For several decades now, we have been increasingly witnessing a phenomenon which represents a clear sign of the end of times. Indeed, thousands of people claim to have received messages from the spiritual world. Over the past few years, this phenomenon has even been accelerating at an alarming rate, and I would even estimate their actual number to be more likely around several hundreds of millions all over the world, if not more. 

These “prophets” all claim to be in direct contact with God Himself or with spiritual entities from whom they receive communications on a regular basis, sometimes even daily, in the form of dreams, visions, audible voices, and even face-to-face conversations.

I, YS, the authentic messenger of God, assure you that these millions of “prophets” throughout the world are genuine prophets, in the sense that the communications they receive are indeed real, except that they do not receive them from God, but rather from the Devil, who introduces himself, most of the time, under the false guise of “Jesus Christ”.


This is not the real “Jesus Christ”, but the false figure of “Jesus Christ” that Satan has created from scratch. The messengers of God all had short hair, for it is a pagan practice invented by Satan for men to wear long hair. Indeed, the Devil wants to alienate us from our original nature under which God created us, and this involves, among other things, pushing men to look like women, and vice versa.

The Devil very rarely presents himself under his true identity, as only a very small minority of men would be inclined to worship him as such. Christians state that the Devil can go so far as to disguise himself as an angel of light in order to deceive the very elect of God. But because of the manifest errors of their way, they forget that he actually can and does go much further. As a matter of fact, Satan often goes so far as to pretend he is God Himself. And since the biblical “Jesus Christ” that Christians worship is none other than the Devil himself, Christians are the first to be fooled and fall for this trick. Indeed, Satan invented the false biblical figure of a “Jesus Christ” turned into God more than 2000 years ago, now, and has been using him ever since to mislead countless people all over the world.


The “Whore of Babylon” mentioned in the Bible is the Roman Catholic Church. The very day of the election of Pope Francis, lightning struck the Vatican, which is an ominous sign sent from Heaven by God to warn us that he will be the last Pope and that the entire Roman Catholic Church is doomed to disappear with him.

That’s all well and good for Christians to criticize the Roman Catholic Church that they refer to as the Whore of Babylon, yet it is this same Roman Catholic Church that canonized their Bible that they regard as the unalterable Word of God. The Bible reckons exactly 66 gospels, many of which were 100% inspired by the Devil and not by God. This includes the 4 gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, who not only were not contemporary with Jesus, but also happened to be mere idolaters that Satan used to work out and propagate his false narrative of a “Jesus Christ” turned into God.


66, just like 6 and 666, refer to the plan that Satan set up now more than 2000 years ago in order to deceive mankind, and push men to worship him while making them believe that they are worshiping God. Today, all organized religions have become highways leading to hell, because they are nothing but idolatry, association, cultism, and lies invented by the Devil, even though their followers are deeply convinced that they are on the true path of God.

In the numerous false gospels of the Bible inspired by Satan, a large number of verses are double-sided, which is the hallmark of the Devil par excellence. On one hand, there is an obvious meaning that only bears a semblance of truth just consistent enough to deceive false believers, and on the other hand, there is an occult meaning which tells the truth but is only perceivable by true believers.

This principle can be highlighted by the following example, in which Satan says that he does not love humans and that he will certainly expose the false apostles among them. In these verses, one can read: “whose end shall be according to their works“, which means that false apostles may very well be persuaded that they are genuine believers, whereas they are actually only lying to themselves, for their works prove just the opposite. Indeed, it is only our works, not our own claims, that determine who we really are.

Wherefore? because I love you not? God knoweth. But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of ChristAnd no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. 2 Corinthians 11:11-15

Prayers hand with three cross symbols

The billions of Christians throughout the world may believe that they are on the right track and that they are genuine believers, whereas they actually are none but false apostles, for they pray to a false god, their false biblical “Jesus Christ” who is none other than Satan himself. Likewise, Jews and Muslims are on Satan’s path of error, while being convinced of the contrary. All of these false apostles say with their mouths that they are genuine believers, but their works and conception of God just demonstrate the opposite, namely that they actually are traitors to God and liars.


All the false gods that ever existed, such as the Greek, Roman, Hindu, Northern, Babylonian or Egyptian gods, are just different representations of one and the same figure, that of Satan himself.


All of these false gods cannot correspond to the One True God, because the One True God simply cannot be represented.

The One True God is the Creator of all that exists. He alone embodies all the qualities in their absolute form and holds the stores of all things, and to Him rest all decisions. He is the One who will make us all die, then resurrect us and bring us back to Him, in order to be judged and retributed according to our works. His Mystery remains and will remain complete for eternity, and no one will ever be able to encompass Him, except for what He allows us to know about Himself. The True God is clearly distinguished from this myriad of false gods, as He is the One who created all things and who sent very real messengers and books that made a lasting impression on this world like nothing and nobody else ever did or ever will, which is a proof in itself that He is very real. As for the false gods, what did they create? Who are their messengers? What are their books? What tangible traces did they leave in this world? Do they even exist? And to what extent can they thwart God’s plan? To none! For they did not create anything at all, but were themselves created by God. And because it is solely The Will of God that is fulfilled, whereas they cannot even decide their own fate.

Among these countless false divinities, the most important one by far, the one that the Devil has chosen to put forward as his main character is the false figure of the biblical “Jesus Christ”. What makes the false  “Jesus Christ” infinitely more convenient than any other false deity is that he is Man, Spirit and God all at once, which allows Satan to manifest himself to men both in spirit and physically, while claiming to be God Himself as well. Through the invention of the false biblical Jesus Christ, Satan can realize his dream to be worshipped among men as a Living God.

Did I not command for you, O Children of Adam, that you should not worship Satan? Verily, he is a plain enemy to you. And that you should worship Me? That is the Straight Path. And indeed he (Satan) did lead astray the equivalent of mountains of you. Did you not, then, understand? This is Hell which you were promised! Burn therein this Day, for that you used to disbelieve. S36:V60-64


Satan says that Jesus is God on the terrestrial plane, the Father is God on the heavenly plane, and the Holy Spirit is God on the spiritual plane. Now, the True God is only one God, indivisible, and He is One Single God on all planes at the same time.



This face bears no resemblance to that of the real Jesus, but is just one of the numerous faces Satan has chosen to give to his false “Jesus Christ”.



Just as Satan is legion and has countless faces, so does the fake “Jesus Christ”, appearing to people in many forms and represented through countless faces. Notice the one eye symbology that normally is associated with Satan, this time it’s associated with “Jesus Christ”, because they are actually one and the same figure. When Satan will come in person on this earth as a false “Jesus Christ” during the end of time, he will not look like any of these faces, for Satan is elusive, and no man really knows what his true face is.



Satan’s invention of a God in the form of a Trinity, allows him to manifest in human shape on the physical plane, or in spirit through dreams and visions, while claiming to be God himself. The false “Jesus Christ” allows Satan to create a direct link between men and “God” (not the real God but the false god he invented), while the real God cannot be accessed directly.

Compared to other false gods such as Hindu gods, the false biblical “Jesus Christ” is all the more perfect as he is based on a character who really existed, which makes him much more real and tangible. This is all the more true since the real Jesus is certainly the man who comes closest to the definition of “God”, even if he remains 100% human and 0% Divine. Indeed, God accomplished through Jesus what He alone can accomplish, namely to raise the dead, to give life to clay birds that he molded with his own hands, to heal the man born blind and the leper, and to know all the secrets of people, both what they hide within and outside themselves. Thus, the Devil did not have that much adjustments to make in order to turn the true character of Jesus, born from a virgin, into a godly figure:  first into the Son of God since he had no physical father, and then into God Himself, claiming to be His manifestation on the terrestrial plane. On top of that, the Devil also invented this lie that Jesus was crucified to redeem the sin of men. The truth is that the real Jesus was never crucified, but Satan was crucified instead of him as his spirit entered Jesus’s body as soon as God removed Jesus’s soul from it. You can read all the evidence and details about this in the following article.

It befits not (the Majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son. Glorified and Exalted is He above all that they associate with Him. When He decrees a thing, He only says to it, “Be!” and it is. S19:V35

O people of the Book; exceed not the bounds in Your religion, and say not of Allah save that which is the truth. The Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, is but an apostle of Allah and His word –He cast it upon Mary– and a spirit from Him. Believe wherefore in Allah and His apostles, and say not: three. Desist, that it may be well for you. Allah is but the One God: hallowed be He that there should be unto Him a son! His is whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and sufficeth Allah as a Trustee. S4:V171

And because of their saying, “We killed Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah,”, but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not. S4:V157

The false biblical “Jesus Christ” is the perfect god for false believers, for he assumes responsibility for all their sins, intercedes on their behalf during Judgement Day, and grants them eternal life in Heaven as long as they accept him in their heart. Only Satan can be the author of such huge lies, since God clearly says that each invididual will bear his own burden and that intercession belongs exclusively to Him. Satan is just lying to us and making us false promises, because he knows very well that when his imposture will be exposed, it will be far too late for all those who have followed in his footsteps.

Say: “To Allah belongs exclusively (the right to grant) Intercession: to Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: in the End, it is to Him that ye shall be brought back.” S39:V44

Nor can a bearer of burdens bear another’s burden. If one heavily laden should call another to (bear) his load, not the least portion of it can be carried (by the other) even though he be nearly related. Thou canst but admonish such as fear their Lord unseen and establish regular Prayer and whoever purifies himself does so for the benefit of his own soul; and the destination (of all) is to Allah. S35:V18

Say: “Shall I seek for (my) Cherisher other than Allah when He is the Cherisher of all things (that exist)?” Every soul draws the meed of its acts on none but itself: no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another. Your goal in the end is toward Allah: He will tell you the truth of the things wherein ye disputed. S6:V164

And Satan will say when the matter is decided: “It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised but I failed in my promise, to you. I had no authority over you except to call you, but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrongdoers there must be a grievous Penalty.” S14:V22

The false biblical “Jesus Christ” even claims to grant access to paradise to those who deny him. They just have to make a short stay in purgatory beforehand. Who else but the Devil to deny that hell is in fact eternal? The truth is that there is no such thing as purgatory. There is eternal paradise on one side, eternal hell on the other, and nothing in between. Purgatory is a pure invention of Satan that can also be found in Judaism and Islam. Indeed, Muslims and Jews believe that as long as they claim to be Muslims or Jews, eternal paradise is assured to them regardless of the quantity and nature of their sins, even if it may require a brief stay in hell beforehand in order to atone for their sins. Satan draws men to all these false religions he created, promising them that they just have to subscribe to these beliefs in order to have the guarantee to be saved. Now, Satan knows very well that this is a pure lie, but he also knows that when the people who follow his false religions will realize it, it will be far too late for them.

With the false “Jesus Christ” that Satan created, you can completely forget the One True God and all His messengers, as “Jesus Christ” alone replaces them all. Indeed, the biblical Jesus Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life”, the only way to reach salvation, because he and the Father are allegedly one and the same entity. What a convenient lie!

Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. John 14:5-7

Satan makes a clean sweep of the One True God and all His messengers and Scriptures, replacing them all by his false biblical “Jesus Christ” and his false gospels forged by him from scratch, and which are full of false wisdom, deceiving words, and false promises. Notice that all worshipers of “Jesus Christ” bring everything back to him, as if nothing and no one ever existed either before or after him. In fact, Christians relegate all messengers who lived before Jesus to subordinate roles, claiming that the God they preached was actually “Jesus Christ” before he made himself man in order to redeem our sins. As for Muhammad, they do not even acknowledge him as a prophet and call him an impostor, since the Quran clearly opposes their beliefs by stating that the true Jesus was neither crucified nor risen, and is neither God nor the son of God, but was just a mere mortal, no more than a messenger of God among many others.

Christ the son of Mary was no more than a Messenger; many were the Messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to eat their (daily) food. See how Allah doth makes His Signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!  S5:V75

God’s messengers are the most entitled to know if God has a son, yet none of them has ever claimed such a thing.

Say: “If (Allah) Most Gracious had a son, I would be the first to worship.” S43:V81

Another clue which indicates that the biblical “Jesus Christ” is actually Satan is the fact that he poses as the first being created by God. However, it just so happens that the first being that God created is Lucifer, aka Iblis, aka Satan, which confirms that the false biblical “Jesus Christ” and Satan are in reality one and the same entity.

 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Revelation 22:13

The false biblical “Jesus Christ” is just a remix of the figure of Satan dressed in the costume of God. In order to best stick to his character, Satan has built a false figure of “Jesus Christ” which resembles him fiercely. Indeed, like any undercover agent (and Satan is the undercover agent par excellence), the best cover is to create a character that integrates elements from his own life as much as possible, in order to be as natural as possible and to avoid getting entangled in a complete muddle.


Satan is only lying to us, but he knows that his lies will be uncovered only when it will be far too late to step back. Satan and the false biblical “Jesus Christ” are as two peas in a pod: both love sinners, both claim to be God or the only way which leads to Him, both claim to assume responsibility for our sins and to hold a special dispensation to grant access to paradise, and both are the first creature that God created and the last that He will make die.

“Jesus Christ” is both God and man, which makes him the ideal god for all false believers who want a god in their image: one they can touch, see and hear, and one they can interact directly with, or even discuss with in person. Only false believers who absolutely do not know the true God aspire to a direct contact with Him, and demand of Him to address them in the same way He would address His messengers and angels.

Say those without knowledge: “Why speaketh not Allah unto Us? Or why cometh not unto Us a sign?” So said the people before them words of similar import. Their hearts are alike. We have indeed made clear the signs unto any people who hold firmly to faith (in their hearts) S2:V118

The worshipers of “Jesus Christ” are no different from the pagan worshipers of statues and false idols of all kinds. For they are only willing to believe in a god with whom they can interact directly on the physical plane, a god in their image and who resembles them, because they actually think that they are themselves evolving towards godhood.

And those who expect not a Meeting with Us say: “Why are not the angels sent down to us, or (why) do we not see our Lord?” Indeed they have an arrogant conceit of themselves, and mighty is the insolence of their impiety!  S25:21

Whatever their beliefs, the false biblical “Jesus Christ” is the ideal god for all false believers because he is actually Satan. Indeed, their hearts are naturally drawn to him, for he is the only god they have ever known since their birth. Because, had they been true believers, they would easily have realized that this false biblical “Jesus Christ” turned into a god is no more than Satan himself, because he quite simply preaches the opposite of what God advocates and shares almost the exact same features than His.

manson painting

“Jesus Christ” and Satan are one and the same entity. “Jesus Christ” built his kingdom on women, so did Satan. Indeed, Satan provoked the fall of man through Eve, and during this end of time, he keeps using the exact same strategy by promoting feminism, and by seeking to make men and women become interchangeable, in order to transform men into wimps and thus deprive them of the natural authority that God has given them over women. One of the most visible signs that this world is coming to an end is the fact that most women have now the upper hand, while most men are submitted to them.


Among the worshipers of “Jesus Christ”, it is important to discriminate the mere traditional Christians who follow the Roman Catholic Church, from those that are called “Born Again”. What differentiates Born Again Christians from other Christians is that they all have gone through a series of mystical life-changing manifestations produced by “Jesus Christ” in person, that have made them accept him as Lord.

One of the very first Born Again Christian is undoubtedly the one who is called by the name of “Saint Paul”, and who was “saint” only by name. Indeed, after being one of the worst enemies of the true Jesus Christ, Paul had a mystical experience with the false one impersonated by Satan, who appeared to him through a daylight vision. From that moment on, Paul became the apostle of “Jesus Christ”, and dedicated his life to preach the lie that “Jesus Christ” was God Himself.

Likewise, Born Again Christians are committed to become missionaries for “Jesus Christ” for the rest of their lives. In return, he would assist them in all circumstances and provides for all their needs. The Born Again Christians completely surrender to “Jesus Christ” just as true believers do with God, which amounts to saying that they have traded God for the Devil since this “Jesus Christ” is nothing more than Satan. In reality, Born Again Christians are no different from those who take guides in the form of spiritual entities from other dimensions, ascended masters, guardian angels, spirits of departed loved ones or distant ancestors, extraterrestrials, and so on, except that their guide is named “Jesus Christ”.

As a matter of fact, all these people are in no way guided by God, but are “guided” by demons among the jinns who appear to them in the form best befitting their beliefs. The only thing that ultimately differentiate Born Again Christians from others who follow spiritual guides is the fact that demons appear to them claiming to be “Mary”, “Jesus Christ”, or the “Holy Spirit”.


Born Again are called like that because they are born again in “Jesus Christ”, and therefore deny their first birth which relates them to the One True God, to only be related to the Devil whom they call “Jesus Christ”.



The crown of thorns and the cross refer to the fact that the “Jesus Christ” who was on the cross was actually Satan. The wings refer to the fact that Satan is also a (fallen) angel by nature. Born Again are therefore those who gave themselves up to this false “Jesus Christ” turned into a god, and behind whom Satan hides.



In this album cover of Black Sabbath, a metal band who openly worship the Devil, we can see a newborn demon with written “Born Again”, which means that Born Again Christians are no more than newborn demons since they have given themselves up to Satan, even though they call him “Jesus Christ” and are convinced that he is the one true God.

To illustrate to you in a concrete way how Satan supernaturally manifests himself in the form of “Jesus Christ”, I have selected for you several extracts from the Book Death of a Guru. This autobiographical book recounts how Rabindranath Maharaj, member of the highest caste among the Hindus, the Brahmins, went from worshiping a pantheon of false Hindu deities to one single false deity  that he claims to be “Jesus Christ”.


Rabi Maharaj is a Born Again Christian. He went from worshiping the numerous false Hindu gods to the sole worship of the false god “Jesus Christ”. Nothing is more natural for false believers than to switch from one way of error to another, for all ways of error belong to Satan, and only their form changes. These false believers, such as the author of this book, believe they are becoming different people by going from one way of error to another, when in reality they remain the exact same criminals and traitors to God that they have always been.

You will see that there is only one small step that separates the worship of the false Hindu gods to that of the false god “Jesus Christ”, and vice versa. This is why Hindu beliefs are extremely popular, especially among Westerners. It gained traction in the past, through the Hippie movement of the 70s, and is thriving today through the misleading showcases that are yoga, meditation and all the exotic disciplines falsely advertising “well-being”. These disciplines actually stand as a front for what they truly are, namely doorways to the religion of the false Hindu gods. The reason why a significant number of Westerners are drawn to this path, is because it provides them with a semblance of spirituality that contrasts with the mind-numbing materialism of the society. Sadly, many end up paying a high price by completely losing their mind, becoming addicted to drugs and sex, or possessed, which in many cases lead them as far as to commit suicide.


Those who follow Eastern religions without any prior knowledge do not know the extreme danger to which they are exposing themselves. At the beginning, they may think they have found a semblance of spirituality or that they are doing good to their body and mind, without suspecting that these eastern practices actually consist in being possessed by demons. At the beginning, these demons gradually and imperceptibly exert their hold on those who follow these practices, but once their control on them is strong enough, they manifest themselves to them in a much more direct way. Once you open the door to these demons, they will never let you go again, until they lead you to your complete demise, i.e. madness or death.

Conversely, more and more Hindus give up their false gods in favor of “Jesus Christ”, tired of having to satisfy so many gods simultaneously and horrified by their implacable cruelty. Many of them also end up turning their back on their false Hindu gods for lack of concrete results in their daily lives. The Hindu religion considers that all those who are not part of the 4 castes, i.e. almost the entire world apart from India, are even lower in the spiritual hierarchy than the lowest of the castes, the Untouchables. However, Indians, who are in their vast majority Hindu, are amongst the most miserable peoples on earth. This glaring lack of concrete results explains the fact that more and more Hindus are starting to seriously question the effective power of their gods. This is why, an increasing number of Hindus are today turning quite naturally to “Jesus Christ” since he is also acknowledged as a god in their religion. You will see in the following excerpts that it doesn’t take too much for the latter to manifest his presence to them.


According to the Hindu “religion”, Indians are supposed to be at the top of the human hierarchy, yet India is the country in the world where you can see the greatest misery and injustice ever.

Here is a first excerpt from the book Death of a Guru in which Rabindranath Maharaj, the author and main character, recounts the first of a long series of mystical experiences produced by “Jesus Christ” and which have occured throughout his life:

Startled by an ominous rustling sound in the underbrush behind me, I turned quickly around. To my horror, I saw a large snake with thick body coming directly toward me, its beady eyes staring intently into mine. I felt hypnotized, paralyzed, wanting desperately to run but unable to move (Note: every man enters a similar state of paralysis when he finds himself in the presence of demons among the Jinn whether in dreams or in real life. This indicates that this serpent has undoubtedly been manifested by a demon among the Jinn in order to make Rabi Maharaj believe in “Jesus Christ”). Nor was there anyway to escape, with the precipice at my back and the snake in front of me. […] Close enough for me to touch it now, the snake raised its wide, wedge-shaped head above the grass and reared back to strike. In that moment of frozen terror, out of the past came my mother’s voice, as though she were standing there, repeating words I had long forgotten: “Rabi, if ever you’re in real danger and nothing else seems to work, there’s another god you can pray to. His name is Jesus.”

“Jesus! Help me!” I tried to yell, but the desperate cry was choked and hardly audible. (Note: again, this is a sign that this snake was indeed a demonic manifestation. Whether in dreams or in real life, when demons among the Jinn appear, we often try to cry out to call for help, but nothing comes out of our mouth).

To my utter astonishment, the snake dropped its head to the ground, turned clumsily around, and wriggled off at a great rate into the underbrush.

[…] I pondered that experience for days. Jesus was a powerful and amazing god. How quickly he had answered!

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 95-96

This first mystical experience had seriously challenged the established beliefs of Rabi Maharaj, despite the fact that he was a devout Hindu destined to follow in the footsteps of his father, a yogi of great renown. False believers like Rabi Maharaj are only willing to believe in a god who manifests himself to them in a physical way. Indeed, Hindus believe that their gods are real because they appear to them in visions during their meditation and through physical manifestations in real life. However, you will see through the following extracts that the manifestations that they witness are actually produced by demons and certainly not by God.

In spite of my efforts to appease Shiva, I had a growing sense of his displeasure. Try as I might with mantras and rituals and worship, I could find no peace in my relationship with this fearsome god known as the Destroyer. Often in deep meditation I found myself in another world alone with Shiva, and his manner was always threatening (Note: the false Hindu gods are actually just demons, ie devils among the Jinn). As I ran through my Aunt Sumintra’s yard one day a nail had pierced my bare foot. Lying in bed, feverish with the infection, I had not been able to shake the distinct impression that Shiva had placed the large nail there and guided my foot onto it. I mentioned it to my cousin Krishna a knowing look came into his eyes. He shared with me that he too had the same impression that Shiva was attacking him. One night while studying late he had been slapped by an invisible hand so hard that it had knocked him out, and the next morning the marks were still on his face for us all to see. Another night invisible hands had chocked him on his bed, and again he had felt that it was Shiva, but neither Krishna nor I could understand why these things were happening to us.


Often while I was in deep meditation the gods became visible and talked to me. At times I seemed to be transported by astral projection to distant planets or to worlds in other dimensions. It would be years before I would learn that such experiences were being duplicated in laboratories under the watchful eyes of parapsychologists through the use of hypnosis and LSD.

(Note 1: Hypnosis is no more than one of the many forms of possession by the Jinn. Often the hypnotist himself is not aware of that and believes that it is his mere voice that allows the subject to enter into a trance state. While in reality, it is rather the disposition of the subject to open his body and  mind which allows the demons among the Jinn to take over.)

(Note 2: Some hard drugs, like LSD, mushrooms, or ayahuasca, produce the exact same effects as demonic possession, simply because these drugs precisely allow demons to possess those who are under their effects. Drug use and meditation share exactly the same function, that of bringing the subject into a trance state in which his mind becomes detached from his brain, which allows the demons among the Jinn to take over and project all kinds of illusions into the subject’s brain)

(Note 3: People who experience astral projections or remote visions think that their soul travels for real and goes to these places that they are projected in their mind, when in reality their soul does not move at all, but it is rather the demons among the Jinn who project into their brains these visions which can either be pure illusions or visions of reallife scenes.)

In my Yogic trances most often I would be alone with Shiva the Destroyer, sitting fearfully at his feet, the huge cobra coiled about his neck staring at me, hissing and darting out its tongue threateningly. Sometimes I wondered why none of the gods I ever encountered seemed kind and gentel and loving. But at least they seemed real, I had not doubt of that, and not mere myths like the Christian god Santa Claus.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 72-73-75-76

What false believers are looking for is a god who manifests himself to them in a supernatural way and who fulfills all their wishes, i.e. a kind of genie of the lamp or Santa Claus. However, God never manifests himself through mystical experiences, it’s rather the demons among the Jinn who operate these kinds of manifestations.




The biblical “Jesus Christ” is no different from the genie of the lamp or the real demons that are in fact the false Hindu gods. Indeed, he manifests himself in the exact same way as the demons among the Jinn through phenomena that would qualify as supernatural, and magically fulfills the wishes of their conjurors. As with the episode that Rabi Maharaj experienced with the snake, the demons among the Jinn make use of their supernatural abilities to make people worship them instead of God. Blue is the color of the Jinn, which is why the genie is represented in blue and the character of Sonic is blue as well. These 2 figures are none other but Satan himself.



Santa Claus is an anagram of Satan. Santa Claus and “Jesus Christ” embody one and the same figure, that of Satan. The Devil uses the fictitious character of Santa Claus to destroy faith in God from an early age. Indeed, the Devil lets children believe that Santa Claus is a kind of real God who can hear their prayers and fulfill their wishes. And as soon as children believe in him, it is revealed to them that this was just a mere invention, all for play. For many people, this betrayal scar them for the rest of their lives, as they unconsciously deal with this childhood trauma by no longer daring to believe in anything, not even in the One true God, setting him aside as a mere fantasy, just like Santa Claus.

Through Satan Claus, the false biblical “Jesus Christ” and all the other false gods, Satan wants us to have a conception of a god who fulfill all our wishes and immediately, like for instance the genie of the lamp, whereas he knows that the True God is the exact opposite of that. For this purpose, the Devil cultivates in us the need to satisfy our slightest desires, and as quickly as possible, so that we are adjusted to his false gods and unsuited to the True God. Amazon Prime, order and receive your order in less than 24 hours. Click & Collect or how to get what you want with a single click. Uber, we transport you and deliver whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. VOD, no need to wait for your content to be broadcasted on TV, watch it whenever you want. Smartphones, your mind no longer know what waiting is, or boredom. As soon as you have some free time, smartphones are there to occupy your mind. Put together, all these things make men less and less suited to the True God, and more and more suited to the false gods behind whom Satan is hiding.



Amazon is pushing for compulsive frenzied consumption, and Amazon Prime takes it even further by ensuring you that you’ll be delivered within the day. Ordering and receiving their order as quickly as possible has become a real drug for more and more people.



People no longer know how to take advantage of their free time to rest their mind, to observe what surrounds them, or to evoke God, as soon as they have a moment they jump on their smartphones. They feel like it makes them look important to always look busy, but this just shows that they have become slaves to their own persons.

From the cradle, the Devil has accustomed us to no longer endure the slightest annoyance. We want everything immediately without ever being satisfied with anything. The vast majority of people no longer know what it is to make an effort, to go against their own desires and  manage their frustrations, to be patient and accept the fair price to pay for each thing. People have been led to rush for the easy way. This is why those seeking spirituality often seek a god who fulfills all their desires and asks them nothing in return (in reality, it is their soul that he asks in return, but they will only come to realize it when it is far too late), such as the false believers who adopt “Jesus Christ” as their god and savior or such as the people following these turnkey false religions in which it is enough to subscribe in order to instantly have access to a community that supports you, in place of God, or to have the guarantee of ending up in paradise without having to provide the efforts required for this. 

Vue aérienne de Rome

People flock in droves when it comes to the devil’s error, but if you call them to God alone and his true way, hardly anyone answer the call.

The true way of God requires a lifetime of patience, endurance, perseverance, toil, restraint, frustrations, suffering, self-denial, loneliness, risks, trials, efforts, and sacrifices, just in order to hope that it will be enough. Do you really think that accessing eternal life with God is something that is given to everyone? Do you really believe that there will be people in paradise that have not been tested and who have not demonstrated their merits? No! By Allah! there will only be people in paradise who have proven themselves and who have fought for the cause of Allah both with their wealth, family, and own person.

Do you think that you will enter Paradise before Allah tests those of you who fought (in His Cause) and (also) tests those who are the patient? S3:V142

Only those are the believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and afterward doubt not but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allah. Those! They are the truthful.  S49:V15

Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, “When (will come) the Help of Allah?” Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allah is near! S2:V214

Those who believed and emigrated and strove hard and fought in Allah’s Cause with their wealth and their lives are far higher in degree with Allah. They are the successful. S9:V20

But the Messenger and those who believed with him strove hard and fought with their wealth and their lives. Such are they for whom are the good things, and it is they who will be successful. S9:V88

The vast majority of people prefer the easy way and what they can get now in this terrestrial life, rather than the long and difficult way, but which leads to the hereafter. When you call them to the true way of God, they turn their backs on you in repulsion as if you were calling them to death. But, if you call on them to any earthly enjoyment that they can obtain easily and immediately, then you see them jostling.

maxresdefault (3)

For earthly goods, the majority of people jostle and are ready to make any sacrifice, but for God and the Hereafter, there is hardly anyone left! If you ask them to get up at 6 A.M. to take advantage of a special offer, they all get up without the least difficulty, but if you ask them to do that for God, they tell you that it’s too difficult.



Most people would give anything to get wealth, fame, glory, greatness, success, longevity, beauty, but if you talk to them about having the satisfaction of God, you see them draping themselves in their smug contempt and you only receive their silence in return. These people will be struck with a special smallness and dire humiliation in the Hereafter fo being insolent with God and full of pride in this terrestrial life, and for persistently rejecting the way of God when they were invited to it.

True believers are those who demonstrate intelligence, patience, and justice, and who choose what is infinitely better over what is infinitely worse. Who else besides the lost to prefer this terrestrial life, ephemeral and limited, and then to burn in hell forever, rather than the afterlife, eternal and limitless, and then to be in Heaven with God forever?

And whatever you have been given is an enjoyment of the life of (this) world and its adornment, and that (Hereafter) which is with Allah is better and will remain forever. Have you then no sense? S28:V60

And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement. But far better is the house in the Hereafter for those who are he pious. Will you not then understand?  S6:V32

And indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present life. S93:V4

And We have fastened every man’s deeds to his neck, and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall bring out for him a book which he will find wide open. (It will be said to him): “Read your book. You yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this Day.” Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his ownself. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own loss. No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden. And We never punish until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning). And when We decide to destroy a town (population), We (first) send a definite order to those among them who lead a life of luxury. Then, they transgress therein, and thus the word (of torment) is justified against it (them). Then We destroy it with complete destruction. And how many generations have We destroyed after Noah! And Sufficient is your Lord as an All-Knower and All-Beholder of the sins of His servants. Whoever desires the immediate life, We readily grant him what We will for whom We like. Then, afterwards, We have appointed for him Hell, he will burn therein disgraced and rejected. And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it, with the necessary effort due for it while he is a believer, then such are the ones whose striving shall be appreciated. On – each these as well as those – We bestow from the Bounties of your Lord. And the Bounties of your Lord can never be forbidden. S17:V13-20

But you (men) love the present life of this world and neglect the Hereafter. Some faces that Day shall be shining and radiant looking at their Lord, and some faces, that Day, will be dark, gloomy, frowning, and sad), thinking that some calamity is about to fall on them; S75:V20-25

Therefore be patient with costancy to the Command of your Lord , and obey neither a sinner nor a disbeliever among them. And evoke the Name of your Lord every morning and afternoon. And during night, prostrate yourself to Him , and glorify Him a long night through. Verily, these people love the present life of this world, and put behind them a heavy Day. It is We Who created them, and We have made them of strong built. And when We will, We can replace them with others like them with a complete replacement. Verily, this is an admonition, so whosoever wills, let him take a Path to his Lord. But you cannot will, unless Allah wills. Verily, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise. He will admit to His Mercy whom He wills and as for the unjust He has prepared a painful torment. S76:V24-31

O you who believe! Seek help in patience and the Salat. Truly! Allah is with the patient. S2:V153

[…] And Allah is with the patient. S2:V249

And how many prophets fough and along with him large bands of men of God, but they never lost heart for that which did befall them in Allah’s Way, nor did they weaken nor degrade themselves. And Allah loves the patient.  S3:V146

O Ye who believe! persevere, and excel in perseverance and be ever ready, and fear Allah that haply ye may thrive. S3:V200

And obey Allah and His apostle, and dispute not, lest ye flag and your predominance depart, and be patient. Verily Allah is with the patient. S8:V46

In the autobiographical book Four Nights With The Devil by Peter Hockley, you can find the perfect illustration of everything stated above. The author spent his whole life in debauchery, completely rejecting God and committing all kinds of sins without the slightest remorse, and it is only when the excesses of his life caught up with him that he finally decided to turn to God so that He saves him from his misery. But, instead of accepting to make his Stations of the Cross and take the rough with the smooth until obtaining God’s Forgiveness, Peter Hockley wanted God to answer him immediately without making the slightest effort on his part. What he is looking for is a god that he hisses and who comes to him immediately, a god that he calls only when he needs Him but that he can completely ignore otherwise. This kind of god is obviously not Allah, the One True God, to whom Peter Hockey, as the hideous villain that he is, will end up turning his back on, very quickly, to unsurprisingly embrace the false god “Jesus Christ” instead.

If Allah was the true God I wanted to connect with him, to know him in my heart, not just from words written about him in a book.

I prayed to him every day. I called out to Allah to come and touch my life with his power. “I want to know you,” I said. “I want to be yours completely.” My prayers went unanswered.

The books described Allah’s majesty and magnificence: I couldn’t perceive it around me. They mentioned his mercy and compassion: I reached out with all my being but felt nothing. They told me that Allah was the source of peace and safety: I surrendered, praying on my knees, though peace was nowhere to be found. The glorious Allah didn’t seem real at all and if he was, he seemed unmoved by my pleading and praying.

Days became weeks and I struggled to read the Quran. I couldn’t get through more than a page or two a day. At times the language seemed aggressive and difficult to understand and some days I did’nt even pick it up at all. I was suddenly in the grip of a spiritual tug-of-war. My fervour for islam had been severly challenged. Some of the things I read in those books seemed beautiful, only there was no trace of that beauty beyond the pages. I was still as empty in my soul as I had ever been.

Source: Four Nights With The Devil, Peter Hockley, p.72

Who is more despicable than he whom Allah guides to the truth, and who then rejects it after having clearly recognized it?

And who does more unjust than he who is reminded of the verses of his Lord, then turns aside therefrom? Verily unto the criminals We are going to be Avenger. S32:V22

Peter Hockley was at one point in his life convinced that Allah was the One True God and that the Quran contained the unaltered perfect truth, but upon reflection, he scowled, turned his back, and called Allah and the Quran a lie.

Verily he considered, and devised. Perish he! How moliciously he devised! And again perish he! How maliciously he devised! Then looked he, then frowned he and scowled. Then turned he back, and grew stiff-necked. Then he said: naught is this but magic from of old, naught is this but the word of Man. Anon shall I roast him into the Scorching Fire of Saqar. S74:V18-26

Once Peter Hockley definitely turned his back on Allah and the Quran, what is left for him except the Devil and his error?

Such is Allah, your rightful Lord. What then is there after the truth but error? Whither away then are ye drifting!  S10:V32

As Allah says: “their features are written on their faces“. Look at the evil facial features of Peter Hockley, betrayal and vice can be perceived just through his scoundrel face.

And it is no surprise that Allah sent the Devil to Peter Hockey, and that Peter accepted him as his god without the least hesitation.

I prayed: “If not Islam, then what? What is the truth, God? Where can I find You?”

One thought struck me: If there was a God, Almighty and the Creator of everything, then His following would have to be one that covered the whole earth. It seemed impossible that the knowledge of Him would be limited to a minor faith or religion in only a tiny pocket of the world. I reasoned that God would have to be known by multitudes that stretched around the globe. With the flame of Islam dying out in my heart, only one other religion seemed to stand out, the very Christianity I had recoiled from.

Source: Four Nights With The Devil, Peter Hockley, p.73

Peter Hockley’s reasoning is the very opposite of the good reasoning, which is no surprise since God does not guide the unjust but rather comforts them in their error. Indeed, what is popular on this earth is generally not the way of God, but rather the way of the Devil, for the simple reason that the vast majority of people on earth are unjust. Therefore their hearts are naturally attracted towards all that comes from the Devil, and are instinctively repulsed by all that comes from God.

And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie. S6:V116

That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus does Allah set forth for mankind their parables. S47:V3

The popular success of Christianity and Islam should therefore serve as a warning indicating that these 2 ways do not correspond to God’s way, but criminals like Peter Hockley are guided by greed and easy gain, rather than by truth and justice.

“All my sins are forgiven,” she told me. “Jesus paid the price for them with His death on the cross. I have the peace of God in my heart, through Christ.”

That’s what I wanted: Peace with God; a relationship with Him. I wanted to know the One Who had given me life and understand what His purpose for that life was.

Source: Four Nights With The Devil, Peter Hockley, p.74

The false biblical “Jesus Christ” generously offers us to assume responsibility for all our sins without asking anything in exchange. This is an offer that seems a bit too generous to be genuine. Only the criminals, blinded by their greed, fall for this kind of scam, and only Satan can deceive people like that. Satan is like these mafia people who lend you money without asking any question, and then turn against you and seize all your wealth, or these drug dealers who offer you the first doses for free, so you can never quit afterwards. Likewise, those who follow Satan’s countless ways of error, be it that of “Jesus Christ” or all other false religions that he created, do not realize that the path they have opted for has no turning back. .


Satan’s ways are deceptive, and once you engage in them, there is no turning back.

But now let’s come back to the story of Rabi Maharaj in order to continue to highlight how Satan works concretely through “Jesus Christ” in order to deceive so many. This is in order to fully convince you that these supernatural manifestations are not mere fiction, but are very real to many people. Now that Satan has seriously challenged Rabi Maharaj’s established beliefs through this supernatural episode with the serpent, he can now take it up a notch, allowing himself to manifest to him in a much more direct way. In this episode, Rabi takes part in a Hindu religious ceremony during which the Brahmins of which he is a part of, are worshiped as living gods, and receive offerings from members of the lower castes in order to given them their blessings in return. According to their beliefs, this constitutes the best way to progress faster in the cycle of reincarnations.

Fingering a large fragrant garland of flowers around my neck, I stood near the altar greeting the guests after the ceremony. A neighbor laid several pieces of money one after another at my feet, and bowed to receive my blessing, the Shakti pat that every worshiper craved because of its supernatural effect. I knew her to be a poor widow who earned pitifully little for her long hours of hard labor. The offerings I received at one ceremony would far exceed her wages for a month. The gods had decreed this system of giving to Brahmins, and the Vedas declared it to be of great benefit to the giver, so why should I feel guilty? Uncle Deonarine’s words rose vividly before me in all their venom: “It’s a business with all of them; they do nothing without pay… mainly from the poor!” I glanced at her small offering of coins uncomfortably.

Of course I had much to give her in exchange. Reaching out to touch her forehead in bestowal of my blessing, I was startled by a voice of unmistakable omnipotent authority: “You are not God, Rabi!” My arm froze in midair. “YOU…ARE…NOT…GOD!” The words smote me like the slash of a cutlass felling the tall green cane.

Instinctively I knew that the true God, the Creator of all, had spoken these words, and I began to tremble. It was a fraud, a blatant deception to pretend to bless this bowing woman.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 108

In the following excerpt, this time it is Rabi Maharaj’s aunt who hears Jesus Christ telling her that the Hindu gods she adores are false gods. As I told you, false believers believe in a god who manifests himself to them in a direct and physical way. However, only the Devil operates like this because the true God only communicates behind a veil and in a subtle way, as through dreams or signs.

Incredulous, Baba stared in wide-eyed wonder at his changed friend. Seeing that he was speechless, Aunt Revati leaned forward and spoke with great earnestness, looking into the old man’s face.

Baba, let me tell you what happened to me. I was in the prayer room doing my puja (Hindu ritual prayers) when a voice suddenly told me that all the gods I worshiped were false. Then the voice said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.’ I knew that was Jesus talking to me. A few days later I surrendered my life to him and he has made me into a new person. The past is gone, my sins are forgiven, and I know that I will be in heaven forever! […] This salvation is for all castes and for the people of every nation. It is also for you. God will forgive you and give you eternal life, if you will only receive Christ into your heart and trust only in him.”

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 142-143

It is not without reason that God tells us in the Quran that amongst all His messengers, only Moses was able to hear Him verbally, but it is because this kind of experience is something extremely rare which is not within everybody’s reach.

And Messengers We have mentioned to you before, and Messengers We have not mentioned to you, and to Moses Allah spoke directly.  S4:V164

Those Messengers! We preferred some often to others; to some of them Allah spoke directly; others He raised to degrees (of honour); and to Jesus, the son of Mary, We gave clear proofs and evidences, and supported him with the Holy Spirit. […] S2:V253

We easily guess that the voice that addressed Rabi Maharaj and his aunt can in no way originate from the One True God, but was a mere supernatural phenomenon manifested by the demons among the Jinn. Satan actually knew that Rabi and his aunt were increasingly doubting their false Hindu gods, so he was quick to come forward to sell them the false god “Jesus Christ” instead. Only those who are deeply lost associate this kind of mystical experiences with God, as all supernatural phenomena, such as hearing audible voices, or having awakened visions or vivid dreams, have been typical of the demons among the Jinn, ever since the dawn of time. Through these manifestations, demons not only lead people astray, but also prepare Satan’s final plan, which is to get as many people as possible to believe in “Jesus Christ” as the only Lord and Savior.


For over 2000 years, Satan has been appearing in the shape of a false “Jesus Christ” to countless people to make them worship him in place of God, and also to prepare his final plan for the end of times.

But these mystical phenomena are not exclusive to Christians, worshipers of false deities, and mystics, but also concern a large number of Muslims, to whom the Devil poses mainly as Imam Mahdi or Issa (Islamic version of Jesus). You have the illustration of this with this Muslim woman below who claims to be the Messiah. She claims in the following video that God appeared to her in flesh and blood. At first, she instinctively believed that it was Satan, but the Devil quickly ensured her that he was, for sure, God Himself. He then told her that he had elected her to become the Messiah of the end of times. She then says that Jesus/Issa entered inside her body to permanently possess her. Since then, she has been spreading the propaganda of the false “Jesus Christ” for Muslims and has been trying to discredit me, the true messenger of God. The woman you see in this video is possessed by demons among the Jinn, so she is part of what God calls in the Quran “the demons in human shape” since she is 100% under the control of Satan.

In the next scene extracted from the book Death of a Guru, the Devil proceeded to the next stage of his plan with Rabi Maharaj, and this time appeared to him directlty in the flesh.

Life had become very difficult again at school also. Having at last earned the respect of my classmates as a Hindu leader, now I was the butt of Jesus jokes. Even the boys I had thought were Christians were now attacking me. It all became so unbearable that one night, feeling the oppression of demonic powers as I lay on the living room floor, I couldn’t go to sleep. “Lord,” I cried softly, “why does it have to be so difficult to be one of your followers? I love you and have your peace in my heart, but this is almost more than I can bear at school and here in this house. Is this always going to be my lot?” I fell asleep at last, overcome with sorrow.

At about 2 A.M., I felt someone clothed in a bright white light standing beside me. Wide awake now, I sat straight up and looked at him. I knew it was Jesus, althought he didn’t look quite like any of the pictures I had seen. He held out his hand toward me and said softly, “Peace! My peace I give to you!” With those words he vanished, and the room became dark again. I sat there for a long time making sure that I was really awake. There was no doubt about it. I felt like shouting “Hallelujah!” For a long time I lay with my hands under my head, looking up by faith into heaven, rejoicing in the Lord.

Source Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p.145-146

As you can see, these mystical experiences become more and more explicit and direct. Seeing that Rabi Maharaj gives them credit, the Devil has stepped into the breach in order to remove all remaining reluctance within him. This is exactly how all demons among the Jinn operate according to the famous mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg, who spent his life communicating with spirits and studying them.

When spirits begin to speak with a man, he ought to beware that he believes nothing whatever from them, for they say almost anything. Things are fabricated and they lie. They would tell so many lies and indeed with solmen affirmation that a man would be astonished… If a man listens and believes, they press on and deceive, and seduce in many ways.

Source: Emanuel Swedenborg

It is not for nothing that the True God defines himself as being “the Invisible”, but it’s because no one has ever seen Him, not even the closest angels. And no one will ever see Him, for He will forever remain the Eternal Mystery, and no sight will ever be able to grasp Him. You can therefore be absolutely sure that any supernatural manifestation in which an entity poses as God Himself, is necessarily a deception behind which the demons among the Jinn are hiding.

This is the Book, whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are the pious who believe in the Invisible and perform The Salat, and spend out of what we have provided for them, and who believe in which has been sent down to you and in that which we sent down before and they believe with certainty in the Hereafter. These are on the right guidance from their Lord, and they are the successful. S2:V2-5

You shall only warn him who follows the Reminder, and fears the All-Mighty without seeing Him. Bear you to such one the glad tidings of forgiveness, and a generous reward. S36:V11

No sight can grasp Him, but He grasps all sights. He is the Most Subtle, Well-Acquainted with all things. S6:V103

(They will enter) Paradise, which the All-Mighty has promised to His servants who belived in the Invisible: Verily! His Promise must come to pass. S19:V61

“(He Alone is) the All-Knower of the Mystery and He reveals to none His Mustery.”  S72:V26


Any manifestation of “Jesus Christ” is necessarily produced by the Devil, because the real Jesus is dead and can in no way communicate with the living, neither through dreams nor visions. The same applies to Mary and the Holy Spirit. For example, the manifestation of Fatima in Lourdes is just an apparition of the Devil. Since then, the Devil has been using Lourdes as a pilgrimage to promote the worship of “Jesus Christ” and to perform false miracles and false healings in order to persuade people of the true divinity of “Jesus Christ”. Many people claimed they were miraculously healed in Lourdes, but these healings are actually operated by the magical powers of the demons among the Jinn and are not real cures, because their diseases will always end up coming back later or being replaced by far worse new diseases. The same applies to all those places known for their healing power and all those healers with so called healing gifts. In reality, these places and these healers have no power at all, but actually the demons among the Jinn are the ones who operate these false healings to lead people astray and to possess them. Only God heals for real.

Once they appear for the very first time to a person, the demons among the Jinn will then keep appearing again and again throughout this person’s entire life, in order to keep them under their control until their final demise.

One morning I had to get to class for exams but had no money for bus and subway fare. After praying about this need (as I did about everything), I went to the bus stop as usual and stood in line. Just before the bus arrived, a woman came up to me and pressed a five-pound note into my hand, insisting that I accept it. I had won her husband to Christ some weeks earlier, and she was vey grateful. However, I had given her no reason to suspect I needed money. Only the Lord could have told her and brought her there at just that time.

Another morning, as I was leaving school, I felt impressed that I must go back into my room and pray for safety, which I did. Afterward, in line at the bus stop, I suddenly felt that I should get on a number 6 bus that was taking on passengers, although my number 52 bus was only few seconds behind it. Without understanding why, I jumped aboard. The bus had just pulled away from the curb when I heard a horrible squealing of tires and looked back to see a car out of control plowing through that line of waiting people that I had just left. Jumping off, I tried to help. It was horrible. And I should have been one of the dead or dying! Although heartborken for them, I was grateful to the Lord for having saved my life. Clearly he had a work for me to do. The next day the papers were full of the tragedy, there had been seven people killed and six badly injured.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 160

What happened in these 2 accounts is pure deception of the Devil, because the One True God never intervenes in such a visible and direct way, but His action is always totally imperceptible. For example, if it was God who had intervened in the bus stop account, He would not have induced within Rabi Maharaj an irrepressible urge to take another bus without any rational explanation, but He would have inspired him to do so for some logical reason and as a result of his own reflection. The Devil tries to imitate God, but the traces of his interventions are too visible, which betrays the fact that they are not divine but correspond to pure supernatural phenomena. In this case, Rabi Maharaj was literally hypnotized by the Devil, in order to impel him to do things that he would never have done on his own and which, by his own admission, he cannot even explain. In the following excerpt, you can again see another  example of how the Devil operates through manifestations emanating from other dimensions, which are no more than pure magic and have nothing to do with real miracles, as Rabi Maharaj seems to believe.

Late one night I stood with two friends just outside that basement we used for meetings. It was empty that night; there was no one sleeping there. We were trying to reason with a young adult addict named Raymond, who had attempted to suicide twice that evening and seemed to be completely out of control. Three weeks before, I had earnestly urged him to give up drugs and to receive Christ. He had mocked me then. And now as the four of us talked, Raymond suddenly pulled me inside the cellar and locked the door behind us almost before I knew what had happened. He was much larger and stronger than I, and physically I was powerless to stop him. Once inside, with the door bolted, he began strangling me. As he squeezed my throat with all his frenzied strength, I could feel nothing. Confused by this miracle, he retreated for a moment. […]

Instantly he threw that bottle with all his might. I saw it flashing straight for me and silently called out to Jesus for help. There was not even time to duck. One moment the bottle was about to smash into my face, and the next it had slammed into the door behind me. I felt the wind, and saw it swerve around me as though it had been deflected by an invisible shield.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 171-172

The proof that these kinds of manifestations are the work of demonic forces, and not miracles from God, is that they occur exclusively with misguided people, as demons simply cannot manifest themselves to the elect of God. No matter what these entities claim to be, be it Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, or even God Himself, those who hide behind them are eventually the exact same demons from other dimensions. This last excerpt from Rabi Maharaj’s book confirms that praying to “Jesus Christ” or to any other false god is exactly the same, because it is ultimately Satan who operates through all these multidimensional entities.

After giving a lecture at a teacher’s training college in Switzerland, I was challenged by the head of the religious department, who was also a State Church pastor. Expressing his disapproval of my lecture on comparative religions, he said: “I was a missionary in India for 20 years, and I saw the Indian worshiping his stone god. I believe that when the Indian worships his idols he is worshiping the God of the Bible. You are not helping the understanding we need between religions by making out that there are these drastic differences!

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 197-198


“Jesus Christ” is acknowledged by the Hindus as an official member of their pantheon of false deities. This is no surprise since it is Satan who hides both behind “Jesus Christ” and all the false Hindu deities.

This pastor was clearly under the direct influence of Satan, for all who promote interfaith dialogue are actually serving Satan’s ultimate plan of deception. At first glance, religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, may look very different, even irreconcilable, yet you will see that they all lead to the exact same destination. Because, it is Satan who created all “religions” which we know today and his plan for the end of time is to unite them all around the false “Jesus Christ” figure that he will impersonate. This explains why Satan has been actively promoting interfaith dialogue so hard for several decades, with the credo: “No matter the way, all ways lead to God“, because the “God” of all these religions is no other but Satan himself.

After having rejected Islam, Peter Hockley embarked on reading the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh, which recounts the conversations from another dimension between Walsh, an atheist by faith, and an entity that poses as God, but which is actually Satan.


Through this book, Satan has deceived hundreds of millions of people around the world. This book takes the form of an interview between the author and an entity that poses as God, a very real conversation and not a fictitious one. This book is the pure word of Satan, and is a complete lie that opposes everything that God says in His Scriptures. Never has a book misled so many people around the world, including Peter Hockley. This book, which sales exceed the hundred of millions, has become more of a true religion than just a book, which explains why Satan has been promoting it so hard.

After reading the book, Peter Hockley then wanted to reproduce the same experience as its author, and to his great misfortune, the Devil actually manifested himself to him by again posing as God. Here’s an excerpt from their supernatural conversations:

Peter: You’re never going to punish me, are you? You’re never going to send me to hell?

“God” (Satan): No. There is no hell.

Peter: So, I can do absolutely anything and you won’t get angry with me?

“God” (Satan): You are free to do whatever you like. You are here to Re-Member Who You Are. You can choose anything you want in order to become Who You Really Are. God has no rules for your to follow.

I was buzzing with joy. “God” had told me I could do whatever I pleased and there would be no repercussions. “He” also used the identical phrase from the book: “Who You Really Are”. My spiritual companion was the same person who had made contact with the American author (Neale Donald Walsh). It was really “Him”

I was almost too much for me. It seemed as if I would literally burst out of my skin, as if the jubilation of my soul could not be contained any longer in the body of my flesh. I remembered Islam: how I had been so drawn to it and how the pious-looking Islamic lifestyle, as I had studied it, appealed to me so much.

Peter: So, I could still be a Muslim and that would be alright?

“God” (Satan): Yes. You can surely be whatever you want to be. There is no right or wrong, only what you choose to become Who You Are.

Peter: But what about atheists? They don’t even believe in you. What happens to them?

“God” (Satan): Nothing happens to them. The purpose of life is not to “believe” in Me, but to Re-Member Who You Really Are (“God”).

Peter: I don’t understand?

“God” (Satan): You are not here to believe in Me or worship Me.

Peter: I’m not?

“God” (Satan): No. I have no need of your worship or your “belief” in Me, you are Me. We are One and the same, We are All That is.

Source: Four Nights With The Devil, Peter Hockley, p. 95-96

In this conversation, the Devil says the exact opposite of what God says. When God says: “You must worship Me”, the Devil says:” you do not need to worship God, but we are all God”, when God says: ” You must follow My Will instead of yours”, the Devil says: ” You can follow whatever you want, there is no rules”, when God says: “Those who disobey me will be punished by eternal hell”, the Devil says: “God is not going to punish anyone, there is no hell”. In this excerpt, we hear from the very mouth of Satan that all religions are equal and have the same finality, that of discovering that we are God. Unsurprisingly, we find the same new age doctrine in Rabi Maharaj’s book, Death of a Guru, which is proof that it is indeed the same Devil who is hiding behind the false biblical “Jesus Christ”, as well as the false Hindu gods and the entity that poses as God in the book “Conversations with God”.

Like Ma, he believed that all religions held some elements of truth and would eventually lead their followers to Brahman (the equivalent of “God”, one more alias of Satan). I was already too fanatic a Hindu to agree with that. When I read in the Bhagavad-Gita that Lord Krishna (another alias of Satan) had said that all roads led to him, I was greatly displeassed. I had to accept it because the Gita said it, but consoled myself with the reminder that my religion was the best way.


The concept of God that I was taught in Hinduism, that a leaf, a bug, a star was God, that Brahman was everything and all was Brahman.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 48 

You find again the exact same satanic doctrine, but this time expressed in an even more explicit way, in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law : “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law“.


The ways of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, are in reality no different from the way of Aleister Crowley, for all have been created by Satan and all converge towards him and lead to hell.

Some religions like Islam may look more strict, if not impossible to reconcile with other religions, yet Rabi Maharaj who was a fanatic Hindu, as fanatic as the most extremist Muslims may be, also believed that he could never reconcile his Hindu faith with those of other religions, but as you’ve seen, he ended up joining the crossroads of all “religions”, accepting “Jesus Christ” as his only Lord and Savior. Muslims today, firmly believe that they obey God, yet their laws are actually those of the Devil. They believe they pray to the True God, whereas their conception of God actually corresponds to that of the Devil. And like all other religions invented by the Devil, Muslims believe in “Jesus Christ” as the only savior of the end of times. Consequently there is no way they can escape Satan’s final trap. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, cannot resist Satan, even if they are convinced of the contrary, because of the simple fact that their religions have been invented by him. They are in Satan’s error since their birth, which explains why they do not even realize it. Indeed, from their birth, they are persuaded to be right and that all others are wrong, without ever questioning their own pre-established beliefs, which condemns them to remain in their error until their final demise.


All religions think they are very different from each other,whereas from an external point of view, the true believer sees them as being exactly the same. Hindus and Muslims think they are fully opposed, while the truth is that they are exactly the same, but simply do not realize it. Their practices differ, but their error and huge injustice remain the same.

The one true Religion of God is an unchanging and unchanged religion that has remained exactly the same since the creation of the heavens and the earth, and corresponds to the exemplary doctrine of Abraham. Its temple is purely spiritual and resides within us, and not in the form of organized religions. The true way of God has no clergy, no intermediary, no partner, no guide, no savior, no intercessor, no ally, no protector, except God Himself. All religions invented by the Devil are actually mere cults. They revolve around their communities instead of being 100% devoted to God. They are run by a hierarchy of religious dignitaries, whereas in the true Religion there is no hierarchy and there is no one between the believer and God. They follow laws, texts, and prophecies, inspired by the Devil and not by God, while the true Religion only follows the books that God sent down through His messengers, namely the Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran. The first 2 books were only intended for the Children of Israel and have ever since been corrupted by the Devil, with God’s permission. God allowed the Devil to corrupt them because the hearts of Christians and Jews were in fact already corrupted too. Then God sent the Quran, this time to all mankind, and this time God protected it against any alteration until the end of times, so that those who want to follow His way can do it without needing anything and anyone else. God also protected the Quran so that people whoe are fated to hell find no excuse to justify their error when they will face Him during the Judgment Day.


This is the only book in the world that contains the unaltered pure Word of God. Exit all the false religions of the Devil with all their false books, their false guides, and their false hierarchy, the true believer only needs God and the Quran.

First, the Devil used “religions” to divide men, to deviate them from the true way of God and to push them to worship him in place of God, while making them believe the opposite. 1st Objective 100% successful! The Devil can therefore proceed to the second stage of his plan, which consists in uniting all the false religions that he created (even if they may look irreconcilable on the surface) under one single banner, that of the false biblical “Jesus Christ” that he will impersonate.


The time has now come for all the religions of the Devil to become one under the banner of the Devil himself.

The common point between all “religions” that Satan created, is that they all await the coming of a Savior: Jesus Christ, Issa, the Messiah, Maitreya, Kalki, … etc. This “Savior” is actually one and the same character for all religions, that of the false “Jesus Christ” that Satan will soon impersonate.


Satan disguised in “Jesus Christ” will be seen as the savior by both religious and non religious people. Satan will reap the souls of all false believers who do not follow the One True God. None of them will escape him since god has given him authority over them.



Satan initiated his final plan against men more than 2000 years ago, now. This plan began the moment when God made the true Jesus Christ die, the moment when Satan took possession of his dead body, was crucified on the cross in his place, and “came back to life” three days later. In reality, the real Jesus Christ never resurrected, but it was Satan who impersonated him to make people believe in a false resurrection. The belief that Satan wants to convey through the false resurrection of “Jesus Christ” is that regular people normally do not come back to life once they die, but “Jesus Christ” managed to do so since he is not just a man, but God Himself or the Son of God (which is equivalent). Thus, through this false resurrection, which was only a supernatural manifestation operated by Satan, the Devil has ingrained in people’s minds that “Jesus Christ” had returned from the dead, and that he will return again and again to pour out his Spirit on his people.

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen from the dead, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew 28:5-6

Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not. For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised: And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. 1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost. John 20:21-22

Through this false resurrection, the Devil has found a trick which allows him to appear to men as many times as he wishes, without them having the slightest suspicion as to the true demonic nature of these manifestations, but rather being convinced that it is God Himself who appeared to them. Thanks to this trick, Satan has been manifesting himself for 2000 years, both in daylight visions, as was the case with Saint Paul, or through vivid dreams or direct conversations.

And excite those whom you can among them with your voice, make assaults on them with your cavalry and your infantry, share with them wealth and children, and make promises to them.” But Satan promises them nothing but deceit. S17:V64

Thus, Satan was able to lead countless people astray, making them believe that “Jesus Christ” is God, and misleading through them a large number of other people. That’s why I’ve insisted to illustrate you with explicit examples how Satan operates to win new souls through the stories of Rabindranath Maharaj and Peter Hockley, who precisely believed in him after going though multiple mystical manifestations associated with “Jesus Christ”. From then on, both completely dedicated their lives to him and became his missionaries, spreading all over the world the lie that “Jesus Christ” is God, and spreading the “Good News” of his imminent coming.

God had placed on my heart a real burden to reach people everywhere with the Good News of Jesus Christ. […] Many doors were opened for me to speak on university campuses all over Europe and North America, to which I have been traveling every year from my home base near Zurich, Switzerland. I have spoken at meetings in over 300 universities and colleges, from Helsinki to Barcelona, from Vienna to London, and from Harvard to Berkeley. It is always moving to encounter the special hunger among students for spiritual truth and reality, and thrilling to see the response that we find everywhere to the gospel. It is rare that we use an auditorium that isn’t packed out and where the response from the students is less than enthusiastic. 

On another level, we have felt the need to work closely with the states churches of Europe; and God has opened doors across the continent, where we have had the joy of sharing Christ in almost every West European country.

Source: Death of a Guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, p. 193

As you can see, the Devil’s error is extremely popular in this period of end of times. Those who enter in the service of the Devil no longer have to worry, as he provides for all their needs and opens all doors to them, and makes them meet with great success all over the world. All these preachers in the service of “Jesus Christ” are in reality nothing but huge failures. All of them make a living only by preaching, whereas God’s rule is to not ask for any salary when it comes to religion. Peter Hockley also ended up devoting his life to Jesus Christ, making a living by preaching his word and announcing his “Good News”.

Today, I am an Evangelist, preaching the word of God, still ministering frequently at Oxford Bible Church’s Sunday services and other preaching engagements around UK. My first overseas mission came in 2013, with two trips to India and preaching in mass open-air meetings before crowds of many thousands.

For now, my main ministry work remains in Oxford, however, I also know that one day I’ll leave this beautiful city, take up the Gospel and travel full-time as an itinerant preacher. The invites to share my testimony still come. I spread the Good News of Jesus wherever my lord opens a door for me and I serve Him with a glad, fulfilled and truly satisfied heart.

Source: Four nights with the Devil, Peter Hockley, p. 248

Today Satan is worshiped as God under the mask of “Jesus Christ” by 2.4 billions of Christians around the world, only counting this present generation. I won’t even mention the countless other false idols and ways of error that Satan has set up to deceive the remaining 5.4 billion of people. As I keep telling you, today over 99.9% of the people on this earth follow Satan, most of them without even realizing it. Because, if this had not been their case, God would have already sent them to me, his true messenger. However, I am far from being followed by 0.1% of the world population. It’s no surprise to count so few true believers today, for it is precisely when almost no believers remain on earth that God’s Punishment comes.


This statue of Satan has been installed very recently, announcing the coming open reign of Satan on earth.

The grand final of Satan’s plan is for him to come in person on earth, and to be worshiped in flesh and blood as a living God. This, in order to end in apotheosis just before the end of this earthly trial, because when this moment comes, Satan knows that he will never be able to deceive again since he will be locked up in hell forever. Satan has been carefully preparing his final assault, announcing through his false gospels which he himself inspired, that just before his coming to earth, he would use all those who are committed to his cause (not only Christians, but also anyone who is under his control, whether consciously or not) by producing for them visions and dreams, and by pouring out his spirit on them so that they prophesy the “Good News” of his coming as “Jesus Christ” to the rest of the world.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Acts 2:17-21

We are now witnessing a great sign of the end of times and the imminent coming of Satan’s reign on earth, since the verses above have been fulfilled. Indeed, the number of people across the world who claim that they are receiving communications from “Jesus Christ” and who are prophesying his “Good News”, has recently exploded. We recognize here Satan’s usual way of operating, relying on the number and brute force, using millions of false prophets to give more credibility to his lies, against a single messenger for God, me, his messenger YS. We also recognize here God’s way of operating, all in grace and finesse, who throughout history has always used one single messenger to accomplish His Will through him. Just because a lie is considered as the truth by billions of people and has been existing for thousands of years, doesn’t make it true. In reality, this does not change anything to the equation, for God directs to His genuine messengers all those He wants to guide, and gives them faith in them and in their message of truth emanating from Him. As for everyone else, God just does not want to guide them because of their injustice, and the Word has already been pronounced against them that they will follow the lies of the Devil and deny the Truth of God.

Today, an impressive number of people on earth claim to be in contact with “Jesus Christ” and share with the whole world dreams, visions, and direct conversations that they have experienced from him. And their message is almost the same: “Jesus Christ” announces to the whole world the “Good News” that his reign is about to be established on earth as it is already established in Heaven. This is what the formula “As above, so below” means, it is a reference to the coming reign of “Jesus Christ” on earth. Obviously, Satan has no reign in Heaven, but this is what he wants us to believe with his false god “Jesus Christ”. In fact, as is always the case with Satan, you just have to revert his formula to find out the truth: “As below, so above“, which means that Satan wants to establish his reign on the surface of the earth, just as he is already ruling over the undergrounds.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Set the world right; Do what’s best, as above, so below. Matthew 6:9-10


As above, so below” also means that just as Satan caused our fall from Heaven, he also have the same purpose here on earth, i.e. to lead us to our physical death and eternal hell. Just as Satan was our worst enemy in Heaven, he remains our worst enemy here on earth. “The only way out is down“, Satan announces to us through this that when he comes, the only way out for us is down, i.e. through hell which is actually under our feet. In short, Satan announces that no one will escape him, for God will soon remove all his servants from earth and will deliver into Satan’s hands all those who will remain.


Satan, the magician, the deceiver, the false sage, the false “Jesus Christ”, the false “God”, wants to establish his reign on the face of the earth, just as he reigns at this very moment over the underground world. We also see in this image the pyramid and the inverted pyramid with Satan at their head, symbolizing the current order and the upcoming New World Order which are ruled by Satan, and which look opposed while they are actually two sides of the same coin.


Those who are at this very moment in contact with “Jesus Christ” prophesy that he has communicated to them that his reign on earth has actually been under construction behind the scenes for several years now, and it materialized with the access to power of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The whole world was taken aback when Donald Trump ran for president in 2015. Because, until then, the world only saw in him a clown, a joke, but certainly not someone who had the stature necessary to become President of the United States. Who, in 2015, would have even bet that Donald Trump would run as President of the Unides States? Who would have bet on his victory when all the polls until the eve of the election day were unaninmous to declare him the great loser against Hillary Clinton? Who would also have thought that Donald Trump, who was anything but a religious person, was going to start praying regularly and publicly to “Jesus Christ” once he would become president? Yet, Satan had already announced all this through his prophets in 2007, which is a sign that Donald Trump will indeed play a major role in his final plan.

maxresdefault (7)

“Jesus Christ”, aka Satan, prophesied through his prophet Kim Clement, 5 years before in 1996, the 9/11 attacks, which represent an important step in his final plan. These attacks made it possible to launch a false war against Islamist terrorism, in order to start a real war of religions across the world, so that most people associate the Quran with Islam, and thus reject it without even considering its true message. Because, Satan knows that the Quran is the only way to know the truth and to escape him. Kim Clement also prophesied in  2007 that Donald Trump would become President of the United States, and that he would even serve 2 terms.

Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord. Trump shall become a trumpet. I will raise up the trump to become a trumpet and Gate to open up the gate of a financial realm for the church, says the Lord.

It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering my name. But God said, when he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the spirit.

For I shall fill him with my spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land.

Source: Kim Clement, 2007


“Jesus Christ,” aka Satan, poured out his spirit on Donald Trump. Since he has become President of the United States, “Jesus Christ”, aka Satan, has been speaking through him and possessung him with his aura, which explains how Donald Trump has become a true god to a large number of people on earth, among them a majority of evangelists.

Donald Trump is not like any other American President, and this is reflected just in the way he has been “miraculously” elected in 2016, by his personality that leaves nobody indifferent, and by his manner of governing that clearly sets him apart from any president we’ve seen so far. Since his accession to power, the world as we knew it has undergone profound and unprecedented changes. We have seen the illustration of this for example with this underground war that Donald Trump is waging through the QAnon network, and whose goal is to expose the conspiracies and crimes commited by the Deep State. This had never happened before that a “mysterious” whistleblower denounced at such a high level of power almost everything that went on behind the scenes. The truth is that the “mysterious” Q receives all of his information directly from the Trump administration, as this movement is actually part of Satan’s plan to expose the current system.


Where we go one, we go all“, the Devil leads the vast majority of people by the nose, and where he goes alone, they go all. And it is actually towards Antichrist Donald Trump’s New World Order that Satan is leading them, and after that, to the false “Jesus Christ” that he will impersonate, in order to lead them to their final destination, i.e. in eternal hell along with him.


“Q” is the snake. The QAnon movement is an integral part of Satan’s plan, and Antichrist Donald Trump has been working for his father, Satan, since the start of his term, deceiving the whole world.


The “Rabbit Hole”, in reference to Alice in Wonderland who follows the rabbit (the error of Satan) and sinks into an illusion from which she will never come out. And the same thing happens with all those who follow in Satan’s footsteps. Because, Satan is implementing a Machiavellian plan at this very moment through Antichrist Donald Trump and all the orchestrated events that we are witnessing today: The QAnon movement, the Coronavirus pandemic, the vaccine, the social and racial protests worlwide, the economic crisis, the global rejection of the system, the massive fraud during the 2020 US election and the false victory of Joe Biden. All of these things are an integral part of the Devil’s plan for his illusion to operate on men all at once.

Q sent me“. Indeed, “Q”, aka Satan, sent him there to protest in the street with this placard. This man is one of the numerous demons in human shape who work behind the scenes for their father Satan. Demons in human shapes occupy the forefront of all movements that Satan uses to lead people astray. QAnon is one of these movements, a movement not meant to restore the truth about the Deep State, but instead to program people’s minds so that they reject the current system and naturally accept Antichrist Donald Trump and his New World Order.


Hold the line Patriots. God wins“, the soldiers of Satan, like this demon in human shape, promote patriotism and the QAnon movement as a movement for truth that will lead to the victory of “God”. However, patriotism and the QAnon movement are pure errors of the Devil and lead to the victory of the false god “Jesus Christ” behind whom Satan hides.

Among the great changes hitherto unseen that have been shaking the world since the Trump era, there is this open war that Donald Trump is waging against the lies and the censorship of the mainstream media which are all in the hands of a tiny elite. You also have all these new kind of documentaries distributed for free and widely promoted on Netflix and other platforms, to expose the mind control operated by social media, such as Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, … etc.


Social media have become today the primary tool of propaganda and mind control that the elites use to control how people should think.


Documentaries like “The Social Dilemma” exist to make us realize what is really behind social networks, by showing us that their purpose is to control our way of thinking, and that they consider us as a simple merchandise, deriving juicy benefits from our personal data.

Since the Trump era, we have also seen more and more documentaries exposing the injustice of the judicial system, the abuses of the police, the spread of social and racial segregations, … etc. Any cause that exposes the injustice of the system is welcome in Satan’s current plan, as his goal is to push people to reject the current system in order to embrace the New World Order instead.


We stopped counting the number of Netflix documentaries that show innocent people wrongly convicted because of completely biased police investigations with the complicity of a judicial system corrupted to the bone. The purpose of these documentaries is to stir up general outrage, so that people rise up against the whole system.

In the same vein, you also have all these smoking gun documentaries which denounce in an unprecedented way the malpractices of large industrial groups, their “pass-through”, the slavery they’re imposing over the world, and the fact that they’re poisoning the whole earth with their toxic products. An example of this is the DieselGate industry scandal, which has allowed the world to discover that all major car manufacturers were fraudulently reducing the pollutant emissions of their cars, while charging us a high price for supposedly clean cars. Such high level scandals have been exposed to the general public only because it was part of Satan’s plan to dismantle the current system brick by brick, in order to replace it by the New World Order.



All of these new kinds of documentaries intend to show us how our current system is rotten to the core, and how the truth is hard to swallow, so that people rebel and adhere to this new revolutionary spirit that is spreading all over the world.

Still in the same vein, we’ve also seen through the “meToo” movement the disclosure, in broad daylight, of the systemic sexual harassment by the elites, the uncovering of the existence of an international pedophilia network managed by the Vatican, the disclosure of human trafficking and human ritual sacrifices secretly carried out by the elites, notably with the Epstein case.


Since he has become President of the United States, Donald Trump wants us to believe that he is the worst enemy of the system, but he is only deceiving us. Because Donald Trump has always been part of the system, and he is still part of it more than ever today. The Devil wants us to believe in a sort of coup which is being operated by Donald Trump against the system and its elites, when in reality Donald Trump and the elites are working hand in hand to serve the same plan, which is to orchestrate all these events we are going through in order to lead us to the New World Order. During the French Revolution, the majority of people believed (and still believe today) that it was a revolution originating from the people, whereas it was the elites of the Nobility, under the orders of Satan, who orchestrated this revolution from scratch. The same applies for the revolution that we are currently going through.

Everything we have been experiencing in accelerated fashion since the beginning of the Trump era, has been orchestrated from scratch and aims at initiating a worldwide revolution that will lead to the New World Order. This revolution will shock the world infinitely more than the 1789 French Revolution did. But for that to happen, the Devil and his accomplices must first wake up the people’s minds, most of them deeply asleep, to realize the horrific reality of the world we’re living in. The Devil is not doing this for the laudable purpose of simply uncovering the truth to people, but only to make them reject the current system, so that they embrace instead the New World Order over which his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, will rule. The Devil wants to move people from the illusion of this current world to a greater illusion, that of the New World Order. But for that to happen, the shock has to be extremely violent, as most people just don’t want to wake up, as the illusion of this current world has worked too well on them. This is why Satan keep pushing to make this world more and more unbearable, and reveals more and more of its atrocities, in order to push people to adhere to the new revolutionary spirit that he is instilling throughout the whole world. This true silent revolution of the minds which is taking place at this very moment is also called the “Great Awakening” or “Great Reset”, which explains why Donald Trump has been using this expression a lot since his access to power.


QAnon, an invitation to the Great Awakening”. Satan is talking about the Great Awakening, i.e. the revolution of the minds that is taking place just right now to bring about the New World Order. But in reality, it should not be called the “Great Awakening”, but rather the “Great Sleep”. Indeed, the world is heading towards a much greater illusion, perdition, manipulation, and lie than today’s. The solution, for men, is not to change the world to live in an illusion of heaven on earth, but rather to change themselves only. The change to be made is within ourselves and not outside. Because, we are only passing through this earthly life, and the only fight to be waged is that against Satan and our own iniquities. Our real struggle is to stay awake in order not to fall into the illusion that the Devil has created in this earthly life, and in which most people are deeply embedded. The only possible salvation in this life and in the hereafter is to remain faithful to God and to observe His commandments in order to come back to Heaven with God forever. This is the real issue of what we are going through at this moment. However, most people, the 99%, are completely distracted by all these current events. And this is precisely the plan of the Devil: to distract us with the events that he’s orchestrating, so that we do not see the incoming  Judgment and Punishment of God.

In the first part of his reign, Donald Trump showed us the best face that he could have, but the truth is that he only lied and deceived us. Donald Trump played the man of peace by being the first American president not to launch any war during his entire term, but on the contrary, to withdraw American troops from all conflicts in which the United States were engaged. Donald Trump played the card of the white knight, the defender of people, the avenger, by attacking the entire system, ranging from the media, to the political and business world, including the judicial and legislative system. Finally, Donald Trump played the man of God, hunting down the ungodly and fighting against the injustices of this world, while he knows very well that he is only selling us a false god in the person of ” Jesus Christ “, who is none other but his father, Satan.



Now that Donald Trump has firmly ingrained in people’s minds the image of a president who makes the voice of the people heard against the elites, of an avenger who fights alone against the whole system, of the good Christian who wants to purify the world of the ungodly, he can now move on to the next phase of his plan. The huge mess we are experiencing right now around the 2020 US presidential elections, is actually orchestrated from scratch to lead us to the second part of Antichrist Donald Trump’s reign. In the first part of his reign, Donald Trump was seen by people only as a mere President of the United States, but in the coming part he will step into his true role, that of Grand Monarch, Savior, Messiah, and his power will extend over the whole world and not just over the United States.


Trump will be the future King of the world. There will be no more nations and no more presidents, but the whole earth will become a single territory under the sole authority of a single monarch, Antichrist Donald Trump.

We guess that since Donald Trump is both the Antichrist and at the same time the son of Satan, and since his father is now controlling the whole world because he reigns over the hearts of the vast majority of men, he could easily make Donald Trump win the 2020 American elections. But, just as it was part of the plan that in 2016, Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton seemed impossible, it is part of the plan as well, that in 2020, Donald Trump’s victory over Joe Biden seems even more out of reach, as he has even been declared the loser for almost the entire electoral transition period. But at the end, he will prevail, in extremis, causing a huge earthquake throughout the whole world. For, if Trump had easily won each of these elections, there would be none of the mystery or fascination that surround him today, and he could not play the role of the survivor, the savior, as there would simply be nothing to save.


Fervent supporter of Donald Trump, the leader of the republicans at the american Senate, acknowledges Biden’s victory. Mitch McConnel had supported the recourses of the current president without endorsing the accusations of electoral fraud. He followed the vote of the Electoral College.



Donald Trump declared ‘Loser of the year’ by a magazine“. Now that the Electoral College has endorsed Joe Biden’s victory, the whole world consider that Donald Trump has definitely lost the election …. But you will see that all of this is actually part of a specific plan.

We all have heard of the prophecy that says that the Antichrist will be wounded to death in an attack, only to miraculously come back to life. Following this incident he will take power over the whole world and will reveal himself in his true role. In reality, this prophecy is nothing but a metaphor, as the Antichrist will not be physically, but only symbolically, wounded to death. This prophecy actually match this period of electoral transition during which Donald Trump has been declared the loser, as in “politically dead”, to then create a surprise by “miraculously” prevailing at the end. It will indeed be right after this exceptional turning point that Donald Trump will step into his Grand Monarch role and extend his reign over the whole world.


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The campaign “Turning Point USA” is about this great turnaround that Trump’s coming surprise victory will soon represent.


The Devil’s plan consists in making us believe that Donald Trump has definitively lost the election, and that it is impossible for him to reverse the situation, only to ultimately make him win at the end, which will provoke a huge shock that will literally mesmerize the entire world.

The scenario that is unfolding with this 2020 election is that Donald Trump is not only fighting to save his personal situation, but to literally save the whole electoral process, the very voice of the American people who have seen their election stolen, and on top of that, to save all mankind from this totalitarian and corrupt system which suffocates us and keeps us under its relentless grip.

All this masquerade taking place is to show that Donald Trump is not the sole victim of this little mafia controlling the world today, but rather all of humanity. Donald Trump was the last hope for many people on earth, and now he’s about to be replaced by Joe Biden who embodies everything people hate in this current system. It is therefore an extremely painful step backward that the world is going through with the apparent defeat of Donald Trump.

The scenario being played out can be summarized as follows: a fight to the death between Donald Trump and the whole system, and whoever loses this fight loses everything. For now, Donald Trump is perceived as the loser, which has dampened the hopes of so many people, but this false defeat is only there to create a huge shock when Donald Trump will operate his coup against the whole world. So take my word for it, Donald Trump will win this election, because all this is well-regulated and Satan himself is in charge of bringing about the New World Order over which he and his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, will soon rule. Like any dictatorship, the fall of this current system will be as brutal as unexpected, and this fall is bound to happen very soon, as it is only a matter of days, from now on.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a Make America Great Again rally at the Civic Center in Charleston

Donald Trump will soon be seen as the Savior of the world, a Hero for all mankind, the long-awaited Messiah. Because, he alone will destroy the whole system and its elites, which have plagued the world since the 1789 French Revolution.

These 2020 American elections are no more than a huge comedy, undoubtedly the greatest one ever orchestrated by Satan, involving all his henchmen at all levels of society and in all dimensions, both spiritual and physical. I am not saying that there hasn’t been any massive fraud in favor of the Democrat party during these 2020 elections, I am just saying that this fraud has actually been orchestrated from scratch and is an integral part of Satan’s plan for the end of times. This travesty of massive fraud is part of the scenario that I have laid bare for you : Donald Trump alone, against everyone, projected to lose but who refuses to abdicate and ends up “miraculously” overcoming incredible odds, saving at the same time the whole of mankind.


Donald Trump: ‘The Supreme Court has given us up.’ Extremist, Donald Trump is realizing that he had lost the judicial battle around the presidential won by his rival, Joe Biden.” Donald Trump knows very well that all this is just staging, but he must play the role of the one who is completely disconnected from reality, and who does not accept his defeat despite all evidence. His cause must look completely lost in the eyes of the general public.

Just the magnitude of this fraud exposes that it could not be a real one, because there are so many different players involved that it can only be a pure staging. Democrats, Republicans, members of Congress, governors, senators, former presidents, judges, CEOs of large companies, media all around the world, major foreign governments… This fraud involves a bit too many people, all the more with very different profiles, sometimes even from opposing camps. For example, it seems impossible to believe that most of Donald Trump’s allies, whether in the Senate, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, or at the head of Republican states, have all suddenly decided to betray him at the same time, unless all this is part of a huge play … and I assure you that it is precisely the case. The truth is that all these players are indeed connected, as they have always been, and their goal is to make us believe in a massive fraud, and each one of them is only playing his own part within the global plan of Satan. Satan controls the whole world today through his countless demons infiltrated among us and all those who serve as their accomplices. This secret cabale has implemented this gigantic staging in order to bring about the reign of their Antichrist. This has nothing to do with science fiction, but is the pure reality of what’s going on behind the scenes in our very real world. God tells us that Satan and his progenity, the demons among men and the Jinn, are working day and night for our final demise, and what I am exposing to you is precisely their work in action. The crude reality of this world is that for millennia, these devils have infiltrated all levels of society and are operating like a true fifth column, to the point that the whole world is today in their hands. You can guess that for the final phase of Satan’s plan, which consists in carrying out the ultimate transformation of this world (so that it can welcome the reign of Satan and his son, Antichrist Donald Trump), these demons have engaged all their forces and have created such a big illusion that it is beyond comprehension.



Satan has gathered all his forces, his legions of demons among men and the Jinn, as well as all their accomplices, in order to launch his final assault on men. God never cease to warn us, in the Quran, that Satan and his armies are working day and night to lead us to our final destruction. Meanwhile, the majority of people today are so lost that they no longer believe that they even exist!


There are tens of millions of demons operating, infiltrated among our ranks like a true fifth column, working hand in hand with their accomplices from the realm of the Jinn, without ever revealing their true identity to anyone, except to those who serve as their accomplices. These demons in human shape are an indispensable group for the implementation of Satan’s plan on earth. They are the ones who are selling us the Devil’s error and who form the vanguard of all the false movements initiated by Satan. Today, most heads of state and those who occupy key positions are demons in human shape, they are those who lead the dance today, while the vast majority of men are manipulated by them and believe in all their lies.

To realize that this whole US election is a sham, you just have to look at the grossness of the fraud. Indeed, it is not reasonable to consider that we are dealing with a real fraud when we see that in several key states, hundreds of thousands of ballots are just photocopies (the paper alone betrays that they are fake ballots), or when we analyze the curves of the votes in several states, as we often notice Trump’s large advance being nullified by an improbable peak of votes allowing Joe Biden to overtake his rival, in a pattern repeating itself across key cities.

Hereunder is a video which shows Democrat electoral workers, supposedly filmed without their knowledge as they wait for their Republican colleagues to leave the room before taking several boxes filled with fake ballots from under the tables, when in reality they perfectly knew that they were filmed. All these elements tend to indicate that we are in fact dealing with a pure manipulation rather than a real fraud. Had this not been the case, the true instigators of this fraud would have taken every precaution, and then some. This fraud was in fact purposely set up in such a way that it can be easily exposed to the general public.



In these 2 curves which show the evolution of the votes in Wisconsin and Michigan, we see a clear peak in favor of Joe Biden … Isn’t that a bit gross as a way to cheat? To justify this, the media pretend that these peaks correspond to the mail-in ballots which are counted all at once at the end of the day, and that these are predominantly in favor of Biden. But that does not explain that in some States, up to 100,000 mail-in ballots votes in a row were in favor of Joe Biden! Also, in several key States, the number of mail-in ballots votes for Joe Biden conveniently allows him to overtake Trump by the slightest margin. This proves that the votes are fake, as they are each time, just enough in quantity to grant Joe Biden the victory. 



The fraud must be gross enough that it can be easily understood by anyone. We can clearly see in these curves that a number of false ballots have been added at the end of the day just enough in quantity to grant Joe Biden the victory.

This fraud must also be documented in order to be able to be subsequently sanctioned, and for this, clues have been scattered here and there so that the investigation is all the more facilitated. For example, sensitive data is contained in Dominion electronic voting system servers which show that there are hundreds of thousands of votes in favor of Joe Biden that have been counted several times, and just as many that were swapped from Trump to Biden. In some States, there were twice as many ballots as inhabitants! Hundreds of thousands of people across the country were unable to cast their vote because they were told they had already voted by post, which they deny … in fact, others voted in their place in favor of Joe Biden. We don’t count anymore the people who have testified, under oath, to all these irregularities. This ranges from the ordinary citizen who could not vote or whose vote has been altered, to the UPS delivery man who discovered that he was carrying whole boxes of fake ballot in his truck, to the postman who received express instructions from his hierarchy to backdate Biden ballots that were received too late, so that they respect the deadline, to the electoral worker who witnessed glaring irregularities in the voting precincts, without forgetting the observer who has been refused access to the counting rooms … and the list of irregularities goes on and on.

All this evidence and all these testimonies were nevertheless presented before the judges, but no court agreed to take them into account, openly refusing to enforce the Constitution. Judges, senators, governors, members of Congress, both democrats and republicans. And even in the Supreme Court (which counts a majority of republican members, 3 of which were appointed by Donald Trump), all refused to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of the fraud. You can guess that such a scenario is impossible in real life, and that all of this is a huge comedy to arouse general outrage and point out the corruption of the system at all levels. Indeed, the Devil’s plan is that the entire judicial, legislative, political, media, economic, system be pilloried, so that Antichrist Donald Trump can rebuild it in its entirety once he is in charge of the New World Order.


Trump accumulates the defeats: his recourses rejected in a court of Pennsylvania.


American presidential elections: More than 40 defeats for the recourses of Trump… Battle in the Senate in Georgia. Our reporter in the USA exposes the situation in the American presidential election, while Donald Trump still hopes an improbable miracle at the Supreme Court.


Trump denounces the judges while another court has rejected the allegations of electoral fraud of his lawyers.


The Supreme Court ends Donald Trump’s hopes. The 9 judges refused to accept his recourse aiming at blocking the certification of the results of the presidential elections in Pennsylvania.


Presidential election. New slap for Donald Trump: The Supreme Court rejects his recourse in Texas. The Supreme Court of the United States has inflicted a new slap to Donald Trump on Friday, by refusing to accept a new recourse formulated by the Texan authorities aiming at cancelling his defeat in the presidential election. Each day which goes by gets him a bit closer of the exit…“. The plan is that all of Trump’s legal recourses be dismissed, in order, on the one hand, to expose the corruption of the system at all levels, on the other hand, to arouse general outrage and make it appear that Donald Trump is the real enemy of the whole system.

To further dramatize this gigantic play, Trump even engaged personally in the legal arena in order to further highlight the corruption of the system and confront it with its inconsistencies, and thus to strike people’s minds by showing the whole world that the dice are actually loaded from the start.


Elections: Trump wants to enter in person in the judicial arena“. Whatever Donald Trump may say or do, he will not succeed, because the plan is precisely to show that the whole system based on the so-called democracies and the rule of law is a complete lie, which will allow the transition to the New World Order.

Another sign which indicates that the 2020 American elections are only a vast masquerade orchestrated by the main players of the system, is that for the first time in the history of American elections, media all over the world took the liberty, all at once, to decide and declare who was the winner of the election, instead of waiting for the competent authorities to certify the results. This task was given to the international media so that they may use the full extent of their propaganda power to persuade the whole world that Joe Biden really won the election and that Trump definitely lost.


All this media propaganda around the American elections is only lies and manipulations. Everything you will hear until Trump seizes power by force is a pure lie and does not correspond to reality.

Everything that is said on television, whether it comes from journalists or political analysts, experts in the United States, politicians of any level, is nothing but lies and does not correspond to the true reality of the facts. What we are going through just right now is part of Satan’s final plan, and only God can expose it to us, and it is quite naturally through his messenger that God does it. I am not making up what I’m sharing with you in this very important message, but I am just conveying to you what God has taught me and revealed to me regarding Satan’s plan.

Since November 3rd, 2020, all the media around the world have been repeating in unison that it is Joe Biden who won the American elections. It seems more than obvious that this does not correspond to the reality of the facts, but is just a huge deception of Satan. Indeed, it is impossible that all the media throughout the world, and not just those of the United States, share exactly the same analysis concerning this election, despite the overwhelming evidence that prove that the fraud is indeed real. When all the media around the world unanimously repeat the same gross lie in unison, it just means that there is a trap behind this and that they actually want people to believe the opposite in their subconscious. Through this intensive brainwashing, most people around the world believe today that Joe Biden really won the election, while being prepared in their subconscious to believe otherwise. This is called predictive programming, and the Devil’s media have always used this method to make people react exactly as they have been programmed.


Satan wants everybody to believe that Joe Biden won. The more the media talks about it, the more people believe in this lie, and the more their subconscious is programmed to accept the opposite to happen.

In order to implement this mental programming, not a day goes by without the media hammering home that Joe Biden won. Every day we are told that Donald Trump has just lost his last chance to win the election, as if they really wanted to convince us otherwise. It’s exactly like with the last stronghold of ISIS, for years the media around the world have been harping on us with this, only to always come up with another “last” stronghold afterwards. We can tell that something very unusual is happening right now, and that Satan has put all his forces into this intense propaganda campaign, so that people will be literally bewitched when his son Donald Trump operates his coup against the world. When it comes to Satan, everything is lies, manipulation, deception, and false pretenses. No one is therefore surprised to see that the accession of his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, to the head of the world, intervenes in the most complete confusion, so that the whole world is immediately caught in his illusion. Here are some selected pieces of the intense media propaganda to make people believe that Donald Trump is already ancient history, so that they don’t see him coming.


Donald Trump depressed: He lives isolated at the White House and watches TV


Melania and Donald Trump soon divorced? An hilarious video of Ivana comes up again.


Melania Trump will certainly not divorce: with Donald Trump, “Between them, it’s the perfect match”


Melania Trump worried about Donald Trump, depressed, a rendez-vous with his family canceled


Ivanka Trump intends to reason his father about his defeat in the elections… in order to better prepare the future.


Donald Trump worried about his children? He’s preparing what comes next.


United States: Donald Trump already talk about running for the next presidential elections in 2024. Even if he still contests his defeat, Donald Trump has already announced his intention to run for 2024. “We’re trying to do 4 additional years, otherwise, I see you in 4 years”, he says on Tuesday.


Melania Trump “just wants to come back home” and is already organizing her life after the White house.

Another clue which indicates that all this hype is only meant to mislead us is the fact that Joe Biden is already acting like he’s the sitting president, whereas all presidents before him have waited for their official inauguration before taking over their functions. Not a day goes by without the media trying to give us the impression that Joe Biden is already the President of the United States and that this fact is now irreversible. The goal is to make us believe that Joe Biden will really be the next president of the United States, when in reality he is only there to play the role of a mock president who must look completely opposed to Donald Trump, just during the presidential transition period. For that purpose, Joe Biden has to look like a sitting president, which is why he rushed to form a dummy government, and presented a semblance of a program that adds up to undo what Trump has done. That also explains why he strives to speak to American citizens or foreign leaders every day as if he was already in office. The Devil has expressly chosen a loser in the person of Joe Biden, in order to make Donald Trump look even more attractive. The plan is to make Joe Biden as credible as possible in the costume of the 46th President of the United States, so that people feel like we are really heading for 4 years of old school politics.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected Person of the Year for 2020, this is a purely fictitious title, because the Devil’s media know that Joe Biden will never be the real president, but that he is only there to play this role just during the presidential transition period.


Kamala Harris elected 3rd most powerful woman in the world. Here again is a pure propaganda that shows that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are nothing but straw figures. Indeed, the role of vice president in the United States has always been a purely symbolic role and is not attached to any power and does not enjoy any influence. Especially since Kamala Harris has not even entered office, so putting her in 3rd position just behind Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde, seems all the more disproportionate. This nomination is part of the propaganda to induce the false belief that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to stay in office, when they are in reality mere actors who have been charged to play this role for just a limited duration.

As part of this huge comedy, the media must make us believe that Donald Trump is completely in the dumps: all his legal recourses have been rejected in court, most of his Republican allies, governors, senators, members of Congress, have given him up, the Supreme Court inflicted on him a a public humiliation by refusing even to grant him a hearing, the Electoral College has just validated the final victory of Joe Biden, and the very same day, his Minister of Justice, Bill Barr, faithful among the faithful, resigned, which sounds like the death knell for Donald Trump.


Contestation of fraud: a big lawyers’ office has given Donald Trump up


The american CEOs turn the Trump page and are now looking towards Biden.


US presidential election: the voters of the Electoral College confirms Biden’s victory. “The Intregity of our elections has been preserved. Now, it’s time to be united”, says the future 46th president of the United States


Trump more and more isolated after the resignation of his Minister of Justice. How far Trump will go in his denial of the resultats of the presidential elections? Now, Bill Barr, a close ally, gives him up. Sad end of reign for Donald Trump. Faithful among the faithful, the Minister of justice Bill Barr resigned on Monday December 14th, leaving the president a bit more isolated in his desperate contestation of his defeat. As usual, Donald Trump has anticipated this event, announcing himself the news on his favorite network, Tweeter.” Trump must appear to be abandoned by all for the plan to work.

The more Donald Trump looks isolated and weakened, the more it means that we are getting closer to the final act of this play that the Devil and his accomplices are meticulously orchestrating. Because, all this masquerade only serves to raise the pressure to its peak so that the trend reversal produces a maximum of damage. The surprise of such a turnaround will create a shock of such a violence that the whole world will be completely stunned, shocked, speechless, paralyzed, petrified, mesmerized, to the point of not even being able to react to anything Donald Trump will undertake once he launches his coup againt the world. Indeed, the Devil’s scenario is that the Antichrist will not come to power in a soft and anticipated way, but that his reign will be established by force and by surprise. Because, the goal for him is to stand out clearly from everything that was done before, and to destroy everything that we know today to make a whole new start. Moreover, to be credible, Donald Trump cannot access power through the very same system that he is supposed to destroy. Hence, he must necessarily access it by force, and this is exactly what he is about to do. Indeed, Donald Trump warned few days ago that the world will witness “great things in the coming days”.


Trump: “Big  things to happen in the coming days”


Coup or bluff: What is the game of Trump?


Trump or the temptation of the coup. By declaring his own victory while the counting of the votes is not over, president Donald Trump has not only violated the electoral process, but has threatened the whole american democracy“. The Antichrist must necessarily take power by force so that his power is absolute, and in order to completely stand out from the old world.

All the attacks against Donald Trump and all the setbacks he has suffered since the November 3rd election, have been meticulously orchestrated in order to arouse general outrage, and to radicalise his supporters everywhere in the world. It is not for nothing that during the months preceding the elections, we suddenly had, out of nowhere in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, this “Black Lives Matter” movement that the media at the service of the Devil have quickly spread like wildfire to the rest of the world.


In few days, Black Lives Matter has become a universal slogan. The death of George Floyd during his arrest by the police has sparked a global awareness over the racial issue in the United States“. What was only a movement to protest against police violence towards the black population in the United States, has become a violent international leftist movement which serves to divide the populations of each country into two camps, on one hand the nationalists, on the other hand, the leftists and immigrants.


Black Lives Matter becomes the first movement at the head of ArtReview Power 100 list.“. The Black Lives Matter movement is funded by George Soros, who is also a demon in human shape who is contributing to Satan’s plan by funding revolutions and identity movements all over the world, in order to prepare the conditions for the chaos, essential for the transition to the New world order.


In France, too many police violence. After the agression of a man by police officers, the French government is under pressure. The case fuels the protest against the draft bill on global security. Emmanuel Macron calls his ministers for appeasement.” This “incident” is no coincidence: a black man beaten up by white police officers, with a camera shot worthy of Hollywood, all this in the midst of the vote for the French Global Security law. The Devil wants to push people to revolt against governments, but also seeks to divide populations through all these racial movements, in order to prepare the world for the chaos and civil war that are necessary to lead to the New world Order.


Outrage in Brazil after the death of a black person killed by security agents in a Carrefour supermarket. The scene, filmed by a witness, takes place at the entering of a supermarket. Angry protests have sparked in the 4 corners of the country, which celebrates the Day of the black conscisousness“. As if by chance, this case occured the same day as that of the black producer beaten up in France by white police officers. We recognize the same trademark in these 2 orchestrated incidents. The goal is to spread chaos as much as possible so that the situation ignites all over the world as soon as the world war begins.

Only a spark is now needed to ignite chaos all over the world, and that spark will be the coup that Donald Trump will soon operate against the entire world. Where, when, how, and who this coup will concern, everything has already been carefully planned. US General Mclnerney recently declared that what we are witnessing with these 2020 US elections is not just a massive fraud, but is characterized as high treason, and he calls on Donald Trump to step in as quickly as possible while he is still in power. A coup operated by a sitting president against his own government has never happened before, but the fact that it is a first is precisely the hallmark of Antichrist Donald Trump.


It was written from the start in the scenario that the fate of the 2020 elections would be settled by a coup. General Mclnerney is only preparing the minds for what is to come for sure. This is predictive mental programming so people subconsciously react as if they expected it to end like this. All those damn criminals that are the 99% will then tell you: “I felt that Trump was going to do a coup, anyway he is crazy”, while they swore to you the day before that Donald Trump is ancient history, and laughed in your face, calling you an insane conspiracy theorist, which is the worst insult they could have. But, it is quite normal that they do not see him coming, since Donald Trump has been sent by God to settle their fate, at least for a large number of them.

The plan proposed by General Mclnerney consists of 5 stages:

  1. Trigger the Insurrection Act, a law of 1807 which allows the deployment of the Army.
  2. Declare Martial Law.
  3. Suspend the Habeas Corpus.
  4. Establish military courts.
  5. Deploy the Army in cities to quell the riots of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups.

Trump passed an executive decree in 2018 allowing him to implement this “coup” legally. Indeed, the presidential decree that Trump passed in 2018 allows him to declare a state of national emergency in the event of a foreign interference which jeopardize the application of the Constitution. This is indeed the case given that the material evidence that has been collected formally demonstrate the involvement of China, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, with the complicity of at least ten US Federal States, with the aim of altering the result of the election. General Flynn, to whom Donald Trump has just granted full presidential pardon, also called on Trump to immediately impose Martial Law in case Courts and Congress refused to enforce the Constitution, which is now the case.


Donald Trump pardons Michael Flynn, his former adviser involved in the case of the collusion with Russia. The pardon definitely closes this file. The democrats denounce an “abuse of power”


So you can expect now that from one day to the next, Donald Trump suddenly imposes Martial Law, suspends all ongoing processes and normal application of the law, including the presidential transition process, and have the US Army arrest those responsible for this high treason, including Joe Biden in the first place, and certainly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as State governors, senators, members of Congress, judges, TV anchors, media magnas, CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg who reportedly paid $ 500 million to fund the fraud in several key states, and billionaires like Georges Soros who funded the urban violences, including Antifas and Black Lives Matter, with the aim of provoking the loss of Donald Trump. The culprits will all be tried in military courts for high treason and face the death penalty or at best life imprisonment. Following this “legal” coup, civil war will be inevitable and will spread very quickly in all major cities of the United States, because neither Trump supporters will accept victory to be stolen from them, nor the Antifas and the Black Lives Matter are ready to accept that Donald Trump remains in power.


“If Trump gives up, we’re dead” Joe Biden has been designated winner of the presidential election by the Electoral College on Monday. But the supporters of Donald Trump want to keep fighting.



These people are not military, but pro Trump militiamen. When civil war breaks out in the United States, the fighting scenes that we will witness between pro Trump militia groups and Antifas and Black Lives Matter, will look like real war scenes. Americans have been manipulated by the Devil into believing for decades that the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear weapons) was jeopardized for the sole purpose to make them rush towards weapons, and this is precisely what they did. This phenomenon has been even more amplified during the last few months since the racial protests linked to the death of George Floyd have started. Americans have already been mentally programmed for the coming civil war, and the spark that will start it will be the coup which is about to be operated by Donald Trump.

Trump will first manage the domestic crisis by deploying the Army throughout the country to suppress riots and restore order in major cities by imposing a true military dictatorship. Then, he will turn to foreign countries which have taken part in this interference, declaring war on China, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, all at the same time, which will quickly turn into an all-out war involving all nuclear powers. Donald Trump will wage war against all the countries of the world at the same time, and will undoubtedly emerge as the victor and then become the Grand Monarch who will reign over the New World Order. The whole world will then be under the full authority of Satan and his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, and God will use them to bring Judgement on all criminals.


The military budget of the United States alone exceeds by far that of all the countries of the world combined together. Donald Trump has released in only 3 years, $ 2.5 trillion in military budget bonuses. The technology enjoyed by the United States Army, and its combat training, makes it the most powerful army in the world by far. You will see that Antichrist Donald Trump will bring all the countries of the world to their knees very quickly.

The number 888 refers to “Jesus Christ”, because the numerical value of “Jesus Christ” in Greek is 888, and because the United States is the country that Satan has chosen to establish his reign on earth. Allah mentions multiple times in the Quran the “allies”. The “allies” certainly refer to all the people that God destroyed in the past, but they also refer to the United States in the literal sense of the term. The United States is the country which serves as an armed wing for Satan and which allows him to radiate all his perdition throughout the world: Hollywood, the music industry, the deregulation of drugs, the liberalization of morals, the theatricalization and the trade of religion, … etc.


original (2)

You will see in this section that Donald Trump’s whole life, from his birth until today, is marked with signs that show that he is not a man like any other, but that he is fated to play a central role in this period of the end of times. His coming to power in 2016 revealed him to the face of the world, dragging the entire earth into an infernal spiral that has never stopped accelerating. Donald Trump has completely turned the world upside down for the past four years, and the legal coup that he is about to operate very soon will shock our lives forever. People will literally be paralyzed out of fear, so violent will be for them the shock of Donald Trump’s coup. They won’t even react and will remain silent, and they will do whatever they are told to do, so much their terror will be great. Satan had already announced what is about to happen in 1896, in the book “The Last President”, because everything that will happen soon is inevitable and has actually been planned a long time ago.


This “Last President” is Donald Trump, and he will not only be the last president of the United States, but the last president per se, because this function is on the verge of definitively disappearing. Indeed, Donald Trump will very soon be the Grand Monarch who will reign alone over the whole world. And after him will come Satan in person to reign over the world as “Jesus Christ”. And after that, will be the end of the world, so the office of president will definitely cease to exist. What we are about to experience right now is recounted in detail in the book “The Last President”:


Source: “The Last President”, 1896, Ingersoll Lockwood, p. 3

Notice the date of this election in the book: “Tuesday, November 3rd”, which corresponds exactly to the date of the 2020 American election.


The only difference in the book is that it is the victory of the Democrat president, and not the Republican one, that created a surprise and caused chaos all over the country. Otherwise, we find exactly the same scenario in the book as what we are about to experience in the coming days: urban violence led by groups of ultra-violent leftist militants, the surprise victory of the candidate that nobody expected who set the country on fire, and the terror that instantly seized people to such an extent that they were like paralyzed and obeyed everything they were told.



Source: “The Last President”, 1896, Ingersoll Lockwood, p. 4

Satan announced through countless prophecies these events that we are witnessing today and which represent an important stage in his plan. For example, already in 2017, Satan had prophesied through his prophet Kim Clement that Donald Trump would serve 2 terms and that he would possess him with his spirit to reign through him.

Listen to the word of the Lord, God says. I will put at your helm for two terms a president that will pray, but he will not be a praying president when he starts.

I will put him in office and then will baptize him with the holy spirit and my power, says the Lord of hosts.

Source: Kim Clement, 2007

Satan announces his plan in advance through his numerous prophets, not to disclose it to people, but only to program their reactions so that they react exactly as he expects. Whereas God announces his plan and exposes the Devil’s plan through his messengers so that each individual makes his choice with full knowledge of the facts, and that no one can blame Him for it. Because, God always warns before striking and always leaves a last chance to those who want to surrender before. But once his deadline is passed, then God allows Himself to strike without limitations, and it’s then far too late to change your minds or to beg Him to spare you.



These 2 cards from the Illuminati Card Game are part of Satan’s predictive programming so that people not only don’t anticipate the arrival of Donald Trump, but are also programmed to accept him once he enters in his future role as Grand Monarch.

As I’ve told you earlier, one of the great signs of the unique events we are now living lies in the impressive number of people who claim that they are receiving communications from “Jesus Christ” predicting the surprise victory of Donald Trump, and his coming reign over the whole world. What makes this situation unique is that anonymous people as well as preachers of great renown are prophesying this turn of events, sticking to their predictions despite having the whole world repeating again and again that Trump is already ancient history. Here you have true celebrities like TV preachers and acknowledged prophets followed by millions and millions of people, who unanimously claim that “Jesus Christ” has confirmed to them that the victory of Donald Trump has already been decided in Heaven, and these people are ready to put their entire career and reputation on the line, on this prophecy. This is indeed unprecedented!

Captured_franklin_graham_eric_metaxasHank-Kunneman_postcard-infomaxresdefault (8)

maxresdefault (1)maxresdefault (2)


All these preachers are world celebrities, yet they are ready to put both their reputation and career on the line to maintain that it is Donald Trump who will end up winning the election, because it is “Jesus Christ” himself who told them so repeatedly and insistently.

You can watch this video in which I have put together a small sample of these prophets of “Jesus Christ”, both anonymous and celebrities, and all are adamant that Donald Trump will win.

You must realize the true significance of such an event, because the Devil uses all these preachers and prophets through whom he communicates, to lead the whole world astray through them. The Devil has therefore, absolutely no interest in misleading them with a prophecy of this magnitude, should the prophecy eventually prove itself to be false, within a few weeks.

In reality, the Devil knows that Donald Trump is going to win, because it is not he who decided it, but God Himself. When the Devil says the exact same thing as God, you can be sure that for once he is not lying. The fact that I, the true messenger of God YS, tell you that Donald Trump will remain in power, and that the Devil also says it through all his prophets, is the unmistakable sign that this prediction will inevitably come to pass. Because in every other case, the Devil always says the exact opposite of what God says … except when he knows that he cannot do otherwise. The Devil would then use such an event to advance his own agenda, and in this specific case, he’s done so by telling all his prophets that Donald Trump is the Savior and that his reign is that of God, whereas Donald Trump is the Destroyer and his reign will mark the official start of Satan’s reign on earth.

God decides everything, and if God has decided that Donald Trump will be the new King of this world, through thick and thin, he will be for sure. And I, the messenger of God, confirm to you that it will indeed be the case.

[…]  Allah grants authority to whom he pleases. [..] S2:V247

Say: “O Allah! Possessor of the Absolute Authority, You give authority to whom You will, and You take authority from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.” S3:V26

God puts at the head of every people the leaders they deserve. If a people, as a whole, is bad, then He puts the worst of them at their head, and conversely, if a people is good overall, He puts the best of them at their head.

And We made from among them leaders, giving guidance under Our Command, when they were patient and used to believe with certainty in Our verses. S32:V24

And when We decide to destroy a city, We (send a definite order to it elites and they deliver it to perversion, and thus the Word is fulfilled against it. Then We destroy it with complete destruction. S16:V17

It is actually on their own initiative that bad people choose for themselves what is bad for them over what is good. This is why bad peoples always have the worst of them at their head. We have the illustration of this through the criminals that govern the world today, they are in the image of the 99% who have elected them.


Indians are one of the worst people on earth, so it is no surprise that God has assigned them leaders and gods that as horrible as they are.

More than 99% of people today are unjust, and the best proof of that is the complete injustice of this present world and of its leaders. If the majority of people were as good as they claim to be, we wouldn’t be living in such a horrible world, which clearly shows that people are not really what they pretend to be. Instead of stopping their iniquities in order to no longer suffer the consequences that come with it, people would rather become even more unjust and keep convincing themselves that they are victims. I, the messenger of God, called you to the true way of God and showed you your wrongs, but the vast majority among you just keep denying the truth and prefer to criticize me. Criminals! I now announce it to you on behalf of God: be ready to be stunned by the avalanche of calamities which are about to fall on you!

“Open your eyes, traitors, and see, and be amazed, for the Lord is accomplishing in your time what you refused to believe if it was told to you.”

Source: manuscrit de Qumran, commentaires d’Habacuc découvert dans la grotte n°1. “Manuscrits de la mer morte (Ded Sea Scrolls)” p.135

Instead of opting for the path of reform, people opt for the path of rebellion, and you see them all over the world marching in the streets to demonstrate against the very same leaders that they have themselves elected. Since people not only persist in their injustice, but also refuse to pay the price for it by rebelling against the condition that God has assigned them, God will now impose on the whole world a ruler exactly in their image. Donald Trump is the one who best embodies the injustice of the 99%, because like them, he commits evil without ever repenting, but instead always pushes his transgression and rebellion further. Indeed, Trump admitted in an interview that he has never asked forgiveness from God in his life, because he is convinced that he has always done everything right. It is the sign of the great criminals of this world, and Donald Trump is their best representative, to get so deeply into their crimes to the point of not even realizing them anymore.


“Justice now”. These criminals are asking for justice, God will bring justice upon them by eradicating them from the surface of the earth, because they are the plague that is infesting this earth. When you call these damn criminals to the way of God, they reject it with contempt to follow their ways of error instead, when you tell them to stop their injustices, they are invaded with criminal pride and almost jump into your face. Criminals! Receive now God’s announcement that your Hour has come!

God has elected Donald Trump at the head of this world in order to retribute every inhabitant of this earth through his hands. Donald Trump will only attack those whom God has appointed him, and as for the true servants of God, there will receive no harm from him.

“But Thou art everlasting, O Lord, my God of holiness, we (the righteous) shall not die. It is for righteousness that You appointed them, O my Rock, and it is to chastise that You established them. (God set up Donald Trump to chastise criminals) “.

source: Les Manuscrits de la Mer Morte, p.137

God’s Punishment is now about to fall upon the unjust whereas salvation will come for the righteous.

“If it is long overdue (the retribution of God, namely punishment for the unjust and salvation for the righteous), be patient, for it will surely and soon be realized.”

source: Les Manuscrits de la Mer Morte, p.139

Donald Trump’s action will do great good for the just and great harm for the unjust. From the point of view of the just and God, Trump is a benefactor, as he is there to cleanse the earth from many of its criminal and to put an end to a large number of lies, injustices, and vices, that God has decided to eradicate.

And this will be the fate of all the members of the alliance who will not respect His laws: they will be doomed to extermination by the hand of Belial (Satan). It is on that day that God will judge them as He has declared, “It is upon the princes of Judah, as upon those who move the boundaries that I will pour out my wrath like water.” . (Hos. 5:10).

Truly, they were too sick to be cured; all kinds of sharp sores clung to them. In truth, they were never part of the alliance because they had not strayed from the path of the traitors, because they reveled in the practice of fornication and despicable profit. Each of them dreamed only of revenge against his brother, living in hatred of his neighbor; each of them stayed away from his own flesh but indulged in shameful acts, boasted of his wealth and ill-gotten gains, indulged in his inclinations, following the obstinacy of his heart. They did not stray from the people and their sins, but proudly renounced all moderation, living like the wicked, of whom the Lord said: “Their wine is the poison of serpents, the cruel poison of vipers” ( Deut. 32:33).

Source: Manuscrits de Qumran, Grotte 4, manuscrit 268 (4Q268)

Even if Donald Trump has been elected by God and should be seen by the just as the one who will bring His Judgement on earth, that does not make him a good person according to God’s criterion. The just should therefore not take part in his action, but remain neutral and keep a low profile until God takes them back to Him. Whatever the circumstances, the just’s path remains the same, by doing good and rejecting evil, while remaining faithful to God and His Scriptures, namely the Quran in priority.

One of the indisputable signs that it was God Himself who elected Donald Trump is the fact that he will be the first leader in human history to rule over the entire world. Many have tried before, such as Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, but all of them miserably failed and ended up at the lowest of the low. If Donald Trump manages to take over the whole world, it will only be by the Will of God, in order to accomplish what God has instructed him to do, namely to destroy the unjust  and expose their true wicked nature to God.


All great monarchs have dreamed of an empire which extends over the whole world, and none of them succeeded so far. The fact that Donald Trump is the first to do it is the indisputable sign that God has elected him to fulfill this essential task, that of cleansing the earth from billions of criminals.

God also sends us His signs in heaven, and these signs cannot be counterfeited, for only God can manifest them. On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will come together in a rare conjunction that occurs once every 800 years. Seen from the earth, we will see during the days preceding December 21 up to that date, Jupiter and Saturn gradually approaching, until they seem to form one single planet, which to the naked eye, will look like a very bright star. As I explained to you in my previous messages, Saturn symbolizes Satan, while Jupiter symbolizes “Jesus Christ”. So through this extremely rare sign, God is warning us of the true nature of the events to come. And since December 21 is the shortest day of the year, darkness is then at its maximum, which confirms the ominous nature of this sign. In addition, this conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter occurs exactly 1 month before the date of the next US presidential inauguration, which confirms that something disastrous will happen in connection with these elections.


maxresdefault (5)

Saturn is the only planet that begins with the letter S like Satan, the Serpent. In addition, it is the only planet to have rings, which symbolizes the crown of Satan. Jupiter is known to symbolize the son of “God”, i.e. Antichrist Donald Trump, who is indeed the son of Satan, and also the false “Jesus Christ” impersonated by Satan who also poses as the son of God.

On December 14th, 2020, a total solar eclipse occurred on the same day as the Electoral College voted to endorse Joe Biden’s victory. Solar eclipses are manifested by God as ominous signs. Indeed, this corrupt vote of the electoral college to validate a fraudulent victory will soon lead to a great disaster: the coup of Donald Trump against the whole world and the World War which will come next.


How to so see again the total solar eclipse of December 14th, 2020


American presidential election: December 14th, true “D Day” for Joe Biden“. For those who believe in the signs of God, the fact that this total solar eclipse happened on the exact same day as the official validation of the result of the election by the Electoral College is like a “death warrant” for Joe Biden and all the other criminals throughout the world.

Another strange phenomenon has recently erupted all over the planet, that of the appearance in a totally unexplained way of several monoliths in the 4 corners of the globe. These monoliths appeared as mysteriously as they then disappeared, and each time without any supporting evidence. The most recent one popped up in Switzerland without anyone being able to provide the slightest explanation for its appearance. The site where it was found, in front of the Liebegg Castle, home of the Witches Museum, sounds like a message in itself. Despite the presence of fresh snow, not a single trace, footprint, or clue of any sort could explain the apparition of the monolith. And just as suddenly as it appeared, the strange object disappeared, the day after that. 

The same mystery surrounds the apparitions of the other monoliths, which tends to confirm that demonic supernatural forces are behind this phenomenon, auguring something very ominous: the coming of the reign of Satan on earth.


It’s Switzerland’s turn to welcome a mysterious monolith. A metal structure which shape has already appeared in several countries lately, found on Wednesday morning in the grounds of Liebegg Castle in Gränichen (AG). A day later, the prism was gone. The concierge at Liebegg Castle in Gränichen (AG) made a strange discovery on Wednesday. He came across a metal monolith nearly three meters high inside the building. “Tuesday was business as usual. And Wednesday morning at 7am, this thing suddenly stood there”, Samuel Widmer tells Blick (a Swiss magazine). Despite the fresh snow that fell overnight, the concierge saw no footprints.



All over the world, these mysterious monoliths appeared as suddenly as they then disappeared, each time without any witness, and always in highly symbolic places. The demons among the Jinn and men are actually those who are behind their apparitions.

I’ve already explained in my early messages as the messenger of God that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center symbolize the dual world. Until now we have lived in a bipolar or dual world: God/Satan, Good/Evil, West/East, Left/Right, … etc. The destruction of the Twin Towers represents the end of this bipolar world and the transition to a unipolar world, which symbol is the One World Trade Center that replaced the Twin Towers. The “tower” stands for the unipolar world towards which we are heading and over which Satan will reign supreme. First through his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, then through the false “Jesus Christ” that he will impersonate.



The time of division has come, to separate good and evil. There will be good on one side, in Heaven with God, and evil on the other, on earth with Satan. God will take his people back to Heaven and leave the criminals on earth to punish them through the hands of Satan. This earth will gradually become the hell promised by God in His Scriptures. The criminals followed Satan rather than God, and preferred the earth rather than Heaven. God will consequently give them exactly what they wanted: Satan will be their executioner and this earth will become a true hell for them.

These tower-shaped monoliths symbolize the unipolar world over which Satan will rule. Their exact shape is that of an obelisk, which is the symbol of rebellion. These monoliths are therefore representative of Satan, the rebel par excellence, and of the world to come, which will be exclusively inhabited by rebels.


The obelisk is shaped like a peak directed towards Heaven. The obelisk therefore expresses rebellion against God, unlike the dome, which expresses submission to God.

The metallic composition of these monoliths and their compact appearance represent the fact that the coming reign of Satan will be “compact”, i.e. undivided and invincible, “metallic”, i.e. governed with an iron hand. This will indeed be the case because it is God Himself who has given authority to Satan and Antichrist Donald Trump to rule over this world, so the criminals will have no way of escaping their executioners. The fact that these monoliths appeared on multiple and distant locations on earth (so far in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Romania, Bolivia), is to underline the fact that the coming reign of Satan will extend to the four corners of the globe.


A fifth mysterious monolith discovered in Netherlands. ‘I got closer but there was nothing special around the monolith. It was as if it was placed there from the sky.’ confided the hiker Thijs de Jong to Omrop Fryslan (a Dutch newspaper)




maxresdefault (4)

All over the world, monoliths are appearing. The fact that this event is reported through the mainstream media shows that they represent a message that Satan wants to send us: that his reign is now coming on earth.

One of these monoliths has been uprooted by young Christian supporters of Donald Trump who replaced it with a cross, while chanting “Christ is king!” and “America first”, Donald Trump’s slogan. This confirms that these monoliths are there to celebrate the coming reign of “Jesus Christ”, aka Satan, as well as that of his son, Antichrist Donald Trump.


These young people are actually demons in human shape, and they raise their finger like in this picture to express their allegiance to their father, Satan.

Another sign that Donald Trump was fated to play  a central role during the end of time, that of Destroyer of the World, is the fact that since his birth, all the significant events of his life have been accompanied by blood moons. Blood moons are ominous signs sent by God to announce the coming of his Punishment. For example, during the siege of Constantinople, which fell into the hands of the Ottomans in 1453, a blood moon appeared to announce the city’s demise.


God announces the coming of His Punishment through very explicit signs in heaven. The blood moon is one of the most explicit signs that the wrath of God is about to fall upon the criminals and that blood will be shed.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, on a blood moon, which means that even before he was born, God had already predestined him to be the one who would execute His Judgement on criminals.


On January 20th, 2019, a super blood moon marked the climax of the first part of Donald Trump’s reign, occuring on the exact day marking the middle of his first term. Through this sign, God leaves no room for doubts and confirms again that it’s through Donald Trump’s rule that He will deliver us His Punishment.


The date of the super blood moon in 2019 revealed. In the night of the 20th to 21st of January 2019, the inhabitants of the earth will be able to admire the first celestial show of the year: the super blood moon, indicates NASA.”. When God wants to send us a clear message, He does not send it through one single sign, but through an avalanche of signs. The multitude of ominous signs that have scattered Donald Trump’s life leaves little doubt as to his future role: that of executor of the Punishment of God.

Donald Trump is also surrounded by the number 7. He was born, to the day, 700 days before the creation of the State of Israel, which reveals his very strong link with the Hebrew State, knowing that Antichrist Donald Trump and the Messiah of Israel are actually one and the same person. On the day of his inauguration, Donald Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days. In the Jewish calendar, Donald Trump came to power in the year 5’777. Donald Trump won the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton with a lead of 77 electoral votes, including 7 defections. Donald Trump will reign during 7 years, until he will be killed by the false “Jesus Christ” at the age of 77. The number 7 symbolizes the Apocalypse, the Retribution of God, while the number 777 refers to the execution of the Apocalypse as decided by the spiritual realm.


Notice the number of likes, 93’777. 93 stands for 666 which represents the final plan of Satan, and 777 says that Trump is to bring Apocalypse accordingly to the order pronounced in heaven, i.e. Donald Trump is one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Donald Trump also has a strong link with the number 8, which represents the false “Jesus Christ” that Satan will impersonate after him. In Greek gematria, the numeric value of “Jesus” is 888. The Bible contains only one single verse/chapter with a “888” combination, Psalms 88:8. The number 8 also surrounds Donald Trump because of his close relationship with Satan, since he is actually his son and that his role is to pave the way for his coming as a false “Jesus Christ”. “Donald J. Trump” equates to 888 in Sumerian and English gematria.



8 = false “Jesus Christ”, 3 = Trinity, pyramid, deception, 37 = 777 = Apocalypse ordered by the spiritual realm, 888 = false “Jesus Christ” coming from the spiritual realm, i.e. Satan.


Donald Trump has exactly 88.8 million followers on Tweeter, just as the gematria of his name equates 888. This is anything but a coincidence.

The Jewish rabbis in Israel have identified Donald Trump as their future Messiah, as they have calculated that the number of his name, “Donald J. Trump”, is the same as that of their awaited Messiah.

As explained in my previous messages on Donald Trump, the Christian figure of the Antichrist and the Muslim figure of the Dajjal actually match that of the Messiah of Israel, the Grand Monarch who will rule over the whole worlde with Jerusalem as capital. Since the beginning of his reign, Donald Trump has already fulfilled all the Jewish prophecies concerning their Messiah, and never has an American president helped Israel as much as him.


Trump ‘best friend’ of Israel, he says to jewish Americans“. Antichrist Donald Trump will actually lead the Children of Israel to their final demise. As for Muslims and Christians, Antichrist Donald Trump will push them into the arms of the false “Jesus Christ”, i.e. Satan, who will finish the job that he started.


Donald Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. On Wednesday, during a very awaited speech, US President Donald Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of the Hebrew State before announcing the transfer of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. A world first since the creation of the Hebrew State in 1948.“. Antichrist Donald Trump will make Jerusalem the future capital of the world. Since world war 3 will also be a war of religions, choosing Jerusalem, a city considered as being holy in all 3 monotheistic religions, as the future capital of the new united world, will symbolize the new era of peace. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict started at the end of WWII, and it is part of Satan’s scenario that only the Antichrist a.k.a. the Messiah of Israel, Donald Trump, will be able to resolve it… and this will be done through WW3.

Donald Trump fulfills all the prophecies at the same time: the Christian ones regarding the Antichrist, the Muslim ones regarding the Dajjal, and the Jewish ones regarding the Messiah of Israel.


At first glance, it may seem contradictory that Donald Trump operates for both God and Satan at the same time. But this should not come as a surprise since God and Satan have always worked together. Even though Satan was banished from Heaven and promised to hell, he still remains a servant of God and he absolutely can’t do anything that has not been authorized by God. God is Almighty, and nothing is out of His control, including everything Satan does. Satan’s plan is actually included in God’s plan, because God’s Plan includes all plans at once. However, God warns us, humans, that Satan is a plain enemy to us, and that we must therefore follow Him, and not Satan.

And let not Satan hinder you! Verily, he (Satan) to you is a plain enemy. S43:V62

God offers us a clear choice: to follow His Unique way, or the numerous false ways of Satan. Those who follow the way that God has revealed through His messengers will be well guided and will have nothing to fear from Satan.

He (Allah) said:”Get down, and become enemies to each others. Then if there comes to you guidance from Me, then whoever follows My Guidance he shall neither go astray, nor shall be distressed. S20:V123

As for those who follow other ways than God’s are condemned to be misled by Satan, and their destiny is hell.

For him (Satan) it is decreed that whosoever follows him, he will mislead him, and will drive him to the torment of the Fire. S22:V4

God is the Absolute King, and the Devil is but an executor whom God has commissioned to expose traitors for Him and chastise them at His Command. Whoever lies to God will inevitably be exposed by the Devil, for it is his role to expose traitors for God. Either you are truthful, and therefore stands with God, or you are a traitor, and therefore stands with the Devil. Whether you realize it or not, there is no in between.

And when your Lord said to the angels: “I am going to create a man from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud. “So, when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him from my soul, then fall down prostrating yourselves unto him.” So, the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together. Except Iblis (Satan) who refused to be among the prostrators.

(Allah) said: “O Iblis (Satan)! What is your reason for not being among the prostrators?”

Satan said: “I am not the one to prostrate myself to a human being, whom You created from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud.”

(Allah) said: “Then, get out from here, for verily, you are an outcast and verily, the curse shall be upon you till the Day of Retribution.”

Satan said: “O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day they (the dead) will be resurrected.”

Allah said: “Then, verily, you are of those reprieved, till the Day of the time appointed.”

Satan said: “O my Lord! Because you misled me, I shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on the earth, and I shall mislead them all, except Your elected servants among them.”

(Allah) said: “This is the Way which will lead straight to Me. Certainly, you shall have no authority over My servants, except those who follow you of those who go astray, and surely, Hell is the promised place for them all.”


genie du mal lucifer of liege 2

Satan is a fallen angel, who guides all those who follow him to hell, and he is the worst enemy of man. But, Satan remains a servant of God and everything he does is commanded by God in order to expose the true nature of the traitors who think that they can fool God. Whoever is not under the guidance and protection of God has no chance of escaping Satan, as God will grant Satan full authority and carte blanche to act against him.

God has revealed to you through me, his messenger YS, the full plan of Satan in great detail, so that none of you can say that he was not clearly warned. Now, everyone is fully aware of the path that lies ahead, and everyone will make their choice with full knowledge of the facts. He who follows God and his Messenger will surely be saved, whereas he who does not will surely be destroyed. God exclusively revealed to me that Donald Trump was in fact the Antichrist, for I am his sole and only messenger of the end of times. No messenger before me since the prophet Muhammad, and no messenger after me. That is the pure truth of God. God has always operated by revealing His secrets exclusively through His messengers, and that is precisely what He is doing now by revealing Satan’s secret plan for the end of times, through me.

“Do you wonder that there has come to you a Reminder from your Lord through a man from amongst you, that he may warn you, so that you may fear Allah and that you may receive (His) Mercy?” S7:V63

I was indeed the first to reveal in my Ultimate Warning from God released in January 2020, that Donald Trump is actually the Grand Monarch whom Christians call Antichrist, Muslims call Dajjal, and Jews call Messiah of Israel. I also predicted that the Impeachment procedure against Donald Trump would fail, although at that time it was not guaranteed. I announced that Donald Trump would serve a second term, and God confirmed this information to me after the November 3rd election, despite the fact that the whole world is convinced of the contrary. Donald Trump will soon triumph and become the Grand Monarch appointed by God to rule the world and execute his Judgement on criminals, and the fulfillment of this prediction will be the greatest proof that God has given me, that I really am His messenger. Indeed, my mission consists of 2 parts that are each as important as the other: on the one hand, to remind what is the true way of God, and on the other hand, to expose the final plan of the Devil.


Just as Allah had announced, through the prophet Muhammad, that the Byzantines would take revenge over the Persians a few years after their initial demise, God is announcing through me, in a similar manner, that something seemingly impossible will come to take place very soon.

In fact, my message is only addressed to true believers who are already fully convinced that I am the authentic messenger of God, and that everything I say is the Truth of God, as strong as they believe in God and the Quran. For them, the imminent fulfillment of what I have announced will strengthen their faith as never before and complete the blessing of God on them, so that they are fully prepared for the difficult trial that awaits us all. As for the others, here is another prediction: you will never believe in me, even after what I’ve announced is fulfilled. Because of your injustice, God has put a thick veil on you, so that you will believe only when you come face to face with your final destruction. This is precisely what happened to all past generations who have rejected God’s Reminder and His Warners.

The Day when the unfair one will bite at his hands and say: “Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger!” S25:V27


Criminals! You will not see God’s punishment coming upon you, but it will fall upon you as suddenly and quickly as lightning.



The New World Order corresponds to the official reign of Satan on earth: first through his son, Antichrist Donald Trump, then directly himself through the false “Jesus Christ” that he will impersonate.

Donald Trump keeps mentioning the “Great Awakening” in his speeches. This refers to the awakening of the general public to whom he is gradually exposing the hidden reality of this world. Those lost in this present world, i.e. the 99%, will soon experience a real revolution of the mind, such as they would never have imagined. From the depths of their delusion, they will soon discover that everything they have believed in so far is actually a pure fabricated lie, which only purpose is to pave the way for the even bigger lie that Satan is setting up for them, with the New World Order.


Donald Trump will be the one to operate this “great awakening” by plunging the whole world into an illusion even deeper than the one that exists today.


The real purpose of the Coronavirus pandemic is to set up the right conditions for the transition to the New World Order, and to divert our attention from what is happening behind the scenes: the controlled collapse of the entire system, the coming world and civil wars whose basis have already been established.

The Devil wants to make the lost believe that their problem is not within themselves, but in others. The great lost that are the 99% are programmed to believe that the good cause is to overthrow the entire current system and replace it with a new world at the service of the people. Except that this is only an illusion, because this new world will in fact be the greatest dictatorship that we’ve ever witnessed until now. This revolutionary spirit that the Devil has spread all over the world, not only leads people straight into his trap, because this new world, the New World Order, actually corresponds to that of his reign on earth, but also distracts them by the same occasion from their real objective, which is to pass this earthly test. To create a paradise on earth is a pure illusion of the Devil, because the true paradise is not of this world but in heaven with God. The Devil’s plan is to create a false paradise on earth, and a false god that he will impersonate through the false figure of “Jesus Christ”, in order to distract people from what is really going on, which is the Destruction of the Hour that is announced in the Quran, and the end of our terrestrial trial.


The real goal is not to live forever in this world or to turn it into a paradise, but rather to come back in Heaven with God, the place in which we truly belong. Our origins are not terrestrial as the Devil wants us to believe, but rather celestial. Adam was created in heaven and not on earth, and it was only when he disobeyed God that he fell from Heaven to come down to this earth, and us with him. We were all born in this real prison that is this terrestrial world, and the lost, i.e. the 99%, are convinced that it is the only world that exists, and therefore cling to it at all costs, whereas true life is the afterlife, the eternal life with God in Heaven.

The inner revolution that will represent the “Great Awakening” for the 99%, will also be accompanied by an outer revolution, the “Great Reset” or “Great Reinitialization”. The Great Reset can be defined as the total reinitialization of this world through unprecedented transitions in every and all areas. However, for this reset to take place, this current system must first be shut down. That will not go without pain, as it will require World War 3, a conflict without which the destruction of the current order cannot take place. Indeed, only through this world conflict will the remaining people come to accept the New World Order, and Antichrist Donald Trump come to occupy his seat and set up a whole new system, a system already complete and on stand-by for deployment. Moreover, for this New World Order to properly work, a drastic reduction of the population is imperative. As it happens, the purpose of World War 3 is to solve this problem as well.

The new order to come will be the complete opposite of this current order, and after the birth pains provoked by its implementation, the lost, i.e .the 99%, will all welcome it with open arms.


This is a controlled demolition of the current order that we are witnessing right now behind the scenes, and the Coronavirus pandemic is fulfilling much of that goal. The real role of this orchestrated pandemic is to destroy the world economy and to expose all the dysfunctions of the current system: the masked dictatorship of the elites, the propaganda of the media, the lie of the democracies, the corruption of the system at all levels, … etc.

When the New World Order is officially established, Donald Trump will have triumphed over all his enemies all over the world with amazing ease. Nothing will seem to stop him, and whatever he undertakes will succeed. He will be the very opposite of today’s leaders: bureaucrats, formatted, amorphous, dull, smooth, corrupt, liars, weak and having to deal with many countervailing forces.

Once he rules the world, Donald Trump will be a very different man from the one we know today. He will be a one of a kind leader, strong and charismatic, with a power of attraction that will be unparalleled. To take to full measure of what Donald Trump will be, just compare what Hitler was before and after he conquered Europe. While at first he was only revered by the nationalist fringe of the Germans, he was perceived as a living god by Germans of all stripes as well as by countless people around the world, as soon as he reached the height of his glory.


Hitler was only a trial version of the Antichrist, Donald Trump is the final version, and this will be seen in all points: through his power, his capacity of seduction, his personality, the number of his admirers, and above all his destructive power.

There is a very good reason why Hitler has been at the center of an unprecedented promotional campaign (although not labelled as such), ever since the end of World War II. Almost not a day goes by without the media broadcasting a documentary praising his merits. For instance, you just have to count the number of documentaries about Hitler that can be found on Netflix to appreciate the magnitude of this propaganda.

In reality, Hitler carries the spirit of the Antichrist, and from Hitler’s demise in 1945 until the arrival of the new Antichrist, Donald Trump, the goal behind this media saturation has been to uninterruptedly expose the whole world to this spirit. It is indeed the same spirit that emanates from both Hitler and Donald Trump: this unexplained fascination that he operates on people, this mystery around his person, this almost magnetic attraction that he radiates, this bewitching energy that surrounds him, this ability to ignite crowds and divide people, this natural aptitude to be worshiped like a living god, this evil spirit which seems to inhabit him, this unmatched power that he holds, … etc.



maxresdefault (9)030516-trump-orlando-fl


Meeting of Trump in Texas. People instinctively give the Nazi salute in the presence of Donald Trump, because he is inhabited by the same spirit than Hitler. Indeed, Donald Trump is possessed by the spirit of Satan, which literally beguile people whether directly or remotely, and puts them into a true trance state.

Throughout the ages, Satan has had overall 7 Antichrists, and all 7 were his biological sons. These 7 Antichrists were all at the head of the greatest empires this world has ever known, and their role was to bring Mass Destruction on earth. Alexander the Great, Nero, Napoleon, Hitler are among these 7 Antichrists, and each of them brought calamity, death, sorrows, and destruction. Donald Trump is the 7th and final Antichrist, the most powerful of them all by far, and the one who will bring with him the greatest destruction. Donald Trump has at his disposal the most powerful weapons ever created, such as the atomic bombs, which will allow him to destroy billions of lives in record time. The 7th and final Antichrist that is Donald Trump, also has the important task of preparing the whole world to welcome the false Jesus Christ, his father in disguise, Satan.


Calamities, deaths, sorrows, destruction, this is what the 7th and final Antichrist Donald Trump will soon bring to the world.

Even before Donald Trump reveals the full extent of his powers, we can already see how much he is revered by a large number of people all around the world, as some already consider him to be the Messiah, and others go so far as to worship him as a true living god. No president in the world has ever aroused such frenzy, which underlines that Donald Trump is in fact much more than just the president of the United States.


Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Mobile, Alabama

Soon, the whole world will worship Antichrist Donald Trump, as these people do.

As the son of Satan, Donald Trump is not a simple human being, but rather a demon in human shape, as part of the hybrids, partly jinn and partly human. This explains the exceptional magnetism and energy he gives off, even remotely, making his power of attraction almost irresistible, even amongst the very elect of God. Except that the servants of God know how to resist him, because they are perfectly aware that all that they feel is just an illusion produced by his magic, and that Donald Trump is actually a demon in human shape who only seeks our destruction .



Trump is already worshiped as a god by many people all over the world, even before he discloses his true status. Satan is using his magic power over us to make Donald Trump irresistible to us.

Satan is the greatest magician, hypnotist, publicist, deceiver in the world, so he has carefully calculated everything to make Donald Trump’s attraction almost irresistible: his voice, his face, his body, his exceptional oratory skills, his apparently friendly and engaging personality, his strong and charismatic character. It even goes as far as his way of dressing which is entirely specific to him: red tie, white shirt, blue suit. If you add to that the fact that Donald Trump will soon be the most powerful monarch this earth has ever seen, with Satan pouring on him the full extent of his magic, there is no doubt that the entire world will be literally drunk in his presence, far more than people were with Hitler when he was at the height of his glory.


The Ever Present Presidency

When he will enter his true role, he will no longer be the same Donald Trump that you know today, he will then be able to reveal the full extent of his supernatural abilities. Likewise, Hitler was despised and mocked before entering his true role, to then be worshiped like a living god by countless people.

Everything has in fact been carefully prepared by the Devil so that Donald Trump is perceived as the long-awaited Messiah. A movie titled “The Trump Prophecy” was even released in 2018, to start building his myth, and for fiction to become reality.

Nowadays, we can see in real life the exact same scenes as in this movie with several evangelical groups and fans of Donald Trump. An international movement of prayer has even been created, in order for people all over the world to pray for Donald Trump’s victory and for him to save the world.


Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been revered as the Messiah because Satan has poured his spirit on him ever since he took office.

Through this movement of prayer, Satan wants to give an additional messianic dimension to Donald Trump. The purpose of this characterization is to have him be perceived, at first, as the long awaited Savior (which is already the case today in the eyes of most evangelists), only to then have his image gradually shift, in a second phase, towards an Anti-Christ figure.

To that extent, Christians and Muslims will recognize in him their prophesied figure of Antichrist or Dajjal, which will naturally make them embrace the false “Jesus Christ” who is supposed to come after him, according to their prophecies. Donald Trump’s goal is therefore to create the maximum of contrast with the coming false “Jesus Christ”, so that people fall all the more easily into his arms, without even suspecting that he is in fact Satan himself.


On this magazine cover, you can see the one eye symbol normally associated with Satan, this time associated with “Jesus Christ”, which confirms that the false biblical “Jesus Christ” and Satan are one and the same entity.



Satan always follows the same modus operandi in 3 phases in all the plans he sets up: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.


The triangle represents Satan’s deception such as The Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The triangle also represents the pyramid and the inverted pyramid which symbolize the current order and its reverse, the New World Order, and the combination of both will lead to their synthesis: the reign of the false “Jesus Christ”, symbolized by the 2 nested pyramids.


This symbol has never been that of David, for God and His messengers have no symbol. All symbols have been created by Satan. In reality, the Star of David symbolizes Satan’s global plan: 1- the world as we know it since 2000 years, 2- Antichrist Donald Trump’s New Word Order, 3- the false paradise on earth of the false “Jesus Christ” played by Satan.

Satan is the world’s foremost expert in human psychology, and he has been training us for millennia to reason dialectically. Indeed, we are taught at an early age to organize our thought according to the thesis-antithesis-synthesis triptych, whereas our minds normally jump directly to the synthesis, which is more in adequacy with our real thought process. Except that the Devil simply cannot reveal to us his real thought, otherwise none of us would accept it, as his real thought is to lead us to our demise. Therefore, the Devil has no other choice but to proceed like a crab, taking a step forward with a thesis, then taking a step backwards with the antithesis of this thesis, merging the two into a the synthesis, which actually corresponds to his real purpose. Through this diabolical triptych, the Devil leads us to accept what we would never have accepted straight away, while making us believe that the choice comes from us.


The Devil never attacks frontally, but always like a crab without us seeing him coming.

In the final plan of Satan against men, the thesis corresponds to this current world in which we have been living for more than 2000 years. This first phase consists in building a world structured like a pyramid, composed of an elite at its top, and the people at its bottom. This phase also consists for Satan in creating an incalculable number of false concepts of all kinds, such as religions, nations, political orientations, racial origins, social classes, …, so as to use them to divide mankind as much as possible. The outcome of such a world was quite predictable: we’re living today in world governed by a tiny elite who controls and owns almost everything, whereas the vast majority of people own almost nothing and live like slaves. Our society is more divided than ever because of countless conflicts related to religions, racial origins, social levels, political orientations, borders, … etc.


In 2020, the richest 1% of the planet have earned twice as much as 92% of the world’s population.


At the bottom of the pyramid, you have the people, and the higher you climb the pyramid, the more power and wealth you hold. The top of the pyramid is not of this physical world, but is represented by the one eye which represents Satan and the demons among men and the Jinn, and they control this world from another dimension.

GQ Magazine 50th Anniversary Party

The only way to climb the pyramid is to sell your soul to Satan.



Today, most people serve the pyramid, i.e. Satan, without even realizing it.


The Devil wants men to be divided, because he knows that we are weaker this way, whereas there should be no reason for us to be divided, since all our problems originate from ourselves and not from others. Our only real external enemies are the demons who work day and night to divide us, to distance us from God and from the truth, and to lead us to our own demise.

The antithesis of the world in which we are currently living is Antichrist Donald Trump’s New World Order, and we’re about to enter it very soon. This world is structured like an inverted pyramid, i.e. its hierarchy is completely flat, with a single leader at its top and all men at the same level below. In the New World Order, humanity will become one and there will be no more borders, no more social classes because the world will no longer be based on consumption, no more conflicts of religions because there will be a world religion to bring all religions together. Religions will continue to exist but will obey a general consensus, which requires that any religion must acknowledge the others as being equal and must adhere to a base of universal values ​​which will constitute what will be called the “World Religion”.


Pope Francis is a demon in human shape who secretly works for Satan. His main mission is to promote interreligious dialogue so that all religions become compatible with the One World Religion. All the laws passed in all countries of the world to reform the functioning of religions serve to progressively deprive them from all forms of true spirituality so that they are reduced to an aggregation of humanist values. The way most people of religions think already corresponds to that of the future world religion, often without even realizing it, which is the sign that this world is now ready for the transition. In this photo, this unique event bringing together representatives of all religions took place at the 9/11 Memorial. As I explained to you, the 9/11 attacks symbolize the passage from the dual, bipolar world to the unipolar world over which Satan will rule supreme. The convergence of religions is fully part of Satan’s plan to have people of all faiths united around one god, the false “Jesus Christ” that he will impersonate.

At first, people will be delighted with the New World Order since  it is theoretically supposed to meet all their expectations and solve all of their current issues. Except that this New World Order will not keep its promises at all and will soon prove to be nothing more than a horrible world dictatorship, far more relentless than the fake democracies of today. Indeed, the lie and the illusion of the New World Order will be much greater than those of the current order. For Antichrist Donald Trump will impose an intense propaganda and rule the New World Order with an iron hand, and his world army will be intractable and bloodily suppress any attempt at rebellion. Men will become simple units and will be completely unable to join together in order to form a resistance. The technology that will be uncovered with the advent of the New World Order will be so invasive and advanced that the whole world will be under absolute surveillance. There will be no more privacy anywhere and any attempt at resistance will be nipped in the bud. Any opponent will be excluded from the system and will no longer be able to do anything, neither to work, nor to buy, sell, find accommodation, use any communication media, or travel. Just like what we are already witnessing in China, and which is actually an experiment to prepare for the New World Order.

maxresdefault (6)

What is happening in China today in terms of surveillance and control of the population will be generalized to the whole world. 5G technology will make it possible to set up an integral surveillance system which will scrutinize our least move and analyze our least behaviour.


The New World Order is symbolized by the inverted pyramid. This pyramid/hierarchy will not be visible but underground, because the New World Order will make people believe that there is no hierarchy above them, except that this is only a lie and that this hierarchy will be occulted by the World Government, like the Chinese Communist Party today. The New World Order will promote humanist values, but in reality will be the complete opposite of what it claims to be. For humanism is nothing more than satanism in disguise, as its goal is not to serve man, but to reduce him to slavery and to lead him to his own demise. “I am the greatest humanist ever”, said Satan in the Devil’s Advocate (1997).

People all over the world will endure a relentless dictatorship and will actually not be free to practice their religions as they see fit, but will have to conform to the humanist cult of the World Religion. They will have no other choice but to practice their religion in secret, which will be very difficult since they they will be under close surveillance even at home. As his reign advances, Donald Trump will gradually reveal his true face, becoming more and more megalomaniac and capricious, to such a point that he will demand to be worshiped as a living god. He will very quickly prove to be a ruthless, insensitive, violent tyrant, completely disconnected from all reality, not hesitating to lock up any recalcitrant or have them executed at the drop of a hat. People will then feel completely helpless in the face of such an implacable regime such as the New World Order. They will find no escape from the terrible repression that Antichrist Donald Trump will exert on them, and their one and only hope will rest on the coming of a hypothetical providential savior, and this savior will take the form of the false “Jesus Christ ” impersonated by Satan.



The world as it will be in the New World Order will be very similar to that of the “Colony” series. A World dictatorship structured in multiple districts, each managed by a governor, a world under close surveillance thanks to the advanced technology of the New World Order, a world religious cult, a world army, a society in which any opponent will be disconnected from the system to be either executed or subjected to forced labor in concentration camps.



You might think this photo is from a futuristic movie portraying what will be the New World Order, when in reality it is from the real world and is taken from a video recently released (December 14th, 2020) on the official Youtube channel of the White House. This already predicts what will be the true face of the future reign of Antichrist Donald Trump.

The synthesis in Satan’s final plan will correspond to the reign of the false “Jesus Christ” which will succeed the reign of Antichrist Donald Trump. Like a “thief in the night”, Satan will come as a false “Jesus Christ”  without anyone anticipating his coming.

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 1 Thessalonians 5:2

He and his army of false angels or exraterrestrials (they are called differently depending on beliefs) will defeat Donald Trump and his world army, much more easily and quickly than Donald Trump will soon triumph over all the armies of the world. The horrors of the New World Order and of Antichrist Donald Trump only serve to create a contrast with the false paradise that Satan will bring on earth and the angelic appearance that he will adopt. The false “Jesus Christ” impersonated by Satan will be the exact opposite of the “Anti-Christ” Donald Trump, his mouth will be of honey, his appearance will be that of the lamb, his kindness will be unparalleled, his beauty will be irresistible, and his love will be unconditional. Except that in reality, his word will only be a lie, preaching the exact opposite of what God says, his real face will be that of a wolf pretending to be a lamb so that we open the door for him, his kindness will only be deception so that we do not suspect his horrible intentions, his beauty will just be an illusion so that we do not flee at the sight of his real hideous appearance, and his false love will only serve to mask the boundless hatred he has for the human species. Satan will seem even nicer and more harmless than in these clips of movies featuring his false character of “Jesus Christ” that I have gathered in the two following videos.


The false “Jesus Christ” will unite around him people of all faiths and religions together, since they have all been created by Satan and that he perfectly knows how to speak to the hearts of those who have followed him in place of God.

People will never love as they will love Satan in his disguise of false “Jesus Christ”, for all those who are still alive when the false “Jesus Christ” comes will be exclusively criminals. Satan knows perfectly well what they are hiding inside themselves and he will give everyone exactly what he is looking for. Criminals are guided by their passion rather than their reason, so the Devil can easily deceive them through false emotions that he induces inside them, and their hearts will burn with an irresistible passion for him. Men will then think they are in paradise, because the false “Jesus Christ” will free them from all their sorrows, fill all their gaps, heal all their diseases (incurable diseases, disabilities, psychological suffering, traumas, complexes,. …), except that all of this will just be an illusion.



The scenario of the TV show “Maniac” perfectly illustrates what will be the illusion of Satan when he comes in the form of “Jesus Christ”. People will feel as if they were in Heaven, except that they will actually be possessed, and whatever they feel will be a mere illusion that Satan would have projected into their minds.

Men will be in total ecstasy, like on hard drugs, because of the strong magic that Satan will operate on them. They will feel like they are in Heaven with God, whereas what they will truly experience will be a mere illusion. Criminals do not know the true God, so the Devil can easily fool them. Once the illusion of Satan have produced its effects on them and they  worship him as God, then God will allow Satan to destroy them with his armies of demons, Gog and Magog. Yet, Satan clearly warned them that they should not trust him:

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Matthew 24:42-44

Likewise, God  also warned us not to worship Satan:

Did I not command for you, O Children of Adam, that you should not worship Satan? Verily, he is a plain enemy to you. And that you should worship Me? That is the Straight Path. And indeed he (Satan) did lead astray the equivalent of mountains of you. Did you not, then, understand? This is Hell which you were promised! Burn therein this Day, for that you used to disbelieve. S36:V60-64

And they have taken gods besides Allah, hoping that they might help them. but, they cannot help them, as they will be brought forward as an enemy troop against them. S36:V74-75

As soon as God Gives him permission, Satan will then show his true face, and the so-called angels accompanying him will uncover their true demonic nature and will attack all men on earth. Criminals will experience a true nightmare that would make the worst horror movie look like a cartoon. For all of these horror and zombie movies that you find on TV are part of Satan’s mental programming to make people perceive them as mere fiction, when in fact they reflect the reality of what is truly awaiting all the criminals.




Gog and Magog are Satan’s army. They are composed of demons of all kinds from the dimensions of men and the Jinn.


True believers must now prepare to face God’s final test before joining Him in Heaven. This test will be different according to each individual, it can last a few days just as it can last years and years, and each one will experience what he must experience according to God’s plan. What is sure is that no matter which ordeal, our plan remains exactly the same, that of remaining faithful to God under all circumstances, and keeping His Commandments until He takes us back to him. The hour of truth has now arrived, God is going to comb through each of us and scrutinize us meticulously, and soon, each individual will know exactly who he really is. I can only give you one piece of advice, which is to redouble efforts more than ever, from now on. If you did good works, do more, if you committed sins, commit less, if you gave charities, give more, if you evoked God, evoke Him more. Because the only way to increase your chances of success concerning this terrible test that is coming soon, is to be on the best possible terms with God, and for that, you must be as pure from sins as possible, and as much as possible close to God by evoking Him a lot and by accomplishing a maximum of good works. Because once Donald Trump operates his coup against the world and ignites the nuclear war in a world ridden with civil wars everywhere, everything will then go extremely quickly. The people whose faith is not ready will be literally paralyzed with fear and will instantly lose all their means. Concretely, this will translate into the fact that they will follow what will lead them to their own demise, rather than keep on putting their trust in God and in His inspiration.

God has given you all the tools to come out victorious of this terrible ordeal, telling you ahead of time what is precisely going to happen and instructing you about how to be spiritually and materially prepared for it. The best proof that you can receive from God, in order to overcome this ordeal, is to see everything that I have announced to you be confirmed, by coming true. The only thing left to do will then be to strictly follow the instructions that I have transmitted to you, from God, and you’ll be sure to succeed.


Each of us will have his own house as an ark. He who has done well before will have a solid and indestructible ark, whereas he who has abused will have an ark in his image. Hunger, danger, fear, sorrow, diseases, will soon prevail, but whoever has prepared himself for this ordeal will be immune to all of this.

The time has come for us to embark on the ark of God, except that this ark is not collective and in the form of a boat as it was the case with Noah, but is individual and takes the form of our own house. Each of us will therefore have his own ark depending on what he has accomplished before. Whoever has a solid ark will be totally satisfied in his own house, he will live in security, happiness, comfort, satiety, confidence, until God takes him back to Him. While the one who will have a fragile ark because of his own evil works will suffer all the ills of the world and may be affected by hunger, thirst, fear, anguish , physical and mental sorrow, the violent death of his own person or his relatives, external attacks by looters and criminals, conflicts with his own family, sadness, despair, insomnia, .. etc. In order to best prepare your ark for the flood that will soon cover the whole earth, I have already told you in the previous paragraph how to be prepared on a spiritual level, and I will now tell you how to do the same on a physical level.

World war 3 will soon spark unexpectedly and extremely quickly, and all prodcuts will run out very quickly. It is now a matter of days, weeks at best, before Donald Trump launches his coup against the whole world. But one thing is for certain, this event will occur before January 20, 2021, the date of the next presidential inauguration.


As soon as Donald Trump will operate his coup, the media will only talk about that and people will instantly forget the false pandemic, and there will be an incredible rush to the stores as soon as the media will announce the news. Contrary to what we have seen during the pandemic, stores will not be restocked and very quickly there will be a global shortage of all products.

As of now, your faith will be tested with what I am going to ask you to do, on behalf of God. Whoever strictly follows my instructions will soon reap the benefits for himself and his loved ones, whereas the one who does not will soon bite his fingers. I command you, in the name of God, to store up food and essential products as quickly as possible, before Donald Trump operates his coup, as this can happen anytime in the coming days. The more you wait and the more you put yourself and your family in danger. God has commanded me to order all believers to constitute a stock of food and essential products for at least 1 year, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

As a priority, store shelf-stable foods, canned food, rice, pasta, semolina, salt, sugar, honey, spices, potatoes, onions, water packs, milk, oil, flour, yeast, vinegar, coffee, tea, juices, drinks … etc. In terms of equipment, I recommend you to store cans, small and large, lighters, matches, candles, fire stones, cleaning and laundry products, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, soap, garbage bags, toilet paper, pharmaceuticals like disinfectant, dressings, bandages, painkillers, survival products like sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, batteries, gas cylinders, fuel reserves, warm clothes, various tools, such as knives, screwdrivers, axes, machetes, shovels, hammer, … etc. For those who live in a house or have a balcony, a generator would not be a luxury in order to be able to power your electronic devices when there will be no more electricity. The more your stock will be extensive, the more you will be completely independent from the outside world. Because there will be almost nothing left in the stores, except at high cost and after long queues, not to mention the danger of death that will exist almost everywhere outside.


It is better to have a bigger stock than necessary, because the shortage will affect the whole world, and it is now or never that you can build up your stock as long as all products are still available and people have not yet invaded the stores. Bear in mind that once the war will start, you could then only rely on your own stocks.

Of course, no provision will protect you for sure against what is coming, for God is our sole and only Protector. But by building up a stock as God has instructed you, you will be able to live comfortably during the extremely difficult times to come, which are likely to last for at least one complete year (that’s what God inspires me). I advise you not to take my recommendations lightly, and not to skimp on the quantities,  because stores may be full today, with no one going hungry, but situation will be completely different tomorrow. Therefore, stock up enough provisions for a year if you can, in order to have enough to eat and be able to help those who will need it. Either God will make you die quickly, and then your stock can be useful to someone else, or you will stay alive and it will be a much needed help in this horrible situation. I advise you to build up your stock as soon as you read this message, because for such a quantity, you will certainly have to go shopping several times.

The criminals called Noah a fool when they saw him build his ark, telling him that no flood would ever come, and that at worst, they could take refuge on the tops of the mountains. Likewise, today’s criminals must think I’m crazy, telling themselves that no such scenario will unfold and that they will never be caught off guard. But Noah was not insane and did the right thing by obeying God, because that saved him and those who followed him, whereas all the others were drowned by the flood. So I advise you to learn from this lesson and follow my instructions to the letter, for I am God’s messenger and what I am telling you is the truth from God. I assure you that it is certainly not your governments or your media that will warn you of the coming Punishment of God, but only God can warn you of his own Punishement, and He does it naturally through his messenger.

Regarding the vaccine, it is clear that something is not right about it. When all the world’s governments, including Donald Trump, are unanimous in recommending us to take the vaccine, something must be definitely wrong. Anyway, this vaccine will not protect you against the Coronavirus for the good and simple reason that this virus may not even be real, as concrete evidence of its existence has yet to be produced. Therefore, do not take the vaccine, unless you have no other choice, in which case it means that God wills it.

The final test of God is finally upon us, and it is now up to each individual to discover who is truly hiding inside, because none of us really knows. Everyone will receive their own lot, so do not be surprised to see misfortune befall right next to you, as on your spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors, without you being able to do anything about it, because each individual will be entitled to his own past actions. Do not be saddened by what will happen around you, even if it concerns your loved ones, for God is never unjust and His Justice is perfect. So just accept whatever happens to you, be patient and resilient, and stay faithful and greatful to God until He takes you back to Him.

May God have mercy on us, his servants, may He forgive us our iniquities, may He protect us and our families against this terrible trial that is about to fall on us, may He spare us against His Punishment on earth and in the Hereafter, and may He be pleased with us in Heaven.


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