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The True Salat (long version)

There is a practice which is performed by all men all over the world since the beginning of Humanity. Its forms may differ throughout the different ages and cultures, and therefore, this practice is called by many names: Prayer, Salat, Meditation, Communion, Retreat, Connection, …  Whether for religious purposes or not, this practice consists in a private moment for ourselves,

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The Zakat according to the Quran

Traditionalist islam considers the Zakat as an obligatory charity or as an act of purification, but the Zakat as defined by the Quran cannot refer to these concepts, and it is prooved through the use of the word “Zakat” and its different declinations, throughout the verses of the Quran. Definition of the word “Zakat” Etymologically, “ZAKKA” means “rise“, “growth“, “development“,

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Does the Quran really allow child marriage?

By: Ro Waseem One of the biggest misconceptions about Islam is that it permits child marriage, and is therefore looked down upon as medieval, oppressive and illogical by non-Muslims. Shockingly, instead of viewing this as a downright tarnation and disgrace to Islam, Muslims in complete ignorance of the Quran actually defend and support this point of view! If Muslims, themselves,

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