When we speak about demons, we often think about ghosts, spirits, jinns … but there is a category of demons which has remained secret for millenaries, and which few people are aware of, yet the Quran explicitly mentions them: The demons in human shape, aka the Reptilians, the Vampires, the Half Breed, the Hybrids, the Alphas …. These demons enjoy magic abilities, ie the Jinn’s magic, and have physical bodies which are much more resistant and sophisticated than regular human beings’s body. They perfectly looks humans, but they are not. They are hybrids, partly Jinn, partly Human, which makes them the perfect match to serve as vessels for the demons among the Jinns.

This video Documentary will finally reveal to the whole world the existence of this secret network of demons in human shape. These demons work hand in hand with the demons of the spiritual realm, ie the Jinns. They are walking among us in plain sight, secretly implementing their agenda: the Fall of Men.

I invite you to read the following detailed article about the description of the demons in human shape: Their number, biological nature, organization, methods, profile, powers, physical and psychic features… and how to identify them in the everyday life in the street and on the internet.



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