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Version without comments Yos Sura 36 36:1 Yos, 36:2 by the Quran that decrees, 36:3 truly, you are one of the envoys, 36:4 on a straight path. 36:5 [This is] a straight order directly descended from the Mighty One, the All-Merciful, 36:6 in order for you to warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, and therefore remain heedless. 36:7

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Traduction du Coran 3 (Sourates 44 à 47)

Comme je vous l’ai déjà dit, j’ai commencé la traduction du Coran depuis maintenant plus de 5 ans, et je l’avais jusqu’à présent gardée pour moi-même car Dieu m’inspirait de le faire. J’ai maintenant compris qu’elle en était la raison, car il a fallu que certains concepts importants maturent longtemps dans mon esprit avant d’en avoir la bonne interprétation, et

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Before the descent of the Quran, the Ancient Arabs were organized into a mosaic of tribes. Each had its own beliefs and rites that they had inherited from the Jews, Nazarenes, Zoroastrians, Sabeans, Hadramites, Qatabanites, Minaeans, Assyrians, Nabataeans, Babylonians , Lihyanites (descendants of Ishmael), Thamudians (The Thamuds mentioned in the Quran), etc. Among these rites, the one which was particularly known

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