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Relationships in heaven


People often pose the following question as they express their concern for their loved ones: How is it possible for the believers who make it to Paradise to be in a happy frame of mind when they know that their loved ones are suffering in Hell? Whatever blessings and rewards a believer may be granted in Paradise, surely the mere thought of his loved ones being cast in great suffering would nullify the enjoyment of whatever is given in Paradise!

Considering the Quranic confirmation that the majority of the human race are misguided (6:116), and the majority are non believers (12:103), and that out of the minority who believe, the majority of them are committing shirk (12:106); it follows that every human being who gets to Paradise is bound to have many more loved ones in Hell than with him in Paradise.

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Quranic requirements for marriage



Quranic requirements for marriage

A number of requirements are mentioned in the Quran for marriage, they are:

1- The couple must both be at the age of marriage.
2- Believers may not marry disbelievers or mushrikeen.
3- The couple must make a genuine commitment to one another.
4- The marriage must be declared.
5- The marriage must be contracted.
6- The marriage must be intended as a permanent bond.
7- The man must pay a dowry to his bride.

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The Signs of the Antichrist/666 in 2016


The presence of Satan in the media has never been as important as in this year 2016. In the last years, Satan was referred to in a ciphered way, his signature was coded, but now Satan is openly mentionned and is presented on many media as the Good Friend, the Savior of Man, and even as God Himself, the Good Lord. Step by step, over centuries and even millenaries, since the creation of Man, we have been brainwashed with the propaganda of Satan, staging us progressively to embrace his path and take his side, while in reality, he still remains the same, ie the ultimate enemy of Man.

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Number of Salat


Three Salat (Prayers) Authorised in the Quran

The prayers mentioned by name in the Quran are:

1- Salat Al-Fajr (Dawn Prayer) 24.58

2- Salat Al-Isha (Night Prayer) 24.58

3- Al-Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) 2.238

However, 99% of all Muslims in the world claim that God decreed 5 daily prayers.
Their 5 salat are: Fajr – Zhohr – Asr – Maghrib – Isha.
They changed the name of the Salat Al-Wusta (The Middle Prayer) to Salat Al-Zhohr, and they added 2 salat which are the Asr and Maghrib.

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