When we talk about demons, we often think to ghosts, jinns, creatures from other dimensions. However, the Quran tells about devils who exist in human shape and who cannot be differentiated from us. These devils among men are very real and have remained secretly hidden among us for millenaries, but God has now decided to reveal their existence to the whole world.

God warns us in the Qur’an against the devils/chaïtans among men, because contrary to the general belief, the devils in human shape truly exists and are as real as you and me.

Thus, to each prophet we have assigned an enemy: devils among men and jinn, who deceptively inspire each other with deceiving words. If your Lord had wanted, they would not have done so; so leave them with what they invent. S6:V112

These devils among men look human in every way, but they are not. They are in fact hybrids half man half jinn, result of the copulation between female humans with Satan or with other devils among jinn, temporarily taking human form. They can also be the product of the union between 2 devils among men, male and female.

(God speaking to Satan) Excite, by your voice, those of them that you can, gather against them your cavalry and your infantry, associate with them in their goods and their offspring and make them promises. ” The Devil only promises them deception. S17:V64

We also have the proof that men and jinns can interbreed in the following verses:

Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man nor jinn will have touched before them. S55:V56

Hur (beautiful, fair females) guarded in pavilions whom neither man nor jinn will have touched before them. S55:V72&74

If men and jinns are able to have sexual intercourses with these same beautiful women, it follows that they both men and jinns can interbreed together. But What I am telling you is not a mere theory, for I had myself the formal proof of that through people I’ve known personally, more precisely 2 persons: one man and one woman, who affirm having regular sexual intercourses with respectively female and male jinns, and who acknowledge having several children in the realm of the jinns, ie half breed. These 2 persons are in fact 2 sorcerers and openly worship the Devil. This is absolutely not my background, but God has put these 2 persons in my journew in order to give me a certain science concerning the devils among men, and thus allowing me to expose them to the whole world.

There are tens of millions of these devils among men, they indeed present themselves as the 1% against the 99% of standard men, which represents about 75 million.


The devils among men present themselves as angels because of their origins, and perceive us as vermin to be eradicated, which is not entirely false: 99% of people in this world today are indeed true vermin, as the criminals and traitors to God that they truly are

In the following video I made on the short series “We are the Wave“, which was very popular on Netflix, the wave in question is the wave of devils among men infiltrated among us, and who operate under the direct command of Satan in order to bring his Kingdom on earth. This wave will soon turn into a tsunami and flood the entire Earth, once Satan and Gog and Magog will be unleashed by God.

These devils in false human shape walk in the streets among us, serve us as neighbors, colleagues, friends, spouses, …, while hiding their heavy secret from us. Devils never tell the truth, so they will never recognize, even when they have been clearly identified, that they are in fact devils.

These devils in human shape work in pairs, forming a pair with a jinn devil who possesses them permanently. In fact, they are two beings in the same body and also share the same spirit. God evokes in the Koran how on the Day of Judgment, these devils among men working in pairs with a jinn devil, will dispute before Him, blaming each other.

And his companion (jinn devil) will say: “This is that which with me is ready”. “You two, throw into hell all hardened and rebellious disbeliever, bent on preventing good, transgressor, doubter, the one who placed next to Allah another deity (his devil jinn whom he worships). So throw him into harsh punishment ”. His companion ( jinn devil) will say, “Lord, it was not I who made him transgress; but he was already in a deep error ”. Then [Allah] will say, “Do not quarrel before me! While I have already told you about the threat. S50:V23-28

When he (the devil among men) comes to Us, he will say (to his jinn devil): “Alas! What is there between you and me the distance between the two poles, What a bad peer you are! “S43:V38

But, not only the devils among men associate with jinns, there are also 100% human men who ally themselves with devils among jinn in order to obtain from them certain talents or powers, such as magicians, sorcerers, healers, magnetizers, hypnotists, mediums, shamans, seers, fire healers, marabouts, singers, actors, politicians, professional sportsmen … etc., etc. Indeed, everyone finds his account there, men to acquire a power allowing them to obtain wealth and notoriety, and the devils among jinn in order to use these men as a channel to spread their perdition through the physical world. What is certain is that all men who gang up with devils among jinn, whether devils among men or standard men, are inevitably destined for eternal hell.

And the day He brings them all together: “O community of jinns, you have become very numerous thanks to humans”. And their allies among humans will say, “O our Lord, we have taken advantage of one another, and we have reached the term that You had fixed for us.” He will say to them: “Hell is your home, to stay there eternally, unless Allah decides otherwise. ”Truly your Lord is Wise and Omniscient. S6:V128

This verse also says that the jinns have managed to increase their number thanks to humans. Indeed, men who copulate with female jinn allow them to give birth to hybrids belonging to the realm of jinn, while female human who copulate with male jinn give birth to hybrids in the world of men. These hybrids have a very special ability to associate with each other, hybrid jinn with hybrid men, thus forming a perfect pair. Possession by jinns does not work optimally on standard men and causes progressive degeneration of their bodies, like someone who would be subjected to very strong and harmful waves throughout his life. Because, the jinns are on the physical plane similar to a magnetic field which our human body cannot stand in the long term. Men who are victims of transient possession by jinns can testify to the trauma it causes in their bodies, as if they had been electrocuted. A concrete example is that of the magician Dynamo who sold his soul to the Devil while he was on his deathbed, gravely affected by Crohn’s disease, and who was able to become thanks to the jinn devil who operates through him, the greatest magician in the world. But, after a few years of collaboration, his body did not resist to his association with the jinn, and Dynamo found himself again seriously ill.


Whereas the association between a hybrid jinn and a hybrid man does not produce this kind of side effect and allows the hybrid djinn to fully exploit his powers through the hybrid man. The male hybrid operates as a vehicle, and the jinn hybrid as its driver. Such an association allows the jinn to have a vehicle that allows him to express the full potential of his power, while if his vehicle was a simple man, the jinn on board would be limited.


The djinn is the rider and the hybrid man is the mount

These devils among men, ie hybrids, are different from standard men who collaborate with jinn devils, by the fact that they know they are devils, they believe in God and know the way of God, but knowingly choose to deviate from it. Devils among men know exactly what they are doing, and their one and only role on earth is to lead people astray. They are in the literal sense of the term on mission on this earth, just like their father, Satan. Indeed, all the devils among men are direct or indirect descendants of Satan, this is why they call him: “their father“, just like Adam is the father of all men.

And when we said to the Angels: “Bow down before Adam”, they bowed down, except Iblis [Satan] who was among the jinn and who rebelled against the command of his Lord. Are you going to take him (Satan), and his descendants, for allies outside of Me, when they are enemies to you? What a bad exchange for the unjust! S18:V50

These devils among men can telepathically communicate with each other remotely thanks to the jinn devil who lives in them, exactly as one would communicate remotely via the internet or by telephone. Devils among men benefit from a large number of abilites conferred on them by their jinn devils, such as reading men’s thoughts, inducing thoughts or emotions, producing illusions in the minds of men, hypnotizing certain men to make them do what they want. The more a man is lost, the easier it is for them to control him, just like the Jedis in Star Wars, which are really only representations of these devils among men, use ” the force” to take control of people.

dct74c0-bc60283d-7211-4de6-9042-4167b70f1308Kreia 14

This is absolutely not science fiction, but rather the reality of these devils among men. Just as Satan can take control of people all the more easily when they are lost, so do devil among men thanks to the jinn devil who operates through them.

Devils among men have access to a whole range of talents that their djinns provide them with, such as drawing, singing or playing a musical instrument to perfection, or excelling in a sport or in video games, field in which they are particularly active. The devils among men are also very numerous in the field of gambling, like Poker and all card games, roulette, etc etc …, as well by playing directly in the casinos as by Internet. Indeed, their telepathic powers and their great computational capacities, because the jinn who is in them functions like a computer, allow them to be almost invincible in this area. We also find many of these devils among men in television games, because it is very easy for them to have access to all kinds of information instantly. In summary, devils among men have the whole range of natural skills that jinns have, such as having instant access to any information, telepathic communication, hypnotizing people, inducing illusions or emotions, reading thoughts, curing people, shapeshifting, moving objects at a distance, teleporting objects, interfering with any kind of eletronic devices,.. etc etc.

For instance, we have the illustration of these powers that I listed for you when a jinn devil teleported the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon before Solomon could even wink.

He (Solomon) says, “O notables! Who of you will bring me his throne before they come to me submissive? “A fearsome jinn says:” I will bring it to you before you get up from your place: for that, I am strong and trustworthy “. Someone who had knowledge of the Book said, “I’ll bring it to you before you blink.” S27:V38-40

Indeed, God says in the Qur’an that He enslaved the devils among jinn to Solomon.

And gathered for Solomon, his armies of jinn, men, and birds, and were lined up. S27:V17

And (We submitted) to Solomon the impetuous wind which, by its order, directed towards the ground which We had blessed. And We are able to know everything, and among the devils there were some who dove for him and did other work still, and We watched them Ourselves. S21:V81-82

We then subjected him to the wind which, by his order, blew moderately wherever he wanted. So are devils, builders and divers of all kinds. And still others, coupled in chains. S38:V36-38

Yet, the devils among jinn do not have knowledge of the Book as it is mentioned in the verse evoking the jinn devil who brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon: “Someone who had a knowledge of the Book says: “I’ll bring it to you before you wink“.

The only jinn devil who has knowledge of the Book is none other than Satan himself, so it is Satan himself who brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon. God showed us through the story of Solomon, that the devils do not escape His power, and if God commands them to obey Solomon, a simple human being, then they have no choice than obeying Him, including Satan himself.

I will give you concrete illustrations of these devils among men so that you can see exactly what they are capable of. See for instance this devil among men of the Shokran band, it is impossible to play the guitar like this for a standard human being. By the way, notice all the satanic symbols in the logo of his band and in his physical appearance. In general, devils among men clearly display their nature through their look and their decorative objects.

In the following video, you have a female devil playing the piano, an instrument that devils particularly appreciate for the hypnotic sounds it produces on men’s brains. It is simply impossible for a standard human being to play the piano in this way.

Here, you have a devil in false human shape who draws without any model drawings that even exceed the quality of a photo. Once again, a normal human being could never succeed in producing such drawings, called “photo-realistic”, furthermore without any model.

There you have a whole family of devils among men, parents and children alike. The child, Laurent Simons, Simons being one of the aliases of the Devil, is only 9 years old and yet he is already passing his doctorate !!! Note the reference to the jinns with the path he chose for his doctorate: “electrical engineering“, referring to the jinns which manifest themselves on the physical plane in the form of an electric current.


At nine, Laurent Simons will soon start his doctorate
The young Belgian prodigy should finish his university studies in December, CNN underlines. In June 2018, Laurent Simons obtained his baccalaureate.


You have here 3 authentic devils in fake human shape

I myself have directly witnessed during my school curriculum in “math sup math spé” the superhuman capacities of these devils among men. Some were able to memorize an entire book by reading it once, others could instantly view an entire board filled with complex mathematical equations, and were then able to reproduce it by memory. These devils among men actually function like machines, because the jinn which is in them is precisely a machine. For them, it is very easy, it is as if I, human, took a picture of the board and that I simply copied it from the photo. For example, in the Flash series, Flash is nothing more than a representation of these devils among men, being able to move at an extraordinary speed as it is the case with the jinns, being able to read and learn a book in a fraction of a second, as is the case with the devil Laurent Simmons and his fellow devils.


The 2 Flash, 2 devils among men. “never forget who you are”: the devils among men never forget that they are not men like us, but are on a mission on this earth to mislead men, that they all consider as their enemies.

Devils among men have extremely resilient bodies to hot and cold, diseases, pain, and all kinds of injuries, even gunshot wounds. You will often see them in t-shirts under negative temperatures without even being affected by cold, or conversely, you’ll see their bodies cold like an ice cube in the blazing sun. Indeed, in addition to being possessed by a jinn, which allows them to do many things that we cannot do, their physical body is human only in appearance, because they are in fact hybrids man-jinn and their body is therefore only a simple carnal envelope created from scratch. These demons have what is called triple-helix DNA, allowing them to modify their physical appearance at will and granting them extraordinary physical capacities, like that of being endowed with superhuman force. All this is the strict truth about them and is not science fiction, the power of these devils among men is similar to that of the jinns, which is normal as they are permanently possessed by a jinn. Now, you would agree that all the abilities that I have listed for you have been ackowledged for centuries and centuries as being part of the natural abilities of the jinns, so it should not surprise you that devils among men enjoy them too as they have a jinn operating through them.


The false Jesus who will come during the end times is Satan in person, this is why this book links Jesus to the triple-helix DNA, because Satan and all his fellow devils have precisely a triple-helix DNA, whereas human have a double-helix DNA

You find a large number of references around the world of this triple-helix DNA, and these references are clearly associated with the devils. Thanks to the third helix of their DNA, the jinn can modify their physical appearance at wish, and thus can adopt any shape they want.

maxresdefault (2)

The title “Triple Helix” by the devil “Killy”, the cover of the single shows that the triple helix designates these shapeshifters that are devils among mens, and which are hiding among us


Monument in Baku referring to the triple-helix DNA

As the devils among men are not really human, they can sometimes betray themselves because they are far from perfect as they claim. Indeed, Their body can undergo uncontrolled transformations in certain circumstances where they are subjected to greater stress. This often results in their eyes, the element that most expresses our nature, which shapeshifts like those of reptiles, or sometimes making other eyes appear, as if their physical body was only a hologram. These transformations actually reveal their true physical appearance which is that of reptiles. Another common transformation among them is their skin which can sometimes temporarily take on the texture of that of a reptile.


In the following video, due to the stress related to his trial, the eyes of the devil in fake human shape Justin Bieber turn into reptilian eyes, we can clearly see his embarrassment due to the fact that he has exposed himself.

In the following videos, Rasmussen, former NATO chief, Herman Von Rompouy, former President of Europe, and the former Ukrainian Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, undergo an uncontrolled transformation of their pupils, suddenly turning into reptilian eyes, which corresponds to their true form. At the end of the first video below, you can see the skin of Herman Von Rompouy change texture to take that of a reptile.

In a lot of videos, we see sort of pixels appearing on the parts of their body that are transformed. We see that these pixels are not simple video bugs, but are caused by the djinn that is in them in order to blur the image showing the part of their body changing. But if you were facing them, then you would see these transformations with your own eyes. In the following video, Angela Merkel undergoes an uncontrolled transformation, suddenly, we see these pixels appear in place of her eyes.

In reality, the V series only shows the truth about these devils among men who are infiltrated among us, and who represent a true fifth column. These fake humans are indeed lizards under their true appearance, because they are the descendants of Satan that God transformed into a serpent, because he used the form of a dragon to deceive Eve in Paradise, and therefore God punished him by turning him into a serpent.

Sans titre

It is not the serpent who seduced Eve but the dragon, and then God turned him into a serpent

All these series and films showing devils in the form of lizards, have the sole purpose of making us believe that this is fiction. Nothing better to mislead people than to swap fiction and reality. We have the illustration of this in this terrestrial world, the conception of the world of the 99% of men is pure fiction, whereas what they perceive as fiction through television, is in fact the reality.


Devils among men have been visited by their jinn devils from their earliest childhood in order to accustom them to their presence, and once sufficiently mature, during adolescence, then they fully realize their true nature and come into contact with the rest of the network, their fellow hybrids, in order to play their role in Satan’s plan of perdition and bring his Kingdom on earth. This is illustrated quite explicitly in the films The Prodigy, X-Men: the New Mutants, or The Darkest Minds.

5b8dc015f368bdf4449c358b06290b74d9076b46x1080 (1)91qKgAZAszL._RI_

These devils among men call themselves mutants, hybrids, reptilians, polymorphs or shapeshifters, aliens, grays, extraterrestrials, half breed … because they are indeed a mutant species, a mix between man and jinn.


The devils among men do not really sleep, at night they join in astral projection their network of devils in the etherical dimension of jinns, in order to meet there and coordinate for their plan of perdition against men. When they “sleep”, their physical body seems asleep, but in fact, their spirit is in astral projection, like in a vivid dream.


These devils among men walk among us like simple men, but recognize each other instantly, just like in the Highlander series, which is only a representation of them. They can sense the physical presence of one of their own at a great distance, and do not need to face each other in order to recognize themselves.


These 2 actors are in fact true devils in the real life, they play their own role, which is convenient


The devils among men work all together in order to bring the reign of their father, Satan, on earth. When hell will be esttablished on earth, they will rule over the damned

All the devils among men, without exception, work hand in hand in secret in order to implement the plan of their father, Satan, in order to mislead men and to bring his reign on earth. Thus, the Devil can both mislead men directly by whispering his evil thoughts in their minds, but he does not stop there and uses the devils among men to sell his perdition also on the physical plane. The devils among men have for objective to make attractive the distraction of Satan, by serving themselves as models to sell his perdition at its best, and thus to divert people collectively. For example, devils among men are able to drink large quantities of alcohol without being drunk and without their body being marked by alcohol, this is in order to encourage men to imitate them and thus provoking their own loss. See the illustration with the devil among men Johnny Hallyday:

Devils have incredible sexual performances, attracting to them a large numbers of lost men and women, in order to make them more vulnerable to their influence and addicted to sex. Because sex is for devils what is most effective in controlling people both spiritually and physically. Devils among men are champions in games of chance, such as poker or roulette, pushing normal men to think they can be just as “lucky” as them, and thus provoking their own ruin. Devils among men are extremely talented in all areas thanks to the assistance of their jinn, thus frustrating normal humans who will lose their energy and will get lost while trying to equal them … of course without never succeeding.


Dorian Gray is one of these devils among men, gray means he is an hybrid, a half-breed

Many of these fake humans are on the front line in all large-scale propaganda operations, such as social movements, revolutions, demonstrations for any kind of cause. These devils are like sheepdogs, leading the flock of sheep that are lost where the Devil wants to lead them. Instead of turning to God for their requests, the lost of this world, demonstrate and thus go astray far from the way of God. Which well-guided man would demonstrate for anything? Well-guided people know very well that everything is in the hands of God, and that every situation is willed by God. Anyway, their objective is not terrestrial, but is in the hereafter, therefore, they do not give a hoot for any terrestrial cause, which are only perdition and traps for the lost. Well-guided men address their requests only to God and expect nothing from anyone, and even less from governments which are all working for the Devil.



Only devils in human shape on the front line of any popular revolt

maxresdefault (3)

The Joker embodies Satan, all these popular revolts (Lebanon, Hong Kong, Peru, Algeria, Iran …) are actually initiated by the devils among men following the plan of Satan for the end times. The Devil wants the people to focus on governments and nation, on any terrestrial cause, in order to distract them from focusing on the hereafter and on their redemption. Instead of turning towards God, the lost believe on these false causes which only lead them to hell


Can the Joker mask be the new face of disputes?
In Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong … In several mobilizations, demonstrators put on the Joker mask, a few days after the release of Todd Philipps’ film. A phenomenon that could spread?

Devils among men have an extreme power of perdition and seduction, and manage to focus all the attention on them and to serve as engine for the others, pushing them collectively to adopt the deviation of the Devil. For example, it only takes one or two of these devils in a neighborhood to turn the whole area upside down, only one in a class to make all the students completely crazy, only one in an open space to turn all the employees lost … etc etc. Devils among men are what we call in the literal sense of the term “bad seeds“, pushing into debauchery any uninformed reckless person.


The troublemakers are the devils among men, the symbol of the 2 fingers refers to Satan

We find these devils among men at all levels of society, including in the lowest classes, and even among the homeless, because the Devil leaves no one without leading him astray, but targets all categories of men. However, we find these devils in a particularly large proportion among the highest classes, as in the world of politics, cinema, music, art, education, science, or at the head of big companies, banks, universities, hospitals, police, justice. But also in social centers, asylums, prisons, places of perdition such as gambling, prostitution, drugs, organized crime, and nightclubs where they flock in droves, because it is their favorite playground to hunt new victims and thus be able to expand their network. It may surprise you, but devils among men are also very numerous among the highest religious dignitaries, such as imams, priests, rabbis, and among people of religion in general. It is not surprising to see the devils invading the field of religion, because they absolutely must have the monopoly of faith in order to ensure that those who want to turn to God are deceived by their false ways of perdition. These devils present themselves as men of religion with the sole purpose of comforting people in the path of error that religions represent. As we have seen, the Devil has always excelled in the field of religion, creating in all times a myriad of false religions which strongly resemble to the true way of God, while in reality they are exactly the opposite. When you see these billions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, being 100% sure of the merits of their ways, without realizing that these religions are in fact highways to hell, then you can truly perceive how strong is the illusion of the Devil for those who do not follow the way of God and are not guided by Him.

It is obvious that the Devil will not leave any industry without using it to spread his error, no social class without infiltrating it, no time of the day or night without operating, no place without being present, even in the smallest villages. However, devils among men are found in very large numbers especially in the city centers of large megalopolises, because this is where most people converge and it is therefore easier for them to spread their perdition there. The big cities actually serve as beacons for the devil’s deviation, so avoid these places and rather live in less populated areas, close to nature and away from people, because most people today are lost. The Devil uses cities to alienate men by isolating them from nature, in order to suffocate them and thus more easily weave his web around them. While people who live close to nature have generally healthier lives and are more likely to be connected to God, since they can see the wonders of God every day through the elements of nature, and are far from the perdition of men.



City centers are the devils’ favorite playground, and vice is everywhere

Here are some concrete examples of well known devils among men, and you will see that they are simply at the head of this world, and serve as guides and idols to lead people around the world to hell with them, and until now, their plan has worked very well.

Former President George BushGeorge-W-Bushgreta-thunberg-looks-on-during-a-meeting-in-the-garden-of-the-hotel-de-lassay-ahead-of-a-visit-of-the-french-national-assembly-in-paris-photo-credit-should-read-lionel-bonaventureafp-via-getty-imagesj864107-roger-federer-afpCooper-1024x57622731174-dfgUS-POLITICS-OBAMAPortrait_de_Laurent_Delahoussetrumpshutdownraises69032818-aa18-11e9-862b-600d112f3b14_image_hires_195420donald-tusk-060219-m5ab3dccb7708e96d5c27b8aeMV5BOWI3ODM2ZmYtZjc1Ni00Y2I4LWI1ODYtZTk0YzExY2YwY2FmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUxMjc1OTM@._V1_Emmanuel-Macron-2017leonardo-dicaprioMORGANFREEMAN-lg


Professional tennis player Dennis Shapovalov is one of these devils

Here are some pictures of anonymous devils in fake human shape, physically they look like everyone else, but I assure you that these people are indeed devils for having dealt with them personally. In reality, it is not so much their physical appearance that counts, but rather their behavior. Devils are recognizable by the fact that they sell vice and bewilderment in such a natural and reassuring way that people tend to take them as models. They are just like these popular figures in movies who have a great influence on people, except that their specialty is to sell the perdition of the Devil as being good and positive.

maxresdefault (13)demon1demon2demon3demon4demon5demon6demon7demon8demon9demon10demon11demon12demon13demon14demon15diableshommesdiableshommes2diableshommes3

Johnny Hallyday was one of these devils and revealed that he sold his soul to the Devil. Watch the 2 following videos and you will see that he did not even hide it.


Notice the necklace with Jesus on the cross. It may seem surprising to see men like him very far from religion committing themselves to Jesus, but in reality, all these devils who promote Jesus, know that the Jesus who will come will in reality be Satan, that’s why they are promoting him

Here are some examples of standard human beings who made a pact with the Devil in order to obtain in return wealth and notoriety. These men pledge serve the Devil for the rest of their lives in exchange for their souls. As soon as they engage with the Devil, these men therefore occupy exactly the same role as the devils and become their allies and servants. Among them, the world famous magician, Dynamo, whom I mentioned to you above. Watch the video below and you will see the proof of that.


Humans who have made a pact with the Devil look apparently normal, except that they are possessed by a jinn devil who dictates to them the least of their actions, and their sole mission is to sell the Devil’s perdition to others.


These possessed people look normal, buy in fact there is a jinn devil inside them


“Voodoo doctor claims the Darkness band member was despearte for sucess”. That’s the only way to get sucess in these industries: you have to sell your soul to the Devil

Many other well-known artists have also acknowledged having signed a pact with the Devil such as rappers Snoop Dog, Eminem, Tupac, guitarist Robert Johnson, and their list is very long. Most of the people you see on television, in movies and series, are actually either devils in false human shape or people who sold their souls to the Devil, and as for the others, the Devil did not need to offer them a deal, because they are so lost that they are already pure puppets in his hands without even realizing it.



The X refers to the false Jesus who will be played by Satan

maxresdefault (3)Products969102-1200x1200-720975490x1080Snoop-Dogg-1024x770'Equalizer 2' film photocall, Berlin, Germany - 08 Aug 2018

You can view the following videothat I made a few years ago and which lists some of these celebrities who admit that they sold their souls to the Devil in return for celebrity.

We are living in the days of Apocalypse, which etymologically means “revelation of the truth“. This is why God reveals to you through me, his messenger, mysteries hitherto kept secret from ordinary people. God will soon unleash Satan and his army of demons, Gog and Magog, that’s why God is revealing their secret to you.

The 3 categories of men in the service of the Devil


There are 3 categories of men who serve as agents of the Devil in this world.

  1. Devils in human shape, who appear in all respects to be normal men, but who in reality are hybrids associated with a jinn devil. These devils know that God exists and know His way, but knowingly turn away from it to serve Satan, their true father. These devils act on the direct orders of Satan and play exactly the role assigned to them. Never ever, even unmasked, would they ackowledge to be devils or reveal the plan of which they are part. These devils are by far the most effective in implementing the devil’s plan on the earth plane, and they know by advance that they will end up in hell, but that’s what they want. These devils serve as vanguards of Satan’s army on Earth, and are hierarchically superior to the other 2 categories. They would be around 70 million on earth, which is more than enough knowing their nuisance power.
  2. Normal men who have pledged allegiance to Satan in exchange for special abilities, and who collaborate with a jinn devil who dictates to them the least of their. These possessed men are in reality true slaves of the devils among jinns and men and work under their orders. Some of them know exactly what they are doing and collaborate of their own free will, while others act only out of personal interest and do not realize that the Devil is using them. However, both categories know perfectly well that by having signed a pact with the Devil, they are committed to serving him for the rest of their lives and that their destiny is hell.
  3. The lost, who are reduced to real puppets in the hands of the Devil, who makes them do what he wants. These lost people today represent the majority of men on this Earth, the 99%. Externally, you may think they are alive, while from the inside they are already dead and are no more than empty shells which the Devil uses to spread his error. Some of them are possessed while knowing it, others without knowing it, others are not possessed. But whatever the case, they are in the complete grip of the Devil and their fate is already sealed. A large number of these lost people think they are believers and are part of a religion, but in reality they only get more and more astray and promote the perdition of the Devil without even realizing it.

In the film “The World’s End (2013)“, the Devil reveals these 3 categories of men who are at his service and reveals his plan to destroy humanity. But we eventually realize that the Devil reveals this only for the sole purpose of leading people astray, because he encourages rebellion against God and to follow our own desires rather than the will of God.

The devils among men on the internet

maxresdefault (1)

Satan hides behind several numbers depending on the role he plays: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 19, 21, 22, 27, 33, 36, 37, 63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 73, 77, 88, 96, 99, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1111, …, each of these numbers symbolizing a different facet of Satan. You must think that I am exaggerating a little by quoting as many numbers, but in reality I have only mentioned the most common. It should not be a surprise to you that so many numbers refer to Satan, because Satan does have countless facets. Obviously, these numbers taken out of context are not satanic, but when they are used by Satan and his devils , then each of these numbers has a very specific meaning.

You find all these numbers located prominently in movies, series, and music videos, which serve as propaganda to the Devil, and each time, the context of their appearance confirms that these numbers have a hidden meaning which is specific to them. For example, the 11 is always associated with the Devil in his role of alternative false god, as the one who rebels against God. The number 1111 refers to the people who follow him on this path, that is to say who think to be their own gods and have rebelled against God.


We find the number 11 with the 11 rules of Satan on Earth, which refers to his role as an alternative god, making his own law, opposed to that of God and encouraging rebellion


In the Netflix series Stranger Things, the main character is called Eleven, and represents Satan. Just as Satan is androgynous, and plays both female and male roles, so does the character of Eleven, which confirms that this character truly refers to Satan

I will tell you more specifically about the devils on Youtube, since I have been operating on Youtube for 13 years now and that I have to deal with them regularly, so I am very well placed to talk about them. But, what I’m going to tell you actually applies to all other social networks, so you can use exactly the same methods that I’m going to expose you in order to identify them wherever they are.

Most devils’ YouTube channels have a number of subscribers or subscriptions corresponding to one of the numbers I mentioned above, despite the fact that most of these channels do not contain any videos or playlists. While standard men’s YouTube channels that do not contain videos or playlists have no subscribers, which is normal. Also, what is specific to the channels of these devils is that once their number of subscribers has reached one of these numbers, it does not evolve anymore. You can come back months later, their number of subscribers will remain frozen forever, or if it changes (for those who upload videos, but for those who do not, their number of subscribers never evolves again) it for another of these numbers that I listed.

These devils can also be identified by their channel names, which do not correspond to their first and last names, as is the case for most standard men’s YouTube channels. The channels of the devils generally bear names referring to Satan or Jesus, because they know that the Jesus who comes is in reality Satan, or also to angels as these demons claim to be angels, or to perditions of Satan or misleading names. For example, it can be characters from movies embodying Satan, like “Tyler Durden“, who is the main character of Fight Club and who actually refers to Satan, or Superman, Dracula, Vlad, Thor, Lilith … or names like “Dark Angel“, “Fallen Angel“, “White Angel“, “Divine Truth” … except that the God they are referring to is Satan, or “Seeker of Wisdom and Truth“, but their wisdom and truth are actually those of Satan. The channels of these devils may also have bizarre names, in Latin or Greek, these names often correspond to the names of demons. However, it is not the name of their channel that makes it easier to identify them, but above all their number of subscribers or subscriptions, their avatar, AND THEIR COMMENTS which expose their satanic nature.

The avatars of these devils represent most of the time symbols referring to Satan, to the jinns, to the angels, to the perdition of Satan, to the hybrids which represent the true nature of these devils. Here are just a few examples: the sun, a pyramid, the moon, a solar eclipse (blackstar or black sun), a lunar eclipse, a sunrise (Lucifer morning star), a crow, a bird, an eagle, an angel, a smoke (= djinn), a demon, a satanic symbol like a pentagram, a snake, an eye, a hybrid, a flame, a candle, a bee, a beehive, a lion, Jesus Christ, a cross, a star of David, … etc etc. For example, the beehive is a symbol that often appears in many of Satan’s propaganda films, and is used by many devils on YouTube. The hive symbolizes the working bees that are the devils, who are working night and day all together in order to implement the plan of Satan. The survival of bees in the hive depends solely on their queen, just as the survival of the devils depends only on Satan.


The playlists of these devils often contain very heterogeneous videos, without any coherence between them, because they are bogus chains only serving to them as cover. But in reality, when you take a closer look, the videos in their playlists all contain references to Satan and his perditions, whether by their title, image, content, or duration. Likewise, the numbers of videos in their playlists are among the numbers I listed above.

For the devils who upload videos on their Youtube channel, often their first video contains references to Satan, either by its content, its title or its duration. Most of the time, the videos they upload seem to be completely absurd, no standard human would upload such videos. But, actually these videos only serve as signatures in order to be indentified by their fellow devils as part of the network. You will often see that the first comment on their signature video is written by another devil, in order to validate that their video has been correctly identified as belonging to a devil. Also, their view counter on their signature video is often blocked on one of the numbers I have listed, you may come back to it, the counter will not increment as it should. Likewise the number of likes on their signature video is one of the listed satanic numbers.

If you read their comments, you will see that they encourage all forms of perdition, it goes from overtly satanist doctrines to the promotion of religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, because the devils know that these are only sects created by Satan. Their comments serve to comfort people in their error and to discredit the truth by all means, by mocking it, denying it, presenting false arguments, or quoting the verses of God indiscriminately … etc etc. Their usual technique is to comment in packs, in order to comfort each other and thus give more credit to their lies. But, they can also pretend to oppose, some playing the bad cop and the others the good cop, in order to gain people’s trust and thus lead them astray without them suspecting anything. When you see one of these devils commenting somewhere, you can be sure that the others are not far, because that is their operating method. Indeed, the devils always operate in packs, always many against one, in order to leave no chance to their prey. In many of Satan’s propaganda films, the pack is represented in order to refer to these devils among men operating in group. As the demons in false human shape are far less numerous than us, they have to operate in packs.



The pack of wolves or hyenas are the most common representation of devils among men


The wolf represents the devils, we even see in this poster the reference to the hybrids that these devils truly are, with the character half wolf, half man. The eye symbol is to say that they operate for Satan. The devils claims to be alpha, ie for the elite of this world. “They will have to ally to survive” referring to the secret network of the devils among men working hand in hand


Male devils are also often represented by the cloud of birds, also called “Black Sun”, in reference to the blackstar, the angel of death that is Satan. You often find this reference to the cloud of birds in several films, the birds in reference to the fallen angels, ie the devils

Devils among men lead an extremely intense companion on the internet to promote the coming of Jesus Christ as Savior, because they know that the Jesus who will come at this end of time is none other than Satan. So as soon as you see someone insisting too much with Jesus, you can be sure that he is one of those infiltrated devils. What exposes them is that most of these devils are extremely rude, wicked, debauched, very far from any form of religion, and yet they swear only by Jesus Christ and push hard for his promotion.

The methods I’ve exposed you to identify these infiltrated devils are 100% true, and I’ve tested them on Youtube with 100% success. No one on this Earth has this knowledge that I’ve share with you, except the devils themselves, but that they are not likely to disclose it to others. God Himself directly taught me these techniques shortly after electing me as a messenger, so that I could expose them and especially so as not to be fooled by them and thus jeopardize my mission. The first thing I do when a person talks to me on Youtube is to verify that he is not a devil among men, and if he is, then I banish him instantly without discussion. Because, the devils among men seek by all the means to harm, to make us waste our time in interminable discussions, they also seek to establish a direct contact in order to be able to exert their magic powers on you, … etc etc. They only need a photo of you, or a video, or even a recording of your voice to be able to exercise their magical power over you. Just by talking to them on Youtube, you can already feel their negative aura around you. It is enough to think of them or to have the slightest contact with them, and it will allow the jinn who operate through them to appear to you or to manifest his dark energy around you. I share with you this knowledge that God has taught me so that you can apply it on yourselves, and thus not be fooled by these devils and undercut any discussion with them, because they only lie, lead astray , and only seek to harm by all means. The only option is therefore to ban them as soon as you have identified them, without losing a second with them. You don’t realize how much these devils can push far their lies pretending to be what they are not, for the sole purpose of misleading, and if they do not succeed, at least to make you waste your time and energy.

Be aware that more than 90% of the people who comment on my videos are devils, because the devils seek by all means to harm me as the messenger of God, and to deny the truth that God is manifesting through me. These devils are extremely active on all social networks, they are the ones who comment the most, and you can easily recognize their comments, as they are the ones who get the most thumbs up and because of their misleading contents. Often their numbers of thumbs up correspond to the numbers I listed above, they do that in order to mark their comments as belonging to devils. If you want to test this identification method, you just have to watch any popular video on Youtube and analyze the channels of the most popular comments, and you will easily find the signs that I showed you. As a concrete illustration, I’ve listed for you some Youtube channel belonging to devils, so that you may observe for yourself that this method is 100% efficient to spot them. All the channels that I’ve listed below belong to devils that I’ve personally experienced, I am 100% positive concerning their satanic nature thanks to the deception they spread, and the signs contained in their channels.


7 subscribers which is one of the devil’s numbers that I have listed for you, yet this channel has no content. The eye symbol with a single car headlight, the black color of the car in reference to the Devil. the K to say that he is a spirit, a ghost, a demon.


4 subscribers, no content on the channel, the crescent moon, the clouds for the smoke symbolizing the jinns, Ka Ël = Soul of Satan = devil in false human shape


63 subscribers, like 666, no content on the channel, Ter beja777 = devil’s name, with the 777 in reference to the Devil’s plan for the apocalypse. Her evil face corresponds to the face of one of these devils.


8 subscribers, no content on the channel, “Seeker of Wisdom and Truth”, as I told you, the devils adopt deceptive names, but the truth and wisdom they are referring to are not of God but of the Devil. The avatar is that of a woman with a veil before her eyes. the veil, to say that they operate masked, under cover, the woman symbolizing the sin.


21 subscribers like 777. In Fight Club, Tyler durden is the character who actually embodies the Devil. An eye in the shade for the symbol of the one eye, the cigarette for the smoke representing the jinns. The playlist with the name “the man with two faces” = these devils have 2 faces, that in public where they feign to be real humans, and that in private, where they are openly devils. The 2 faces also refer to the fact that they are two entities in the same body: the hybrid and the jinn who possesses him.


5 subscribers, the lion symbolizing the sun and the false Jesus embodied by Satan, the multi-color for the new age doctrine of the unity of men around Satan. The avatar is a black flame, with the writing “Beast”, ie Satan the Beast. His signature video lasts 1:01, which is the same symbol as “lol”, which means submission to Satan. Indeed, the two ‘l’ draw 2 arms, and the ‘o’ draws a face, so “lol” actually represents someone who worships Satan. Watch his signature video and you will see that it contains absolutely nothing, except a black flame with “Beast” written in it. No normal person would have uploaded such an insane video, because this video is only there to mark his channel as belonging to a devil. When I spoke to this devil, I told him openly that he was a demon, he was not even shocked or surprised as a normal person would be, but chatted with me without hiding his true nature, because his jinn informed him that I knew his true nature.


2 subscribers, no content, 1 eye, the cigarette for the smoke, the V sign with the 2 fingers for “Hail Satan”.


1 subscriber, the NY represents Satan and not New York, the red cap, for the blood and death that the devils will bring to earth. De’Angelo Lee, for “fallen angel”, the promotion of the false Jesus Christ who will be played by Satan. Trump lol = Hail Trump, Trump being the antichrist, with the 4 pillars behind symbolizing the death which Trump will bring with World War 3 in 2020. The playlist with 4 videos, the 4 designating death, and the character representing a devil among men. the number of videos per playlist: 7 for apocalypse, 3 for the deception of Satan, the pyramid, the trinity, 4 for death.


3 subscribers, K for soul, spirit, jinn. “lol” to say that he serves Satan, the eye, the ring of fire to say that those who are under the control of the devil are surrounded by hell. The playlists count 3 videos, 6 videos, 9 videos, which refers to the 666, Satan’s plan to lead people to hell.


Urbex Reaver, which means “city wrecker”, the hybrid, ie half man half jinn. In order for you to see how far these demons can push their comedy, this one has commented on my Youtube channel for years, pretending to agree with my message, while his only goal was to monopolize my time and spread his perdition.


12 subscribers, no channel content. “Vampire Vlad” in reference to Satan, the symbol of the eye in reference to the one eye. The ‘6’ shapes in the banner for the 666. The 2 Youtube channels to which he subscribes also belong to two other devils like him. I had a fairly extensive experience with this devil, when I accused him of being a devil, he did not even contest it, but on the contrary he fully assumed it and immediately threatened me to use his jinn against me. Obsviously, he was sure of his power and is used to doing this with others. He then invited a pack of devils  to support him and who also threatened with their jinns, promising me the worst horrors in the world. But seeing that their attacks did not work against me, because God protects me against these devils, Vampire Vlad became afraid and removed overnight all the videos he had posted, in which he openly declared to be a devil, showing quite explicit photos of him exposing his true satanic nature. He had uploaded these videos because he thought that no human on this earth could identify him or give credit to the fact that he is a devil, but as I was able to identify him and that I promised to expose him, he had no choice but to remove all of his videos.

Here are some signature videos of these devils, which contain the signs that I have defined for you in their titles, durations, number of views and likes, or contents. I had to deal personally with all these devils, and I can tell you that their speech identifies them even more as devils.

The video lasts 12 seconds and is entitled “Satanic Master” in reference to the devil that he is. 12 means “disciple of Satan”, as the so called 12 disciples of the false Jesus created by Satan. This devil clearly exposes his satanic nature and yet the name of his channel is “Christian Arsenault. Mc ßandit christian arsenault“, what Christ have to do with someone who openly claims to be a satanist? His channel has 1 subscriber which is one of the numbers I listed above.

Duration: 10 seconds, 10 for the X, referring to Satan in his role of false Jesus. Player 12 passes to player 11 who scores. The 12 for the disciple of Satan, who passes to the 11, Satan, to signify that he serves Satan. The name of the video is “aaaa”, for 1111, the satanic plan to push men to rebellion and thus lead them to hell. The name of the channel is “Angelo KLN9600”, in reference to the fallen angels, and we find the 96 which means that he belongs to the family of the devils. The channel has 5 subscribers, which corresponds to one of the numbers I have listed for you. Notice that his number of subscribers never increment.

Here you have a whole family of devils who show their faces. The 2 children are also devils, a white and a black in reference to the hybrid, and to the masonic duality. This video is not normal, the father, a devil among men films the 2 children playing, then at 2:00 he zooms without reason and insistently on a banner with the inscription “Sonic”, because the character of Sonic actually represents Satan. Another obvious proof, at 2:14 he zooms with great insistence on the back of a car written on it “hybrid”, to signify that they are devils, ie hybrids. The video is called “my first video I made when I was 6“, the 6 referring to 666. The channel has 6 subscribers for the 666. The avatar of the channel is a Street Fighter character, because the devils are precisely street fighters.

The video shows Superman, ie Satan, with “false god” written on him, Satan is indeed a false god. The speech that you hear is actually Satan speaking, initially evoking his immortality and the fact that he seeks to shine in the eyes of all. Listen carefully to the whole speech, because later in the video he speaks of the world in crisis which is a sign of the arrival of the devils on Earth, while most people are completely wreckless, which actually corresponds to the reality of our today’s world. We see throughout the video a man on fire alluding to their mission to lead men to hell. The avatar of the channel is a bird in reference to the fallen angels. The title of the video “how to serve the man?“: the devils serve men by exposing their true nature, exposing the criminals and leading them to hell.

Duration: 11 seconds, 11 stands for Satan. This devil sticks out his tongue emphatically and seriously, to signify that he is a devil , because sticking out his tongue serves to show his reptilian nature. The channel has 1 subscriber, which corresponds to one of the numbers I have listed for you. Which normal man would upload such a video?

What exposes them the most is not even the signs on their Youtube channels, but especially their comments. Indeed, these devils expose themselves by the fact that they comment in packs and share exactly the same speech of error, when they are not supposed to know each other. It may happen that some of them do not put these signs that I exposed you on their channel, in order to hide their nature, but the fact that they comment in group with other devils who have these signs, expose them as devils. By learning to identify these devils, you will be able to learn more about their plan, because when they talk to each other, they believe that nobody can identify them, and therefore can reveal certain information which is supposed to remain secret. They use however a double language, it is thus necessary to know to read between the lines and to be well informed concerning the plan of the Devil in order to be able to correctly interpret their speech.

These devils have also made it their specialty to expose… the devils among men or reptilians … what is better than to control the opposition? 99% of the YouTube channels exposing reptilians, ie the devils mon men, are owned by devils too, and they mix truth and falsehood in order to mislead people. In reality, they are not doing this to spread the truth, but only to make people believe that their salvation will come by fighting the reptilians. Now people’s salvation is only possible if they stop their sins and turn to God, and not by fighting the devils. Here are some of the YouTube channels of these devils who pretend to expose the devils, ie reptilians, while they are actually part of them. They all have in common to promote Jesus Christ, because they know that the Jesus who will come in these end times is Satan.


Here is a comment from one of these devils supposed to expose the devils, what he says about them is quite true, except that he lie on some important parts in order to mislead people, and that he promotes the false Jesus who will be played by Satan.


His channel has 8 subscribers, which corresponds to the numbers I’ve listed. He promotes Jesus Christ because their plan is to push people into the hands of their false Jesus. Also Notice also the number of likes: 73, for the 777 designating the Apocalypse, and 7 response comments.

It’s true, human demons are everywhere and can take on any appearance. I have met many during my life and my travels, and all of them have played the role of underminer. They stick to you, to your daily life, and make you like being in their presence (through flattery, drugs, pleasures, promises, etc.). They take advantage of these moments to analyze you, “reach your sensitive strings”, as they say, to better choose the angle by which they can attack you next. They are your worst enemies, and therefore they will be closer to you than your true friends. Their goal is to draw you slowly to them, gradually bringing you down to their master. Depending on the person they will use different means (money, celebrity, friendship, sex, drugs, occultism, black magic, etc.) and will set you traps in which you will have the impression of being free to choose, but that’s an illusion of freedom, as they try to influence your choice. They can appear / disappear at will, change their appearance, take what they need out of their pockets, and know some of your secrets. They do not sleep like us, since they practice astral travel and take advantage of it to meet, exchange information and plan their next attacks. They are excellent actors, and the image of the theater is very precise. They have the advantage of numbers, and know where to find you. It is therefore extremely easy for them to get you “on stage” through a seemingly mundane interaction and then take you wherever they want. Besides, they know you well, know how to read your emotions in live (they see the hormonal / chemical reactions of the body) and have a great sense of adaptation. You will come to wonder if they are able to read your mind, but that is not the case. They are bad by nature, liars, vicious and treacherous.

I sank for years alongside them. They were my masters. But one evening the Lord intervened. He delivered me, instructed me and gave his Word to teach me how to protect myself and counter-attack. Since that day he has never abandoned me, and I thank him every day. So yes, beloved, demons in human form exist. They are even in some of your dreams. But the One inside is greater than the one in the world, and Jesus Christ has already overcome them ALL on the Cross. Walk by Faith and you will live. God’s promises are real, so we have nothing to fear. Glory be to the Father! Glory to his Son! In the name of Jesus Christ, be blessed.

Contrary to what he says, the devils among men can read people’s minds thanks to the jinn who operates through them. None of these devils among men reveal that they are in fact a two entities in one body: the hybrid and the jinn who operates through him. For the rest, the description he gave of their behavior is correct, these devils are real poison and know how to weave their web around their prey until they completely fall under their control. These devils are extremely poisonous and pump all your energy and creates a heavy dark atmorphere around you as long as you remain in contact with them, which provokes depression, diseases, insomnia, and perverse thoughts.