Le Code Vestimentaire selon le Coran

I- Le vêtement spirituel

S7:V26 Ô enfants d’Adam! Nous avons fait descendre sur vous un vêtement pour cacher vos nudités, et faisant office pour vous de plumage – Même si c’est la conformité à Dieu qui est en réalité le meilleur des vêtements – C’est un des signes de Dieu, peut-être recouvriront-ils la mémoire?

Avant même de parler de tenues vestimentaires sous forme physique, ce verset nous rappelle qu’il existe un vêtement qui nous accompagne en toute circonstance.

Ce vêtement est le vêtement spirituel que procure la recherche active de la conformité aux règles de Dieu.

Le meilleur vêtement selon Dieu.

Quelqu’un qui cherche activement à se conformer aux règles de Dieu, en vue de devenir une meilleure personne et d’avoir plus de grâce à ses yeux, aspirera logiquement à ce qui plait à Dieu et se détournera de ce qui ne plait pas à Dieu. Or la tentation du diable n’a de prise que sur celui dont le cœur est attiré par ce qui ne plait pas à Dieu. Donc une telle personne sera naturellement hermétique à toute tentation confondue, et n’aura même pas à lutter pour y résister.

Dieu nous donne la meilleure méthode pour nous prémunir contre la tentation du diable sans avoir à fournir le moindre effort, et cette méthode consiste à mener une vie ou notre quotidien est motivé par la recherche de la satisfaction de Dieu.

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Quranic requirements for marriage



Quranic requirements for marriage

A number of requirements are mentioned in the Quran for marriage, they are:

1- The couple must both be at the age of marriage.
2- Believers may not marry disbelievers or mushrikeen.
3- The couple must make a genuine commitment to one another.
4- The marriage must be declared.
5- The marriage must be contracted.
6- The marriage must be intended as a permanent bond.
7- The man must pay a dowry to his bride.

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The Imams and their man made prohibitions


This article is written in response to numerous emails we have received enquiring about many prohibitions which are proclaimed by numerous Imams and which cannot be found in the Quran. The following email is one example:

“Salaam, we have converted to Islam 3 years ago, we have been reading various pages on your site and we are very impressed with the clarity of mind you have and your sincere effort to preach the Quran. Can you please help me on the following issue: my son has been going to a local mosque and lately has been very confused by the way the Imam is forbidding so many normal things in life! He is told he cannot listen to music, he cannot have any pictures or portraits at home, he cannot wear silk or gold, he cannot keep a dog as a pet and so many other things. It sounds like the Imam is virtually saying that we should not have any enjoyment in this world! When my son asked the Imam to show him any Quranic evidence for all these rules, the Imam quoted 11:116 saying that the words in this verse prohibit us from having material luxuries! Could you please give us your valuable opinion because my son is very confused, keep up the good work, wasalam.”

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The Truth about Abraham’s Sacrifice


God Never Ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son

Suppose you have a 12 year old son and you taught him all his life that stealing is wrong and that he should never steal any money and for any purpose. Now suppose that one day you wish to test your son, would you test him by commanding him to go and steal some money for you? Would you command your own son to do what you taught him all his life that is wrong, to see how much he loves you?

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Is the Burqa truly Islamic?


By: Chris Moore

The Islamic world is experiencing a rise in women wearing the burqa claiming it to be part of the Islamic dress code. Whether it is worn by choice or force is open to debate as very few women are able to, or prefer not to voice an opinion on the matter. Those who have, generally argue against the compulsory (by law as in Afghanistan) wearing of this garment with a minority claiming the right to wear it citing Quranic and prophetic instruction.

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The Dress Code for Women in the Quran



Before presenting the Quranic rules for women’s dress, it is essential to be reminded of the following:

1- The Quran is the only source of law that is authorised by God (6:114).

2- The Quran is complete and fully detailed (6:38, 6:114, 6:89 and 12:111).

3- God calls on His true believers to make sure not to fall in the trap of idol worship by following the words of the scholars instead of the words of God (9:31).

4- God calls those who prohibit what He did not prohibit, aggressors, liars and idol worshippers (5:87, 6:140, 7:32, 10:59).

The command to follow the Quran alone is given very clearly in the Quran, see: Dozen Reasons

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The punishment of theft in the Quran


The punishment enforced in some Islamic countries for the crime of theft is based on the wrong interpretation of the following verse:

[5:38] The male thief, and the female thief, you shall ‘eqta’u’ (cut) their hands as a penalty for what they have committed, and to serve as a deterrent from God. God is Dignified, Wise.

According to the incorrect interpretation of 5:38, the law in these Islamic countries deems the punishment of severing the hand of anyone caught stealing. But is this the correct interpretation of God’s words in 5:38?
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