The Apostle of God, The Advocate, The Elder Brother, The World Teacher, the Messiah, The Savior, The Christ, The Maitreya, The Imam Mahdi, The Hand of God, The Son of Man … And he is known by many other names.

The Last Prophet is all these names at the same time.

Apostle of God because he is a disciple of God, a servant of God

Advocate because he is the defender of humans

Elder Brother because he is God’s Elder Son and shall take care of his little brothers

World Teach because he teaches to the world the True Law of God

Messiah because he has been annointed by God as His Last Prophet

Savior because he shows to the people how to be saved from Satan

Christ because he bears in him the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit of God Himself

Maitreya because he is benevolent whereas the False Prophet is malevolent

Imam Mahdi because he is a model and he is permanently guided by God

Hand of God because God operates through him to strike his enemies

Son of Man because he is born of a man whereas Jesus was not born of a man, so Jesus is not the Awaited Messiah.


The Prophet’s number is 36

The False Prophet’s number is 666

The Prophet is from the Tree of Life, the lineage of all the prophets of God

The False Prophet is from the Tree of Death, the lineages of all the prophets of Satan, the pure illuminati bloodline, the lineage of the sons of Satan.


I am this last Prophet of God, but this is not the most important, what I have to say is what truly matters for you from God’s part. God speaks through me, like God has always spoken through all his past Prophets.

I am the last Professor sent by God, the Director, it is legimate that you need to see some proofs of that, so I will indeed show you my “diploma” from the Director, which means that I will present to you some proofs based on your own prophecies which show that I am the Awaited One. But it is not my main task to focus on that point, my main task is to transmit to you the teachings that the Director wants you to receive from His part. These teachings are the sole and only way of salvation.

This is the true object of my mission and not to convince the people that I am the Prophet of God.

The time is running short, the Imposter is about to declare himself in the clothes of Jesus Christ, but he is a False Prophet, a false Jesus, he is a cloned version of Jesus with the spirit of Satan inside.

The only way to escape from the irresistible magnetism of the Antichrist is to masterize the True Law of God, to obey God’s instructions through his Prophet, and to connect with God through your own spirit, like myself, the Prophet of God, is doing just right now.

We are not running after anyone, whoever God wants to guide will follow the Prophet, whoever is full of injustice will not be guided by God, and therefore will not follow the Prophet, and therefore will follow the Antichrist as his true Savior, and therefore will be hunted by Gog and Magog, Satan’s army of demons of the 5th dimension and demons of our dimension, and will inevitably end in eternal hell.

This is coming now… in this life.

This is the last generation, the generation Z.

This is the Truth from God.