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Traduction du Coran 14 (Sourate 32)

La prosternation Sourate 32   32:1 Alif, Lam, Mim. Je vous avais dit dans la traduction de la sourate 36 que les lettres introduisant certaines sourates du Coran forment en réalité des mots complets, étant donné qu’elles sont collées entre elles. Pour ce qui est des lettres “Ya Sin” et “Nun”, j’ai démontré qu’elles correspondaient en réalité aux prénoms d’usage

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The Zakat

Zakat according to the Quran is defined as a divine tax that must be deducted at source on all our incomes, whether a salary, an inheritance, or a donation. The word “Zakat” etymologically means “which purifies the most” and the Quran confirms this definition since it says that God takes alms from our riches as a purification for us. And,

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Version without comments Yos Sura 36 36:1 Yos, 36:2 by the Quran that decrees, 36:3 truly, you are one of the envoys, 36:4 on a straight path. 36:5 [This is] a straight order directly descended from the Mighty One, the All-Merciful, 36:6 in order for you to warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, and therefore remain heedless. 36:7

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