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When we speak about demons, we often think about ghosts, spirits, jinns … but there is a category of demons which has remained secret for millenaries, and which few people are aware of, yet the Quran explicitly mentions them: The demons in human shape, aka the Reptilians, the Vampires, the Half Breed, the Hybrids, the Alphas …. These demons enjoy

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Ultimate Warning of God Before the Beginning of The Final Destruction in 2020 (Part 5)

The Great American Eclipse The Great American Eclipse which occurred in 2017, the year when Donald Trump took office, is a sign from God that Trump is indeed the Antichrist and that destruction is coming soon to America and to the whole world. We find the number 7 everywhere in reference to the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 plagues of

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